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tv   Eyewitness News 5  ABC  February 9, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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>> that could have been me. i could have got shot. anyone could have died. those bullets hit random people. >> but john mina told us it was not random and police won't tell us any more than that. the eyewitness told us he saw someone in handcuffs. >> it was a gun thrown up on the top of a roof, saw a guy in handcuffs and saw the guy bleeding out. i don't know what to make of any of that. >> he recorded video of someone on the rooftop. he said he believed it was a police officer searching for a gun and said he saw police putting in evidence bags. >> reporter: he said it started out as a fun night out with friends and ended with people dying. shooting victim who survived. we're gathering more information about that person and we will report back to you at 6 what we find out. reporting live at op.d. headquarters.
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if you've been outside, you know it's been blustery and cold. >> sure has and in a few hours we're going to feel temperatures in the 30s and 40s. let's get right to certified meteorologist tom terry over here in severe weather center nine. >> we have 120 plus days in the 90s this last year, it's our turn to cool things down briefly here. we have 59 downtown, but notice the winds. look at new smyrna, 43-mile an hour wind gusts right now. it is really screaming along the beach tonight and once we cool below 50, we start calculating the wind chill factor. by 6:30, and the 20s to the north, orlando will feel like the mid-to-upper 30s and it will feel like the 40s all the way through the lunch hour tomorrow, so get your jackets ready. we have wind chill advisories and a light freeze possible to the north. bob, i'm going through the latest forecast models tonight and they're pointing to lows in the low 30s including 33 in
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coast, so it will be a light freeze if we get a freeze, but certainly feeling much colder than that. >> all right. thanks, tom. see you shortly. now, you can carry the power of severe weather center nine with you. to check the radar or how cold it will be n between newscasts download the wftv weather app on your smart phone. 9 investigates is digging deeper into an audit that focused on spending into the orange county appraiser's office. auditors found nothing illegal, however they criticized spending on some of the travel and meals paid for with taxpayers' money. darlene jones has been reviewing this audit and the property cooperative. >> that's according to the auditor's here. in the end they got what they needed to conduct this 21-page audit. this is a copy of the audit just released by the orange county comptroller.
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the credit card expenses of orange county property rick singh. the office charged $94,000 on the taxpayer's dime. chief auditor chris dallas countions raised questions about some of the out of town extended stays, and meals were with vendors in the office. >> we wouldn't typically see these types of moneys for food and refreshment on the items in the report. it's not a lot of money or instances, but when we selected the sample and we analyzed those and came up with those we wouldn't expect to see that in government. >> the audit was launched after a series of reports about spending in the office. last year, we uncovered purchases by the office for these fans, mints and promotional videos singh's
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the mayor questioned was nothing more than campaign spending. we obtained e-mail exchanges, between the auditor and shows how rick singh wasn't forthcoming. bit hard? >> yes, they did. >> singh is the only constitutional officer and the only is at the state level and auditors provided a list of recommendations how their office could in your opinion include more accountability including a stricter policy how money is spent. >> we recommend we supplemented their policies to make sure they're keeping expenses for travel to the minimum. >> i tried repeatedly to reach phone. so far he has refused speak with us about this audit, martha. two teens are facing felony
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another teen. dallas was stabbed three times off she tan road, and major and wheeler were arrested after receiving a 911 caller and hung up. >> "please, come, please, someone got stabbed. who got stabbed?." >> both teens are charged with aggravated battery, but it's too early to tell if they'll be charged as adults. and we are learning more about an accidental shooting. the 13-year-old victim is dead. janine reyes has been reviewing on semoran. a relative. victim pulled the trigger. >> reporter: three cousins were playing video games inside that house when they say the gun accidentally went off. tonight, that cousin who pulled the trigger is not charged but is. the gunshot that rang out along
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skeet. the victim's cousin said that's who brought the gun and fired an accidental shot that has now become deadly for 13-year-old fisher. deputies called in k9s to search for skeet, but when they could not find him, the boy's cousins admitted to deputies they made him up. that's when the cousins told a different story about 19-year-old brandon lewis playing on a hoverboard when he lost his balance and the gun went off. while he pulled the trigger, tonight, he's not facing charges. his uncle, walter, is charged with being a felon in possession of a weapon. deputies believed the gun is his. the cousins were visiting and playing video games while three older mentally challenged women were in a different room of the home. the women told investigators that after hearing the gunshot, the two cousins ran out of the room and heard the cousin who lives in the home say what's the plan, to the cousin who fired the shot.
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ongoing. >> reporter: and deputies have not said tonight if that 19-year-old will face charges for pulling the trigger or if both cousins will be charged for telling a story about that made-up man. we're live in orlando tonight, janine reyes, channel 9 own. a vacant va nursing center in orlando will soon be up and running again. today the us house of representatives passed congressman john micah's pill to transfer the lake baldwin center to the state. the 120 bed facility has been vacant for two years but is being used for staging and training for the lake nona va hospital. john micah says it can be used to treat patients. >> they can open it quicker and less costly and run and operate it more efficiently. >> the state of florida operates seven other va nursing homes. most of the polls in new hampshire will be closing in the next few hours. marco rubio came within a few
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but stumbled in saturday's debate at a text where fellow republicans may be taking their toll. christopher heath joining us live, and rubio needs a strong night, but so does jeb bush. >> reporter: with trump at the top, jeb's campaign has been working for a top three finish. marco rubio fell over the weekend, the campaign thought it might have its chance accident however, it's another governor that may have taken -- chance, however, that's another governor that may have taken that spot, making for a long night for the candidates. after nonstop campaigning, and wall to wall ads, the granite state is heading to the polls in numbers. it could break a record bernie sanders and donald trump be in commanding lead. both are urging people to show up. >> it is imperative that you and your friends do get in involved in the political process.
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sanders and setting expectations low, hillary clinton is aiming for a better than expected finish. >> i'm going to keep showing folks they can count on me and we're going to make real progress together. >> reporter: for republicans it's expected to be a battle for second place. ted cruz, marco rubio, john kaisch, and jeb bush are all within striking distance. kasich won in dixville-notch, and urge out of the governor to beat. >> we feel the momentum. >> reporter: adding another wrinkle, former mayor mikel bloomberg he's looking at all the options. he said he would welcome the competition. >> reporter: and bush is in for the long haul and will compete in florida. most of the polls will close in the next 120 minutes, however 20 locations will stay open until 8:00.
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analyzing the polls at 9:00 and you can join us for a full recap at 11. >> thank you, chris. the new hampshire pry army is expected to take a attention away from the 8th and final budget proposal, $4 trillion 2017 budget was sent to congress. in it, he's proposing a $ten a barrel on oil that would finance transportation projects. orange county teachers are speaking about the ways they are left evaluated, leaving some with low ratings. the district's teachers were considered highly effective this year. only 2% hit that high mark. today, teachers in the union said they were outraged about the low ratings. >> 88 of the 224 ocps schools did not have even one highly effective teacher, not even their teacher of the year. >> according to this year's evaluation, results 97% of the district's teachers were
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there are more allegations against a local police officer accused of an officer using craigslist for sex on duty. a woman said she was threatened and her kids. and nearly $8 million was written off for unpaid bills in emergency medical care. >> reporter: this grocery store was raided after the owners were accused of selling more than just food. ahead at 5:00, the charges that
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announcer: you're watching choun 19 at 5:00 coverage you can count on.
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game of the year, local agents brought down an illegal sports betting operation running out of an orange county store at holden and orange blossom trail. karla ray went by the store to ask about the allegations and she found out four people are facing charges of racketeering. >> reporter: undercover agents told us they placed bets all season inside latinos food and grocery off ob.t.. and after the super bowl they pulled las vegas style gambling equipment out of the store and took the men behind it to jail. on slips of receipt paper, the odds of nfl matchups were printed to help customers place illegal sports bets. >> it looked like the agents with this. >> reporter: the day after the raided. the line machine and slot machine were taken out, and now these men are facing charges of racketeering and turning a big profit off a criminal enterprise
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two of them are still at alarm. >> it's a very profitable business and a business where people can -- there's huge cash flow going through those businesss. >> we went inside to get their side of the story -- businesses. >> we went inside to get their side of the story. >> reporter: we just want to get your story. >> no speaking english. >> reporter: agents had no problem placing bets at the counter we were turned away and it was common knowledge on what went on inside. on camera no customers admitted to placing wagers. >> it's a misunderstanding. i just come here to eat. they have some good food. >> reporter: agents say it's going to take a while to go through the equipment. we'll let you know when we find out how much money they think was being made here. in orange county, karla ray, between eyewitness. kissimmee police opened up every gas pump in the city today trying to find devices designed
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>> we were there when investigators found evidence of tampering and two pumps but they didn't find any skimming devices information. they say this is happening more often and they've had enough. >> i think the most important thing we're trying to convey to the citizens of kissimmee is we're not going to tail rate this. this is unacceptable. >> these skimming devices were found at two pumps and police plan to do random gas pump sweeps. disney's 1st quarter earnings report show they exceeded expectations by earning nearly 15 and a half billion dollars in revenue for 1st quarter of their fiscal year. that's compared to their estimate of $14.75 billion, also a 14% increase for a last quarter's earnings. executives credit the success to
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and the circle of life has shut down for renovations. the lion king stars has been showing for 20 years. no word on when it will be back up and running. >> renovations are part of the circle of love. >> i love getting into those because it's hot, or coming out of the wind. it's going to be breezy. winds at daytona right now, peak wind of 44 miles an hour earlier today and it's still rather breezy at the coast. at the court time, temperatures as we told you would be today, are on the cool side in the 50s. in fact, we're all in the 50s right now. wind gusts at the top of the hour, the peak wind was 44 earlier today at daytona. right now, the wind gust as we sample the instruments there at the top of the hour, 43 at new smyrna. so don't even think about going out in the water. it's very, very rough. wind chills tonight, once we get below 50 degrees calculate that wind chill, what we call an apartment temperatures, something that we warm blooded
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kind of a layer of warm air around our bodies and the winds blow that warm air away so we're more susceptible to the cold temperature so we factor it in. 34 will be the wind chill factor at midnight and 31 up in ocala, 27 in palm coast. now, just because that's what it's going to feel like you can't freeze water with the wind chill in factor but we have a freeze warning for flagler and marion counties and look at the lunch hour tomorrow. we'll have temperatures in the 40s. our second cold front will pass through tonight but continuing to keep those kind chills tonight. and in the attractions temperatures in the low 40s at 11:00 in the morning. so it's going to be cool. a low near 40 in orlando by "daybreak" and a light freeze possible to the north otherwise just lots of cold 30s and lower 40s. future track showing the air to filter in.
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next front, which will reip force the cool weather we had. the first front's already -- reinforce the cool weather we already had. the third front's on saturday, but like a lot of our systems i'm not expecting big storm system to move by, so no rainfall all the way through the upcoming weekend. that's going to be good news for your outdoor plans. for tomorrow, windy, breezy, sunny in orlando, 57 apopka, 58 in downtown winter park, and 50s widespread across central florida for tomorrow. if you want it warmer, stay where you are. i've got a couple nice days coming up. here's your five-day forecast with your weekend always in view, we'll get back into the middle 30s thursday morning. not quite as much of a breeze. we'll have a better chance of frost thursday morning. i'll have more on that coming up, but our temperatures slowly climb back up and drop a little bit with our next front sunday, but overall a fantastic weekend coming up. martha. >> can't wait, tom, thanks. imagine living by a house
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sex parties full of guns. >> it's a place you can come be yourself. >> jamie holmes confronts the social media star whose racked up $1 million in code enforcement fines and is fighting for his right to party. >> reporter: more than a dozen drivers have been going the wrong way at areas, thanks to this system, and how long before
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. brevard county commissioners approved another multimillion dollar charge for services. as melonie holt found out, the county doesn't expect to recover very much. >> reporter: the fire chief told me today each year the county recovers $200,000 in unpaid fees but the write off for this past year was closer to $6.8 million. last year, brevard county fire rescue emergency medical services answered more than 48,000 billable calls. many of those patients will
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commissioners approved the write off of $6.8 million in unpaid bills for the 2014-2014-fiscal year. the county will likely only recover a fraction of that amount in collections. >> every county agency that transports, every city agency that transports writes off to a certainly degrees a certainly amount of money. >> the majority of brevard county's transports are medicaid and medicare patients. the county can't go after those patients for the difference because it's accepted the amount of government will pay. privately, insured and up insured patients owe, too. >> the way county budget, they have figured out how much people won't be paying so we have the history of the ems operations and they do the budget as to what they connect the general fund is going -- expect the general fund is going to have to support. >> those super users who call for services 5 to 6 times a month, and brevard county fire
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employee to help patients find services before the call to 911. >> we're going to continue with that program, and hopefully it will be a successful program and hopefully expand on it. >> reporter: the count seadvertising for that community health clinic -- county is advertising for that community health clinic now. moment, channel 9 eyewitness. >> and there was a total of $41 million in unpaid ems bills -- melonie holt. >> -- records show that is 3% of what is owed, the rest is paid for by tax officials. and one employee's smoke breaks that could get one fined office. >> and families would be allowed to choose their families schools, the rule may not be at five. >> reporter: and a police officer is accused of sexual
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