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tv   Eyewitness News 11  ABC  February 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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facebook and follow us on twitter. so, the question is, what would you do? news at 11:00, coverage you can count on. new tonight, donald trump and bernie sanders take the first primary win to the 2016 presidential election a week after finishing 2nd in the iowa caucuses. >> tonight's victory means donald trump is no longer a political rookie. >> and bernie sanders a legitimate challenger tonight. has been keeping an eye on those results and christopher, this is a big win for trump and sanders.
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polls for weeks and tonight one with little competition. the republicans, ohio governor john kasich has locked in 2nd and jeb bush tried to hold on ted cruz and rubio. show new hampshire voters were looking for -- john kasich told supporters he's proud of the positive campaign he's run. as for the candidate he passed just a few days ago, rubio had been getting as high as 2nd place, however after his poor performance in the debate his polls have fallen. >> not all the days are going to be great days but in the end i am confident that not only will this campaign be successful but america will be
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>> as for rubio's former mentor trails ted cruz by a few hundred votes. ted cruz in 3rd place right now. saying he is the only candidate that can fix washington. >> washington needs to become once again the servant rather than the masters of the american people. >> even if bush finishes in 4 4th it looks like he will finish before rubio. up next with the republicans is south carolina in about 11 days. as for the democrats the next contest will be nevada. breaking a water main has broken in -- it happened around 8:00 tonight. it's not clear what caused the break but public works say it could be because of the weather. no timetable on when it could be fixed and we're going to stay on top of the repairs.
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2 could be expelled from school in what could have been the result of gang turf wars. stabbed at least 3 times last night off sheraton road. police arrested two after receiving a 911 call from someone who hung up on the dispatchers. >> both teens are being charged with felony aggravated battery but say its too early to tell if they will be charged as adults. an 18-year-old now claims he shot his cousin. he first told authorities a man named skeet bought a gun and brought it to the house and fired the accidental house that killed fisher. lewis later admitted he pulled the trigger accidently while on
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his uncle is the only one charged right now because it was his gun and he's a convicted felon. brevard county just wrote off a big bill. patients had almost $6.8 million in unpaid bills. medicare and medicaid only paid a portion. but privately insured and money. >> by writing this off we districtly take it off the books for accounting purposes. this is by no means debt forgiveness. >> taxpayers will sill subsidize and we told you about how this effects orange county which is known for high numbers of uninsured people. over the last 3 years they had $41 million in unpaid ems bills. records show that only helps return about 3% of what is owed.
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new tonight the millionaire accused of plotting to hire a hit man is back in court today. previously we told you about his murder for hire plot. today a judge moved wheeler's first appearance to next month where he will be formally charged. he is already spending life behind bars for molesting a young girl. a club that was the scene of a deadly shooting over the weekend could be forced to close over the next few days. >> police say as many as 3 gunman opened fire inside the lounge. live at that club right now, ty, tonight property owners have threatened to shut the place down. >> this comes nearly 72 hours after that deadly shooting and tonight we discovered this letter right on the door. it states nothing about that deadly shooting but states that the owner is $80,000 late in rent.
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>> we talked to an eye witness just inches away from bullets in a crowd of 300 people off universal burled. he even handed over cell phone video. this witness told us earlier today he saw people running and screaming. >> it was intense, you know. some were walking out with blood on their shirts. >> we learned nearly a dozen people were shot and 2 of them are dead. tonight the future of blitz ultra lounge is uncertain. a few hours after talking to the witness we saw this letter posted on the door. it states the owners owe more than $82,000 in rent. we called property owners to ask if this stems from the deadly violence. yesterday we heard from relatives. the club's owner was at the super bowl and won't be back all week.
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we found an advertisement for an event this saturday but according to this letter that event could be canceled if it's even happening. >> and police are not saying much about what happened inside of this club. and whether anybody is facing any criminal charges but they have told us there were 3 gunmen who opened fire inside of this club. we are live tonight in orlando. a proposal to review the nondiscriminallation policy of the brevard school district was just tabled. supporters say it will -- will also encourage students to come forward. we are learning new details about the lady lake police officer who resigned before being fired for exposing himself in his police car. we showed you this photo of him
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with a pair of underwear belonging to his mistress. he is accused of making up a have sex. we found out thompson is still able to get a job with any law wants him. lead orange county deputies to a high school. the school was placed on lock down after deputies received a tip from a student that a 17- year-old student was carrying a gun in a backpack. that teen was arrested. said its crime labs are swamped because the state is losing employees to higher paying jobs. sanford detectives say 35-year- old raped a 17-year-old he met on facebook. investigators said they sent dna to the crime lab in february of last year and
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september. charges were filed last month and rains was finally arrested. the number of cases of the flu has skyrocketed in lake county. >> we have noticed an increase over if past few weeks. we have seen a handful of cases being reported to us. now there's been a significant number of changes that have occurred. >> last night we told you st. paul's catholic school had to close its doors today because so many students and staff members were sick. the health department says it went from seeing a few cases a day to more than a hundred cases a week. if you got a flu shot you should be protected. today voiced concerns about the state's new evaluation to the school board. we told you 81% of the teachers were concerned that highly effective last year but after changes district evaluated teachers this year only 2% would hit that highest mark.
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professional courtesy that we be evaluated the way that we deserve for the energy that we put in, the dedication that we give our students and the dedication that we give our community. >> orange county was the only district in central florida to see scores plummet. others saw drops, volusia saw an increase. you could see wrong way warning signs. 14 drivers were caught going the wrong way but they all turned around safely thanks to a new system installed at 5 ramps along 408 as part of a pilot program. it lights up to warning drivers they are going the wrong way. >> yeah, you can innocently get on where you shouldn't, but how can you not realize that cars are coming at you instead of with you. >> troopers say wrong way
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300 calls in the past year and a half. the expressway authority is now working to expand the system to another 19 ramps across the region. 9 investigates uncovered spending concerns inside the office. the reasons auditors had a tough time getting records. and as another cold front approaches how low the windchills will be tomorrow. how one local city says
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. you're watching channel 9 eyewitness news at 11:00 with gregoire math, martha and tom terry. new tonight, 9 investigates pored through e-mails and the county controller after we prompted an audit of the spending. >> we told you auditors found no wrongdoing but they did recommend changes. jeff, they detail $94,000 paid for with taxpayer money. >> i went through 350 pages of e-mails that went between the auditors office and rick sang's office and others admitted rick sang's office didn't make it easy to get the information at first. >> according to the e-mails
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expense records but had difficulty getting all they wanted from sang's office at first. meetings constantly shifted. >> they gave us everything we asked for during the course of the audit but they wanted things done in a particular way. >> the sangs sent out a letter to comptroller asking for clarification writing i would like to ease the concern you expressed to me and clarify that the e-mail sent was not meant in any way to try and delay your team. in another e-mail he expresses concern that his staff is uncomfortable with the auditors not communicating strictly in writing. on august 14 after 2 months of perceived stalling by the comptroller haney finally had enough. she sent a lengthy e-mail writing. after this e-mail sang's office
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auditors to get them the records and ultimately auditors found the expenses complied with office procedures, however, they questioned some purchases such as a trip to tampa. auditors asking sang's office to please provide an explanation on how this is a valid expense for the orange county property appraiser's office. >> we did find some instances where the travel expenses could have been reduced. >> i did reach out to rick sang tonight. a spokesperson did try to arrange an interview for us but she was not able to get ahold of him. covering osceola county today, kissimmee police opened every gas pump in the city trying to find skimming devices. we were there when they found evidence of tampering. comes a week after investigators found these
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county. police say this is happening more often and they have had enough. >> it's a big tourist area and we don't want anyone being victims. >> kissimmee police told us they plan to continue doing randall random sweeps. some are pushing to get cameras installed. last year a petition to get the cameras up was shot down but a new petition has been picking up steam online. the cameras would be installed at key intersections to get license plate information. >> maybe once a year, if it catches -- prevents some serious crime, then i think it's a very good thing. >> the osceola county sheriff's office says the crime rate is actually down. nice cool windy day here but it's going to get colder tomorrow. >> i find myself looking
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i don't like what i'm seeing. >> it's going to be a little cold in the morning and the winds are still blowing out there pretty briskly. see the fountain blowing side way out there. winds at 15 to 20 miles per hour. we are still dealing with a wind blowing out of the west at about 15 to 20 miles per hour. it continues to be an issue for our windchill factors and the winds will die down towards daybreak. temperatures already below 50. tonight not about just how cold it's going to be. we've had colder mornings, but it's going to be the additional windchill that's going to make the difference in the morning. right now 42. this will be well into the 30s and upper 40s.
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and gradually getting cooler until 8:00. future forecast warning, 45. that's what it's going to feel like and we will get about 34 to 39 degrees. probably did not need this windchill warning but it's going to be cold either way. you will certainly need to bundle up to the north. and all the way to 11:00, temps still in the 40s. for marion county tonight there's officially a freeze warning. i don't think that's going to be needed either because i think the freeze line is going to be to the north. but by tomorrow night that's when i think the freeze will be more likely in our western zones, including a couple of pockets here through rural parts of polk. a brief light freeze. nothing that is going to do
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we are going to get awfully cold. in the morning the windchill colder, 41 in orlando starting out your morning tomorrow. most of us in the 40s. 52 at noon, 55 at 2:00, but no 60 for tomorrow. it's going to be cool with a breeze still out of the west and northwest. 57 by 2:00 p.m. so pretty much widespread for tomorrow and we have another cold front set to arrive on saturday afternoon just in time for sundays. there's your 5 day forecast. we've got a couple of cold mornings, then we rebound and the weekend looks fantastic. seminole county could be facing a big fine. one employee's bad habit that could land the entire county in trouble. i'm bryan shields, it is going to be a very cold start on eyewitness news this morning. we will have the cold
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show you the wind chills before you head out in the morning. all that on eyewitness news
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want fracking in the county can. fracs is the practice of drilling and injecting chemicals to increase oil an gas production. there are concerns about cancer causing kept chemicals in our aquifers. some even believe fracking has caused earthquakes in texas. to see how much money an illegal gambling ring was bringing in. it was run out of latinos grocery. they placed bets on football games all season. tonight 4 men are facing charges of racketeering. the department of health said it could fine seminole county because of the clerk of court's smoking habits. complaints of smoke coming out of her offices have reached tallahassee. the department of health will do another inspection before deciding whether to fine the county.
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discussing a bill that would allow students to transfer schools. would require parents to seek enrollment in any public school if it is not at capacity. would also allow students to ask out of teacher's classrooms if they are not satisfied with their instruction. to determine if fencing is necessary to keep the bears away from the road. now the bear proof trash cans are being placed where the bears hit. they could move into new neighborhoods. similar fences have been set up in volusia county. we'll let you know what is decided. a k9 that survived a shot to the neck is back on. when en do a 4-year-old engineer han shepherd was shot in the neck while answering a domestic disturbance call but
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protecting his fellow deputies. this is your 11:00 o'clock sports. >> that was a cool dog. as for soccer, injuries kept orlando from having all of their players on the field. but all of them were at the citrus bowl tonight and what the team will look like on the road. led the lines on the field in their new road kits. the team says about 7000 fans registered for tickets to the open practice. it looked like the cold kept some of them away, but those that did show up heard head coach and rookie of the year going through drills along with kevin make lino for the first time since he tore his acl last year. >> it's nice to get back in our stadium. good to be out there.
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evening wore on i was enjoying it more and more. they were a bit disappointed when i stopped it. a buzzer beater on sunday, only problem, it didn't count. aj davis didn't get it off before the buzzer. and only had 2 days to shake it off. ucf trying to stop their conference slide. ucf down 8, but matt williams, 6 of 12 from beyond a arc. bearcats are going to bear cat. ucf never recovers, eventually falling 69-51. old miss gators controls most of the 5th. 10 points for hill. k von allen lads 3 and gators win. quick golf note, rory mche will
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invitational right now. finished 11th at bay hill last year. bubba watson and adam scott also committed today. high school soccer up next. trying to defend their championship. no score for the first 90, john lowery fires from the 18. still in a scoreless tie, they are about to settle it with penalty kicks. they have school in the morning. as for the 2a, bishop had a rough nigh during this extended visit from your extended family, all you want is a peaceful moment to stream your show. and you need enough bandwidth to share with a full house of hungry users. lightning internet from bright house networks. the speed you need. and now connect to...
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waking up dark and early 4:30, dry, we'll get some sunshine going here tomorrow. good looking day but it's going to be cold. windchill advisory in effect. martha. thanks, be sure to watch eyewitness news this morning. get your weather and traffic information every 10 minutes. >> until then, thank you for watching. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. stay warm, it will be chilly tomorrow but a great weekend ahead. take care. >> have an interesting story you want us to report, the news team is on it.
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