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tv   Eyewitness News 4  ABC  February 10, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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that is the first thing you see but if we pan to the right, you will see what else caught our eye man of the backseat of a police car. orlando police tell us he is a suspect in a hit and run. no word on how many people were involved. somewhere near colonial and i-4. crime scene investigators are on the scene but not clear what they found it i spoke with the mother believes in the house with her parents that she says her daughter, sister and sisters friend were in the living room when the car came crashing through the bedroom. no one was hurt and we are parking -- working to find out how many were in the run -- run in charges they will face in what investigators found it this is an active scene the orlando police and fhp on the scene and the people who live in the house here as well as possibly the owner of the home. we will get much more information and bring you any updates here on the broadcast and online and social media. live in orlando, orange county,
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eyewitness news. there are still a few answers from orlando police about a mass shooting in a nightclub. a few hours ago medical examiner's office confirmed the names of the 2 victims who were shot and killed pick kathi belich spent the day working to find out more about them. there are a lot of rumors about why it happened. >> reporter: there are people spent the day checking into court records and with investigators to find out more about the men who were murdered over the weekend. who would want to murder them and why. we have also looked into internet chatter that the shooting happened -- had something to do with the puerto rican drug -- drug traffic about not able to confirm that. >> we know who was murdered in the glitz ultra lounge orlando early sunday morning sparking all of this chaos inside and outside the nightclub it the medical examiner confirms that 22-year-old joseph villalobos and jonathan of eva rojas both died of gunshot wounds.
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rojas faced misdemeanor drug charge in 2015. villalobos that criminal traffic tickets big we can find no other records at this point on either man picked we asked the orlando police department what may have been behind the murders but opd will not answer and will not elaborate on the chiefs statement that obt knows right it happened in opd says it did not release the names of the victims because diptych hopes are still interviewing witnesses and do not want to taint statements until they nail down what happened. there were 300 people in the nightclub early sunday morning when the 2 men were shot and killed and opd says detectives have about 20 witnesses to interview. in orlando, kathi belich's, channel 9 eyewitness news. it has been another day the 50s and 60s across central florida and wind feeling it -- making feel colder.
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meteorologist tom terry and severe weather center 9, >> gusty winds. temperatures coming down hitting briefly, 60 and that if it 58 downtown deltona wet went, 57 did in the 50s throughout the area except brevard county the look at wind gusts, 30-35 miles an hour. until the wind dies down which it will, it's going to be a wind-chill as opposed to a frost or prepared by sunlight, early -- 4 am winds die down frost advisory for all of central florida in a freeze warning to the north and even though we do not officially have a warning for apopka, astatula, we will get to unlike trees there with winds dying down 30-34 degrees. altamonte springs, a wind chill. low into the mid-30s including 32 deland, 29 in ocala. a lot to go over and more on
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freezing tonight coming up. drug a just a local group was pushing $300,000 worth of heroin per month out of neighborhoods filled with families get karla ray first broke the story and this major bust on twitter this morning. kyla, you found out this is part of a new push by the feds to go after what are described as lower-level beaters -- dealers. >> reporter: they want to work more in neighborhoods like this one . they say nobody living in orange county or anywhere else in central florida chapter live next to an accused drug dealer which is what they say with happening here. and her mug shot, with perez lopez 74 appearing frail and bound to a wheelchair but investigators say inside the condo in these orange juice considered a powerful drug thinking yes she would seem nice if you met her but she was in the house with loaded weapons and wheelchair-bound. unsuspecting. >> reporter: agents allington people to jail accused of
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and we got a look at the guns, thousands in cash in a kilo price used to package the deadly drug all taken from the group during the multi-month investigation >> conservatively we are saying they generated between 250- 300,000 a month yet they knew what was going on outside the home because i had several all over. you can see there is one in roof. >> reporter: we stopped by the home after the raid and no one answered. the same story today. this time a car in the driveway moved being someone may have been inside. neighbors were afraid to go on camera but the feds promised morbus like this it working with local agencies to combat street level russia street level dealers creating problems in communities. >> is not a place he would worry about this happening. >> reporter: also on the ground a live look at gloves that appeared to have been left behind by investigators.
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the ring are allegedly -- or allegedly involved have a criminal history, one is a convicted murderer and we found another man accused in the ring was not able to be arrested yesterday because he was already in jail. working on that for eyewitness news at five. orange county, karla ray, channel 9 eyewitness news. if you would like to see a closer look at the drugs, guns and people arrested in the bust go to slash slideshows. daughter of a murder victim and mother of another victim pleaded with lawmakers to approve the houses version of a fix for the state death penalty system. we told you last month us supreme court struck down a florida imposes the death penalty currently say if unconstitutional because it is judges, not juries the final power to impose the ultimate sentence. emily koh, his father was kidnapped and left to die in 2009 testify today saying the state needs the but -- the death penalty. >> i ask you to focus on the
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have suffered greatly in their families to ensure that justice is served and that peace of mind is granted that these horrible individuals will never walk free. >> state prosecutors are try to convince lawmakers to reject the sentence proposal requiring unanimous recognition for the death penalty for it to be imposed >> the house committee today approved a measure that will require a 9-3 vote. we found out the center police department closed the investigation and last month's . bull attack. investigators say 5 people attacked virginia farley, richard farley and several kids inside the apartment . 4 dogs were killed by police in one taken to animal services. no one was found responsible for causing the attack. police a man who was found dead in halifax river fell off his house boat after having a heart attack it we told you about the story monday. a fisherman found the 72-year- old man's body when he was checking a crab trap. his break the got stuck on the
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fisherman who called police. in the past 45 minutes republican presidential hopeful carly fiorina decided to and her run for the white house. >> the former hewlett-packard executive came in seventh and new hampshire's primary yesterday with big wins in new hampshire from donald trump and bernie sanders could mean the campaigns will start thinning out. bob opsahl is in the newsroom. the arena is not the only person heading her bed. >> reporter: chris christie is expected to formally suspend his presidential campaign, possibly as early as today. christie finishing sixth last night and his new hampshire campaign chairman told abc news that christie is a realist so dropping out is a logical step. now all eyes are on south carolina where we will see if trump and sanders can pull off another window. -- win. >> following his huge win in new hampshire bernie sanders told the ladies of the view he is all in. >> the message we are bringing
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supposed to be a nation of fairness and we are not think that fairness now yet earlier sanders stops in harlem for coffee with al sharpton. hillary clinton also in new york after reassuring supporters in new hampshire she is a fighter. >> we have learned it's not whether you get knocked down that matters, it's whether you get back up force for republican donald trump is accrediting his big went to the voter turnout. >> we were getting great signals we would have a rally in many people would show up more than we anticipated. >> -- challengers back on the trail them aside that on the next primary in south carolina. second-place finisher john kasich promising to keep the message positive. >> are not interested in going on the attack against somebody. >> reporter: former governor jeb bush and senator marco rubio rounded out the top five last night it bush is bringing in more star power to help with
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brother former resident george w. bush will join him on the trail. see the results from the new hampshire primary along with where the candidates are today by downloading our free wftv news app go. the man accused of exposing himself to women in ormond beach in the past has been arrested for the same crime. this man brandon smith exposed himself to women in 2012 wants and 2014 bigamist sears a woman was jogging a main trail bridge february 1 one he's that she saw him touching himself and should call 911. >> he took off running and he ran toward the neighborhood so i was going to see if maybe somebody could see. he is completely naked. >> the latest victim was able to point smith out an outline up charged with indecent exposure. a volusia county nurse is accused of hitting a dementia patient who almost wanted a. -- wandered a.
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they were trying to restrain him politely. >> investigators how they discover the abuse. >> the captain. of a cruise ship decided to report even though he knew about the potential danger. >> a water main break and eatonville has forced families and businesses to boil water. we asked when it will be fixed. tom, it is cold. february is huge for us. all our handcrafted classic footlongs
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february is huge for us. all our handcrafted classic footlongs are just $6 each. the media is going a little crazy. "sub-mageddon" with an incredible amount of accumulation inside... that now seems... enjoy all our classic footlongs for just $6 each. taking a shower may be tougher residents in eatonville.
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if you were watching last night break. today roy ramos spoke with residents in the area. fixed? >> i spoke with the crews working out here and they been able to capture pipe use the inside of the hole they are in the process of filling it. and making repairs. there's a precautionary boil water alert for eatonville residence. >> a steady stream of water ran down kennedy boulevard and eatonville early this morning after water main broke calling streets to flawed in a town to issue a precautionary boil water alert. i was into the day in from above ask eyewitness nine you can see water running down gutters as crews worked to make repairs. >> workers have done up -- dug up the pipe that burst this morning to they say it may have been the cold weather that caused it to break. >> we have kids here..
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businesses like this day care, the water main break proved to be a major inconvenience yes we have to put bleach into the water so that we can flush toilets and we have no pressure so we can't do anything. >> reporter: not only is water pressure down and practically unusable. she said because of deconstruction, parents arriving to . up children will be facing detours causing delays in picking up their children yet there will be chaos. everything was detoured around and no one knew where to go. this is not the first time the town has to deal with a water main break. 6 months ago we told you about a similar water main break feet away from where we are standing. averaged out to find out if it was related to the recent water main break. i will find what we have
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eyewitness news . tell friends and let them about the story by sharing it from the wftv facebook page . orlando police in deputies hit streets to crack down on drivers who do not stop for pedestrians and crosswalks. it was part of operation best foot forward. authorities at different intersections along obt and pine hills road reporting more than 20 pedestrian related injuries each. drivers found in violation were given warnings, and points on licenses. we have a situation where folks need to cover plans -- plants.>> outlying areas are going to get into the frost area tonight if not a light freeze. live shot from a brief the daytona and the first thing that has to happen the winds have to die down which they will not until after midnight. we are good through the evening
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cover your plants remember your pets as well. 58 in metro orlando with the west northwest breeze at 20 miles an hour. hazy and smoky but control burns in the area very dry despite a wet start to 2016. the most recent few days has been dry and windy, wind gusts 25, 35, 25 and it is breathe. orlando, we will have the wind chill factor in the upper 30s and pretty much as we head toward daybreak we will bottom out not much of a wind chill but like winds allowing frost formation get frost advisory up or everybody. if you don't have frost advisories and freeze warnings in the plate -- you won't have one of the same place, if you have a freeze warning you will have a potential for frost but we will watch it in the northern zones and i mentioned this is the freeze warning area
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borderline areas where we potentially have a light freeze that will be in the northwest side of apopka it's cold in my house and we get lozier 30, 32 and the surrounding neighborhoods or 5 degrees warmer. there are microclimates and usually the lower elevations, cold air will sink. low elevation is where you find cold pockets. 30-31 in ocala, could be as cold is 29 in spots make sure that and plants are protected. apopka, 86 around the attractions, 38 downtown orlando. upper 20s, most in the low to mid 30s and upper 30s and again we spoke about this, you don't have to have 32 on your thermometer to get frost to form. it's complicated that i will explain it on facebook. a frosty start tomorrow. sunshine, beautiful, 64 and if you like it warmer, do not go anywhere.
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always of you. 74 friday. coming temperatures staying in the upper 60s through sunday. central florida locations opening doors for homeless men women and children to get out of the cold. they will not turn anyone away. brevard county, his place ministries of melbourne and our savior catholic church, school cocoa beach will open and the doors of the first baptist church in merritt island will also open. a mother and four-month-old baby have been spending last few cold nights sleeping in their van. >> i'm not from here but we moved here to get a fresh start. >> the help she received when we got involved. push a cruise ship carrying more than 4000 passengers is alma back home after being battered by hurricane strength wind. why the captain made the
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two women accused of beating a cancer with -- elderly cancer patient to death were arrested.
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to cover plants royal caribbean what we import yes anthem of the seas was headed to puerto rico before having to go back to new jersey. george estevez is here saying the captain. has never seen a storm this that. >> reporter: he were best described a smaller storm a look at the damage broken vases, decorations toppled tables and chairs and the ceiling collapsed in a common area because of waves and rusty which the captain. says -- rough see which the captain. says was unexpected jacks hurricane force winds. >> i thought it was going to tip over. >> you can see the ferocity of the wind bombarding the vessel. >> reporter: the captain. is speaking out defending his actions to set sail during a storm thing he did not realize
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>> it was not the event this and it was here and exploded. >> reporter: in a video broadcasted internally to all 4500 passengers and statements monday, the captain. says he has never experienced anything like it . >> i have not seen pressure that was not forecasted pick experienced >> maritime expert joseph ahlstrom an experienced captain himself says and started -- anderson's actions to set out where appropriate yes you can never tell when you get out, things happen and you have to let the wind, out and ride it out. >> the ship originally headed to the bahamas is making its way up the east coast. >> i want to point out experts say though storms were in the forecast. elected 12 hours and passengers will get a full refund. ship docks ahead of schedule 9 pm tonight in new jersey.>> i sit -- get seasick looking at the video. >> florida has the most confirmed the could cases in the us. >> what the president is asking
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spreading virus. fire department scrambling to make sure construction plans for this fire station does not cause a problem for property owners. investigators say of
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is kind of disturbing yet is volusia county nurse with high to take care of the elderly but now she stars with attacking a dementia patient. >> the shaft -- that should be monitored dfl they found out about the abuse. >> the attack happened at the
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>> blaine tolison found out the nurse has been fired after investigators say she punched an elderly man in the head because he was trying to get away. the victim -- her son tells you it's hard to find out what happened. >> reporter: he said he didn't get details at first but the administrator at the nursing home reported the alleged abuse to the pollution county shares office and the company that owns the facility says there's training to keep it from happening again. >> out of being in the situation that his welfare was a concern. >> he had to move his father randall ellis and from daytona healthcare. deputies arrested a nurse's assistant accused of punching his dad who suffers from dementia. >> it was disturbing to find the people that i knew did not inform me about the other things that were going on. >> over the last few months the ticket is with the volusia county sheriff's office of
4:28 pm
reports of the nurses assistant 74-year-old martie alonso allegedly punched ellison when he tried to escape from the facility in november. he was not injured but elza says he was not told what happened. >> i don't know conclusively what happened but i will say that they was emotional damage evident to me when i visited. >> reporter: department of children and families is investigating the case and officials say this april this april 2014 they received 21 complaint of neglect at the facility with three actual findings of neglect yet reached out to consulate healthcare owns -- who owns the facility. nurses assistant has a fire they say and the staff is being reminded of policies and procedures. into any job the facility paid
4:29 pm
administration which found neglect things like patients with untreated injuries, broken bones, false, there has not been any issues except for this one. live in deltona, blaine tomlinson, channel 9 eyewitness news. we are staying on top of the breaking news in orlando were police are investigating after a car crashed through a home. from sky with his nine you can see the car went through the side of the house near the intersection of rio grande and michigan street. officer say the driver was a suspect in a hit and run. 4 people were in the house at the time and the bedroom was empty, no one was hurt. we have a crew talking with investigators on scene about the crash and prior hit and run. we will have more in a live report on eyewitness news at five . marion county man accused of holding a woman hostage at knife point for our >> the basket as they jose marrero was arrested yesterday at the ocala park estates. deputy say they got a 911 call from a home and when the got
4:30 pm
to the victim's throat. he was convinced to release her and he's held without bond in the marion county jail. a bill increasing retirement vessel -- benefits for families of officers killed in the line of duty approved by the florida senator the widow of orange county deputy scott vine killed two years ago has been fighting for the proposal. bridgette was a recent guest of mine of the florida spotlight the legislation increases monthly benefits from 50 percent of the officers salary at the time of the death up to 100 percent. a last-minute change in construction plans for lake county's newest fire station has 2 fire departments digging into their budgets. both will have to shell out an extra $55,000 to pay for the roche stores. kimberly eiten uncovered the unplanned edition could keep rates lower for residents. >> reporter: the fire engine bay at the new station has not been built yet but already paid
4:31 pm
>> plans were drawn up and made. >> reporter: the first one lake county in clermont fire-rescue inc. agreed in 2014 to split the cost about $1.2 million fire station. now again two years later, they discover the original plan was no longer up to par with new standards.>> that had -- have it been predicted earlier? >> no. our last iso rating was in 2005 and over that 10 years, things changed. >> lake county fire chief says when he got the department's new iso ratings last november, he found out the building in this rendering would not cut it in fact, it could hurt their new and improved rating. a lower rating may cause property owners more in insurance premiums.>> that has triggered of get back with clear month since it's a joint 50-50 split and agree to putting 4 roche stores force it is dirt now but this is where
4:32 pm
it will not look much different than how it was originally planned but will come with a larger price tag. to pay for it, clermont and lake county will have to dig into their budgets and find another $55,000 each. the chief says if they pay now it could save the people they serve from having to pay later. lake county, kimberly eiten, channel 9 eyewitness news. approved the city's share of the novell let's have it next week lake county commissioners will decide whether to do the same. if they do, the station could be open as early as summer. police investigating the death of the suspect when he was in custody by walmart employees as a homicide. investigators say kenneth him was found by employees of a walmart on north road 98 try to run away with stolen merchandise. they detained him and called police. investigators were on the way to the scene and received
4:33 pm
he later died in the hospital. we will find out more bring you the latest. the ongoing zeek a health crisis continues to grow in the us with 66 confirmed cases yes florida has more than any other state with 16 cases. martie salt has the following the story. it has got so out of it to control the president is asking for funding to go toward finding a vaccine next president obama is asking congress for $1.8 billion to eradicate the virus across the globe the obama administration says it does not want to use money congress provided to fight the ebola virus to come back the zika virus. officials need to finish the job and focus on the go. zika is affecting the summer olympics. top athletes say they would rather skip the real olympics because they are worried about contracting the virus. hope solo helping lead usa to
4:34 pm
in an interview with sports illustrated, she says quote, i would never take the risk of having an unhealthy child. i do not know when the date will come for jeremy me but i personally reserve my right to have a healthy baby. zika spread by mosquitoes and has been linked to a birth defect causing babies to have abnormally small heads. the virus can stay in the system for about one week but once it has left the body, the cbc does not believe it affects future pregnancies. >> women are 40, 45 percent holding a 50 percent of the entire olympic games. almost all of them are of childbearing a's -- ajax abc news>> they are telling abc news they are monitoring the situation and passing recommendations to athletes. officials say by the time the summer games kick off in in rio will be down temperatures.
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testing kits have been set -- not being -- governor rick scott says we have 400 cast that's ted's kids. democratic lawmakers in washington say the white house is considering to support a bill helping to solve the water crisis in flint michigan. we told you the city switched to river water in 2014 an effort to save money causing lead levels in the water to increase dangerously. sources say the white house could support a $765 million bill aimed at replacing contaminated pipe and educating people about the crisis. vice president joe biden made a visit to duke university to focus on the fight against cancer. he toured lads, discussing the proposed $1 billion effort to speed up progress on developing cheers. the cancer institute hosts more
4:36 pm
oncologist. a florida man is accused of using a sword to stab a man. >> a witness was able to stop him. investigators say 22-year-old walker hit a man with a pipe at a gas station in south florida sunday. for this in the theater say he carjacked someone and went to a swap shop, grabbed a samurai and attacked the man. the men who saw the attack was able to hold him down until police came.>> i was not thinking about my life i was thinking about the next life it somebody's kids, somebody son, brother, sister, somebody getting hurt, mother. >> walker charged with attempted murder and he's in jail now with no bond . more than 470,000 gm trucks and suvs are being recalled in the us and canada. general motors says break pedals can come loose and not work properly. the recall covering models of gmc sierra and is silverado and tahoe. there has not been the more -- reports of crashes or injuries.
4:37 pm
takata air bag recall expands. dimer, mercedes-benz says 840,000 vehicles have takata air bag that may be defective. those have been known to explode causing deaths across the country including one in orlando could the recall covering more than 700,000 mercedes-benz and one 36,000 fans . florida congresswomen washington pushing for legislation to protect customers from hotel bookings games. experts say 15 million hotel reservations were made on ache websites last year. the proposal will force websites not affiliated with hotels to disclose information. customers will know if they are in a legitimate website or a third-party booking site. the man accused of talking and alligator through a window is trying to explain himself. >> i'm sorry for what i did. >> the reason behind what he's
4:38 pm
>> the old alligator in the dry through trick. what to expect where you live county by county. a mother moved to orlando for a better life for the past few weeks the only home she and her baby have known are shelters, hotels and her
4:39 pm
chris christie has suspended his race for the gop nomination. not a surprise. it became official more on that coming up on eyewitness news tonight at five . wall street stocks mixed, shares of media companies like disney and time warner dropped.
4:40 pm
nasdaq up nearly 15 points. s&p 500, less than onepoint drop. a scenario hard to imagine. homeless mother and baby sleeping in the family van. >> nancy alvarez found the mother when she was getting called about an uptick in homeless people in orange county. working to get them emergency assistance. >> and only 4 months old, baby has spent the last several weeks bouncing between homeless shelters and motels. >> for the first time i'm a mom and i was doing great and now the world is going to end for me. >> reporter: she admits she is to blame for the desperate situation she is a now. the homeless. she had a job in child care but she got into a fight with her policy. she was given a three day
4:41 pm
nowhere else to go they slept in the family van. >> one night it was cold i wrapped them up. >> we spoke with the commissioner about the case and he said like us his office is getting calls from outreach groups about a growing number of families in need and orange county needs to do more when it comes to emergency assistance he says to ensure children are not on the streets. >> is not in the -- abuse neglect this important looking into options for emergency shelters specializing 8 people and helping people like her. >> to having -- intensive counseling i want to expect and what the system is like and why they were sent away. >> reporter: he may have a plan to announce soon but she is in the process of getting into a program offering transitional housing. she is not losing hope. >> i want the best for him. like any other mom would orange county, nancy alvarez, channel
4:42 pm
florida department of health roni -- planning to run a unit who will help homeless or underinsured offering screenings, and devices for a ribbon -- a ribbon cutting ceremony today at the office always work boulevard in sanford. present obama laying out the budget for the 2017 fiscal year including money for sunrail. the u.s. transportation secretary highlighted $3.5 billion the president recommended to address the completion of 31 rail, bus, rapid transit, streetcar projects. it includes money to connect the rail to orlando international airport and expand the line to the north and south. a man tossed alive elevator for wendy's drive through window is out of jail and apologizing exit he was given a $6000 bond when facing a judge for a crime he committed last october.
4:43 pm
saw the gator and decided to play a prank on a friend. he was working at the wendy's.>> sorry for what i did. being stupid and not thinking. i found out the consequences. >> he is charged with aggravated assault and unlawful possession and transportation of an alligator. in addition to his boss, the judge ordered he stay out of all wendy's restaurants, undergo a mental health evaluation and avoid having contact with any animals or weapons. the gator was released into the wild.>> i've seen this in a movie.>> not the best idea. reptiles will be in hiding tonight. cold-blooded animals moved slowly. 58 downtown, west wind bringing the wind chill factor that we
4:44 pm
temperatures 50s and falling tonight with a frost advisory for pretty much all the air. freeze warning replacing the frost advisory to the north. not everyone will get a frost or freeze but we had rural areas that get cold and that is where the weather and so comes into effect geo-locating your giving you the latest temperatures where you are and i tweeted a picture of it. the alerts tab will send you automatic alerts. there is a frost advisory or freeze warning. the forecast model shows at 3:00 a.m., areas of freezing temperatures showing up and becoming pronounced heading toward 7:00. in the purple area, that is the highest likelihood of getting down to 30, 31, 32. we have cold pockets, sumter county, interior parts of lake
4:45 pm
way through here along the st. johns river. warmer waters of the river may help but it does a little bit but a low-lying areas of cold air likes to drain through their. all of these pockets -- through there. all these pockets along the river basin lower elevation area and brevard county. what to expect overnight tonight, freezing temperatures, two or more hours to the north and that's why we had freeze warnings to the north get over up vegetation with sheets or blankets. do not use plastic. they have a special freeze fabric they make. pets and elderly, make sure they are in. checked on the heat for the elderly. ucf campus tonight, upper 30s, patchy frost. no freeze for metro orlando but we with the air is a frost especially in the rural areas, leesburg, deland, light freeze, 32 tonight. 34 in daytona beach.
4:46 pm
into the middle 60s bit dry air coming through and keeping is dry through the weekend. fantastic weekend. five-day forecast, where the weekend is always in view temperatures in the middle 70s on friday and despite another trend week cold front -- weak cold front we had a nice weekend. a dozen people busted for being a part of a heroine smuggling ring. we found out one is an murderer back on the streets. also changes at sports site fanduel costing dozens in florida their jobs. a warning about spam emails clogging your inbox. consumer expert clark howard
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we have a knowing span emails that philip inbox 2 billion were sent cross-country last year. consumer expert clark howard tells you what to look out for before opening your next email. >> one day never goes by that in my email there is not something from somebody i know who is trying to scare me, rip me off, try to take over my computer and convince me i need to send them money or contact them. you have to be careful with any email you receive. said to say, anytime someone approaches you with emerge -- urgency you do not know who they are, odds are they are probably somebody tried to rip you off. a security company recently guest 2 billion fake solicitations were sent out just last year. anytime you get an email from someone you do not know, what i
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ever opening it up and never open attachments from people you do not know. i am clark howard. clark howard helps action 9 lookout for consumers like you . the post resources and other information online at clark the post resources and other information continuing to follow breaking news in orange county. a car crashed into a home with 4 people inside x tim barber speaking with the homeowner here what he tells us about the damage. temperatures falling quickly and who will see a frost and freeze in the morning.
4:52 pm
breaking right now, a car plowed into this home with the four people inside just feet away. police say the car was involved in a crime not long before.
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all that. >> we just found out that house has been deemed unsafe for anyone to live in. that car slammed into the bedroom of a home near rio grande avenue and michigan street. tim barber is live there tonight. tim, you just talked to the homeowner. >> reporter: and he wasn't here when that car came barrelling down the street here. this is rio grande right here. this is 19th street. let's push right in here and give you a live look at what's happening. everybody is assessing the damage. actually, right now over the last 10 minutes or so they've been moving stuff from that hole where the car was over to this car way over here to the left. they're loading up that car with everything that they could salvage from the house. if we pan just over to the right right where that woman is you'll notice an orange sign on the window from the county that said this house is not safe to live in. all these people have to find a new place to sleep tonight. that is priority number one for them right now.
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