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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 5am  ABC  February 15, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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especially since once of those four conservatives justice anthony kennedy swings to the liberal side unpredictability. terry moran, abc news, mexico city. >> a man passionate about his work and a man beloved by his colleague. >> reporter: we'll hear much about it in the weeks ahead. stay is broadcast is real time captioned by carrie o'brien. right now on action 9 news this morning, a fiery crash overnight killed at least one control. >> this morning we're live at happened. >> and a man was found stabbed to death in orange county. now his daughter and her boyfriend are being questioned. why that pair was already in custody when investigators
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good morning. your time is 5:00 a.m. on this monday, february 15th. >> monday. >> yeah. >> we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. all right. now, certified meteorologist brian shields. got changes coming this week. >> yeah, kind of a warm day. but by tonight rain and storms working in. here's a look at denise pointed out the christmas lights in downtown orlando. 54 and the winds out of the east at five miles per hour. so a little bit cool this morning. afew 40s in the northern tear. sumter county in the 50s. and 60s in brevard county. titusville and river city, we have those temperatures in the mid-60s. 59 now in kissimmee. now, satellite-radar picture mainly dry a couple of sprinkles last night, not a big issue. today have the umbrella, by the afternoon a 20% chance of a shower popping up.
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here is the planner up your screen. mid-70s this afternoon. again the clouds will increase with a chance of a pop-up shower by the time we hit this afternoon. and the same deal towards claremont. and then by tonight, you will see a chance of rain and storms arriving. coming up -- we will break it down there. is a rain chance for tonight and what mat means for temperatures. 5 oars 1:00. 1 -- 5:01. now a check of the traffic. good morning. you have one lane blocked off to the left here where there is construction. one spot of construction we have out there until 6:00 this morning. this is in winter park 17 to southbound is shutdown. so one of your alternates is i-
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we're worth on other alt -- working on other alternates for you. jamie. orange county deputies are talking with two ten after an 81-year-old man was found stabbed to death in otherwise home on saturday night. >> the couple was around yesterday morning, they were sent in for mental health treatment. but the deputy handling the call had no idea. >> now, investigators were determine late yesterday evening the couples baker acted was the same couple they are searching for. they are waiting to find out what the couples doing prior to the baker act and involve in the 81-year-old man's death. >> he was almost 90. >> reporter: the 81-year-old man was known at jack. grisham was found stabbed to
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for the past 21 years. people we're looking for the man's daughter, tesy grisham and her boy. >> they moved in because had no place. >> reporter: they were taken into custody by a sheriff deputy. it was layer that day that investigators learned they were the same two persons ofgerouses in the death of grisham. and we have been checking the jail website all morning. the sheriff has yet to make an arrest in the case. we are looking into the criminal history of the couple. roy ramos, action 9 news. the u.s. coastguard is looking for a missing boater off of the coast of satellite beach. they got a call around 10:00 last night from someone who said their friend did not
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it coastguard sent out a tweet at 4:00, they found his boat, but no sign of the man. the man suspected in a triple shooting that killed a university student is being held in the volusia county jail this morning. >> reporter: he was in court yesterday with his head in brandons. he was involved at a fight of the golf club before he shot and killed johnson early saturday morning. johnson was the mother to a 5- month-old girl. >> ility hard. he cherished her. and now she's not, she will have to live without her father. >> two other students were shot but are expected to survive. he is charged with first degree murder and two counts of attempted murder. we will find out in a few hours a man shot by deputies at a wwe center is competent to stand trial. it is going to start this
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outside of the center last august. he was banned from the facility. deputies shot him when he charged towards him. his lawyers argued he is nomcompetent. and also today a hearing is scheduled for the teen accused of hitting an orlando police officer with a car. 18-year-old celty ran over william anderson during the traffic stop in july. officer anderson is still recovery. celty is charged with attempted murder. in the next hour, a busy orange county road is expected to open in time for your commute to work. crews closed the southbound lanes of 1792 for the weekend. from park avenue to monroe avenue. those lanes will reopen at 6:00 a.m. however, crews are expected to shutdown the road again this weekend to finish the work. an osceola county a kissimmee road will be closed
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they are widening the road there and adding other improvements. it is expected to be finished next february. the body of anthony scalia was flown back to virginia overnight. >> we got this video overnight of a hearse carrying scalia's body to a private plane in el paso, texas, where he died on saturday. he died of natural causes in texas on a hunting terrorism. governor scott called for all u.s. and state flags to be flown at half staff. well, president barack obama plans to nominate someone to replace justice scalia. that move will set off a fierce fight in congress and on the presidential campaign. analysts are saying both parties have reason to fight for who gets to make the nomination. because it could shift the balance of the court. >> now, the next appointment
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important decisions coming down the pike. >> names are being mentioned for justice scalia's nomination, kelly surnashen have both circle court judges that were confirmed just three years ago. new three story florida hospital is open to patients today. the new hospital is critical to the city's growing population. the new state-of-the-art facility is on 429 and officers lab and imaging services and primary and specialty care service. in flagger county crews will break ground to improve a florida hospital there. the $15 million expansion will include 32 new beds on the hospital's second and third floors. all right. 5:10. and weather and traffic every 10 minutes. certified meteorologist brian shields in severe weather center 9. >> a warm and breezy day. it is president's day. right? >> yes. >> okay. >> happy president's day. >> you seemed thrilled about that on a monday.
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>> winds out of the east- northeast at three miles per hour. with the easter 3 -- and easterly breeze. have the umbrella in the backseat. tonight, especially very late tonight a 70% chance of rain and storms with the next front moving in. tomorrow a 30% chance of rain in the morning. so today warm and breezy in flagler county, 72 in palm coast, flagler beach, 73 degrees. and lake county in the mid-70s. southeast winds 10 to 20 with an isolated shower. back through osceola county the numbers returning in the 70s. and 77 in saint cloud with a late shower. and tonight, rain and storms arriving. temperatures around 63. most of the action to arrives
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afew of the storms could be strong. and look out for the gusty winds. i posted updates to this as well. i put a video on facebook of the storms tonight. coming up i updated futuretrack for tonight. i want to show you the line of rain and storms moving and go over the storm threats for you. that is ahead in main weather at 5:17. right now we're going on 5:10. we have a crash that does require an alternate. this is at lake under hill road. the northbound lane is blocked right now. so one of your alternates, still getting an update from troopers. you can see travelers
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good morning. i'm nancy alvarez. your time is 5:13. we take a live peak at a nice morning in downtown orlando for a monday. but changes are on the way.
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every 10 minutes. new from overnight one person was killed when an rv crashed and call fire before 1:00 this morning on u.s. 1. we got video into the newsroom overnight showing an explosion blasting one of the tires from the rv to a nearby gas station. we are calling police to fine out what exactly happened. eyewitnesses called 9-1-1 to report it. >> i was here, smoking a cigarette outside, and -- then i heard a big pop and then we saw fire. no sooner did we see the fire and the tree was knocked over and then i seen people running and pulled a guy and the guy was trying to get out. >> now we are working to confirm if there was a second person in the rv when this happened. in for the first time in 50 years you can take commercial
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right now through charter flights. tomorrow the federal aviation administration is expected to stein an agreement in havana. experts are saying this is the most important development in trade since the u.s. started gnomealizing ties win cuba in 2014. an elderly couple in polk county is facing charges for running a marijuana grow house. the 70 years old had more than 100 marijuana plants, grow equipment and drug paraphernalia in their home. a utility worker called deputies when he spotted unusual wiring and a strong smell of marijuana coming from the house. more than 100 unwanted guns are in the hands of deputies. there were a buy book last week. four guns were reported stolen. the florida highway patrol wants you to be aware of the number of hit-and-run crashes. last year 186 people were killed in hit-and-run crashes. state troopers are saying the
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year before. covering lake county this morning a manatee stranded in the lake for weeks is being nursed back to health this morning. there is the big guy. crews with the florida wildlife commission rescued the manatee yesterday. it swam from the st. johns river and got through several locking mechanisms and then got sick from the cold. >> it is in a state of cold stress. they will be a base health assessment on it and depending on there, they will give it medical care it needs. >> now, action 9 news believes that one more manatee made its way through the locking mark -- mechanisms. you can get a closer look on www.wftv. com. officials in osceola county will break ground on a new fire station, station 64, it is
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weather, 150 miles per hour and have a community room. right now the royal caribbean ship is back at see and headed to port canaveral. the anthem of the seas was forced to return to new jersey after it suffered damage in the carolinas. people in the northwest are waking up to below zero temperatures they have not seen in years. >> the national weather service is saying many areas in new york will see snow today before sleet and rain arrives in pennsylvania. weather conditions crossed this massive pileup over the weekend. killing three and sent dozens to hospital. the temperatures from new york to connecticut dipped to, minus 40. >> you don't live there, crazy. >> this is dangerous stuff. that cold. that's nuts. we're going to be in the 70s. >> an awesome weekend after a
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comfortably cool for the most part and today we will have the 70s around. apretty decent ahead, but hour the next 24 hours watch out for a chance of storms. downtown orlando we are at 54. the winds out of the east at five miles per hour. coolish. marion county 48. and a lot of low to mid-50s. 60s in brevard county. us in the 60. and we could see patchy fog develop in a few spots. mainly dry to start our day. we will see the clouds increasing. today, mostly cloudy by the afternoon. this evening a chance of a rumble of thunder and a shower a better chance after midnight. so track it on future track. this is 9:00 this morning showing a coastal shower is possible throughout the day. by 2:00, this is 2:00 clouds will increase. arain chance during the daytime. 20% chance through 7:00.
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most of us dry and then watch the line of storms thromwest to the east. gusty winds are a possibility. when i see it tomorrow morning we will see this driving across to brevard county. and a left hour shower tomorrow morning and then clearing out. but we contend with the rain tonight. afew pockets of heavier rain and lightning and winds gusting over 40 miles per hour in the storms. so heavier downpours tonight a half inch or more if you get storms. beaches today, if you're off today in the 70s. water temperatures 50 and 60s. the seas running three to six feet. so watch out for rips. warm breeze today. the temperature wise you today. 78 in ocala, 76 in sanford, and 74 degrees in titusville. again daytime rain chance is 20%, but by tonight a 70% chance of rain and storms. most of us tonight running in the 60s.
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storms races in and wraps up early tomorrow. so tomorrow we will be warm. there is no big cooldown yet. 78 in orlando for tomorrow. 80 in saint cloud. and 79 in titusville on tuesday. now, the changes, five-day forecast with the weekend always in view. the highlight is the storms -- wrapping up on our tuesday. and wednesday around 75. and then a mini front. thursday will be cooler with low 70s, but a lot of sun to finish out the workweek. and into the weekend plenty of sunshine and warming up. 76 on saturday and 78 by sunday. our time 5:20. our camera on i-4 we still have construction out here. these are your westbound lanes, right here eastbound you have one lane still blocked off by construction. they should be picking up the cones in the next 30 minutes.
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traffic tracker, we have a significant spot of construction. here are a couple of alternates. we do also have a crash out there requiring an alternate as well. you have northbound blocked at this point. jamie. a local abortion doctor says that he is fighting to
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5:24. right now, police are still looking for a man who's accused of sexually abusing a child 20 years ago. >> look at the picture on the left of your screen.
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back in the '90s he went on the run. they think that he assumed the identity of a dead man. you can help police end their search by sharing the photo from our facebook page. a seminole county teacher fired for inappropriate behavior in the classroom lost her teaching license. the district fired her back in 2013 for using inappropriate and derogatory language in class. some people in cocoa want answers from the city after they got huge utility bills but they were not home to use water. eugene connors showed us his december water bill close to $100, it was -- $1,000, he said it was impossible because he was in new jersey. he spoke to the city council about last week. >> so evidently there is something wrong with how they are reading it. when they reading it, whether they are guesstimating based on
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>> connors said the city agreed to cut the bill to $400. the council will look into the big issue next month. you may one day notice people at orlando international laptops and handguns. they will allow anyone with a concealed weapon license to be able to carry a gun inside of the air. covering brevard county the first mission of the year from cape canaveral air force station. >> yes. the falcon 9 is for february 24th. it will carry a television satellite into organ and the first of a dozen missions that spacex is planning from the cape this year. we are asking when an escaped inmate and his
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time now 5:30. there is a live peak outside for you over downtown orlando. anice cool start out there this morning. but we have changes. that's going to mean rain. weather and traffic every 10 minutes. all right. deneige broom watching the roads this morning. all right. don't talk rain now. it is for later. >> all right. we have to talk about weather. let's not talk about weather. >> just skip it. you can't. i'll go to traffic. >> okay. 77 today, warm and breezy, an isolated shower, not a lot to


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