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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 6am  ABC  February 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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it was already on fire and flames were shooting. >> right now on action 9 news this morning investigators just told us a crash and fire in volusia county killed one person overnight. what witnesses say they saw and heard. >> two people will be questioned this morning to find out what they knew about the stabbing death of an orange county man. good morning. you time is 6:00 a.m. on this monday, february 15th. >> all right. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. deneige broom is watching the morning commute. let's get started certified meteorologist brian shields in severe weather center 9. >> a nice start. >> yes. exactly. abetter chance of storms for tonight. here is daytona beach. have a light jacket this morning. 54, kind of cooling around central florida.
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we dropped off a couple of mores dein ocala. 60s in brevard county. so again a wide variety of temperatures this morning. we will see the clouds increase throughout the day, a slight chance of a shower passing by in the daytime hours especially along the coast as we hit the afternoon. you can see the planner, ocala, low 70s at noon and in the mid- 70s this afternoon. clouds increase, the chance of a pop-up shower with us. arain chance during the day at 20%. the highs today, 77 winter park in orlando. and standard in the 70s. port orange new smyrna beach in the mid-70s. coming up -- that chance of rain and thunderstorms really increases late tonight. we're going to break that down just ahead. our time is 6:01. and a check of i-4 at the turnpike. here is deneige. ee doge have issues eastbound or westbound on i-4 or northbound or southbound on the turnpike.
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been able to get it off to the see, this is after state road 50, they are still on-the-scene there. we also have a crash at alafaya trail and sending sky witness nine to this one right now. you have northbound lanes of all faya trail block -- alafaya trail block. overnight one person was killed with an rv crashed and caught fire. >> we are live near u.s. 1. witnesses rushed to get one passenger to safety. janai norman is live. >> reporter: since we came on the air at 5:00 m. medical examiner has shown up. we have been watching investigators use flash lights to look at what is left of the rv. it looks like a big pile of debris. that is the rv that witnesses say sounded like an explosion as it crashed into a tree this morning. >> i was here smoking a
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heard a big pop and then we saw fire. no sooner did we see the fire and the tree was knocked over and -- then i seen people running and pull the guy and the guy was trying to get out. >> reporter: and in the last 20 minutes crews worked the remove part of the tree from the debris left behind off of u.s. 1 there. is a hotel and other businesses here in the area. and we got businesses show how far the explosion blasted one of the tire from the av -- rv to a gas station. we are working to tige out from police why it left the roadway in the first place. officers out here are very busy. the investigation is just getting underway. we haven't had a chance to talk to them yet.
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go about the investigation, since there are only pieces of debris left behind and about the two passengers and how the surviving passenger is doing this morning. reporting live, janai norman, action 9 news. official new from overnight a family in volusia county was awakened by flames that stroyed their home. it started 1:30 this morning at the home on south stone street south of state road 44. everyone escaped the house safely. the red cross is now helping out the residents. orange county deputies are talking two people after an 81- year-old man was found stabbed to death in his home on saturday night. >> action 9 news' ray ramos found out the couple was baker acted yesterday. but the deputy handling the call had no idea they were persons of interest in a homicide. >> reporter: no, nancy yesterday they were able to determine the couple they baker acted was the same couple they were searching for.
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they were involved in the 81- year-old man's death. >> he was almost 90, you know. his name was julia grisham, but he was known has jack. he was found stabbed to death in the home he lived at for the past 21 years. investigators were looking for tesy and her boyfriend. one neighbor helped the couple wool fell on hard times move in with grisham. >> he moved his daughter and boyfriend in, they didn't have a place. >> reporter: it was early yesterday morning the couple was baker acted taken into custody by a sheriff deputy because concerns they may harm themselves. later that day the investigators learned that the couple were the same two persons of interest in the
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they are yet to make an arrest in the case. we are looking into the criminal history of the cuppal. reporting live, ray ramos, action 9 news. a man ais specked in a triple shooting that killed a university student is being this morning. >> he appeared in court yesterday with his head in bandages. daytona beach police are saying he was involved in a fight at the golf club and shot and killed 23-year-old johnson on saturday morning. johnson was the father to a 5- month-old girl. >> it is hard. he cherished her. she will have to live without her father. >> two other students were shot, but expected to survive. he is charged with first degree murder. we will find out in a few hours if a man who was shot by deputies had a wwe performance center is competent to stand trial. the trial is scheduled to start
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he was captured outside of the center in august. he was banned from the facility. he was shot when he charged towards deputies. we will have more on action 9 news at noon. and also today a hearing is scheduled for the teen accused of hitting an orlando police officer with a car. investigators are saying 18- year-old edward ran over officer william anderson during a traffic stop in july. officer anderson is still recovering. in the next hour, a busy orange county road is expected to open in time for your commute to work. we told you friday, that crews closed the southbound lane for the weekend. it was closed from park avenue to monroe avenue. the lanes reopened at 6:00 a.m. crews are expected to shutdown the road again this weekend to finish up the work.
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will be closed for a year. they are widening the road and adding other improvements. it will be finished by next february. new overnight. the body of antonin scalia was flown back to virginia overnight. >> we may find out the details about a memorial service today. we got the video of a hearse carrying justice scalia's body to el paso, texas. he died of natural causes while in texas on a hunting trip. all flags will be flown at half staff. president barack obama plans to nominate someone to replace justice scalia. the move will set off a fierce fight in congress and the presidential campaign. both parties have reason to fight for who gets to make the nomination. because it could shift the balance of the court. >> so now this next appointment will be critical for some important decisions coming down
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>> if two names are being mentioned for justice scalia's possible replacement. jane kelly and vevausa, they are circle court judges. today is the deadline in orange county to have a child attend a school outside of their zoned area. the school district will consider safety issues, medical needs and the number of students in school making decisions for reassignment. parents must bring documentation. a new three-story florida hospital is opening up they patients in winter gardened to. it is critical to the city's growing population. it is on state road 429 near daniels road. the officers lab and imaging services and primary and specialty care services. in flagger county, a $15 million expansion will include 32 new beds on the hospital
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all right. 6:10. we check weather and traffic every 10 melts. certified meteorologist brian shields in severe weather center 9. the rain chances going up. >> yes. tonight a slight chance of a shower popping up this afternoon. a 20% chance. by tonight, 3:00 to 4:00 in the morning a 70% chance of rain and storms. i will be here in case they get strong. we need to get through tonight with the chance of storms. volusia county, 74. and 75 today deland. apop-up shower possible and a breezy day. look at the wins in seminole county. back to osceola county mid to upper 70s with the increased cloud cover, the temperatures jumping up to 77 in saint cloud. and then for tonight down in the 60s, but the line of rain
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so coming at 6:17. i will show it on an updated futuretrack and the storm threats we will get tonight. right now, a check of the dry. deneige. we have sky witness 9 over the track we are talking about on alafaya trail. they are opening the northbound lanes. the only block is one westbound lane at this point. jamie. a lot of car owners are
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good morning, everyone. i'm jamie holmes. tyne is 6:14. this is a live look at volusia county, orman beach, one person was killed when the rv crashed and caught fire. you see constituents on-the- scene. they were able to pull one person to safety, not the other one. more details and a full check of weather and traffic. breaking news right now, a person has been shot in a robbery in orange county. this happened the last 30 minutes. now, we have a crew on the way to that scene. we'll have a live report when they get there. for the first time in more than 50 years you will soon be able to take commercial lights to cuba. there charter flights.
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transportation secretary is expected to sign an agreement in havana to allow u.s. airlines to bid on routes for flights. this is the most important development in trade since the u.s. started normalizing ties with cuba in 2014. an alder lekummel in polk county is facing charges for running a marijuana grow mouth. the 70 years old had more than 100 marijuana plants, grow equipment and drug paraphernalia in their home. autility worker called deputies when he spotted unusual wiring and a strong smell of marijuana coming from the house. the florida highway patrol wants i ato be aware of the number of hit-and-run crashes. last year 186 people were killed in the state. the numbers were higher than the year before. covering lake county. amanatee at the been stranded in a lake for weeks is being nursed back to health this
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crews with the florida wildlife commission rescued the manatee from lake harris. the swam from the st. johns river and get through several locking mechanisms and got sick from the cold. >> it is currently in the state of cold stress. they will do a base health line on it. >> now, fcw believes that one more manatee made its way through the locking mechanisms. you can get a closer look at right now that royal caribbean ship that was caught in a powerful storm is back on the sea. it had to return to new jersey after the suffered damage off of the carolinas. a section of the ship was replaced, but it sat sail on saturday. people in the northeast are waking up to below average temperatures. >> yes. the national weather service is
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will see snow today before the sleet and rain arrives. in pennsylvania, weather conditions caused this massive pile up over the weekend, killing three and sending dozens to the hospital. temperatures in northeastern states dim today as low as minus 40. look at that video. all right. amazing. >> fargo it is 22 and in boston it is 6 this morning. >> that's warmer nan yesterday morning. we don't have to worry it. >> it will be 70. >> yes. in the 70s today. we are tracking the exam of storm in the forecast, too. a lot to come. here is a look in downtown orlando. 55 now, winds out of the east- northeast at 3 miles per hour. and a wide variety of temperatures around we have the 60s towards brevard county and 4s in marion county. if you will be out for a while
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grab a jacket this morning. wins are light. on the visibilities no big issue. in brevard county a little bit warmer. so temperatures increased to. freezing rain is an issue in atlanta. check out website, for flight delays to the north. we look at apopka today, clouds build. mid-70s by 2:00. and a shower late today. even one or two along the coast. this is 10:00 this morning. through the afternoon, 3:00 a couple of showers developing through 7:00. so the day time hour as 20% chance of a shower. by tonight this is by just about midnight look what happens racing in from the west by the time we are at 3:00 to 4:00. zooming through by the time i see it tomorrow morning. a very active start. be sure to tune in tomorrow morning.
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clearing out. in the storms gesture winds and heavier rains. so winds gust to 40 in a few of the storms. rainfall for tonight, most spots around half of an inches a that front arrives. not bringing much in the way of cooler weather. the water temperatures 50s and 60s. and headed to the beach today, a strong risk of rip currents. warm and breezy. isolated shower today. 77. tonight rain storms arriving late. temperatures around 63. and then tomorrow after the early showers and storms clearing out, a nice day. temperatures around 78. all right. five-day forecast with the weekend always in view. wednesday gorgeous, sunny and 75. a little bit cooler on thursday. we'll have some low 70s around. and then the warm building again for the weekend. very important up by the speedway this weekend. so far, so good. mid to upper 70s by the weekend
6:21 am
we will fine-tune that as we are closer. 6:20on the monday morning. president's day drive. here is deneige. this is at the turn park at 470 there is debris blocking the center lane there. jamie? well, if the cooler weather will not keep you out to the ocean.
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before space stations. before moon walks. we lit that candle and shot to the stars. walk among our most powerful creations at the rocket garden. one of thousands of exciting things to explore at kennedy space center visitor complex. always exploring. your time is 6:24. right now, palm bay police are still looking for a man who is accused of sexually abusing a child 20 years ago. >> look at the picture on the left of you screen. it shows what 66-year-old
6:25 am
in the '90s he went on the run. the think he assumed the identity of a dead man. you help police in their search by sharing the photo on or facebook page. a sumter county teacher fired for inappropriate behavior in her classroom has lost her teaching license. daniel used to teach at limen high school. she was fired in 2013 for using inappropriate and derogatory language. people in cocoa want answers from the city when they get huge utility bills. unique connors showed us his bill that was close to $1,000. he was up in new jersey during the billing period. connors and other residents spoke to the city council about the problem last week. >> so evidently there is something wrong how they are reading it, when they read it or if they are guesstimating.
6:26 am
the bill to $400. the council will look into the billing issue. you will notice people at orlando international airport carrying luggage, laptops and handguns. lawmakers in tallahassee will talk about a bill to allow people to carry a gun inside of the terminal. they would not be allowed in boarding areas or areas
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so hay,o i amazg gh ner ulha peed would vehoht atnye ulfi tt do tha make tt o othr y r . right enrit er i codn bie i he waso lpl i kn is ch smalthg litt tng simplehi but me sle madee pp made mda share urto.
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your time is 6:30 a.m. we take a peak from sky witness 9. 54 degrees right now. a nice start to day. but big changes are coming. i'm not going to give it away like jamie did. brian gets mad. all right. weather and traffic every 10 minutes. i don't know if you heard the bus drive overhead. all right. now, certified meteorologist brian shields -- >> wow. dude, what was that? >> he gives it away. what is the point going to you. i'm going to keep it that, >> all right. get you outside this morning. 77 and warm and breezy an isolated chance of shore when we hit the afternoon. not a bad day. before you head out have the umbrella in case you run into the shower that will develop later. now, we have 4s thin northern tier, and 60s on the coast. 66 in coca beach, and 46 in ocala.
6:31 am
so have a light jacket this morning. you can see the cloud cover rolling in. overall clouds increase. here are the temperatures. we warmup by 3:00. in the mid-70s, nice and warm and breezy. cep a few pop-up showers in the daytime hours. 20% chance for today. we will top out around 72 in palm coast. coming up, so i'm going to show you the much higher chance of rain and thunderstorms especially while we're sleeping. we will get into that ahead. our time, 6:31. here is deneige. it is over 1792 on the stretch where it was shutdown over the weekend. they still have one laned blocked off. but you can get through there. we have a crash on alafaya trail. they have been able to get most
6:32 am
you will see fire crews in the area. jamie. new overnight one person was killed when an rv crashed and went up in flames. >> yes, eyewitnesses pulled a second person out of the wreckage on u.s. 1. and action 9 news' janai norman live and firefighters have returned to the scene. workers are now using a crane to start through the -- sort through the wreckage. >> reporter: we walked investigators look for the wreckage. they removed a tree in the last hour now they are working to remove the body left behind in the debris. eyewitnesses are saying the rv crashed into a tree before it exploded 4 1/2 hours ago. we confirmed one person died. i was on the phone with a woman out here and saw when the rv went up in flames. she heard the explosion and told me other witnesses rushed
6:33 am
trying to escape the rv. >> we were trying to figure out if anybody else was in there. i don't know if there was another person or not. the guy that they pulled out. he had cuts on this face and burnt on his arms and back. they made sure that he was okay and got him calmed down. >> reporter: right now, the medical examiner is still on- the-scene and police have been very busy since we've been out here. it's going to take them a while to clean this up. i mentioned we watched them pull a tree off the debris and working to remove the body now. and then get the debris cleaned up before they clear out of here. they are just beginning the investigation. when we talk with police, we will ask where the investigate stands and whether they have any idea why the recross examination v slept the road sway and ask about the surviving passenger. how the person is recovering
6:34 am
what happened with the vv this morning. reporting live, janai norman, action 9 news. we're asking the volusia county sheriff's office when an escaped inmate and this girlfriend who brought her 3- year-old son on the run with them will be back to florida. the couple was arrested in kentucky on friday. and quigley helped him escape. they were on the run for three weeks. the boy is safe. >> i watch muse at night and see all of the other tragedies unfold and think, god i can't imagine how they feel. now i do. >> u.s. marshals are saying the couple surrendered peacefully. quigley is charged. we will check in with palm county deputies today to find out when they will bring smith back to central florida.
6:35 am
accused of shooting four people in lackland in december. one person survived. the other two suspects were caught last month. a break or break week for several presidential campaigns. >> voters in south carolina go to the polls on saturday. republicans will be in the state during the week to whip over as many voters as possible. and democrats are in nevada doing the same thing. brogue discussing what they think should be done in the death of justice scalia. >> there is no way the senate should confirm anyone. >> president barack obama he would nominate someone to the bench. that's exactly what he should be doing and leader mcconnell should follow the cattal process. >> the next republican debate is set for february 25th. the next democratic debate is march 6th. former president clinton will be in south florida today
6:36 am
he'll be at the port of palm beach. and hillary clinton spends the next few days in nevada. the event from florida will start at 2:00. and florida's primary is one month from today. tomorrow is the deadline to register to vote or update your information, like your address or party affiliation. florida has a closed primary, and you must be registered for a party. remember you always keep up with the developments in the 2016 election by downloading our free news app. we are new hearing up for a man in miami who contracted the mosquito born zika virus months ago before it hit the university. she a medical student at international university and on a mission to haiti in november. he was there, he felt the worst headache that he ever experienced and had a fever, felt weak and pain behind the eyes and a rash.
6:37 am
find out what was wrong with him. >> i no idea what it was. i just knew i was sick. so i thought it was another kind of disease. >> despite what he went through, she plans to go back to haiti next month to educate people about the zika virus. a local abortion doctor is fighting to stop the state from shutting down his clinic. pendergraph was arrested for having pills and marijuana in his car in south carolina. they found surgical tools in his cars. now, the state is trying to shutdown the clinic. aclinic's license can be revoked if the owner is charged with a crime. marion county deputies mead your help finding man a man who be in danger. this is williams.
6:38 am
he was allowed to leave, but deputies are saying he has mental health issues and needs mezication. -- medications. a series of hearings will start tomorrow in the sinking of el faro. they expect them to last until next week. we have been telling you the ship since october, it was caught in hurricane joaquin. all 33 crew members died. covering burrvened county in two weeks spacex will launch the first mission of the year. >> they will launch a falcon 9 rocket on february 24th. this is video after spacex launch from last year. it will care ea television satellite to orbit. it will be one of a dozen missions. 6:38. your weather and traffic every 10 minutes. >> a lovely start. but changes are coming. here is certified meteorologist
6:39 am
over the next 24 hours storms in the forecast. during the daytime hour as 20% chance of a shower. so, have the umbrella today. 73 and a warm day. extra clouds around and the northwest breeze 10 to 20. that will warm us up, sumter 80. back through orange county downtown orlando up towards rose island and the science center, 77 again today with that isolated shower developing. but by tonight, we will be down in the 60s and that's when the line of rain and storms will move through. i just updated futuretrack. coming up at 6:47. i will show you the storms moving in and how much rain we
6:40 am
we have a crash 429 southbound and four lanes of traffic is blocked. coming to sky witness 90, they are over 1792. and all southbound lanes were blocked off over the weekend. jamie.
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your time is 6:43. we will be about contact with orange county detectives this morning to see if they were able to talk a two people of interest. >> the victim's daughter and her boyfriend were taken into custody for a mental evaluation. one of them has a violent criminal history. >> reporter: his name is david, and neighbors tell us he and his girlfriend were living with that 81-year-old man. he were able to find he has previously been charged with aggravated battery. robbery and second degree murder. you are looking at faces of dessie and her boyfriend, the two are persons of interest in the death of tesy's father, 81- year-old julian grisham. who was found stabbed to death inside of his home after deputies responded to a well- being check.
6:45 am
that call, we spoke with neighbors who are saying the cull moved in with grisham. deputies searched for the couple who were believed to be in the vehicle's ford taurus. early yesterday morning the couple of baker acted by a into who didn't reeve that -- realize that they were people of interest. now, they are both in custody. we looked into the criminal history of the victim's daughter andified not find anything in orange county. davidbukeen on the other hand has been convicted of robbery, thef, and in the s, but about 2007, he was charged with second dead -- degree murder.
6:46 am
a crash sent a car into a home in new smyrna beach. on saturday night this truck was t-boned and crashed into a home and left a hole in the bedroom that belonged to an elderly women who was not hurt. a car slammed into a kitchen of a melbourne car over the weekend. brevard county deputies are saying the driver of the white chevy lost control. and the car crashed into a wall. the homeowner was not home. but saying this is not the first time this actually happened. >> this is the second time they have actually gotten into the house. two other incidents where they have also come through the help row. >> wow, the homeowner has gone to the county to get a guardrail involved there. well, the second statewide permese python hunt is over
6:47 am
>> i'm happy about that. the purpose is to destroy them because they are destroying vegetation. 102 captured pythons. but there will be an official tally at a ceremony on friday. can we take a break from the video. all right. meanwhile, thousands of sharks are gathering off of the west coast of florida. professors found the sharks heavying around palm beach and riviera beach. in the still frame, saying this at said up to 150 sharks. black hip sharks migrate to warmer water for mating season. >> i was going to think of a joke, but i couldn't. >> my e-mail is lightning up from management. >> i bet it is. >> nice working with. you get a nice start, a
6:48 am
but watch outl for the chance of rain. and even thunderstorms working for tonight. increased cloud cover this morning. here is at that timade, 55 decide. onshore breeze that has been keeping us a little warmer along the coastal sections. a little bit of breezal had a facebook poster of drizzle in melbourne. apossibility this morning. most of the ages is back to the northwest. freezing rain. if you have flights into atlanta, check out flight delays. achance of rain and storms tonight. so clouds increase. mid 70s by noon. and 73 by 2:00. and a chance of a pop up shower and storm. so this morning there's or time
6:49 am
center 9 certified chief meteorologist tom terry. here at 4:00, he will be tracking a few showers and rumble of thunder, and then tan by midnight most of us on the dry side and after that a line of rain and storms. this can be 4:00. western zones moving in. tomorrow at this time, 6:00, 7:00 rainstorms zoom took the southeast of us. they could be strong and then clearing out nicely. as far as threats go, we will watch out for heavier rain and thunderstorm. now, is a pretty fast moving system, most of us have a half- inch of rain so we take you through the forecast. at the beaches if you have the day off watch out for a vening whisk of rip currents, the sea three to six feet and then the
6:50 am
so breezy. 77 degrees today. and 63 tonight. and rain and storms arriving late. we track that line with you after a few could be strong. and after the action tonight, clearing out and still warm tomorrow, highs on our tuesday around 78. the five-day forecast with the weekend always in view. all right. 6:50. the flashing lights. here is deneige broom. flaying lights -- flashing lights on 429. we have a left lane blocked southbound. so keep that in mind. pulling up live traffic tracker
6:51 am
beach line westbound. i was not able to spot it on the cameras. but this is reported there. nancy. well, after a massive makeover, the daytona
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time is 6:53. one person is dead after an rv went up in flames. and action 9 news' janai norman is live. two passengers here, only one made it out alive. >> reporter: jamie just before 1:00 a.m. witnesses heard what sounded like an explosion and then saw flames. nearly six hours later you can see behind me what is left of the av. it really just looks like a pile of burnt metal scraps at
6:55 am
i spoke with a woman who was near by. she told me witnesses rushed to help one person who was trying to escape the rv. at the time they were about sure if there was a second person, but since then i confirmed with mese that one passenger has died. we have not been able to ask too many questions because they are very busy starting to investigate and try to clean up the scene. as the sun comes up a better look at the scene out here on tv 27 as we work to learn more from police how this deadly wreck happened. reporting live, janai norman, action 9 news. all right. 6:55. an update on breaking news in brevard county. the u.s. coastguard is looking for a missing boater. they been searching off of satellite beach, a man did not return from the trip. the coastguard sent out a tweet at 4:00 saying they found the boat, but no sign of the man. as the search continues we will bring you updates on
6:56 am
news news app. new from overnight, two dozen bills have been filed in tallahassee to compensate people hurt by the mistake of government agencies, wrongly convicted prisoners, children abused by foster parents and football players. right now a maximal of $2,000 regardless of the cost. more than 100 guns are in the safe hands of deputies this morning. that's how many guns they collected last week. osceola fire officials will breakdown on station number 64, it is being build on pleasant hill road. it is designed to withstand severe weather, including winds 150 miles per hour and have a community room. today pope francis i will be helding mass in mexico. the pope is in the hefally indigenous state part of his
6:57 am
yesterday he delivered a hopeful message to 300,000 people attending mass in mexico city suburb. they pleaded to turn their land into a land of opportunity. volkswagen requested the government's effort to recall no cars and trucks. they insisted it was not necessary, but they agreed to do it. they are recalling 6,050,000vws thin u.s. they are already in hot water with the ea. despite the popularity of e- books, new data is showing that book sales are up by 2 1/2%. publishers weekly report says that thenic of e-book degrees climbed in 2015. and paper back grew by 13%. the first daytona 500 in the renovated speedway is six days away. >> events at the track all week leading up to the 500.
6:58 am
field on sunday. he won the pole in commifying yesterday. the 20 years old is the youngest to win the pole for the daytona 500. a major addition to the lineup today. according to numerous reports out of europe, he plays for a top team in italy. the midfieldser expected to sign a multiyear contract with orlando. did you see this, this weekend. orlando magic player garden will return to his team this week after creating a lot of business, watch this during all start weekend with his dunks. he used the magic mascot for three incredible dunks, but he didn't take the title home. crazy. a lot of people think that garden -- gordon was robbed. i agree. amazing. >> stuff and over stuff. >> very cool. all right.
6:59 am
popular guy, a teen in utah has been making headlines across social media. he made valentine's day special for close to 800 young ladies. >> hayden godfrey decided to buy a flower for every girl in south carolina. he saved $500 from his job as a bagger at a local grocery store. >> i want to make as many people happy as possible. i don't think a girl should be left out. >> hayden spent a year saving up money and planning the special valentine's day treat. get this, hayden has a girlfriend. and he loved the idea. she thought it was great. >> that is sweet. 6:59. weather and traffic every 10 minutes. >> hayden will always have a girlfriend. well played. the best $500 he ever spent. five-day forecast with the weekend always in view. 77, the slight witness of a pop up shower and storm. and tonight a better chance of
7:00 am
have our weather app. it is a free one. go to deneige. we have a crash at 414 that has one lane blocked and then a cras on orange blossom trail blocking all southbound lanes on obt. jamie. we are following the breaking news in orange county. deputies are investigating a shooting. this happened during a ro good morning, america. a battle brewing over the supreme court. the race to replace justice scalia is on. republicans fighting to keep president obama at bay. >> it's called delay, delay, delay. >> promising to block any nominee. >> the senate needs to stand strong and say we're not going to give up the supreme court. the president stands firm. >> i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities. >> as we learn new details about


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