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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 16, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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there is rock ledge and that is i-95 here, can you see us scanning through this storm with our 3-d radar using all the tools, technology that we have, our radar, sometimes you see the sw eeps going on, those are the different radars, give us different elevations and different cuts of the storm. incredibly impressive storm for this time of year, this time of morning, classic el nino situation, brevard county down through south florida. really through about 6:00-7:00, tornado watches for os see yell la and brevard the next two hours. so we get back to the action and what is going on here with over toward parts of brevard county, that is where the heaviest weather is in that red shading we are seeing here, rusty, you can see as we hear through this, you get almost what you would see as blank spots with the green that could be a sign with motion what is
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>> that is it, brian, we look for bound reak echo regions, you want to see heavy rain and a very weak region on the reflectivity of array car that would indicate the twist of a potential tornado, it is very broad near the rock ledge area, the fact that we have groans bounded by the yellows an oranges shows there is at least some broad rotation at the surface, it's not a fancy game mick, it really lets us intire gate the storm and analyze this, make sure what we see on a flat perspective is holding through on a 3-d perspective, this echo region goes above 10,000 feet, it's a strong one, that is something i wanted to you do in real time, let's back here, flip it back to flat view, we'll go over this one more time. get back to the vma, if you are viewing us this morning from the orlando area, the tornado
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orlando, this is for brevard and oceola county, squall line works its way flew, again we are still following this potentially tornadic storm moving through central brevard county, getting you back to velocity, it is the easiest way -- >> you can still see it, look at that. >> absolutely, brian. >> hanging together for and hour now. >> the nature of the storm hadn't changed much, the rotation area may have broadened a little bit, you are seeing a couple different notches here as well, it's not going to be one area, there could an couple different areas where we could see some rotation, any of those could drop a brief tornado, the weather service fired off a tornado warning until 5:00 a.m. and now you are starting to see as we were mentioning, brian, some of the stronger winds moving into more populated areas 5:00-60-mile an hour winds, that is across the grace
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wills point. >> you mentioned a couple different areas, winds 50 miles per hour, williams point, sharps, port st. john, tornado precautions, lowest level of your home, apartment complex, we need you down on the lower level in case we have the potential tornado moving in. that rotation really has been hanging together, we mentioned about 20 minuting a stay off i- 95 for good reason, this is moving in, down even through 0 rock ledge, rusty i noticed, we've got heavier storms, but the potential tornado in port st. john in 8 minutes have the shoes on in case we have debris or glass, sunglasses on, a bike helmet, too. be safe, lowest level of your home, 11 minutes as we get into cocoa. this is the tornado warning until 5:00, the next 27
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kfc, we are go to go watch out for this. 5:20 in rock ledge, heavy rain, heavy wind moving in. let's expand out slightly, this is where the potential tornado is and tornado warning until 5:00. we are not going to get good confirmation over the last 30 minutes of a tornado, locations it's been passing through so rural. so even if we had something on the ground it's not like we have ground truth on this. but this is the line, too, expending back into has see ola county, racing through harmony, lots of viewers here, down toward keen andville, watching out for the notches, not at the surface just above, all of this from as see ola county, yeha junction, not a warning out for this area, we are going to watch out for, i want you prepared to know what is going
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sections of brevard, you can see it yourself the brighter colors moving in, very strong winds moving across i 95, not just northern sections of brevard but southern sections, too, melvin, grant, mico all of that working in, heaviest weather now you see the lightning on top of it much when you see the reds even some of the purples on the radar that is the very heavy rain, if we have a tornado it is going to be rain wrapped, very difficult to see, hey brian it's dark outside, it's difficult to see either way. moving across i-95 right now. let's get a look at velocity mode, if we can, rusty, we've had couple areas, a couple little notches port st. john, down to the south,. >> this is coming south, so you can see again we use different modes here, it's not as rusty was saying not to be fancy,
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dissect these storms, we have 3- d version of it, velocity of it. not just the heavy rain falling but we need to see where this darn thing is twisting and spinning up. these are markers put out by some of our kit a showing some early indications of rotation, polk, oceola, brevard county, impressive how long this has been hanging together, the sign the of rotation. we don't have one super well defined point right now, we have a couple different areas we are watching for the potential, tornado ef-0, ef-1, more populated areas of brevard county. >> yeah, that rotation is broadened, that is one good thing you can see the main core has weakened, the problem with that now is when you start to line-up the storms, as those storms move in there could belittle notches of rotation and it's very difficult
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brief tornado, you need to stay weather aware in brevard county, melbourne, palm by area as that line of storms moves through. this is still the main concern area, as that storm moves off to the northeast at 25 miles and hour, heavier wings across i-95, u.s. 1 is next, moving over to the intercoastal and merritt island area. full screen, i am going to do a storm track for you where we still have rotation and the weather service, tornado warning still in effect until 5:00, for the next 23 minutes this storm is moving off to the northeast right now at 25 miles and hour, if
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again no confirmed tornado, but brian and i have been keeping a close eye on this, and brian as you mentioned, i mean this is one that we are really watching, there is a couple other areas as well, another one across 192, that is the bright greens that you see right now, because you are not seeing greens and reds together, friends, what that means those are straight line winds, being pushed in one direction, when you are looking at 60-mile an hour winds across i 92 that is not fun driving, and we have more severe weather in brevard county. looking at the radar itself right now, brian, those storms are beginning to increase a little bit in intensity. melbourne, palm bay, grand buck area.
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>> no doubt, when this is the area we were talking about 2:00- 3:00 this morning, some other spots had good old fashioned rain, that helped to stabilize the atmosphere, you don't get the bigger storms pop ugh up, rusty was talking about potential of rotation, see some of our markers pop willing up, not down at the surface we could see some rotation along this line, rusty, do you mind putting a track on this in brevard county for our friends in shout earn brevard, i'm still thinking about harmony, you have heavy weather working in, left of st. cloud, kissimmee, celebration, we have heavy rain moving off east, northeast, roughly at 40, larger picture pivoting around, that means we are going to have to update the timing on this. 23 minutes in palm shores things going downhill.
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lightning off to the west. melbourne about 29 minutes. so again, yes, the tornado warning to the north. nasty weather, you don't want to be outside in this either. we are going on 4:40 right now, we are going to hang with you. marion county, summer county we would be on air, too, this time it really happens to be the focus from oceola, orange and brevard counties, as we put this into motion it is going to go downhill quickly in southern sections of brevard county. northern zones is where we have the tornado watch or warning that is up. this is the whole broad picture, severe weather, lake is over, just some showers, by the way, this is going to be it are for the day, we are going to turn sunny as we hit the afternoon today. so this is our weather moving in over the next two hours, severe weather threat pole ec county, western sections of orange county, looking much better although it is wet if
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this morning but we are watching eastern sections of oceola county into brevard county for the heaviest weather working in. you see the red shadings, orange shadings showing up in brevard county. a new warning up, did they -- is that tornado warning up but the new warning a severe thunderstorm warning up until ac 30. >> there you go. >> until 5:45, that is exactly what we were just talking about, we are here with eye ren, george, rusty here, obviously. that includes central, southern sections of brevard county just where we were talking about. so even if we done have a tornado in these zones, we are going to have winds over 60 miles per hour with a blinding wind driven rain, too. so clearly you done want to be caught on i-95 as that moves
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tractor trailer. some nasty weather with that line from oceola county, that will be moving into brevard county. this new warning includes mel burn, palm bay, mel burn, melbourne village, grab, right near micco until ac 45, that is a severe thunderstorm warning. also we have that tornado watch. we can't rule out an isolated tornado in this sector but looking at straight line winds as the main factor, you got some good old fashioned rain, there is that line, this is the brevard oceola county line, that is a work across and that is why that warning has been issued up for the next 1 hour, delay that commute in central and southern brevard county for one more hour, then i promise you we'll get more sunshine working in. damages winds, we could have power out ands this morning, tree limbs down, that is a possibility, watching out for debris as well, back to the
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have the tornado warning out for the next 18 minutes, northern brevard county, central and northern brevard county, this is where we need to take tornado precautions, we've got a few areas which tells me, i have been here for a long time in central florida, we may have nothing, get a quick drop of ef 0 tornado. goes back up, but that can cause some damage and that is why that warning has beenish you'ded, i-95, kfc, merritt island, doors away from windows. rusty and i have been tracking this rotation, we are seeing a few pockets of weaker rotation that is why i mentioned we could get a quick, brief tornado. courtney in about 2 minutes moving in audubon, cape canaveral, we are looking at wind gusts rusty at 60 miles
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and southern brevard county. yeah, brian there is no doubt northern side of that cell has weakened a bit, the wind rotation that broadened, you are still seeing gusty winds, tornado warning still infect until 5:00 a.m. for this area that we just mentioned right now. southern brevard county as brian mentioned, the threats for the storms including the melvin area we are going to see 60-mile an hour winds, possibility up to quarter size hail, heavy rain and a lot of cloud to ground lightning. not good driving in brevard county over the next hour, but the good news is with this as i analyze this on the air for you right now, see a couple areas of weaker inflow with this storm, we don't have that one tight rotation, when i query the winds right now you don't see it as strong, even this next image that we just received in live, it looks even worse right now. there is still some areas where
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would be right across the 528 there between cocoa and cape canaveral areas moving across the intercoastal heading offshore, right near the cape, the potential for at least strong damaging winds, let me get on to brevard county perspective, the other thing we are going to have to start deal with, is what is going to be happening in the melbourne area, notice what is happening back a long the oceola brief and county line, see all the light green those are very strong winds in one direction so that is straight line winds not going to be a rotational concern at least right now, when i query those winds you are looking at winds at 30 miles per hour, up to 60 miles and hour, those are the winds that are moving into the brevard county area in the next 5 minutes and over towards melbourne as well, this is a wall of water that is going to be moving in, let me switch radar sights. if you live in melbourne as
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heaviest stuff right now is only about 9 miles, 20 minutes why is way from melbourne, the weather service indicating 60- mile an hour winds, quarter sized hail possible in the melvin area with severe thunderstorm warning that guess until 5:45, so for the next hour there warning is up. that is a pretty long warning for the weather service to issue right now, they feel pretty strong that this storm will continue to have severe criteria for it again. tornado warning in effect, northern brevard county until 5:00 a.m., severe thunderstorm warning brevard county until 5:45, broader perspective, i want to put the entire radar on, if you are drowning us here, this severe weather threat has passed metro orlando, mainly focused in oceola and brevard county, there is rain up into volusia county, orange county, the main show in town is with that line that pushes through brief and
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good piece of knew toss talk about is watch -- news to talk about is watch this line of shore. >> it is going to turn out gorgeous, a lot of sunshine working in, i 4 back to the northwest, we are okay. we are already drying out, it's really to the southeast that we are going to continue with the severe weather threat, 4:46 right now, we are on tv because we've got severe weather working in, that tornado warning out, they are going to keep that going until 5:00, severe thunderstorm warning, biggest threat oceola into brevard, we were pinpointing this with that line working in right about now, there it is, this is going to give us damaging winds, yes, this could still drop a brief tornado, ef- 0, ef-1, a typical tornado that can cause some damage, is have the shoes on in case there is degree or glass like that.
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with the potential of damaging winds and winds in this line that's working in here, 60 even 70 miles per hour, what is going on to happen here, this is about to hit i-95, there is our ray consider sight, network of ray considers scanning through this storm, couple markers showing early rotation, this is racing across 60-70- mile per hour winds, old tree, tree limbs done that is possible, that is why i want you in doors we are going to be safe and away from those windows, power outages this morning, we are going to lose power, tree limbs come down, if they clip power lines, not to pension we do have a significant amount of lightning in this area, too. we could see transformers getting blown out, too. so we are going to continue to dissect this line for you for any signs of rotation, let's put a track on this now broad
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working in to brevard county, we are in about 3 minutes heavy weather moving in, 7 at palm shores, melvin downhill at 8 minutes. stay with us because with that said, we are going to update this timing as all this pivots around, we'll adjust the timing for you some. satellite beach we have rain, 12 minute that is working in. west melbourne 15 minutes. mel burn beach 23 minutes. this is wind we could get some of the worse weather. moving from i-95 toward a 1 a, and then there is our radar sight we are using. including our live million watt radar we get to choose that gives us the best advantage point. what we are doing now is giving us a scan to see if we have a twisting motion, you do see some brighter colors in some spots at least showing that we
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that are very aggressive now moving across some of the landing sights, look at the wind, those are brighter colors, winds at 75, wind 60-70 miles per hour. this is the torn warned area, this cell moving in now has had a history of some rotation in both polk, oceola and brevard counties. kind of broad areas of rotation at this point. heavy rain, gusty winds, that is the greatest threat. then we draw our attention down to the south. what does this mean for the morning driver you are usually out the door at 5:00-6:00, we are going to see a lot of sun i gorgeous day moving in, so southern brevard county if you are watching me, delay that commute giving and hour, we'll give you the rest of the day, you don't want to be out in this any way, it's a nasty weather working in, heavy rain,
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popping up, that is a blinding rainfall moving in, lots of lightning in this, too. so this sector here, the severe thunderstorm warning out until 5:45 just to the north, we have that tornado warning that has been issued and that guess in, that is still with us the next 10 minutes. we didn't use the tools just for fun, we use them to see what is going on inside the storm. we are peering into it. this is something we see in the summertime, this is 10,000 feet here, 20 here, 30,000 feet here. typically, not always but typically the taller the storm the stronger the storm, up to 40-50,000 feet, a nasty storm and in this wind damage that is going to be the greatest threat as this rolls in. >> that is an impressive storm for this time of year to have it top 50,000 feet, that storm coming into the melbourne area is going to be adosee, the winds associated, the winds are
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but then you are going to have wing gusts up to 70 miles and hour, that is why the national weather service issued the tornado warning, also because of the height the of this storm, still in our cool season that means the freezing level is lower in the atmosphere, hail is more of a concern, that is why we see penny, time, nickel size hail, the national weather service says up to quarter sized hail, all the change, money type size hail is a possibility out of this. i am just using our million watt doppler radar to kind of scan this line of storms, of course if you joined me earlier, one thing i was looking at was the potential for rotation with this storm, that we have the weak echo region, that i have not seen
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up in the rock ledge area. this is till and care that has not seen weather yet so far, so the atmosphere is not raked over, up and down that line, potential to see rotation in those storms, i have not seen that much, that yellow icon that you see right there that will be mid level broad rotation, when we start to get the oranging and reds in the icons, those are indicative of low level rotation, more of an indication there could shall a tornado more eminent than what we are seeing right now. >> we had a lot of mid level, so not right at the surface, earlier we had plenty of red spinning around, telling us we may have had a tornado, it may never be confirmed puts the
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want to hang with you as we dissect this line, we could get a quick drop of a very weak tornado, tornado in itself not necessarily weak but we are talking ef-0, ef-1, quick drop of a tornado possible now with this line rotation not as pronounced as earlier, biggest threat is going to be tree limbs down, power line issues and power outages, you see the line racing into patrick air for business. so let's put an up date on this, severe thunderstorm warning out for these sections for the next 45 minutes, this is going to move into lotus, heavier rain over my shoulder, we are talking about winds 60 plus, lots of lightning, very heavy rain, quick inch or two of rain even though this is moving fast it is going to dump on us. palm bay in about 12 minutes.
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malibar, 15-20 minutes. that is where we are going to see the heaviest weather. now here is the line we are watching, and as we mentioned we've been in here all night. we haven't had a lot of action in brevard county, had a few showers so the atmosphere much more ripe, riper for some severe weather that is why we are seeing some things going, moving into south patrick, patrick air force base across i- 95, all of this action moving east, northeast. the tornado warning to the north still up the next 6 minutes it looks like mostlily that will expire, the rotation is not as pronounced but a lot of that is moving offshore so it makes sense we would be have a warning at that point. so we are looking at our southern zones, if we could bride in out, get a grasp what is going on, i want to let all of us know what is happening, if we have a tornado, letting
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happening, we cover all our friends here, marion county, flagler counter, volusia, seminole, orange, lake and summer that severe weather threat is over, we are going to be drying, even oceola county moving away, confined to brevard county. so the severe weather threat right in that sector there much the rest of the day is actually going to look gorgeous, i want to give you some good news, too. i don't want anyone a larged this is an all day severe weather event, we are talking about the next hour, when i see at 6:00 we are going to have a different story, looking at the lightning strikes it he will its us, too some energy of the storms, we've had 312 lightning strikes with this. so we are seeing lightning, heavy rain and very strong if not damaging winds moving into brevard county, still watching out for especially the next 45 minutes while that severe thunderstorm warning is up for
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the tornado watch itself was issued very early this morning, it did include polk county that has been dropped, that severe weather threat central and western zones we are done with, tornado watch is still up for at least the next couple hours in our southern zones, but that is going to expire once this line moves off, this is the last line we are watching. we have a tornado warn that go is up including kfc, toward cape canaveral until 5:00 this morning. another 3 minutes that looks like it is going to expire. good news there. then we get to the south you see the yellow box there, that is the severe thunderstorm warning. that is out until 5:45, and that is where the worse weather is now, central and southern brevard county, small chance of a tornado, straight line damaging winds that is going to be the biggest threat as this rolls in, you see some of the brighter colors now, we are just tracking that on the time frame for you, you see it knocking on the door of west
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in just on the cusp of palm bay, hang off on that dry, 5:00- 5:30, give me 30 minutes. you also see the lightning, simply put, crossing i-95 now very strong if not damaging winds that could be moving in. that's done with, this is where it's melbourne beach, grant, malibar we have rain right now, so i-95 just a up could he will minutes away from some of the heaviest weather that will be working in. so we are 2 minutes now from the tornado warning expiring in northern earn sections of brevard county, 45 minutes of this warning because of this line back to the west still needs to roll through and we could still have some issues with power here, and some wind damage, too, rusty as this continues to race in. >> brian trying to get a storm
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>> bottom line as you mentioned it's going downhill pretty bad for us. the bottom line is we have to keep a close eye what is handing in this area, that is where the potential for severe weather is after 5:00 a.m., i flee expect weather service to let the tornado warning expire at 5:00 because that rotation has broadened out but also as brian mentioned it's moving offshore, so the strongest area from let's say rock ledge to the north is offshore, we are going to have to worry about melbourne, palm bay. florida, nick could, grant,. 60 miles and hour and quarter sized hail, even this time of the year. it is going to be a light show, there is going to be a ton of
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we will stay with you. tornado expiring we have a severe thunderstorm warning until 5:45 am. we will watch for the warning expiring over the next few seconds and severe storm warning and hang with you to the warning as it races through brevard county. 5 am joining us on eyewitness news this morning as we track severe weather i'm meteorologist brian shields. were going to show you what's going on. news in traffic as well. tornado warning and brevard county has expired. officially we have a trainable watch for brevard and osceola


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