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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 17, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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making news in america this morning, pulling ahead. the primary race showing trump and clinton in the lead among south carolina voters with the president weighing in saying trump will not be president. we're live in washington with the latest. a farank francis. the pope in a rare moment scolds people grabbing him telling the crowd not to be selfish while he gets ready for a big day on the border. emotional encore. eagles of death metal play again in paris. friends and fans remembering
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last november. after ruff road. c.j., the top dog at the westminster dog show earning best in show beating out a crowded field of favorites. his human companion overjoyed while c.j. just playing it cool. well, good wednesday morning. we begin with the countdown to the next crucial vote. a possible make or break moment for several candidates. >> donald trump is now fending off criticism from president obama as he fires back. he's enjoying a commanding lead in the south carolina polls. ted cruz is a distant second trailed by marco rubio and jeb bush. >> the democrats in a tight race in nevada but hillary clinton way ahead of bernie sanders in south carolina with a double-digit lead. >> and with just three days to go before votes are cast in two states, the republicans are trading more nasty insults. it's "your voice, your vote." we get the latest now from abc's
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good morning, megan. >> reporter: kendis, reena, good morning. all six remaining gop candidates will be in south carolina today where, as you mentioned, donald trump remains on top and on the attack. donald trump calls in on stephen colbert's "the late show." >> i can think off the top of my head three things that you have said on air that this is true, cbs will not let me repeat >> reporter: though he vowed to clean up his dirty language, that doesn't mean trump is playing nice. >> then bush, poor bush, he comes out. he goes, well, i don't think that donald trump can beat hillary clinton but i can. beating me? why aren't you beating me? trump says. >> reporter: jeb bush making news with a one-word tweet, america, with a picture of his own gun, his name printed on the barrel. "the new york daily news" going after bush this morning
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the latest cnn/orc poll shows bush, rubio and cruz all trailing. trump with a 16-point lead in the palmetto state. on the democratic side hillary clinton with a nearly 20-point advantage. both candidates appearing on nevada public television last night. >> you cannot ignore the impact of what wall street greed has done to this country, and no state, no state has been hit harder by that greed and illegal behavior than the state of nevada. >> i've spent a lot of time in nevada. it's one of the most diverse and exciting places in our country. >> reporter: sanders and clinton are battling for minority voters in both states. in south carolina african-americans are expected democratic vote. kendis, reena. >> abc's megan hughes in washington. megan, thank you so much. well, breaking overnight, app will fight a landmark court order to have help the fbi hack into an iphone left by one of the san bernardino shooters. prosecutors say they've been unable to access syed farook's
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its pass code. all the data on the phone will be erased. a federal judge says apple must supply highly specialized software to get around that self-destruct feature. the u.s. attorney says the order is a potentially important step in the process of learning everything about the attack in san bernardino. the first of its kind ruling could set a precedent between digital privacy and national security but apple's ceo tim cook case his company won't hack into users. he said such a move would undermine encryption. supreme court justice antonin scalia will be laid to rest on saturday as the battle intensifies over filling his vacant seat. senate republicans still want the next president to nominate scalia's replacement, but president obama vowing to pick the successor himself, and he says there's no excuse for the senate not to vote on his
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>> part of the problem that we have here is we've almost gotten accustomed to how obstructionist the senate's become when it comes to nominations. >> well, he was asked if he was leaning toward nominating a moderate to replace scalia. the president bluntly said no, but he promised it will be someone who is well qualified. and funeral arrangements for scalia is now set as the seat he occupied for 30 years is draped in black. on friday justice scalia will lie in repose at the supreme court where the public will be allowed to pay respects. a private funeral mass will be held saturday at a prominent roman catholic church in d.c. well, some dramatic moments for the pope in mexico. first an air scare as his plane was landing in mexico city last week. we learned it was hit by a laser. a newly released audio ground control can be heard warning the pilots about the strike. the worry, of course, is that the pilots can be blinded by the bright light, but the pope's plane landed without incident. and then this moment yesterday for the first time on his trip,
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irritation when some overeager fans nearly toppled him. the pope looked annoyed and he said in spanish, quote, don't be selfish. today he travels to the u.s. border in his trip to mexico. the streets of juarez have been packed with police and mexican soldiers ahead of the papal visit. he will also visit a prison. overseas some new signs this morning of the growing tension between north and south korea. in a show of force four american f-22 stealth fighters have flown over south korea. north korea is expected to view the arrivals of the planes as a direct threat. an american general says the u.s. maintains an ironclad commitment to the defense of south korea. and the obama administration reportedly had a fallback plan if the iran nuclear talks fell through. according to "the new york times," the u.s. had an elaborate cyberattack plan. nitro zeus, as it was called, would have disabled iran's air
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it would have given president obama alternatives to war if the talks had not been successful. at its height planning efforts involved thousands of american personnel spending tens of millions of dollars. well, the last few days have been glorious in california but it's not going to last long. a storm rolling in from the pacific ocean will bring drenching rain and heavy mountain snow to central and northern california with some rain reaching into the south. well, coming up, the new hershey's kiss flavor just in time for spring. also, the blame game as thousands of american jobs move to mexico. the company blames the government. and check out this joyride that turned into a police chase. a backhoe letting the sparks fly. if you're looking to save money on your medicare part d prescriptions, walgreens says, carpe med diem. seize the day to get more out
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there's a major delay driving across western colorado after a rockslide shut down interstate 70. drivers face a four-hour detour, about 150 miles. it will be at least a month before i-70 is completely re-opened. officials hope to have one lane opened by tomorrow afternoon to allow traffic one direction at a time. although some vehicles were damaged in the slide, there were no injuries. well, a company blames the obama administration for its decision to move 1,400 jobs to mexico. carrier claims that it never got more than the $5 million it had been promised as part of the president's stimulus plan. the clean energy tax credit was awarded two years ago. the heating and air-conditioning company announced last week that it will close its indianapolis plant. nearly every major u.s. airline plans to apply for flights to cuba now that the two countries have signed an
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travel. it allows 110 daily flights although travelers will need a reason other than tourism. regularly scheduled flights to cuba ended nearly 60 years ago. right now only more expensive charter flights are available to that country. mechanics at united airlines have rejected a contract offer and authorized a strike. disagreements include a two-tier pay scale in which new hires are paid less and get fewer benefits. complicating the negotiations united's ceo is still recovering from a heart transplant and hasn't been closely involved in the talks. well, coming soon to a store near you, a new type of hershey a kiss just in time for easter. yeah, this is called a carrot cake kiss, and hershey says there's an orange coating and a white chocolate base. the carrot cake kisses will be sold exclusively at walmart, and i hope to be in line for the first batch. >> that is one way to get your kids to eat carrots. >> i didn't think of it that way. >> i guess. coming up, a heart-stopping
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one thing, implosion. residents say this bridge east of tulsa was no longer safe. there were holes in its deck. you could see the water beneath. many turned out for this implosion even waiting several hours. the replacement bridge opened last month. driving in oklahoma and most of the country should be pretty good this morning. the exceptions are the west coast where roads will be wet. they will be slippery in the western mountains and western new york and pennsylvania areas, as well. if you're flying, airport delays likeliest in san francisco. well, an emotional return to paris last night. >> the california band eagles of death metal was back to finish a concert cut short by terror. the band was on stage at the bataclan theatre in november in paris when the terrorists stormed it. hundreds of survivors were among those who packed the show last night. one woman gave her november concert ticket to a friend who was killed. >> wish she was here and i wish
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felt so happy to be in the room surrounded by people. >> last night's concert was at a different concert venue but still some people stayed away. there were therapists on hand in case of panic. a member of the band asked for 89 seconds of size in memory of the 89 people who were killed that night. the trial of the grim sleeper is now under way in los angeles. lonnie franklin jr. is accused of abusing and killing ten women, the youngest just 15 years old. most were prostitutes with cocaine in their systems. their bodies were dumped in alleys. details revealed yesterday were so graphic that some relatives of the victims began crying and walked out. also in los angeles, a hospital held hostage by hackers. the computers at hollywood presbyterian medical center have been shut down by a virus. hackers are demanding a nearly $4 million ransom in order to get the machines going again. the fbi joined lapd trying to figure out who is behind this attack.
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records were not compromised. and this south florida teen seen here who police say has posed as a physician for months will make a court appearance today. he's 18-year-old malachi love-robinson and was arrested yesterday and is accused of trying to practice medicine without a license. he had his own office, even a website for his fake medical practice. he routinely wore personalized lab coats. he claims he has a passion for helping people and that's why he wants to be part of the medical field. well, new recommendation this morning in the effort to detect autism early. a leading u.s. advisory panel has concluded there's no need to screen all children between 18 and 30 months old. the independent group of experts say more research is needed to assess the benefits and harms of universal screening, but parents are advised to keep an eye out for the early signs of autism. and there's new concern about the drug iced to treat adhd. a new study shows
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adderall use without a prescription has 67% in young adults and emergency room visits linked to the drug jumped more than 156% mostly caused by combining adderall with alcohol. illicit drugs and many young abusers use it as a study aid believing it can actually provide an ago cademic advantage. an amazing rescue in british take a look at this video an 11-year-old was dangling from a chair lift 30 feet off the ground. you see his feet right there beneath the chair lift. reaching for one of his ski poles, that's when all of this happened. the question thinking operator shut down the lift and grabbed a tarp and there you have it. on the count of three he let go and was caught. he wasn't injured. in fact, we're told he was smiling. no word, though, if the driver of this backhoe that you're going to see here was smiling as he led sheriff's deputies on a merry chase in the
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he not only damaged a major bridge on u.s. 1 but also used the backhoe to dump boulders on the road and charged at the deputies. they managed to stop him after an hour an a half and placed him under arrest. the charges include grand theft backhoe. >> grand theft backhoe. who knew there was such a charge. >> yes. >> now you know, kendis. >> they created it that day, yeah. there's lots of college basketball teams chasing their places in this year's march madness. >> here's how some did last night thanks to espn. >> good morning. welcome to our "sportscenter" set here in los angeles. i'm stan verrett. big 12 basketball on super we got two battles between ranked teams from the conference. let's start with iowa state and baylor. johnathan motley and deondre burton with the block. abdel nader with the rebound. iowa state doesn't call a time-out. nader heads to morris who tries to pull up the misses and
4:50 am
bucket but the official waves the shot off and went to overtime. just a minute to go and baylor up two. ismail ishmail wainright. three ball helped a lot. they lost three straight at home in conference play. 100-91. west virginia and texas, both ranked as well. emotion from his team. isaiah taylor. lambert hit three of texas' ten triples. 12-point lead and texas up 13. to lambert. quick pass to prince ibeh and he'll throw it down. texas, 85-78. they sweep the mountaineers. texas with a third win against a top ten team of the season, so ghe longhorns working on that tournament resume. that's it from here. now back to you. >> thank you, sir. coming up, the dog of all dogs. meet c.j. picked best in show at last night's westminster dog show. and can you guess his breed?
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time for "the pulse" and, of course, we're going to start with the big winner at the annual westminster dog show. >> best in show last night going to c.j., a german shorthaired pointer. c.j. is 3 years old. he was picked for the top honor over 2,700 other dogs. >> c.j.'s grandmother also won best in show at westminster. it's the 18th time in his brief career that he's won a top show prize. on c.j.'s agenda today, a visit to "good morning america," the traditional winner's lunch at sardi's restaurant. >> i wonder if there will be dog treats at "good morning america." i'm slightly obsessed with this because you have to take care of the dog. you need an extra oomph. >> i'm sure there will be a red carpet.
4:54 am
fighter ronda rousey is sharing how tough it was to deal with the agony of defeat. >> the former ufc champion broke down on "ellen" saying she was so devastated after the fight that she actually considered suicide. >> i was literally sitting there and like thinking about killing myself and at the exact second i'm nothing, i'm like, what do i do anymore and no one gives a [ bleep ] about me anymore without this, and to be honest, i looked up and i saw my man travis was standing there and i looked up at him, and i was like, i need to have his babies. i need to stay alive. >> put a positive spin on a very serious topic and having been knocked out in the past herself, holmes, she emphasized with rousey saying it feels like the end of the world sometimes and rousey still recovering from her injuries expected to return to the ring in november. clearly she's got that fight still in her. >> yes, she does. finally, exactly what any
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lower dose may be prescribed. side effects may include upper respiratory tract infection, stuffy or runny nose, sore throat, and headache. for help lowering your blood sugar talk to your doctor about januvia. top stories now breaking overnight, apple says it will fight a judge's order to hack into a phone belonging to one of the san bernardino shooters. prosecutors have not been able to access the phone because of encryption technology. pope francis travels to the u.s. border to celebrate mass in one of the most highly anticipated events during his visit to mexico. the pope will also visit a mexican prison where he'll speak to inmates and their families. today we learn who bought a winning ticket to last month's nearly $1.6 billion powerball lottery in florida. three winners were sold. a couple from tennessee has already claimed their share.
4:58 am
normal temperatures in the northeast today with some snow inland but a strong storm system moving into the west. and finally this morning, a dramatic arrest in texas, and you wouldn't believe the crime. >> deputies tracked down a man at his houston home and hauled him off in handcuffs apparently over an unpaid student loan that he says he wasn't even aware of. kristine dobbyn of our houston station reports. >> reporter: paul aker says last thursday he got the shock of his life at his south west side home. >> i walk out slowly with my hands up. i'm here. i'm here. >> reporter: u.s. marshals surrounded his home and arrested him. he says he had no idea why. it wasn't until the ride to jail he finally got an answer. an outstanding student loan. >> what? all those guys and all those guns for a student loan? how much? the judge will tell you. the judge wants to see you. >> reporter: aker says he had two previous loans he paid off
4:59 am
at prairie view a&m and did not know he owed $1,500. they rolled out a list of notices since 2006 that aker says he did not receive. he said he was cuffed and taken before a federal judge. >> he asked me am i in the habit of stealing from the government? i said, no, sir. >> reporter: the u.s. marshal service released a statement reading in part, "on thursday, february 11th two deputy u.s. marshals made contact with aker outside of his residence. when they attempted to arrest him, aker resisted arrest and retreated back into his home. the situation escalated when aker verbally said to the deputies that he had a gun." aker says he was never offered a phone call, never told he could contact an attorney before agreeing to reimburse the government $1,258.68 for arresting him and a payment plan of $200 a month in accrued interest. >> so much firepower to say we can't miss this guy. we must take him down and when
5:00 am
you've taken down el chapo. you know, i am el-palled. >> reporter: he says it took him hours to shake off what happened. more than anything he's glad his family wasn't home. >> he's got a good sense of humor. he does. he's el-palled. >> new verb. >> he's el debt. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> have a great wedn right now on eyewitness news this morning there is still no sign of a newborn baby abandoned by her mother minutes after she was born. we have the latest on the search for baby willow and what will happen with her mother today. >> pricking my no, deputies are looking for an armed robber who shot an employee at this restaurant. >> good morning. 5 am wednesday, february 17. >> we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. deneige broom following your morning commute to let that --


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