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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 530am  ABC  February 19, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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>> the action yesterday, today, tomorrow through sunday looking good. sometimes we have issue. >> it is great. >> we have a lot of issues. weather-wise, the weather is not one of them. we have partly cloudy skies, coastal clouds, 74 degrees today. the temperature check, 46 in ocala. so a little bit on the cool side. 52 in orlando through winter garden. kissimmee 51. and volusia county in the 60s. and 60s in brevard county. we will get extra clouds, with the cloud cover on the coast we will stay cooler later today. inland, we will be warmer. here is orange county, 70 degrees by lunchtime, 2:00, 71. and many of the highs squeaking into the mid-70s. and there we are, partly cloudy skies, this evening 6:00 the temperatures in the 60s. winds northeast at 10 to 15. we will be cooler in the
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67 the high in palm coast. and 70 in daytona beach. 69 in titusville. and inland mid-70s. there is the 74 in orlando, claremont. coming up i want to go county by county with the temperatures and get into the bigger warmup on the way for the weekend and the next chance of thunderstorms in the forecast. all right. 5:31. deneige. right here i-4 approaching that 408 ramp, you have a left lane blocked there eastbound. i not noticed it causing issues. we have a crash in kissimmee. the update from troopers i was able to get in the last 10 minutes this is not blocking any lanes. jamie. in a few hours, deputies will be searching a wooded area in volusia county for human remain. >> student: this is after a
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daytona beach. and action 9 news' kimberly eiten is checking with investigators. they will search again when the sun comes up. >> reporter: deputies will be picking up where they left off yesterday searching the woods off of international speed way boulevard. this is where they are doing site work, a worker found a piece of human skull. now they are looking for other bones out here. the beginning of the search effort yesterday afternoon, the deputies win 100 yards into rough purain. this area is swampy with knee- deep water and they will be dealing with that again today. and the human remains discovered by the worker have been here for some time. we asked deputies if they could be connected suarez and their church. county two years ago. their bodies were never found or the four women killed in daytona beach in the past 10 years by a so-called serial investigators are saying it is
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>> this is one of those things where, obviously, the, the -- the remains have been out there for some time. we're not ruling anything out. >> reporter: now, of course, we will be out here as the search resumes in daylight hours and also checking in with investigators to ask if they developed new leads with this information. reporting live, kimberly eiten, action 9 news. cover, osceola county we will be checking with the school district to see if there is extra security on st. cloud high school when students return on monday. there have been several fights at the school this week. a student recorded this fight a cafeteria. the school was placed on lockdown yesterday after a media. >> they were checking for weapons, guns, anything that they could find. >> now,tset clouds police did
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school officials are not saying if students will be disciplined. well, four days since police are saying a mother gave birth to a baby girl and abandoned her. >> so far search efforts to find baby willow have turned up nothing. despite cameras being sent into underground sewers. 30 minutes ago, janai norman told us neighbors are hoping police extend the search to a nearby pond. people who know the mother said that he has two personalities. >> reporter: that may have played a role in what happens to baby willow. susan richardson is not cooperating in the orange county jail. we got word from orlando police there is no planned search for baby willow today. on wednesday we watched investigators haul dumpsters with crime scene tape away from the apartment complex where they believe that her mother
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>> why did you do that. i freaked out. >> reporter: at the top of the hour, richardson's boyfriend planed to give the baby at birthday -- away at birth. >> they gave their two younger children to family members at birth. and we didn't find a law making a crime to give you child to a relative. it could be tough for prosecutors to prove the child neglect charges richardson is facing without investigators first finding baby willow. >> going to be near impossible to prove the charges for which she's been arrested without discovering where that baby is. >> reporter: i will continue following the latest developments and keep you updated on our action 9 news mobile app if and when susan richardson walks out of jail. reporting live, janai norman,
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state troopers are not been able to identify the driver who hit and killed a jogger and kept going. the troopers found the jeep that they believe hit and killed the 30-year-old on monday. the damage to the suspect's vehicle is consistent with damage parts at the scene of the crash. the owner of the vehicle hired an attorney, but not spoken with investigators. the board of harbor house of central florida will soon name a new ceo after they cut ties with the long time leader. carol wick was voted out, no explanation was given. wicksaid it was not her idea to leave. a new lawsuit. now, an orange county man is pursuing a $50 million class action lawsuit against the department of highway safety. attorneys are saying crespin's
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after he refused to take a breath test in new jersey. he was -- breath test in november. >> you are entitled to have an independent judge or magistrate department. if the law enforcement officer had probable cause to pull you over and if they had probable cause based on the roadside test to arrest you. >> now, if approved attorneys are saying the lawsuit could include thousands of drivers who also refused the test. a crew member of the el faro ship warned the captain was the hurricane. he sent a text message to captain davidson warning him about hurricane joaquin. and replied that he was going to go south. and it sank leaving
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the f.b.i. is not saying this morning why they raided the hope of a brother of one of the san bernadina terrorists. no one was arrested. it is part of an investigation. 14 people were killed in december. a man accused of killing his girlfriend's father will remain in the orange county jail. a judge denied bond yesterday. he stabbed the 81 ---year-old to death last weekend. in brevard county the trail of a man accused of killing two neighbors is on hold. ajudge put a stay on woodward's case. the prosecution wanted to death penalty qualify the jury or delay next week's trial. the judge is saying at this
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woodward could get is live in prison. brevard county commissioners pushed back a discussion on a new landfill until next month. it is by 192. the landfill will take construction debris, but it wetlands. crews are doing a deem cleaning to make sure that mold doesn't get into the iss. the clean up is done as a precaution after tests found common black mold on two bags going to the international space station. weather and traffic every 10 minutes. >> certified meteorologist brian shields. >> it is a great day. all right.
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i checked in on the visibility and no trouble. lake county today, 71. lake max, 73. claremont 74. a little warmer. we are going to be a touch warrior inland. winds 10 to 15. more clouds along the coast. a little bit more sun inland. radio day in osceola county, a great day on the way. 74. harmony temperatures running in the low 70s. but in brevard county with the onshore breeze we will be cooler. 70 along the coast. 70 in cocoa and lotus. winds northeast 10 to 20. that will draw in cloud cover and we will beal cooler along the coast. tonight, cooler but pleasant. action this weekend. so make sure to get our free weather app. we will keep you updated about changes to the forecast. and the forecast for the
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move in, that is just ahead in main weather. right now, 5:40 deneige time. i like that. deneige time. all right. keep this i-4 lane closure in mind. it should be cleared up. live traffic tracker here. we have construction on the turnpike on 27, it should not slow you down too much. jamie. well, students are a step
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your time right now, 5:44 for the second day deputies will wade through knee high water to look for human remains near daytona beach. and action 9 news' kimberly eiten is live where the search will resume this morning. this started yesterday when a surveyor found a piece of a skull. >> reporter: that launched the
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back into the woods off of international speedway boulevard. now, the challenge is both terrain and time. investigators are saying the area they are searching is swampy. the remains they found yesterday have been out here for some time. they were found by a survivor. that person found a piece of a human skull it is too actually to connect it to anyone. in the 6:00 hour, we are looking into unsolved murders in volusia county. of course we will be here as the search resumes later on today. reporting live, kimberly eiten, eyewitness news this morning. a local family lost thousands of dollars to a roofer who allegedly took their money and bailed on the work. in april of 2014, this woman found a website forever see roofing and david george promised to rebuild it in two weeks. he took $4,000 and stopped answering phone calls.
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constructer's license, now he is facing charges two years later. >> other people should not go through what i went through. yeah. i'm glad that they caught up with him. >> the contractors are required to put their license number on construction permits. we put a link on covering brevard county, some homeowners are saying the water is so bad in their community they have to rely on bottled water. nearly 300 people in the groves area are saying showers can cause a problem. they are waiting on a water a little bit to be built to connect city water to the county plant. but we found out a fix could be another year away. >> we're doing our due diligence getting this taken care of and going through the proper channels. >> officials are saying once the permit and contact process is done, it will take six to nine months to install the pipe. minneapolis made an exception in light of the zika
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would be the lesser of the two evils. the pope is saying women exposed to zika can use contraception. some governments have been urging women not to get president. the zika virus could cost the world $3 billion. the world bank is pledging money towards the fight against zika. caribbean nations would be the hardest hit. you can find more on if you use ride sharing apps to get around town, state lawmakers want to take extra measures to ensure your safety. there is a pill that would require \ber and liftler drivers to carry additional insurance. in the past it is under scrutiny because it is unregulated. a off-duty deputy stopped a robber in his tracks.
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the store, showed the clerk a gun and demanded money. moments later the sheriff deputy walked into the stories the crook tried to walk away. the store clerk alerted the deputy, and the suspect was taken into custody before he could leave the store. that is timing for you. >> right place at the right time. >> i guess so. okay. we have beautiful weather. >> exactly a warmup on the way. on. >> it is. >> you're welcome. 56. the winds out of the north at six miles per hour. and sun up at 7:00, and sets at 6:18. now, a few 40s around the northern tier. and mid-60s in brevard county. daytona beach in the 50s. and 59 in titusville. there are the winds light out of the north and east.
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we are warmer, that will draw in more clouds today. so the last couple of days nothing but sunshine. today a few more clouds rolling in. aday or two of the onshore wind will draw in a few more clouds. there are spots in brevard county. 69 at noon today. and you can see a spill over of the clouds today. aside from a stray sprinkle most of us are dry. this is futuretrack at 10:00. roll you through the afternoon. more clouds at the coast. more sun inland. astray chance of a coastal sprinkle for today. the rest of the weekend is looking good. what is next into next week a better chance of rain and storms by tuesday. this is tuesday. that's our next storm system. after that we will see another cooldown on wednesday and thursday. and again, of next week. and partly cloudy skies, and coastal clouds today. 66 in palm coach, 69 at titusville. and inland warmer.
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and then for tonight, a few 40s. most of us in the 50s with a couple of 60s. again in brevard county similar to what we're dealing with this morning. tomorrow a lot of sun and warmer. 76 degrees in orlando through sky lake. and don't forget with the weekend plans including by the speedway check out our mobile app. all right. five-day forecast with the weekend always in view. we cover tomorrow looking great. sunday even warmer. 78 on sunday. be mindful it will be cooler along the coast with a few more clouds along the coast through the week with an onshore breeze. and monday clouds increase near 80 and then the chance of rain and storms by tuesday. going on 5:50. construction, deneige. yes a good start to your friday drive when that's all that we have to talk about this morning.
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time is 5:53. the woman who claimed she was sexually assaulted by a nahshon therapist in claremont is speaking out. we are not identifying the victim. we are suing the spa. and police are investigating two more incident involving the therapist. in december, he was charged with sexually abusing another woman. >> the key to stopping people like this is to take a stand and be strong and speak up. and i'm here so people can do that today. >> well, he faces several allegations. his license is still clear and active. he was hired at another spa in dr. phillips, but he was fired for not revealing he was under investigation. if your children are in elementary school, they might spend more time playing outside. the statehouse just passed a bill that would require 20
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and it can't be taken away from children for disciplinary or academic reason. yesterday, parents and lawmakers talked about giving children a break. and it will be consistent across the state of florida. >> it should be across the board. it shouldn't be one teach likes it the other teacher doesn't. all kids need a break. it is not fair to them. >> despite the push for mandatory recess, local school districts are feeling the requirement is not necessary. the bill will face major hurdles in the florida senate. so far the chairman of that education committee has refused to hear the bill. there is only three weeks remaining in the 2016 session. i have called him several times and still have not heard back. parents may have a say in which school their children attend. the bill would allow parents to pick any school they want as
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capacity and they would be able to transfer students out of certain classrooms. the senators will review and vote on the bill before the session ends next month. state lawmakers want to reduce the number of specialty license tags available to driver. they are going to eliminate the ones that sell fewer than 4,000. a new study from the congressional budget office is saying the government would be better off if they eliminated the tral gas tax and charged all drivers tolls and mileage fees. one research group is saying it could mean better roads and bridges. and opponents are saying it could raise privacy concerns and hurt low income families. the cdc is saying you may be leaving in the sleepiest stay in america. >> floridians are getting less
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more than 64% of adults in florida reported sleeping seven hours or more each night. oh. that's half of a point below the national average. the agency is saying not enough sleep leads to obesity, heart disease, and stroke. the orlando magic midbig -- big moves. they send channing to the cavaliers. well, the red carpet was rolled outlast night for the newest burger joint. >> they are owned by the whalberg brothers. they attended the grand opening last night. >> we needed a flagship location. we are excited about it. >> hundreds of people lined church street last night for the event. the restaurant hosted a concert
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>> it looks like fun. >> it is fun. i was not there. it looks fun. >> we go to bed early. we are following the
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right now on eyewitness news this morning, investigators rereturn to a wooded area near daytona beach, that's where a land surveyor found human remains. whether we're not rolling something out. >> we're asking investigators if the discovery could be tried toly unsolved murder cases. >> there is no sign of baby willow. that mother could walk out of jail any time. good morning. your time right now, 6:00 a.m. on this friday, february 19th. >> all right. weather and traffic every 10 minutes. certified meteorologist brian shields. yes. it will be -- >> wet? >> just to clarify. >> all right. important to clarify. >> it will be nice outside in daytona beach. thanks, guys. winds out of the northwest at


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