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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 6am  ABC  February 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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right now on trying eyewitness news this morning, deputies in brevard county are trying to figure out what happened to two people found dead in a home on merritt island. what neighbor saw, at that house, late last night orlando police drained a retention pond and search for baby well over the weekend. we asked what they are going to do next as the infant has been missing for more than a week. good morning. we are going to get right to some "breaking news" right now out of orange county, janai norman is live at a scene of a fatal hit and run on orange blossom trail.
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right now? >>reporter:yeah, we found out that driver is being treated at the hospital right now, investigators say they are surprised he was able to leave the scene. we found out three cars were stopped at a red light here when a driver of an acura rear ended that smashed up car you see over there, setting off a chain reaction, and then took off. in the last 15 minutes i spoke with a sergeant with state troopers to ask weather they believe that driver was speeding? >> right now they are reconstructing the scene, this is a severe impact when you have a car that is stopped you will have a severe rear end collision. we will look at speed to see if that is a factor. there is a red light running camera here. >>reporter:she says they are hoping to get that video, that will provide more information about what happened just before 3:15 a.m. this morning. sergeant montes says that red light running camera will be paramount in this investigation. the driver of the other two
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scene, at least one of them, she said, was not injured. she did not have information on the other driver. investigators were surprised the driver of the acura was able to leave the scene. we found out that car has some pretty bad front end damage from the crash and orange county county sheriff's deputies found that car just a few blocks away from where the accident happened. we have confirmed troopers are also investigating to see weather alcohol was a factor, and we are still working to find out the names of the driver , both of the acura and the driver who was unfortunately killed in this rack. troopers do say they plan to have the investigation out here wrapped up in the northbound lanes open up in the next hour or so. they are allowing southbound traffic back to the center section and right now we are standing -- we are live back in the studio with how you can get around the lanes that are still close right now. you should need those alternates for the next hour, your alternates should be john young parkway or orange avenue depending on where you're heading this morning. keep that in mind, they do have the southbound lanes open but northbound orange blossom trail
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need those alternates. "breaking news" -- i-4 atlee road, we have had construction moving out of the way on i-4 this morning. up to speed in all directions i will let you know if that changes. today's temperatures have climbed a little bit even since 5 a.m. the kids will still want the light jacket early this morning out at the bus stop. we have gone from 55 in orlando all the way back to 58. sanford has climbed to 61, daytona beach at 58. the 24 hour temperature change compared to yesterday morning, slightly warmer than where we were in most spots. watch the possibility for fog. you could see a little patchy fog out there. as i take you through the day, let's go to redbud elementary our friends elementary our friends in seminole county, 77 at noon, a great
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near 80 degrees. when you pick up the kids, they come back home from the bus stop notice a 20% chance of a shower late in the day that will be after the kids get home. that is just the beginning of a wetter trend outside. it will feel a lot more like spring over the next couple of days and without the possibility of some strong to severe storms. we will look at that on future truck coming up in less than 10 minutes. "breaking news" right now in volusia county, lease are investigating a shooting that happened just a little over two hours ago. we just got this video into our newsroom in the past 30 minutes. investigators are on scene on washington street just west of us one. we are told injuries have been reported but police have not elaborated on this. we asked about potential suspects here. we will update you just as soon as we get more information in the newsroom. deputies are staying tightlipped this morning about their investigation into the deaths of two people inside a merritt island home. >> on eyewitness news at 11 last
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what is the latest out there? >>reporter:crime scene investigators were just pulling out of this neighborhood when we got here about 90 minutes ago. that puts them here for about 10 hours investigating two deaths inside this white house. you can see here behind us. all you can tell it -- all they can tell us at this point is that two people are dead and the causes and investigation. our crews spoke with neighbors here on indian street last night who heard sirens around 8:30. they watched brevard county deputies go into a home and then calling crime scene investigators. deputies confirmed to us this is a death investigation involving two people. they have not said yet how those people are connected. neighbors say a man and his daughter, about nine years old, live in the home. for the past few days they have seen family members knock on the door and get no answer. deputies have not given us the identities of the people killed in the home. that is something we are asking this morning as well as if there is any danger to the people who live here, or if this case is isolated to this
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center of their investigation. reporting live in brevard c ounty, kimberly eaton, eyewitness news this morning. this morning we are waiting to get an update on the four people who were shot inside a paramore grocery store on saturday night. police told us 34-year-old roy stevens opened fire inside tiptop grocery. one victim is in critical condition and three others are stable. a teenager told us the gun went off inside when she was there with her mom. >> he had the gun in his hand and it went pow, pow, pow >> stevens has been convicted of armed robbery, fraud, theft police took him to the hospital for observation after they arrested him but have not told us what he said to the orange county jail orlando police are continuing their search for the missing newborn they are calling baby willow. >> they drained water from a retention pond near the willowbend apartment yesterday. we told you police say a 30- year-old susan richardson gave birth at the apartment complex. investigators that she told them she left her the baby
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she did not want the child. >> i am praying for the best. i am hoping she did give somebody the baby and if she did i hope they will come forward and let people know that the baby is safe. >> richardson's boyfriend told us she has mental health issues , and maybe that is why she is not cooperating with the investigation. we just checked and she does remain in the orange county jail. she has not posted bond. we expect to get an update from the orlando police department about their search for baby willow today. remember you can get the very latest information by downloading our news app. the gop is battling it out ahead of the next caucus in nevada this week. donald trump came out on top in south carolina, over the weekend winning the primary by double digits. that follows the when and for -- of -- and florida governor jeb bush decided to suspend his
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>> we need to remember, over 70% of republicans nationally have basically said we are not voting for donald trump >> republicans vote in the nevada caucus on tuesday, the latest polls there show trump has as a bigley. now that jeb bush has dropped out of the race many prominent floridians are expected to sway their support and campaign cash over to marco rubio. why some bush reporters say they will wait for picking another candidate. on the democratic side hillary clinton is still celebrating her win in nevada but she says she still has more work to do to convince voters. only coming in five points behind clinton, bernie sanders is looking ahead to the primary in south carolina. >> five weeks ago we were 25 points behind in the polls. [ cheering] >> both candidates are focused on getting minority voters. that is the key to winning south carolina.
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at about eight hours the department of health will update us on the state of the zika virus and florida. on friday we learned a case has been reported in orange county. county leaders and leaders out at the international airport are taking steps to fight the spread of the virus. health officials are concerned that local mosquitoes could by someone infected with the virus and could carry on the virus. we are going to let you know what the department of health has to say starting on eyewitness news at 4 p.m. at the orlando sanford international airport some travelers will now be able to get through security a little faster. the new tsa pre- check program begins today. passengers who are enrolled can keep on their shoes, jackets and belts when they go through security. the laptops can also stay there cases and travel size liquids and gels can stay in their carry-on bags orlando city leaders want to make sure we are all recycling as much as possible. >> that is why the trash pickup schedule is starting today. orlando leaders want to reduce
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to once a week in seven neighborhoods. recycling pickup will increase. the pilot program is expected to last six months. coming up on 6:10 we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. certified meteorologist, rusty mccranie, and i started a week. very comfortable conditions outside, very nice temperatures only in the mid to upper 50s outside in orange county. winter park 56, waterford lakes coming in at 57 degrees. visibility is still just fine, the possibility of patchy fog early this morning. i have been monitoring it and has not developed despite the fact that the winds are going to be light. believe it or not it is going to feel a little bit humid as we go through the afternoon hours. the clouds will pick it up, the possibility of a light scatter shower for the drive home. that would be about it. tomorrow morning we will see some light rain in our northern zones but even a better chance of showers and storms on tuesday. and then it even picks up by mid week as well. falluja county let's go to pride elementary, looking good there, extra clouds later in the day.
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time, the upper 70s as we go into the afternoon hours. the possibility of light scatter shower after the kids get home and that would be about it. coming up in less than 10 minutes, that storm system tuesday and wednesday it is a potent one, that is a possibility of strong to severe storms or the timing of that and the impact when i see you back here at 6:17. let's get the latest on the drive. volusia county we have a partial roadblock right here in deland woodland boulevard at firehouse road this is causing at least one lane to be blocked right there. you should be able to make your way through there. and then john young parkway at sand lake road they have been able to get this crash off to the side. in osceola county -- county rosemary drive this one is also off to the side at pleasant hill road. we have no information about a massive addition to the disney theme parks and for the announcement that star wars fans are talking about this morning. courtesy of consolo himself.
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i am a father, and i'm coming to get her. >> what a father is doing to try to get custody of a daughter he her daughter he has never met.
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time now 6:14 i live look from sky witness nine on the northbound side of obt and is shut down because of a fatal hit and run crash involving for cars but you can see the traffic delays there. state troopers say they do have the driver who took off, and custody. janai norman is out there life she will continue to update us on the scene.
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coming up in just a few moments turning to the big weekend in daytona, danny hamlin won the daytona 500 last night. it was the closest finish in the races history. that is not the only thing people are talking about. this is the first major race at the newly renovated daytona international speedway. the 400 million-dollar $400 million daytona rising project wrapped up weeks ago. race fans were able to enjoy larger entrances, there also escalators and elevators to help them get to the three main concourse levels. >> it was nice. we do not have a lot of crowd at all. especially getting out. >> fans were also able to enjoy wider seats, twice as many restrooms, and three times as many concession stands. we did not notice any major traffic problems outside the speedway. we posted a lot of our behind the scenes videos and pictures on our facebook page including photos of celebrities and the flyover from the thunderbirds or to check all of it out just
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com/ wftv. a lake county teacher arrested for having sex with a student at eastridge high school will not be on campus this morning because the district says he has been reassigned to another location. marshall young writer bonded out of jail over the weekend. police and he told them he met the victim on adult friend but denied any sexual relationship. investigators say the victim told him she had him as a teacher or at a judge ordered him to have zero contact with a student but said he can still talk with other minors. the district spokesperson says he will have no contact with students at his new assignment. in polk county a mother and son are facing grand theft charges after being accused of stealing more than hundred $20,000 from a homeowners association. investigators say martha and matthew beard stole money from the homeowners association per the mother served as treasurer from 2004-2015 investigators say her son use the ho a debit card to buy personal items state lawmakers are still discussing who will replace the statue of a confederate leader
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miami proposed a bill that would remove the statue of an mud kirby smith but it did not recommend a replacement. i vote for jamie holmes. >> what an excellent choice. you're going to save money at the pump if you stop at the gas station before heading out to work this morning. gas prices are dropping across the country and here in central florida. in miami the price of gas is a dollar 65 -- $1.65. in daytona beach it will cost you $1.74 you can always track the cheapest gas in town by going to and clicking on price at the pump. we check your weather and traffic every 10 minutes. >> it was so nice. >> it had to be nice, i think she is still technically in the weekend.
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as possible, some quick changes coming in the way of stronger to severe storms. let's get you caught up on that. temperatures this morning very mild outside. upper 50s to the low 60s. most areas have already bottomed off and rebounding, we were at 55 and last hour at orlando we are up to 58. sanford has kind to 61. we are picking up a little bit of a southwind. it will crank and warmer temperatures over the next couple of days. and yes, humidity. it will feel a lot more springlike for the next couple of days. the moisture in the atmosphere we will have showers and storms area today we will mainly see a fair amount of clouds and a limited opportunity for a shower but here comes our next el nio storm system gathering it is going to punch its his way through central florida beginning tomorrow afternoon. with two rounds of showers and storms. today, we can squeeze out a light shower, no thunder out there for this afternoon.
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clouds out there, but many dry areas and dry hours for this monday just a 20% chance that we will see scattered showers working their way into our northern zones by tomorrow morning. a better chance of storms by tomorrow afternoon. it will be warm, normally our high for today in orlando will be 75. we will go all the way up to 80 for a daytime high. the villages, leesburg 80, claremont and winter bird coming in 80 degrees. in orange county for today, towards windemere, 81 for a daytime high. let me take you into tuesday afternoon, scattered showers a rumble of thunder possible. i am not anticipating severe weather out of tuesday. it will be a wetter debris that is round one. round two comes in wednesday afternoon this is the main storm system, the cool front coming and we will have a lot of moisture and instability. it is going to be a stormy wednesday and with those storms that will be moving through
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the possibility of some severe weather. we are under a slight risk, the yellow area from just north of orlando including sanford toward daytona beach, ocala and the villages winds over 50 miles per hour an isolated tornado and isolated tornado and this will be a very large scale storm system. notice that slight risk goes up the east coast towards washington, dc. as we mentioned, this time of year, with this el nio pattern it would be a great time to download our wftv weather app before that storms -- those storms of life -- arrive. your weather and traffic every 10 minutes. a 70% chance of storms, behind it will get a lot cooler, a 20- degree temperature drop friday with highs in the lower 60s. sky witness nine is over
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americana boulevard and all of these lights are your northbound lanes of traffic getting stuck behind that roadblock. people are having to make that you turn southbound i have plotted out some of those alternate so you do not get stuck in that. you can see how big of a delay that is. live traffic tracker your northbound alternates should be orange avenue or john young parkway they are allowing southbound traffic through there. northbound traffic will need that for the next hour or so until they do get that cleared out. we have another crash that just popped up this does have a partial roadblock at cornelia avenue. coming up, here why investigators just told us they are so grateful to the witnesses at the scene if you got a hover board for christmas you may feel like the grinch is coming for you. what you need to know about all
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volusia county deputies say they used a shoe print to track
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breaking into a home in deltona. the teenager stole gun, jewelry, silver bars and coins from the home. a shoe print in the sand and surveillance video from a neighbor's house neighbors house help the deputies make those arrest. good news for drivers using 1792 in maitland, transportation officials say the work on the busy road is going faster than expected. crews did not need to completely shut down the southbound lanes over the weekend. there will still be some lane closures in that area a coco man is back in court trying to gain custody of a 5- year-old daughter he has only seen in pictures >> vincent lost his parental rights in 2014 but he was in jail accused of battery of his ex-wife the charges were later dropped. on friday, family judge heard a motion to overturn the adoption of the little girl that he has never met. >> the reality is she is my child, she should be with her father. she is come for me, she is a part of me. no, you do not give up on that.
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the issue a settled legal m atter, right now there is no schedule for when the judge will issue a written ruling in the case the orange county sergeant injured in a hit and run is still recovering this morning. >> i am going to be happy again. >> coming up the search for the teenage driver that investigators say hit that sergeant on purpose. >>reporter:a busy orange county road has been shut down, we are talking with investigators about the two things that could help them make this case. a mild start to the day, with temperatures in the 50s and 60s.
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this monday morning as we take a live look at a home in brevard county where two people were found dead late yesterday. we are asking investigators when they plan to release more information. 10 hours collecting evidence that we and we will update you throughout the morning "breaking news" in orange county that could affect your
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janai norman has been on the scene of a hit and run crash on orange blossom trial for the last two hours. you found out troopers have a few key pieces of evidence that could help this case? >>reporter:that is right, red light running cameras here at this intersection and witnesses stuck around for you see behind me on one of those tow trucks there is a car that looks demolished. we found other driver was at a red light along with two other cars when a driver of an acura rear ended it and took off. a sergeant with highway patrol says they are hoping the cameras recorded the whole thing and they are thankful the witnesses did not leave. >> we are also finding that we either stay at the scene, or contact us and we implore everybody if you ever see a bad crash even if you cannot stay at the scene please contact law- enforcement because you may be the key in solving a case. especially when a red light is involved. right now, we know the driver of the acura that troopers say caused this deadly hit and run crash is being treated at ormc. deputies found the car all smashed up just a few blocks from here. we confirmed the driver is in
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investigating to see weather alcohol was a factor in why the driver did not stop at the red light where those other cars were waiting. at this point we are still working to learn the names of all of the drivers involved and find out how soon troopers could make an arrest. about 30 minutes ago they told us they plan to have the northbound lanes of orange blossom trail reopen within an hour. since then to tow trucks have arrived and are preparing to haul away two of the cars involved in this crash. you can see people right now working to clean up all of the debris that is littering those northbound lanes. we will keep you updated. traffic is backing up very badly on obt waiting for troopers to move their cruiser so they can get through. we will keep you updated on twitter and facebook as soon as that happens. we are back in the studio with how you can get around this mess right now. [inaudible]
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intersection blocked off northbound on obt right at americana. sky witness nine has been panning and the other direction i have been able to see some of those northbound delays. for your alternate northbound take orange avenue or john young parkway. until they are able to reopen those northbound lanes. we do also have another crash summer on cimmaron boulevard right at cornelia avenue this does one have this -- this does have one main block. we are starting off very mild outside, you still want a will still want a light jacket or windbreaker early this morning. not too shabby out there. 58 orlando. we had gone down to 55. sanford 61, deland 54, continue to monitor the visibility, the winds are light and patchy fog as possible. right now it is not on the roads, 7-mile visibility in the metro. you can see clouds of building back in. it's also going to be on the warm side.
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elementary, recess temperature in the upper 70s. the possibility of a shower out there later in the day and not until the kids get home. the temperature around 80 degrees. it is going to feel a lot -- a lot more like spring the next few days and with that the next el nio storm system, i am timing that out when i see you back here in less than 10 minutes. classes start in just about school. will be back after a threat last week. we told you about several fights that have happen there on campus last week. this video shows one of those fights in a locker room. the school was placed on lockdown on thursday after a threat surface on social media. for rodeo day. school officials have not said discipline. sergeant who investigators say was purposely run over by a teenager is feeling good about her recovery. >> anyone that knows me, knows that's, i am going to get
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happy again. i've got this life, ahead of me, i'm going to make the most of i t. >> sergeant marcy pierce has several injuries to her head, hands, and fee. investigators say she was hit last week by 15-year-old john carlos ortiz who she was trying to take into custody. he is still on the run. investigators believe he is driving a white honda hatchback with black rims. two people are dead after state troopers say a man drove a dirt bike down a sidewalk and hit a woman who was just walking there. troopers a 30-year-old foster lost control of his bike as he rode along powers drive in orange county. 59-year-old maria edward died at the scene on saturday. foster died later that night at the hospital. the faa is trying to figure out what caused a small plane to land just yards away from the 417 and seminole county. we flew over that scene yesterday, you can see just how close the plane as to the toll road. air tracks inc.
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would only tell us the pilot had engine trouble. the pilot is okay. we are also waiting to hear back from the cessna aircraft company to find out what cause one of their planes to catch fire at oia. it happened saturday while a private says the aircraft being serviced in a hangar. three people were taken to the hospital. investigators have not told us their condition and it is still unclear weather the fire started inside or outside the plane. the man accused of killing six people and hurting to others in a shooting spree in michigan is expected to face a judge today. investigators say 45-year-old jason dalton who is also an uber driver drove around three different locations saturday night just randomly shooting people. he has no criminal record. the motive for the rampage is still unclear. witnesses and one apartment complex where he opened fire describe seeing a woman out with her kids being gunned down. >> it is my understanding there's about 16 casings out here.
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everyone was very lucky here. but the other people not. >> the victim went into surgery yesterday. no word on how she's she is doing this morning. uber says they are "horrified and heartbroken at the senseless violence. ." bill cosby's wife is expected to give a deposition in a defamation case despite her lawyers push to have a delay. the lawsuit was brought on by seven women who claim bill cosby sexually assaulted them decades ago. they say he defamed them by calling them liars after they went public. lawyers for the cosby's argue that camille cosby does not have any relevant information. yesterday a judge to rule today's deposition can go as scheduled. we are asking a winter park commissioner if she will return money donated to her campaign after some raised ethical questions. caroline cooper excepted $2000 from a developer hoping to buy city land for an assisted living facility. we told you last week when she returned money from waste pro a garbage company that was trying
6:38 am
cooper told us last week campaign contributions will not impact her votes. she has not responded to us about the developers contribution. a seminole county woman says she did not forge documents in order to steal thousands of dollars from taxpayers. teresa hamilton got food stamps by reporting that she did not have an income for two years. it turns out she was making $30,000 a year, at a daycare in fern park. she got nearly for thousand dollars in food stamp since she was not eligible for. she is doing court next month. officials in fiji now say 18 people have died after a cyclone tore through the islands. you can see cyclone winston here causing power lines to spark and the destruction of homes. more than 6000 people have been forced to stay in emergency shelters. authorities are still having trouble reaching some islands. cyclone winston reached winds of 177 miles per hour taking at the strongest storm to hit the
6:39 am
record-keeping began. another falcon nine rocket is expected to blast off from the cape canaveral air force station this week rocket will carry communication satellite into orbit. it belongs to a european c ompany. the launch window will open 6:46 wednesday night. if it all goes as planned you can see it live here on channel nine and on see if the weather cooperates with that, to 6:38 we check your weather and traffic every 10 minutes. >> a great start to the week certified meteorologist, rusty mccranie >> i would not hold my breath for that as we do have a storm system coming and it is and i started the day very mild conditions outside right now. winter park 57, apopka 56, altamont, casselberry area enjoys 61 degrees. lake mary coming in at 57 and volusia county this morning it is 53 . altona come in and a 56. we will have extra clouds today. it is going to feel a little bit warmer and more muggy. you can see future track saying there will be a light scatter
6:40 am
coverage later in the day. many dry hours in dry locations. we will see some scattered showers out there early tuesday morning mainly just north of the area but round one of storms does come in on tuesday afternoon. today a warm day with an isolated shower per the daytime high 5 degrees above average at 80 degrees. come on back at 6:47 we will look at that next el nio storm system coming in. with that the possibility of strong to severe storms. the timing of those storms and the impacts that florida will see just ahead. we now have a crash in oviedo right at 426 at dean road this is causing a partial roadblock. there might also be another crash just about a block away from that. right now it is causing at least one lane there to be blocked. we are having some delays on blocking at least one lane. and then into land right at
6:41 am
donald trump's victory in south carolina primary puts them a step closer to the republican nomination. this morning he says he is still dismayed with his party. coming up on good morning america why he thinks he is being treated unfairly volunteers will spend hours cleaning out the intercoastal waterway. what they will take out of the indian river that does not belong there. >>reporter:people here on merritt island are waking up to a crime scene turn mystery. coming up what deputies are not saying as they asked -- as they investigate two deaths in this
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6:44 am
neighbors are waking up to crime scene tape on merritt island is deputies investigate two deaths. eyewitness news this morning kimberly eaton is live where investigators have been working all night long.
6:45 am
>>reporter:and just the three -- last three hours deputies did pulldown this crime scene tape here on indian street in merritt island but what exactly brought them to this home in the first place, deputies have not said. we can tell you when they got here last night they found two people dead inside that home. that is about all they were saying this morning, confirming this is a death investigation involving two people. who those individuals are, and how they are connected to one another are questions we are asking this morning. our neighbors did speak -- our crudest beak with neighbors last night who heard sirens around 8:30. followed shortly after by crime scene investigators. neighbors say a man and his daughter live in the house at the center of the investigation. the girl is about nine years old. they have seen other family members knock on the door, and leave without answer. we are working to learn if that is what tipped deputies off
6:46 am
the house or if there was something else that alerted them. i will be asking them who the two people are who were found inside this home, and if they have any idea what may have caused their deaths. reporting live in brevard county, kimberly eaton, eyewitness news this morning the coast guard will hold more hearings this week to find out more about the sunken cargo ship, el faro. back in october the ship was caught in hurricane joaquin's path. investigators say the ship was older, and had a few operational concerns. 33 crewmembers died aboard the ship including a man from right here in orlando. some of the victims families have attended the hearings, and investigators have reviewing -- have been reviewing calls from help -- for help from the ship's cat in to fight -- -- the ship's captain. a record amount of rain this season has caused lake okeechobee to flood with water. city managers have run out of room to store the overflow. protesters say the high water has threatened sea life. they are urging city leaders to
6:47 am
you can join lake county leaders later this week to help clear out and a basie plant species on saturday county commissioners will gather at the lake may reserve in eustis. to clear out plants. the event starts at 8 o'clock in the morning and runs until noon. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. it is like spring >> yeah, it is. >> and we are going to get some spring showers? >> we are. the next el nio storm system racing through next week. we will enjoy a beautiful start to the day. gorgeous start out there, i live look from the city as we look off to the south. very mild temperatures on the board this morning, not too shabby at all. temperatures on the board right now mainly starting off in the upper 50s, still some lower 60s outside as well. we will see some nice conditions out there. again, sunrise this morning will be coming your way just after 7 a.m.
6:48 am
one. 50 for villages, 58 claremont and orlando. we have actually warmed up a few degrees around 5 a.m. but most areas will actually see their temperatures climb as we head towards sunrise this morning. winds are like this morning they are out of the south right now. asked her clouds for today, it was fairly cloudy yesterday from time to time. this is an advance of the next storm system coming in slowly gathering strength. this one will punch through bringing two rounds of storms to central florida. today we will just have some extra clouds in the afternoon as i mentioned. and the possibility of a couple of light showers dotting the landscape here late afternoon and early evening. but just a brief passing shower that would be about it. then tomorrow morning a few showers worked their way back into the northern zones.
6:49 am
upper 70s to low '80s outside. 80 orlando, western areas all the way up to 81 degrees same things towards mount vernon and leesburg coming in at 80. sumter county 81, ocala 79. i am not anticipating any severe storms as the storms are little bit more widespread per than the main storm system comes in on wednesday on future track. here it comes, with it a better chance of showers and storms in the possibility of some severe storms wednesday afternoon as that front moves in. we already have a slight risk for severe storms for wednesday for our northern half including the areas shaded in yellow. places like stanford, ocala, palm coast this is going to be a large scale event. the slight risk goes all the way up the east coast but we will monitor this but we cannot isolated tornado especially in the northern half of the
6:50 am
winds over 50 miles per hour. your 5 day forecast with your weekend always in view. as jamie mentioned it will be very springlike, highs in the lower '80s, behind it there is cooler weather, a 20-degree temperature drop low 60s for highs on friday. we have quite a few crashes out there right now with partial roadblocks starting off here in oviedo, state wrote 46 at dean road we have one main block there and we do have a couple of other spots getting word of a crash i-4 westbound just be for -- before approaching deberry avenue. we are following "breaking news" from orange county about a fatal hit and run crash. >>reporter:we are following "breaking news" in orange county, a fatal hit and run crash that is causing a traffic nightmare. coming up house in law enforcement could reopen lanes of orange blossom trail and what we are finding about -- out about the driver they having custody. nasa is looking for the next class of astronauts. what people accepted to the program will need to study the foregoing into orbit.
6:51 am
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information into the hit and run on orange blossom trail in orange county. eyewitness news this morning janai norman has an update now on when that wretched reopen. >>reporter:we have been watching as tow trucks have been preparing to haul away the cars that are involved in this wreck. watching cruise sweep up the debris that was just blinding the northbound lanes of orange blossom trail here. we are going to turn the camera to show you how badly but traffic is backing up in those northbound lanes he cut those highway patrol troopers are still preventing them from going this way. it looks like they should reap -- be real but in these lines momentarily. we have been out here since 4 o'clock this morning talking to investigators about this for car wreck. i tweeted the picture showing the front end damage on the acura that troopers say a driver was in when he rear- ended a car at a red light shut it -- setting off a chain reaction. that driver was taken to the hospital for injuries. troopers are investigating weather alcohol was a factor in this crash. they say there are red light
6:55 am
intersection. they are hoping video captured what happened but we are still working to get the names of all of the drivers involved. we will continue to keep you updated on that and when the road reopens over ntb 27 starting at 7 o'clock. reporting live in orange county, janai norman, eyewitness news this morning also knew this morning orange county devotees are searching for the person who shot a 25-year-old man per deputy city found that man with a gunshot wound to his leg on lancaster road in orlando but he was transported to orlando regional medical center. we are following "breaking news" out of volusia county, police rushed to a shooting on washington street just west of us one. we are told injuries have been reported but police have not elaborated. we will update you on that information when it comes into the newsroom. the director of the fbi says he owes it to the victims of the san bernardino shootings to gain access to the gunman's iphone. just late last night, james
6:56 am
cannot look the survivors in the eye without following the lead. apple is refusing to develop software to help the fbi rake into the phone. antivirus expert, john mcafee says it would take them him three weeks to get data from the shooters phone. there is no word weather the fbi is considering that offer. we just posted a link to his blog on the web link section of so you can read it for yourself. former florida governor jeb bush has dropped out of the race for president many of his supporters are turning to florida's other candidates. some of the states elected leaders tell the tampa bay times they will announce their support for marco rubio this week. other bush supporters say they will right bush's name into the ballot. he dropped out of the race on saturday. us up supreme court justices are meeting for the first time today since justice
6:57 am
this morning but he died suddenly on valentine's day weekend while visiting a ranch in texas. president obama is repairing his nomination for the spot but republicans argue the next president should be the one to fill it. if you are one of the many people who got a hover board for christmas, safety officials may take them away from you. or than 50 fires have been reported since the holiday season involving those hover boards but officials say the self balancing scooters cause more than $2 million in damage. right now the consumer product safety commission is stepping in. safety officials say they will now seize hover boards that do not meet safety standards. nasa says more than 18,000 of fulfilling their dream of becoming an astronaut. the number of people who training program in 2012. only 14 people will be selected for the class of 2017. they will spend two years taking classes on things like spacewalking, and learning russian. graduates will be assigned to
6:58 am
>> best of luck to you, jamie. >> thank you. a new bell hearing has been set for a sports agent charge to being part of a conspiracy to illegally smuggle cuban ballplayers into the us. art hernandez was arrested on friday per the charges revolve around the current seattle mariners outfielder who was cuban and previously played for the texas rangers. soccer fans now know which teams will play in orlando during the coppola american tournament in june. the schedule was released last night for the three games at the citrus bowl. coaster rica and paraguay would square off on june 4, paraguay and bolivia on june 6, the big game on june 8 in the world powerhouse brazil will take on haiti. the first game of the soccer club is less than two weeks away. the lines play toronto in a preseason match yesterday. also the team's big news signing from italy, antonio should arrive here in orlando
6:59 am
go to and click on the orlando city soccer section right there in sports. some exciting news for star wars fans, this morning, you'll soon be able to experience a galaxy far far away very close to home >> harrison ford was at disneyland's 60th anniversary celebration last night to announce the expansion of the star wars experience. these are renderings of everything you will be able to do. look at that including a ride on a ship that is named the castle run, the millennium falcon. you will be able to eat at the famous cantina. no word on when this is all coming to the theme parks. it looks really cool. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. [laughter] >> we will have big changes on a way for the first couple of days here but when you look at the five day forecast, with a weekend always of you, lower
7:00 am
better chance of strong to severe storms on wednesday and then cool weather and winter returns by friday printed but it is 6:59. pulling up her camera right here i-4 westbound volusia county you can see busy traffic is at a standstill because of a crash westbound approaching text and drive about one line has been able to get through. three-mile delays and i just watched from sky witnessed nine to have reopen the lanes of northbound orange blossom trail right at americana boulevard. some teachers are paid to actually stay out of the classroom. we investigate why some local school districts have not eliminated the expense of practice. good morning, america. donald trump on a roll. >> we won with everything. tall people, short people, fat people, skinny people. just won. >> the gop front-runner celebrates big back-to-back wins now all eyes on the nevada, the next vote casts tomorrow. can marco rubio and ted cruz stop his momentum. the uber driver accuseded of killing six people. reportedly picking up fares


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