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tv   Eyewitness News 530  ABC  February 22, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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the search of this pond here today was really their last solid lead they had and even though they spend hours in here they didn't come up with anything. >> after more than two days after pumping out water and draining this small pond today the water level was low enough for the orange county sheriff's office dive team to walk the pond in a grid-like pattern searching the bottom inch by inch looking for any sign of missing newborn baby willow. >> whatever happened with that baby the lord knows and she knows. >> roscoe sparrow is talking about susan richardson. police believe she gave birth between 10:00 a.m. and noon near the willow bend apartments and discarded the baby. we've seen searching with dogs, the dive team sent into the pond that richardson used to walk past and today's search in the pond on foot. three different dog
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>> they need to go to the source. you need to go to her and everybody needs to talk to her about what really happened with her and her baby. >> police tell us they have gone to richardson twice. he's now sitting in jail facing child neglect charges. they say if she had any sort of conscious she would reach out to them with information and let them know what happened to her baby girl. >> reporter: again, so far that has not happened. with the search of this pond not providing any answers either police are now calling for more tips from the public to come in to help them figure out what happened to baby willow. reporting live in orlando, jeff deal, channel 9, eyewitness news. brand new at 5:00, this 16-year-old boy is being charged as an adult after deputies say he sexual assaulted a girl in her own home. >> tonight that teen is in the orange county jail because of the severity of his charges. >> the attack was yesterday
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the teenager's cell phone helped track him down. jeanine reyes is live. >> reporter: it's not through gps but because the victim noticed the brand of the cell phone. >> you've been arrested for sexual battery and burglary of an occupied dwelling. >> a judge read adult charges to teen christian lebron when he set his bond at $10,000. deputies found him in this wooded area after he attacked a teen in her bedroom. >> she told investigators she woke up around 3:00 a.m. to find what she thought was a man in her room. she never identified that person by name. the attacker had a cell phone and used a flashlight function to blind her but she could see the phone's screen. she screamed daddy, someone is here. her father woke up to find the front door open. he searched the complex with a bat. >> he didn't find the suspect but deputies did. k-9s traced
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area into this neighborhood. >> it's by carol nobles backyard. >> just reminded to take caution. >> lebron told investigators he just left this friend's house but they noticed his heart was pounding out of his chest and he was nervous. they also found the very same cell phone the victim described. >> lebron denied knowing the girl but she told investigators she knew him and that he flirts with her. tonight he's ordered to stay away from her complex. >> lebron was caught in between the victim's home and his. the two live less than a mile away from each other. >> you're not to return to that entire residence area. >> reporter: i did drop by lebron's house today. no one answered the door. i checked in with jail staff and they said no one has began the process of bonding him out. he could spending another night in the adult jail. live in orange county tonight, jeanine reyes,
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a bill that would force convicted drunk drivers to face stiffer penalties is in tallahassee this week. it would require them to have a device on their vehicles. one family is pushing for the new bill after their 21-year-old brother was killed by a drunk driver . >> i didn't lose my brother, i lost part of my soul. >> it could pass on the house floor as early as next week. an uber driver accused in a deadly shooting spree that killed six people in michigan went in front of a judge today for the first time and admitted responsibility for the attacks. 45-year-old jason dalton is facing at least 16 charges including murder for a series of if random shootings in kalamazoo. he opened fire at
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picking up passengers in between shootings. police still don't know how dalton choose the victims or the motives for his attacks. >> i joked at him and said you're not the shooter are you. he said no. i said are you sure. he said, no, i'm just really tired. >> if convicted dalton faces life in prison, not the death penalty. >> agents found several guns in his home. people in one lake county neighborhood said they have had it with all the traffic noise and now the road widening project that's underway. this is all happening off u.s. 27 in lake county near the intersection of margo drive. mike manoni said they will stop the noise because of a study that's two decades old. >> bryan willholt loved his house. >> this was the perfect spot. >> thoofs before he start that was before he started hearing this.
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>> this is a quiet time of day. >> the noise is always this loud but a six and a half mile road project will create another lane of traffic and bring it all closer to willholt's house. >> i'm standing 60 feet from his house right now and i'm getting a reading of over 80 with that semi truck going by. to give you an idea of how loud that is, that's equivalent to the sound of a screaming baby. >> the florida department of transportation said any reading of 66 or higher is loud enough to qualify for a noise wall. that's what willholt wants. he send this e-mail to fdot. they replied thanking him for his interest but told him the area did not meet the criteria for a noise wall. >> i think i'm getting blown off.
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and said they won't install a noise wall because a study done 20 years ago said there isn't a need for one. that came out before these homes existed. >> you can see that mound of dirt. that's because road crews have already started working on this road widening project. the man who lives behind that brick wall said he will consider moving within the next 6 months. for now in clermont in lake county, mike manoni, channel 9, eyewitness news. another billboard aimed at spreading facts about islam has popped up in orlando. you can see the sign has a website and hot line so people can learn more about muslims. it's part of a nationwide campaign to spread the message about islam. we first told you about the billboards like this when they began appearing along i-4. a central florida congressman's offshore hedge fund is at the center of an ethics investigation. in an interview congressman alan
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with the fund but said he's done nothing wrong. this is the first time they admitted they're investigating grayson. now as congressman grayson fends off the attacks over his finances he's battling his ex, lotila grayson. she lived with him in his wife but during their divorce it came to light that they weren't legally married because she was married to another man. kathy belich was there today as a judge questioned lolita. >> do you think you should face sanctions? >> she still calls her lolita grayson despite a court ruling she was never legally married to u.s. congressman alan grayson because she was still married to another man. she couldn't approve over wise. the
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to pay his nearly $10,000 legal fees. that's what he pays her for living expenses and child care. she still has not followed the judge's order to turn over grayson's collection of african masks. >> you're shaking your head. why have those not been deliver delivered? wasn't it agreed last year they should be. >> the congressman's lawyer wants sanctions against her because she's be with holding documents from his trust, partnerships and retirement amounts since he left their windermere area home 2 years ago. >> she's been obstructive on every issue. it's our hope that we will reach some accommodation. >> she's on hour fifth lawyer. kathy belich, channel 9, eyewitness news. >> now the grayson's had a tentative financial agreement about a year ago but lolita refused to sign it so they're
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a lake county teacher accused of having sex with a student in a classroom just resigned. >> the other problems we uncovered when he looked at this history with the district. >> why apple said their heated battle against an fbi warrant could end up effecting your privacy. >> a heartbroken mother said a drug 100 types more powerful than morphine killed her son. >> i knew it could lead to his death. >> a deadly epidemic. >> i'm updating future track and the risk for heavy thunderstorms here in central florida that's going up the next two days. i'm updating the
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fentynol is a drug used to treat severe pain. >> in central florida it's been linked 68 deaths last year. daralene jones started to dig into the root of the problem and traced it back to heroin. >> john's addiction started with pills. his mother told us that got too expensive. so he was turned onto heroin. >> he was a smart kid. >> that's the thing, heroin does not discriminate. sandy watched her son go in and out of treatment programs through aspire health in orlando. in the summer of 2014 she thought he finally turned the corner. >> he was going to the bible study and he had money. he just bought a laptop and clothes and a new bike to get around. >> and then she got the phone call.
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an apartment badly decomposed. and autopsy here at mortgage found moreening -- at the morge found a high level of fentynol. >> that's up to 100 times more powerful than morphine. >> 9 investigates spent weeks examining medical examiner reports where a death was caused by fentynol. 538 deaths in 2014 were reported to the state, nearly double the year before. central florida accounted for 145 those deaths. >> it sounds like instant death. >> it can be. >> it's far worse than the death toll piling up. >> we just see the people who die, not go to the hospital.
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identify him before he was country nate ed cremated. >> sandy now helps others cope with their groef. for more information on that group click the link on the story on drug agents believe it's been ship in from china and mexico. u.s. customs and borer protection is working to catch the drug before it reaches street dealers. >> more than 60,000 people have watched this video on our facebook page and told us their personal stories dealing with fentynol. the problem of addiction to opiates is getting attention. two senators claim the fda isn't doing enough to stop the abuse of painkillers. they're against the nomination as dr. robert kalif as if next fda administrator. the senate is
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the stock price female sharply today for this company. people exposed to lumber liquidators floors were three times more likely to get cancer. they were ordered to pay $13 million in fines. your electricity bill would be drops. officials will consider proposals from duke energy to lower bills. if approved duke customers who use 1,000 kilowat hours per month would see a drop of $5 per month. >> that sounds good but if it keeps getting warmer we have to crank our ac up. >> right. you spend that in the first a days or so. we have to turn the heater off and ac on.
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changing seasons again on us. right now clouds building outside. 79 degrees. the high today, 81. wir we are certainly warmer than average. as warm as 83 in orlando that. will help to provide some background energy to get some scattered thunderstorms tomorrow and some stronger storms on wednesday, especially in the late morning through the early to middle part of the afternoon. we'll be talking a lot about this. just make sure you're saying weather aware. download or free weather app. it will send you those alert to your mobile device. right now still very warm in the upper 70s. we are watching this sea breeze as it moves in from the east coast. it could lead to showers in winter springs. still quiet temperature wise in the low 60s. that's 10 degrees warmer than our seasonal average and the same for tomorrow with likely rain and storms up to the
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we'll get the southern flow kicking in with some scattered thunderstorms during the daytime hours tomorrow as well. now for daytona an example here of a quiet start to the day. then we get some scattered laft day thunderstorms between 4:00 and around 7:00. here's early warning future track. at 7:00 showing an isolated shower around the interior. we'll see just a spotty shower tonight through 10:00 p.m. i'll be watching the radar all evening long. showers early in the morning north and west of orlando. keeping you updated. we warm things up. here's 2:00 with scattered thunderstorms move ing in from south to north lining up along the sea breeze. we have some scattered thunderstorms tomorrow. all in all from the morning through the afternoon about a 40 to 50% coverage. that's good for this time of the year. then we get to wednesday morning. you can see scattered thunderstorms from ocala, the
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now the main storm system that i'll show you more of will be lifting north which usually means less of a risk of severe weather. it's going to happen at noon. a much warmer atmosphere, a lot more thermals rising in the atmosphere so a better chance for some scattered thunderstorms, possibly some severe weather could even see an isolated tornado or two in our northern zones. because of that a slight risk of severe weather from clermont to orlando north. make sure you have that free weather app and you weather radio is ready to go. the five day forecast with the weekend always in view, scattered afternoon and early evening thunderstorms tomorrow then the shift will move towards the late morning wednesday through about 4:00 in the afternoon for a possible severe weather. then we're back to winter again. the heater may get kicked back on. >> thank you. at 5:00 e with told we told you the teen
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orange county deputy turned ed himself in. >> this guy is accuse in a deadly run and crash. at 6:00 the critical help to put him at the scene and behind the wheel. >> how did they not account for all the fake bombs? >> new at 6:00, the mistake by airport security workers that
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tonight the public battle between apple and the fbi is heating up. last week a court order was issued requiring the tech giant to unlock the san bernardino gunman's iphone.
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letter to employees vowing to fight back. greg warmoth has been following this story. he said the privacy of customers all across the world would be in jeopardy. >> reporter: the fbi detector said they owe the victims a thorough investigation into all of this. they said they cannot happen if apple won't cooperate. >> there's a new plea in the iphone battle putting security against privacy, the fbi against apple. the fbi director said, wrote, woe quote, we don't want to break anyone's security. >> director james kome is depending the demands to unlock the phone of syed farook. the fbi said it might be critical clues including whether others were involved. >> there's no limit to what the government could require apple
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>> attorney ted olson a former justice department official whose wife die on one of planes who died in the 9/11 attacks is helping apple. >> this is a pandora's box. we can't surrender our civil lib lib -- liberties and give the terrorist as victory. >> some victims plan to support the fbi in this legal battle. their attorney said they will file a legal brief. world news begins on channel 9 after eyewitness news at 6:00. things heating up, bob. >> it's a tough problem. bill cosby's wife was in massachusetts today answering questions related to a deformation lawsuit against her husband. camille cosby was
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woman who sued her husband for deformation. they said he defamed them by calling them liars when they accused him of sexual assault. a judge was expected to decide today whether a lawsuit against the makers of the weapon use in the sandy hook shooting could move forward. back in 2012 adam lanza shot and killed 20 children and 6 adults at sanity hook elementary. now families of the victims are suing the maker of the ar-15, the rifle the shooter used. they claim they're more military use. the teen accused of trying to kill a deputy turned himself in. if his fast could keep him locked up longer. >> this teacher was caught having sex with a student in a classroom.
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breaking at 6:00, this teenager is accused of intentionally running down a deputy and leaving her for dead. after 3 days on the run he just surrendered. we're asking what's next for the teenager give his past run-ins with deputies. >> jancarlos ortiz is set to go to court. >> authorities have been searching for ortiz since friday morning when he hit sergeant marci pearce. at 5:00 we spoke to a neighbor who was there as ortiz surrendered today. michael la party is at the juvenile assessment center. you learned the suspect's past may keep him there quite a while.
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likely look at the suspect's past and the seriousness of these acquisitions in deciding whether or not he's released or where things go next. >> we've learned that ortiz is no stranger to law enforcement. before calling authorities today deputies have arrested him three times for seven charges including stealing a car when he was 14 and assaulting an officer when it as he fled. he's also been arrested for stealing a gun. generally speaking the state said these are all factor that is will likely be taken into consideration when deciding if he should remain in custody. >> sergeant marci pearce is out of the hospital and re covering. >> a neighbor was disgusted by the acquisitions. >> could have just been a bystander. if he hit him and he took off that one thing right there was, you know, the worse thing you can do. to hit a detector and try and hit her is different. >> reporter: the suspect is facing charges of aggravated


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