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tv   Eyewitness News 4  ABC  February 23, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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early doppler 9 radar, by new smyrna beach in the next 20-25 minutes or so, according to storm alert 9. may have seen these darker clouds in the area. ocala, passing showers this evening, the much larger storm system to the west. this is a whoper, in fact, we have a rare pda, a particularly dangerous situation, tornado watch including parts of the western panhandle through 10:00 central time. the threat of tornadoes across the gulf coast, including a higher alert for the north florida. it will increase tomorrow in the morning. tom, now to the breaking news, we are following in altamonte springs, we just learned a mother has been formally arrested and police say she shot and killed her son in the shower. the past 20 minutes, one of our videographers captured this video. channel 9 has been monitoring
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of this crime, which is the family's home, in the oak harbor subdivision. and minutes ago, the police ub dated you on what they believe happened inside. >>reporter: we learned in the last five minutes, that 59-year-old virginia ortega is being charged now with premeditated murder. police are saying this is something that she planned, they don't know yet when she shot her son to death. but in just the last few minutes, we learned some chilling details about where the police found his body. . >> updated information -- [ inaudible ] miss ortega planned the murder of her son, blake howard and again, shot him multiple times in the shower. virginia ortega confronted one of the officers with a handgun in hand. she was ordered to drop the firearm, which she complyed with the officers, and was taken to the altamonte springs is police department for questioning.
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identified as 29-year-old blake howard as you just heard officers found his body here in the shower of the home he shared with his mother. police right now are waiting to get a warrant to get inside and gather more information. as far as when this shooting may have happened, the police are saying that the medical examiner will have to determine that as this investigation continues. we're live in altamonte springs tonight, channel 9 eyewitness news. there is breaking news in slush county where a fire is -- slush that county you can see also that huge plume of gray smoke right there, coming from the area. now, at this point, no word on what sparked the fire or if there have been any homes that have been evacuated. you and see the flames and a fire truck. you have a crew headed to the scene and we will update you. we're following more breaking news, this time out of
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was confirmed. seminole county is one of the long list of counties bringing the total number of cases to 29 in this state. all of the patients became infected while traveling and it is not in the local mosquito population yet. brevard county and osceola has a case and ong has two. republicans on capitol hill want the white house to use left over funds from ebola to stop zika. president barack obama had asked congress for funding to fight the virus. there is 1 million dollars unused money for ebola and could go towards zika virus. very heart wrenching in you are the cotoday, the 15-year-old was unemotional during the hearing and afterwards the sergeant marci pierce told us that was upsetting.
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about the serious charges her son is now facing? >>reporter: she would not answer any questions, and nor would his lawyers, today's hearing was on her son's other charges. he'll stay locked up for the next 23 days until he faces trial on those other charges, sergeant pierce was in tears as she left here today after court. after seeing the teenager and seeing how unaffected he seemed, was very upsetting to her. orange county sheriff sergeant marcie pierce slowly hobbles out of court on a crutch with her fractured foot, held by her husband, and surrounded by more than a dozen deputies. she needed the support. >> can you just tell us how you're doing today? >> upset. >>reporter: upset to see him in court? emotion overpowered the 22 year veteran. >> he tried to kill me.
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carlos ortiz shifted his eyes as he walked into courtroom 2 at the juvenile justice center. >> state your name for the record, sir. steered his stolen car at her friday morning as she tried to pick him up on burglary charges. she ended up on the hood and when she heard him revving the engine, she jumped off. her head, her handed and her foot, slammed on to the pavement. ortiz was on the run for three days, until he turned himself in yesterday. at his mother's house. she was in court today, but was questions. >>reporter: are you concerned about what might happen to your son if he's charged as an adult. >>reporter: sergeant pierce says as soon as she's well, she's getting back to the job she loves. >> i strive really hard to take care of those people every day, i do my best. my guy ts do their best. -- guys do their best. >>reporter: the sheriff's office is still investigating friday's case and the state is trying to
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an adult and what to charge him with. sergeant pierce would not say today here how she thinks he should be punished r for what she says he did to her. reporting live at the orange county juvenile justice center, channel 9 eyewitness news. you can really tell how emotional that was for her to see him in court today. >> nice that the other deputies supported her. and you can hear what else sergeant pierce had to say about the teenager online, go to, click on the video tab. a marion county teenager could spend the rest of her life behind bars after being sentenced 25 years to life in prison. lured her exboyfriend, seth jackson to a house where several others burned his body in 2011 before throwing it into a retention pond. the family begged the judge not to sentence her to life, but he
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lighter sentence. >> never seen or heard anything more despicable than what [ inaudible ]. >> his body parts were put in buckets in concrete and thrown in the water. the victim's mother was in the courtroom today, we are still reviewing her emotional testimony right now. and we'll have that part of this story on eyewitness news at 5:00. at this hour, three mystery attackers are on the run accused of shooting a man in the door way of his mother's home in orange county. the victim was the target of a home invasion gone wrong near pine hills road in north lane. so she asked the victim's sister who and what the men may have been after. >> the victim's sister tells me three men stormed into her mother's apartment here in pine hills, shot her brother and left env empty handed. her family doesn't know who would do this. it was no accident that brown
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late monday night. he was targeted at his mother's pine hills apartment by three minute. his sister found him with three bullet wounds to the gut. >> my brother was sitting on the ground. just get an ambulance. >>reporter: before the ambulance took brown to ormc, where he is expected to survive, he told the police what happened. officers say someone knocked on the door, brown answered and three men forced their way in, yelling, quote, give it up. the gunfire started immediately, with at least four shots. >> you have your mom and your little brother in the bullet stuck in a wall, and did not go through, almost hit my mom, you know, it just leaves your mind to wonder. >>reporter: the police report says when the officers searched the apartment, they reported smelling pot and found a scale and baggies. i asked jones if her brother has any connection to the shooter or his accomplices. >> he's in pain, he can't really talk. >>reporter: the victim only described his attackers to the
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now, that isn't much for officers to gone but detectives will reinvestigate. kimberly eaton, channel 9 eyewitness news. you can listen to the m have's sister and what -- victim's sister and what else show knows by clicking on the video tab. the millionaire convicted of killing his wife in their home will be retried. bob ward was sent to prison for 30 years. the judge granted him a new trial. we're taking a closer look and we'll have that part of the story on eyewitness news at 5:00. accused of driving drunk was granted booin bond sdiet concerns from troopers that he was a flight risk. he wore head phones to hear the translator as a judge granted him a $45,000 bond today.
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license when a witness saw him behind the wheel during yesterday's crash that killed a man. troopers worried he was a flight risk. delaying a krf case central florida case. he was sentence to death until the florida supreme court vacated the decision because of an issue. it's been more than a week since the police say an orlando mother abandoned her newborn and they don't know where baby willow is. >> we asked how this impact the mother's case as she still sits in jail. >> and more than 100 celebration rns say they're being chargeded for rot and termites and leaky roofs. >> the building is disintegrating. >> why the residents say they shouldn't have to pay.
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the semi driver who hit an elderly woman. the driver's bizarre actions before taking off. >> tracking some heavy downpours along our east coast and this massive winter storm impacting the southern gulf coast tonight (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service.
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we are staying on top of break news, sky witness 9 is over a fire. it is burning dangerously close to homes. you can see the flames, thick gray smoke there as well. no word yet on what sparked the fire or if any of those homes have been a evacuated and as a side note, tom terry says there is rain moving into the area as well. we'll keep you updated on the story. in orange county, troopers
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driver who hit a woman and took off. in kings point parkway. channel 9 has been working on an update. >>reporter: well, that's exactly what the troopers are trying to figure out right now because they do not have a good description on that truck, and within just the past 30 minutes, we found out that the victim is here at ormc, where she's listed in serious but stable condition. and take a look at this video from earlier, sky witness 9 flew over the accident scene as the investigators tried to piece together what happened. around lunchtime. troopers say the truck driver ran over 68-year-old theresa vazquez as she waited on the shoulder to cross the street. the only description they have right now is that that truck trailer is white. now, i noticed a gas station at that intersection, that had at least one surveillance camera facing the intersection where the accident happened.
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were able to get that video, they just told me that they are still working to track down surveillance video. for now, live in orlando, channel 9 eyewitness news. fewer cruise ships are coming in and out of port canaveral. they reported a 9% dip in passengers compared to the year before. there was also a 7% decrease in the number of cruises. officials speculated the fact that the disney dream was temporarily in dry dock may be contributing to the drop. the st. johns river management says the efforts to clean up lake apopka are starting to pay off. officials say they've noticed native plants continuing to pand in the lake, the -- exunderstand the lake. several restoration projects aimed at improvement the quality of lake apopka. a local high school senior
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community, so she started a clothing store on her campus. >> yeah, not just any store, it's called shark's closet. atlantic high school students get to buy name brand clothes with fred for getting good grades and having good behavior. with some help, she made it a reality. >> it is possible for anyone to make a difference in the community, whether it's like opening a store like this, or just going out and volunteering with a different organization, like everyone can make an impact in the community. >> coolest young woman, ever. she had help from a teacher, a coach, and plato's closet. well, all right. storms to watch. tomorrow will be our severe weather day. stay weather aware, download the free weather app, it will send off the alerts to your mobile device. here's what's going on today. expected some scattered rainfall today, exactly what we're
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on a very warm tuesday, late afternoon. we've seen some of course the rain moving in towards new smyrna beach, approaching the park, will burr bay close to new smyrna. hopefully that will help them as far as battle the blaze. down to the south, we're getting a little bit of sea breeze interaction. generating downpours. they lift against that wind flow, to the north. and also watching some pretty good downpours up towards mcintosh in the next 15-20 minutes. widely scatter storms here. to the west, large winter storm system near dallas-fort worth. a rare pds, tornado watch, particularly dangerous situation, they issue these watches when they're expecting tornadoeses and large tornado
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escambia county is where we had the ef-3, the first one since the 1980s, that was a week ago. round two. we've already had several tornado reports near the louisiana area. new orleans. now, future track shows this whole mass moving across the tornado watch area. by 113011:30 we'll probably have is another watch. we'll have storms developing in the gulf of mexico tomorrow. you can see here in the yellow, tornadoes. i think most of the really bad stuff will be to the north, but so much storm energy, that we'll be dooifg south out of the main -- diving south of the main low. severe weather risk and/or isolated tornadoes. we've been down this road before. here's 9:00 in the morning, scattered storms to the west. lunch hour. i-4, this could be an active
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and turning of twinds, isolated rotating storm cells here, northern parts of seminole and volusia county. east over orlando, and offshore by 5:00. then we're pretty much done. but it will be very active rush. we'll all be right here tracking the storms. down from the low 80s after rain cooled off the airport. the five-day forecast with you weekend always in view. so we have a very stormmy next 24 hours with likely storms and possible severe weather tomorrow. then cool back down to near 40 as we start the weekend. got a lot more to talk about. three marion county deputies just quit after internal affairs started looking into alleged misconduct on the job. coming up, what we just learned about their roles in alled drug deals. then, blue tarps and construction noise are ruining
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celebration and costing condo owners thousands. next, we ask why they're getting stuck for the bill. >> and all new at 5:00, orange
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new this hour, an osceola county, more than a 100 residents many the community of celebration are been living under blue tarps like the ones you see behind he here, part of -- me he, part of leaky roofs they've been dealing with for years. why they are to pay for e repairs when they say this wasn't their fault. >> quiet downtown celebration, hadn't been living up to that reputation lately. for 911-year-old ruth, her windows are boarded up and she lives beneath a tarp. >> it's a dark as night. darker. >>reporter: this is part of the construction to fix leaky roofs and water damage that is affecting the celebration town center condos. the ownerss are responsible for damage to their individual units, but capitol is responsible for repairing damage on the outside. and the residents blame them for this mess.
4:25 pm
the buildings has failed in a massive way to perform preventive maintenance, that's what has allowed it to get to this situation. >>reporter: now, residents say they are trying to force owners to the pay an assessment based on the size of their condo if for these repairs, a 1200 square unit, she'd have to pay $38,000 this year. >> can you afford $38,000 a year. >> no, capability. it's over. no. >>reporter: residents say their condo association has paid millions in dues through the years and maintaining the building has been their responsibility. they are promising the battle in court. >> ruth, you're 91 year s old, do you plan to fight this? >> with all my energy. i'm a fighter. >>reporter: in celebration, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> we hope she gets satisfaction. >> they say their share the
4:26 pm
with condo owners and should honor the contracts that each homeowner signed. we posted the entire statement on that's interesting one right there. >> uh-huh. it's been a controversial military base for years, but president barack obama announced plan to shut down guantanamo bay in combau. >> this is about closing a chapter in our history. >> how the president says the move will make the nation safer. >> family and friends have gathered for a father and 13-year-old daughter found dead in their home. we're asking investigators have they have any leads. >> then, orlando police are no
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we're excited about february. all our handcrafted classic footlongs are just $6 each. $6 for a footlong is big news. sub-pocalypse 2016 - where foot traffic for delicious subs is putting tremendous pressure on sidewalks... enjoy all of our classic footlongs for just $6 each. this is channel 9 eyewitness news at 4:00. coverage you can count on. it's been nine days since
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abandoned her newborn and after searching dumpsters, the sewers and draining this pond, investigators have not found baby willow. we fk aed if this means her mother will be allowed to walk out of jail. this afternoon, it is possible that susan richardson could walk away from this case: she's been in jail now more than a week and not one person has visited her. it may be tough to keep her there behind bars. jeff deal has been followed the search f since it began on valentine's day and their leads really are dwindling. >>reporter: the police said yesterday their last major lead was searching this pond right back here. but keep in mind, they still haven't set what if any evidenced they found in the dumpsters they confiscated last week and they are still following up on every lead they can, including looking at video from surveillance cameras on nearby businesses, like this which you can see looks directly on to the pond. one week ago, orlando police brought susan richardson to the
4:31 pm
>> did you do it? >>reporter: the mother is still there facing child neglect and desertion charges after orlando police say she gave birth to a by by girl and discarted her. the girl -- discarded her, the gill has not been found. there have been neighborhood searches, a dive team brought in, a pond drained, and searched, and still nothing has panned out. now, the police say they're also checking surveillance video from businesses near the pond. >> e i know of like people that i associates with, that have given her money, thinking that they were going to get this baby. >>reporter: we know richardson has given away children to other family members in the past. so far, no one has come forward and no one has even visited richardson in jail she told the investigators she heft letter newborn -- she left her newborn outside of a random apartment.
4:32 pm
jail. based on what we know now, convicting susan richardson may not be easy. >> this is a circumstantial evidence case at this point and who is to say that she didn't give that child to a relative. >>reporter: and again, richardson is being held on a $50,000 bond, if charges aren't filed within 30 days, it is possible she could walk out without having to pay anything. but the prosecutors still have 175 days from the time of her arrest to file charges. deal, channel 9 eyewitness news. and we're staying on top of that breaking news in slooush county where the crews are fighting a fire that is burning dangerously close to homes in new smyrna beach. blaine tolleson is near the fire line off ropers way. you can see the fire. >> you can see the flames and
4:33 pm
buckhorn road. the florida division of forestry is here on scene. plowing lines around the this fire, trying to make sure it doesn't move any closer to a rural neighborhood here. we have sky witness 9 over the scene earlier. it is rural out here, but will is a neighborhood here, and earlier we saw this fire burn just within yards of some of the hopes out here. -- homes out here. they are just to the north of where i'm standing here. the firefighters are getting control over this blaze out here because there is a rainstorm and the wind has died down and they've also been successful getting that line around the fire. so it doesn't move any closer to the homes out here. we will be watching this to make sure and give you updates and we'll have more on eyewitness news at 5:00. live near osteen, channel 9 yns news. we're also following breaking news in altamonte springs, in the last 30 minutes, a mother was charged with
4:34 pm
while she was in the shower. we show youd virginia ortega being walked into the police department. that's the video. police are waiting on a search warrant to go inside of the home and collect evidence. we have a crew at the scene, talking with investigators, and neighbors, we'll have a live update for you from the scene on eyewitness news at 5. the man accused of skrang l ling -- strangling his girlfriend, 42-year-old thomas prince is facing first-degree murder charges for r the death of crystal l. port orange police found her body in the river in august. prince says she jumped off their boat and disappeared but the medical examiners say she is was strangled and dumped overboard. >> the so-called shaw shank fugitive who was captured in melbourne 60 years after escaping from prison could get parole. frank fresh waters escaped an ohio prison in 1959. he had pleaded guilty to
4:35 pm
hitting and kilg a man. on thursday, the victim's son is set to testify. an historic announcement, president barack obama called on gong to shut down the military prison gaun tan month bay. -- guantanamo bay. >> president barack obama is moving forward on a 2008 campaign promise. 91 detainees remain down from 100 during the bush administration, 35 of l be transferred to other country, less than 60 will be eligible to be moved to the u.s. soil. >> in other words, we can ensure our security, uphold our highest values around the world. and save american taxpayers a lot of money if the process. >> opposition to the president's plan came quickly to capitol
4:36 pm
>> when i'm president, if we capture a terrorist alive, they're not getting a court hearing in manhattan, they're going to guantanamo. >> the world's worst terrorists, that's guantanamo bay. >>reporter: tim scott says the president's plan is against the law. the department of homeland security visited a site in his home state at the location to house detaineeings. >> surrounded by an ocean, mountains, and deserts, to a location that is five miles to a dozen schools in south carolina. >> in washington, channel 9 eyewitness news. the president says he understands people's fears, but says terrorists like the boston bomber were convicted in federal court, and are already sitting in american prisons. speaking of the war on terror, senate lawmakers in tallahassee are asking lawmakers to formally declare war on global terror. unanimously approved a bill to authorize the
4:37 pm
terror groups like al-qaeda and isis. su poerts say -- >> it is a war, and they need to use all resources that's available to them in order to protect themselves and us back home. >> the proposal needs to go to another committee before it reaches the senate floor. its house version is head di to hit the full floor. a new national study claims there are 58 hate groups in florida and five of them are here in orlando. the southern poverty law center says nearly 900 hate groups operate in the u.s. last year. that's a 14% increase from 2014. the splc says five of them are in orlando, including an anti-lgbt group and an anti-semantic one. right now, in brevard county, there's still no word on how a 13-year-old died inside of the same merritt island home
4:38 pm
>> celebration of their lives has brought family and friends together. this afternoon, at that same home on indian street. channel 9's melanie holt is there. >>reporter: we were invited along with this teen's classmates, neighbors and we even spotted representatives from the brevard county sheriff's office. and we were there as prayers were offered for 42-year-old -- and his 13-year-old daughter. brevard county sheriff's investigators were called sunday, the sheriff's office believes that he committed suicide and they have not revealed a cause of death for his academically gifted daughter. who attended tropical elementary school. those who knew her are still coming to terms with her tragic death. >> it's really hard. it's so sad. so sad.
4:39 pm
if he would have reached out to any of us, we would have helped him. >>reporter: he and his family are from thailand, there are few members of his family living here in the u.s.. but they were here at this ceremony today. reporting live on merritt island, channel 9 eyewitness news. takata air bags are claiming another recall that triple ls the number of air bags that have been pulled. they may recall 90 million more air bags. 29 million of their air bags were already under a recall. so far, 9 deaths have been linked to the explosive air bags, including the death of an orlando woman. any minute now, scientists tasked with finding out why takata air bags explode will announce their findings. they have been trying to pinpoint what causes the explosions.
4:40 pm
factors believed to be contributing to the explosions, including humidity and chemicals used to inflate the air bags. mars is recalling candy bars in 55 countries because plastic could be found inside. but they haven't said in the recall affects candy here in the u.s.. the company sells chocolate bars that might be familiar to you like mars and milky ways and snickers. it affects the candy with the best bebefore date of january 9th of 2017. >> we'll have to check bob's candy bowl. make sure he's okay. >> he takes care of us. uber with officials say the driver accused of a fatal shooting spree in michigans passed a background cheng check. our next el nino winter storm system, tracking all of this and when our own storm chances increase tomorrow. >> they're supposed to serve and protect, but three marion county
4:41 pm
that included drug dealing and excessive force. >> the sheriff's office and the sheriff definitely disappointed in the investigation. >> how the investigators uncovered the alleged misconduct, next. . >> and fitbit shares plunged today as well as others as commodity prices moved lower, the dow dropped 189 points.
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it's been 30 minutes since we first told you about this, still no sign of a white semi that the troopers need to find in connection to a bad hit-and-run in orange county. they need the public's help to find surveillance video that recorded the crime. troopers say teresa vazquez was
4:45 pm
she was hit as a semi made a right hand turn and that truck driver just drove off. another shakeup at the marion county sheriff's office, three deputies have quit during internal affairs investigations, channel 9 spent the day asking why the deputies were under investigation to begin with, and myrt, two of these cases had to do with drugs. >>reporter: yeah, two deputies resigned over an incident that involved drugs at a house party, the third deputy e rin sood after he -- resigned after he was being investigated for allegedly committing bogus traffic stops and illegal searches and lying on reports. >> we're holding the officers accountable and this is unacceptable. >>reporter: at the center of internal investigations, bray is accused of doing drugs at a party. she had to take a drug test, bray immediately resigned.
4:46 pm
never told the officials about the alleged drug abuse. she also resigned. in an unrelated matter, where another deputy got in trouble over a case caught on video, it shows a traffic stop, performed by deputy eduardo -- where a gun was found in a bag. he claimed that the bag was unzipped and he spotted the gun. however, investigators say the bag was zipped and he never should have searched it. state attorney's office says it's one of many of his cases called into question. they say they began look boog the deputy's cases after attorneys and judges expressed concerns about cases he worked. officials reviewed reports and videos and say he conducted traffic stops for bogus reasons and using a questionable claim of smelling marijuana to conduct illegal searches. he used illegal tactices to get suspects to caught, and he's accused of excessive force and lying in reports. >> definitely disappointed in the situation that we have, so
4:47 pm
this officer was, you know, having issues. >>reporter: now, officials say the fbi is looking into one of the excessive force complaints. now, we're asking the sheriff's office what's going on inside headquarters here, there have been about a dozen officers who have had issues with lying in reports. so we're asking them about that and what are they doing to try to fix this. we'll have that story coming up at 5:00. for now, reporting live, myrt price, channel 9 yns news. we'll be monitoring space x tomorrow during the first central florida launch of 2016, the falcon 9 rocket will carry a satellite into orbit for a company in europe. it will bring different types of technology to millions of homes. >> it's a very, very large satellite for the asian marketplace, it will be the largest satellite that we're operating in that point. >> the launch window is expected to open at 6:46 tomorrow night and on got some storms rolling
4:48 pm
weather to just the north of us. >> yeah, it's been going in louisiana tonight. as a matter of fact, some of the video coming in, here we go. let me show you the video just coming in, this is from the prairieville, louisiana area, damage to a building near baton rouge. and a trio of waterspouts, one main waterspout, that looks like a tornadic waterspout. which is not your just fair weather type storm. this is an actual tornado over the water and a couple of the cells there. a triple threat over lake upon orleans. this is part of a storm system. we talked a lot about this the last few days, east texas now. we have what we call a pds dangerous situation. which means not just tornadoes but large tornadoes, and a threat for some deadly tornadoes here across the deep south, including parts of the western florida panhandle. that's until 11:00 eastern, 10:00 o'clock stall tonight. that's where a moderate risk of severe weather will be tonight.
4:49 pm
this evening but we will be tomorrow to a lesser degree. down to a slight risk. doesn't mean we're going to be dodging all of this, we're still going to get storms moving by. download the free wftv weather app. it will automatically locate you, and send you severe weather alerts, including tornado watches, tornado warnings, severe thunderstorm watches and warnings. you can keep track of the various videos that we'll be posting and live newscasts. for tomorrow, here's the timing. 9:00 to around noon, in our northwestern zones between 10:00 and 2:00 o'clock. along the i-4 corridor. storms may actually intensify due to the heating of the day. in this time frame. so we'll be watching very closely, we'll all be here tracking this. also on social media, facebook and on twitter. with live updates between noon and 4:00 p.m., along the east coast. a slight chance for a tornado. the main risk will be strong gusty winds over 50 miles per hour.
4:50 pm
over an inch of rain in a few spots. speaking of rain, looking south from daytona beach, right now, showers just moving offshore, up new smyrna, not a lot of rainfall this evening, kind of pushing the last little batch off the east coast here, new smyrna now, those are the showers i showed you just through the camera a moment ago. merritt island getting one heavy thunderstorm moving offshore. but we'll keep rain limited tonight, but more widespread tomorrow. with highs getting close to the lower 80s and that extra fuel that heat energy, will help to make these storms a little bit more vie brapt. the five-day forecast with you weekend always in view. 80% chance you get caught up in rain and possibly a few severe storms tomorrow from the mid-morning hours to the mid afternoon and greg, big temperature changes by the weekend. plus some gusty winds tomorrow. updating future track with that aspect coming up at 5:00. all right. tom, all new at 5:00, a new construction project is frustrating a melbourne community.
4:51 pm
>> we asked the county what it's doing to relieve congestion on what are normally quiet neighborhood roads. >> the state wants to avoid a repeat of problems with computer based testing in schools. all new at 5:00, the changes made this year, and why some administrators are still worried. and next at 4:00, investigators say this man admitted to shooting 8 people in kalamazoo, michigan.
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we have new information on the uber driver charged with killing 6 people in michigan. >> uber admitted to receiving complaints saturday night. jorge estevez joins us. >> calls came from an hour before the shootings began. and uber confirms getting the
4:55 pm
this was the first complaints about the this guy. charge td with six murders and facing life in prison, dalton showed know motion. >> i would prefer to remain silent. >>reporter: prosecutors did say the 45-year-old admitted to the investigators he took people's lives. >> the loss of innocence, really -- this is a tesh moment in this community -- terrible moment in this community. we face violence, but nothing on this scale, nothing like this has ever happened here before. >>reporter: the biggest question, still, why? dalton's victims all random, dalton's friends say they're in disbelief. >> he was very quiet and reserved. not afraid to speak his mind. but definitely not out to ever cause anybody trouble. >>reporter: we're also learning from a local gun shop owner that dalton stopped in about once a month, and just hours before the shootings, he bought a tactical jacket. >> screeching like you would not believe. >>reporter: casey said she called 911 to report dalton's e radic driving that saturday --
4:56 pm
charged with shooting 8 people at separate locations and killing 6 and injuring 2. >> abigail is strong, everybody needs to get that straight. my daughter is not dead. >>reporter: senseless. uber says dalton cleared a background check and approved to be a drive on january 25th. dalton is cooperating but still not talking about why he did it. vanessa. >> so bizarre. we're continuing to follow breaking news in seminole county, where the investigators say mother shot and killed her son while he was in the shower. >> the troubling signs neighbors say they noticed weeks before the murder. tom. >> i'm tracking a few showers along our coast tonight, plus a timing of possible severe weather in your neighborhood tomorrow. >> and we're following more breaking news in volusia county.
4:57 pm
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news at 5:00. coverage you can count on. breaking tonight, within the past hour, police announced this mother is charged with murdering her son while he was in the shower. and they say she planned it all out. if you were watching at 4:00, you heard the police say they're still working to figure out why the woman wanted her son dead. >> police responded to the home in the oak harbor subdivision in altamonte springs today after a worried family member called them. spent the day at the breaking news scene, and new for 5:00, you spoke with a neighbor who said she'd been concerned about this family. >>reporter: she had noticed warning signs before, martha, the police will not tell us if this mother confessed, but they do say she shot her son several times while he showered. >> i was worried for her, i'm sorry, i didn't --. >>reporter: her neighbor of many years had her concerned when she
5:00 pm
59-year-old virginia ortega being led to jail in cuffs. walked outside after noon to find the police surrounding the home, and they discovered her son, 29-year-old blake howard, dead in the shower. >> i saw the big crowd of people standing there. and oh, i'm sorry. >>reporter: police say she planned the shooting. a family member called to report him missing from work today. >> that mother said some things to her, which is part of the investigation, that led her to believe, hey, something is not right, blake is in danger. >>reporter: officers responded and/or at the ga refused to -- ortega refused to answer the door. they quickly got her to drop the gun and put her in cuffs. police had no prior calls for service at the quiet home. but the family member who called them this morning knew of a history between mom and son.


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