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tv   Eyewitness News 4  ABC  February 24, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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why the radio -- radio weather's -- weather radios are solid. >> reporter: this is the radio you're talking about, vanessa. people have these weather radios and they are the broadcast you get when you have one comes from one of the towers like that. that is the orlando tower that gives out the signal in the orlando area and they are the ones that feel to broadcast during a storm in january. it is happened again and this time with a tower and the daytona beach area. emergency weather radios are a great way to get an emergency alert when you are sleeping or working around the house but that would not have happened in areas of volusia, late in seminole county's today. not because of the broadcast but because of at&t and verizon cellular components that failed. that is according to the national weather service employees in melbourne. connectivity issues must be addressed with verizon or at&t. they are doing that now and
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i called the national weather service headquarters in silver springs, maryland, and i'm waiting to hear back with answers to questions about reliability. hopefully i will have questions answered in the next few hours. a good example of why you need a backup to something like this and you can get that on your cell phone with the wftv weather app. something chief certified meteorologist tom terry knows about. and you know about how dangerous the system was before it got here to central florida. >> you are right. you need to code -- two forms of communication. a weather app is a good new tool. so in you right now, you can see the time lapse, showers heavy thunderstorms moving through the east coast early warning doppler nine radar showing the last bit of heavy downpours of the mims area coming up shortly but the beach, the south and new smyrna with heavy downpours on rainfall in south florida.
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some of this energy out leaving behind a lot of winds. gus over 40 miles an hour along the coast earlier today. winter park, temperatures for you behind the system into the low 50s. it is going to get chilly later on as a severe threat continues to move out of the state of florida. it has left behind a lot of damage. look at this drone video from over pensacola. new from the sword -- storm survey, ps3 -- df3. storm, three people injured. widespread damage to the mooring apartment complex and ge plant. thousands are without power. here is more on last night's tornado barraged killing three people. >> for 30 seconds, it was like a nightmare. >> this couple hid in a closet under the stairs as the storm moved through pensacola last night.
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>> reporter: walking away with just cuts but this is what is left of their a car wreck -- apartment complex. before he got to florida, the monster storm system also get heavy damage and other -- and other gulf states spin out 27 tornadoes in 24 hours. this rv park in st. james obliterated. >> it sounded like a train coming through. >> people were inside this gold's gym when a twister ripped a wall of the side of the building. >> people working out, they had a kid than a day care so a scary situation >> amazingly, no one was badly hurt. having when and trent -- windy rain flooding over tractor- trailer. dozens were injured. this afternoon the search is continuing for anyone who may still be trapped in the mangled mess of debris.
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places of five people. once again, looking had the entire northeast coast under the gun for possible severe weather tonight at virginia toward the northeast as far north as new york, residents are being warned to prepare for heavy rain and possible flooding. wreck governor. rick scott has already declared a state of emergency for santa rosa and escambia county spit following the destruction of the titles that tom showed us. the governor spoke in pennsylvania -- pensacola -- pensacola today. crews survey damage and scouring the area for anyone who may need help. you can see it looks like the second level of this apartment complex was ripped apart. cinderblock -- center, would roll over the ground. >> our hearts go out to anyone impacted by this. we will continue to assess damage and get people back to living their lives as quickly as we can. >> again, more than 70 homes were damaged in the storm and another 24 apartments were devastated by the strong windy and heavy rain. following breaking news impacting all of florida.
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diagnosed with zika are pregnant. state officials did not say where florida the women are located that we do know that all three became infected while traveling out of state. florida surgeon general was in washington today to talk about the growing crisis. we're going to statements and we will have that for you plus when a vaccine might be available coming up in about 15 minutes. new information from police is telling a bizarre tale about the seminole county mother who is now accused of killing her adult son. >> police it virginia arteaga seemed frail and in handcuffs killed her son monday and left his body in a shower without alerting and why. jeff deal was there today when she faced a judge for the first time. you also learned why she claimed to have wanted to kill her son. >> reporter: it is a sad case based on what we have read in this report. we just got it today. it seems as though she was doing him a favor. she says she was depressed and she says she will like her son was depressed and do something happened to her, she did not
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alone. gaunt, frail virginia arteaga stood before a judge in the 59-year-old accused of shooting her own son, 29-year- old blake hour to death inside the home in a gated altamonte springs community. >> i am so shocked to hear that and it is a total tragedy. i did not know them. i was never aware of problems at all. >> reporter: police responded to the home yesterday after someone from the landscaping business were blake worked well for well-being check after he did not show up for work. his godmother who also works with him said when she called virginia arteaga answered and told her how it is no longer with them and when she hung up the phone, she will not be either. once police arrived, they believed arteaga tried to kill us up at the gun was fired. inside the home, they found her son blake, shot to death in the shower and she told them she
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then just sat on the couch. she told officers she lost her job last year. she was depressed. she raised her son alone. they had been together his entire life. arteaga felt that if she were gone, she did not want howard alone in the world. >> i'm at a loss of words to explain what happened because it seems from what i understand, is that she did have a loving relationship with her son. >> reporter: police say she also wrote a letter after shooting her son saying i love blake. this world is too ugly to leave the -- him behind. some of the county jail, jeff deal, channel 9 eyewitness news. a bill that would change the way law enforcement agencies manage their body camera programs is ready for a full vote in the florida senate. the proposal would require agencies to establish rules and procedures that create uniform standards on the use of the cameras. they will regulate who has access to the video and where it is stored. supporters say the proposal would help us better understand police behavior.
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council approved more than 1.5 next week the orlando city council approved more than $1.5 million from the police cars. the city is looking to buy 48 cards at $30,000 each. many of the current patrol cars are more than 10 years old and he to be replaced. the police department says it cost more money for repairs and just buy new ones. the new squad car should be on the road sometime this year. thousands have been driving to the i 4 construction every day for months. but the incident back of the construction worker today did not involve a driver on the interstates. officials say the worker was hit by another worker using heavy equipment along the shoulder of i 4 near maitland exit. julie salomone has been working to find out more about what happens. what could officials tell you at this point? >> reporter: they told us the accident involved a red dump truck which was towed out of the area two hours ago. the accident happened behind me. be on the fence, right along i 4. traffic near the maitland exit. when i arrived on scene around noon, they told me that even
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scene waiting for fhp troopers to arrive. 2:00 this afternoon, the driver of a tow truck picked up the dump truck that was involved in a fatal accident wednesday morning on the shoulder of i 4 near the maitland exit. >> as of a man lying there , so i thought maybe he was injured and i did not see an ambulance yet so i figured as a nurse i would stop by and give a helping hand. >> reporter: according to florida highway patrol, the driver of the dump truck 49- year-old morales ran over and killed a 34-year-old construction worker. fhp said at some point the worker walked behind the dump truck. harold, a nurse at a lock -- local hospital dries by the site every day. she tried to see she could help but it was too late. she pointed out the beeping sound from the dump truck might have difficulty here. >> i think maybe he did not hear the truck -- i mean, just past with a highway traffic
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>> reporter: fhp confirm the cruise are part of the i 4 ultimate approved the project. sections of i 4 are under construction. i reached out to transportation and construction officials. they pointed me back to fhp for details. >> i drive i 4 every day. it is dangerous. it is dangerous as drivers and a dangerous job as i said. >> reporter: fhp has not released victim's name. i also reached out to osha to federal investigators to see if they are investigating and they tell me they are checking and i'm waiting on an answer back. in maitland, julie salomone news. we have an email under the florida highway patrol to find surveillance video of the semitruck driver in an dangerous orange county hit-and- run. sam lake road, kings point pkwy., troopers said the driver turned a corner and clipped 60-
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waited to cross the street. they say the driver initially stopped but drove off when paramedics arrived. at last check she was in serious but stable condition. police say two brothers went on a shooting spree that lock down a nearby but the university cameras and wounded innocent bystanders. >> how police were able to track down one of the suspect the shooters. one of central florida's fastest-growing counties. how officials in osceola county plan to ease traffic congestion like you see here and how soon it could happen. breaking developments in the spread of the zika virus in florida. we just learned three more women are now infected and they are all pregnant. next, we check in with washington dc to see how soon a vaccine could be ready. tom? we will go from spring back
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breaking this afternoon, three confirmed cases of the zika virus in florida and all of pregnant women. >> there are 32 cases reported of the zika virus in the sunshine state. the counties where the three pregnant women are have not been released. five of the other cases are here and central florida. two in orange county, one in each of brevard, osceola and seminole. all have been travel related. channel 9 anchor martha sugalski keeping a close eye. florida surgeon general was in washington today talking about a vaccine. >> reporter: that's correct. nih tells congress early trials of the zika virus vaccine could begin in the summer. more than 30 cases of the virus reported in our state. doctor armstrong state surgeon general expect the number to grow. we work to keep the public informed as one of the best
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>> doctor armstrong said so far, all zika cases in florida are connected to people who became infected while traveling. the state has zero cases of zika transmitted by mosquitoes in the us. the cdc confirmed florida was home to the top of mosquito that carries and transmits the zika virus. the agency is also investigating new reports of possible sexual transmission of zika. >> we have developed a proven missing this model to take guidance from the federal government and get into a residents, visitors, health professionals and partner organizations. >> reporter:, son john mica chaired the hearing. he said he wanted nih to look at a vaccination for the zika virus but he was also worried about america's blood supply becoming contaminated. >> do we have enough of the kids and checks that -- kids
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>> reporter: >> reporter: cdc, and i'd say they need to do research to understand the virus. >> cdc and partners here and overseas are working around the clock to find out as much as we can as quickly as we can and we are learning more every day. >> reporter: in florida, armstrong has declared a public health emergency in all counties were doctors confirmed zika cases. >> florida's commission of agriculture is still looking for solutions to limit the grading of mosquitoes. we will monitor the situation for you. vanessa? even though all the cases in florida have been travel related, local officials say they are not taking chances and has stepped up preventative measures put mosquito control unit in orange, brevard counties have added more trust in known locations of the species. officials say zika caring mosquitoes thrive and man-made containers and they may aggressively during the day not just at dawn and dusk. officials urge residents should check homes and get rid of any
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find anything you need to know about zika on our website. had to and click on the news tab and zika virus. and 2.5 hours, the countdown will begin for spacex is first launch of the new year. the falcon nine rocket is scheduled to lift off and 6:46 this evening from cape canaveral air force station, the rocket will carry communications outlet that satellite into orbit. we have grew watching all of the launch preparation and they will update us on the activity during eyewitness news at 5:00. we will check in right now with chief certified meteorologist tom terry regarding the launch. >> 60 percent favorable weather. most rain has moved out. gusty crosswinds. a raucous winter. tornadoes hitting the panhandle we had some and southwest florida, near charlotte, indian river county, it has been crazy. on the backside of the heavy rain fall with 70 degrees and downtown. you can see the clouds moving
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normally something you do not see. winds are strong. windy today, a lot of atmospheric energy being released in the form of tornadoes and severe weather. by sheer luck, we have avoided the bulk of the issues so far. the showers, gusty thunderstorms will be, titusville of highway the latter rain and south oak hill, south of the gold beach. otherwise we are watching the main storm systems with tornado warnings and watches all the way up from north carolina in toward the southern virginia area. that will be moving out. the system is kicking by and severe threat moving now, winter moves back in. we will try to enjoy the 70s. 79 deland, 82 earlier today. 79 and titusville. a front with gusty winds behind it will drop temperatures fast overnight tonight. win train does 38 still -- when
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33 titusville -- orlando beach. palm bay, melbourne, a quick temperature drop back into the low 50s by early on in the morning. a quick cool down tonight and with a breeze it will make it feel chillier by debris, 49 the loan seven, 44 ocala, breaking out some windchill hour by hour graphics. of the next couple of hours it will be a review start to the day. temperatures are not bad. sunshine will help. highs in the middle 60s, 67 orlando, cool, gusty winds out of the north and northwest with a powerful storm system and you will feel the winds from the power flow to the area to market we will see the sunshine returns 7:00 a.m. mostly clear skies, on the way up to a nice but dry and cooler outlook. five-day forecast where the weekend is always in view. i cannot remember the last time i had five sun's and no clouds. does not happen often. 65 on friday morning, friday afternoon, 42 on saturday.
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and as storms move offshore, send us your pictures and video of the weather where you live. information you need on the screen. we are following breaking news in volusia county where the westbound lanes of i 4 are shut down. we take a look at that near mile marker 126. you can see all of the rescue vehicles, looks like half a dozen. slow going for the traffic and the other side of the highway, it is shut down. working kit -- to get information. you see medical helicopters have landed. details as soon as we get them on eyewitness news at 4. a reportedly fake call the irs wants you to hear. >> internal revenue services the region -- reason is to inform you irs is got a lawsuit against you. >> why they say the call could cost you. plans to build a beltway to ease traffic and osceola county
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michael lopardi learned leaders are trying to plan ahead for major growth. >> reporter: try driving around poinciana, osceola county and odds are you'll get stuck in traffic. >> sometimes it gets backed up and usually especially on poinciana boulevard, if there is an accident you can forget it. >> reporter: the beltway around the county could help ease the flow. the concept is not new. it took a big step this week when the expressway authority decided to move forward by looking for companies that would be interested in the project. >> we take traffic off of going in that way it's going. >> reporter: the poinciana parkway is just one segment of the beltway. the expressway authority is hoping for a public, private partnership to get started on the remaining legs. it could cost up to $3 billion. >> unhappy they are talking about building a new road and opening up the area so the
4:26 pm
authorities try to get ahead of growing problems of traffic on area roads. the most recent census numbers from 2014 show osceola county was the 18th fastest growing county in the nation. >> heavy traffic, the flow especially when school traffic comes, is at a standstill and wanted to get through. >> reporter: even if things go as planned, it could be 3-4 years before the first construction starts and decades before the entire project is finished. osceola county, michael lopardi, channel 9 eyewitness news. a store you will see only on eyewitness news. >> a sad place to be. the sad place for us to have them. >> reporter: -- >> the plan one orange county official has to move inmates out of a facility so home with more than. the daytona rising project is finished the work is happening across the street from the daytona international speedway. the argument one leader has against giving the developer more tax incentives.
4:27 pm
issue spree by two brothers innocent bystanders injured, lock down bethune-cookman
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woke me up, scared me half to death. >> daytona beach residents were sent scrambling after police say two brothers opened fire in the neighborhood. they injured -- injured bystanders and lock down bethune-cookman campus. >> i have had it. >> what we learned about the two brothers police say opened fire. one of the suspect is in custody this afternoon while the search continues for his brother. >> we told you about the shooting last night 1 mile from bethune-cookman university campus at 10:00 and 11 microscopic today kathy of -- village working to find out about the suspect at one may be behind a murder from last spring. >> reporter: one of the
4:31 pm
the prime suspect in a murder from almost one year ago. the chief says there are two group groups in the city that are at war with one another and this on innocent people who were not involved in the dispute, including a 14-year- old girl were hurt. daytona beach police say and ak- 47 assault rifle was one of three guns fired too a drive-by shooting and sheridan road last night. they say a 14-year-old girl and two 218-year-old girls were hit. 14 times. even the -- though the girls did not have anything to do groups. >> someone got shot. >> where are you shot? >> my arm. she's shot in her leg. i can't feel anything. >> reporter: one of the suspected gunman watson was caught hours later after a chase into south daytona beach. he says he is looking for
4:32 pm
also a murder. >> watson is the prime suspect in the murder that was on mother's day driving over the bridge. >> reporter: channel 9 found these ak-47 shell casings at the scene and turn them over to police. daytona police are asking the community's help in finding watson who they say should be considered dangerous. a judge has set bond at $200,000 for rocky watson was found. live daytona beach headquarters, kathi belich, channel 9 eyewitness news. we are staying on top of breaking news also in volusia county today. two westbound lanes of i 4 near mile marker 126 in deltona are shut down barely crawling. we have learned 4 cars were involved in the crash and troopers are again on the way to continue the investigation.
4:33 pm
camera but as it zooms you can get a better look at the scene. a medical helicopter has picked up one victim and taken off. i 4 westbound, volusia county, deltona, slow going because of a four car crash. new surveillance video showing a michigan uber driver shopping at a gun store before he allegedly went on last weekend the deadly shooting spray. >> we hear from one victim's neighbor who says she heard the women tell the kids to run before she was shot. >> i don't know if it was her mother instinct but she knew something was wrong and told him to run. >> video from the gun shop shows the alleged shooter jason dalton buying a tactical this hour before opening fire killing six, injury to others. this shop's owner said he could not have met in what dawson plan to do with the best. >> the person here was finally, talked to us, smiling, joking. >> dalton was denied bond yesterday. investigators say he admitted to the shooting spree but has
4:34 pm
a new nonpartisan congressional investigation says the obama administration is not doing enough to prevent fraud in the affordable care act. the government accountability office is thousands of people were approved for benefits despite questions about their eligibility. investigators also say while the department of health and human services acknowledges the problems, they say there was no urgency or a plan to fix them. only channel 9 has the details of a plan to offer the homeless in orange county a new place to turn for help. this is the orange county jail's work release center on kaylee. they can house hundreds of people but one county leader tells nancy alvarez today that the space is being wasted and explained how he wants to move the inmates out and the homeless in. >> reporter: this is lashawn and her 4-month-old baby cecil. >> i want the best for him. >> reporter: we told you the
4:35 pm
time of the coalition for the homeless was up. she was told to leave after breaking shelter policy and fighting with her boyfriend. with nowhere else to go, they spent cold nights sleeping in their car. >> is unacceptable to? >> yes, it is. it should be unacceptable to everybody. >> reporter: the commissioner spoke with us about an idea to help moms like lashawn. >> she admitted she had issues. where do we work with these moms and ladies to have them avoid issues. >> reporter: when it doesn't work out in places like the coalition, clark says the families could turn here, the orange county jail's work release center. he is looking at a plan to relocate the inmates, renovate the facility and move in the homeless in emergency situations. >> at any point in time there are literally dozens of these folks on the streets. more in-depth than i would've known watching your story. >> reporter: the center is equipped to house at 308 inmates for clark's says on average there is only 60 staying here. >> we can use it better.
4:36 pm
>> reporter: he ordered a custody and as a team looking at potential facilities to house inmates. the goal is to put a stop to scenarios like this one and inshore moms and babies are not left on the street. orange county, nancy alvarez, channel 9 eyewitness news. when we last checked on lashawn, she was safe and getting into a transitional housing program. good news for her. commissioner clark plans to discuss this with other county leaders. we will tell you the plan next tuesday. marion county deputies and a safe haven for domestic violence to get away from abusers. marion county gerald a place where victims can fill out injunctions against their abusers under the protection of deputies who are standing by. deputies say last year more than 800 injunctions were filed for domestic violence. orange county public schools and length the college teaming up to create a program for students. a program called tech express, students in orange county
4:37 pm
earning credits toward a degree at valencia. orange county school superintendent doctor barbara jenkins says the program creates a seamless transition for students from high school to future careers. >> if i am a student who has technical skills i can get off of the continuous and work on a very good career level. >> doctor jenkins is the program also helps students explore different career paths early so they can decide on one later in line -- and like. supervisor of elections is making sure voting equipment is ready for the preferential primary next month. members of the public at random selected 10 places tabulators for testing. ballots were placed in machines to make sure they were recording the votes properly and were zeroed back for deployment on election day. supervisor of elections says it is about voter confidence. >> when they put that ballot through on election day, they need the assurance that the machine is recording their vote
4:38 pm
>> a canvassing board is verifying all of the test results. more than 100,000 race fans packed the new daytona international speedway last sunday. the first sellout crowd in eight years but local taxpayers have kicked and $40 million to help grow the venue. blaine tolison asked why local taxpayers could spend another $10 million more. >> reporter: as you can see behind me, there is movement at the site of one daytona shopping and entertainment developed across from the daytona international speedway. this project is getting serious help from taxpayers which leaders tell me they are bored with except for one. >> brewster county councilman doug daniel says he is offer redevelopment but recently he was the only council member to vote down $10 million in tax incentives for the international speedway corporation's when daytona project. >> it is just not a good deal. >> reporter: he points out the county could use the impact fees for roads. and the speedway was already
4:39 pm
in 2014 from the county and the city of daytona beach. he also says one daytona should have been built by now. >> pudding and $50 million, up to $50 million, what about this project makes it worth that kind of taxpayer money rex permit international speedway corporation executive says one daytona, $200 million investment, was delayed because they changed developers. they say $10 million in taxes -- taxes and are tax credits being transported from the speedway property that is closed. spread the speedway doesn't need that money? >> it is not an essence of needing the money or not it's a really about we already paid the fees. >> reporter: josh wagner, 16 council members who supported the tax incentives. he called it a no-brainer. >> the old way of doing it is saying it has to stick to this parcel and only this parcel. it is horrible for redevelopment. if you want to read about, this is what you do. >> reporter: no buildings have been built yet here at the site of one daytona speedway
4:40 pm
sometime possibly in april. in daytona beach, blaine tolison, channel 9 eyewitness news. a proposed nondiscrimination policy for lgbt students and teachers a brevard county schools has been shut down for now. during a school board meeting last night, officials voted to kill the possibly -- policy. the discrimination policy is needed for students to feel protected some say. school board plans to hold a the coming months. starting today if you don't want -- like a story on the facebook page, there is a button for that. >> or if you like it as well. you can really like to pick the new reactions feature helps you to choose from different emoji's for love -- from up to anger. if you go to our facebook page, use your mouse and you can see however over the like button. you can see the new button -- buttons popping up on your phone, just hold down the like button and you see the emoji pop-up. i tried it on my phone today. facebook says users have been
4:41 pm
for years but they got that and more today. >> i tried it as well. >> if you look at facebook you can see the categories of how many people have given you a hard or dislike. >> if you live in some accounts, you need a bear proof trash and you could face fines of 100,000 -- $100 a day. >> from neighbors.opt out. >> we are not able to opt out of winter that is moving back in after one day in the 80s. how fast temperatures drop tonight. >> we are the warning you about irs schemes that peaked during
4:42 pm
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the spy drama between apple and the fbi, the tech company saw a
4:45 pm
company that helps to send stocks up. the dow increased more than 53 points, nasdaq rose 39 points today and s&p 500 jumped almost 9 points. speaking of apple and the fight with fbi, tonight and will lose with david meara. there was a dump the ceo. we warned you about irs schemes before but brand-new this hour, we got a hold of the voicemail potential victims here so you know what to look for to protect yourself and your family. janai norman spoke with multiple people today who got the same voicemail so they can tell us what the mistery callers were threatening to do. >> irs is filing lawsuit against you. >> it sounded legitimate. >> reporter: robert tells me he has heard the warnings about irs phone scams but said it was different when his phone rang. >> he gave me his name, badge number, are a.m. 50862 as it was officer. stephen johnson .
4:46 pm
owned $6900 in back taxes and knew his name and address. >> and that's was really scary. how do these people get that information? >> reporter: he said the men even threatened to send the fbi to his home if he did not pay up. robert says he got another call this morning. >> i talked to at least six people who say they all got the same message. >> internal revenue services. >> reporter: but,. >> the cold is your final notice from irs. >> reporter: if you listen closely. >> call -- filing a lawsuit against you. >> reporter: each voicemail starts at a different part of the automated message. >> the reason that this goal is. >> reporter: each voicemail has a different number. we have seen four out of washington and 1 out of arizona. with tax day less than two months away, robert urges caution. >> if they did not listen to the newscast before or this time, it would be one of those
4:47 pm
really true, giving information to pay them off. janai norman, channel 9 eyewitness news. as you are filing your taxes this year, remember the irs will never try to reach you by telephone. warn your friends by sharing the important story was posted on our wftv facebook page where many people have said the same scam has happened to them. seminole county, residents will not have to worry about facing fines for not following the bear ordinance. commissioners set up an ordinance requiring everyone living west of i-40 is bear proof trash cans. or be fined $100 per day. yesterday, the great to exclude neighborhood east of i 4 because those homeowners say they never have seen bears in the neighborhood. parts is a morrow county had to abide by the bear ordinance as well. commissioners voted to spend nearly $73,000 for 2 x 81 new bear resistant trash cans for county parks. they will spread out among parks within the counties bear management area. making news in south florida.
4:48 pm
newsroom. this is a live feed and a plane into a fence at about it all. crews are surrounded the scene. timber pines, south florida, broward county. no details on whether or not anyone was injured but you can see how close the plane was to hitting the pool, that house or the house to the right as we look at this through the camera of the helicopter flying over in south florida. we will stay on top of this but wanted to show you the video into the newsroom. >> that was very close. >> on the -- all at five, we will talk about the weather situation and the winds gus were high. >> it was ripping -- whipping. >> it was rough for a while,. >> vero beach, they had tornado warning for that storm cell and three tornadoes in south florida today. i will show you more in
4:49 pm
that was apparently a funnel cloud. doing damage perhaps. sprint creek outside daytona beach, 47 mile an hour wind gusts. it was easily over 40 and my house before coming to work. titusville, 40, 41 so it was downright windy. you can see the time lapse, showers continue to move through it we will clear things out tonight and still we have reports coming from hillsboro, charlotte, desoto county, three tornadoes in the state today. no fatalities but tornadoes ongoing up in the northeast now in virginia, three fatalities out of that. i believe our unofficial joe little is six from this tornado outbreak across louisiana, mississippi and now into the northeast. that's with a severe threat will be tonight as the storm system moves out of florida and we will see winter weather rollback in. temperatures cooling behind the front which is moving through
4:50 pm
79 titusville, 70 orlando, down to 50 in orlando overnight. gusty winds of two deland, leesburg, eustis, apopka, mid to upper 40s and it will get cooler over the next several days. we will get a dry, much cooler stretch in the wake of the big winter storm that is spelling bad weather toward the northeast in the next 24 hours. 60s for daytime highs for tomorrow. heading toward thursday night, friday morning, upper 30s in marion county. 42 deland, 44 orlando. things are going to cool down for the next couple of days. future track, 6:00 tonight, the last of the cloud cover and the rain pushing out. dry northwesterly flow lowering humidity levels. toward the afternoon tomorrow, wall-to-wall sunshine, friday looks to be mostly sunny as well and a glorious weekend weatherwise for outdoor plans
4:51 pm
weekend is always in view. down into the lower 40s orlando which means we could get close to another light freeze in the north western zones to start the weekend otherwise sunshine and chamber of commerce weather heading to wednesday -- money. storms in the northeast. damage reports coming in across the country. >> all new at five today orange county officials just voted to put an initiative on the ballot allowing any company to apply for money taxpayers make off of tourists. white woman said the change could hurt the local academy. records which accuses mental health counselor of molesting one of his patients. i'm asking how he got jobs at two other clinics after this. banks are going to make
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
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stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stre-eam stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stream when i want you in my arms when i want you and all your charms whenever i want you all i have to do is stre-e-eam. we learned banks are trading
4:55 pm
when you visit an atm. consumer advisor clark howard looked into why the change is great for you and terrible for thieves. >> it is really insecure when you go to an atm machine, you take your atm card and you pop it in and you put in your four vintage -- four this is cyclical. criminals have cracked the code and it's easy for them to capture your information. you are not aware they had and they go and have a field day on your money. more and more banks are adding a technology where you use your smart phone to access an atm or do transactions instead of the actual debit card. we are not that far away from where debit cards may not actually exist anymore. some banks will use the smart phone with something known as to factor authentication will allow many just as you stand there to pop right out of the atm. others are going to use your
4:56 pm
you are who you say you are. it will make it a lot tougher for crooks, a lifesaver for you and me. i'm clark howard. >> remember clark howard helps action nine lookout for consumers like you. he has posted consumer resources and other information time for me to trade in my flip phone. police say a mom intentionally shot her son so that he would not have to live without her. >> brand new, we learned what showed up at the house and who made the gruesome discovery. following breaking news in orange county. the danger of fire chief says was uncovered in one of their protestations. more breaking news as well in the past you metric officials confirmed weather radio transmitter in daytona beach is up and working again after going silent during february is huge for us. all our handcrafted classic footlongs are just $6 each. the media is going a little crazy. "sub-mageddon"
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this is channel 9 eyewitness news at five. coverage you can count on. this mother didn't say a word as she faced a judge today. she is accused of murdering her son in their home and leaving his body in a bathtub for a day. her desperate words to officers when they walked into her home. we have documents today that outlined the sad story of what police say happened in that families home.>> if you're watching at four, you heard investigators say that the mother killed her son so she wouldn't have to -- he wouldn't have to face life without her.>> reporter: it's obviously very early on, but and indiana's -- insanity defense is something the attorneys may have to take a look at.>> shuffling into the courtroom for her first
5:00 pm
looks frail. the 59-year-old mother is facing first-degree murder charges after police say she opened fire five times, shooting her 29-year-old son top like howard, to death inside their home in oak harbor. >> i was never aware of any problems.>> -- >> reporter: there is no record of problems between the two. coworkers called police after he didn't show up for work. inside the home, officers believe the mother tried to shoot yourself in the head but surrendered, telling them just shoot me, i wish you would just shoot me. i know you're thinking your mother would never do this to you, and i would never do this to my son, but there are extenuating circumstances in my life. she told officers she was depressed after losing her job. her son was an introvert and wasn't happy either. police say after she shot him in the shower, she left a note reading, i love late. this world is too mac ugly to leave him behind.


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