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tv   Eyewitness News 6  ABC  February 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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entire 21 mile job site has shut down.>> this is because of today's deadly construction crash. we spoke with the company in charge of the work on i-4. julie, have this and how long construction will be shut down? >> reporter: i just spoke with the project director at their maitland office here. he tells me they have nearly 400 employees, 200 supervisors working this project. they have stopped construction. they are not sure when it will start up again, maybe friday morning, maybe monday morning. as we told you earlier, around noon, 49-year-old rio morales was operating a dump truck and killed the 34-year-old construction worker. fhp has just released the victim's name as marvin franklin who died earlier today after fhp said he walked behind a dump truck while working on the i-4 ultimate project near the maitland exit. the contractor for the project, sgl constructors, said franken had worked for them for more
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they have stopped work on the jobsite and have not said yet when construction will start again.>> in light of the incident, we felt it was best to shut down. we're going to take the time to take a look at all of our protocols, make sure that we are ready to start back, and we will start back when they are ready. the project director you just heard from said federal investigators are now investigating this incident. they are with osha and we will continue to keep you posted and let you know when construction starts back up. julie spellman, channel 9 eyewitness news. raking within the last hour, search underway for a boater. a man was reported missing. the boat was found this morning with no one on board. the orange county sheriff's office is leading the search effort. we're trying to get more
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eyewitness news at 10 and 11. a rather -- weather radio system is back up and running after an outage. the system went down again today right the middle of severe weather. we reached out to the national weather service -- service. this shows why residents need a backup plan.>> reporter: absolutely. you might have one of these weather alert radios in the house, but in some parts of or to, it wouldn't have worked because of the tower like that that was not functioning properly. in fact, the tower you're looking at is one that failed during a storm just a month ago. the weather alert radio system is normally quite reliable but already on two occasions the system has failed this year during storms. the broadcast tower in daytona was not working today during the storm and the national weather service is blaming the problem on a cellular service connection that's part of the system. the carriers are at&t and
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those companies worked to resolve the issue but this is the same problem that affected the orlando tower back in january. right now the national weather service headquarters is trying to get us an answer as to how they will keep the problem from happening in the future. it just goes to show even the most reliable emergency broadcast systems can fail. weather radio is only as good as its components. that's why you have to have at least two ways to stay informed, including a free severe weathercenter nine weather app. it sends alerts to your phone 24/seven. tom terry would know, this alerts you in the middle of the night. say you are asleep or something like that. so would the weather app on your telephone. two good sources. these two incidents are a good reason why you need that backup. steve barrett, channel 9.
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and rain, but we managed to dodge the brunt of the severe weather today. southwest florida was not as lucky. three more tornadoes hit the area today. tom terry has been tracking the storms all day. another el nio storm has left its mark.>> this is a tornado in the port charlotte area. you can see the winds blowing through, just one of three tornadoes that developed in this part of south florida over the last couple of days. again, an incredible sight there. as far as a total count, we have three tornadoes that moved by earlier today. hillsboro, charlotte, and de soto counties. we dodged a bullet yet again. indications to let you know in north carolina, debris falling in the sky, from the sky near emergency south of there. tornadoes continue to be a huge threat, three more people killed that we know of in virginia so far today. we are starting to clear things back out. and pictures will follow suit. again late tonight.
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since 5:00, we have learned there is a ramey -- there is an arraignment scheduled for the seminole county mother accused of killing her son in leaving his body lying in her bathroom before hours. police say virginia or key august shot and killed blank howard while he was showering on monday. then they say she just sat in the house for more than a day without telling anyone. when she did talked to investigators, she told them she was depressed and her son was happy either. she didn't want him to go through life without her. we spoke with her public defender.>> that would give you obviously something wrong, there's some disconnect there. what it is, i just don't know. something is terribly wrong here.>> police say she left a note saying she loved her son but the world was too mac ugly to leave him behind. police and daytona beach are searching for the second gunman suspected in the shooting spree that injured innocent people, including a 14-
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at four, we told you police arrested one of the men arrested in last night shooting that called the i think oakland university to be shut down. the gunman is still wanted in the shooting and is also the prime suspect in another shooting.>> reporter: the shooting happened about a mile from the thing cookman university. parents of students there are already concerned for their safety and have been for months after a series of shootings nearby. we tried to talk today to the mayor, the city manager, the police chief, and the university about whether there's a targeted effort to make the area safer, but we got nowhere. last night's shooting was the latest battle in what daytona beach police call an ongoing war between two groups. investigators say the intended victim was close to deandre smith, who was murdered on mother's day last year. police say rocky watson is the prime suspect in both shootings. they caught his brother,
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in last night's attack. three innocent girls, including a 14-year-old, were also shot.>> i know there are young kids in the house and babies that live in the house. how we didn't have multiple people killed i don't know.>> reporter: my skull chitwood says the lack of cooperation is emboldening him.>> nobody is ever going to testify against him. that is the message the community since when they allow these thugs in these punks to run roughshod over community. i have had it.>> reporter: this 14 shooting over the last year or so on or near the thing cookman university. a students parent, who does not want to be identified, wrote the mayor three months ago saying, i am beyond concerned about the crime that occurs in the area surrounding the campus. the parent asked the mayor what's being done, and we are told the mayor never bothered to answer her.
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question and again, no answer. beach police headquarters, kathi belich, channel new at -- channel 9 eyewitness news. several orlando firefighters were working in moldy conditions. we first broke the story at a spokesperson confirms mold was found in the doorman station eight years some are on and leave vista boulevards. we found out the fire station is still open right now but with fewer firefighters working there. the firefighters say the department is only keeping the engine truck there. the tower and rescue trucks normally housed there have been moved to different stations. the countdown is on as spacex prepares for its first launch from the cape this year. yours a live look at the falcon nine rocket on the pad at cape canaveral air force station. it will carry a communications satellite into orbit for a european company. melonie holt is live at the cape . in addition to delivering that satellite, this mission provides spacex with another chance to attempt a nearly
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landing with its reusable rocket.>> this is a moving target. it will be a fourth attempt for spacex to try landing on a drone ship. expectations are pretty low, i can tell you. before the landing, spacex and its falcon nine have to get an sdx nine satellite into orbit. that satellite will propel itself the rest of the way. spacex is flying an upgraded version of its falcon nine rocket for the second time since december. scs has waited nearly a year for this launch a board of falcon nine. the original mission in september was delayed after the rocket was grounded for six months after a failure last summer. now this mission is back on and twofold as spacex will attempt to land the rockets first stage not own land but and ocean platform. it is more challenging than landing on the ground, which spacex qs suspects only --
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spacex is not anticipating similar success with the water landing. spacex can look forward to a number of future collaborations if successful.>> this is the first of a series of seven missions that we are going to be running over the next two years, basically. five of those will be with falcon nine and was spacex and two with another launch provider.>> spacex is able to stick its rocket landing tonight. if it does it will exceed expectations. we will be here when the 90 minute launch window opens at 6:46 this evening. reporting live, melonie holt, channel 9 eyewitness news.>> you can watch that rocket launch right on your phone. click on our free wftv mobile app. last year will be at the top of the page. monday, orlando is expected to settle -- sell a boarded-up apartment complex that will mean new low income housing.
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units by the end of 2016. the company involved has already bill apartment complexes, including help with childcare and career services. the city is selling the properties for about $1.2 million, which is exactly what they bought them for after they were closed down and foreclosed upon. gov. rick scott just signed a bill that closes loophole that nine investigates first exposed to years ago regarding the backyard shooting range dangers. incidents where gunfire cross property lines and put neighbors in danger. the ranges were legal. this new law bans people from firing guns recreationally and it takes effect immediately. violators could face up to a year in jail. orange county drivers tired of sitting in chat -- traffic.
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make it easier for drivers to get around. the irs wants
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breaking news out of the cape. we are learning that the falcon nine rocket launch has been scrubbed. the window the launch was about to open in 20 minutes, but we are hearing now that it will not go off today. this was going to be carrying a satellite for a european company. we do not know the reason why it has been scrubbed. melonie holt is trying to get the information. that falcon nine rocket will not be going up. tonight we will have the latest coming up tonight at 10 and 11. new at six, orange county is moving forward with a new plan to break up traffic
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commute. counties upgrading its traffic system to allow engineers to keep an eye on more intersections like these around town. channel nines roy ramos is live at sand late road and armed blossom trail. that intersection has already seen significant changes in traffic low. >> traffic management says they have already seen changes right here at this intersection. they have seen a decrease of delay time by 37%. drivers can expect to see similar changes throughout the county. if you have driven down some of orange county's roadways you know how easily traffic and build up at any one of the county civic center traffic signals. >> there are a lot of cars on the road and not all are the greatest drivers.>> -- >> reporter: officials are working to decrease injection -- congestion. they have received a grant that would greenlight your drive for optimal commute times.>> this will allow us to expand our signal system and replace this
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center has 100>> reporter: currently their management center has 110 traffic monitoring cameras. he showed me how his employees can only see set up -- seven of them on their monitor wall. with the funds, they hope to enlarge their walls to send out crews to make repairs when needed. he feels drivers will benefit most.>> everybody wants to keep it moving. things to do, places go. >> reporter: traffic management has already installed the new adaptive signal system where audio. monitor traffic -- traffic you can see the program counting vehicles as they pass through the second -- intersection.>> more traffic going in a surfeit -- specific direction world get more time.>> reporter: drivers will see those changes as early as the summer. drivers urged to be patient because they are doing all the
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was a requirement of that grant. now and seminole county were deputies are investigating an armed robbery and a chase. the victim told investigators he was forced into a vehicle and robbed at gunpoint near the steak and shake on festival drive. the victim said he was then forced out of the vehicle and then it took off. deputies say they have located at and that is it right there in the middle of your screen. it's on i-4. they proceeded into lake mary where the robbers bailed out of the car and ran off. they do have one person in custody and we have a crew on the way to the scene to get more information. we will have the latest tonight on eyewitness news at 10 and 11. tonight, only channel 9 has the details of the proposal to move inmates out of the orange county jails work- release center and the homeless center is equipped to house 300 inmates.
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is looking at a plan to read locate the inmates and relocate the homeless an emergency situation so women and children do not end up on the streets.>> this is where you fell short. what we need to do? we need to work on educational issues? >> clark has ordered cost study. there's a team looking at a potential facility to house those inmates. we've been telling you about irs phone scams for a while. tonight we got a copy of the voicemail left during a suspicious call. you know it will sound like when you get one.>> internal revenue service's. the reason of this call is to inform you that irs filing lawsuits against you.>> that is a fake. it is a scam. on facebook, several viewers have told us they, too have gotten that voicemail reportedly from the irs. we've seen phone calls from numbers in washington state in arizona. we talked with one man who had
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it was different when his phone rang.>> it seemed legitimate. an average person would probably think they would owe money.>> to hear the entire call, go to our website, scroll down to the video section. text a is two months away. as you are filing, remember, the irs will never contact you by phone.>> the video of what el nio has produces incredibly -- incredible. >> reports of debris falling today from the sky. i grew up in oklahoma. we had debris all over my town in the mid-80s. this was a funnel cloud. no reported tornado out of this for -- storm. we had three tornadoes in southwest florida earlier today. what a day it has been across central florida. as far as the rainfall amounts, we expect about 80% coverage.
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measurable rainfall today. storms actually split apart as they moved across earlier today. we had color on the map, a 10th of an inch to up to an inch around alco we. you can see the showers moving out and cooler air filtering through down from a high of 82 earlier today. we are still quite wore cocoa beach at 77. down to 63 in ocala. the winds fairly brisk out of the west. 35 miles an hour. once we get below 50 degrees, we will start officially calculating the wind chills. brian shields will be on at five this morning. we have 42 in the villages, 44 in titusville, 53, still a windchill at 9:00 in the morning. it will be on the cool side. if you take the wind out of the equation, is going to be plenty cool, 40s to new york -- near 50.: down the next several nights. several nights in the 30s as we
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weekend outside orlando. if you're heading to daytona beach -- daytona beach collimated to the low 80s. breezy, cooler, and middle 60s, 68 tomorrow in sanford. 67 orlando, leesburg, very brisk day tomorrow. here's a look at wind speeds during the afternoon. these will be wind gusts that around 25-30. not good for the boating plans for tomorrow. we will start to relax things a little bit as we head towards a very nice weekend. again, of florida version of winter. the average is 75. we've warmed up towards spring. temperatures in the afternoon will be as much as 10 degrees cooler on friday. there's your five day forecast. the weekend always in view. we say farewell to the stormy weather, hello winter. the widow of an orange county deputy killed in the line of duty is fighting for legislation that would help support surviving spouses of all in law enforcement officers.
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when it's convenient. and pay for things using android pay. know that with pnc's convenient solutions, at least your finances will be easy to control. orlando city just finished another preseason tuneup going 90 minutes with the strikers.
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in fewer than three weeks, kaylyn kyle is settled in orlando. he did not play in the recent olympic qualifying but wants to play for canada this summer. she said she is hoping orlando is the last club she plays for, really wants to drive a stock car at daytona. who doesn't? and thinks the prior set up for a good season.>> you look at our roster already and tom has done an amazing job putting the pieces together and getting the players we need to be successful. i think it comes down to us making it work and training in our preseason and taking it out into the field in our first match against portland. err we are sending one fanta the match on mark six as a tv 27 vip. one person can when a four pack of tickets plus a prize package including merchandise during warm-ups. you can enter to win on i see college hoops, you see a post houston tonight at 7:00 on the
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top of breaking news right now. we are monitoring the search for an armed robbery suspect in seminole county. this may also have included an abduction. >> we are monitoring the scrubbed launch of the falcon nine rocket as well. thanks for watching channel 9 eyewitness news at six. world news tonight is up next. or updates, check out
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breaking news tonight. we're on the scene of a deadly tornado outbreak. several states, homes destroyed. a dangerous night ahead from south carolina all the way up through new york. also breaking tonight, the race for president, and donald trump, now marching to super tuesday. his landslide win in nevada. and the major republican now predicting a trump surprise. the abc news exclusive tonight. my one-on-one interview with apple's ceo, tim cook. for the first time, cook on why apple is refusing to help the


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