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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 530am  ABC  February 25, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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of sun and staying dry and windy. 67 is a high, five and staying dry and windy. 67 is a high, 5-10 degrees below average and you see numbers dropping close to the 40s in the northern tier. 50 degrees in the villages and deland. 51 palm coast. 53 clermont, 55 in orlando. scattered clouds will leave us and we will have a lot of sun moving in for the day ahead. winds breezy, 5 to 20 miles an hour and some of those winds and we had a few dusts and seminole -- seminole county in orange county. it will be one of those days while we have a lot of sun notice windy weather kicking up. 61 at noon, to the day in the mid-60s staying cool and gets chilly this evening by 6:00 temperatures 58, you may want a jacket this morning and you may even want a light jacket throughout the afternoon. coming up, we will track,
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5:30 am. checking the drive along the 408. >> pulling up a camera and mills. we do not have issues eastbound or westbound. looking good along 408 regardless of where you decide to hop on or which direction you head. an issue in brevard county. i-95, northbound, at the exit ramp to garden street and titusville. there is a crash blocking one of the lanes at the offramp. keep that in mind, working to clear it and should have it cleaned up within 30 minutes. make sure you use caution. staying on top of breaking news in orange county. deputies say a personal spat turned into a carjacking and an assault at a gas station. >> searching for two cars connected to one crime. kimberly eiten is live where surveillance video. they know who they are looking for. >> reporter: that information is not coming just from video which i'm told shows the attack but from victim to tell deputies they know the carjackers.
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investigators are on scene at the circle k, bonneville drive, gathering evidence but there is already an alert for the two cars tied to the crime. orange county deputies tell me the victims, men and women, driving to the gas station early this morning about 3:30. stopping to pick up another woman who they know. the three god -- pumped gas and deputies say at that point a man pulled behind them got out of his car and hit the two victims. while it was happening, the woman who they picked up on the way to the circle k hopped into the driver seat and stole the car. this was not a random . the victim told police they know both suspects and believe the man had been following them. deputies say they have alerts on both cars this morning, a dodge charger and also honda accord. victims are working outside the gas station, helping investigators. injuries are minor. as i can speak with and without interrupting the investigation
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this and talk to employees here at the time and get a look at the surveillance video and tell you what i see in the next 30 minutes. in orange county, kimberly eiten, eyewitness news this morning. construction has stopped along i 4 where worker was hit and killed by a dump truck. we told you yesterday project managers decided to stop work along the 21 mile stretch of roadway until they can review protocols. janai norman is live where the equipment will sit unused. even with the break, construction should not be delayed too much. >> reporter: this is the equipment behind me that will not be used at least for today. working to halt yesterday. we are asking how could impact the massive project. the project director has not set a date when crews will be working along i 4. wednesday morning, 34-year-old marvin franklin was run over as 49-
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dump truck along the shoulder of i 4 near the maitland exit. >> the dump truck was making a delivery of sand to the area at the intersection of kennedy and one more. but we believe do not have any other details at this time. >> osha is investigating the incident that brought work along the stretch of i 4 to a halt. we found out from director brookshire, they try to a schedule for unexpected events so they do not anticipate this to delay the project that uses crews will not be back out until they are able to regroup. >> we will not go back to work until we are confident everybody has had proper training, right focus and then when we are sure we are ready we will go back to work. sgl construction has about 400 employees and 200 supervisors working on the i 4 ultimate project. at this point it is anticipated to wrap up in about 5.5 years. looking at fault 2021. live in orange county, janai norman, eyewitness news this
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this morning the 14-year- old girl in a drive-by shooting waiting for a suspect to be caught. we told you about this it happened 1 mile away from bethune-cookman university. watson and his brother ricardo shot for cope -- 4 people. ricardo was caught, the fourth person shot was close to someone murdered last year. rocky watson is a suspect in the shooting as well. we spoke to a president who says she woke up to the sound of gunshots. >> i said oh, my goodness and it will be up. what is going on and i saw everybody here running. >> this is the 14th shooting near bcu over the last year. a parent wrote a letter to the mayor asking what is being done but he did not respond. we ask the same question and did not get a response. 19-year-old rockledge man in jail after investigators say
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scott junior shot as he rode down for an avenue tuesday. the front of the home hit five times, of hard-hit..could not have been the shooter because he was not in the area at the time. people talking about speculation that governor. rick scott could be donald trump's apprentice. to see what we did there? scott is trying to deflect speculation may be trumped running mate in the presidential election. >> when a focus on my job here i have three years left and we will continue progress. 20 plus thousand jobs per month is my priority now. >> the governor has praised but not endorsed trumped in the past. tuesday, washington post columnist listed him as one of five potential vice presidential candidates for trump the won the republican nevada caucus. fried -- florida's primary march 50. president obama says he's not backing down from picking a
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he and other leaders criticizing republicans were vowing to reject who he picks before naming a nominee. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and other republican delayed until the next president takes office but the president says it will be hard qualified nominee is rejected simply because of political -- >> the easier thing to do is to give in to the most extreme voices within the party and stand and do nothing. but that is not our job. >> senate republican leaders say they will be no confirmation hearings and no vote on an appointment made by president obama. a judge delivered a major blow to sanford woman accused of killing her two-year-old daughter. the judge denied prior's motion to toss out her statements to law enforcement. she is accused of beating her
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her tone is argued she asked for a lawyer and the judge said her statements were made voluntarily. domestic violence victims the marion county have a new safe place to get away from their abusers. the sheriff's office created a room at the marion county jail. as an emergency escape route plus toys, books and television for kids. victims will fill out paperwork for an injunction. 2000 injunction filed last year. a move to state -- we bury the bodies of the students at a form school was closer to passing. they voted in favor of the bill yesterday that officials exhumed bodies of students at the arthur g dozier school for boys and marianne after former students made accusations of physical and sexual abuse. the school shut down in 2011. if passed, the bill will provide up to $7500 for funeral and burial expenses for each exhumed body.
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becoming easier and osceola county. >> expressway authority move forward with plans to look for builders and designers to create a build with. expected to be split in segments costing as much as $3 billion. they want to get ready for the growing populations. drivers safe to commute to work can be frustrating. >> if you try to get somewhere in a hurry, it will take you -- longer. >> it could be a few years before construction begins. the project will not be finished likely for decades. cleanup continuing after yesterday's morning severe storms crossed over florida. three people hurt when a tornado touched down in the panhandle. while we tracked that overnight, a tornado touched down in escambia county pit residents are still without power. this is the second ef three tornado to hit escambia county. the same system blamed for killing three in virginia.
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several believed to be trapped in the rubble. this is part of a winter storm bringing more tornadoes to the deep south because of the effects of el nio. to learn more about el nio go to and click on the el nio section on the weather tab. good information on the website. and also from brian shields. >> cool weather coming our away. >> future winds, 8:00, winds from the west northwest over 20 miles an hour. it will be windy and dry old lake wind advisory upper 30 mile an hour winds today. a good looking day, a lot of sun in the forecast. volusia county, deltona, lake helen, 67. winds picking up west northwest, 2230 along the coast, 50 to 25 mile an hour
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downtown orlando, soto, 66. 67 and winter park. we will track chilly weather for tonight and tomorrow night and temperature changes for the upcoming weekend. 5:40 am. deneige. >> issues on live traffic tracker starting off of the crash goldenrod road at old goldenrod road. you will still see troopers on scene in the area. brevard county, i-95 northbound guard history, a crash is blocking one lane of the exit ramp to guard history. keep that in mind. -- 2 garden st. i-95, southbound one lane blocked. high school students could have a different option when it comes to taking a foreign language. raising red flags about replacing classes with computer courses. florida drivers were terrified.
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kimberly eiten spoke with the investigators who said this was a planned crime. they are trying to figure out how the suspect and victims are >> reporter: investigators could not tell me how they know strangers. they say one of the suspects was riding in the victim's car before she stole it from the gas station here on bonneville drive. that was at 3:30 am when they stopped the circle k to get gas. the man pulled in behind them and attacked the victims, the woman who was riding with them stole the car. deputies have alerts on both cars. the dodge charger and honda accord. they tell me there is surveillance video showing the crime. working on getting a copy of that for our 6 am hour. live in orange county, kimberly eiten, eyewitness news this morning. as you get ready to file your taxes, one central florida man wants when you about scammers pretending to be with the irs. this into a voicemail claiming
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from the irs. po thousands of back taxes and knew his name and address. he wants people to be aware in case you worry about making mistakes on your forms. >> it's frightening. if i did do something wrong which i did not note no one alerted me and i might think that i owe them money. >> the irs will never contact you by phone. we put the call on . listen to it by clicking the wrong video section. nonpartisan congressional investigation claiming the obama administration is not doing enough to prevent fraud in the photo care act according to the government accountability office, several thousand people were approved for benefits despite questionable eligibility. investigators say the department of health and human services were made aware of the problems but they say there was no plan to fix them. orange county drivers may
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because of a grant from the federal government that will pay to upgrade traffic lights. the orange county traffic management center is going to spend $3.3 million to optimize the commute times at 600 traffic signals. they will expand the current adaptive signal system. >> this will allow us to expand our adaptive signal system and replace this. >> traffic management says that changes will come but may take time. one of the requirements of the great money is at all new installations have to be done by the county alone. valencia college and orange county schools have partnered to create technical program for high school students called tax -- tech express allowing students in high schools to earn credit toward a public -- a degree. the program creates a seamless transition for students from high school is your future schooling or careers. >> students the several opportunities for career and
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pick one or the other. get on and off of the continuum and continue the career and wage earnings. >> jenkins says the program lets students explore different career paths early so they can decide on one later on. >> did you always know you wanted to be a weatherman? >> yes. >> where you like a little kid? >> i was once a little kid. >> [laughter]. >> i know you wanted to be an astronaut. >> i still do. >> the space cadet. >> let's get to the weather. >> nice, sunshine for today. windy day. downtown orlando, 55, deltona, 53 winds and the west northwest gusting. 40s in northern zones. have a light jacket this morning. heavy jacket, whatever. 50 in the villages, 50 deland,
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winds are coming in out of the west northwest and are breezy. they will be gusty for today. satellite radar picture again looking good a few scattered clouds. a powerful storm for the mid- atlantic off the eastern seaboard. we will have a lot of sun in its wake. sunny conditions finishing to cut 57 at 10:00, 62 at noon and the mid-60s this afternoon. future track 9 am, rolling through the timeframe all the way through the day, scattered clouds or to pick that is it. dry and sun. 10:00 mid-50s and by 4:00, mid- 60s around when you get out of work or maybe four or five back and by 11 o'clock, temperatures in the 40s in spots turning chilly tonight. seas 4-6 feet for today. strong risk of rip currents, choppy on the intercoastal.
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of sunshine staying with us. numbers ranging from 65-68. consistent temperatures because of the winds west northwest 15- 25. 66 clermont, winter garden, oakland, a colleague running in the 60s eatonville, maitland, sanford, temperatures again mid- sixties. tonight it turns chillier. numbers in the low 40s. the coldest start to our friday. low 40s, northern sections elsewhere most of us in the mid- 40s by the morning, 50 toward brevard county coastline. tomorrow, cool day low to mid 60s and a lot of sun in the forecast. five-day forecast where the weekend is always in view. 56 tomorrow, 68 saturday, saturday morning colder with 30s and 40s and beautiful weekend and on sunday after a cold start, temperatures 70 on sunday, 80 by monday. 5:50 am. looking at a crash with deneige.
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at garden street an exit ramp to garden street has one lane blocked for a crash from 30 minutes ago so she get ready to clear it out of the way and the crash popped up a loma avenue, oak reserve lane, winter park. no word of roadblocks in the area. i will let you know if they update the information and need to shut down any lanes. i 4 camera here, ivanhoe, we do not have issues eastbound and westbound this is the traffic into downtown orlando. smooth sailing this morning. the latest from the health apartment shows 32 people in florida had the zika virus and three of the patients are pregnant. what officials have not said where they live. a bill helping the widow of the orange county deputy killed in the line of duty is not a done deal yet. why it may not happen at all. 4 days away from the academy awards sunday night here on abc.
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vanessa echols, jorge estevez hosting a life.
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5:54 am next week an old apartment complex that has caused numerous problems for
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finally go up for separate the city plans to sell the property along with the drive for more than $1.2 million but this is the same apartment complex were some orlando firefighters were exposed to asbestos during training. it will be bulldozed and turned into low income housing but a jacksonville developer. the deal is expected to be finalized on monday. in addition to the sale of the property we also found out some of the fire gear worn by orlando firefighters went in the complex has been sent out for asbestos testing. one of the firemen called 9 investigates earlier this month after they removed roof tiles while prepping the building for training. we discovered county report showing the building had asbestos in it. orange county environmental protection officials were investigating. a bill that was created to help a payment the fallen orange county deputies is now caught up in a political struggle. the bill will increase the benefit for the spouses of law enforcement officers were killed in the line of duty like bridget pine, the deputy -- wife of deputy scott pine. the bill was passed by the senate but was attached to a
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benefit in half. former it chief judge melbourne henry says it is politics as usual. a tampa fedex driver who fell asleep at the wheel caused quite a scare for other drivers when his truck started swerving all of the road. there's a truck. one driver captured the video of the truck on cell phone. the truck slowed to under 5 miles an hour but when travis began yelling at the driver can -- he spent the loss in show. the man recording the video flag the driver down and talked them into pulling into a nearby parking lot. >> i think i saved lives that they not only someone else's life but i think i saved his life. >> deputies say the driver was not charged for driving under the influence because he took his keys out of the incident. -- out of the car. you could count computer
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it goes to governor. rick scott to side. florida students were credited to use a foreign language but the new bill allow students to fill credits with coding classes beginning 2018. you can tell your facebook friends how much their posts annoy you with the click of a button. >> i'm glad. excited. maybe you want to be positive. facebook has reaction buttons featuring several emoji buttons when you love a post or when you do not. try it if you had to the wftv facebook page hover your mouse over the like button and the buttons will pop up. mobile users can use the buttons by holding down the like button. be nice. if you want a tutorial on how to use the new budget, head over to our facebook page for a video explaining everything. we made it easy.
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>> angry little men. >> you weather radio should be working again. >> top of the hour what we learned about why the issue keeps happening. >> construction halted after a worker was killed. breaking down how it happened and asking about the impacts to the massive 21 mile-long project.
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making news right now on eyewitness news this morning. two people carjacked and in orange county convenience store left a woman with a bump on her head. deputies said the victims were targeted as a podcast. >> police in altamonte springs are looking for three suspected armed robbers. the evidence they were covered on i 4 during a wild chase. >> you will not see any construction on i 4 this morning after an accident killed a worker. >> we will not go back to work until we are confident everybody has proper training. >> we are asking if this could affect the 20/20 one deadline -- 2021 deadline. an accident on the interstate yesterday. >> 6 am, thursday, figure 25. >>we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. deneige broom following this for me.


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