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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 6am  ABC  February 25, 2016 6:00am-6:59am EST

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making news right now on eyewitness news this morning. two people carjacked and in orange county convenience store left a woman with a bump on her head. deputies said the victims were targeted as a podcast. >> police in altamonte springs are looking for three suspected armed robbers. the evidence they were covered on i 4 during a wild chase. >> you will not see any construction on i 4 this morning after an accident killed a worker. >> we will not go back to work until we are confident everybody has proper training. >> we are asking if this could affect the 20/20 one deadline -- 2021 deadline. an accident on the interstate yesterday. >> 6 am, thursday, figure 25. >>we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. deneige broom following this for me.
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certified meteorologist brian shields . >> i don't know why i point? >> makes it dramatic. >> chillier this morning, 40s, 49 palm coast, 50 deland, 51 sanford, 54 orlando. have a jacket. it is going to be cooler. 24-hour temperature change tells the story. 20 degrees cooler in spots this morning. there's a satellite radar picture. scattered clouds quickly leaving and a lot of sun today, dry, sunny and windy. the plan on the screen now, altamonte springs, 56 at 10:00, by noon, still very cool, low 60s this afternoon getting into the mid-60s and we drop off quickly hitting the evening hours per county by county with temperatures but also i want to show you a computer model. to show you how windy it is
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i will have that coming up. 6:01 am. looking at i 4 here is deneige. >> i 4, lee road, we don't have any issues in each traffic into downtown orlando starting to see volume building but nothing out of the ordinary. we have a crash and winter park, a loma avenue at oak reserve lane still looks like we're seeing some slight delays in the area no major roadblocks to be concerned about. you may see troopers on scene. breaking in orange county right now, two people roughed up call carjacked while buying gas overnight. >> circle k, bonneville drive near lake alice mcdevitt is to help eyewitness news is one kimberly eiten they think the victims of the attackers. >> -- >> reporter: that is something we asked the victims as they left a few minutes ago and they did not have much to say the deputies tell me that one of the suspect was riding with victim in the car when they pulled up to get gas at a
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the same car which was later stolen with the help of an accomplice. deputies are try to work out how the suspects and two victims know each other. they said the victim, man and a woman were driving the to the gas station around 3:30 am this morning stopping to pick up a woman who they noted when they got to the circle k they pumped gas. deputies say it was at that point the man pulled in behind them, got out of his car and hit or roughed up the two victims. while that was going on outside, the woman who was riding with them hopped in the car and stole the dodge charger. they know both suspect a believe the man had been following that it deputies have alerts on both cars, dodge charger and also honda accord. they tell us the victims will be fine. tough to see behind us but the gas station has cameras and we got here around 4 am, i asked deputies if the of the crime and they tell me
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employees say they cannot share the video but they tell me they witnessed the assault and carjacking. live in orange county, kimberly eiten, eyewitness news this morning. waiting to get an update from altamonte springs police about the search for the three suspects on the run following an armed robbery. hundreds of dollars were stolen from the victim. he tells investigators for men forced him inside a gold lexus outside the altamonte springs steak and shake and then took the money from his wallet. the four suspects through the gun they used out of the car window while driving along i 4 before coming to a stop in lake mary. one suspect was taken into custody. we are waiting for police to release his name. overnight, orlando police are investigating two shootings, one of them sent two people to the hospital. two victims were shot hunting cold boulevard near will amaze parkway around 11:50 last night. expected to recover. please are working to get information about the suspects.
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hit house and car on wall street near mabel butler avenue around 9:45. no one was hurt. police have not yet said if they think the shootings are connected. you will not see construction on i 4 after a worker was killed near the mail and exit. >> the dump truck ran over the man along the shoulder of the interstate. eyewitness news is morning janai norman is live where it happened. they have no word on when construction will start back up. crews are dealing with this awful accident. >> reporter: the project manager says crews will not be out here on the equipment or work areas until they review the protocol and are sure they are ready to get back to work. construction came to a halt along i 4 were 34-year-old franklin died on the job wednesday. we found out he had only been with sgl constructors for one month when yesterday, 49-year- old morales hit and killed him
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>> i saw the man lying there. i thought maybe he was injured. i did not see an ambulance so i figured as a nurse i would stop and help. >> herrell of nurse at a hospital drives past the site every day. she says she tried to stop and help but it was too late. she pointed out why she believes franklin may have had a difficult time hearing the beeping sound alert you when the dump truck backs up. >> i think maybe he did not hear that truck. with a highway traffic alone it is windy today. >> reporter: in light of the incident, sgl constructors decided to shut down and take time off. we are asking whether that could cause delays for the massive project. at 6:45, asking the project manager about changes to make sure it does not happen again. live in orange county, janai norman, eyewitness news this morning. in lake county, crews are getting ready to continue the
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the texas 876-year-old robel boarded his boat yesterday morning that the boat was found empty encircling around the lake three hours later. orange county sheriff's office and deputies are working on the search. health officials say the latest cases of the zika virus in florida affected three pregnant women. officials did not say whether there. they are trying to protect the identities of the women are among 32 total cases in florida with five in the area. all cases are travel related. babies of pregnant women who carry the zika virus could be born with serious birth defects. cdcs have specific information about the zika virus for pregnant women. we posted it on . click on the zika virus page in the news tab. altamonte springs mother accused of murdering her adult son will not be getting out of jail soon. the judge denied virginia arteaga's bond. she's facing first-degree
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police say she shot and killed her 29-year-old son lake howard while he was in the shower monday and apparently she sat in the house for more than one day without telling anyone. >> i have no evidence that there was any type of bad relationship between the mother and the sun. -- between the mother and son unanswered questions at this time. >> she told investigators she was depressed and her son was not happy and since they were together their entire life she says she did not want him to go police say they believe rta to try to take her own life as well but the gun is fired. we will check with prosecutors to see a brevard county counselor accused of molesting a patient will be charged with a crime. department of health filed administrative complaint against pedro sequeira and 2013 after a woman accused them of molesting her while he was working for circles of care in melbourne.
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could not stop the counselor from practicing at other clinics because he is fighting the allegations in administrative court. aviation officials want to hear your thoughts about the expansion plans underway at orlando international airport. the greater orlando aviation authority is holding a meeting to get community input for that $1.3 billion capital improvement program out of the airport. the meeting at the us extension center exhibit home on south conway road from 530-830. the next attempt for spacex to launch communications satellite from brevard county and land for state of the falcon nine rocket is tonight. out of caution, last night launch was scrubbed 30 minutes before the window opened to a short liquid oxygen temperatures were as cold as possible to maximize the rocket's performance. tonight's launch window opens it 6:46. it goes a plan, watch it live on air and online at the weather radio system in daytona beach is working again following an outage in
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severe weather. >> keep saturday. the national weather service says the cellular service connection with carriers at&t and verizon is to blame. this is the same issue that caused an outage in january in orange county. use our free wftv weather app for the latest information to prepare your family for severe weather. 6:10 am we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. certified meteorologist brian shields and severe weather center 9 . on an el nio season it's good to have it. >> we have weather app with alerts tabs. you can get them sent to your device. our app is free. search wftv in your store. windy winds gusting over 30. late wind advisory. 25, 30 miles an hour and again higher gusts. we will have a lot of sun in the forecast today.
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eustis, 66-67 in the 60s across orange county, winter park, full sail, checking in at 67 toward alafaya trail and waterford lakes. it is going to drop tonight. we will track, told her it will get for tonight and the changes this weekend. 6:10 am here's deneige. >> fortunately we had no major issues. but we have a spot of construction i-95, southbound pioneer trail. you have one lane blocked for construction and a brevard county, an update from troopers who have been able to get the car off of the exit ramp. we had a crash i-95, northbound blocking the exit ramp to garden street you will see them on scene but you can get through at this point. paloma avenue, you will see them on scene but you can get through at this point. paloma avenue, oak preserve lane, a crash in that area it's not slowing things down by the. move over. federal government turning to an unlikely ally in an effort to keep prices from taking advantage of social media and the internet. the white house thinks hollywood could be part of the answer to fight the war on terror. >> seminole county has an ordinance to keep hungry bears out of neighborhoods.
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and never paid fines. >> fire station cutting the number of firefighters on the ship by more than half because of mold. what's being done to make
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jamie holmes. 6:15 am. alive look of downtown orlando. cool start and winter is coming our way again. full check of weather and traffic every ten minutes. >> volusia county councilmen is raising questions about why taxpayers are being -- paying $10 million for the daytona international speedway. in 2014, volusia county in daytona beach approved $40 million in tax incentives for the one daytona project, a
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daniels says the project is not married another $10 million in incentives. >> we are putting and $50 million, up to $50 million. what about this project makes it worth that kind of taxpayer money. it is just not a good deal. >> daniels was the only councilmen to vote no to the tax incentives. speedway officials of the incentives factored into their existing orlando firefighters have been displaced from the fire station and could be months before a lot back yesterday we broke the news the mold was found in the dorm area station eight n. of oia. the station usually has 10 workers per shift but now there will be four per shift that part of the station will be closed for eight weeks and the stations rescue a ladder truck has been temporarily moved. we asked whether this will impact response times and the
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insure coverage to service areas while taking into account response times. governor. rick scott signed a bill into law closing a loophole regarding the dangers of backyard shooting ranges. two years ago 9 investigates exposed incidents were gunfire from backyard shooting ranges cross property lines and put neighbors in danger. the ranges were legal. avenue law in effect bands people from firing guns recreationally in certain residential areas. if caught, violators could face up to one year in jail. brevard county supervisor of elections is taking steps to make sure voting equipment is ready for florida's presidential primary next month. yesterday presidents randomly selected 10 polling places tabulators for testing. predetermined ballots were placed in the machines to make sure they were recording votes properly. they were then the road back to be ready for election day. the supervisor of elections as it is all about voter confidence. >> next with orlando city leaders expected to approve spending more than $1.5 million on new orlando police cars. the city is spending about $30,000 each for a 48 cars that
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it cost more money to fix cars and to buy new ones. the new card should be on the road later this year. cleanup continues along the gulf coast and it will continue after two tornadoes touched down in charlotte county yesterday. the national weather service says one was at ef tornado and the other ef zero. more than 20 homes were damaged. you can see the damage in the photos. there were no reports of any injuries. because of that we have rain out of here and we will see the temperatures. >> cooler the next few days. chilly nights will begin including the weekend. a lot of sun in the forecast. before sunrise downtown orlando, 54. have a jacket this morning and maybe later today. winds out of the west northwest 30 miles an hour. looking at numbers, 40s and 50s this morning. 51 clermont, 51 sanford, 49 in palm coast.
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of the west northwest. we will see that today and they will be stronger gusting to 30 miles an hour. a few gusts including clermont by the citrus tower to 20 miles an hour. satellite radar picture, looking good. scattered clouds leaving. the storm from yesterday to the east. plenty of sun in the forecast today. deland middle, 61 at noon. mid-sixties this afternoon. a cool feel. future track through the day, zooming through the timeframe you can see how we have the sun with us. hardly a cloud in the sky. temperatures become the story. 50s around by the time we approach the lunch hour. this afternoon, 3:00, mid- sixties for most. a coolish field and as we -- feel and as soon as 10:00 it will be chilly or tonight. windy weather, choppy seas for- six-6 feet.
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will deal with. 67 for today, beautiful looking. you see the range 65 palm coast, 68 melbourne, the six -- 66 towards leesburg and for the part. tonight, chilly, ocala, anthony, 40. 42 in the villages toward lake ann, bushnell. 44 indian wells, kissimmee, chilly. chilly tomorrow and in the 60s, low to mid 60s on the way for friday. on the screen now, five-day forecast, where the weekend is always in view. mid-sixties tomorrow and another cold night friday night, saturday morning. down in the 30s and 40s beautiful weekend 68 saturday, 73 sunday, monday, warming up further, close to 80 by early next week. 6:20 am deneige. >> winter park, alone avenue, oak reserve lane, they been
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they have not seen slowdowns. one spot of construction, volusia county, i-95 southbound pioneer trail, you have one lane blocked for construction. they should clear it out around 7:00 this morning. looking at the beach line, near where they were tearing down the toll plaza, orlando international airport, things are flowing smoothly in both directions. i will let you know if it changes. republican presidential candidates getting ready for another debate. what a former presidential candidate says he thinks donald trump's tax returns are quote a bombshell. >> three hours ago two people were carjacked at a popular orange county convenience store coming up y investigators said they were able to tell us about the cars the suspect used to escape when we arrived. several dozen jail inmates
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commissioner moving forward for an idea to provide a new shelter for the homeless. they want to repurpose joe
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it is big enough to house hundreds of people. clark wants to move the inmates out and use the center to help children. the study on the way to know how much it will cost to cover the building. the idea tuesday. florida students getting high marks for taking advanced placement exam ranks second in the nation for the number of students who take the ap exam. last year 57 percent of all students took the test well above the national average. more than 30 percent of florida students also earned credit for college even though they were still in high school. orange county is working to shut down hunting season on a local lake because it is crowded with homes. duckhunting is legal during certain months on lake conway. gunfire is too close to home neighbors say. lawyers are checking with state while at officials to see if they can block future hunts. people and seminole county will not have to follow rules
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living on the east side of i 4 will not be fined $100 per day if they do not use the. trash cans commissioners agreed to exclude neighborhood east of i 4 because homeowners say they really never see bears. parks is a morrow county also have to follow the new bear ordinance. the county will spend almost $73,000 to buy 81 new bear resistant trash hansford county expect the crash can't -- trash parks in the area. osceola county growing on roads. three billion-dollar project that could ease congestion. deputies say two suspects carjacked people they know under the lights and cameras of this orange county gas station. the search for two cars and two suspects tied to one crime. a beautiful start. downtown orlando over lake eola, however, it is colder.
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the door.
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6:30 am. alive look abide -- of i 4, traffic is picking up. we will check weather and traffic every ten minutes. today is deneige , it's her birthday. >> happy birthday. morning. the last hour. 48 in the villages, 49 palm coast, 51 sanford, seminole county. hovering around 50 in volusia county, low to mid 50s across brevard, orange, osceola. you see 50s in the 51 in clermont, grab your jacket and pants are better than shorts. tell the kids. 24-hour temperature change,
6:31 am
chillier behind yesterday's front. scattered clouds around otherwise wall-to-wall sunshine throughout the day. here is the planet taking you through the day. of cool feel, noon, 61. this afternoon mid-sixties. into the evening hours, we drop off quickly. in the 50s by the time we hit 6:00. we will go county by county with changes in temperatures. and how windy it will be today. i have updated the computer model to show you that. we will get into the temperature changes for the upcoming weekend. getting closer. 6:31 am. let's see the cars with deneige. >> not a lot of crashes. i 4, colonial, toward downtown orlando. you can see lights on the road. typical volume.
6:32 am
a crash and winter park, aloma avenue, oak reserve lane, troopers have been able to get this to the side so it should not slow you down. you may still see them on the scene with their lights on. on top of breaking news in orange county. deputies say a personal spat turned into a carjacking and assault at a gas station. >> searching for two cars connected to one crime. kimberly eiten is live where investigators are gathering surveillance video. they know who they are looking for. >> reporter: it's not just from looking at the video which they tell me shows the crime but also from the victims who tell deputies they know the carjackers. investigators finished gathering evidence at the circle k on bonneville drive. they have already issued an alert for the cars tied to the credit orange county deputies say the victim, a man and woman, were driving to the gas station early this morning about 3:30. they stopped to pick up a third
6:33 am
the three got to the gas station, pumping gas, deputies say it was at that point the man pulled in behind them and two victims. while this was happening outside, the woman they picked up on the way to the circle k hopped into the driver seat and stole the car. this was not a random crime. the victims tell police they know both suspects and they them. deputies have alert on the cars is funny, a dodge charger and also honda accord. when we got here around 4 am for some victims walking around outside the gas station. injuries are very minor. we try to speak with the folks and gas station employees who saw the carjacking. none of them are saying much. we will continue to check with investigators as they try to track down the two suspects and we will ask if they found either people work either car. kimberly eiten, eyewitness news this morning. a 14-year-old girl hit in
6:34 am
for police to catch one of the suspects were told you that happened one from bethune- cookman yesterday. working watson and brother ricardo shot for co-people. -- 4 people. the fourth person shot close to someone murdered last year. watson is a suspect in the shooting as well. we spoke with one resident who said she woke up to the sound of gunshots. >> oh, my goodness and woke me up. i said, oh, my god what is going on and i saw everyone here running. >> this is the 14th shooting near bcu over the last year. a pair road a letter to the mayor asking what's being done that he never responded. we asked the same question and also did not get a response. 19-year-old rockledge man still in jail this morning after investigators say he shot up a home in cocoa. witnesses tell police they saw
6:35 am
the front of the home was it five times. a car parked nearby was also hit. scott says he cannot been the shooter because it -- he was not in the area. governor. rick scott could be donald trump's apprentice, speculation. people are talking about this rick scott is try to deflect speculation he maybe trumps running mate in the presidential elections. >> i am focusing on my job. i have three years left. hopefully we will see progress we have made. jobs are my priority now. >> the governor praised but has not endorsed trump in the past. a columnist listed him as one of five potential candidates for trump who won the nevada caucus. florida's primary march 15. a new nonpartisan congressional investigation claiming obama administration is not doing enough to prevent fraud and affordable care act.
6:36 am
office 7000 approved for that is despite questionable eligibility. department of health and human services was made aware of the problem but there's no plan to fix it. president obama says he is not backing down from digging a new justice. leaders are criticizing republicans for bowing to reject whomever he picks before he has named a nominee. senate majority leader and other republican say the apartment should be delayed until the next president takes office of the president says it will be hard to explain to the public that a qualified nominee is rejected simply because of political reasons. >> the easier thing to do is to give in to the most extreme voices within their party and stand pat and do nothing. but that is not our job. >> senate republicans leaders say they will be no confirmation hearings and no
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a major blow to his effort woman accused of killing her two-year-old daughter. the judge denied promotion to toss out statements you made to law enforcement. she's accused of beating her daughter to death and 2014. fry's attorneys argued she asked for a lawyer and the judge says her statements were made voluntarily. domestic violence victims the marion county avenue. safe ways to get away from abusers. the sheriff's office created a room at the marion county jail. it gives them a place where people can fill out injunctions against abuses under the watchful eye of deputies. the room has emergency escape routes they can use in case the person they are try to get away from shows up. there are toys, books and a television for kids. officials say nearly 2000 injunctions were filed last year. a look at the state pay to we bury the bodies of students at a reformed school is now one step closer to passing. the state senate unanimously voted in favor of the bill
6:38 am
exhumed bodies of students at dozier school for boys in marianna after former students made accusations of physical and sexual abuse. the school shut down in 2011. if passed, the bill will provide up to $7500 for funeral and burial expenses for each exhumed body. your drive and osceola county is one step closer to becoming easier. >> yesterday the expressway authority moved forward with plans to look for builders and designers to complete the beltway around the county. the project expectedly split in segments costing as much as $3 billion. officials say they want to get ready for the growing population. drivers safe the commute is frustrating. >> if you are trying to get someplace in a hurry, it's going to take you -- leave early because it will take longer. >> it could be a few years before construction actually starts. the project likely will not be finished for decades.
6:39 am
storms crossed over florida. three people were hurt when a tornado touched down in the panhandle. we were tracking though storms overnight. a ef three tornado touched down in escambia county. many residents without power. this is the second ef freak tornado to hit escambia county in 10 days. the same storm system blamed with killing three people in virginia. state of emergency declared there. several people are still believed to be trapped in rubble >> part of a storm bringing more tornadoes to the deep south because of the effects of el nio. to learn more about el nio go to and click on the el nio weather tab. good information there on the website. 6:39 am. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. . >> the band is gone. cool weather coming in here is brian. >> cool and windy today. winds 9 am, gusting up to 30 at
6:40 am
you see the persistent winds through the afternoon. lake wind advisory in effect for some gusts to about 30 pick it will be overall a good- looking day with a lot of sun and staying dry. volusia county, 65, ormond-by- the-sea, ormond beach, georgetown, daytona beach, temperatures around six. volusia county, 65, ormond-by- the-sea, ormond beach, georgetown, daytona beach, temperatures around 66. toward a color, temperatures around 66 eatonville, maitland, we will see temperatures in the 60s. fashion sq., mall, downtown orlando, temperatures in the mid-60s. tonight it will be chilly. we will track how much colder it will get tonight and the bigger temperature changes for the weekend. coming up at 6:47 am. 640, deneige. >> a great drive, only two dresses -- crashes, it was blocking a portion of the exit ramp but they had got into the side. you will see the potentially on scene make sure you move over.
6:41 am
reserve the same story. they got the crash to the side but should be on scene for the next few minutes. move over, give them extra room. nancy? if you're not familiar with instagram, it's described as they had the place of social media.. >> some use pictures of food, family and beloved pets to rip you off. information in your feed the crooks use to plan crimes. because of one viewer we listened to a phone call from someone lying about being with the irs to get your money. ahead, with the caller will say that will give away the scam. you will not see crews working where a man was killed along i 4 yesterday. coming up, what the contractor tells us while we asked if this is going to delay the massive i 4 ultimate project. before i.s.s. before huble. we built the most extraordinary machine. stand nose-to-nose with space shuttle atlantis. one of thousands of exciting
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6:44 am. construction stopped along i 4 where worker was hit and killed by a dump truck. we told you yesterday project managers decided to stop or along the 21 mile stretch of roadway until they could review protocols. eyewitness news is morning, janai norman is live where construction equipment was -- will sit unused. construction should not be delayed too much but they want was killed. >> reporter: this is the equipment that will not be used it will sit here without crews at least for today since worked came to a halt yesterday. we are asking how that could impact the massive i 4 ultimate project. the project director we spoke with yesterday has not set a date for when crews will be out working along i 4. wednesday morning, 34-year-old marvin franklin was run over as
6:46 am
operated a dump truck along the shoulder. >> the dump truck was making a delivery of sand to the area at the intersection of kennedy and one more. we have no other details at this time. >> reporter: osha is investigating the incident that brock -- brought work to a halt. we found out from director james brookshire they build in weather days and try to schedule for unexpected event so they do not it is waiting to delay the project. crews will not be back out until they are able to regroup. >> we will not go back to work until we are confident everybody has had proper training, focus and when we are sure we are ready we will go back to work. >> reporter: sgl contractures has 400 employees and 200 supervisors working on the i 4 ultimate project that at this point it is anticipated to wrap up and 5.5 years. we are looking at about fault 20 2021.
6:47 am
this morning. as you get ready to file taxes, one such a florida man wants to warn you about scammers pretending to be with the irs. we listened to a voicemail he got from someone claiming to be from the irs planning to file a lawsuit. he called back and said the person on the other end told him he owed thousands a back taxes. he even knew his name and address. he wants others to be aware in case you are worried about making mistakes on your form. >> it is really frightening. if i did something wrong, which i did not know, no one alerted me and i might be thinking that i owe money. >> the irs will never contact you by phone. we put the call on so you can actually listen to it. click on the raw video section of the home page. orange county drivers may have an easier time getting to intersections because of a
6:48 am
government paying to upgrade traffic lights. the orange county traffic management center is going to spend $3.3 million optimizing the commute times at 600 traffic signals but they will expand what is called the current adaptive signal system that uses a system of cameras and sensors to adapt traffic lights to the flow of traffic in real-time. >> this will allow us to expand on that signal system and replace the visual. >> changes will come but may take time. one of the requirements of the grant money is that all new installations have to be done by the county. 6:48 am. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. it will be chilly. >> beautiful and sunshine. more to a winter pattern. chilly nights. daytona beach picture, it said that cool. clouds in the distance. 50 degrees, winds out of the west northwest at 8 miles an hour. a chill in the air. we have 40s in the northern
6:49 am
back to palm coast all in the upper 40s. elsewhere, the gift -- 50 this point. winds coming in west northwesterly winds, drying winds but dusty as we go throughout the day. 24 palm coast, 20 clermont, there are gusts over 30 dilapidated satellite radar picture looking good. clouds offshore for the most of the part and we see dry day. if you are working outdoors, watch for some winds that will be with us. plenty of sun 62 at noon, mid- 60s this afternoon. nothing too cold yet. future track zooming through. clear skies with us for today. temperatures near lunch hour, still approaching 60 by 11:00. this afternoon, 4:00, temperatures in the mid-60s for many and then dropping quickly tonight. tonight more in the way the 40s
6:50 am
chillier by the time we have tomorrow morning. we could have 30s around. beaches, i know not many headed to the beach but choppy on the intercostal. if you have plans on the water waste today, gusty winds. 67, sun, you see the numbers. mid-sixties. upper 30s, low 40s northern tier. elsewhere, most mid-40s, cocoa beach. when i see you friday it will be cold. beautiful tomorrow low to mid 60s. five-day forecast where the weekend is always in view. on the screen, 68 after a cold start saturday. the weekend. sunday, near 73. on monday we will have some highs approaching 80 degrees. 6:50 am. looking at a crash with traffic tracker. >> this is not causing too many issues. heads up to aloma avenue, unpreserved lane, winter park, they have a crash to the site but since we have many people getting onto the road, we will
6:51 am
a quick shot of i 4, 436, typical volume from seminole county into orange county, no major issues. an app meant to help me some drivers control thermostats in cars has been disabled because of safety concerns. how one piece of information inside the car allowed a man in australia to take control, no matter where it is located. deputies looking for two cars tied to one carjacking at this orange county gas station. the clues they say will help them find the suspects. sovereign citizens claim our laws do not apply to them. 7 am, central florida's tv 27,
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too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. we have an update. investigators say the victims know the suspects. you asked them several times about the nature of that relationship. >> reporter: they do tell me they are not strangers.
6:55 am
of the suspects was riding in the victim's car when they pulled up to get gas here about 3:30 this morning. orange county deputies say a man pulled in behind them. the woman had been riding with them and stole their car. they do have alerts out on both cars this morning. they tell me there is surveillance video showing the crime. they have seeing if it lead them to the suspects and the cars they are looking for this morning. all right. that was kimberly eaton reporting there. representatives from nearly 50 companies including microsoft, facebook and apple
6:56 am
they discussed the social immediate -- media groups. cook said it would be bad for america if am were to comply with the fbi's demands. he as says he is prepared to take the issue to the u.s. supreme court. the republican presidential candidates will debate tonight. >> yes. they are taking front runner, donald trump. they believe there could be a bomb shell. >> when people don't want to give you their taxes it's because there's something they don't want you to see. >> trump says he pays a lot and the government wastes the money. trump said he will decide in the next few months if he will release his tax returns.
6:57 am
campaigning ahead of the primary on saturday. the polls show sanders is trailing clinton in the state. he left south carolina. nissan disabled an app to control heating and cooling from their homes. it showed it could control other people's cars they are recalling more than 54,000 transit wagons. most were sold in mexico. he says it is not aware of any accents or injuries. a fed exdriver who fell asleep at the wheel, his truck
6:58 am
road. one driver captured this video. at one point it slowed to under 5 miles per hour. when other drivers began yelling at the driver he sped up and went out of control. they eventually talked him into pulling into a near by parking lot. >> i think i save third-degree guy's life. >> they are look into the incident. one florida school district decided to move forward with the idea they very interchange railroad -- they can go to class 7:30 to 1:50 p.m. or start 8:30 a.m. to 2:50 p.m. without any busing. most here start between 7:00 and 7:30 in the morning.
6:59 am
facebook friends how much their posts annoy you. >> i will never use that for you ever. >> you want to be more positive facebook now has reaction buttons featuring several e several emojis. you can hover over the like button. mobile users can also use it by holding down the like button. we posted a video tutorial for you. that is also on our facebook page. we are here for you. >> yes. omg, lol. i'll stop. >> your kids are so proud. the weekend always in view. a chillier start to the day.
7:00 am
i'll see you today at noon. it is 6:59. we are off to a great start this morning. no crashes to report. pulling up this mera shot. seeing that congestion building towards the turnpike. no major issues. you may have heard about sovereign citizens, why their good morning, america. state of emergency. 53 tornadoes touch down from texas to virginia. at least eight dead as the outbreak rips apart homes. winds hit 83 miles an hour and a coast guard ship overturns trying to rescue a fishing boat. last chance, marco rubio and ted cruz fighting to stop donald trump's momentum ahead of tonight's big debate. >> if the donald wins the general election, who the heck knows what he'd do as president.


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