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tv   Eyewitness News Sunday at Noon  WFTV  February 28, 2016 12:00pm-12:29pm EST

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so they have special outfits and special ways of movements to represent the world. so they take from god and hand it to us. so they are the conveyors. altamonte springs police are investigating a murder near seminole state college we are asking about this investigation. >> we warmed up weekly after a chilly (phone ringing) you can't deal with something,
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but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already. this is stephanie august and she was arrested in the kidnapping of a two-month-old found in orlando. >> we have been following this since the amber alert yesterday. broward county investigators said the two-month-old was kidnapped friday night -- taken from a home in fort lauderdale.
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miles away on long road in the pro smart area of orlando. >> we are at the hospital where the child has been evaluated. julie, the suspect was arrested on multiple charges. >> yes, first the suspect was a person of interest but she has been arrested since then and she faces several charges. the two-month-old was brought here to arnold palmer to be checked out as a precaution. >> the broward county sheriff's office arrested stephanie augustin for burglary, kidnapping and aggravated child abuse. they found her and located the baby abandoned in orange county nearly 200 miles away from home. investigators say it started as a armed home invasion on friday when two suspects storm to the house and kidnapped the baby. >> a statewide amber alert was
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>> we reached out to dcf to see when the baby will be reunited with her mom and we are waiting to hear back. we will keep you posted. reporting live julie salomon channel9 news. >> ultima springs police are investing a murder. -- investigating a murder. they found his body in a parking lot last night. investigators say he was shot and killed. we will bring you an update as we learn more from police about the investigation. >> state tubers have made an arrest in a deadly crash that happened earlier -- we told you about this crash on americana boulevard. state troopers say a deputy tried to stop the drivers over for speeding but she drove off. state troopers said the driver ran a red light and hit a second car and the driver of
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>> the driver was arrested for a revoked license. investigators are still investigating. >> deputies are trying to figure out what led to the death of a missing boater -- the boater was found in lake eau claire wednesday. >> there was a sonar hit near the shore and they hovered around the area. the search crews worked through the choppy waters to find the body. >> the family of a middle school student is expected to speak out today after the 14- year-old was tased by a school resource officer. this happened during a fight at wolf lake middle school at apopka last peak three >> this of the officer did everything right -- we will let you know with the family has to say on the news at 10 and 11 three >> a rocket is expected to take off from cape canaveral tonight -- the third attempt after two
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of concerned about the liquid oxygen. the satellite will carry and a communications satellite into orbit. >> florida students are set to begin assessment this week -- they will take the writing portion starting tomorrow. the education department said the students took half take exams -- practice exams. we will be in contact and let you know if they experience any issues. >> tomorrow is a major milestone for the construction of the new orlando soccer stadium. take a look at the construction site -- you can see what is happening there. some of the walls are taking shape. tomorrow is ceremony will be held to commemorate the start of the installation of the infrastructure. the stadium is set to be finished in time for the 2017 season. >> don't forget our sister station tv 27 is the home of the soccer club and their matches. they open the new season a week
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download the app and checkout >> marina jurica says it is starting to warm up out therapy >> yes, what a great day to play soccer or any sport. can you believe we were in the 30s and 40s this morning and now almost in the 70s? mid-to upper 60s -- melbourne hit 71st today. don't worry, we are all getting there. heading into the afternoon we are looking at low to mid 70s and upper 60s to 70 along the coast and northeasterly winds 5- 15. third time's a charm. they will lunch today at 6:46. winds out of the east at five -- 10 miles an hour with variable clouds. we are looking at a 95% chance for it to to take off. let's keep our fingers crossed three >> beautiful weather at the beach -- if you have no their plans had to the coach.
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the 60s -- rip currents will be moderate so make sure to swim near a lifeguard station. >> as hillary clinton celebrated win in south carolina the republican campaign is heating up. the criticism donald trump is
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winter park police need your help finding a man they say could be behind two robberies. take a look at these photos from a mcdonald's near st. andrews boulevard. the man is wearing a hoodie. police say he robbed the restaurant saturday afternoon. police say the man wearing the same outfit robbed a clothing store the day before. >> in melbourne police are trying to get an arrest warrant for the woman they believed left a suspicious package in a movie theater -- an employee found the package at the premier oaks movie theater. police got a tip that led them to don laughlin who was pulled over and police say items found in her car winter to the incident. >> anyone who leaves behind a package of that nature -- clearly the intent was to scare the general public and the
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>> 150 customers work evacuated friday night. two nearby restaurants were also evacuated. >> filmmaker are taking a page out of one of the darkest movie. >> devil in the growth is a book that centers on the brooklyn four -- they were wrongfully arrested and convicted of raping a white girl in 1948. they reviewed the documents. spotlight. >> when you see the fbi's conclusion that these are the people involved it brings it all to life and that's one of the most important things -- don't rely on rumor or try to be speculative. it's all right there in the documents. >> earlier this month they made a proclamation apologizing to the families. the senator is now pushing to have the state formally exonerate them. >> you can see more of the interview with him in about 15
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at noon on channel9 three >> residents are seeing last crime in a community once played by shootings. a new initiative helping. >> i had white experts say over- the-counter treatments are no longer killing the superbug
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a young police officer in virginia was shot and killed on her first day on the job. she was sworn in on friday. she responded to a domestic call last night that turned into a shooting. another woman was killed and the other officers were shot but expected to survive. >> the suspect is in custody. his name is not been released.
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lead over bernie sanders in the south carolina primary. the candidates are gearing up for super tuesday. there are now questions about what path sanders will take it to win the nomination. >> thank you so much, south carolina!? >> [cheering and applause] >> this is what a victory speech looks like. >> tomorrow we go national. >> [cheering and applause] >> compare that to the concession speech -- >> on a given night sometimes you win and sometimes we lose. tonight we lost three >> sanders campaign hoping the voters will come to their rescue on tuesday. >> south carolina clinton to 39 pledged delegates compared to 14 for sanders. >> she is well ahead.
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delegates are up for grabs three >> we plan to win many of them. >> today clinton has two tennessee and arkansas and hopes to continue a sweep of the south. >> sanders is on to oklahoma and colorado hoping the crowds that have been turning up for his rallies show up to vote. >> that was david wright reporting. >> former president. bill clinton is in florida campaigning for his wife. primary yesterday. >> the top republican candidates are going after each other heading into two super tuesday -- marco rubio attacked donald trump in georgia this weekend calling him a con artist who flies around in
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latest poll trump is leading among florida republicans. >> just about two weeks away from the primary in florida and the officials say there is in a spike in the number of registered republicans. >> the total number of voters is just over 12 million and nearly 4.3 million are registered as republicans. the 2014 election had about 4.2 million republican voters around florida. >> florida fish and while of officials are calling the python challenge a huge success. they announced yesterday 106 pythons were caught. more than 1000 people from 29 states signed up for the hunt. >> one team caught 33 pythons in all -- also the largest python was 15 feet -- the team one $1000 doing something they
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>> it's heating up out there -- from the 30s and 40s -- most of us are almost in the 70s -- is a big difference. all of you that were complaining this morning -- look at this -- 70s -- beautiful -- sunshine. everyone. cold weather this morning for those that like chilly weather and warm weather this afternoon that's just beautiful. it is busy there -- we've got the food and wine festival near lake inola and also the farmers market -- a great day to head downtown -- northeast winds at 10 miles an hour and it feels good -- comfortable. the dew point on in the 30s and 40s. clear skies. but tonight we will see clouds increasing and we will be partly cloudy tomorrow. if you like to see the sunshine
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>> the high pressure moves toward the coastline and allows for a southeasterly flow to move in tonight. as it happens we will see a big warm up the next 48 hours. after a chilly start look at how nice we rebounded. >> upper 60s-700 -- warming up quickly -- over the last 24 hours we have seen a 9 degree temperature hike and the warming trend is starting. the wind speed is not too bad -- starting to pick up on the easterly flow at about 5-15 miles per hour and eventually that will completely here to a southeasterly flow and that is what we know the temperatures will start to move up. >> hour by hour -- nothing today -- tonight some clouds will roll in -- at midnight we will see partly dowdy skies will into monday morning and we will be looking at really cloudy skies. the next front comes in wednesday -- now ringing is a few showers and a little bit of fanfare pushing through.
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average high as 75 -- we will be close today and be in the low 80s by the middle of the week before the front pushes through and gradually chip away at the 70s heading toward the into the week. in orange county it looks beautiful. a lot of sunshine. 72 in apopka heading to winter garden and into john's lake as well as avalon lake 72, 74 downtown and 73. comfortable because the dew point are low. we are talking about 40s and 50s all across the area tonight -- a lot warmer than -- with the southeasterly flow. >> with your weekend and view a nice warm up any 30% chance of showers wednesday as we get cooler toward the into the week. >> darleen? >> experts are warning parents about a super bug version of lice three
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that said life -- lice is resistance to chemicals. the bucs are getting stronger. instead you should try a more natural methods like olive oil -- >> soak the hair in olive oil at night to make sure if there is anything microscopic that they don't have a chance to grow and hatch. >> the super lice recently showed up in titusville. officials say they've only had a few cases and it's not an outbreak. >> nasa astronaut scott kelly will head back to earth in two days. he has spent a total of 520 days in space on four different missions. >> once back on earth he will have to go through many tests. >> kelly says he's most excited to share a meal with his family again. >> i can't blame them.
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coming up how to help you get to the crowds and peak times. >> a big night for the news -- the stars will head to the red carpet for the academy awards. you can watch live coverage with anchors george estevez and ashley from the radio -- we will also have live coverage
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a woman in sanford encourages the community to support her efforts to spread awareness about gun violence. >> put your guns down, put your hands up -- this group saturday organized this rally. she founded the group when her brother was shot and killed in sanford after returning from afghanistan with a purple
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>> she plans to meet with the mayor of sanford to talk about ways to teach children how to settle arguments without using guns. >> in leesburg presidents are -- more patrolling in the neighborhood -- the police stepped up patrols in harbor heights and they worked with the city to demolish a good homes. more than 100 and been arrested since then. police want to connect with people living in the neighborhood to continue their efforts. >> a new pricing system is starting at disney's theme parks to help them out crowd that peak times three >> starting today guests can't see -- can see this on the website. the price will be determined on the day you plan to visit with the highest prices on the busiest days. the company said there will be pricing changes. >> marina jurica is in the severe weather center -- not a bad day to head to the park. >> not at all. it will be comfortable --
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getting into march -- the humidity levels will creep up -- let's take advantage of the fact that it's warm, not human. >> 53 tonight and mild -- 77 moving in for monday. 80s return to stay with the next cold front moving in wednesday with 30% chance of showers rolling in and we slowly get cooler for the rest of the week. the average high this time of year is 75. we are almost there today and we will exceed it for the rest of the five day. >> darleen? >> they queue for watching -- tune in tonight for the news at 6. until then, make it a great day.
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it was one of the darkest chapters and central florida history, the case of the groveland four. young black men accused and convicted of the rape of a white woman. today on central florida spotlight, more than 60 years later, new calls for the exoneration of those men who many believed were falsely accused. >> welcome to this week's


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