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tv   Eyewitness News 4  ABC  February 29, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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he was robbing the 9th place, and witnesses saw what was happening. the good samaritans chased him out of the store and he dropped his cell phone and they used the cell phone to track him down. and he is tauf streets -- off the streets. >> this caped criminal string of violent armed robberies as come to an end. >>reporter: the announcement came more than a month after the crime spree began. one of the first hold ups shows the man wearing a batman mask. this video shows the terror of the owner of the food mart faced. you can see him holding it this the same hand. investigators say a gun could have gun off accidentally and people could have been killed. deputies say not only did he demand cash, but also in some cases, robbed some of the employees of their belongings. .
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deal with the intervening and the lives of people like this individual. >>reporter: right now, he is in jail. deputies are trying to link him to four other crime scenes. at this point, we're working for eyewitness news at 5:00 to tell you the role heroin has played according to the deputies, in all of these robberies. live outside of the orange county sheriff's office, jorge estevez, channel 9 eyewitness news. breaking in the past 90 minutes, clermont police say they have not been able to find the suspect or suspects responsible for killing a man in a publix parking lot, they've been working the case nonstop. channel 9 anchor bob opsahl has been following the story and the police weren't the only ones talking today. >>reporter: the family was there, too, and they made an emotional plea for help. >> if you are a parent, out there, or anything out there, y'all would want to know what happened to your son.
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clermont police news conference, officials told us they finally located the white volkswagen that he was last seen driving on february 5th when he was gunned down in this publix parking lot. the car had been dumped and set on fire in oakland. today, the police chief urged the killer or killers to do the right thing. >> turn yourself in. we are making progress in this case, and narrowing down the investigation to possible suspects. we will identify you. locate you or arrest you and hold you accountable. >>reporter: jones's father said he and the family were hurting and that he couldn't get any closure until the person who took away his son is behind bars. crime line is offering up to $5,000 for information that leads to an arrest. and right now, we have a crew reviewing what else the family and investigators revealed about the victim and why he may have been targeted. we'll have that part of the story for you at 5:00. vanessa.
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investigators think they know the driver who hit a titusville boy on his bike and drove off. he has been released from the hospital and doing fine. titusville police gave him a new wiek and a hell -- bike can a helmet. the driver has yet to be charge sgld there are five more confirmed zika cases in florida, the total number of people infected in the state is 42. one case was found in broward county, the other three were discovered in miami-dade county. also a another pregnant woman infected, bringing the total number of pregnant women to four. it is important that we mention all of the zika cases in florida were contracted outside of the country. so far, zika virus has not affected our local mosquito poll lags, that is a concern for all of us. you can find everything you need to know about zika on the website. at this hour, a south
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learning more about the cousins accused of kidnapping her in an armed home invasion, if you have a smartphone, you saw the am bert alert over the weekend, tell thing everybody to be on the lookout, two months old. the infant was was traken from a broward county home and found two days late sxer 200 miles -- later and 200 miles away. more about the suspects captured in the case. >>reporter: it's touching video of mom and 2-month-old reunited sunday, days after the infant was taken at gunpoint in broward county friday night. mop's cousin stephen is behind bars on no bond. charged with kidnapping, aggravated assault and armed burglary. deputies say her 14-year-old accomplice had a gun, he's facing charges and in custody. he and augustine are cousin and she's related to his mom.
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motivated them to do this. >> everybody is in shock. everybody is in shock. >>reporter: the family lined up at the courthouse to show support, the family's connection to orange county is not known tonight, but orange county dep i thes found the baby and fhp tracked down augustine. channel 9 eyewitness news. within the past 30 minutes, state troopers released new video of the traffic stop that led to the arrest. we're reviewing that and new reaction coming in from the baby's aunt, and we'll have those developments at 5:00. and this afternoon, youth basketball coach and former mall bar council person is facing charges involving a charge. 51-year-old david wayne white is sitting in jail, in jefferson county, texas. the sheriff's office believes white was on his way to mexico. we're working to find out more about what he's accused of doing in brevard county. there is now a $1,000 reward if you can help orange county
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deputies catch the men who robbed a mcdonald's in broad daylight. they walked up to the counter at 9:00 a.m., the day after valentine's day. this is a good look at him. investigators say he threatened an employee, demanded cash, then ran off. investigators also released a sketch, the $1,000 reward is being offered through crime line. city leaders celebrated a big milestone today at the new stadium for orlando city, show the north wall of the stadium starting to take place, a few days out from the first game of the season. as channel 9 found out, not only will the new stadium enhance the neighborhood, it will help honor the community's history, too. >> that's the north wall behind me, that's starting to come together. soccer officials say over the next few week, you'll see it start to take shape more. >> it's just the beginning of the $460,000 on thes of steele
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>> that great side that everyone looks for, that they know we're actually building a stadium. >>reporter: team founder and president says 70% of the construction contracts they've given out have been to local companies and this summer, when construction is at its peak, he says the majority of the 500 workers will also be local. >> we're very, very proud of the contribution we're making to the community and working closely with the commissioner to make sure this is a big success. >>reporter: there is a push for residents and new local leaders to make sure that the stadium reflects the community around it. a par more advisory board has been meeting with the officials and residents to get input on the visuals honoring that partnership. >> inside the stadium, and on the outside of the stadium, to memorialize the people of pair more. >>reporter: he anticipates the
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its new home next march, with construction wrapping up well before around christmas. in orlando, channel 9 eyewitness news. the team now says it sold 48,000 tickets for the home opener and in an effort to fill the bowl again. 5,000 more than they had friday. we'll be monitoring their progress. you can tell your friends about the major milestone at the stadium by sharing this story from the wftv facebook page. right now, in orange and seminole county, work is slowly resuming after the death of a construction worker last week. on the shoulder near maitland boulevard wednesday. the entire 21 mile project came to a stop. so workers could be retrained in safety protocols could be reviewed. contractors hope to be full steam by the end of this week. now, to the major national story that we've been following, closely, out of virginia. >> the army staff sergeant accused of killing a police
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the death penalty. ronald hamilton shot three officers responding to his home yesterday. killing officer ashley guindon, one of the first shifts on the job. >> couldn't be any worse case than this. in my opinion. for a police officer, always call this an officer's worse nightmare to go to a routine call, and wind up dead. >> they say hamilton's wife was killed, the other two officers are expected to make a full recovery. this afternoon, the medical examiner is doing an autopsy on the body of a missing lake county boater to confirm how he died. 76-year-old william roebl's body was found on saturday. he disappeared while fishing. drivers used sonar to locate the body sfl after a year in space, jot kelly held a -- scott kelly held a change of ceremony. >> i would like to relinquish
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space station to my friend and colleague here, tim cop ra. >> kelly and a russian cosmo not all that time. it's part of nasa's's goal to make sure that people can survive a trip to mars. and walk through, they do a fly through. >> how about that. >> a lot of time. >> the man investigators say escaped his work release and ran off with his girlfriend and her toddler is back in jail this afternoon. >> coming up, why neither of them may be getting out of jail any time soon, the girlfriend was granted bond. a young father died on his first day as a pizza delivery driver, he was kit and killed by another driver. -- hit and killed by another driver. >> 23 years old. too young to die. >> ahead at 4:00, why that driver was allegedly running from the orange county deputies. >> and advertiseny prices are going up again, but some days will cost you more than others.
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days would be the best to visit. well, right now, fantastic weather, mid 70s across the
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vanessa echols and certified chief meteorologist tom terry. spending spring break at the happiest place on earth is going to yous cost you more this year, now that the disney ticket prices are going up again. >> disney announced the plan to charge visitors based on the time of the year and the special tiered pricing is about to go into effect. deneige broom asked the park goers if the prices will keep them away from the park. >>reporter: in just a few day, anyone wants to come to disney should check their calendar to
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this is brian's second trip to disney, it's more expensive now than when they were here 12 years ago. >> do what they have to do to make the business keep going. >>reporter: and ticket prices are about to go up again. we told you when they announced they'll be having different ticket prices. the lowest price, or valued price, the park will now offer lt during days with what they call regular pricing, the ticket will be $110 to magic kingdom, and during peak days, it will cost $124. >> i think we pay the price no matter what, just to make the family vacation. but you know, it is hard. i mean, it's expensive. but we do it any ways. >>reporter: disney officials say it could entice people to go during the slower periods, like the last week of august. it's the heart of hurricane season, also the cheapest option. let the potential visitors how
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>> maybe cut down on renting a car, and they're going to do a shuttle, maybe not go out to eat in the park. >>reporter: the first day the ticket prices will go up is on friday. channel 9 yns news. we have a more detailed break down of how the new ticket structure works on, click on the web links button on the right hand side of your screen. >> this afternoon, the navy sale received the highest honor from president barack obama. >> the rescue of a hostage in afghanistan. received the medal of honor in washington today. u.s. officials say he used hand to hand combat against taliban insurgents to help free an american hostage. they they say he used his own body to shield him from rounds fired. >> today is a rare opportunity for the american people to get a glimpse of a special breed of
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>> he is now only the 6th navy seal to receive the navy of honor. when he called his mom to tell her about this, can i go with you to the ceremony? >> absolutely. >> that is something. >> great service. well, it's chamber of commerce. >> yes, it is,s just beautiful. >> spring training starts today. >> e yeah, we have the braves tomorrow, lit be fantastic weather -- it will be fantastic weather. >> we've had this roller coaster ride, and tornado outbreaks, 28, 28 tornadoes in the state. this year. we've kind of dodged them all here in central florida, but it is still el nino season, still kind of watching things, but this week, we get just a little bit of a break from the severe weather. in the 70s along the coastline. 70 at new smyrna.
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a southerly flow and that is a warm flow tapping into the warmer subtropical regions to the south. winter park tonight, a great evening for a walk around central park. temperatures in the upper 60s can can down to the upper 50s, but not as chilly as the 40s and 50s we had earlier today. kissimmee, down by osceola heritage park, and into the remmington and the oak side subdivision, cypress reserve, temperatures in the mid #50s by 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. and enough humidity tonight to get some patchy fog, especially in the northwestern zones over in lake county, the plantation, golf community, scottish highlands, temperatures in the mid 50s, for leesburg, fashth tore the north and west. early warning future track, we take a look at lots of availables with future track, one of the things we'll keep track of is ground fog. also to the south, but pretty much scattered throughout the area in the morning as we fall into the upper 50s. satellite picture showing high clouds streaking through, making for a beautiful sunset here.
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temperatures for orlando tomorrow, there's that 80-degree mark. by 4:00. we'll be back in the low 80s across the area tomorrow. and you want a nice day for the beach, how about tomorrow. 76 degrees. water still a little challenging at 61. but there's low rip current risk. seminole county, for tomorrow. temperatures 82, long wood, lake mary, winter springs by the high school on the south side of the lake. look at the highs tomorrow, back in the 80s again. and we do have a another cold front that will be sweeping through the area on wednesday. the difference is we don't have a huge upper level storm system, cranking down all kinds of cold air, and lifting up -- dropping our temperatures, here's future track, you can see a couple of showers, flirting with the coast tomorrow, but we kept the rain chance out of the forecast. a little bit of a sea breeze going tomorrow. here comes the front, 10:00 a.m. on wednesday. passing showers only.
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out of flagler county, daytona, downtown orlando. it is gone. and then this front will be a weaker one, dropping temperatures a little bit, but not by much. here's your five-day forecast with you weekend always in view. how about 83 degrees with that isolated shower on wednesday morning and afternoon. and then we drop down a whopping 4 degrees to 79 on thursday. and then, 80 degrees for friday, heading into another fantastic weekend, and vanessa, we do start braves spring training and half hour. a youth softball league says in 30 years of playing, they've never had to pay osceola county facilities and can't afford a it. coming up, why parents may end up footing the county's bill instead. deputies say a driver trying to escape from them hit and killed a young father on his first day as a pizza delivery driver. next, what she was accused of doing on the roads right before the deputies tried to pull her over.
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volusia county now, a small but very fast moving wildfire is threatening structures in oak hill. we have sky witness 9 on the way to the scene and we'll have a live picture for you shortly here on eyewitness news. well, this next story is a tough one. a family has to explain to a little girl what happened to her father, now, that a driver running from deputies, is accused of hitting can killing him -- and killing him. roy ramos talked to the family today and the father was done with his first shift. >>reporter: he was on the way back to that domino's pizza where he was done with the deliveries for the night. he never made i back to work. and he never made it back to his 2-year-old daughter. >> this was my son's -- his life. this was his life, this is what he lived for. >>reporter: held up her 2-year-old granddaughter, lexie, as she told me how the toddler was the life of her 23-year-old
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troopers say he was killed early sunday morning, at the intersection of americana boulevard andion young parkway after a delivery on his first day of the job. >> this is his daughter that he was trying to do everything for. he had a lot of goals. >>reporter: unfortunately, his plans were cut short when troopers say 21-year-old -- fled from an orange county deputy following a traffic stop for speeding. >> going to revoke the bond. >>reporter: he faced an orange county judge this morning and was denied bond. i found she was driving with a revokeded license and should have never been behind the wheel. >> senseless, senseless, she murdered my son. >>reporter: we reached out to the sheriff's office who says the dep thety disengaged -- deputy disengaged and she reached speeds of 100 miles per hour. it was in the distance that deputies said he saw a cloud of smoke that was her crashing into that father's vehicle. >> he was 23 years old.
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here at the orange county jail with no bond, again, she does face a number of charges that include vehicular homicide and freeing from law enforcement. right now, we are looking into her driving record, and why her license was revoked, we'll have that part of the story on eyewitness news at 5:30. outside of the orange county jail, roy ramos, channel 9, eyewitness news. orange county is trying to crack down on heroin. >> new at 4:00, the warning one doctor had for orange county leaders about what heroin is doing to the people who have never touched the drug. tomorrow, florida voters will be watching closely as voters from 12 other states head to the polls for super tuesday. what they are doing to make sure they win as many of the statess as possible. >> and investigators say this couple spent weeks on the land with a 3-year-old boy. they're both behind bars, why the child's mother may have to
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know you can keep your financial big picture under control. know you can see how much you have to spend and whether you should transfer funds. know you can easily keep track of what you're putting away. and know you're budgeted for the
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news at 4:00, coverage you can count on. investigators say this woman brought along her 3-year-old son, when she helped her boyfriend escape his jail work release. >> there's fo reasonable amount -- [ inaudible ]. >> he's bind bars, with no bond, and we found out why she may not be getting out either. even though she has a $10,000 bond. the couple was on the run for weeks before finally being caught in kentucky. >> if you're watching eyewitness news at 11:00 last night, you saw the news break that both had been returned to volusia county. fast forward now to this afternoon and channel 9's blaine tolleson was this court. and neither had anything to say. >>reporter: very few words the couple on the run from u.s. marshals for three weeks in and out of the courtroom, for at least one of them, they will not be out of jail any time soon. gary was serving an 8 year prison sentence a few years left when he up and left his job
4:31 pm
program at the resort in daytona beach shores. >> [ inaudible ]. >>reporter: he was not given a bond. but his girlfriend was given a $10,000 bond, investigators say she helped cut off hiss gps monitor and ran away with him. she brought her 3-year-old son with them. >> her father told me zander is safe with relatives in pennsylvania. quickly and bullock were captured in kentucky, quigley's family told me natasha he her child hoon hood friend. bullock who had years left of his sentence will be looking up to 15 years in prison. >> quigley's father told me that she does not plan to bail her out of jail at this point, she is charged with aiding an escape. bullock faces several charges, including escape and
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tomorrow, we'll hear a plan from an orange county commissioner to durn a jail -- turn a jail work release facility into a shelter. only around 60 inmate s stay at the facility and the place can hold more than 300. clark says he wants the inmates out and the homeless in, especially during emergencys. it has been 30 minutes since we showed you how clermont police are asking for your help in solving a murder at the publix. they're one step closer to finding the victim who took him away from his family. >> a son, a big brother, a friended to many, and most importantly, a human being. >> andrew devon jones was killed in a publix parking lot. during the same weekend where 6 separate shootings across central florida killed several people. investigators say they found the vehicle he was last seen driving, torched and abandoned. we also just found out what the
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find the young man's killer, we'll have that update at 5:00. now, we're also staying on top of breaking news in slooush county, on -- volusia county, threatening structures in oak hill. we continue to monitor this and bring you a live update. a florida primary isn't until march 15th, but early voters started casting their ballots today. early voting centers started today. volusia, brevard county and marion countiess, start saturday march 5th. only voters who are already registered democratic or republicans. well, even though super tuesday does not include the state of florida, the front runners are turning their attention to the sunshine state. >> channel 9's christopher heath took a look at what hillary clinton and donald trump expect to gain tomorrow. what happens on tuesday will determine how many candidates are left by the time florida
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>> every candidate on both side say they're in for the long hall. right now, campaigns are circling states looking at the numbers and deciding where to put any last minute resources, for trump and hillary clinton leading big across the board. today, jabs flying. >> in florida, where he comes from, this guy couldn't be elected dogcatcher. >>reporter: in the last minute push better super tuesday. >> we are not going to allow a con artist. >>reporter: candidates covering as much ground as they can. >> the only campaign that can beat donald trump. >>reporter: the biggest day of the primary with voting in 12 states, 1610 delegates at stake. >> i don't think america has ever stopped being great. >>reporter: hillary clinton hoping to maintain her lead over bernie sanders, and pick up many of the 1015 delegates tomorrow. >> we can win the democratic nomination. >>reporter: on the republican
4:35 pm
ahead further we are the latest national poll showing 49% of republican voters would support him. >> get them out. get him out. >>reporter: the front runner today, brushing off protesters and the controversy, about his endorsement from form you are ku klux klan david duke. >> you condemn them and you don't want their support. >> i have to look at the group, i don't know what yup you're talking about. >> the only state on the map tomorrow that donald trump is not expected to win is texas. ted cruz is expected to win his home state -- without any delegate ts, if he doesn't secure the 20% of the vote. he's polling at 19% in texas. of course, greg andly be analyzing the result as they come in live on facebook tomorrow night, we'll be taking your questions, interacting with you tomorrow night. that starts at 9:00. greg and vanessa. the man accused in a fatal shooting in a colorado springs planned parenthood says he
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in the november -- pulling the trigger in the november a attack. >> do you have any guilt? >> no, i don't have any guilt. i'm in a war. >> robert lewis dear is facing 179 counts in the shooting that left three people dead. dear is undergoing a mental competency consolation, his anti-abortion beliefs are what led him to kill. >> i care about a lot of things, i care about innocent blood, the innocent blood of all of those babies killed, and they're selling the baby parts. that's a hol costocaust. >> the heroin traffic force heard disturbing predibss today that -- predicks today that heroin overdoses will increase this year. there was a meeting of the minds today to try to figure out what to do about it. channel 9's cathy belich was
4:37 pm
>>reporter: treatment facilities like this one on west gore street in orlando can help addics detox, so they can get further treatment, but the trick trying. the task force heard today from an addict who has been clean for a year, about what helped him. in the middle of the task force discussion today, about how the jail can help heroin addicts get help and how 700 first responder deputies are going to be supplied with the antidote. delivering sobering news that made the room fall silent. >> while he was talking, i got a notice that we had 25-year-old female, likely who died of overdose. >> r. >>reporter: today the medical exam naer's office says the preliminary total of heroin overdose deaths in orange county last year was 82. up from 75 in 2014.
4:38 pm
2179 heroin addicts last year, the ones that admitted to it. one week a ago on february 22nd, 391 held at the jail. the jail is working out a plan to coax them into treatment if they stay long enough to detox. and to give options to those who leave sooner. today, a recovering heroin addict told the task force that one year ago, he was living in his car, looking for his next fix. >> it was like having a big hug on the inside and no fear of anything, and just a really -- you just felt good. for the first time i felt normal. >>reporter: and until he hit rock bottom, and had to face his childhood with an alcoholic mother who abandoned him and an alcoholic father who physically abused him, he believes it's a miracle he lived to tell his story today. and the task force wants to hear more stories like his, and
4:39 pm
heroin overdose deaths. reporting live in orange county, channel 9 eyewitness news. marion county is asking its residents to approve a temporary sales tax increase to help with some public safety needs. the county wants to buy new equipment for law enforcement, fire rescue and ems, it's also seeking money for transportation road projects. the increase will be on the presidential primary ballot march 15th. great news for driver, gas prices are at a 12-year low, according to aaa. auto club says driving to work and back home costs 60-70 cents less compared to the same time last year. the average cost of gas in orlando is now $1.64 in daytona beach, it's $1.74. a gallon of regular has not been this low since 2004. weather researchers from across the country are joining forces to try to keep people
4:40 pm
the south. 40 experts are participating in vortex southeast. they also will look into whether the southern landscape can actually intensify a storm. well, very soon, ucf student also have access to a new green house, this is a picture of the 1,000 square foot glass facility. the original one was dismantled in 2005. the green house will grow plants for distribution across campus. workers will also cultivate threatened and endangered plants, a ribbon cutting ceremony is march 25th. new evidence reveals michigan authorities knew something was wrong with flint's water, since october of 2014. we've told you flint's residents were exposed to dangerously high levels of lead. after the city switched to river water, to save money. now, new e-mails reveal that authorities knew there were issues with the water six months after that switch. officials say they only had preliminary concerns back then. and didn't know there was that
4:41 pm
school officials say they can't afford to give students healthier lunch options. >> coming up at 4:00, who they are hoping can cover the costs so the students can keep the healthier options. the breeze is along the coast, on sky witness on the scene of a fire. in oak hill. you can see the smoke trailing up wind. >> osceola county could give sports teams a break to use these fields, why some leagues
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4:44 pm
stocks finished lower on wall street today as more companies released the fourth quarter earnings reports, the dow tumbled 143 points, nasdaq and the s & p troped 15 and change.
4:45 pm
big increases how n how much they pay to use fields the county is considering a discounted amount for some. one league is worried they won't be able to afford the new increase. >>. >>reporter: osceola softball has taken the field for 30 years, but they worry that they may not be able the play here because of if fees. the county approved a new set of field fees last year, that could run up to 65 hour t. the county went back to the drawing board and ro posing reduced rates, non-profits would pay between $7-14 an hour, other leagues would pay more. but david allen still doesn't know how his teams will play. >> this league that we run, is provides quite a service to the county. >>reporter: the county says the
4:46 pm
fields can be upwards of 70s an hour. that includes things like staff, equipment and lighting. >> during a workshop today, several commissioners expressed support for the new reduced fee schedule. supporters say it helps the county cover costs, while giving teams time to budget. other commissioners felt the reduction was too generous, noting taxpayers have been left with the bill for years. >> probably have to raise the fees but we would also have to increase our fund raising. >>reporter: david says that's probably easier said than done. but he's not giving up. michael la part, channel 9 eyewitness news. the city library may be expanded to 20,000 square feet. to pay for the design and permits, right now, the facility is just 9200 square feet, new facility would have more meeting
4:47 pm
it will be easier to buy food through wick, it will require states to transition from paper vouchers to len trokic cards. -- electronic cards. the wick program targets women with children under 5. despite all the hype and controversy, the oscars hit a low. >> i wouldn't get this job if they fom nominated hosts. >> the lack of diversity in this year's nominees head on, calling hollywood racist. it was a big night for leonardo dicaprio, he won best with actor. and he got a little political in his speech, too. >> climate change is real, it is happening right now, it is the most urgent threat facing our entire species.
4:48 pm
440,000 tweets per minute on twitter. the most tweeted moment of an oscar ever. well, we're following breaking news in volusia county, sky witness 9 now over the scene, just arriving at this, fast-moving fire in oak hill, a lot of smoke and you can see the flames there and there's plenty of dry brush. you can see how close when we widen out, this fire is to some structure, homes, mobile hopes in the area of highlander drive and brooks circle. no word on what sparked this fire. this is an example of why they do prien burns so they can help take out the underbrush, you have the winds and this fire. and some folks there are very concerned. tom, you're monitoring this. >> yeah, doppler radar does a good job. the smoke particles, they're targets and our radar bounces off and comes back. it looks light like right lain only it will the light rain, you can tell that it's a fire as
4:49 pm
right along highlander drive and north brooks circle. and you can see the smoke that trails all the way up to the north. back here is a time lapse for you, you can see a plume of smoke that's moved off the coast. but we'll keep an eye on that. the winds are not all that strong right now. but it's a beautiful day. there's that east wind at 7 and daytona beach, boy, oh boy, what a great weekend weather-wise, just perfect. and we have a lot of dry weather for all of your outdoor plans. maybe you like it warmer, we'll take care of you this week. temperatures back if the 80s starts tomorrow. beautiful weather tomorrow, 70s if you're heading towards the coast. 61, the water temperature at daytona, 66 off cocoa beach, some of the flattest surf that you're going to get here in the winter, generally, we have so many fronts coming through, and high pressure building down, the waves picking up, that it's hard to get a flat surf like that here in the winter season. right now, we're at 75 degree thes in sanford. 76 in clermont, and in towards downtown orlando, winter
4:50 pm
you, temperatures are right around 60 degrees at midnight. very pleasant. overnight tonight, elsewhere, kissimmee, 53. 55 orlando. we'll be in the upper 40s for apopka, winter park, 57 and generally very, very nice. maine county, some of the coolest -- marion county, some of the coolest temperatures, patchy areas of fog for you. 40ss to low 50s, not too shabby. satellite and doppler radar, showing a weak storm system out in the gulf of mexico, just kind of fizzling out. letting off these high plumes of clouds, but nothing stopping our braves-orioles spring training opener at the espn wild world of sports. 80 degrees right on the nose. so it's going to be very, very nice at first pitch there. from mount dora, temperatures for you, if you're antiquing tomorrow, in the upper 6 o 0s to 80 degrees, in brevard county, a gorgeous day.
4:51 pm
82 clermont, and 82 in winter haven, we do have a couple of cold fronts on the map, on wednesday morning, with an isolated shower. another one on friday. but for the most part, this nice weather. five-day forecast with you weekend always in view, 83 degrees on wednesday. 79 on thursday. and then we're back to a fantastic weekend, of course, we have the season opener for orlando city, soccer, that's going to be at the citrus bowl, they are trying to fill up the bowl. you can watch it on tv 27, live, home of orlando city. >> what a great week for the weather, a lot to do outside, too. brand new for 5:00, a brevard county youth basketball coach accused of child molestation is in jail after trying to flee to mexico and now the investigators are looking for more victims. new for 5:00, what we found when we checked into the suspect's past. also, new for 5:00, a former longwood police chief convicted of bribery, what the judge told the man just before he handed down the sentence. and next at 4:00, what
4:52 pm
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this afternoon, new concerns that the new nutrition rules the federal government has handed down for your child's school lunch, may vanish as quickly as they appeared. >> following this for us, school districts say they can't afford to meet these healthier goals. >>reporter: officials say if congress doesn't chip in to help cover the cost, students won't be the only once losing out, school employees could be losing their jobs. every day, 30 million children in central florida, and nationwide, eat school lunches, for some, it's the only nutritious meal they get and now the school lunch association wants washington to chip in an extra 35 cents per meal. >> i'm a mom and i think when i go to the grocery store, how much it costs to buy fruits and vegetables, healthy foods, it costs money to eat well.
4:56 pm
directors say that extra money would help cover increasing food and operating costs. those new guidelines are costing schools 3 billion dollar extra year. >> they're reducing their menu options to children, people are losing their jobs, it means there are fewer hands to do more work. >> now schools could just charge more for meal s, but a federal audit last year, founded that higher pricing discouraged students from buying school lunch. all together. and at this point, congress has no plans to hear any bill that sets aside more money for school lunches. greg. all right. thank you, martha. an emotional plea for answers. >> always want to know, what happened to your son. >> new for 5:00, the family's message for the person who murdered the 21-year-old. >> and we're learning more about the kidnapping of a south florida baby found safe in
4:57 pm
recorded during one suspect's arrest. >> and we've been on scene for about ten minutes with sky witness 9. checking to see if any structures are in danger, we'll update you during eyewitness
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
this is channel 9 eyewitness news at 5:00. coverage you can count on. >> tonight, a local family is asking for your help to find the person who shot and killed this young man in a publix parking lot. >> there's a murderer out there. it could be your kid. what if it was your child out there? >> what the police say they don't have many leads or any a motive for the crime that played out at a busy store. if you were watching at 4:00, you heard andrew jones's father says their family won't rest until they get justice found dead in the parking lot of the store near state road 50 in clermont.
5:00 pm
myrt, the police chief is urging anyone with any information to come forward. >>reporter: yeah, police say right now, there's a killer on the loose, and today, during a news conference, here, at the clermont city center, the family as well as police urged anybody in the community who knows anything to help them identify this person so they can get them behind bars. >> he didn't deserve what happened. >>reporter: it was an emotional afternoon at the clermont city center during today's police news conference. family members held pictures of andrew devon jones. as they pleaded with the community for help. >> please come forward, help the police out. >>reporter: police say they finally found the car, the victim was last seen driving, but it was a shell of itself. >> the white 2012 volkswagen cc, recovered in a wooded area, in the town of oakland, bind poll lack park, and was torched. >>reporter: so far, the police say they don't have a lot to go


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