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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 6am  ABC  March 2, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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the final results came in overnight on the super tuesday primary when the votes -- what the both mean for candidates moving forward 6 am, wednesday, 6 am, wednesday, march 2. >>where the weekend is always in view. -- we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. why do i introduce you? >> let's get started with shields . >> it's formal. morning. a look at temperatures and cocoa beach, 50 degrees orlando, 64 clermont, comfortable this morning. 60 degrees as we get toward daytona beach shores ormond beach, 64 in palm coast. spots over 20 degrees warmer marion county, in the 30s at this hour. 22 degrees warmer and it will be a warm day. you see cloud cover working on. there is a front to the north of us but not a lot with it as it drops in a slight chance of
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will be just about it for today. not a big temperature drop with it. through the day, near 80 degrees. seminole county, winter springs mid to upper 70s by the time we hit noon and this afternoon near 80 and pleasant this evening. in the mid-70s after that and coming up we will track bigger temperature changes on the way plus it is going to get chilly tonight. 6:01 am a check of your drive with deneige . >> along the 408, no issues pulling up the camera, downtown orlando approaching i 4 ramps looking good. noticing construction crews out there for nothing to slow you down. we have a crash lancaster road at orange blossom trail. it has a partial roadblock and you can get through but i noticed some slowdowns in the area and i will let you know if they and the closing down anymore lanes causing a need for an alternate peer overnight, a juvenile died at a local hospital from a
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police are investigating exactly what happened. >> eyewitness news is morning's janai norman live where police were overnight and it is up the street from seminole high school. >> reporter: 90, short walk from the air with cameras captured a massive crime scene. police gathered evidence and looking into how the juvenile wound up dead from a gunshot wound. at this point investigators have not released much information about what they had me found out or what they know so far but here is what we have gathered in the last few hours. when the police got a call around 8:25 tuesday evening from central florida regional hospital and that is where they found a juvenile was brought in with a gunshot wound. we're making calls to police to find out whether that means someone who knows the juvenile drove him there the police tell us that juvenile has since died. and when we spoke to police they said they were at home on highline avenue gathering information but have not said which home are what led them here but they say we should get more information later this morning. we will continue to check on that an update you here on air as we learn more about the juvenile. live in sumner county, janai
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morning. also overnight, the orange county sheriff's office says one of the deputies was taken to orlando regional medical center following a crash where his car overturned. look, you see deputies suv wound up on the roof. that is unless kelly park road near plymouth-sorrento road late last night. it followed a crash with a pickup. deputy suffered minor injuries and florida highway patrol is investigating exactly what happened. votes counted it was not winner takes all for any presidential candidates on super tuesday just as predicted clinton and drop came out on top but not with the sweeping wins predicted before the polls opened. eyewitness news is morning kimberly eiten is breaking down the outcomes for us and rivals on both sides are still try to slow down the front runners. >> reporter: nancy, it was a trump takeover with clinton holding just as much ground on the democratic side. both won seven states and enough to keep them on the leaderboard but not enough to
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he won the south and he won the northeast but all eyes were on florida last night as donald trump turned a press conference into a victory speech. he won big aunt super tuesday. eyewitness news was there as he took the podium, declaring war across party lines. >> i will go after one person, hillary clinton. >> reporter: before facing off against clinton and the november general election have to worry about his republican opponent who won small victories yesterday. ted cruz claimed his home state of texas and oklahoma and alaska. marco rubio won minnesota. >> i want to congratulate on the winning of texas, he worked hard on it. i know it was a very tough night for marco rubio. he had a tough night but he worked hard. >> reporter: even where he lost, trump still won. showing strength in the four states that when two other candidates. clinton also gave up 4 states to her opponent bernie sanders. >> it's not winner take all.
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going to win many hundreds of delegates. >> reporter: with the numbers in the scoring that will not be enough to knock clinton off course to her party's nomination. >> thank you all so much. what a super tuesday. >> reporter: both clinton and trump are now gearing up for florida's primary on march 15 with trump schedule for a campaign rally at ucf is saturday. at 5:30 -- excuse me, 6:30 looking at for the republican front-runner and why a party nomination may not be enough to get him to the white house. jamie? florida primary is not until march 15 but of course early voting is already underway in orange and lake county's early voting kicks off saturday and seminole, volusia, brevard and marion counties. only voters who are registered democrats are -- or republicans are allowed to vote in the primary to coverage on air and online for the full results from super
6:06 am and click on the super tuesday button on the home page go a murder suspect will go before a judge later today. rayshad mincey booked a volusia county gel overnight on the murder of a 28-year-old jarrod swinton. just after 6:30 last night and argument ended with mincey shooting swinton in the chest speculator died at the hospital. ms. he took off the police arrested him a couple of hours later. -- >> one media.the story and we had a picture of the suspect, family members contacted police and arranged for the suspect to surrender. >> investigators still do not know what the argument was about that led to the murder. ucf will have a critical meeting with the board of governors that will determine campus. the school is expected to pitch the plans for approval this afternoon. the project got a $3 million donation yesterday from dr. phillips charities the the largest private donations so far that the president tells us the project cannot move forward without another $20 million from the state.
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can propose to find the project but -- and fund the project but i don't foresee is going forward without significant state funding. >> reporter: the project hit a major roadblock last year with governor. rick scott be towing funding so far the school has raised 60 million out of the $20 million needed. we will let you know what the board of governors has at 4:00 to today the state senate is expected consider a proposal that will revamp florida's death penalty system. as we have told you the us supreme court ruled the current system unconstitutional because it gives judges too much power in opposing death sentences that the measure requiring at least 10 jurors recommend the death penalty before the sentence is imposed. the house has passed its version of the bill. orange county, and eight- year-old is in the hospital in critical condition after nearly drowning. deputies say the boy scout a fence before trying to cross the canal and fell 10 feet into the water. investigators say the boy has -- his brother and possible other child while the way home from riverside elementary when
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near for city roads. this happened yesterday and deputies say the boy's brother yelled for help and another child pulled him to safety precautions a bill that will give local school districts the option of using alternative standardized tests instead of the fsa is not going to the full senate for a vote. yesterday a state senate panel approved a measure that will let school district switch from the fsa to test like the sat or the act. you may remember last year the fsa was plagued with technical problems. city leaders and ocoee have delayed approving a controversial charter school with land that could be billed on. planning and zoning committee member owns the land the charter school usa want to build on. ocoee resident file the complaint saying west has something to gain from the sale of the land and therefore should not be a part of the zoning discussion. west said he was cleared to participate in the discussion and did not take part in the boat to 6:10 am we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. certified meteorologist brian
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center 9 . cool air is coming in. >> we will see that tonight as the front arrives. cold front to the northwest of us. not a lot of green with it. possible, sprinkles moving in. extra cloud cover. a decent day on the way. as far as freezing temperatures go, the latest, of reason orlando march 17, 1916. it is possible this time of year. we are starting to turn the corner overall on temperatures and we don't have anything near freezing in the forecast. downtown orlando, 82, union park, valencia, temperatures in the low 80s today. a few passing sprinkles and then tonight down in the 40s and 50s. coming up, we will track front number two just before the weekend. 6:09 am deneige. >> skywitness 9 over orange blossom trail at lancaster and it is blocking one northbound lane. i have noticed cars i've been able to get through and make
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mind you will notice them and they may need to block off of another lane to get the vehicle out. live traffic tracker, aggression cocoa partial road block at camp road and separate, another crash popped up. 33rd street, before 17. one lane is blocked you can get through but keep in mind they will need to direct you around the one lane closure. more oil platforms could end up in the gulf of mexico. the new laws that will make it easier for oil companies to drill the waters off the florida coast to how social media is helping police find the person who posted a picture of a dog with a smile taped shut --. smith scott kelly on mother earth after 340 days in space. >> his next mission on the
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jamie holmes, 6:13 am. a look of new jersey this morning where a severe storm forecast has prompted royal caribbean to cut another voyage shirt -- short there for the anthem of the seas. the same cruise ship that sailed into an atlantic storm earlier this month forcing passengers to hunker down in rooms. this is important again. posted to home. the project of weather and traffic every 10 minutes. >> that ship has been through a lot. orange county home to a pilot program for the department of juvenile justice and keeping boys out of the justice system. several boys enrolled in the snap program which stands for stop, now and plan. between six and 11 mac and have
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that they meet once per week over 13 weeks to role-play scenarios and help boys learn appropriate responses and reactions in high stress situations. a mother tells us she is already seen improvement in her son's behavior. >> we use the snap program. i say okay you're getting mad we will use snap . >> orange county sought more than 3800 kids last year between ages 10 and 17 brought into the juvenile system landing it in the top five per capita in the state. program leaders hope to have two more sessions this year having a total of 21 kids and their families -- and families the orange county mother says bowling drove her daughter to try to commit suicide has plan to transfer to another school. the woman who wanted to remain anonymous says last week her 13- year-old daughter tried to overdose on pills at may the middle school pic she says she has been telling the school district about the bullying for months and says the district would not do anything. the district would not comment
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accused of lying to investigators about her son's disappearance is scheduled to be sentenced this friday picked 21-month-old lonzie barton disappeared last summer and was later found dead in november the mother's boyfriend ruben ebron admitted it to bearing the child after seeing the boy drowned in a bathtub. lot's mother, lonna barton, accepted a plea deal on charges of child neglect and lied to police the market could receive up to five years in prison. another woman is suing a local massage business over what she says happened with a therapist that the alleged victim says she decided to come forward after hearing winter garden police charged caesar guerrero was sexual battery for an assault at a massage at the pic she says she was touched inappropriately by him at a massage place in winter park. three victims suing the same business. the state has put the restriction on the man's license which does not allow him to work with email clients. downtown orlando paris,
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fighting to give leaders geographic preference for magnet schools that hillcrest elementary and howard middle school schools are set to become a new schools but parents with students currently zoned for those schools want them to be given preference to attend. they plan to show up and forced to a meeting at the district headquarters on april 14 to make their case. covering brevard county this morning, nasa's getting ready for the unmanned test flight that will bring them a step closer to a mission to mars. >> yesterday, we got a look at the rocket boosters that will carry the space launch system and the orion spacecraft into orbit for the 2018 exploration mission. the test flight will lift off from launch complex 30 9b and take orion thousands of miles beyond the moon on a three-week mission. on friday spacex is going to try for the fifth time to launch a communications satellite from cape canaveral air force station. yesterday's launch was granted due to high altitude wind shears pick spacex also try to land the first stage of the companies falcon 9 rocket on a drone ship. that is a harder task. when the conditions are currently 65 percent favorable
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the time is the charm. >> i know it. >> it's not easy. >> right now us astronaut scott kelly is back on earth after his unprecedented year- long mission in space for nasa. >> speaking of not easy the next part of the mission gets underway. you can see him being removed from a capsule in kazakhstan before midnight. he and two cosmonauts landed . kelly has been -- spent 340 days in space to test the ability of a human to survive. his body will be compared to his twin brother peter will go through a multitude of test. mark kelly, his brother, they will be a test subject to what you have for breakfast after one year in space? >> ovaltine. >> i would have the biggest plate of bacon ever. >> sausage, bacon, eggs, waffles.
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>> what do you 900 years old. downtown orlando, 50 degrees deltona, 63 winds pulling out of the south and numbers in the 50s and 60s. mile the start this week not that we are deep into the week with 65 cocoa beach, 61 technical, merritt island, 63 mount dora back to the villages and running in the low 60s across osceola county. there are the winds out of the southwest and west and it will be breezy today ahead of the front and as the front works in. we are going to see clouds and the outlook for today. there is applied to the north. there was severe weather toward the atlanta area yesterday but all that has weakened we will be dry today. there could be a couple sprinkles. no huge issue. that will view -- be a few extra clouds late morning, early afternoon at the front arrives but temperature, 76 at noon, well into the 70s as we
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9 am, future track, top right corner, a few patches of clouds but not a lot of green a bullet or two with a chance of a passing sprinkle and clearing out tonight and chillier tonight. when i see you tomorrow morning. at the beaches, moderate chop on the intercostal because winds picking up it will see gusts 20-25 throughout the day. weak front with sprinkles temperatures around 81, the mix of 70s and 80s and a little bit cooler flagler county around 74 and palm coast, 80 degrees clermont. kissimmee, 82 today. tonight, a mix of 40s and 50s around, spring valley altamonte springs, sanford, low 50s so a sweatshirt start tomorrow but tomorrow, gorgeous day and mostly sunny skies and again, more 70s and 80s and the outlook for our thursday. five-day forecast where the weekend is always in view., friday a mini front arrives again a few speckles friday,
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is off slightly by saturday, 78 saturday. 80 degrees on sunday. our time is 6:20 am here is deneige. >> skywitness 9 over a crash orange blossom trail , lancaster locking one n. up -- ballet. traffic able to get through the crash. move over for them. live traffic tracker, we have a crash in sanford with a partial roadblock. 23rd st., near 417 you have the block to get through. you will need to get around the crash. jamie? prescription drugs can cause cancer patients thousands of dollars. by health officials say so much of the drugs are simply thrown in the trash pickers police are try to learn more about a fatal shooting coming up, what investigators know about the juvenile who died at the hospital from a gunshot wound. people get perturbed and don't want to deal with it. they don't come this way. >> why shopowners in daytona beach claim the city for
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624 local shops suing the city claiming a road project number them out of the business.
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avenue forces city to detour traffic of the street. shopowners also said the city shut off utilities and eclectic basic services like trash pickup. >> this is how i eat. this is how i feed my family. >> we are doing that now. if we keep doing the business like this, i think we will have to close. >> the orange avenue project is expected to wrap up late this summer pick disturbing image has caused a firestorm on social media a picture of a dog with its mouth taped shut. >> people using twitter make sure daytona beach police saw the picture. whomever is responsible for this could face animal cruelty charges. in december you may remember a dog owner and south daytona was arrested in a similar case. she said she'd take the dog's mouth for a few minutes because he would not stop working pick she was allowed to keep the dog because animal control said
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many county commissioners working on a new ordinance that could create an animal abuse registry. that would be similar to florida's database for sex offenders except this will animal cruelty cases. if it passes, it will be called molly's law named after a dog that was nearly beaten to death with a baseball bat by her owner. >> marion county has good reason to be concerned with the whereabouts of convicted animal abusers and the dangers to the community associated with the link between violence toward animals and violence toward humans. >> mali recovered from her injuries in fact she was at yesterday's commission meeting. commissioners will talk about the possible ordinance next month. orange county commissioners want to find a way to get homeless people off the streets. >> why leaders say homeless shelters are not a permanent solution in this problems. >> the juvenile died overnight at a hospital from a gunshot wound. for 6:30 we are asking about the evidence police gathered at a home locks from seminole high school peer tracking of front moving in and we will track changes of
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your time is 6:30 am on this beautiful morning and downtown orlando. look at your screen. a beautiful sky right now. 58 degrees, a warmer start than what we have seen. it will be warmer day ahead. >>we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. deneige broom watching the roads. certified meteorologist brian shields is here. >> nice temperatures with us this morning. as the front moves and there will be more clouds as a weak front arrives but just a few sprinkles and that is it. near 81. pleasant temperatures and a milder start. look at the temperatures as you had her, 50s and 60s around and 58 degrees in orlando, conway, union park, 63 sanford and deland into de leon springs, sensible, through daytona beach come a ponce inlet temperatures about 60 and 61 in ocala. extra clouds around the front to the north. not a lot to the front. it is weakening. you see the rain in georgia. look what happens as it gets closer.
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a couple sprinkles but not more than that as we get into the late morning, early afternoon hours. a couple extra clouds, deltona, 77 at noon, 78 by 2:00, nice this evening and we will drop off into the low to mid 70s by the time we hit 6:00. it will get chilly or for tonight we will track that and then in this half hour, a second front on the way that will give us temperature impacts for the weekend. we woke up and -- cover that as well. going on 631 -- cover that as well. going on 6:31 am here is deneige. >> i 4, orange blossom trail. looking good in both eastbound and westbound directions at this spot. the commute looks like a difficult -- typical tried time. orange blossom trail lancaster road at orange blossom trail northbound lane of obt is blocked off for a crash and you can get around but keep that in mind. word from skywitness 9 of a
6:32 am
nancy? overnight, juvenile is dead from a gunshot wound and police are investigating how it happened. >> they were gathering evidence along highland avenue zephyr near him -- seminole high. that is where janai norman is live. we do not know much about the victim. >> reporter: we have spoken with police in the last six hours as they were investigating a home on highland avenue but they would not say whether it was a male or female or the juveniles age. during the phone conversation, we confirmed police got a call around 8:25 last night from central florida were regional hospital that a teenager was brought in with a gunshot wound. we will ask what brought them out to the area and how they learned it could be connected to what happened but cameras captured crime scene tape -- tape investigators late into the night and we learned the juvenile has since died. police say they are planning to release more information later this morning so i will keep an eye out for that but we are waiting to start seeing
6:33 am
talk with them to see if they know anything more about what happened here yesterday evening. live in sumner county, janai norman eyewitness news this morning. >> only eyewitness news is hearing from the girlfriend who of a man who was killed by palm bay with police during a standoff. it happened yesterday at her home on mariposa drive where they live together quickly said the 39-year-old man rentokil construction workers and pointed the gun at officers but they also say he had ammunition in his pocket and his girlfriend tells us he suffers from a mental illness and was wounded in the military. >> people did not want to do their jobs the right way and give me a chance to do -- to talk to the man i love and try to save his life. >> police say the corporal jason mccoy by the shot and the man's name has not been released for we checked with a brevard county jail overnight and a man accused of hitting an eight- year-old boy and speeding off is still in jail. dasean hill was riding his bike along alpine lane and titusville when he was hit last week. yesterday investigators arrested 73-year-old thomas
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police say he had conflicting accounts of what happened and even tried to claim had no memory. he is being held on a $15,000 bond. orange county leaders working on new solutions to try to get the homeless off the streets. we were at the commission meeting where mayor asked commissioners to find homeless families a place to live. right now the county is looking for a permanent solutions like low income housing instead of something temporary like a shelter. we spoke with a mother of four who says she is being kicked out of her third shelter. >> looking for jobs go to the library, take the kids to the park, but there's nothing you can do. >> statistics discussed yesterday shows 77 percent of all orange county families are one emergency away from being homeless. that is because more than 60 percent of their income goes to write the -- goes to register a winter garden mom help police catch a man who exposed
6:35 am
three times that she saw suspect winston garwood in december. she helped investigators get a sketch of them. she caught him in january and on sunday she says he was there a third time and this time she says she stayed on the phone with 911 until police arrived and caught him. >> this is a family place and i cannot stop but wonder if he has children around or if he is abusing someone else. >> garwood and is serving five years probation in september for a similar incident in deltona that his family tells the season this is the we will be in touch with orange county deputies to ask if they know why america was just arrested allegedly killed two people outside the florida mall. johnson appeared before judge yesterday. investigators say he shot and killed 20-year-old andrew garland and 90-year-old samuel destined outside of the jcpenney figures charged with two counts of her third-degree
6:36 am
a grand jury in volusia county is indicted a man on a fatal shooting that happened last month. 23-year-old lamont postell shot johnson who was a student at bethune-cookman university. he also injured two others at indigo lakes clubhouse but according to detectives said they said he was involved in a fight before the shooting peer staying on top of the daily updates from the state health department about the spread of zika. two more cases were reported in miami-dade county yesterday. it brought the total to 44 in the state. 4 of those are pregnant women pic officials have not disclosed where in florida the women list. but they say all the patients who were infected became sick while out-of-state. the zika virus is not in the local mosquito population so far. we have good information for you when it comes to the zika virus. to find everything you need to know head to and click on the news tab and zika virus the surgeon general of florida who recently went to dc to talk about zika may be out of a job. despite support from governor.
6:37 am
postpone a vote to keep him as surgeon general. some question his performance including how he's handled the spread of hiv in the state peer the aclu is asking the state supreme court to review a ruling allowing a 24-hour waiting period for abortions. an appeals court lifted an injunction on the law last week which means that waiting period cannot go into effect the governor. scott signed it into law last year and the aclu has filed a lawsuit claiming the law violates privacy rights in the state constitution. we are hearing from a home builder in georgia who says they are taking zero responsibility for a so-called defective homes in west orange county. action 9 was the first to show you cracked stucco, water damaged than homeowners call improperly installed floor beams. the county says 88 of the 140,000 homeowners complained. they complain that the builder used in proctor building methods and they want to make
6:38 am
you may see emergency crews near the airport but don't worry, several law enforcement agencies and emergency response emergency response exercise per the airport will be open as usual but some local roads will be affected and traffic should be back to normal by 3:00. 6:37 am we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. here is brian with a warmer day. >> near 80 today even with a front that will be moving in. it is a weak front. yesterday, last night the severe weather toward the atlanta area but you see the line of rain how it falls apart so nothing more than a few sprinkles. we will see extra clouds as the front arrives. a good day moving in pic 78 daytona beach, daytona beach shores, toward ormond beach, same. breakaway trail, port orange temperatures in the 70s to near 80. deltona. back in orange county,
6:39 am
vista, windermere, 83 ocoee and oakland and osceola county toward kissimmee, brighton lakes, temperatures in the low 80s. 82 poinciana, so la veta, 83 in st. cloud. tonight chillier, temperatures tonight will get down into the 40s and 50s. coming up, front number two on the way for friday and the changes it will bring us this weekend. 638 here's deneige. >> skywitness 9 over a new crash 436 northbound howl branch road, and overturned truck in the right lane blocked off. keep in mind we may see slowdowns over the next 30 minutes as they try to clear it out. live traffic tracker, a crash in sanford blocking off a portion of 25th st. near 417. one lane is blocked. you should be able to get through.
6:40 am
i-95 a crash, no indications of lanes blocks peer a big piece of land in orlando used as a bombing range. >> what will be built on the land even though developers did not want to take the risk. >> reporter: front runners stumbling but super tuesday still calling it a big win. why him as one party in a panic.
6:41 am
the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today.
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6:43 am. the race to the white house soldiers on for two candidates who took home predictable winds this -- wins is to say. >> showdown come november's general election. i assume this morning commute in is breaking down why this race may have gotten tougher for trump and the republican party. >> reporter: trump is
6:44 am
tuesday. partners quality of the day the republican party ruptured. >> he may be the republican front-runner but he is not the nevertheless, donald trump's takeover of the gop was only supercharged by seven victories on super tuesday. not a sweep, but it enough win for the presidential candidate to pull ahead of his republican opponents and set-asides across the party lines. >> i made a fire. once we get all of this finished , i'm going to go after one person, hillary clinton. >> reporter: but even as he steamrolled through the south and northeast, the new york billionaire could be steering uphill. polls show in a matchup against rival clinton, trump will lose but republicans marco rubio or ted cruz could have a chance at the white house if they face off against the democrats front- runner. rubio won minnesota yesterday. cruz claimed his home state of texas and alaska and oklahoma. asking voters to now think of
6:45 am
>> soul up as the field remains divided, donald trump's path to the nomination remains more likely and that would be a disaster for republicans. >> reporter: on saturday that path will bring him through orlando eyewitness news will be there as trump campaigns on the ucf campus. and as the republican party decides whether or not to throw its weight behind the man who may represent the party in november's general election. both trump and clinton are heavily campaigning in florida 15. on the top hour, tv 27, why experts a clinton cannot be stopped even after falling short of super tuesday predictions. vanessa? complete election coverage on air and online for the full results from super tuesday, head to our website and click on the super tuesday button on our homepage the
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soon be built near make -- lake nona on land that was once used to test bombs. the plot of land behind odyssey middle school has warning signs on it. we have done stories of the years of old bonds that have been recovered, some are still able one decade ago. district refuses to bull there -- build their 4000 homes going up on the lan and some residents say they're worried about safety. >> i knew there was a bomb range somewhere but i never thought that my elected officials would allow for a development on a former bomb range. >> officials say they have the most qualified team in the country to ensure the site is cleared. city approved the project saying orlando's population is expected to jump 24 percent of the next 15 years the we know when the next hearing over pay raises for seminole county teachers will be. the seminole county teachers union will meet with the judge and the school district on
6:47 am
hearing over pay raises for seminole county teachers will be. the seminole county teachers union will meet with the judge and the school district on march 31. the last offered the district gave teachers before reaching an impasse was a 2 1/4 percent raise but even after a judge makes a recommendation, the school board could make a different decision. today city leaders and tavares are expected to decide if they will at the county for funding or the city to expand the library. the library is 9200 ft.2 and officials want to get more than $200,000 to pay for the design and permits to expand to 20,000 ft.2. the new facility will include meeting rooms as well as a room for more. >> reporter: the the undersecretary of the us department of agriculture was in orange county to see the healthier menu being offered in public schools in the area. undersecretary visited his high school yesterday to receive the districts menu. in 2010, the healthy hunger free kids act made schools add an extra serving of fruit and vegetables limited the amount of salt and each may appear the orlando police department has officially named one of their new forces. it was not much of a stretch. >> this is mr. george iii, the horse.
6:48 am
george and mr. george ii. we were there and downtown orlando public store which is sponsoring the horse. the horses named after the founder, jordan jenkins. >> publix store feels like the police department does a lot for us so we want to do what we can for them. >> what are you laughing at? >> mr. george iii is named after founder of publics grocery store george jenkins picking up where mr. george reflected left off who passed away in november. >> oh, my god you are crying. >> we have the giggles. >> she is crying. >> you are not talking. i will handle the rest of the newscast. get yourself together.
6:49 am
use the extra cloud cover, temperature check, 58 winds of the south at 5 miles an hour. and again, that is why i do not use teleprompter. 50s and 60s, 50 orlando, 61 and titusville, 60 daytona beach, 64 as we swing toward palm coast and the hammock it is the mother started winds alike, pulling and out of the southwest and west and it will be easy as we go throughout the day. -- it will be breezy. you see extra clouds because of the front to the north and that is going to be dropping in as we go throughout the day. a couple sprinkles with it. that is it. mainly dry today. good-looking, 78 at noon, and still this afternoon we will have low 80s around. 9 am, timeframe top right corner of the screen, stopping at lunchtime. you see a blip of green on the map and that is that small chance of a sprinkle that would be a through the early afternoon and 6:00, generally, clearing skies for the nice tonight but it will be chilly. at the beach is a low moderate risk of rip currents but
6:50 am
intercostal because of the breeze in the low tide this morning, high tide early afternoon. water temperatures in the 60s but it went today, the weak front with sprinkles 70s and 80s, 70 daytona beach, 83 degrees today osceola county, st. cloud. tonight, partly cloudy skies, 54 degrees in orlando. 53 into kissimmee. over toward brighton lakes. crescent lake, temperatures in the low 50s but switched weather tomorrow morning. tomorrow night stay, 70s and 80s again, plenty of sunshine in the forecast for our thursday. five-day forecast where the weekend is always in view. by the time we hit friday was another mini front working and again a few speckles, temperatures around 80 as slight drop-off on saturday. back to 70 degrees on saturday. pretty weekend. great days. near 80 on sunday and overnight lows running in the 50s. it is 6:50 am. a check of the drive before the
6:51 am
>> skywitness 9 overseen of 436 northbound approaching howl branch road. a tow truck has got on scene so they will move it out of the way. of right lane blocked that has not slowed things down. move over to the left. live traffic tracker, in case you are leaving the brevard county area on i-95 planning to head into indian river county, all lanes of i-95 are blocked just south of the brevard county line. use u.s. 1 as the alternate if you plan to head in that direction pickers the legal structure -- struggle over cell phone babylon to a terrace is heating up why federal agents prefer to apple's security measures as a vicious guard dog that is hurting national security. asking police about the juvenile that died overnight in the hospital from a gunshot wound. ahead, bringing you a to the neighborhood at the center of the investigation p luxury condo renters claiming that cause -- lost thousands to a landlord who
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
sanford police are investigating how a juvenile wound of dead from a gun shot wound. they gathered evidence from a home.
6:55 am
have been calling police to find out what exactly led them to that area. >> reporter: we are right by the high school where we have seen about a half dozen school buss where last night it was full of crime scene investigators and yellow tape after police got a call that a juvenile showed up at hospital with a gun shot wound. police haven't said which house they were at or why they live it's connected. when we spoke to the police she wouldn't confirm if the juvenile is male or female but said the juvenile has since died. they will release more information later but in the meantime we are trying to talk to neighbors. we haven't seen to many out and about. when we get a chance we will update you with any new information on tv27. reporting live. eyewitness news this morning. a bill that would regulate
6:56 am
fracking has been withdrawn. it's the practice of drilling and injecting water, sand or chemicals in to underground rock to increase oil and gas production. the proposal has faced strong opposition. the bill is most likely dead. two proposal that would is have meant major change to the gambling industry are likely dead. one of them would have let slot machines across much the state, the other would have created a deal to add craps and roulett es to casinos. the debate over i-phone security has deadlocked in the courts. apple and the fbi are still at odds over the fbi's request over access to the california shooter. apple has refused saying the security in place is critical to protecting your privacy. fbi director called apple's
6:57 am
keeping them from learning more about terrorists. both sides agree it's up to congress to set boundaries for who can legally access your digital information. there could soon be more oil and gas drilling done along the gulf coast. the united states government will open nearly 45 million acres in the gulf to oil and natural gas development later this month. unlike on shore production production in the gulf is on its way to setting a record in 2017. higher prices for cancer medications aren't the only reason that cost insurance and patients so much. researchers in new york estimate that nearly three billion dollars in cancer medications will be wasted. it found [inaudible] in the nuts vials that contain more medicine than what patients use. most of the time the extra is thrown out. the orlando city soccer
6:58 am
selling out the citrus bowl. they held a tail gate party last night. fans the got to mingl with the players and coaches. they predict predicted a sold out crowd on the first game on sunday. one person you say not see is the newest player. he is expected to arrive on friday. he was sign ised two weeks ago but has been dealing with the red tape of switching leagues. the coach said it's to soon for him to play on sunday. and the second mls campaign starts at 1:30 sunday on central florida's tv27. you can watch it at 6:30 on friday night. also on tv27. your home for orlando city. and new this morning the numbers are out and automakers saw a big boost in sales in february. last month they rose 7% over
6:59 am
vehicles. one factor, super bowl ads on super bowl sunday website visits were four times higher than any other sunday in all of 2015. you may be saving money the next time you send a letter because i can't believe this, the price of a stamp is about to go down. >> prices are going down. amazing. next month the price of a stamp will drop from 49-cents to 47- cents. in 2014 the post office temporarily increased the price to help bring in 4.6 billion dollars. the last time the cost of a stamp went down was 1919. >> wow. we check weather and traffic every ten minutes. brian shields in severe weather center nine. >> the front moving in today a couple extra clouds but a good date of you may run into a sprinkle or two. beautiful tomorrow, 82 and another mini front friday that will drop us off into the 70s. that weekend forecast still looking great.
7:00 am
we still have a crash in sanford with a partial roadblock at 25th street near 417. this is a heads up for anyone planning to take i-95 south is of brevard county. you have all lanes blocked. you will need to take united states 1. many tenants complained about getting their deposits back a landlord accused of keeping thousands from rent es good morning, america. donald trump and hillary clinton in command. winning big on super tuesday. >> we're just having a celebration. >> the gop front-runner raquets up victories in seven states. ted cruz takes three looking to stop the billionaire from making history. >> that would be a disaster for republicans. >> and marco rubio promises to fight to the end. >> the presidency of the united


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