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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 5am  ABC  March 3, 2016 5:00am-5:29am EST

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>> khloe which , lesson learned. >> is it over? >> i think it's over. >> it's gone. i wasn't prepared for that one. >> i wasn't either. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> need a kleenex. >> gross. right now and eyewitness news is morning, a little girl is dead after getting her hands on the gun pit a man accused of leaving it within reach is sitting in jail. we are like as he prepares to go before a judge this morning to quit the deadline is here for daytona beach in volusia county leaders to have a plan.
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right now to house the homeless. good morning. your time right now 5 am on this thursday, march 3, jamie holmes. you look a little different this morning. >> i was in the sun a little bit longer yesterday. >> still had some. >> jamie is out -- still handsome. >> jamie is out sick today. we want to get a check of brine in the forecast. >> chilly and warm again. a few 40s around this morning. 46 degrees in ocala, 56 now orlando, 55 titusville. best bet, a sweatshirt this morning but you will need it -- not needed by the afternoon. spots up to 10 or 50 degrees cooler behind yesterday's front. extra clouds and we will see that today partly cloudy skies as we go throughout the day. orange county, mccoy elementary, said 72 at 10:00 and warm by the afternoon. by lunchtime, 78 and then we get some 80s returning to the
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80s once we hit the afternoon 81 at 2:00, 82 at 4:00, and nice this evening by 6:00, temperatures around 78. let's go county by county, city by city with temperatures for today, palm coast at 76 and deland about 80. 82 today leesburg, 83 in kissimmee and we are going to stay on the dry side with partly cloudy skies and there is a front to the northwest of us that is going to drop in by the time we get into tonight so coming up we will track that front and we are going to take a look at the big city comparison between orlando in chicago and we will have that ahead. our time right now 502 5:02 am thursday morning drive. here is deneige. >> i 4, we have construction eastbound i-40 pound ivanhoe -- i-40 spell, ivanhoe, left- hand lane is blocked is it -- not slowed things down. another spot of construction for 17 northbound
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road you have the left lane blocked and they should be picking up cones within the next hour i will let you know if anything pops up. a convicted felon will face a judge on charges he did not safely store a firearm allowing a six-year-old girl to find it and accidentally shoot herself at this time yesterday we were live on the air on highland avenue sanford where police say it happened before the girl later died at the hospital. janai norman continues outside the seminole county jail. that man is being held without bond. >> reporter: 35-year-old erik williams is charged with child neglect with great bodily harm and for unsafe storage of a firearm. the charge of possession of a firearm by a felon has kept him behind bars. neighbors on highland avenue described six-year-old a'letha burke as of bubbly, smiling vivacious child. >> she was cute, funny ambitious, had a lot of energy. >> reporter: sanford lycie alisa found a gun similar to this one under a couch and
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they say the gun the sword -- belonged. williams. after the little girl shot herself in the shoulder williams never called 911 and instead as we reported this time yesterday, police got a call from central florida were regional hospital about what happened in hours later, officers arrested williams. >> i'm sure he's remorseful right now no one knows what he's going through except for him and god. >> reporter: williams is scheduled to see a judge at 1:30 this afternoon and 45:30 we're finding out more about williams from people who know him in looking at the new plants by police to keep another tragedy like this from happening again. live in seminole county, janai norman, eyewitness news this morning. . sanford police chief called it preventable and wants to make sure it does not haven't of the children so the office is holding a free gun safety class for families next week it starts at 4:00 less -- next wednesday sanford police
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cell phone video showing a bloody competition between orlando police officer in homeless man. both men are going at it. it happened last august. police officer. james wilson first spoke to terry johnson who is homeless after getting a trespassing call and this morning we found out the officer in the video was given a verbal reprimand for being unprofessional when he first approached johnson. we spoke to a homeless advocate about the video. >> these are people and they should not be treated like animals. >> johnson was found not guilty of battery on a law enforcement officer but we found he is back in jail accused of battery on a different law enforcement officer. dina kupfer volusia county leaders to decide on a plan for homeless shelter today they will vote on agreement with daytona beach. eyewitness news is morning kimberly eiten has been following the story since the homeless problem shut down a
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they do not want to drag out the process and longer. >> reporter: nancy, last time they met they said they want to agree on some kind of plan. they do not want to have to extend this march 3 deadline so this morning county leaders will meet here at the administration building and then this afternoon they will take a vote first, they will hear other options on funding for the homeless. under the current proposal for a joint homeless shelter with daytona beach, the county would not pay operating cost but it would offer $4 million to build a shelter and give either land or an existing building. from there that the city of daytona beach takes over. it would have to start moving within three years and paid to run the shelter. last night city commissioners talked about how to cover those costs up to $400,000 per year. you may remember last month a growing homeless problem outside accounting services building forced leaders to come up with this plan that camp on beech street grew more than 100 people sleeping on sidewalks outside the building and even shut down watch office. police dismantle the camera
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scrambling to make a decision. and of course we will be there as leaders vote on that land this afternoon and you can find updates on our website or on our free wftv mobile app and we will keep you updated on eyewitness news at 4:00. live in volusia county, kimberly eiten, eyewitness news this morning. orange county is also dealing with homelessness and leaders are now reviewing a report on better ways to combat the problem. the 15 page report said the county can do a better job. targeting money to get people off the streets. they recommend sending funds to rapid reality rather than emergency shelters. the orange county commission on homeless is that the report is what local officials say stay here. >> i think when it's an inside -- done the report will be helpful as we move forward. >> orange county spends $7.7 million per year on homeless programs.
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with two dui convictions has been arrested again after being involved in a hit-and-run crash sending one person to the hospital. investigators say this 54-year- old staley jones caused a 3 yard dash car crash on grodin wrote eue gallie blvd. last night i meant to call. one driver is expected to recover and police a joseph breath test showed he was twice the legal limit and now he's in the brevard county jail. a number of republican candidates for president may be shrinking and doctor ben carson says he will not attend tonight's debate because he sees no passport into the nomination. in central florida, supporters of donald trump claimed they had been physically attacked. this woman was standing on doctor phillips blvd. yesterday holding a sign with someone hit her with a cup of ice coffee. the low left a wealth and she's worried about the violence. >> when i see hillary clinton's supporters waving their signs and i think they are nuts but i do not think
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. >> the orange county sheriff's office is investigating that incident and another reported attack from earlier this week. donald trump will hold a campaign rally at ucf on saturday that will attract thousands of supporters. demonstrations promised to get kyle clark says she is expecting nearly 500 protesters to join her. >> they want to show they don't want trump in office and they want to protest that. we don't want violence, no rude comments, no physical threats. >> ucf leaders say they will release a plan on how they plan to do with the rally. for the democrats, hillary clinton hosted a star-studded fundraiser at new york city's radio city music hall last night. katie peary, elton john performed. bernie sanders is on his way to candace this morning and is expected to talk about his plans to make public colleges and universities tuition free. fsa testing will continue at schools all over florida
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district leaders say they have not had any major issues. orange county had a minor problem on monday when three schools did not have enough -- enough test. desoto county three schools had to deal with coaches and computer labs and you may remember last year the computerized test was plagued with technical problems that may have been the target of cyber hacking. 5:09 am. we check weather and traffic every ten minutes. here is brian. >> take a look at that. look at chicago today. snow moving in. temperatures in the 30s for us. it will be warm afternoon temperatures around 82 degrees. pretty big difference depending on where you are across the country this time of year as we get close to the spring season. volusia county, in the 80s and 80 degrees deland, 78 in daytona beach, and we swing back to orange county, you see temperatures running in the 80s. up to 84 and downtown orlando. it is going to be warm and there are the low to mid 80s osceola county, 84 today harmony and holopaw. a few extra clouds every now and then. not a big issue.
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move in and that is with our next front and we will track that front ahead on future track. our time is 5:10 am. did -- deneige. >> new smyrna beach, a crash popped up glen cove road at glenn haven street and we have partial roadblock. you will not need an alternate at this point but i will let you know if they need to shut down anymore lanes to the area. volusia county, a spot of construction i-95 southbound pioneer trail, a left leg is blocked and in orange county, for 17 northbound at narcoossee road, also one lane blocked off for construction. nancy? an eight-year-old boy is still in a coma this morning after nearly drowning on his walk home from school. the change crews make to protect other kids from the canal the boy fell into. florida's foster care to get millions of dollars but what else is desperately needed to help to put children in
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. good morning i'm nancy alvarez. is alive look of downtown orlando right now at 5:14 am on this thursday morning, 56 degrees out there right now.
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can expect for the rest of the day. we will have a full check of the weather and traffic every ten minutes. hearing about problems at orange county new multimillion dollar trash service. overstay haulers are tearing open the yard waste bags and leaving behind a mess. we saw these paperbacks emptied and thrown back in a yard and actually called crews tossing a plastic plant pot into someone's for your. a local lawncare serviceman tells me it is such an issue he now also wait yard waste for his customers but he's having two races cost. >> they go out and take it and we go to the top of the hill and put it out and it is a separated or whatnot but it is yard debris. as long as it is your degree they are fine with the. >> the county spokesperson tells us leaving behind a mess is not allowed in service issues we caught on camera will be addressed with the haulers. firefighters are continuing to keep an eye on hotspots from a massive fire in volusia county near the seminole county line. look at this video from
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yesterday near posting. crews tell us the fire was a prescribed burn and added it is now complete and they also said there will be some smoke in the areas of drivers should use caution. human remains that we found on the side of a road in daytona beach are being sent to the university of north texas forensic experts so they can help identify them. we told you last month when a piece of a skull and bones were found off read john road. deputies believe the remains could belong to 56-year-old adolph great vanished from the jail in 2014. it could take up to six months to identify the remains. this morning the florida teenager accused of pretending to be a doctor is back in jail facing new charges. 18-year-old malachi love robinson was originally charged last month for practicing without a license but on tuesday he was arrested on fraud and grand theft charges. investigators are used in patients banking information to pay $35,000 toward his car loans.
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that before he could be released on bond, he has to undergo a mental health evaluation. ucf's plan for a downtown orlando campus has been given the go-ahead to go to the state legislature for funding. yesterday, the state university board of governors voted to approve a less expensive version of the plan governor. scott vetoed last summer. this one relies on private donations, money from ucf, and $20 million from the state. the next step is for the legislature to decide whether to put that money in next year's budget. -- >> we prove that you can rate -- rays accesses still keep quality at a very high level and acceptable cost. >> the university says it wants to see the plan passed the full legislature before setting a groundbreaking date. the project is supposed to be finished in time for the fall of 20 finished in time for the fall of 2018. sunrail is in better numbers. the company says ridership was up in february but that is not
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they claim the number of people boarding the trains with bikes is also increasing. the company's on-time performance is facing some challenges but overall, it still remains high. despite being pushed back one year, sunrail's expansion to osceola county should break ground next month. we told you the service was supposed to be up and running by 2017 but it is now been delayed until last -- at least 20 cubic the state working contracts is getting -- taking longer than expected. disney fans, big news this morning, next month, disney's animal kingdom will debut its first ever nighttime show. teams have been working on the rivers of light show for about three years now. the production will happen on discovery river at the parks asia section. the theme will be centered around an agent lantern festival featuring for animal >> guides. the show premieres friday, april 22. looks awesome. >> 5:18 am >> the wisdom? >> what happened to him? >> i do not know . >> i'm just wondering. i did not do a thing.
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>> take it away. downtown orlando, looking over lake eola, 59 winds out of the north at 6 miles an hour. sunrise at 648 in the sunset at sunrise at 648 in the sunset at 6:27 pm. taking you through the morning with the numbers again. getting chilly have a sweatshirt this morning or a light jacket 46 now in ocala, 58 my friends and separate, lake mary, heathrow, into the -- the various other volusia county, 66 cocoa beach. winds available now, generally out of the north. i checked in on visibility and no trouble. later today winds turn to the south we send that will keep us warm is still some cloud cover around. we look a partly cloudy for today. our next front back to the northwest of us, that is going to drop in tonight and early tomorrow. a slight chance of a shower with it. for today, the mix of sun and clouds with good temperatures, 70 at noon, 81 at 2:00 and 82 by the time we at 4:00. this is 9 am, here's your
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to the day you see patches of clouds every now and again. we are looking okay. it is going to be a good day but by a very early tomorrow morning, you see a couple of showers popping up that just kind of sweet in and when i see you tomorrow morning at this time, and then after that we will clear out with more sunshine, decreasing clouds for our friday afternoon. at the beaches, air temperatures in the 70s, water temperatures 50s. seas 2 to 3 feet and just a moderate chop on the intracoastal. partly cloudy, a warm afternoon and temperatures around 82, 83 kissimmee, 80 titusville and beautiful merritt island and kazakhstan , 76 in palm coast. tonight, a 20 percent chance of a very late shower working in and 50s, 60s on the way for tonight. tomorrow, in the morning, and early shower but that is it and a nice friday afternoon. five-day forecast where the weekend is always in view. 78 degrees for tomorrow, than the weekend looking gorgeous. orlando city on sunday, 78 degrees.
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lows this weekend in the 50s. it is 5:20 am. time for deneige. >> we do have a couple of things going on. starting off right here in orange county, i 4 here at ivanhoe, you do have an eastbound lane locked off because of construction. you can see the arrow patient picking up the coast within about the next hour. have not noticed it causing issues. pulling up light traffic tracker, we also have a crash new smyrna beach, glen cove road, right at glenn haven street. partial roadblock through their company i will let you know if you need alternate. nancy? orange county school employee is getting her old job back. what she posted on her personal facebook page that cause the district to wrongfully reassign her. plus coming up a man in jail accused of leaving a gun where a little girl could get to it before she accidentally shot and killed itself. new plans have -- police have to keep this tragedy from happening again. i'm not happy about it.
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of mount dora will see a big
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5:24 am.
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mark and said he was scheduled to die thursday, march 17, but yesterday the high court push the execution back until lawmakers decide on changes to the states that sentencing process. here's some jacksonville and was condemned to 1987 for murdering two men. residence in mount dora say -- may soon see a price hike in water bills. leaders said they needed 25 percent increase because the cash reserves were low and they have to fund water and sewer operations. they are looking into spreading the increase out over the next few years in effect later this month, an average family of four would have to pay about seven dollars more per month. >> $60 a month on average at our house. we use very little city water. >> it is quite a bit for us retired people. >> the city says why water rates could go up, electric rates are going down about six dollars per month.
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system could see $22 million but money is not the only thing needed. last year we told you new stricter laws created to protect children resulted in more children being removed from their homes. committee partnership for florida which covers volusia, flagler and putnam county says money is not the only issue the organization says it also needs more foster parents. -- >> where more kids coming in that we can accommodate and that really makes our current foster parents have to go over capacity. >> if you are considering becoming a foster parent was still have questions about what it entails, we have a lot of information for you, go to /web links. central florida congressman allison -- alan grayson is missing support for his race to win the open seat in the senate. yesterday president obama and they are backing congress murphy. they -- they called for grayson to drop out of the race amid ethics violations. or the visit -- an investigation as you say both grayson and murphy are running to fill the seat being vacated by marco rubio. orlando's police chief
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what his officers are doing on the job. the reason he is not able to put god -- body cameras are more officers. the owner of the gun a six- year-old girl used to accidentally shoot herself is behind bars. coming up, what people know him are telling us as he prepares to face a judge. tracking the cool start this morning. 5:26 am. today it's florida flatbread with fresh tomatoes and bell peppers. let's start by spreading olive oil and garlic on our flatbread. then we add cheese; but what really makes this dish special are the florida bell peppers, and juicy tomatoes. when the cheese is melted
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just cut and serve. and that's how easily florida flatbread with tomato and sweet bell peppers can become a meal time favorite. look for the fresh from florida label when you shop. remember, delicious is always
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5:30 am here is a live look of downtown orlando right now on this thursday morning, 56 it will be warm. the full check of the forecast coming up also track the -- deneige checking the roads for us . we are missing someone. we are sad. >> it's very sad. >> the chair if india makes me sad but we will get through it. >> we will. i don't know if he will but we will. >> i hope he is okay.


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