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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 530am  ABC  March 3, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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5:30 am here is a live look of downtown orlando right now on this thursday morning, 56 it will be warm. the full check of the forecast coming up also track the -- deneige checking the roads for us . we are missing someone. we are sad. >> it's very sad. >> the chair if india makes me sad but we will get through it. >> we will. i don't know if he will but we will. >> i hope he is okay.
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morning -- let's get you outside this morning. partly cloudy, warm afternoon, temperatures 82. mix of 70s and 80s on the way. the front moves and for tonight plus it is chilly or this morning, 46 now in ocala, 56 waterford lakes orlando, 52 howey-in-the-hills, altoona, clermont back to bushnell and webster and about 55 in kissimmee brevard county running in the 50s and 60s and 50 daytona beach toward ponce coast. we have extra cloud cover around, a mix of sun and clouds for today. red road park elementary, 78 at lunchtime, and you see this afternoon, temperatures running in the low 80s. and he plans outdoor even if you have cloud cover, it is going to stay on the dry side coming up we will track the next front that will be moving in. 5:31 am. let's get a check of i 4 with deneige. >> i watched as construction crews picked up the cones i 4 at ivanhoe.
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lane blocked up at you won't have that to do what they have cleared up the spot of construction along i 4. looking good eastbound and westbound at this point. new smyrna beach, we do have a crash. this is glen cove road, right at glenn haven street. this has a partial roadblock and i'm not getting indications you will need alternate but keep in mind they are still on scene and they may need to direct you. the convicted felon accused of leaving a gun under a couch that a 60 girl used to accidentally shoot herself will face a judge. we told you the child later died at the hospital. eyewitness news is morning janai norman is live outside the seminole county jail where her babysitter is being held without bond and he is been in trouble for gun charges before. >> reporter: court records show 35-year-old erik williams has faced charges in the past for selling drugs, running from police and for stealing a firearm when he was already a convicted felon. now he is back behind bars again for having a firearm.
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found out should have never had the gun that sanford police say six-year-old a'letha burke found stuffed under a couch tuesday evening. >> just a bubbly, bubbly young lady. >> investigators say williams was babysitting a lethal when she accidentally shot is over the shoulder and later died at the hospital. >> i'm sure it was not put there for any child or adult to pick it up it was an accident. >> reporter: williams never called 911 and police later arrested him for child neglect and unsafe storage of a firearm. it is the second time in a week child protective services has investigated a shooting involving a child. last week the girl was accidentally shot in the hand. police arrested the girls mom and another man for child neglect and now the sanford police chief is planning to host a free gun safety could class next wednesday, march 9 for parents and children. and we will be sure to let you know whether williams is able to post bond after he goes before a judge at 1:30 this afternoon.
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county, janai norman, eyewitness news this morning. a 21-year-old man was arrested for a sexual battery on the campus of the university of central florida. police say 21-year-old filemon chavez committed sexual battery in a bedroom near west plaza after a night of drinking with the victim. investigators worked for months to gather evidence before making the arrest. wftv legal analyst bill schafer says the more evidence police can gather the more likely a victim will later prosecution. -- will help them prosecution. >> there's a new awareness and police are conducting thorough investigations try to get as much and as they can get and encourage the victim cooperation. >> investigates exposed a 51 alleged sex crimes over five years and in other cases resulted in a successful prosecution. crews spent yesterday fixing damaged fencing in hopes it will keep kids away from an
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eight-year-old nearly drowned. >> we did come out and we identified a couple areas that the kids had for a fence but we went ahead and fix the areas we found. >> the father of the boy says he's in a medically in induced coma in critical condition and deputies say he felt 10 feet into the canal while walking home from school and riverside elementary on tuesday. investigators say the boy, his brother and a group of friends got into the area through a hole in the fells -- fence and he fell try to cross the canal. this afternoon volusia county leaders will vote on a plan for a shelter daytona beach came up with a proposal last month after a growing homeless problem shut down and demonstrated building. eyewitness news is morning kimberly eiten is looking at what this could mean for both the county and the city and leaders have said they are happy with the proposal. >> reporter: nancy, what we will find out is if they are county leaders meet here later on this afternoon. they have had to go weeks to
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for a joint homeless shelter and now today's the deadline to make a decision. before they do, county leaders will hear other options for funding the homeless. under the current plan, volusia county will cover some of the cost for the show. giving $4 million on either a piece of land or a building. from there, daytona beach takes over. it would have three years to start building and then pay operating costs. last night city commissioners talked about how to cover part of the more than $1 million it would take every year to run the shelter. you may remember city and county leaders were forced to come to an agreement last month when a growing homeless camp shut down a county building. more than 100 people spent weeks sleeping outside the office on beech street before police dismantled the cab. -- camp. what officials met last month they tell us they do not want to drag out this process any further. they want to vote and meet the march 3 deadline and we will either come when and if they do. look for updates on our website
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and we will keep you updated on eyewitness news at 4:00. live in volusia county, kimberly eiten, eyewitness news this morning. orlando police parma says it wants to equip another 150 officers with body cameras but it is waiting for the us department of justice to sign off its policy before grant money for the cameras is released. this news came after the citizens review board raise concerns about the lack of video in some cases. chief john mina tells us that department submitted its policies to the doj last year and is awaiting approval. -- >> we have half $1 million matching grant funds and i cannot spend one dime of that money until final approval from the department of justice. >> chief mina says he hopes to have his offices equipped with something similar to auto activated cameras by this summer. mima claremont police have started testing two brands of body cameras. the city has been looking into adding the cameras since last year. a five-year contract with coven
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than $85,000 in a deal with a taser international would be more than $270,000 for five years. police chief says the cameras are another tool to help keep officers and the public safe. this morning, whole foods is recalling maytag raw milk blue cheese because of possible listeria contamination. recent testing and i'll a foul listeria in two lots of products, whole foods says maytag dairy farms has suspended production and distribution while they figure out the source of the contamination. the company says no illnesses have been reported in connection with this recall. the us department of transportation has banned the use of electronic cigarettes on commercial flights. traditional cigarettes were plan from airliners 30 years ago but it was unclear whether that ban also applied to those e- six. the government says studies from -- show aerosol from e- cigarette can contain chemicals that are harmful to people so the new rule was put in place. a brevard county, we are
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palm bay police received just minutes before an on-site shot and killed the suspect was threatening to kill construction workers. >> ( indiscernible ) >> call the cops. call the cops. i don't care. >> investigators still are not confirming the name of the suspect killed on mariposa drive on tuesday. his girlfriend tells us 38-year- old dimitri rosina was an army veteran with mental health issues. we also learned he all -- had background in law enforcement. an officer shot the suspect when he came out of his home with a loaded handgun. orlando police are looking to catch more people involved in a downtown after rain. police and edward washington was running a fencing operation exchanging crack cocaine for thousands of dollars of stolen items. in his rented home repair my investigators say they found up to 30 bikes, cameras, power tools, and equipment taken from
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the orlando police department recognized several officers and citizens for helping out the community at an awards ceremony yesterday. some residents were given awards for helping people -- police solve crimes. one officer was recognized told us he was called to trespass a homeless man sleeping in front of the business. the officer ended up giving the homeless man one of his tents, sleeping bag and food for him and for his dog. >> that is awesome. >> nice to see people recognize. 5:39 am. brian, looks like a nice they had. looking at sunday -- night stay ahead. looking at sunday. >> orlando city first match, coverage and 1:30 this sunday on tv babies -- tv 27 our sister station. you can watch tv 27, 74 in noon and kickoff temperatures around 76 and it is going to be a gorgeous sunday. lake county for us temperatures in the 80s, a couple extra clouds around, 83 in clermont,
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cloud cover it is going to be on the dry side. warm, pleasant a separate altamonte springs, winter springs, all running in the low 80s and mix of 70s and 80s along the coast. coming up i'm sure you the chance for rain tonight as our front drops in. our time is 5:40 am deneige. >> a couple of issues but there are no new issues but starting off in volusia county, new smyrna beach, we saw a crash there are no new issues but starting off in volusia county, new smyrna beach, we saw a crash glencoe rd., glenn haven street one lane is blocked and you can get through no need for an alternate keep an eye troopers are unseen. and we do have a spot of construction pioneer trail, one lane is blocked until they get it cleared out probably about 6:00 in orange county, for 17 northbound, narcoossee road, one lane blocked the road work. the parents of the south florida teen lost at sea want the water. are sponsoring for children with the us coast guard. two years since flight damage 370 disappeared mid flight. the key that watched up on a
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accounts for -- where 60 shot herself accidentally. the man never called 911 but instead drove the little go to the hospital himself and she'd later adopted eyewitness news this morning janai norman is live outside the jail. he has not been able to bond out yet. >> reporter: 35-year-old erik williams is booked at the jail for child neglect, unsafe storage of a firearm in possession of a firearm by a felon. it is that last charge that has kept in here without bond so far. sanford police say williams was babysitting six-year-old a'letha burke tuesday evening when she found his gun stuffed under a living room sofa. investigators believe the girl accidentally shot herself in the shoulder and as nancy mentioned, we found out williams never called 911. as we reported yesterday morning, central florida regional hospital officials called police to let them know what happened and that's when we are told a'leatha later died. we will keep you updated with what happened when williams goes before a judge at 1:30 am -- 1:30 this morning. eyewitness news is more. florida senator. geraldine thompson says the
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get the groveland four exonerated will probably not pass. this legislative session. senator. says time is running out in the session in the measure is still in committee. it focuses on the 1948 case where four black teenager for wrongfully arrested and convicted of raping a white girl. lake county commissioners announced their support for the bill on tuesday. a bill that would allow dying patients to have access to medical marijuana is moving forward in the florida house that the measure will also make a series of changes to the 2014 law that was supposed to make charlotte's web available to some patients such as children with severe epilepsy. the house will go through the bill a third time before voting on it. a new pilot program that will create a needle exchange to help slow the spread of hiv, aids and hepatitis is headed to the governor's desk. the program would be run by the university of the miami organizers will use mobile units to reach areas where drug users are known to be picked the program will also offer hiv and hepatitis screening..
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employee will get her old job back after she was reassigned because of a social media post. we found documents showing speech pathologist wendy lowery's post on facebook about and of course exams for kindergartners but she called her parents to demand change and stop testing craze. district officials say they did not discipline her earlier this week and arbitrator from the district violated her contract by moving her. a record $32 million in property has been returned to a corner across the state but $5 million more than last year. close to $1.5 billion worth of unclaimed property in the state. the program holes money from old bank accounts, insurance account, and clumsy valuables boxes. check to see if you have unclaimed property on . click the yellow web links block on the homepage. surprise visitor decided to go for a swim in the lake families pull.
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he noticed something strange floating in his pool on his patio. he said he saw a bubble and thought only a golf ball was in the pool. got a closer look and there it was, and i foot gator. >> 9 feet? >> right there in the water. look at the size of that. he rushed inside to tell his wife who was taking care of the six month old at the time. >> the gator came in from the pond. it is mating season he must've been looking for something. >> the gator has been sunbathing near the house for a while. the chapel was able to get the gator out of the pool and far, far away from the house. >> that is a big guy. >> let's pause for a moment because jamie what investigate a joke here about an investigator or something like that. >> you said investigator. >> it did come out. >> it would make him proud. >> [laughter] >> represent your boy.
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blowing. 50 degrees winds out of the west at 3 miles an hour. again, it is a cooler start to the day. 50 degrees in to land my stetson toward orlando and valencia. east and west temperatures running in the mid-50s, 66 now in cocoa beach. a big difference depending on where you are but light jacket, sweatshirt this morning will be a good idea. satellite and radar picture, see extra clouds that are with us again. they will start to break up to the afternoon but you see some cloud cover streaming in but either way, we would stay dry. there is next front that will drop in by tonight and early tomorrow morning. george marsh elementary, volusia county, there is the sun club mix. 80 by 2:00, ahead of the next month we will have 70s and 80s. 9 am, uc patches of clouds around but overall go green on land but we are staying dry and let me tell you into tomorrow. we would take it into your friday morning when i see you
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a thin line of showers popping up. early tomorrow morning, this is through 8:00, a couple showers are possible and decreasing clouds with a lot of sun mac by friday afternoon setting the stage for gorgeous weekend. at the beaches, 70s, water temperatures holding steady, 6166 seas 233. for today, temperatures around 82, 61-66 seas 2-3. 80 degrees titusville, melbourne, palm bay, temperatures in the low 80s today. tonight, a chance for rain late, 50s and 60s and recover the front working in 3:00, 4:00 in the morning, a couple showers dropping in for the rest of us making it wrap up early friday. five-day forecast where the weekend is always in view. 20 percent chance tomorrow really early in the morning the nice afternoon 78 and gorgeous weekend mid to upper 70s with mostly sunny skies saturday and sunday. 5:50 am looking at a crash with
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>> new smyrna beach looks like they are getting it out of the way. glencoe rd., glenn haven street. they have been on scene for some time trying to clear a crash. pulling up the caremark 408, 417, we don't have issues but on for 17 southbound approaching 408, we have roadwork. one lane is blocked and narcoossee, north plains, one lane blocked for roadwork. new cell phone video showing a bloody competition between a homeless man in orlando police officer. coming up, the punishment the officers were given for being unprofessional. governor.
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your time right now is 553 in the florida officials have their hands on 500 more test kits for the buick -- zika virus while the state leads the nation with the most confirmed cases. the kids will be used on people who may show symptoms returning from affected countries. there are 44 zika cases across the state including war pregnant women, six of the cases are right here in central florida. so far, all patients became infected about traveling outside of the state. survivors of sexual assault in florida are now one step closer to a speedier process in court. governor.
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bill that could speed up dna testing and sex assault case is that if approved, the bill will require rape kits and dna evidence the centralized within 30 days. it comes after more than 13,000 untested kits were reported to the fdle last november. state attorney jeff ashton will have a new opponent in his race for the nine judicial state attorney. he says he welcomes new candidate. we told you former assistant state attorney plans to run against ashton for the seat. back in 2012 ashton took over as state attorney beating his old boss in the race. u.s. supreme court justice will make one of the biggest decisions on abortion case with one less justice. the court heard oral arguments about of new antiabortion law in texas on wednesday. it will require abortion clinics to meet similar standards to hospitals. clinic doctors will also need to be cleared to practice and nearby hospitals if a decision among the justices displaced, the texas law will stay in
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you may still be able to present your gun license on election day to get into the polls. wednesday, state lawmakers approved a bill that will allow three forms of ideas at polling places, a licensed to carry firearms, a government employee id, or a veteran health card will be added to the list but governor. rick scott still needs to review that bill. new evidence will now be examined in malaysia after the disappearance of malaysian air flight 370. it has been to go uses a flight banished with 239 people on board over south china. officials say debris washed up on the shores of mozambique last weekend. detectives say it looks like a piece of a boeing 77 flight 370 is the only missing boeing 777 on record right now. parents of a 14-year-old boy who disappeared on a boat will sponsor free safe boating classes. often stephanos disappeared in often -- in july of this rent. they were never found. stephanos parents say they hope
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classes start march 12 in jupiter and will be taught once a month by the us coast guard. those who pass the test at the end will get a safe boating card from the state. a royal caribbean cruise ship had to come home early for the second time in less than one month. just a few weeks earlier, a horrible storm cause the anthem of the seas to turn around. crew members of say they doubt the ship two days earlier on wednesday to avoid another storm. two endless waiting to pick up passengers the cruise line says it got sick with norovirus the weather and not the sickness forced the ship to come home early. a solar powered plane will continue the trip around the globe in the next month. the solar impulse to me the longest solar powered flight last summer. the pilot had to stop the plane on the global trip when the battery started to overheat. maintenance checks in a 90 minute test flight, pilot say the plane will continue to fly around the world in april. donald trump will be in orlando this weekend at the top
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supporters say they are worried about their safety. county a city leaders could finally agree on a plan to fix the homeless issue in daytona beach. coming up, the road today that could help bring them one step closer -- the vote today that could bring them closer to
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right now on eyewitness news this morning, logo instead after getting her hands on a gun. the man accused of leaving it within reach is sitting in jail. live as the prepared to go before a judge this morning. the deadline is here for daytona beach in volusia county leaders to have a plan, the options being considered today to house the homeless. good morning. 6 am on this thursday, march 3. thank you for joining us. >> i'm not jamie. >> jamie is out today. three of us got this. >> we will hold it down. >> there will be less puns today but we will see how it goes. temperatures in the 40s, 50s and 60s. a big variety again have a sweatshirt or light jacket this morning.


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