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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 6am  ABC  March 3, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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right now on eyewitness news this morning, logo instead after getting her hands on a gun. the man accused of leaving it within reach is sitting in jail. live as the prepared to go before a judge this morning. the deadline is here for daytona beach in volusia county leaders to have a plan, the options being considered today to house the homeless. good morning. 6 am on this thursday, march 3. thank you for joining us. >> i'm not jamie. >> jamie is out today. three of us got this. >> we will hold it down. >> there will be less puns today but we will see how it goes. temperatures in the 40s, 50s and 60s. a big variety again have a sweatshirt or light jacket this morning.
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last minute in ocala, 66 cocoa beach. a lot of 50s, low to mid 50s across i 4, 51 daytona beach, 56 orlando, 51 in clermont. chillier this morning. 24-hour temperature changes. the northern tier, 15 degrees cooler but it is going to be a warm day. some of the extra clouds from yesterday you can see how they are still around. will have extra cloud cover at times today but it will be on the dry side. either way, a good day. orange county, macquarie elementary, lunchtime, well into the 70s when i join you today at noon on tv and then as we hit 2:00, 3:00, format, low 80s in spots plus this evening it is going to be nice pics 6:00, temperatures running in the mid to upper 70s by that point. gradually dropping off this evening. tonight we will see a front moving in and we will track that and go county by county with temperatures and bragging rights across central florida. i will show you that ahead.
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>> i 4 into downtown orlando, colonial. this is your traffic coming into downtown and this will be your traffic heading toward seminole county. good in both directions. all spots of construction have cleared. a spot of roadwork on 417 northbound at narcoossee road. one lane is blocked. life jacket -- live traffic tracker does not show crashes. a convicted felon will -- charges he did not safely store a firearm allowing a six euro girl to find it and accidentally shoot herself. this time yesterday, we were live on highland avenue sanford where police say it happened before the gross taken to the hospital and died. eyewitness news this morning janai norman continues for light coverage outside the seminole county jail. such a sad story. this man is now being held without bond. >> reporter: 35-year-old erik
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neglect with great bodily harm for unsaved storage of a firearm but it is his third charge for possession of a firearm by a felon that has kept in here the high bars without bond. neighbors on highland avenue described six-year-old a'letha burke as a bubbly, smiley, vivacious child. >> she was cute and funny ambitious and had a lot of energy. >> reporter: several police say a'leatha found a gun similar to this one under a couch and accidentally shot herself. they say the gun belonged to erik williams who was basis it -- babysitting a'leatha at the topic we found out after she shot is of the shoulder, williams never called 911. instead, as we reported this time yesterday, police got a call from central florida were regional hospital about what happened. hours later, officers arrested williams. >> i'm sure he's very remorseful right now. nobody knows what he's going to accept for him and god. >> reporter: williams is scheduled to see a judge at 1:30 this afternoon. for our next half hour we are finding more about williams
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looking at the plans by police to make sure another tragedy like this does not happen again. live in seminole county, janai norman, eyewitness news this morning. cell phone video showing a bloody confrontation between an orlando police officer and a homeless man. this video shows both men going at it with the competition that happened last august. officer james wilson first spoke to terry johnson who is homeless after getting a trespassing call. this morning we found out the officer in the video was given a verbal reprimand for being unprofessional when he first approached johnson. we spoke to a homeless advocate about this. >> these are people. and they should not be treated like animals. >> johnson was found not guilty of battery on a law enforcement officer but we found out he is back in jail and accused of battery on a different police officer. time is over volusia county leaders to decide on a plan for homeless shelter.
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agreement with daytona beach. i was news this morning kimberly eiten has been following this story since the homeless problem shut down the county office last month in cuba, county leaders say they really do not want to drag this process out any longer. >> reporter: nancy, they told us last time they do not want to extend this march 3 deadline. they want to vote on this plan so that is what they will do. leaders will meet here at the administration building at 9 am and this afternoon they will vote on a plan but first they will hear other options on funding for the homeless. under the current proposal for a joint homeless shelter with daytona beach, the county would not pay operating cost but will offer up $4 million to build a shelter and give either land or an existing building. from there come the city of daytona beach takes over. it would have to start building within three years and pay to run the shelter. last night commissioners talked about how to cover part of the more than $1 million it would take every year to run the shelter.
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building forced leaders to come up with a plan that camp on beech street grew to more than 100 sleeping outside the building and shut down one office. police finally dismantled the homeless camp sending leaders scrambling to make a decision. we will be there this afternoon as county leaders vote on the proposal and keep you updated on our website and free wftv mobile app and on eyewitness news at 4:00. in volusia county, kimberly eiten eyewitness news this morning. orange county is also dealing with homelessness and leaders are reviewing a report on better ways to combat the problem. a 15 page report said the county can do a better job of targeting money meant to help get homeless people off this -- the streets. a consultant recommends recommending more funding to permanent housing. the commissioner on homeless and says the report is what
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>> i think when it said and done the report will be helpful as we move forward the next few years. >> right now orange county spends $7.7 million per year on homeless programs. news this morning, melbourne police say a man with 2 dui convictions has been arrested after being involved in a hit-and-run crash that sent at least one to the hospital. investigators say 54-year-old staley jones caused a three-car crash on courtney road, eue gallie blvd. he took off. it happened last night. one driver was hurt and expected to recover. police age-old his breath test showed he was twice the legal limit. he is in the brevard county jail. the number of republican candidates for president may be shrinking. doctor ben carson says he will not attend tonight's debate in michigan because he sees no path forward to the nomination. meanwhile, in central florida, supporters of donald trump claim they have been physically attacked. maia bayshore says she was standing on doctor phillips standing on doctor phillips blvd. yesterday holding a sign was
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cup of ice coffee pic she is worried about the balance. >> when i see hillary clinton supporters waving their signs i think they are nuts but i do not think violent thoughts at all. >> the orange county sheriff's office is investigating the incident and another purported attack from earlier this week. donald trump will hold a campaign rally at ucf on saturday that will attract thousands of supporters. demonstrators are also promising to show up. student organizer says she is expecting nearly 500 protesters to join her. >> and they want to show that they do not want trump in office and they want to protest that. we don't want any violence, no rude comments note physical violence or anything like that. leaders say they were released a plan on how to deal with a rally. for democrats, clinton hosted a star-studded fundraiser in new york city's radio city music hall last
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bernie sanders is on his way to kansas this morning , expected to talk about the plans to make public colleges and universities tuition free. fsa test and will continue in schools all over florida this morning and so far, district leaders say they have not had any major philip -- issues. a minor problem monday when tests. seminole county, three schools have to do with minor glitches in the computer labs. you may remember last year the computerized test was plagued with technical problems and may hacking. 6:08 am. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. let's get over to brian with a comparison behind you. >> bragging rights putting this on twitter and facebook and instagram during the break. share with caution with your northern france. chicago, snow we begin, temperatures in the 30s. us, 82 degrees. warm afternoon. as we get close to spring, there are big differences
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82 deltona, debary, new smyrna beach, but the beach, temperatures around 76. orange county, 82, nelson park, apopka, downtown orlando, colonial town, 83. swinging through osceola county, celebration, artisan park, the water tower temperatures around 83. 82 into green meadows and kissimmee. tonight, our front moves and and we will track some rain together and temperature changes on future track. see you ahead in the main weather portion. live traffic tracker, we don't have too many issues. you are looking good if you are leaving the house. we just have a spot of construction in volusia county, i-95 southbound, pioneer trail. one lane is blocked and a long 417 narcoossee road, northbound. one lane blocked. maitland, traffic heading toward seminole county in
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issues eastbound or westbound. nancy? eight-year-old boy is in a coma this morning after nearly drowning on his walk home from school. changes crews make to protect other kids. florida's foster care system could be getting millions of dollars. what else is needed to help put children in stable homes. trouble with orange county's new trash service.
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good morning i'm nancy alvarez. 6:14 am thursday morning. as we take on live look at the moon. a beautiful shot from our photographer who has become an expert giving up -- this beautiful shot of the moon. we check weather and traffic
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>> we are hearing about problems with orange county new multimillion dollar trash service. callers are tearing open yard waste bags homeowners say and leaving behind a mess. we saw the bag emptied and thrown back into yards and actually caught crews tossing a plant pot into someone's yard. a serviceman says it's a certain issue he hauls away yard waste for his customers. he is having to raise costs. >> i go out and they take it and we go to the top of the hill and put it out. i guess a separate it but it is all just yard debris. they are fine with it. >> county spokesperson tells us leaving behind a mess is not allowed. service issues were caught on camera will be addressed with the haulers. firefighters are continuing to keep an eye on hotspots from a massive fire in volusia county near the seminole county line. look at this video from skywitness 9 yesterday that this is not hosting. crews tell us the fire was a prescribed burn and added it is now complete and they also said
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drivers should use caution. human remains found on the side of a road in daytona beach are now being sent to the university of north texas so forensic experts can identify them. we told you last month a piece of a skull and bones were found off red john road. deputies believe the remains could belong to 56-year-old eight upgrades -- adolph gray who vanished in 2014. the take up to six months to identify remains. florida teenager accused of protecting to be a doctor is back in jail facing new charges. 18-year-old malachi love robinson was originally charged last month for practicing without a license but on tuesday, he was arrested again on fraud and grand theft charges but investigators say he used in patients banking information to pay $35,000 toward his car loans. yesterday, a judge ruled before he can be released on bond, he
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evaluation. ucf's plan for a downtown orlando campus has been given the go-ahead to go to the state legislature for funding. yesterday, the state university board of governors voted to approve a less expensive version of the plan governor. scott vetoed last summer. this one relies on private donations , money from ucf, and $20 million from the state. the next step is for the legislature to decide whether to put that money in next years budget. -- >> we proved that you can raise access and still keep quality at a very high level and acceptable cost. >> the university says it wants to see the plan has the full legislature before setting a groundbreaking date. the project should be done in time for the fall of 2018. sunrail is starting to see better numbers but the company says ridership was up in february but that is not all the sunrail claims the number of people boarding the train with bikes also increased. the company's on-time
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challenges but overall, it remains high. despite being pushed back one year, sunrail's expansion to osceola county should break ground next month that we told you the service was supposed to be up and running by 2017 but is now been delayed until at least 2018. the state says working out contracts is taking a lot longer than expected. disney fans, big news, next month disney's animal kingdom will debut its first-ever nighttime show. teams have a working on the three years now. discovery river. in the asia section. it will be centered around and ancient lantern festival featuring 4 animal >> guides. it premieres on friday it premieres on friday, april 22. it took them three years. >> a lot of time. good forecast, great, great weekend moving in.
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>> sunday looks awesome -- that is going to be great for soccer fans. >> to 27 first match sunday. looking at downtown orlando, 56 deltona, 57 winds of the north at five- looking at downtown orlando, 56 deltona, 57 winds of the north at 5-6 miles an hour. a light northerly flow. cold in spots, denial, temperatures in the 40s. have a jacket this morning. 66 cocoa beach, milder and parts of brevard county. winds light coming down from the north. there is extra cloud cover. you will see that as the sun comes up but with that we will stay dry today. not until late tonight we see a chance for rain and that is with the front back to the northwest dropping in for tonight. when that comes to that means a great weekend. winter park, sun club mix. 78 at noon, comfortable this afternoon and in the low 80s from 2:00-4:00.
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future track, 10 am, going through the day, mainly a dry date most of the green offshore. tonight, and early tomorrow morning, when i see you 5 am, a line of showers. tune in in the morning we will track the front arriving. a leftover shower by 8:00 in southern zones and that is it. decreasing clouds and a lot of sun friday afternoon through the weekend. beaches, and temperatures in the 70s, low tide, 9 am, seas 2 to 3 feet. recurrent risk on the low side for today. partly cloudy, warm afternoon temperatures around 82. 76 and palm coast and the hammock, ponce inlet, daytona beach 78, titusville, kazakhstan merritt island. 50s and 60s and again the chance for rain is late tonight or early in the morning. we will see 20 percent chance early tomorrow. five-day forecast where the
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we was see more sunshine friday afternoon, 78 and the weekend is gorgeous. 77 on saturday, 78 sunday, overnight lows are comfortable in the mid-50s. 6:20 am. 408, activity going on on the other side of these trees, the westbound traffic coming from downtown orlando. have not been able to crash out what it is. i will let you know within the next 10 minutes if it causes delays. pulling up live traffic tracker, a spot of construction for 17 northbound, narcoossee road, one lane blocked your --. an orange county employees getting her job back when she posted on her facebook page. a man in jail accused of beating a gun where a girl could get to it. she accidentally shot and killed her cell. plans please have to keep a tragedy like this from happening again.
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>> you soon price hike in the water bills. leaders say they need a 25 percent increase because cash reserves are low and they have to fund water and sewer operations. they are looking into spreading the increase over the next few years. if passed, and average family of four could have to pay about seven dollars more per month. >> that is $60 a month on average at our has. we use little city -- at our house. we usually -- little city what. >> it's a bit for retired people. >> elected rates are going down to about six -- electric rates going down 6000 month. florida's foster care system could get $22 million for money is not the only thing needed. last year we told you new stricter laws traded to protect children resulted in more children being removed from homes. committee partnership a florida covering volusia, flagler and putnam counties this money is not the only issue that the organization says it needs more foster parents. --
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that we can accommodate and that makes our current foster parents have to go over the capacity. >> if you are considering becoming a foster parent but you have questions about how it works, we have a lot of information for you go to /web links. central florida congressman alan grayson is missing some big support in his race to win the open seat in the u.s. senate. yesterday president obama and vice president biden announced they are tracking congas been patrick murphy. we told you last month when the us senate majority leader called for grayson to drop out of the race amid an ethics investigation. both grayson and murphy are running to fill the seat being vacated by marco rubio. orlando police chief wanted to be able to see what his officers are doing on the job. coming up the reason he says he is not able to put body cameras on more of his officers. the owner of the gun a six- year-old girl used accidentally
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just ahead, what people who know him are telling us as he prepares to face a judge. temperatures. in the front moves and for tonight.
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good morning 6:30 am thursday morning, alive. of downtown orlando. a beautiful sky now. 56 degrees. will let you know what to expect for the rest of the day. getting a check of the roads with deneige. just the three of us. >> it's great. >> jamie is under the weather. we are pulling for him. opening he -- hoping he makes it through. >> are you really? >> i miss him. i actually do. >> i know. i do not miss the jokes 82, warm and staying dry. a decent day even with extra cloud cover. be prepared as you head out.
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northern tier, 50s foremost, 66 cocoa beach number 56 avalon park, union park, orlando. light jacket or sweatshirt this morning. extra clouds on the satellite and radar, it is hanging tough. good temperatures, ridgewood park elementary, orange county, 78 at noon and low 80s this afternoon in coming up we will track some changes on the way as we get into the weekend. i put together a map. 6:31 am. looking at i 4 with deneige. >> things look good on the roads. i 4 here at fairbanks looking good around the curve into downtown orlando. eastbound, westbound across i 4 are flowing smoothly. a spot of construction on 417 northbound, narcoossee road, one lane is blocked. we don't have any other crashes.
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of leaving a gun under a couch that a six-year-old girl used accidentally shoot herself will face a judge. we told you the child died at the hospital. eyewitness news is morning janai norman is live outside the seminole county jail where the babysitter is being held without bond. he's been in trouble before. >> reporter: records show 35- year-old erik williams has face charges in the past for selling drugs, running from police and for stealing a gun when he was already a convicted felon. he is back behind bars again for having a firearm. this is the convicted felon we found out should have never had the gun that sanford police say six-year-old a'letha burke found stuffed under a couch tuesday evening >> just a bubbly, a young lady a little girl. >> investigators say williams was babysitting her when she accidentally shot himself in
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the hospital. >> i'm sure it was not intentionally put there for any child or anyone to pick it up and it was an accident.'s matt williams never called 911 and police later arrested him for child neglect and unsafe storage of a firearm. it's the second time in one week child protective services has investigated a shooting involving a child. last week a girl was accidentally shot in the hand. police arrested the girls mom and another man for child neglect and now the sanford police chief is planning to host a free gun safety class next wednesday, march 9, for parents and children. >> reporter: we will let you know whether williams is able to post bond after going before a judge and 1:30 today. live in seminole county, janai norman wftv -- eyewitness news this morning.. a 21-year-old man was arrested for sexual battery on the campus of the university of central florida. police say 21-year-old son mentioned as committed a -- chad has committed the sexual battery west plaza after a
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month to gather evidence before making the arrest. wftv legal analyst bill schafer says the more evidence police gathered the more likely a victim will help in the prosecution. -- >> there's a new awareness and police are conducting thorough investigations trying to get as much evidence as they can get and encourage the victim cooperation. >> 9 investigates first exposed 51 alleged sex crimes and you step over five years none of the cases has resulted in successful prosecutions. crews fixing fencing in hopes to keep kids away from an orange county canal where eight- year-old nearly drowned. >> we came out and identified a couple areas that the kids had toward a fence but we fixed the areas we found. >> the father of franklin says the boy is in a medically induced coma in critical condition deputies say he felt
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walking home from school and riverside elementary on tuesday. investigators say the boy, his brother and group of friends got into the area through a hole in the fence and he fell try to cross the canal. orlando police department says he wants to equip another 150 officers with body cameras but it is waiting for the us department of justice to sign off the policy before grant money for the cameras is released. this news came after the city review board raise concerns about the lack of video in some cases the chief john mina tells us the department submitted the policy to the d away -- doj last year and is awaiting approval. >> we have a half-million dollars matching grant funds. i cannot spend one dime of that money until final approval from the department of justice. >> chief mina says he hopes to have his officers equipped with something similar to auto activated cameras by this summer.
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started testing 2 brands of body cameras that the city's been looking into adding cameras as last year. a five-year contract with kogan technologies will cost more than $85,000 in a deal with taser international would be more than 270,000 for five years rick police chief says the cameras are another tool to help keep officers and the public safe. a recall this morning, whole foods is recalling maytag raw milk blue cheese because of possible listeria contamination. testing in ireland found products. whole foods says maytag dairy farms has suspended production and distribution while they dig out the source of the contamination but the company says no illnesses have been reported in connection to the recall. the us department of transportation has banned the use of electronic cigarettes on commercial flights. banned from airlines 30 years ago but it was unclear whether that ban also in applied to p6
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studies show aerosols from e- cig contain debacles that can be harmful to people so the rule was put in place. a brevard county, we are hearing the 911 call that palm bay police got minutes before an officer shot and killed a suspect who was threatening to kill construction workers. >> he keeps hollering that he's going to get it done and shoot all of us. call the cops he says to call the cops. i don't care. >> investigators still are not confirming the name of the suspect killed on mariposa drive on tuesday but his girlfriend tells us dimitri orsino was an army veteran with mental health issues. we found out he had a background in law enforcement. an officer shot him when he came out of his home with a loaded handgun. orlando police are looking to catch more people involved in a downtown factoring. police say edward washington
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thousands of dollars in stolen items. at his rented home and paramore, investigators say they found up to 30 bytes -- bicycles, cameras, power tools and equipment taken from homes around the downtown area. you may soon be able to present your gun license on election day to get into the polls on wednesday state lawmakers approved a bill that will allow three new forms of id. a license to carry a firearm, a government employee id, and veteran health card will be added to the list. governor. rick scott still needs to review the bill. florida health officials now have their hands on 500 more test kits for the zika virus. the state leads the nation with the most confirmed cases. the kids will be used on people who may show symptoms returning from affected countries. there are 44 zika cases across the state now including for pregnant women, six cases and central florida. all patients became infected while traveling out of state. jeff ashton state attorney
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the ninth judicial state attorney that he welcomes the candidate that we told you former assistant state attorney are yellow plans to run against him for the sea. in 2012, ashton took over as state attorney beating his old boss in the race. orlando police are recognizing officers and citizens for helping out in the community at an awards ceremony yesterday. residents were given awards for helping police fight and solve crimes. one officer who was recognized tells us he was called to trespass a homeless man sleeping in front of the business. when the officer -- he gave the homeless man a tent, sleeping bag, food for him and his dog. nice to see people recognized. >> often. >> great story. >> that graphic is awesome. for all of us no matter what you are doing, live
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the first for orlando city sunday. kick-off 2:00. coverage at 1:30. if you're not in the citrus bowl, a gorgeous weekend forecast. we will break it down ahead in main weather. nice day, sumter county, temperatures around 81, 82 bushnell, into seminole county, oviedo, along the woods, temperatures around 83 degrees today. brevard county, a mix of 70s and 80s toward the cape, indian river, sharpes, vera, june park, 80, 81 this afternoon. tracking the front and get into the weekend. 6:40 am. we have a spot of construction in volusia county. i-95 southbound, pioneer trail, one lane blocked. not many issues on live traffic tracker. 408, lake underhill, traffic heading eastbound them at this
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typical volume no major issues. south carolina teacher says she was pressured to resign after intimate photos were stolen from her cell phone. coming up on "good morning america", the threat she received after one of her students shared the pictures. the reason a move to exonerate the groveland four will likely not be passed anytime soon. daytona beach could be closer to a homeless shelter after today. the vote that would bring an end to a growing issue.
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6:44 am. volusia county miserable on a plan for a homeless shelter the daytona beach came up with a proposal last month after a
6:45 am
down and demonstrated building. you probably remember the crowds that evidence as this morning ever eaten is looking at what this could mean for both the county and the city -- kimberly eiten is looking at what it means for the county and city. >> reporter: we will find out if they are happy to vote yes when leaders meet here later on this afternoon. we've had to go weeks to review the proposal for a joint homeless shelter. today is the deadline to make a decision. before they do, leaders will hear other options for funding the homeless. under the current plan, volusia county would cover some of the upfront cost for the shelter giving $4 million in either a piece of land or a building. from there, daytona beach takes over. he would have three years to start building and have to pay operating cost. last night commissioners talked about how to cover part of the more than $1 million it would take every year to run the shelter. you may remember city and county leaders were forced to come to an agreement last month when a growing homeless camp
6:46 am
more than one or two people spent weeks sleeping outside the office on beech street before police dismantled the camp. when officials met they do not want to drag out the process they say any further they want to vote in meat the march 3 deadline and we will be there when they do. look for updates on our wftv website and free mobile app and eyewitness news at 4. live in volusia county, kimberly eiten eyewitness news this morning. florida senator. geraldine thompson says the bill she filed in the senate to get the groveland four exonerate will probably not pass this legislative session. the senator says time is running out in the session in the measure is still in committee. it focuses on the 1948 case where four black teenagers were wrongfully arrested and convicted of raping a white girl. lake county commissioners announced support for the bill on tuesday. a bill that would allow dying patients to have access to medical marijuana is moving forward in the florida house that the measure will also make
6:47 am
law that was supposed to make charlotte's web available to some patients like children with severe epilepsy. the house will go through the bill a third time before voting on it. in orange county school employee will get her job back after she was reassigned because of a social media post. we found documents showing speech pathologist wendy lowery's post on facebook about and of course exams for kindergartners. calling for parents to demand change in stock the testing craze. district officials say they did not discipline her. earlier this week and arbitrator found the district violated lowery's contract by moving her. a record $32 million in property has been returned to its owners across the state. that is $5 million more than last year. they are close to $1.5 billion worth of unclaimed property in the state. the program holds money from tech accounts and insurance accounts and unclaimed valuables from abandoned safe debacle boxes. you can check to see if you have unclaimed property at click the yellow web
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a surprise visitor decided to go for a swim in a lake and families pull. >> can you guys? he noticed something strange floating. he saw a bubble and thought of ball was in the pool. ball? he saw a 9 foot gator in the water. he rushed in to tell his wife who was taking care of their six-month-old son at the time. >> he came in from the pond. it is mating season so he must have been looking for something. >> the family says the gators sunbathing near the house in a trapper was able to get the gator out of the pool and away from the house. >> jamie is sick so if you want to insert a joke now is your chance. >> navigator, litigator, investigator.
6:49 am
>> i did not put it into a joke. >> i see what you are saying. >> gorgeous. daytona beach, extra clouds and a nice start. 51 degrees. it is chillier. have a jacket. 40s around, 45 ocala, bellevue, rainbow springs, 51 in clermont. mid-50s across orange, osceola counties, 50s, 60s brevard. seminole county, 57, sanford. 50 deland, volusia, cool toward flagler county, like winds variable out of the north. extra cloud cover you can see today. the next front to the northwest dropping in tonight and after weekend on the way. today, george marks elementary, 76 at noon, near 80 degrees this afternoon and pleasant with 70s. tracking the front with you. 10 am, today, looking good, extra cloud cover, green is
6:50 am
tune in because this is 6 am on friday and you can see a few showers. we will get you through the commute tomorrow morning as the front moves and it will move out quickly. we was he decreasing clouds tomorrow and a lot of sun on the way for the weekend. through the beaches, low tide, ninan, water temperatures in the 60s. seas 2 to 3 feet and a load to moderate risk of rip currents today. 82, cloudy, warm afternoon and you see the numbers, 83 in the villages to 82 as we get toward st. cloud. 78 in cocoa beach. tonight, rain chances late tonight, 20-30 percent chance of a shower passing. 50s, 60s for tonight. early tomorrow morning, on tv, we will track the front together. five-day forecast, where the weekend is always in view. clearing out for the rest of friday, 78 tomorrow. look at the weekend.
6:51 am
great temperatures, 77 saturday, 78 on sunday. overnight lows and 50s and about 80 degrees by monday. 6:50 am. let's look at a crash with deneige. >> orange county . the sheriff's office on scene at dallas boulevard, more gate street. no indication of blocked lanes. keep in mind you may see deputies on the scene trying to investigate. a camera at i 4, four -- 436. seminole county, maitland, this is your traffic toward volusia county. typical volume is building but nothing bad. governor. rick scott is getting a new bill on his desk. next, how it will help survivors of sexual assaults. in a few hours, a convicted felon will face a judge for living a gun within reach of a six-year-old girl. the one thing we found out he
6:52 am
child shot herself. 7 am, central florida tv 27, we will take you inside
6:53 am
6:54 am
allegedly waving a gun
6:55 am
old girl used to kill yourself. the man never called 911 but instead drove the little girl to the hospital where she died. he has not been able to bond out of jail yet. >> 35-year-old eric williams is booked for child neglect, unsafe storage of a firearm and possession of a firearm by a felon and it's that last one that kept him here without bond. they said williams was babysitting six-year-old only them >>. -- aletha burke. instead of calling 911 he drove her to the hospital where we learned she later died. we will keep you updated when he goes to a judge -- in front of the judge this afternoon. janay norman eyewitness news this morning. they are now one step closer to a speedier process in court, reviewing a bill to
6:56 am
assault cases. it would require rape kits and dna sent to labs sooner. 30,000 untested kits were reported last november. they led the hunt -- the country in house flipping last year. sanford and daytona beach saw more than 9% sold flipped while 8% across the state of florida were flips. the va -- a new program launched wednesday. funeral directors will team up with veterans officials to notify physicians if deceased persons may have had a disability due to service. they would need a death certificate showing the cause of death with service-connected when the apply.
6:57 am
examined in malaysia after the appearance of malaysian flight 370. it's been two years since the flight vanished with 209 -- 239 people on board. they seem to be -- to prevent washed up on the shores of mozambique over the weekend. they said it looks like 777 debris. parents of a 14-year-old boy who disappeared on the boat will now sponsor -- classes that will be taught once a month by the us coast guard. those who pass the test at the end will get a safe boating card from the state. this morning scott kelly is back on us soil after spending almost a year and space. >> -- a year in space. >> a year is a long time. i felt like i had been up there
6:58 am
there's nothing like new cold air coming into the capsule. overnight he was welcomed home by his family including his twin brother mark kelly. part of the trip was to measure the effects on -- of space on his body. he grew 2" and his bones became less dense but that's expected to normalize nobody's home. yesterday hannah verma took home the grand prize for her mr. that spray sanitizer on hospital employees hands and instantaneously tries it, improving convenience for workers. they said she now gets a chance to work with the product and technology firm. australis group to build a prototype and business plan. impressive.
6:59 am
closer to filling its goal of -- to its goal of filling the citrus bowl again. right now more than 53,000 tickets have been sold and don't forget wrdq central florida's tv 27 is the new home for the city. -- we will have a special preview for you on sunday and live coverage of the game starts at 1:30 on tv 27. it's looking great for the match on sunday, can't ask for much more. plenty of sunshine through the week. today, extra cloud cover but a decent day. 82. very early tomorrow we see a chance of early showers. sunny tomorrow and clearing out friday afternoon through the weekend. temperatures in the 70s and a
7:00 am
it's 6:59, deneige ? >>in melbourne, interlocken road , a crash. parents are still waiting for medical marijuana to help their child. nine investigates will take you inside the only nurser and explain the final hurdle left before growing can actually begin. your complete coverage begins -- continues right now on tv good morning, america. waging war against the front-runner. mitt romney blasts donald trump calling him a phony and a fraud as the billionaire gets closer to capturing the gop nomination. trump joins us live. new overnight, major arrests in that brazen gun shop robbery. at least ten suspects caught on camera swarming a store smashing display cases and getting away with an arsenal of weapons.


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