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tv   Eyewitness News 4  ABC  March 3, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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the gun does not belong to his client and he says investigators cannot prove the gun belongs to his kyle ray at the moment but still the judge gave the suspect on -- bond to walk out of the doors as soon as he posts it. >> he was the babysitter but a lovely babysitter. >> reporter: investigators say the six-year-old he was babysitting got her hands on a gun and accidentally killed herself. roslyn says that done that killed a lisa burke was not her son's. >> why was a gun in the house? >> i do not live there. >> reporter: investigators say the gun was under the castle they arrested erik williams with child neglect, unsafe storage of a firearm in possession of a weapon by a convicted felon. this afternoon, williams public defender tells the judge investigators do not have enough probable cause for the last charge. >> the police officer had said you put that gun there or is that your gun and he said yes, i would sit down and shut up that's not what happened here.
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in williams house and there is no proof williams owns the gun or even knew it was there. the judge disagreed but still gave williams bond for each charge. it tolls $20,250. his mom says she's taking her son home. >> he's innocent. very innocent. >> reporter: and you can count on us to keep watching the story. yesterday as the first to tell you williams previous weapons charge criminal case was thrown out and today i got the video that showed why. for 5:00 we are asking at the same thing in that case could happen this time around. going through it now and talking to legal analyst in the latest coming up in the next hour. live in sanford, seminole county, tim barber, channel 9 eyewitness news. breaking news out of tallahassee where a proposal that would change florida's death penalty system was just approved by the full senate and is heading to governor. rick scott desk. we told you january the wesvill
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current system and the justices said a gave judges too much power in opposing death penalties. the bill requires 10 of 12 jurors to recommend death in order for the sentence to be carried out. state senators originally wanted a unanimous jury to make the recommendation but they decided to compromise with the house on that 10-to vote. state senator. thad altman of melbourne did not like this version . >> we don't pass a bill our death penalty goes away. and i don't believe the house is going to be willing to let that happen. why don't we send them the best possible product we can send them. >> reporter: -- >> the proposal set to governor. scott does not impact the 389 inmates sitting on death row. governor has not said if he will sign the bill into law but he has supported florida's use of the death penalty since he became florida's governor. in tallahassee a proposal that will allow 1.5 million floridians with concealed weapons licenses to openly carry guns in public. it is now officially dead. the measure did not get through
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sponsor try to attach it's one of the proposal. the move broke senate rules. the idea is dead at least for the session. -- >> all we have wanted throughout this legislative session was an opportunity to have the debate. we do not fear the debate. we want to have the debate and we want to present the evidence . >> supporters of open carry will have to wait until the next year's legislative session to try again. the family of a young woman who prosecutors say was killed by her condo security guard will have to wait another six months before the case goes to trial. stephen duxbury appeared in court today as his lawyer asked to waive speedy trial. the lawyer said they needed time to review evidence. he was arrested on -- in october and investigators say he killed such a sensitive when she came back from a night out. we learned the excessive force federal lawsuit against fired orlando pete -- is expected to go to trial. dealio was suspended for one
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and downtown holding cell. the later the suspect let a plea -- spleen removed. dealio and a sergeant ignored pleas for medical attention and dealio was fired. volusia county leaders are meeting to vote on a joint homeless center with daytona beach. last month we showed you when this massive homeless camp outside the county services building that forced officials to take action popped up. today, generalize blaine tolison has been there as leaders are trying to find a way to make sure this does not happen again. you are learning this project just became more complicated and will not be happening quickly. >> reporter: break, the commission on homeless and sends a shelter is just one part of a very large puzzle. the experts are in with leaders in a meeting. the one i can tell you now is it appears volusia county leaders are not moving in the direction of backing a shelter run by the city of daytona beach. we have been doing some heavy
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in daytona beach and the homeless camp dismantled in january. the experts with the county leaders today say that homeless camp provoked a conversation in the right direction but they recommended to county leaders that a shelter should be in place but there should be a sound plan with all of the social services at the table deciding exactly how many beds it should have, where exactly it should be in -- and the cost of funding the commission on homelessness recommends another meeting to plan that shelter with all of the parties at the table including the cities. the commission says that the homeless camp again on beech street is something they do not want to see happen again but at the end of the state, it seems leaders do not feel like the city of daytona beach is being a champion for the issue. they are stepping in looking for alternate routes to go with a homeless issue and they are talking now and we will let you know what they decide this afternoon. live in the land, blaine
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another they vote by bill volusia county counselors changing marijuana goggles. starting april 1, violators caught with small amounts of marijuana, 20 g or less, will have to pay $100 fine instead of going to jail. but that leniency does not apply everywhere. right now, we are looking at where the new rule will take effect and we will have that part of the story for you at 5:00. waiting to see if an accused hit and run driver post bond. lisa ellis stanley jones blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit when he caused a three-car crash and left the scene in melbourne last night. one victim who was hospitalized is expected to recover. the skin is a jones had a splendid license in this crash was his third suspected dui. his bond is set at $37,000. stay troopers say they were able to stop of possible wrong way crash before it happened. they say 18-year-old robinson and white were driving the wrong way on us 27 near heritage dr. and groveland tuesday.
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troopers found marijuana, drug paraphernalia. they told troopers they thought they were on a two-way street and admitted to smoking marijuana before getting on the boat. super tuesday is in the books and another for states will head to the pulses within. >> at of the votes debate started tonight with the republicans. christopher heath joins us live. there will only be 4 candidates on the state -- stage but a former cabinet all but through his name back in the race. >> reporter: mitt romney won 11 states forced to make way for john mccain in 2012. rick santorum won 11 states but was forced out to make way for mitt romney and today neutral, romney made the argument that one way or another the gop needs to force donald trump out yet i accept your nomination for president of the united states but the four years after taking the stage in tampa as the republican nominee, >> i'm not here to come in -- announce my candidacy for office. >> reporter: mitt romney delivered a different address today in utah. railing against the men now leading his party's race for the nomination. >> so even though donald trump is offering few specific
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has said is enough to know that he would be very bad for american workers and for american families. >> reporter: hours after romney spoke, calling for republican coup, trump took the stage and me. >> met with a disaster as a candidate. >> reporter: in his rebuttal, trump said romney intended to run this year but was scared off. he went on to point out that just four years ago, romney sought his endorsement. >> reporter: he was begging for my endorsement. i could have said, mid, dropped to her knees he would've dropped to his knees. he was begging. >> reporter: back and forth between the nominee in this year's front runners sets the stage for last night -- tonight's debate is the bright -- detroit. wilbur, cases and trekkers will look forward to trump the donald. the republican debate in the twerk will start at 9:00 tonight and then tomorrow night, democrats hold their own debate 70 miles away in flint, michigan. of course you can join me on facebook live for now -- for the debate i will take your questions tonight.
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county parks led to the arrest of a church administrator and two other men. deputies arrested 67-year-old james guyton who works at the bridge of home church in lakeland. investigators arrested guyton making -- simpson, my first post in themselves and try to solicit undercover deputies that all three are now banned from all polk county parks. : group is appealing changes meant to make orlando's new soccer stadium more reflective of the surrounding community. last month the city board approved a new design on church street reflecting changes that will better honor the community around the stadium. local groups as the plans do not reflect paramore. they filed an appeal. it has four independent hearings. the group is suing to stop the sale of the stadium land. the group argues some land was taken through eminent domain. in 2.5 hours hundreds of orlando city soccer club fans will be showing the pride while running throughout downtown orlando. elin drive between central and robinson will be closed until 10:00 tonight for the teams
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he was alive look where the race will go on. it is part of the festivities leading up to the home older at the citrus bowl sunday. the race will start tonight at 6:00 -- 6:45. will you race? >> i don't call it racing. i will walk. >> following a six-year-old accidental shooting desk we asked why the city of sanford stop the gun buyback program that helps takes gun off the street. the chains of police department made after we started asking questions one part of volusia county want nothing to do with the new sidewalk. -- >> liability. >> reporter: why they don't want the sidewalks part of deltona and what they would rather buy instead. a seminole county mother says the trip to the dentist with her daughter turned into a nightmare. she says the dentist snapped. -- >> he just told her to shut up. >> here what she says the dentist did next that made things even worse. mostly watching the next
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he just took his hand and pushed her back down forcefully by her face and pushed her down into the chair. >> you will not see this mother story anywhere us this afternoon. according to her, what was supposed to be a routine dental exam turned violent when a dentist hit her autistic daughter. >> she told roy ramos the dentist who works for the help apartment yelled at and slapped her nine-year-old. he's -- he said this happened in front of her. >> reporter: she says she and her daughter asked to be in the room during the exam to keep her younger daughter calm but
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see what she said she saw next. >> if this person is doing this in front of me, what is happening when i am not with her. >> reporter: tears running down the face of elizabeth wilson at the -- he described the moment when her nine-year-old daughter madison who has autism was flat, pushed by dentist at the florida department of health in seminole county yesterday. she told me she and her holder daughter michaela were in the room when doctor frederick james walked in and madison try to get out of the chair. >> he just took his hand and pushed her back down forcefully by her face of mr. down into the chair. >> reporter: wilson claimed it was immediately after doctor james slapped her in the face. >> it was not from here it was like that. three times and shoved his finger in her mouth and try to pry it open. >> reporter: within seconds, she said it continued before she could put a stop to it. >> he pulled his hand out, his finger and then that's when he
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her back in the chair and i stopped everything. >> reporter: i spoke with police who said they responded to the dental office and they tell me doctor james was charged with a simple battery but not arrested. following the alleged incident i reached out to the health department who issued the statement, the florida department of health is a morrow county is aware of the complaint and we are conducting a thorough investigation into the incident. doctor james is currently on administrative leave until the investigation is complete. in the mother tells me they have worked very hard to get their daughter socially and behaviorally to where she is today. she says this alleged incident is a major setback. coming up at 5:00 working to find out what the family will now have to do to get their daughter comfortable around doctors again. in seminole county, roy ramos, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> has to be a big issue. folks don't want to go to the dentist and you add this for a
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>> the mother talked was at length about the terrifying moments with her daughter in the dentist and you can listen to the entire interview now at click on the video tab. another freudian hit the big powerball jackpot last night making this the second winning ticket sold in florida so far this year. lottery officials say the $291.4 million powerball ticket was sold at a convenience store down in marathon. the numbers drawn wednesday night were 12, 13, 44, 52, 62. the powerball number was six in power-play was 2. last month brevard county couple came forward to claim their share of nearly $1.6 billion jackpot and that jackpot in january hit a record. maureen smith and her husband had talked about getting a massage for her in a truck for him with their winnings. they walked away with a lump sum of nearly $320 million. they are not married longtime relationship. the forecast is on the money for a big weekend. we have soccer.
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it will be fun. >> it's going to be fantastic. today was warm, tomorrow the front is coming through. let's see what it has in store. i think the temperatures are not going to budge a lot. right now the birds are soaring around the suntrust building. high clouds are with us right now. thankfully we have those otherwise we would be about 82- 83 degrees today with all of the heat building across the southeast head of the front. we temper temperatures, 79 downtown, 80 deltona. comfortable weather overall. if you like this weather, you like a potter? i have -- if you like it a little bit hotter i have more. more coming up into next week. winds out of the south and southeast at about 10-15 miles an hour. satellite pictures showing a thick veil of clouds and beautiful son shot. -- sunshine. a terrific sunset tonight. here comes a line of showers
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through atlanta, 340 miles away. heavy rain to the north is moving east in the rain moving our way is piddly. some rain in the morning. nothing that will break the current dry spell. future track, 5 am, decent downpours moving past palm coast were on palm beach or mom by the sea, northern part of umatilla, the villages, leesburg, spotty showers you join brian shields on eyewitness this morning, tracking light rain and it whimpers as it passes through relatively stable environments. 7:00 a.m., 8:00, winding down. a few more clouds in the afternoon but generally we will recover quickly and temperatures are mild, forecast model bringing in a sprinkle along the coast on saturday cannot rule that out but overall chances for rain are low after tomorrow morning and may be a while before we can finally bring some measurable rainfall back to the forecast.
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very dry last month, we are supposed to get shot of 4 inches in march but i took at the new long-range american model and they added horsepower to improve the resolution. .14 is all the rated outputs for the next two weeks in orlando. that is going to mean high fire threats for the next several days. something we will talk about for many weeks to come. daytona beach, nice, 76. more search today, a nice weekend ahead if you head toward the coast. moderate chop on the intercostal and a low risk for rip currents in the weekend is going to be even warmer gradually than we are now. five-day forecast, where the weekend is always in view. there is a slight chance for rain in the morning and we will clear things out saturday with the exception of a sparkle possible along the east coast and mostly dry weather orlando city soccer club making the debut game on sunday afternoon light coverage on tv 27 and then into the 80s next week and it gets hot.
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springlike weather is kicking in early. i will see you at 4:30. construction workers underway furr high school even though a judge has not decided whether permit to build on the land is even legal. coming up, how much the legal fight over this one school is costing all of orange county taxpayers. normally people would fight for sidewalks near schools but some deltona residents say they do not want them. coming up i will break down why they are signing a petition saying to keep them out.
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residence usually fight to get five forks and neighborhoods but this afternoon folks in deltona are fighting against new sidewalks that could start to go in as early as tomorrow. channel 9's name and room -- deneige broom went to find out what the residents are against it. >> reporter: people say they do not want the sidewalk here and they signed a petition to get to the city of deltona to say that but this shows that sidewalk is probably coming here whether they like it or not. >> none of us want the sidewalk that is useless.
4:25 pm
15 years and they have been fine without a sidewalk for the last couple of weeks they have been fighting the city's effort to add a sidewalk on the street but crews have marked the area with a plan to lay the paps possibly as early as tomorrow. >> no one will utilize the sidewalk. why do we need a sidewalk of public safety. >> reporter: in emails eyewitness news the city spokesperson says the strict is part of a larger $2 million project to add 25 miles a sidewalk during the next two years. leaders said they pay, 50 sections on streets in the city because they are within 1 mile of elementary and middle schools. another 17 sections was selected because of their access to residential properties. leaders acknowledge they have residents about not wanting the sidewalks installed but they say those complaints will not override the plan to add what they call a safer walking option. the more than 20 people who signed the petition feel the addition will disrupt their lakeside properties and claim they have other issues they would rather have the city spent money twos exports -- >> three reported over 20 years the drainage and flooding issues that every time it rains
4:26 pm
spend on sidewalks. >> reporter: in deltona, deneige broom, channel 9 eyewitness news. still had an 4, . >> an update on the clearing out of one of orange county's worst condo complexes even though people are trying to live in the community. orange county's worst housing development is starting to look like a ghost town but there are signs of life i will explain how some live here even without running water. police van sanford girl got a hold of her babysitters gun and pulled the trigger. the babysitter is a convicted felon.
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investigators say this girl got a hold of her babysitters gun and actually shot herself. >> i am baffled. i cannot understand it. >> one anti-gun activist is asking my city leaders stop the
4:30 pm
the streets. >> janai norman found out it has been more than three years since they held a buyback in the city. >> it announced it is bringing him back next month but she spoke with a woman who says she was pushing for a long -- this long before the girl lost her life. >> i'm baffled. i cannot understand it especially with the crime and the murders and gun violence. >> reporter: geneva jones founded put your guns down, put your hands up after her brother was murdered in sanford april 2013. since then she says she has tried to work with police to do a gun buyback but has not had luck. >> it's been denied by the city of sanford. >> reporter: february 2013 was the last time this department had a gun buyback when they got 126 firearms off the streets. we came here today to find out why there hasn't been another one since despite 12 homicides, 10 of those by guns. >> it was very successful. i do not understand why we have not been implementing it again
4:31 pm
buyback's are expensive, handing out $50 gift cards to get 126 guns off the streets cost $6300 but jones says that is nothing when it comes to cutting down on crime in saving lives. >> that is my question to the city of sanford. what is going on? why do we not have funds for this? >> we told you yesterday durham police chief plans to host a free gun safety class next week. jones advocates instead of being reactive, being proactive by holding gun buyback's each year. >> it sends me it took all of these people, their lives to be taken in order to get here, especially the little girl from yesterday. >> reporter: seminole county, janai norman, channel 9 eyewitness news . >> sanford police have not released details on the gun buyback but will do that next month and we will let you know when we get the details. orange county works to clear out a development but for some it is still home.
4:32 pm
you an idea of the conditions the rough conditions they live in. steve barrett was in the neighborhood today and reports many of the homes do not even have running water. >> reporter: the atmosphere is constantly changing here. there are plenty of buildings that are boarded up an empty. there are a lot of buildings that are completely gone but still pretty living here. some folks do not have running water. >> county leaders got an update on the progress to do away with orlando's worst housing development. it looks worse than ever but there is progress being made. crews removing asbestos today were flanked by deputies who stood by a security and the notoriously dangerous development. timber scam is only about one third occupied at this point and out of the 49 original building, 11 have already been demolished. 38 remain. the plan is to bulldoze number eight more buildings this year.
4:33 pm
more than $12,000 in water and sewer charges in a conflict made of three homeowners association script section 1 has no running water for 20 minutes are still occupied. section 2 has water and 47 occupied units in section 3 no water connection but 24 occupied units. in the last two years the county spent more than half million dollars moving people out and boarding buildings but many are wide open, filled with trash or burned out and very dangerous. in nine months, -- ago, the county set aside $1 million for code enforcement and law enforcement but there are other things, there's no money for trash collections, there are no dumpsters left out here anymore. in orange county, steve barrett, channel 9 eyewitness news . one center florida area is one of the most active committees and flipping houses. a new report says the daytona
4:34 pm
homes flipped of any community in central florida last year. fliss in daytona beach and tampa help to make up 8 percent of sales in florida and in 2015, when it comes to sales, only the state of nevada sold more flipped homes. a new trail that will run through part of central florida is one step closer to becoming complete. these are pictures starting at tremaine street and mount dora. yesterday the lake sumter metropolitan planning organization told county commissioners they had state funding to complete half of the 15 mile multiuse trail. it will span between lake, seminole in orange county's. bus drivers wanted to that is the message public schools are try to send potential employees. the district is planning to job fair's to fill drivers seat on school buses. low pay and long hours have led to a shortage of drivers in the passenger transportation job fairs are march 10, march 15 between 9 am-noon if you plan to head in or out of orlando this afternoon or this evening expect a few detours and delays.
4:35 pm
being painted in purple. in two hours hundreds of orlando city fans are expected to run through downtown for the soccer clubs purple pride 5k race. they are setting it up and will be fun but maybe a traffic nightmare trying to move about this part of downtown orlando next to lake eola. the the arctic utb 27 is a new home for orlando city. will have a special preview of the teams second season this friday at 6:30 pm to 27 and sunday 220 several have live coverage of the home opener starting at 1:30. the department of state health and veterans affairs officials are now teaming up in a new program aimed at helping veterans families obtain benefits. florida is one of the first states to develop a program giving funeral directors the ability to notify the doctor who certifies that there could be military related conditions evolved. families of veterans may be entitled to the va compensation and other benefits if those
4:36 pm
veterans death. to big park -- surprises out of tallahassee. rick scott's billion dollars tax break has been reduced to $129 million. and second, state employees likely will not see raises this time around. the plan was to give a 3 percent pay raise to state workers but that would cost more than $260 million. state senators say the proposed budget does not have the money because the extra cash went to the governors tax break package. the florida teen originally charts for treating patients without a license is back out of jail today on bond. >> on the judge's orders coming asked to undergo a mental health evaluation. 18-year-old malachi love robinson walked out of jail yesterday after being charged with grand theft. investigators say he used banking information from an 85- year-old patient to pay $35,000 toward his car loans.'s lawyer claims he is not mentally ill, he's just a creative entrepreneur. >> i have spent a lot of time
4:37 pm
a jekyll and hyde type deal. >> while out on bond, love robinson will remain under supervision. a group of major tech businesses is backing apple and the court battle with the fbi. >> the company refused to help investigators hack into an iphone that was used by women san bernardino terrorist. bob opsahl has been following the debate over privacy versus security. these companies are about customer privacy. >> reporter: at&t linkedin, twitter are among the groups who filed paperwork and apples defense. all of them hold a lot of our personal information. it's a case almost everyone has an opinion about the aclu was the first group to support apple with a court filing yesterday arguing the demands to open the iphone of a california terrorist could undermine the public's right to privacy. but on the other side, florida congressman david jolly of pinellas county said apple needs to cooperate and that
4:38 pm
>> if you do not want your phone to be looked at by the government, do not kill 40 people in the name of isis. >> he made the comment after apple went to capitol hill earlier this week to say that helping the fbi break into the phone would make everyone else's phone vulnerable to hackers and thieves. >> the fbi asked the court to order us to give them something that we do not have. to create an operating system that does not exist. the reason it does not exist is because it would be too dangerous. >> reporter: fbi director james comey says the agencies only asking apple to remove one setting which embraces the data in the phone when 10 wrong passcodes are entered. after that, the fbi would try to crack the code themselves. vanessa? this afternoon soccer star pretty chastain is making a serious pledge to concussion research. he -- he says she will donate over to the concussion legacy foundation after her death so it can be studied. female high school and college players report twice as many concussions as males.
4:39 pm
should team in 1999. senators in washington are now debating a plan that would create programs to start prescription drug and heroin abuse and orlando and across the country. earlier this week, we told you how are heroin task force in orange county has been working hard to find solutions and stop hearing of abuse and overdoses. at a national level, the bill gives first responders more access to an adult -- one senator. said the bill is needed. >> it's such an urgent problem and so many people in my home state and around the country who need the help and now that it is worth spending additional money. >> the obama administration issued a statement saying the bill does not do much without money but stopped short of threatening a veto. after almost one year in zero gravity, hours traveling from kazakhstan scott kelly is back home. >> he's glad to be back on solid ground . >> it feels great, great to be
4:40 pm
>> kelly arrived in houston this morning his 340 daytrip on the iss was the longest for any american astronaut. part of his mission was to measure effects of space on the human body. nasa has done a few just and this is interesting. they found he grew 2 inches taller than his identical twin. >> is an unbelievable feeling to be back here on planet earth, back in the great country and with my family and my friends. >> and to be able to look down on his brother kelly greeted by family, friends and vice president biden's wife, she gave him beer and apple pie. why? she said she chose those things because there is nothing more american than apple pie and a cold beer, in whatever order you like it. >> he needs to write a book. >> a picture book. he took great pictures. >> yes. a polk county man lives on
4:41 pm
bubbles on his pool came from a golf ball. >> why he said he saw the gator before. may be time to get your pool ready get the gators out and get ready to go. updating a summerlike weather pattern moving our way. were continues at the west orange relief high school even after a trial to decide whether it's legal remains months away. stocks finish positive as investors anticipate last month employment numbers to be announced tomorrow, friday, the dow group by almost 45 points,
4:42 pm
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following breaking news in brevard county.
4:45 pm
there's an overturned vehicle in the water with a ditch. we try to take a picture from skywitness 9 were working on the picture for you but here is what we know about the accident. two people are trapped and rescue workers right now are working on getting them out of the vehicle that is overturned in a water filled ditch. we are told that both of the conscious. skywitness 9 is over the scene in brevard county. we will have the latest on this and bring you live pictures this newscast. lawyers are still pushing up the price tag on west orange county's new high school with a civil lawsuit that is now in the third year. back in january, we told you all cps started construction without waiting for a judge to decide if a county permit to build on the land is even legal. channel 9 field sutton found out a trial is still months away if not longer. >> reporter: on none of the walls have gone up but several feet of dirt had gone is is the last time we reported on the belief school and since then
4:46 pm
little -- little progress. opponent say in these tax dollars are at work. not only here but in the pockets of lawyers and downtown orlando. >> we are not getting closer and -- close to deadlines. >> reporter: on opposite sides of the conference table, lawyers from both sides of the schools skirmish fought of the nitty-gritty this morning. >> there are valid reasons why all of the owners of the property have to be joined as parties. >> if you read this you do not know what it says. >> reporter: no decisions, just a promise that one may come eventually. today ocps tells me it has no estimate on how much the district has spent on lawyers. >> the school board can be very arrogant. >> reporter: dog with watch dog grew county watch believes the problem is rooted in the county and school districts failing to predict the kind of growth that has happened. >> who lose it.? >> the taxpayer because they cannot resolve the issues at the bureaucratic level v years ago. >> as the taxpayer dozen my -- does not make me very happy that they are continuing construction when there is litigation still out there.
4:47 pm
need months ago, school board member pam gould told eyewitness news the existing westwood high school is bursting at the seams. >> this is the site that we have and we are committed to this site and committed to serving the community. >> reporter: versus uppercase in an appeals court, no progress on that one from us either. we will let you know when there is. orange county, field sutton, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> that expert field sutton spoke with said it is likely -- unlikely the judge will force the work to stop once the building is up so they can strip data they will continue. one florida homeowner got a huge reminder that it is now gator mating season across the state. >> craig notice something floating in the pool in his patio in lakeland. he says he saw a bowl and thought it was only a golf ball but when he got closer, he spotted a 9 foot gator that looked familiar. >> we have seen him on the fairway so it seemed he has been trying to relocate to another pond or something.
4:48 pm
they do not look alike. leaders called the trapper who removed the gator from the pool. we don't know his fate. >> he is clean. >> he smells like chlorine. >> ready to go. off to a great start, run for pride, 5-k. we look toward lake eola, international bridge as they are getting ready nearby, try to get a shot of the folks. too many beautiful trees in the way. we will take a look at the bridge. nice. temperatures in the upper 70s. high clouds overhead, chance of rain in the morning but it is not going to add up to too much. our pollen count will stay astronomically high until we get some rainfall. 80 degrees in sanford, 81 kissimmee, 73 in new smyrna, here come the high clouds ahead of a storm system which is roughly 340 miles away. heaviest rainfall is moving
4:49 pm
we get our very wimpy and appearance. we will get a couple sprinkles in the morning and that should be just about it. winter park, temperatures are mild with the cloud cover overhead, site showers -- chance of a shower between six- 8 am. high clouds and dry weather for us tonight. 5 am, rain moving from palm coast and daytona and moving through ocala, the villages, leesburg with scattered early showers and will not add too much in your rain gauge i we had more. the lawns and flowers needed in the pollen needs to get watched out somehow at least partially with rainfall but that will not be happening in abundance to market afternoon, fair skies and we are looking on the dry side but i took a look at the long-range forecast models and this is the forecast map for tuesday of next week. so the extended five-day forecast look even hotter into next week. this is a big fiber jamila dorado ridge building and, this is a summerlike pattern.
4:50 pm
have 90 degrees in the five-day forecast. instead, fortunately it's early march but we will have mid-80s well into spring. temperature wise into next week. five-day forecast where the weekend is always in view. 78 for tomorrow, a passing shower early in the morning and there is nice weather this weekend. going hour by hour with the weekend included in the forecast for the soccer match on sunday orlando city and next week, getting warm again. greg? should be great. orange county for me says they were blindsided by lawsuit from the husband of an attorney who they say stole million of dollars from them. >> the harder we try to get back what was stolen from us, the worst things get. >> what they say they are being victimized of again. also, ridesharing company uber in the city of altamonte sunrail ridership. what else the city hosted gain from the deal that will help
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
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a bill that would revamp florida's adoption laws is awaiting governor. scott signature. adoption agencies can ask courts to put children in homes preferred by parents. this bill will allow to put the best interest of the child over the wishes of birthparents. to the favorite part of the week, forever family series as every thursday channel 9 anchor martha sugalski brings the stories of amazing local kids who are waiting in foster care to be adopted. this week is no exception. >> this young lady's name is mindy and she's an animal lover at heart. i got to spend time with her doing some bowling. >> my name is mindy, i'm 13. >> she's a fun, bubbly teenage girl.
4:55 pm
hanging out with her friends. >> i am in eighth grade and my favorite subject right now currently is art. i'm pretty much wanted to work at google because i am into all that stuff because when i was growing up i always loved computer programming, coding. >> she loves putting others in front of herself and she's a happy little girl. >> all i want is for me to be in a very loving, compassionate family with at least a cat and a dog. whenever i see those aspca commercials come all the abused animals, it breaks my heart. we are their voice. we have to be there for us because if we are not their voice, they will end up dying in a starving or completely being forgotten about. >> my dream for her is to have somewhere where she feels safe
4:56 pm
>> i would bring a sense of humor and i would bring anything about a loving family would ever need. >> to learn more about adopting mindy call the number on your screen go to adoption from foster care is free. there is an urgent need for foster families to temporally care for children who have been removed from their homes due to no fault of their own. greg? very nice hopefully someone will make the call. >> smart young lady. >> we told you some people in volusia county caught with small amounts of marijuana will receive fines instead of jail time. >> i think it makes a lot of sense. >> a city leaders say this change will help the entire county. also, tough questions for an orlando city commissioner did 9 investigates whether commissioner virginia held willingness lives in the district she represents. another orange county deputy is under investigation.
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
this young father was hit and killed at end. his first night delivering pizzas. investigators say a woman trying to run from a traffic stop hit him. brand-new at 5:00, the reserve deputy trying to pull over that driver for speeding, now under investigation for how he handled that call. >> that reserve deputy has now been stripped of his law enforcement powers while the investigation unfolds. >> the 23-year-old father was hit and killed in that crash early sunday morning. kathy spent the day work ing to get answers from the sheriff's office. and that deputy was just honored for his work. >> reporter: reserve deputy of 2015. reserves work for free. but this full-time job was in forensics as a civilian. he was patrolling for free on sunday when the crash took the life of
5:00 pm
2-year-old has been asking for her daddy for days now, and no one knows what to tell her. there is a gouge, broken glass, and other debris still at john young parkway at americana blchd. the highway patrol says victim cody garrett's vehicle was half as wide after he was t-boned. he was on his way home from his first night on the job delivering pizzas to support his daughter. reserve deputy who was trying to stop the accused driver is now under internal investigation. mike vincent who helped analyze evidence in the casey anthony murder case has been reassigned and stripped of his gun and badge while under investigation. his mother still blames saint seer, who was driving without a license. she grimaced as if on pain on her


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