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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning Saturday 600am  ABC  March 5, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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right now on eyewitness news this morning, thousands are expected at a campaign rally at ucf for donald trump. the increased security in place for today's event. and an orange county teacher says bullying is out of control. why he says he can't do anything about it and the fear he now has for his students' safety. good morning. it is saturday, march 5th. i'm daralene jones. time now is 6:00 on the dot. we'll have more on our top story in just a minute. but, first, here's a live look outside over downtown orlando. still dark and early out there this morning. meteorologist marina jurica is in severe weather center 9. >> we are looking at a partly
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morning, and it is a chilly start, as i'll show you here in just a minute. but we're going to rebound into a beautiful day. so that's the most important thing. our satellite and radar right now is showing heavier clouds in our southern counties than our northern counties. but we'll get a lot of sunshine as we head into the day today. with a mixture of sun and clouds, we are going to see a beautiful afternoon. but for now it's chilly, 41 in ocala, 48 in deland, 47 palm coast, 49 in daytona beach, 53 in orlando, kissimmee 61 in cocoa beach. so you can see our southern counties are definitely warmer and that, of course, has a lot to do with the fact that we are a little cloudier. we are seeing a touch of fog left over in ocala. visibility was less than half a mile there just 60 minutes ago. so glad to see improvements in that neck of the woods. now, temperatures this afternoon will be in the mid- to upper 70s inland, and will be in the upper 60s and low 70s along the coast, so enjoy the comfortable weekend. it's going to be lovely. darlene. in just a few hours republican presidential frontrunner donald trump will be in central florida. thousands of people, including
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expected to attend a rally at ucf. eyewitness news this morning's field sutton is live at cfe arena this morning, and, field, ucf police have extra security in place right now. >>reporter: a lot of it actually -- a lot of these roads are closed an more road blocks are going to be going up. this road i'm standing along now is one of several that are closed down already now. officers have been showing up all morning. we're seeing quite a large number of them and we know more on the way, not only from ucfpd, but from orlando pd, from orange county sheriff's office as well. you're going to see a lot of law enforcement out here today. now people are arriving as well. a lot of them are lined up, one guy since 1:45 this morning. this morning donald trump is in wichita, kansas because of the kansas primary. that's one of four states up for grabs for the republicans today. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are battling it out in three other states. florida's primary, of course, is a week from tuesday. now, marco rubio is up in jacksonville today stumping for the hundreds of thousands of votes up and down the i-4 corridor, but at ucf today, we
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his theme from thursday's debate. after super tuesday it looks like he's softening his position on some hot-button torture. on immigration he now says visas from workers from other currents may now be necessary to keep some jobs staffed in the united states. supporters out here this morning say they are not worryd about a few changes. >> there's nothing wrong with a little flexibility, i think that's important and i think that flies in the face of people who say that he would not be able to negotiate a situation like that. so i think it's a fine thing to indicate that you have some flexibility. there needs to be some compromise in washington. >>reporter: and back here in front of the cfe arena live this morning, we are watching the crowd continue to grow. we're also expecting protesters to show up as we've been reporting all week. again, a big law enforcement presence out here to make sure everything stays under control.
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sutton, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> you can count on eyewitness news to bring you live coverage of today's rally. we'll stream it live on our website, and you can watch starting at 2:30 this afternoon. just go to the home page of dr. ben carson suspended his campaign yesterday afternoon. the announcement came after carson skipped out on thursday's republican debate. carson said he doesn't see a political path forward following super tuesday. today democrats are facing off in primaries and caucuses, again, in kansas, louisiana, nebraska and maine and republicans will vote in kansas, kentucky, louisiana and maine. democratic candidates hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders will also debate again tomorrow. early voting in florida starts today in seminole, volusia brevard and marion counties. early voting is already under way in orange and lake counties. remember, voters who are already registered democrats or republicans may vote in this primary. we've uncovered some disturbing video showing
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at a walt disney world resort. take a look at this. an eyewitness recorded this incident at the art of animation resort. you can see here a worker using a mop on the floor and then the dining room tables. we've asked bhiep of action disney -- what type of action disney took against the employee. we'll have that part of the story later for you in about 10 minutes. an orange county teacher says bullying is out of control. 9 investigates first uncovered bullying allegations that two different parents say nearly drove their children to commit suicide. eyewitness news this morning's julie salamone is live at orange county school district headquarters this morning, and, julie, the teacher says he's speaking out because he fears for the students' safety. >>reporter: he told us he's seen several of our stories on bullying and that's why he wanted to speak out. he says at times at his own school it's out of control. >> what do i do? >>reporter: this woman broke down in tears last week when she told us her daughter got so sick of bullying she tried to overdose on pills at maitland
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>> makes me feel like a failure. >>reporter: just days later this woman told us her son talked about killing himself because of bullying at robbins wood middle school. a teacher at that school watched those stories. >> i'm afraid i'm going to lose my job by even talking to you about this. >>reporter: that's why we agreed to hide his face and alter his voice. he told us he sees bullying at robbins wood middle school nearly everyday in his classroom and says it's out of control. >> homophobic slurs to race- based slurs, to fights in the classroom. >>reporter: he says the school isn't clear with how teachers should handle bullying and says the kids know he has little power. but he says things are so bad now he fears some of his students might feel like they have no way out. >> one day i'm just worried that they're not going to come to school one day and we'll find out a day or two later that they are not coming back because they're not here anymore. >>reporter: now, orange county
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statement on its bullying policy. it reads in part the parents of the accused and the victims are contacted, the school administration gets staff and students to write statements on anything they witness. reporting live in orange county, julie salamone, eyewitness news this morning. we now know the names of three men accused of pointing a gun at a toddler during a robbery. it happened yesterday in the parking lot of the win dixie on howland boulevard in deltona. investigators say eric vosch jumped into an suv with a woman and the child inside, pointed a gun at the child and demanded cash, but the women fought back. investigators say vosch got into a pickup truck where christopher watson and andrew miliicheck were waiting. the victims chased the truck and rammed it. the child was not hurt. the victims had minor injuries. we're asking state troopers what caused a deadly crash that killed two people. take a close look at one of the mangled cars here in this video on the side of the road. if you take a look to the right
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other vehicle on its side. this happened last night at avalon road and mckinney road in winter garden. two other people and three children were taken to a local hospital. no word yet on their conditions. police say they've arrested a juvenile in connection with a fatal shooting in winter park. it happened last month near park avenue. police say jordan ingram and frank freeman were killed in that incident. the juvenile now faces first- degree murder charges. police have not released any more information at this time. a social media post with claims that a woman and her daughter were approached by a sex trafficking ring at a target on norfolk parkway in west melbourne is spreading across the internet. it says a man watched them in the store, and then another man asked them for help with his car in the parking lot. police in west melbourne and brevard and orange counties have investigated the claims, but they say there is no evidence of a sex trafficking ring operating in this way. one of the people accused of stealing a cash box from a
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on sunday deputies say nicholas debruge and his sister ashley winters were caught on a surveillance camera stealing the cash box from a 12-year-old girl scout. it happened at a deltona wal- mart. the siblings turned themselves in on thursday night and faced a judge yesterday. wirnlts is out of jail on a -- winters is out of jail on a $2,500, but debruge is still in custody. it took five tries but spacex has successfully launched a commercial communications satellite intoorbit. >> three, two, one, zero, liftoff. >> that was last night and a sight to see at cape canaveral air force station. the satellite will provide more coverage over southeast asia, landing the first stage of the falcon 9 rocket that lifted the satellite into orbit didn't quite work out. it landed hard on the drone ship. spacex ceo elon musk tweeted "didn't expect this one to work, but next flight has a good chance." opening weekend is finally here for the orlando city soccer club. the team says there are fewer
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for the season opener tomorrow. yesterday the players had their last practice before the match at the citrus bowl. they also met their new italian midtownfielder, antonio nurtureino at the airport. he is not expected it play tomorrow, but he will be introduced to fans at today's official pub crawl in downtown orlando. remember, wrdq, central florida's tv 27 is the new home for orlando city. we will have live coverage of the home opener starting at 1:30 tomorrow afternoon. this weekend the streets of daytona beach are packed with motorcycles for the 75th annual bike week. organizers are expecting thousands of bikers there. tourism officials say the annual event brings in more than $200 million to the local economy. bike week ends on sunday, march 13th. time now is 6:10. meteorologist marina jurica is in severe weather center 9. if they're out there already this morning, they will feel the chill in the air. >> yes, definitely. it's going to be gorgeous, and as we take a look at the
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chilly starts, but warm afternoons. 76 on saturday and 74 on sunday for the high temps there in daytona beach. so get out there and enjoy it. it is going to be beautiful no matter what your plans might be. from west to east, the villages looking good, we're going to see partly cloudy skies with a high of 74 at 2:00 today. in sanford and the i-4 corridor, we're going to be looking at a lot of sunshine as well with a high of 76. and looking at melbourne, a lot of sunshine and then clouds increasing along the coastline later on this afternoon with a high of 73. darlene. orange county schools say they desperately need more help to better serve thousands of student hoss don't speak english. coming up what's being done to help a new wave of students. and a worker cleaning at disney world resort was caught on camera mopping the floor, then moments later using the same mop to wipe down dining tables. next the answers we got from
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am good morning, i'm meteorologist marina jurica here at 6:14. we are starting off cool on this saturday morning. but we are ending off on a beautiful note as we head into the afternoon. looking at our satellite and radar, we have cloudier skies to our south and/or north, but it is still going to be a lovely day, partly cloudy for everybody. our high pressure is up to our northeast -- northwest, excuse northeasterly flow around that area of high pressure, so it's a chilly start, but the 70s are returning as we head into this afternoon. temps right now 41 is the cool spot in ocala, 47 in palm coast, 48 in deland, 61 is our hot spot in cocoa beach and we're at 53 here in downtown orlando. so it is definitely cooler. we're up to 14 degrees cooler than our friday morning. and taking a look at our wind speeds, pretty calm as you head further up towards the north, and then out of the northeast at about 5 to 10 as you head further towards the south. so it's a cool start, but we'll warm up nicely, comfortable,
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we'll be seeing plenty of sunshine as we head into the afternoon, and a clear night tonight, and it is going to be cool once again. our next front is going to start to approach tomorrow. our next front will be allowing for some cooler air to move in for our sunday, but it is going to be mostly sunny and a dry tomorrow. but it is going to be a couple degrees cooler for our sunday afternoon and our monday morning. but after that we rebound very quickly. if you like the cooler temperatures, enjoy this weekend because we are going into a stretch into this work week where we are going to see the 80s, our warmest temperatures so far of the year as some upper 80s might be in before our next cold front arrives the following saturday. so in orange county today, it's a milder afternoon, around bay hill, brinmar, heading into east brook we're going to see the upper 70s, 78 downtown, 77 in apopka, 79 in lake buena vista and 77 in bit low, so it is going to be comfortable, that's the difference as we see
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as we head into tonight, 53 degrees with a few clouds as that frontal system pushes through early tomorrow morning. five-day forecast with your weekend always in view showing that we are going to be looking at a cooler day tomorrow, but then it is going to rebound very quickly, and we could be at 88 degrees by the end of the week next week. darlene. we uncovered disturbing video of unsanitary cleaning practices at a disney world resort. take a look at this. a worker was caught on camera using a mop on the floors and then the dining room tables. it happened at the art of animation resort. eyewitness news this morning's jeff lefcoolich talked to the guest who recorded the dirty work on his cell phone. >> anybody with any kind of common sense can see that's unsanitary. >>reporter: so jesse areus of california got out his cell phone and started recording. take a look. a member of the cleaning crew at disney's art of animation resort can be seen mopping the floor.
6:18 am
wipe off a dining room table at the restaurant. areus talkd to me over facetime. >> it's disturbing they're doing something like this and -- something like that and exposing us to diseases. >>reporter: ar eus told the resort manager who comped his hotel. he told me it still bothered him, so he started writing letters to disney this week, but never got a satisfying response. a spokesperson for the resort told me when they found out about the incident they immediately took action. they call it an isolated incident. disney tells me the woman in the video is not a cast member, but rather she works for a third-party vendor and she's no longer welcome here on disney property. >> oh, boy. >>reporter: we showed the video to paul cook, a retired health inspector. he told us he's never seen anything like it. >> they ought to immediately close that place and had them come in and say you have to retrain your employees on properly cleaning, sanitizing, food service equipment, properly cleaning the floor. >>reporter: you would close
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>>reporter: jeff lefcoolich, eyewitness news this morning. >> we searched state records and found only a few minor violations involving art of animations resort since it opened back in 2012. none involve the food service area. the former acting city manager of mount dora is now working for the city of apopka. mark rigin tn is now the community director for apopka. he served as mount dora's planning director for 22 years. he was about to be mount dora's acting city manager last year when he decided to run for the position. he received threatening letters and stepped down. the fdle said the threats were not criminal. there is a new wave of students flooding orange county classrooms and the district is now struggleing to meet their knees. there are classes designed for students who don't speak english as their first language. as eyewitness news this morning anchor nancy alvarez reports, enrollment is going up and she asked how the district is keeping up with this growing demand. >>reporter: well, here at freedom high school in orange county, 34 brand new students
6:20 am
last eight weeks, all of them headed to classrooms like this one where they're not just learning a subject, they're learning how to speak english. as sarah wolf carries out a lecture in her 9th grade english class -- >> any questions about that? >>reporter: bilingual paraprofessional aras asoreio races around the classroom, making students are getting it. >> it's not just translating word for word, it's teaching them the class in spanish, that way they can understand. >>reporter: this report sent to darren soto's office from the school district shows the demand for e-saw classes like this one is growing. this school year orange county received just over 1,400 new student from puerto rico and another 1,000 from other countries, including venezuela, brazil, the dominican republic and cuba. >> but it's a culture shock, it is a language shock. >>reporter: the report also shows the district has increased efforts to hire bilingual teachers at job fairs, candidates from puerto rico and other countries have been offered jobs on the spot. there are summer programs for these students and services to
6:21 am
but despite the increased number of esaw students, state funding per student and federal grants to support them have remained the same and some are wondering how long the district can keep up with the growth. in the meantime these students aren't wasting time. danielavivas arrived in the u.s. a month ago. >> with the program you can do it. >>reporter: and she's getting the support she needs. >> it's just constant encouragement. i always tell them, you're going to be lightyears ahead of so many other people because you speak two languages. >>reporter: in orange county, nancy alvarez, eyewitness news. >> senator darren soto sent us a statement saying we are working to boost high-growth school construction funding and teacher pay on the state level to help with this new influx of predominantly hispanic students. on the federal level, congress needs to step up english language learner's funding to assure our new students have reasonable access to english courses. the mother of a jacksonville toddler who disappeared and later found dead will spend the next five years in prison.
6:22 am
she should have been given the same 20-year sentence he got. remember, if you want more local news at 9:00 this morning, turn to eyewitness
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the mother of a jacksonville toddler who disappeared last summer will spend the next five years in prison. a judge sentenced lana barton for her role in her son's disappearance last july. her boyfriend, ruben ebron claimed the child drowned in a bathtub and he buried him in the woods. ebron agreedd to a plea deal
6:26 am
the parents say they thought ebron got off easy. >> true justice for this baby would be an equal amount. as i said before, i'm never going to dispute that my son had some involvement, but he wasn't alone. >> prosecutors say ebron eventually told them where he buried the child's body. a volusia county mother won't be charged after her daughter and grandson drown while under her supervision. martha jenkins was charged with manslaughter last july. investigators say she was sleeping when her 2-year-old daughter and 1-year-old grandson slipped into the back yard and drown in a dirty pool. and now prosecutors say there is not enough evidence to support that charge. a local teacher says he sees bullying in the classroom almost everyday, but can't do anything about it. next why he says the school district is not doing enough to help. and we are up to 14 degrees cooler on this saturday morning, and we've got another cold front to track. i'll let you know when it's coming in. but, first, here's some
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for a complete list, go to
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i can't teach in my own classroom. >> an orange county teacher says bullying is out of control it. students' safety. good morning, it is saturday, march 5th. time now is just about 6:30. let's get you outside, let's get a live look over downtown orlando this morning. the sun is finally making its way out this morning. meteorologist marina jurica is in severe weather center 9. >> it's going to be a beautiful day, but it is a chilly start. as we head into the afternoon, we're going to see the 70s return, even along the coastline. low 70s for the afternoon with partly cloudy skies, so it'll be lovely with water temps in the mid- to upper 60s, getting warmer. seas at three to four feet with an intercoastal light chop. rips will be low all weekend which is great. few months. from west to east in ocala, we'll start out with a few clouds this morning and get a lot of sunshine this afternoon, high of 74 at 4:00. in apopka and the i-4 corridor,
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with a high of 74 at 2:00, and in daytona beach cloudier start, but then a little more sunshine this afternoon with a high of 70. darlene. a local teacher says he sees bullying in the classroom almost everyday, and he feels like the school district isn't doing enough to help. last week two different parents told us bullying nearly drove their middle school-age children to commit suicide. eyewitness news this morning's julie salamone is live at orange county school district headquarters. and, julie, the teacher says he tries to stop the bullying. >>reporter: he told us he tries to stop the bullies, but often doesn't get very far, and he saw several of our stories on bullying, and he wanted to speak out. a robbins wood middle school teacher agreed to sit down an speak with us about bullying he sees in his classroom, but we agreed to hide his face and alter his voice. >> i'm afraid i'm going to lose about this. >>reporter: this woman broke down in tears last week when she told us her daughter got so sick of bullying she tried to
6:32 am
middle school. failure. >>reporter: just days later this woman says her son talked about killing himself because middle school. the teacher we spoke with said he watched those stories. he says when he tries to stop anywhere. >> homofolkic slurs to race- classroom. >>reporter: but he says things are so bad now he fears some of his students might feel like they have no way out. >> one day i'm just worried that they're not going to come to school one day, and we'll find out a day or two later this they are not coming back because they are not here anymore. >>reporter: now, orange county public schools sent us this statement regarding their bullying policy. it reads in part the parents of the accused and the victim are contacted. the school administration gets staff and students to write statements on anything they witness. reporting live in orange county, julie salamone, eyewitness news this morning. the wife of an orange
6:33 am
line of duty is pleading with state lawmakers to help other families in her situation. deputy scott pine was shot and killed two years ago. his widow says his wents aren't enough -- his benefits aren't enough for her and their three children, so she's pushing for legislation that would raise benefits for families of first responders. 100% of -- with 100% of their income. right now it's only half. >> our children's future should not be a financial struggle because their daddy was a hero and gave the ultimate sacrifice. >> the florida senate passed the changes unanimously, but the house has attached the bill to other provisions the senate opposes which could table that for another year. she has not been available for comment, but congresswoman corrine brown is the subject of a widespread speculation. for weeks we've been asking questions about a so-called charity called one door for education and its ties to the central florida congresswoman. eyewitness news anchor greg
6:34 am
people involved in that group has now agreed to a plea deal. >>reporter: we've been uncovering new details on this story for weeks. 9 investigates finding invitations to a golf tournament, inauguration festivities and receptions going back four years, all of them hosted by congresswoman corrine brown. e-mails show her staff was involved in planning or at least aware of the happenings. we recently showed what we uncovered to former federal prosecutor brian phillips. >> the thing particularly that jumped out at me was the large volume of uses of the congressional seal on what looks like nonofficial congressional correspondence. >>reporter: now this news, carla wiley, the head of one door cut a deal to fill in the blanks in the case and will soon tell investigators where all the money raised by one door actually went. wiley along with two other people who were only listed in the plea deal as a public official and a person who works for that public official are
6:35 am
paying out only one scholarship for just $1,000 and then withdrawing $290,000 using that money for personal expenses. one door called itself a charity, providing educational opportunities. also according to the plea, that same public official received $150,000 from one door for costs associated with events, including money for a cake and alcoholic beverages. greg warmoth, eyewitness news this morning. >> a reporter from our sister out that she called the congresswoman last night for comment and she hung up on her. there could soon be a commissioner's house. right now city leaders are working on an ordinance that would require elected officials to live within the city limits during their terms. the issue was brought up by commissioner bill bratt who is in the process of building a new home just ouz of the city. it is eligible to be annexed into the city, but he doesn't want that which means he would
6:36 am
also in lake county, two parents are facing child neglect charges after their 2- year-old suffered a broken rib, a broken leg and 15 fractures. curtice and tracy creech were arrest on thursday. investigators say the couple claims their injuries came from their three other children rough housing with the child. the couple is also charged with failure to report child abuse. they have bonded out of jail. altamonte springs city leaders have set aside close to half a million dollars to partner with ride share company uber in a one-year pilot program. starting march 21st, the city will pay 20% of a ride that starts and ends within city limits. they'll pay 25% of a ride that starts and ebs at the city's sunrail stop. we talkd to an uber driver who says it's a win-win for residents and visitors. >> it's a no-brainer. the city of altamonte going to pay you a quarter on every dollar that you pay to ride? hello. >> the city says ub irwill conduct background check --
6:37 am
checks on its driver. you can go tot uber app and enter the code altamonte. part of a busy downtown road will be shut down for more than a year because of i-4 construction. we'll show you how to navigate the detours you'll see starting monday. and we're warming up after a chilly start, but we've got a dry stretch coming up. i'll let you know what that means for central florid welcome aboard my starship. ahoy, mateys! it's full of things i love... like me brave crew... and my fellow space adventures and free of things i don't. like aliens. just like eye patches. and when it's time to refuel, i eat chex cereal. it's full of stuff we pirates need. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. excelsior! eat up, me hearties! keep it down! i'm exploring the galaxy. arrrr, that's not even
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time now is 6:39. here is a gorgeous view of the
6:40 am
meteorologist marina jurica is in severe weather center 9. >> it's always nice when we va those high clouds because -- we have those high clouds because we're able to get a colorful sunrise because of it. yesterday we saw a cold front move through earlier in the morning and it dopped less than .10 inch of rainfall in our area. it was a quick rain, but it's our last rain that we're going to see in over a week. so that is going to cause some issues. so we are going to see our fire threat increased over the next few days with gusty winds, low humidity and the upper 70s and then the mid- to upper 80s by the end of next week. so just be cognizant of that as we head into the next seven days. so today is looking beautiful, though. upper 70s as we head further south, mid-70s as you head further towards the north and our inland county, and then upper 60s to mid-70s along the coastline with northeasterly winds at 5 to 15 miles per hour. so get out there and enjoy this weekend because a huge warmup is in store for the end of the week. darlene. drivers in downtown orlando will have to get ready for another big change because of
6:41 am
starting monday garland avenue from colonial drive to just before orange avenue will be closed for more than a year. crews will be out there building bridge. they're also building on an on ramp from colonial drive onto i- 4. >> we're reconstructing this entire corridor. state road 50 is a huge arterial road for i-4. so this big road meets up with another huge interstate, so we have to make sure we have traffic flowing. >> if you take garland north, you can take magnolia avenue as an alternate, and if you take garland south, you can use orange avenue. you can get the latest on the i- 4 widening project right on our website. just go to and click on the i-4 ultimate link in the traffic section. republican frontrunner donald trump and senator marco rubio are campaigning in florida today less than two weeks before florida's primary. we're asking which candidate the more than 80,000 new republican voters in florida will likely favor.
6:42 am
in orlando was once used as a bombing range. what will be built on the land even though some local leaders
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6:45 am
p we're now just houshes away from the donald trump campaign rally at ucf, and around the same time senator marco rubio will be campaigning in jacksonville. both are trying to rally support ahead of florida's march 15th primary. investigative reporter christopher heath asked politicals mark kaputo if florida's close primary will help either candidate. >>reporter: joins us is mark cap uto of the florida playbook. let's get right to it. marco doesn't have a lot of time to seal the deal here in florida. >> the sands of the hourglass are slipping through. he is down in florida, the question is how much, but even rubio's campaign says, yeah, we're losing to donald trump. here's why it's significant. floridians are voting, republicans are voting, probably about 450,000
6:46 am
morning, friday night, maybe more. >>reporter: we reported this week that marco rubio finished second to donald trump in the villages' gop straw poll. how significant is that? not a huge sample size, but it is a pretty strong set of republican voters. >> well, the guy who told me to pay attention to straw polls was a guy named marco rubio in 2010 when he started wracking up straw poll wins in florida. >>reporter: considering his weren't real high, how much is jeb bush still casting a shadow over the selection specifically >> totally anecdotal base on what other people are saying, but i should lend credence given to it. marco rubio needs a good media cycle and a jeb bush endorsement while at the very least it may not win over a lot of voters will get a lot of coverage. >>reporter: florida ; of course, a closed primary. does that help or hurt donald trump, does that help or hurt marco rubio? >> i think it hurts donald trump more than it helps him, however, just since january 1st, the florida republican
6:47 am
republican voters, almost all of them have switched from independents. so what that tells you is that there are a lot of republican- leaning independents who say, you know what? i want to make sure to vote in this primary. the rubio campaign, the chain and a lot of political observers believe that that profile of voter who was an independent who suddenly switched to being a republican, that's probably a trump voter, not a rubio. >>reporter: all right, mark caputo, thanks very much for your time. >> you can catch christopher heath and mark caputo discuss florida politics every sunday as eyewitness news and politico team up to bring you the inside track on what's happening across the state. the orange county schools superintendent said public schools will get less money than expected. superintendent barbara jenkins said the state senate and the house reduced the budget plan for k-12 schools. she said the money proposed will help serve an additional 5,000 students who are expected to arrive, but it won't be enough to give teachers and staff a raise.
6:48 am
residents will soon start saving a few dollars on their electric bills. the city says the power cost charge on your bill will decrease starting april 1st. if you use 1,000 kilowatts per month, the city says you'll likely save about $5 per month. the city says the cost reduction is due to declining natural gas prices. downtown orlando will host a 5k, 10k and a half marathon this morning and some streets are already shut down. central boulevard between lake avenue and summerlin avenue will be shut down for those races. streets shut down at 4:00 this morning and will reopen at noon. and more patrols will be on volusia county beaches for the spring break season. beach rescue told us the area isn't as chaotic as it once was during spring break, but they are still monitoring underage drinking. they say the rip current risk is low, but could increase over the weekend. time now is 6:48. warming up out there in just a few hours. >> that's right.
6:49 am
risk of rip currents today which is good as you head out to the coastline. it'll be a little cooler than today, but look at this live shot of daytona beach right now. what a beautiful sunrise this morning. haven't seen anyone taking their morning walk just yet, but i'm sure it'll get busier. we'll see northeasterly winds at about 10 to 15 miles an hour along the coast today and daytona beach is about to get very busy, of course, with bike week kicking off yesterday. satellite and radar showing a little more cloud coverage down towards the south versus our northern counties, and that's also making things a little warmer for our southern counties this morning. but it's a chilly start overall. and with that northeasterly flow around that area of high pressure up to our north, we are going to be looking at a chilly start, but gorgeous, wonderful 70s in the afternoon. so visibility, we still got some touchy spots, but much better than when we started at fierveg this morning. ocala four miles visibility, so marion into sumpter county seeing the fog this morning. but temperatures are cool. 41 in ocala, 47 as we head up north into palm coast, 53 in downtown orlando, 61 in cocoa beach.
6:50 am
temperature drop in the last 24 hours. and you'll feel it when you walk out the door this morning. but know it's going to be comfortable with low dewpoints day. we're going to see partly cloudy skies, mainly along the coastline, but we'll get a little cloud coverage inland as today. sunday. it's a weak front, but it will allow our temperatures to cool by about two degrees as we head morning. but next week we're not going to be saying the word cool at all. warmest weather of this year so far. we're going to see a huge surge of warm and unfortunately humid air as we head towards the end of the work week and next week. we're talking mid- to upper 80s before our next cold front comes in on saturday. along the coast today, as i mentioned, it's going to be beautiful, 74 in melbourne, 75 in cocoa, 76 in merritt island, 73 in titusville, 69 in new smyrna beach, 72 in daytona beach, 70 in ormond beach as well as in flagler beach. in lake county as we head into the day today, we're going to be looking at 77 degrees in the
6:51 am
aster and 78 in clermont. so the afternoon looks awesome. overnight tonight it's going to be cool again. we're talking 40s and 50s, and then that cold front moves through on sunday, leaving us with our five-day forecast with your weekend always in view just a touch cooler on sunday, and then those temperatures start to rebound very quickly as we head into the work week. looking for something to do? head over to, a lot of great events on there that you can tap into, including the kickoff week, of course, for orlando city, the city pub crawl is today from 3:00 to 9:00 p.m. darlene. in orange county a large piece of empty land that used to be a bombing range may soon the orlando city council approved a plan to build homes, offices and commercial space right here in this land you see behind me. the development would be built near odyssey middle school near the beachline. as eyewitness news this morning's deneige broom found out, it's not just the former bombing range that has some residents opposing the plan. >>reporter: honesty middle school is where they found these bombs almost 10 years
6:52 am
the property nearby, you can still see a warning sign. it says potential hazard in area beyond, keep out, and that's one of the reasons some people don't want more development here. >> i knew there was a bomb range out here somewhere, but i never thought that my elected officials would allow for a development on a former bomb range. >>reporter: lisa ayers says she didn't find out until the day after she closed on her vista lakes home almost a decade ago that world war ii- era bombs had discovered nearby. >> i was in my garden this morning digging a hole to put a plant in and i hit something hard and i just about had a heart attack. i think about that every single day. >>reporter: she's one of the many residents opposing plans to bill more than 4,000 new homes and apartments on about 1,500 acres near lake nona. they're concerned about things that anyone would worry about like traffic, overcrowding in schools. but they also have to worry that the area was once the pine
6:53 am
range, used for bombing practice during world war ii. [ explosion ] >>reporter: we watch as the army corps of engineers detonated old bombs found nearby, and to this day the school district still refuses to build there. but the developer's lawyer reassured leaders everything would be handled. >> and so the guys that we have retained to do this work are the most qualified in the country. >>reporter: city leaders approved the project and say it's crucial because they project orlando's population will jump 24% in the next 15 years. current residents want more reassurance before shovels go in the ground. >> we're not suggesting, again, that this development should not be built, just not to this scope and we need to resolve some more issues. give us an opportunity to work through those issues. >>reporter: reporting in orlando, deneige broom, eyewitness news. and here is a live look over downtown orlando as we start our saturday morning. coming up meteorologist marina jurica will have another check of our weekend weather. and, remember, you can chat with marina and me on social media this morning. we are both on twitter and facebook.
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complaints about failing brakes on ford's f-150 pickup truck. 33 complaints have been made to the national highway traffic safety administration about the problem, including reports of the brake pedal not functioning properly. ford drivers reported crashes caused by this issue. other reports have been made about brake fluid leaking. investigators are still trying to determine if a recall is necessary. six sports authority stores in central florida will close their doors and will now hold liquidation sales. here's a list of the stores in our area. sports authority filed for bankruptcy and will close 140 stores nationwide. the company says they're $1 billion in debt after the stores struggled keeping up with consumer trends. coming up in the next hour of eyewitness news this morning: >>reporter: an orange county middle school teacher says bullying is out of control at his school at times. coming up how he says he could use more help from the school district. and it's a chilly start this morning with temperatures
6:58 am
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right now thousands of people are expected at a cain rally at ucf for donald trump. and orange county teacher said that bullying is out of control. and why he said he cannot do anything about it and the fear safety. good morning. saturday, march 5th. i'm darlene jones. time is 7:00 on the dot. and we'll have more on our top stories in a moment. here's a look over downtown orlando. that is the view of the citrus bowl where the soccer team will


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