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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 6am  ABC  March 7, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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right now on eyewitness news this morning, a major closure is happening today because of the eye for ultimate project. the ultimate route you might need from -- to get through downtown orlando for the next 14 months. another democratic debate is in the books and things got heated over key issues like gun- control >> and i finish, please >>reporter: the republican candidate stopping in central florida for a speech today >> sometimes i sell my cuss during a commission -- a commercial break. good morning, it is monday. it is so monday. 6a.m. [ laughter] >> let's get started with certified meteorologist, brian shields we have a big warm-up coming? >> what a weekend. how great was a? that will carry over into today. a big warm-up for the rest of
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40s, 50s and 60s now 43 degrees in ocala, grab a jacket this morning. just dropped off 2 degrees in orlando down to 53. an onshore breeze making us a little warmer with 60s in brevard county. cocoa beach 67, deland 48, 52 in sanford. a bit of a chill, just the next couple of hours. a few scattered clouds it will be a beautiful sunrise and a great day on the way. apopka today, you see after the chilly start after 10 o'clock am already reaching 70 degrees. and by lunch time we will have some of the mid- 70s around. it will hold in the 70s through the afternoon so pleasantly warm dropping off to about 70 by 6 p.m. cooler along the coast, low -- and the way of low to mid 70s because of the easterly winds. and len close to 80 in c laremont. i will show you how soon before
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crews have shut down colonial drive. it's the latest i-4 ultimate project closure, we are live or up. in a thousand drivers will need to find a new route? >>reporter:that is how many drivers we are finding out take guard -- garland avenue right here at colonial. as you can see from the road closed signs, as of this today marks a day number one for drivers needed to find a d2 or for the next 14 months. both directions of garland avenue between colonial drive, and orange avenue will be shut down so crews late last week we spoke with the dot officials about the detour that is bound to cause some confusion. it is just the latest closure that stands to impact thousands of you on a daily basis i rerouting traffic to magnolia and orange avenues. >> every person has their own
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so, we recognize that, no matter how many people take the road, we have to be aware -- >>reporter:we found out downtown drivers will also be dealing with other closures during the 14 months garland is blocked off. i will break down those in our next half hour. in the meantime we are back in the studio with the new routes of thousands thousands of you will want to work into your morning drive. this is about a .50-mile stretch but a lot of people use this as a cut through. for your northbound alternet you can take magnolia avenue, for yourself on alternate you can take orange avenue. once again you will need this for the next 14 months, keep this in mind, spread the word because a lot of people will certainly get confused during this first week. and then i-4 and seminole county at 434, looking pretty good in both directions, but in that -- on the east downside you do have what looks like a
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keep it in mind and move over. a pedestrian was hit and killed during bike week in daytona beach. this happened on north nova road just before 8 p.m. last night. investigators say their driver who hit and killed the man stopped and is cooperating with police. the accident forced police to close part of north nova road for two hours. investigators say it is unclear if the driver will face any charges. a plan for another ucf campus just cleared a major hurdle in the state legislator. they met sunday in tallahassee and decided to set aside $20 million for construction. for the proposed ucf downtown campus. we told you last week the florida board of governors approved a less-expensive plan for the campus and involves money from ucf, private donations on the $20 million from the state. lawmakers must approve the budget and the governor still has the final say. senator marco rubio is heading to sanford international airport tonight as part of a more than three week long stay in florida where
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>> rubio one puerto rico over the weekend he spoke to us last night of the state of his campaign. angela jacob strides is now. rubio says he is not considering any political future right now outside of becoming president? >> the map gets better for us including florida, that's the point i make, florida is a critical state. >>reporter:fresh off his first win, eyewitness news spoke with marco rubio hoping a prolonged stay in florida this week will pay offer his campaign. >> i am not running for reelection to the senate. as i told people i am either going to be the president of the united states or a private citizen in january >>reporter:meanwhile, donald trump is savoring his momentum two days after thousands packed his rally at ucf's arena >> we are not going to be the stupid people anymore. we are going to be the smart country.
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promised to help out of work floridians. a fellow candidate ted cruz and rubio both hope to capitalize on recent reports outside groups have raised as much as 10 million in new attacks against trump. also on the way to florida, right now, the democrats. hillary clinton and bernie sanders faced off last night in michigan for the seven the time. >> if you are talking about the wall street they allowed, where some of your friends destroyed this economy -- >> you know. >> excuse me, i am talking. [cheers and applause] >> if you're going to talk tell the whole story senator sanders -- sanders >> when we tell my story, i you tell yours. i will. -- let me tell my story, i -- and you can tell yours. knew from overnight isis is claiming responsibility for a suicide attack that killed 61 people in iraq area the bombing happened in the iraqi city just south of baghdad. police say a truck rate with explosives detonated yesterday at a busy checkpoint
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holy cities. another 95 people were hurt in this attack, an officer said eight others are still missing. north korea is threatening nuclear action in response to joint military drills between the us and south korea. the exercises started today three north korean defense officials considered them aggression by its enemies, state run media also quoted a national defense spokesman saying a nuclear strike which show the country's military night. orange county devotees are still trying to determine if a dark-colored suburban is connected to a shooting. that was some of the gunfire there near mr. gyros on west colonial. this happened saturday night. devotees were responding to a trespassing complaint when they say shots came from behind the restaurant towards them. shortly afterward that suburban was seen speeding away and no one was hurt osceola county libraries are getting a 5 million-dollar makeover starting today, the
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closed, it is set to reopen in the middle of april. you can pick up any holds that you have at heart memorial library. county leaders are also going to start renovating the port siena branch on april 15. medical marijuana could soon be headed to governor rick scott's desk. the state senate is expected to take a final vote on the proposal today. the house approve the measure last thursday. the bill revamps a 2014 law which was bogged down in legal challenges and made non- euphoric cannabis to patients with cancer or chronic seizures. congressman john michael will be in central florida today to discuss transportation plans for orange county. congressman michael will talk about links, bus services, plans for sunroom and making the street safer for pedestrian cycle asperity will also talk about the i-4 ultimate project. it starts at 5:30 p.m. this afternoon. coming up on 6:10, we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes.
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department because apparently spring is coming full throttle particularly for our clocks. >> exactly, we are going to set the clocks forward an hour by this upcoming weekend. today, 75 degrees, bike week rose on in daytona beach and will gradually warm. 77 on tuesday and even at the coast we are going to be near 80 on wednesday. again, almost all of us on wednesday will be in the 80s. gradually warming each day. lots of changes for the week ahead. along the coast as we take you toward norman beach about 73 degrees today. a little warmer in lake helen, daytona -- adult on a 76. orange county warming up , lake bonavista, independence, temperatures around 78, hunters creek, medical city through downtown orlando well into the 70s again in osceola county bid to upper 70s today. it is going to be a nice day, pleasantly warm and staying dry
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temperatures. we are going to get down to 57, mostly clear skies, a comfortable night. a very nice night on the way. coming up we are going to track the big warm-up how soon before temperatures get close to 90 degrees. i will have that just ahead. we still have a crush on the turnpike in lake county the turnpike southbound just after you pass county road 470 and you do have a right-hand lane block there. and then a crash southbound not too far away from it after us 27. this one does not seem like it is blocking any lanes through there. once again make sure you move over for those emergency vehicles on scene. orange county fire rescue got to a scene here wyndham lakes boulevard at cedar ranch way. just keep it in mind. one on county teacher orange county teacher is taking a stand against bullying. he says the problem is just to keep getting worse. to melbourne at detectors are accused of doing on the job
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good morning, take a look at your screen, if you can, look at this beautiful shot over downtown orlando. the sun coming up there, 6:14 right now. we will let you know what you expect for the rest of the day. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. more than 60,000 soccer fans impact of impacted the citrus bowl for orlando city season opener. >> it was a wild ending that
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[cheering] orlando city had not scored yet, the crowd started to leave the citrus bowl. a few minutes left, kyles scored a goal. less than a minute later another goal was made. the game also a big economic boost for the city. >> it's exciting to see that as many people are out supporting our city. to come back and be in the excitement of everything. >> two goals back-to-back. this is their second season in major league soccer. the final score a tie two-two. you can watch our new weekly show, orlando city insider that will bring you an exclusive look at the orlando city soccer team it airs saturday at 10:30 on central florida cb 27 the woman who rammed her car into several people at the daytona international speedway had a blood alcohol level of more than twice the legal limit. police say abby mcdaniel kenny of cocoa beach crashed her car in the infield camping area of the racetrack on saturday. they say she also crashed into some cars.
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to the hospital and one of the eyewitnesses told us he was a firefighter and jumped right into hell. >> if there was a lot more people out, luckily there was not a lot of people out walking around. it was pretty bad. it could have been worse. fully everyone is alive >> the four people hurt are out of the hospital, this morning, she bonded out of jail but still faces dui charges. gunowners are going to get a chance -- to learn how to properly use their weapons this week. several police officers will be hosting a gun safety class for adults and children this wednesday. at the police department community room on goldsboro boulevard. to not bring a gun to the class. the class starts at 4 p.m. in polk county deputies are searching for two suspects in an armed carjacking that happen on avenue j northwest in winterhaven on thursday. investigators say a suspect was armed with an assault rifle, the other had a handgun. 45 minutes after that deputies found an abandoned car on old tampa highway. please do the pennies do not have much of a vehicle
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be -- they may be traveling in a silver minivan. new flights may be coming to orlando sanford international airport. the ceo wants to add new gates at the cost of $45 million. most of it will be covered by fees collected from plane tickets at about $9 million will come from taxes through the state department of transportation. the expansion still needs to be approved by the faa. the us coast guard is now suspended a search for the texas man who fell overboard from a cruise ship near key largo. 46-year-old david mossman fell about 100 feet from the deck of the royal caribbean navigator of the seas on saturday morning. late last night, officials made the announcement they would suspend the search after covering more than 2500 square nautical miles you probably heard one of the most influential first ladies of the 20th century, has died >> you probably heard this over the weekend, nancy reagan died at her california home y esterday. condolences are pouring in from
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and presidents . the former actress was known for her loyalty to her husband, president ronald reagan ever being a major influence behind the scenes in the white house and across the country. she was also behind a drug the famous phrase, just say no. >> she helped us a lot in our efforts to reduce the drug >> nancy reagan was 94, she will be laid to rest next to her husband at the reagan presidential library. >> ronald reagan wrote a lot of letters to nancy, that's been extinct now with e-mails and everything. if you ever get a chance to read the love letters between ronald and nancy, p or poetry. >> quite the romance there. by the end of the week we will see temperatures getting close to 90 degrees. a beautiful sunrise this morning still a little bit chilly in some spots.
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orlando, deltona 52. you definitely need that jacket over toward marion county and ocala, 48 of the villages, 52 seminole county and sanford, 48 deland, 60s in brevard county keeping us a little bit warmer. we have the mid 60s without light onshore breeze. a few scattered clouds, fair weather skies today a lot of orange on this map. this is our water vapor telling me we have a lot of dry air in -- 70 for at noon, 75 by 2 o'clock, 70 for by 4 o'clock and then a very pleasant evening by 6 o'clock we will drop off into the upper 60s to near 70. 10a.m. a few scattered clouds that onshore breeze looking good, staying on the dry side. we are going to stay dry for today. we are going to see strong risk of rip currents. not all of us headed down to
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that is important, a high risk of rip currents i wanted to point that out in case you are heading down there. tonight 50s and if you 60s mostly clear skies for tonight it's good to be a nice night, tomorrow gradually warming and lend, low '80s at the coast, in the mid- 70s. we will warm up further as we go through the next few days. there is the 80 tomorrow, 83 on wednesday, and 85 on thursday. a good looking work week ahead. right now i have a 40% chance of a shower and storm on saturday. we will find to that as we get closer. low to mid 80s by the weekend.
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turnpike in sunbaked county, county road 470 this still has a right land -- right lane blocked in that area. orange county, fire rescue is on scene, wyndham leg boulevards at cedar ranch way. you have one lane blocked. shouldn't cause you to many slowdowns. i-4 camera coming into downtown orlando and colonial leaving downtown this is your traffic coming into downtown. no delays at this point. a local dentist who is accused of hurting young patients has opened a new office. 9 investigates the other accusations against him related to medicaid. another major closure in downtown orlando because of the
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those two siblings who deputies say stole money from a girl scouts are now out of jail. nicholas bonded out of the volusia county jail saturday night, investigators say he and his sister ashley winters are caught on surveillance video stealing a cash box from a 12- year-old girl. it happened outside of a
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winters bonded out of jail on friday investigators say to melbourne police detectives were caught dragging on the job. an internal investigation uncovered the incident happened back in october during a prostitution operation. investigators say detectives ronnie anderson, and eric gould other liquor while on duty. anderson was suspended for 80 hours without a, ghul received a 40 hour suspension without pay and was reassigned to patrol cargo ship, el faro, has settled cases with three more families per the ship sank in the bahamas in october. the us coast guard tried to determine weather anyone was negligent. so far, the owner of the ship has settled with 14 families of the 33 crewmembers who died. one crewmember was from central florida. thousands of high-ranking state workers will continue to
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lower ranking workers are going to have to pay five times as much. an agreement has been made on a benefits package for high- ranking employees at a little more than eight dollars a month coverage. family coverage would run about but, nonexecutive, or average in state workers state workers would pay $50 a month for individual care or $180 a month to cover their families. the florida bar is using navigate the legal system. officials just released a mobile app and website called just a the adult -- the idea helping people being charged as an adult for a crime to help people who are signing contracts and to explain worker safety for those new to the workforce. the florida primaries a little over a week away. coming up the promise donald trump made to floridians we are live at the latest i- 4 ultimate closure. coming up we are breaking up -- breaking down the other closures downtown drivers will have to face later this month i am tracking some chilly temp this month.
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there is a live up a ego outside for you over downtown orlando. do not let that tempt full for you, apparently spring has sprung. all right we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. >> let's begin with brian shields. it's good to be beautiful again today shem i guess, nice, nothing too hot, yeah. we will have changes on the way later this week. 77 today, partly cloudy skies. this morning, a little bit tricky as you dress the kids and yourself, because there is that chill in the air. we have some 40s and lend volusia county, 43 now in ocala, anywhere back through the villages, webster, close to some 40s spray 53 as we get over toward orlando, and
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warmer. cocoa beach i melbourne sitting in the 60s, point being grabbed grab a sweatshirt or a light jacket this morning. a few scattered clouds around the satellite and radar. show you how quickly we warm up. i lunch time, mid- 70s really nice. a lot like our sunday. a good deal of sunshine, staying dry. we will see the mid- 70s to the afternoon and about 70 s6. a return of 80s in the forecast. i will show you how much warmer we get over the next few days. right now, thousands of you will need to find a new route as crews have blocked off garland north of colonial drive. >> is the first morning for this enclosure. eyewitness news this morning's janai norman is keeping an eye and how that is impacting your drive. >>reporter:the roadblocks behind me mean about 8000 drivers will have to find a new way, because as you can see they can no longer use garland between colonial and orange. we are finding out they will also
6:32 am
closures. for the next 14 months, prepare for detours. starting this morning, thousands of you will have to find another way using either magnolia, or orange avenue instead of north and southbound garland between orange avenue and state road 50. >> state road 50 is a huge arterial road four i-4, this big road meets up with a huge interstate we have to make sure that we have traffic flowing. we want to make it better for the future reback we also found out the city of orlando plans to shut down marks street which is right in the middle of the garland avenue closure. that is part of a six-month wastewater project on marx and we found out dot officials will open a lane of garland to help drivers to get to businesses that would otherwise be blocked off. >> it's all in a grid, but we want to make sure we don't fear people too far off from where they were trying to go >>reporter:we spoke with project leaders come on friday, we found out you can also expect rolling roadblocks on i-4
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starting later this month. right now, in the studio helping you plan out those new routes for your morning drive. this is only a .50-mile stretch but a lot of people do use this stretch of garland as a cut through. if you normally take it northbound you can take magnolia avenue instead, that your southbound alternate would be orange avenue. what's again this will be for 14 months, keep the semi this in mind you will need to start making other arrangements. these are two alternate you can use. we do also have i-4 right here at 430 for no issues leaving altamonte springs at this point. looking pretty good in both directions. i will let you know if we have any other crashes pop up we are working to get more information about a man investigator say hate -- has hiv and has engaged in a sexual act with a child richie smith junior, faced a judge over the weekend. he's facing several charges including sexual battery on a child. court records show the alleged incident happened in november firefighters in orange
6:34 am
figure out was parked a fire at a storage facility in orlando. two units caught fire last night at the public storage on east michigan. eyewitnesses saw thick black smoke coming out of the building. it was quickly put out. no one was hurt troopers are still investigating a fatal motorcycle crash that happened yesterday afternoon along southeast 180 second avenue road . troopers say the motorcyclist 44-year-old dana peterson went curve he lost control of the bike and was thrown off of it. and accused a grabbers out of jail this morning after being arrested yesterday. this is surveillance video from the wells fargo on seabreeze boulevard on daytona beach for the many see in the blue cap is 44-year-old anthony, they say on saturday he went into the bank implied he had a gun, took off with a paper bag full of cash. it was found in some bushes just outside the front door. we are asking orange county
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person at a homeless camp not far from ucf. investigators found that person yesterday morning in a wooded area near dean road and university boulevard. the sheriffs office of the victim had been drinking with friends and never woke up. the person's name is not been released ocala police sergeants have been demoted because of two separate allegations of inappropriate behavior. sergeant scott rowe has been demoted to an officer after being accused of having a sexual relationship with a subordinate officer for several months. 27 year veteran kenneth mitchell is accused of racial profiling and inappropriate remarks which he denies but . he has been demoted to a patrol officer. political experts say the divide between governor rick scott and his fellow republicans is only widening for they may hurt his last 2.5 years in office. republican lawmakers have rejected his proposed steep tax cuts as well as to $50 million in business incentives. experts say if governor vetoes parts of this year budget lawmakers will override him. the blame here is because he stopped raising money for the party and his possible future
6:36 am
trump we now know three men accused of killing a young woman outside an ocala nightclub are set to go to trial later this year. barrow, king, and smith are each charged with second-degree murder and attempted second- degree murder. investigators say they shot into a crowd at the cloud nine nightclub last september killing 19-year-old robinson. and wounding five others. they are due in court in september i make opening statements are set to begin today of the civil trial between pro wrestler hulk hogan, news website gawker. hogan is suing the website for $100 million after they published a sex tape of him and the wife of a tampa radio personality. he says the video was made without his knowledge. gawker says it was a legitimate scoop because hogan had talked openly about his sex life in the past. a jury will decide if gawker violated his right to privacy. a district attorney in san bernardino, california says a possible third gunmen could be uncovered if investigators could unlock the iphone of the
6:37 am
terrorists attack. the fbi has been fighting for months to push apple to unlock that phone. the tech company says doing that would compromise the privacy of all customers. the fbi, local law-enforcement and eyewitnesses say they do not believe there was a third gunmen saving a few dollars on your electric bill. duke energy florida power & light got approval to lower customers go starting next month. they propose the middle men because of low natural gas prices. do customers will save about six dollars, f pl customers will save $1.65. state lawmakers are negotiating able to help everglades restoration. the legacy florida but was upper last week it will provide two and a million dollars over 10 years for restoration. the senate's version of the bill calls for $145 million, it also includes money to care for four springs, lake apopka and other natural lands. in orange county, best to get his or trying to piece
6:38 am
to a fiery motorcycle explosion take a look at this. josi medina's motorcycle caught there. he suffered third-degree burns body. despite calls for a helicopter, medina was driven 20 miles, by we found out that really julie was doing part two switching responding helicopters the central florida expressway authority wants to hear how you think they should handle the 408x attention. you can meet with officials to talk about ideas or they want to extend the 4082 state road 520. it is needed because local roads will not be able to handle the heavy traffic is the community grows. the meeting starts at 5 p.m. at the eastpointe fellowship church on colonial drive in orlando. drivers in titusville will once again be able to drive on garden street this morning. part of the road was closed over the weekend, while construction crews worked on the second phase of the east central florida rail trail. the project includes a 12-foot wide trail on the existing railroad bed and a pedestrian
6:39 am
the road is now back open. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. >> certified meteorologist, brian shields and severe weather center nine with our coming warm-up >> it is going to be a great couple of days on the way. our average high 77 that is where we will be today. then we get warmer, 80 by tomorrow by wednesday temperatures around 83 on thursday and friday even warmer than that. winds will be off the water that will keep a school or along the coast but interior sections warmer. 79 webster, seminole county toward lakewood and lake erie and sanford right around 76. pleasant temperatures. by tonight another nice night. coming up, and main weather, i will show you how close we get to 90 degrees in the forecast, and our next chance of rain. we still have this crash on the turnpike in lake county, turnpike southbound just after you pass county
6:40 am
right hand lane blocked through there. crews have been on sina for the last hour. you can see slowdowns as we get more people on the roads through there. this crash popped up colonial drive at lansing street before 520 you do have orange county fire rescue on scene there. they will block off one lane. wyndham lakes boulevard right at cedar ranch way no word yet of a roadblock just keep this in mind crews are still unseen. an amazing survival story of a 13-year-old florida girl who escaped and attempted kidnapping and it was all caught on camera. coming up on dead morning america what you need to be able to teach your children nine investigate -- 9 investigates a dentist accused of hurting outpatients where he now has opened up a new office in lake county florida senator marco rubio brings his fight and his republican primary back to florida with tonight stop and sanford. coming up, what he told us
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(vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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us senator marco rubio is going to be making a big stop in central florida today >> at the top of the hour, eyewitness news this morning's angela jacobs talk to us about how rubio hopes to sway more voters here in his home state. despite the recent polls, he says his campaign is alive and well. >>reporter:he told us he is not giving a thought to opponents calling for him to drop out. in fact he is not considering any political future right now. he says, but becoming president. >> that is the point i make, like always, florida is a critical state >> michael rubio says the map of competition in this presidential race can only get better for him here in florida. and fresh off his win in puerto rico, rubio told eyewitness news he is not going anywhere. >> i am either going to be the
6:45 am
or a private citizen in january fellow candidate ted cruz are begging on the porch from outside groups who reportedly throwing $10 million into an donald trump. >> it out! >>reporter:trump was met with thousands of fans and protesters at ucf. we will also see the democrats in florida this week. many expecting clashes between hillary clinton and bernie sanders to only intensified after the two launched into launch into fireworks during last night's debate in michigan. >> i will be happy to release anything i have as long as everybody else does too. >> i release it. here it is. very nothing. >>reporter:sander says there's still time to close that gap of the clintons 640 delegate lead as they headed to that debate in miami thursday. of course, we will be at tonight's event with rubio and sanford -- and sanford recovers through out the day you can keep track of all the political races by
6:46 am
up. 9 investigates found out a dentist about the earning patience and defrauding medicaid has opened a new office . was suspended after a 4-year- old girl stop breathing while under anesthesia. it has since been reinstated. last or his office was raided during an alleged medicaid fraud investigation. he is now running gulfstream dental in claremont but the state says it has no record of that facility in the medicaid system. and orange county teacher is speaking out about bullying. he says the problem is only getting worse. we told you about burling -- bullying problems and robbins would school in orlando. a teacher from the school has come forward he asked us not to show his face because of fear of retaliation. he says he sees bullying in his classroom every day and feels like school administrators could do more to prevent it. >> when i do reported, the students just shrug it off because they know they will not
6:47 am
been punished. last week at maitland middle school we told you about a parent who says her daughter tried to overdose on pills because of bullying. orange county public officials tell us : ministrations asked school and staff to report in writing any kind of bullying they see. you can expect to see more crowds in orlando as many students kick off spring break this week. a new survey ranks orlando is this year's number one spring break destination. the survey rank destinations on affordability, convenience and relaxation options not one, but two incredible cosmic events are happening tomorrow during a total solar eclipse the moon's shadow will travel across the earth late tomorrow into wednesday. people in indonesia and north pacific will see that. but, here's the real talker, an asteroid will fly pretty close to the earth is expected to be about 3 million miles away, and likely will not be able to see it without a telescope. nasa says it could approach as
6:48 am
so either 3 million, or 15,000. >> either one -- it's all good. >> an astronaut gets a haircut on the moon -- how? >> how? >> you eclipse it. i guess i did ask you right. we will see that breeze across the coaster that will keep us a little bit cooler along the coastline. 50degrees right now, again have morning. afternoon. look at the spread intended -- and temperatures six to seven cocoa beach is through ocala, 43 degrees we see that blue shading here north and west definitely have a jacket
6:49 am
are going to warm up pretty quickly. it will be a gorgeous day. calm winds without onshore flow along the coast that is keeping us a little warmer. that is the reason we have 60s in brevard county. send in those pictures, i arity put one up on twitter and instagram. this is our water vapor a snapshot of the mid- levels in the atmosphere. when you see orange it is a lot of dry air in place. we are going to stay relatively dry for the next few days. i lunchtime 73, you see the low to mid 70s at the coast, but we will be warmer inland. through the day this is 10 a.m. going hour by hour to help you plan ahead. we are looking good. a blip or two of green but we will stage right. looking very nice into the evening hours by the time we had 6 o'clock. i know most of us are headed into work and school but if you are down at the beach is a high risk of rip currents. sees our elevator four-6 feet. for today partly cloudy, we will have the warm afternoon, 77. the low to mid 70s of the coast palm coast, the hammock about
6:50 am
citrus tower 79 for today. 77 as we get into kasumi. tonight it will be a very nice night, temperatures in the 50s was still some 60s in our southern coastline and tomorrow the warm-up continues we will gradually warm the next few days. 80degrees tomorrow in orlando, 70 at the coast, pearly, skies, take a look at your screen. there is the 80 tomorrow, and then 83 on wednesday, and 85 on thursday. ahead of the next front, cannot rule out a couple of temperatures getting close to 90 by the end of the week area look at friday we will be right near 86 degrees and still some 80s this weekend pray . there will be a storm system nearby so not quite as warm. low to mid 80s by the weekend we will fine-tune that rain chance as we get closer. we are looking at about a 40% chance right now on saturday and i will keep you posted. traffic tracker right now. lake county the turnpike
6:51 am
blocking one might right here after county road 470. they have been unseen for the last hour. make sure you do keep that in mind, we will start to see some slowdown to that area. colonial drive right at lansing street we do have a crush here with a partial roadblock you can still get through but that would be as you are approaching 520. westbound right here at maitland you can see it is blocking this left-hand lane, keep this in mind you will need to move over to the right-hand side we will start to see slowdowns to there. a scuba diver is suing florida power & light >> to ipo the regulator out of my mouth and just die? >> coming up the terrifying moments he said could have killed him while diving near a nuclear power plant we are live or thousands of drivers will have to find a new route this morning.
6:53 am
6:54 am
thousands of you will have to plan a new route, this morning, as crews have shut down garland avenue between colonial drive and orange avenue in downtown orlando. eyewitness news this morning's janai norman joins us live or the roadblocks are up. this is the very latest i-4 ultimate closure. >>reporter: this closure is going to last about 14 months and impacting an estimated 8000 drivers. right here i hear
6:55 am
roadblocks are already up walking off garland avenue from colonial here. this closure wraps all the way around to north orange avenue. and we spoke with dot officials last week they told us this closure is so crews can build bridges on the on-ramp and state road 52 the how this impacts the morning drive as it is bound to cause some confusion because so many route. we asked dot officials about detours they suggest using either magnolia or orange avenue to bypass the garland closure. reporting live, in orlando, janai norman, trying to we will keep you updated throughout the entire i-4 ultimate project. just go to in the traffic section this morning, we have an inside look at how the orange county sheriff's office chases down stolen cars
6:56 am
helicopter shows a driver parkway last month. you can see the driver dishes his getaway car and hides beneath another vehicle. the helicopter pilot led deputies to that driver afterwards he tried to see -- you can see try to hide in some bushes. law enforcement agencies might need to make some changes in the way they handle body cameras and requiring any agency that uses body cameras to establish standards for doing so. it does not require law enforcement to use the cameras, but agencies that do must set up rules for using and maintaining the cameras. discuss its own version of that bill, says law enforcement agencies are navigating through so-called gray areas. accountability. last year governor rick scott passed a bill that keeps recorded video confidential, if it is recorded on body cameras inside homes or anywhere hunters or people are gathering in the capital of malaysia today to mark two years since the disappearance 370.
6:57 am
a part of one of the aircraft wings last summer found another item in the same spot. an american also found a plain part on another coast of the indian ocean last week. the jetliner disappeared with 239 people on board. former president, jimmy carter, shared some good news, he no longer needs cancer treatments. he shared the new sunday morning in his church in georgia. doctors will check up on carter ' s scans and cancer screenings to make sure does not come back. last december a scan showed there were no signs of cancer on his brain after he had been diagnosed with melanoma a small plane crash landed at the saint pete golf course and the two passengers inside walked away without any injuries. the plane made an emergency landing at the saint pete club on saturday. it forced the 18-year-old pilot and his father to touchdown during its flight to manistee county. no one was hurt. the faa is looking into what caused the problems a florida power & light may face a lawsuit after a scuba diver says he got sucked into a
6:58 am
power plants. christopher says he and a friend were diving near port saint lucie last summer where he was sucked into the pipe. he spent five minutes trying to get away from massive blade while inside. >> it was going to chop me up and kill me. i contemplated, you know, do i pull the regulator out of my mouth and just die? i started thinking about my family. how are they going to survive without me? >> he says that pipe eventually dumped them into a pond at the nuclear plant. they say that diver mr. bailey that was warning people to stay away. imagine coming back from vacation $291 million richer. that is what happened to a judge from pennsylvania after a
6:59 am
>> james and bob took a trip to the keys last month they stopped at a convenience store to buy lottery tickets before the end of the road trip. when james returned home he matched the winning numbers at the breakfast table and for poor bob, he won a total of seven dollars. >> it's okay, bob >> my favorite part is that he printed the check just as big for the seven dollars. >> at how proud he looks at his picture. >> brothers to the end. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. >> poor bob. i guess not poor bob, his brothers loaded. 77degrees today, does want to be on the warm side a little chilly this morning, but a really nice day on the way. mostly clear, pleasant for tonight. we will get back to 37 degrees in your five day forecast with or we can always review a week of changes. look at the warm-up on the way, 80 by tomorrow. we will monitor a system that could be nearby for the weekend we will fine-tune that as we get closer. have a great day. right now, sky witnessed nine is overseen of this crash i-4 westbound in maitland right after you would pass maitland boulevard it is blocking a left-hand side.
7:00 am
get some people on scene there. he will start to see some slowdowns from 436 until you pass the crash. ucs proposed downtown orlando campus just cleared another big hurdle. coming up, how much that school will get from the state. your complete local news coverage continues now on eyewitness news this morning on central florida's tv good morning, america. celebrating nancy reagan. the former first lady who redefined the role and never waiver in her love for the president our love is here to stay >> behind the scenes force for one of the most popular presidents ever. fiercely loyal, always by his side. >> everything is about him. >> a crusader for causes close to her house. the tributes pouring in this morning, as her daughter speaks out. and after paying their respects, hillary clinton and


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