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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 530am  ABC  March 8, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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>> really, i'm dramatically maggie open the door like this clapping. and i'm the weird one. >> certified meteorologist, brian shields. >> you brought that on yourself let's take you outside this morning, as we go throughout the day, we are going to hit about 80 degrees, we will warm up. nothing too hot but definitely the afternoon that will be moving in. really nice this morning, a sweatshirt that should do it for the next hour or two. 50 ocala, 70 degrees now in melbourne. big difference there, onshore breeze keeping us a little bit milder right along the coast. indian river city, all running near 70, 57 daytona beach, 55 deland, 60 sanford. a few scattered clouds around, fairweather clouds this morning we will be staying dry. eustis today, as we cover lake county, 76 by lunch time, getting that one outdoors.
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sunscreen this time of year. very important. that's on angle a lot sharper, burn time greatly reduced . heads up there, use the sunscreen even for some of those field trips. temperatures running in the upper 70s to near 80 and 80 in eustis by the time we hit the afternoon. coming up we are going to go city by city with the temperatures. i want to show you where those 80s are going to be. i-4 right at the turnpike we do not have any issues northbound or southbound on the turnpike. no real issues eastbound or westbound along i4 i for but we do still have a spot of construction out there. this construction is heading toward kissimmee, i for eastbound just before state road 535, you still do have two lanes blocked off her roadwork. we are not seeing too many delays there right now but of course i will let you know if we start to see those delays bill before they reopen those lanes. a families home has been boarded up after a car crash through the living room knocking over a tree in the process.
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signs of the driver after the crash on lakeland and tampa and west washington street. janai norman is there live where there is still damage left behind. >>reporter:take a look at this damage, you can see where the -- part of this fence had to be cut out and pieces of the tree left in the front yard before -- from the damage that beehive from that car. police towed away the silver mitsubishi eclipse that crashed away -- crashed into this home hoping to find some evidence that could link it back to who was driving at the time. from police the silver mitsubishi eclipse that crashed into this family's living was investigators are trying to track down who was behind the wheel overnight when the car left a gaping hole inside his home on lakeland avenue. the driver also managed who hit a tree in the process and our cameras captured part of that tree on the roof of the home. code enforcement boarded up the damage at the damage and we
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for officers to condemn the home at this time. police say they will be looking for any forensic evidence inside the car that could help them identify the driver, and any possible passengers. we will keep you updated on the search throughout the morning. reporting live in orlando, janai norman, eyewitness news this morning the million or convicted of killing his wife is expected back in court next week to see if he can get out of jail. a judge ruled that bob ward to get a new trial after he claims his lawyers made mistakes in 2011. the new trial likely will not be for another few years, towards a lawyer wants them to be granted bond while he waits. the state is appealing the decision. the hearing is set for next thursday governor scott has changed a lot 10 out of 12 jurors must vote in favor of the death penalty. in the past the jury only recommended the death sentence of the judgment the final decision. in january the us supreme court
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because it gave the judge too much power. public and primary candidate marco rubio continues his 10 day visit to the state inca semi today. angela jacobs has been following rubio's pivotal push for support in the sunshine state. she is at the bakery where he is expected this morning. rubio wants to convince supporters he is still in this fight? >>reporter:yeah, he drove that message home last night and sanford. this morning at this quarter bakery he will be speaking to a much smaller intimate group hoping to make a more personal >> you elect me president, for the first time in eight years, we will have a president that follows the constitution of the united states [cheering] >>reporter:without ever mentioning his primary opponents by name, a confident marco ribeiro told the crowd, and sanford, he can and will make up the more than 1200
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republican nomination. that packed house in sanford, cheered on his uphill battle work rubio's current tally of 151 delegates is far less than front runner donald trump -- compensated her ted cruz. >> it'll come down to florida on the 15th and come down to florida in november, because in november of this year, as our nominee i will defeat ellery clinton in florida and i will be elected president of the united states >>reporter:rubio reminded supporters he served florida in the state house and as house speaker before being elected as senator washington, dc. front runner donald trump is also in florida today, he is in jupiter, this morning. we will be speaking with him in just a few minutes and have that interview for you in the next hour. reporting live in kissimmee, angela jacobs, eyewitness news this morning.
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after -- staffer who help set up hillary clinton's private e- mail server. he has been granted immunity by the justice department. he previously pleaded the fifth declining to answer lessons by lawmaker about that server. senators say being granted immunity there's no reason for him to be discussing the matter with congress could result in being prosecuted. state lawmakers have reached a deal on the state budget, the full house and senate are expected to give a final vote on the $80 million spending plan on friday after a required 72 hour waiting period. for dozens of projects including aid for the disabled and bonuses for highly rated teachers who scored well on their college addition tests we found out it will not be easy to prosecute the unnamed charity. one door for education has been tied to local congresswoman karen brown. she has not been named in the federal investigation but the founder took a plea deal last week saying she worked with two others including a public official telling donors they
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scholarships. but it was really being used for personal expenses. a former federal prosecutor told us investigators have to talk to the third person the founder worked with improve the case is not politically motivated before the unnamed public official to be indicted. mrs. reagan is considered one of the nation's most influential first ladies. she will be buried at the ronald reagan -- ronald reagan presidential library in florida. she will i in repose there for mourners to pay respect. first lady michelle obama is expected to attend. nancy reagan died on sunday she was 94 us justice department is appealing a new york judge's ruling that apple cannot be forced to provide government access to a locked iphone. a judge made the ruling last week during a routine drug case, the federal government want apple to create software to help investigators break into the phone of the san bernardino shooter.
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meanwhile, mac users were take as -- extra precautions after researchers announced a new room somewhere has targeted apple computers. ran somewhere as a software that hijacks computers, locks out users and forces them to pay a ransom before the problem is fixed area apple was alerted of friday it on friday it is now taking steps to protect its customers if you are planning to fly anytime soon, be prepared to wait in long lines. the tsa admits they were not doing their jobs well, and were moving people through security too quickly. now with spring break underway, and some are not far behind, the agency says it is understaffed. tsa says they have expedited the hiring process and enrollment and it's doing -- new academies at a high. aspiring pilots now have a chance to be trying to jetblue. the airline started accepting for their gateway select pilot training program yesterday. specifically designed for people new to aviation per the first part of that for your program is done in
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we have all the information you need to apply on our website just had to t ry three. uber is calling on the florida senate president to hold a vote on a house ridesharing bill. huber launched a new app experience in florida yesterday called vote asking writers to vote on access to uber throughout the state. the company says amy gardner will not let the senate vote to pass the house in january because of loyalty to special interests and friends in the taxi industry. we told you last week altamonte springs partnered with uber for a deal that will help passengers save a few dollars. starting march 21, the city will pay 20% of your uber bill on trips that start in and in the city limits. you also save 25% on rights to or from the city's sundress sunroof station. uber will do background checks on its drivers. we have weather and traffic every 10 minutes. here is brianne. >> 's and i started the day. a little milder but that light jacket weather this morning especially if you are waiting
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57 in downtown, 60 deltona, the temperatures have been warming, as well as we will see some couple of days, 78 pearson, that is our high, 79 deltona cassadaga, oak hill, edgewater temps in the mid- 70s. it will be a little breezy, watch out for that rip currents current it will be on the breezy side. our interior sections is where we confused -- see if you 80s today. downtown orlando, southern oaks 81. independence, over through the high owosso hiawatha area those temperatures will be pleasantly warm and no '80s or osceola county. celebration today 81 degrees, 80 harmony and hold upon, tonight 60 degrees. coming up we are going to track soaring temperatures to the week and highlight that next warm system. deneige. we do have a crash out
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this one is brunswick way right up barwick street blocking one lane you can still get through there. keep in mind troopers are still unseen. and then in altamonte springs we have a vehicle fire, forest lake drive between jean court and academy drive that is approaching 436. keep in mind they are still trying to put that out and get that debris out of the way you will need to move over. police call and ambush a case of mistaken identity. coming up what police know about the gun man they are looking for and what he never should have been able to get his hands on a weapon what disney is doing right now to get ready to welcome some very brave athletes.
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police want to find the driver who crashed a stolen car into a families home. eyewitness news this morning's janai norman is live where the houses all boarded up. the driver did more than damage the home as he crashed into a? >>reporter:out here, past this a metal fence that the driver went plowing through, you can see pieces of the tree that he knocked over before crashing into this living room in this home overnight. in the last few hours, investigators towed away the silver mitsubishi eclipse. they say they are hoping to find any forensic evidence that could help them identify who is
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we know two people were inside the home when all of this happened, but police say the driver took off and so far they have not found any signs of who that driver might be. we've also confirmed the car was reported stolen before the crash we will keep you updated as police work to figure out who stole the car and how it ended up inside this family's home. reporting live, in orlando, janai norman, eyewitness news this morning. a seminole county man is in jail without bond after he shot at a families home while on a mario hall fired five shots into a car along pearl street in altamonte springs. they say he may have mistaken the family for a man he wanted to kill. he hall was on a court order gps for a previous weapons charge which is how investigators were able to find him. >> why would he even be out if he's had that many priors? i am so blessed, she is blessed >> calls arraignment is set for next month, we asked him for a jailhouse interview but have
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a center county caretaker who was supposed to be caring for a 90-year-old woman is now facing charges for stealing more than $2000 from her instead. debit he say amanda warner fraudulently got a debit card from the woman's checking account i made several transactions. the victim and family reported she has bonded out of jail. we not on her door to hear her side of the story but she did not answer. winter park police to try to find out more about a man accused of having sex with a minor and not disclosing he has hiv. court documents show richie smith a junior may also have had syphilis when the alleged incident happened back in november. police have not said if the alleged victim contracted hiv. for lake county high school students have been arrested for bringing weapons to school in the span of two weeks. on friday they found a 10-inch butterfly knife in the backpack of a southlake high school student. two weeks ago, another student
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his bag and two days before that to umatilla high school students were allegedly caught with guns. orlando resident got a bit of a scare over the weekend when a massive tree came crashing down. they told us the impact shook their homes. it also damaged a fence , cable, power lines are part of the sidewalk. we asked the city what they are doing to keep residents safe from incidents like this. they say more than 40 city trees are on a removal list right now and this was not on it. luckily, no one was hurt. if you saw a lot of smoke in travertine yesterday, you have nothing to worry about. the flames were already out, but you can still see all of that smoke that lingered there in the air. we have weather and traffic every 10 minutes. >> we have dried out a little bit, you need to watch it. we've had a lot of rain this winter. the overall fire threat not too high. it takes a few dry days in a row and you could have a few issues.
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especially with our dry weather pattern that is going to hang around. we will go to the forecast changes as well, by the weekend. downtown orlando, visibility's were okay this morning. that is good news as you head off to work and school, 57 in orlando a light breeze out of the south-southeast at about three, we will see that southeasterly wind today that will keep us on the warm side. we just dropped off into the 40s in ocala. still not quite as cool as yesterday morning, 48 ocala, again, jacket or sweater this morning. not the heavy one because later today we are going to be in the low '80s across marion county, huge difference from start to finish. 60 sanford, not too shabby, about 70 with the onshore breeze in melbourne. we are a little milder we will see that gradual warm-up the next few days. our 24 hour temperature trend a couple of us a couple of degrees warmer some spots about 10 degrees milder. there is our 24 hour temperature change. we will continue to see that
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riday. winds lights, they are complot -- again they are pulling onshore and that is why we are a little warmer with some of the temperatures again around 70 in brevard county this morning. brings in a couple batches of clouds but partly cloudy skies today, low pressure still in control you see on the big picture no big feature moving and we are not tracking any storm system quite yet. union park elementary, 77 at noon, 79 by two we will be right near 80 degrees today in orange county. and then by this evening we will be in the 70s once we hit 6 o'clock. really nice this evening. 9o'clock this morning a couple of coastal clouds around pride we will see a few more clouds along our coastal sections. but again staying dry, by midday we are looking good. by mid afternoon a dry day. partly cloudy skies this afternoon through this evening. beach forecast for us in the 70s, sees elevated four-5 feet and a strong risk of rip
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today. rips are going to be an issue. partly cloudy, warming up when we go over those numbers west and south of orlando. the best chance of touching around 80-81-82. elsewhere will be in the 70s for today. tonight mostly clear skies, 50s and 60s, another really nice night. you can open up those windows if your allergies are not bugging you. those pollen levels running on the high side and then tomorrow a little bit warmer, still 70s at the coast but inland 85 degrees tomorrow. there is that warm day, 83 in kissimmee. the 83 tomorrow, 86 on thursday, and again friday we will watch a storm system nearby it is backward to zip through. will keep a 30% chance of showers in the forecast on saturday and sunday. still in the 80s this weekend and still it is a time change weekend prayed saturday night before you go to bed you set the clocks forward one hour, we
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here is deneige. we do have a crash with one lane blocked right at barwick street, this when you can still get through no need for an alternate. keep in mind troopers have been unseen for the last hour or so. we do still have a spot of construction for 17 northbound right near okc as well as near orange blossom trail as well. you do still have a couple of lanes there blocked in the right here our camera i-4 right near fairbanks flowing smoothly, all of our construction on i-4 has cleared out. perhaps you heard, ucf has big plans for a campus right in downtown orlando. coming up, the last piece of
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an emergency meeting volusia county leaders are going to settle a loss of the witch of the county demanded money from the state for a share of cost for running those facilities over the last several years with the settlement leaders hope a new senate bill that could form that would split the cost between state and government leaders a 50/50. daytona leader -- 50th annual bike week of the event has been surprisingly safe there were no deadly motorcycle crashes in volusia county over the weekend.
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more safety awareness by the bikers and other drivers assure the road. thousands of bikers are on the roads in and around daytona beach. bike week ends on sunday. it is a big week for space enthusiasts, to cosmic two take place tonight. the moon's shadow will travel solar eclipse. people in indonesia and areas of the north pacific will be asteroid will fly by earth but you will not be able to see miles away. signed to say the asteroid could get as close as 15,000 miles to earth. >> is a big range, 3 million miles, or 15,000 somewhere in the middle. is a word -- disney world officials are putting together the final details that will showcase the athletic abilities of looted war veterans. they are good to participate in
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only servicemen and women who are injured can compete. those games run from may 8-12. a couple of nba records were sent -- set when the orlando magic's play the warriors last night. unfortunately, both of the records belong to the warriors. curry had a long-range shot here to be the first player to hit 300 three-pointers in a season. the warriors won the game 119- 113 to set another nba record with her 45th straight regular- season home when. the orlando city soccer club will miss a key player on saturday. darwin is suspended after this red card in the game on sunday. the team will not appeal the rest decision. fun fact about sunday's game, 60,000 fans at the citrus bowl was the fifth largest soccer crowd at any game in the world. >> how about that?
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no longer owe town, oh city a family outing to a baseball game, espn's wide world of sports turned very scary for a marion county father and his son. >> the bats came flying, so my dad blocked it like that. >> amazing. you probably seen this and that went viral. sean cunningham and his son has gone all over the internet the father and son went to the pirates/braves game to celebrate landon's birthday. as the two were watching the game the bat flew out of the player's hand, and into the crowd. acting fast, sean shielded his sons face with his arm to stop it >> to be honest, i just did what any dad would do. it's my job to protect him. >> he's my hero. he's the most amazing dad ever! >> o, my god. >> oh, boy, somewhere a big eyes crying. the two say they plan to continue going to baseball
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interview with landon and his dad on our website, and click on the video tab. >> i want to go to baseball games with my kid. >> back i should be hired at all sporting events. >> my husband would have been drinking a beer. [laughter] did i just say that on tv? the newly renovated citrus bowl has seen some very big crowds over the last year. >> the announcement today that could bring another sellout crowd to the new stadium. i am angela jacobson kissimmee were in just a few hours florida senator, marco
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orlando police want to find a driver who slammed his car into a tree and then the house. we are like to show you the damage to that home a turning point is coming, a turning point awaits in this election the selection of for this country and it begins here in florida. >> when or go home, a rally this morning for marco rubio and why the florida primary one week from today could be his last stand in his race for the white house. good morning, tuesday, march 8


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