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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 530am  ABC  March 10, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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5:30 am. alive look of downtown orlando mild and comfortable but do not get used to it. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. deneige broom watching the roads. >> is still comfortable . >> [laughter] >> are you okay? >> i'm good. >> good morning., brian. >> let's get you outside this morning. it is a nice start. 85 degrees and a warm afternoon and partly cloudy conditions. temperatures in the 60s and 70s, 70 degrees cocoa beach, 71 melbourne, 62 sanford back through longwood and lake brantley. new smyrna beach port orange daytona beach 60, 64 in the villages this morning. a great day on the way. a few scattered clouds a
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orange county, ridgewood park elementary, lunchtime already near 80 degrees. we will warm up quickly and we get mid-80s this afternoon and by 2:00, 84. 83 at 4:00. it will be breezy especially later like yesterday, watching for that fire threat and then into the evening hours by 6:00 temperatures around 79. coming up we will take a look at the dry weather pattern and go city by city with some temperatures to show you the warm spots later today. 5:31. a look at the drive with deneige. >> i 4, ivanhoe we had eastbound construction blocking two lanes. from ivanhoe until you get past fairbanks you will be down two lanes to the area. have not noticed issues but keep in mind you will need to move over once you see the cones. construction on the turnpike southbound before osceola parkway, same story, one lane is blocked no major issues and
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tracker at this point. plan to have extra patrols in the area approached him. >> of the 7 west target avenue, 7:30 wednesday morning as a school. janai norman is live at the school. he was able to give a decent description. >> reporter: that is the biggest clue police have and what they call an attempted abduction that happened up the street from not only a ymca but also near edgewater elementary school. we went by the street where it happened almost 24 hours ago. it is only a few blocks from the school and that is where the nine-year-old student told police he was riding his bike when a guy approached and asked him if he wanted to go to assassinate the kid ran to his own home described the guide to police as a white male, short, between 5 foot two and 5 foot eight heavy bill, black hair
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the boy also says the guy was wearing all black, long black sleeve shirt, black shorts, black and issues and sunglasses. we requested a copy of the incident report from police to try to get more information. they say that will be available later this morning and that is what we will ask whether there we -- they are working with a nine-year-old to get a sketch of the guy. in the meantime we will try to talk with parents as a drop of students this morning to find out if they are also under an alert. janai norman, eyewitness news this morning.. >> we know the name of a man whose body was found buried in the ocala national forest but investigators are not sure what happened to him. marion county deputies say the victim is 44-year-old tommy lombardo. they have been searching for him since january when his mother reported her missing. he was last seen and a marion county hotel where he was living and his mom said he was supposed to be moving to brevard county to be close to her. a tip led investigators to his batting last week.
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teacher who traded a teenage girl gets in exchange for child pornography will spend 27 years in prison. 59-year-old greg vaughn pleaded guilty after investigators found pictures of a 16-year-old and others on his computer. they performed sex acts over skype and von says they were role-playing for therapy. in exchange he gave her things like money, candy and underwear. prosecutors only asked for a 15 year sentence and his attorney is planning to appeal. orange county deputy suggest you check your telephone after a mom said she found a 27-year-old man said nude photos and sexual messages to her underaged daughter. miguel rodriguez junior communicated with a girl through the messaging at ktrk. the girl told investigators -- k ik. >> investigators say this is happening more often than parents may think. deputies are working to find out if the man has any other alleged victims. semper police hope to prevent tragic accidents involving guns by teaching gun safety two local residents including children. yesterday officers hosted
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the adults and kids and informing them how to be safe around guns after a six-year- old girl accidentally shot and killed himself with a gun. police say it was not secured. they want to help gunowners protect their kids. ensuring guns are put away safely and that people are what is right. >> sanford police say the class was a success about two dozen showed up and residents can also stop by the police department to get a gun lock. presidential candidates continue to crisscross the state this week preparing for the florida primary five this way. >> we were there last night in miami for the latest debate from bernie sanders and hillary clinton. angela jacobs has the following the race for us and the topics could not ignore donald trump. >> reporter: trump and republican candidates do not take the stage into tonight which is when his rivals jumped
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discredit him. >> questions over hillary clinton's emails began the debate. >> i did not send or receive any emails marked classified at the time. >> reporter: sec. clinton maintained she did nothing wrong citing similar emails by other secretaries of state. candidates often pointing out their opponents weaknesses, often talking over each other. >> excuse me. >> reporter: both the time to take aim at front runner donald trump. >> is donald trump a racist? >> is trafficking and prejudice and paranoia, has no place in our political system. >> we do not as donald trump and others have done, resort to racism and xenophobia and bigotry. >> reporter: the issues turned to immigration with both candidates advocating a pathway to citizenship it the two also have similar positions on overhauling immigration reform. >> imagine where we would be today if we had achieved comprehensive immigration reform nine years ago.
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families would be in our country. >> not only that we need apprehensive immigration reform, if the congress does not do its job as president of the united states, i will use the executive powers of that to do what has to be done. >> reporter: i found a range of opinions on who won last night. it does not change the fact clinton is dominating the polls even if she were to you lose all five states voting by double digits to the including florida, she could still win the domination. -- the nomination. the next debate tonight in the state at university of miami, 830. christopher heath will be there i will have complete coverage on eyewitness news at 10 on tv 27 at 11:00 here on channel 9. a federal grand jury will determine whether more people
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bogus charity with ties to karen brown. we were there as donors testified a jacksonville about how they say they were duped into thinking they were actually raising money for scholarships. last week the director of one door for education, carla wiley pled guilty to -- to conspiracy in the part of a plea deal said the group raised $800,000 since 2012. why they told prosecutors she had help from an unnamed public official and one of their employees and they used the unnamed public official's name to generate donations. >> you were told you were getting to a nonprofit? >> yes. you always want to have it work out well when you make charitable contributions. >> according to the plea, the public official deposited large amounts of cash from the one door account into their personal account, brown has not commented. a former ucf student is suing the university over that data breach that optimize information of 63,000 students and staff.
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have done more to prevent the breach. school officials say the fbi still investigating how hackers were able to get into the system. this is now the third lawsuit related to that data breach. state health officials say there is no one person florida who contracted the zika virus through sexual content bring the cases to 52, two confirmed and polk county. one was sexually transmitted at the second like the rest of the state have been travel related we will monitor the update every of the latest on eyewitness news at four. the va nursing home and baldwin park will get to keep its doors open after all. state lawmakers celebrated passing new legislation to keep the facility open. congressman john mica spearheaded the bill to transfer it from the federal government back to the state. officials plan to refurbish the facility and have it fully operating next year. you see a lot more people in orlando over the next several days -- years and
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will accommodate all of them. from 7000 people last year moved to orlando bring the population to about 265,000 picked the number is expected to grow to 300,000 by the year 2030. city leaders are working on several if the structure and employment projects to facilitate that. >> where will everyone go? >> not i 4. 5:39. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. certified meteorologist brian shields in severe weather center 9. >> just one day of rain over the last two weeks. we have been dry after el nio patterns, a front every three or four days. now we are drying out and breezy day today we will watch out for a fire threat again as we go throughout the day and really over the next couple of days. volusia county, 87, daytona 84, right near 80 and 81 in daytona beach. it is going to be breezy a beautiful. seminole county, mid-80s altamonte springs 86, 86 casselberry, winter springs, 85 today okey-doke and alone the woods and geneva checking in at 84.
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poinciana, solivita, 87 temperatures soaring. patchy fog is developing. coming up, when thunderstorms return to the forecast. 5:40 deneige. >> spot of construction on the turnpike southbound approaching osceola parkway, one lane blocked. not causing too many slowdowns in the area. keep that in mind and all we are dealing with is construction. pulling up the camera, i 4, ivanhoe a last spot where we have construction, i 4 eastbound, ivanhoe. two lanes blocks. picking up cones close to fairbanks and i will let you know if they need to leave them out anytime after 6:00. local families are getting morning. the long mission that kept the military men and women away year. >> what orlando city soccer players due to make sure the
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the mayor of debary was to use a raft to float from cuba to florida.
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policing edgewater are investigating an attempted abduction in elementary school. was the money police say nine- year-old was riding his bike to school long target avenue when a man approached them. janai norman is live in the
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police are beefing up patrols. >> reporter: not just around edgewater public elementary school but around both schools in the city. this is where the nine-year-old was headed to school around 7:30 yesterday morning when he told police a guy came up to him and asked if he wanted to go to his house. the kid was able to give police a description. a shorter white male with heavy build, black hair, and long, black goatee. he described them as wearing a black longsleeved shirt, black shorts, black and issues and sunglasses. we will continue to share the description with you as police work to find a man. in volusia county janai norman, eyewitness news this morning. . a bill that will give the families of first responders who die in the line of duty 100 percent of their monthly salary is on its way to governor. rick scott . state lawmakers past the bill which was motivated by the shooting death of orange county deputy scott
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the way the state system was set up without giving her family and of benefits to make ends meet. the bill will give families the option to transfer into a pension plan. after two month on the run, 4 people accused of holding an osceola county family hostage for nearly 10 hours have been arrested. deputies say these three men and one woman broke into a home on east lake reserve and a subdivision in st. cloud in january. the suspects tied up a mother and daughter and took the boyfriend away in a car. he was found tied up in the vehicle a few hours later and was not seriously hurt u. s. marshals arrested the suspect on tuesday and they say they targeted the family for money. a look at helicopter video from the orange county sheriff's office as they follow a car that was stolen from tampa. the driver turns into a neighborhood off fox trail and let's five people out and the vehicle keeps going. you can see him clearly. they tried to ditch the car was that but was caught shortly
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several people let out taken into custody also violating probation. volusia county sheriff's office is asking you to remember to look out for motorcycles and always move over for emergency vehicles after a crash. it comes after a deputy came upon a motorcycle crash on i 4 near deltona around 1:00 yesterday morning. the deputy says drivers would not slow down or move over and this picture shows damage from a cruiser that got sideswiped. no one seriously hurt in either crash. attorneys for a former castle cary police department -- assuming the chief is that he probably an extensive public records request for information on more than one dozen former officers. former chief bill mcneal reside in 2014 after we started asking questions about an alleged inappropriate relationship with a subordinate officer. since then, seven former employee signed onto a federal lawsuit claiming racial and gender discrimination. we asked the attorneys what they are hoping to learn or prove that we have not heard back.
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s. coast guard, the mayor of debary is planning to go from cuba to florida next month on a homemade raft. mayor clay johnson want to do it for the adventure and to tell a story of what it is like for those who make the journey. the coast guard said it is dangerous and will result in a search for him. we asked about the critics who are calling him crazy. >> i think people are crazy for driving a race car or riding a motorcycle too fast or drinking too much. all of that is crazy to a degree. so this is more adventurous than a lot might do themselves but i do not know if i would call it crazy. >> the mayor tells us he may have chase boat follow him and he hopes to reach key west two days. marion county leaders want you to know all about the county sales tax initiative before heading to the polls in tuesday's primary. they are holding two informational meetings today, 10 am and 6 pm at the mcpherson governmental complex in ocala. if they vote in favor, the
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enforcement and emergency services. vote on the issue if you are not affiliated with the party but you must be a registered democrat or republican to vote for a presidential candidate. 5:48. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. and we keep warming up. >> let's get you outside. >> i know you both know. >> it's calorie flea -- calorie free in the middle. downtown, 66 winds out of southeast 7 miles an hour. temperatures in the 60s and 70s, 63 palm coast, 64 deland, stetson, 65 clermont. a good start to the day and we are going to warm up quickly. another breezy day. light winds, breezy or a brevard county but the winds kicking up and that's why we watch for a fire threat we were talking about yesterday morning.
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we will watch for that today. we have been to dry drying up quickly so we have to watch throughout the fire season before we get into the wet season. scattered clouds, gorgeous sunrise. high pressure and control no system is dropping in. anyone at noon and mid-80s this afternoon. legacy middle, a great evening, 79 at 6:00. future track popping up scattered clouds by midday. showers staying offshore. again, on the dry side you see the hit of the southeasterly flow that will be with us today. saturday, a nice day on the way as we look into the weekend and who is not. sunday, a front approaching. sunday afternoon, a chance for a few showers and storms for the next half of the weekend. beaches, michael ford strong rip currents a threat -- be on
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high of 85 today, bishop grady bill, 86, 79 palm coast. tonight, patchy fog developing 50s and 60s if you are not an allergy sufferer unlike me you can have your windows open tonight and tomorrow a gorgeous finish to the week. breezy and sunshine and temperatures in the 70s, 80s and 86 tomorrow. this upcoming weekend the time change weekend sprinting ahead one hour saturday night. five-day forecast where the weekend is always in view. saturday, ahead of the next system nearing 81 and it will be nice. sunday a chance for showers and storms, 50 percent chance on sunday. still be 80s and no big cool next week. 5:51 deneige. >> the viewing area is good.
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and eastbound lanes no issues across i 4 and the turnpike a spot of construction south before osceola parkway where they are about to pick up phone -- cones. two lanes blocked off because of construction. within the last 10 minutes they have cleared the cones so you are smooth sailing this morning. a mother on the run from the law arrested in central florida. where police caught up with her who disappeared with her three children. next, if you want to take a
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family and friends preparing for -- preparing for here is welcome as troops return from afghanistan. we were there as family said goodbye to loved ones last year as a left. ceremony held today about 4:30 to honor the 130 troops who were deployed. disney will not answer questions about possible negotiations moving the atlanta braves from central florida to sarasota county but we told you on tuesday sarasota county leaders are negotiating terms for funding designed in construction of a 7500 seat stadium as was a training
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us 401, north port. the atlanta braves train at the espn wide world of sports and when we asked officials about the possible plans, they tell us the only focus is on spring training this year. soccer stars have a place to play their favorite sport on wednesday, the orlando city foundation kick through a mini pitch the second mini pitch for youth soccer orlando city foundation installed and central florida. foundation is extending its soccer for success program with players mentoring kids and promoting healthy lifestyles. there's nothing cuter than a little soccer player. for more about the soccer club and foundation don't think -- miss the new orlando city insider on the two floors tv 27 saturday night at 10:00 -- 10:35. titusville, check out the airshow tomorrow at noon at the space coast regional airport. as always you can see fighter,
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fireworks show will kick off at -- tomorrow night general admission, $20 and for children age 5-12 five dollars. spacex landing barge made its way back to port canaveral after another failed landing attempt. >> the barge named of course i still love you was towed back to port on tuesday. a falcon 9 rocket blasted from cape canaveral air force station after 4 failed launches but the attempt to land a booster on the floating barge failed again. you may be able to make a trip to space soon. the private space travel company announced a date to send people into orbit. blue origin ceo says the company wants to start the first human test flights next year. last year the company announced rockets will launch from cape canaveral and officials say thousands of people have shown interest in the troops. >> your wife and i are working
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>> i know. 5:57. a wild fires smoldering in brevard county. >> what for street officials did to make sure the fire did not threaten anymore homes. hillary clinton and bernie sanders put a stamp on debate 8 last night. we will see what the focus is shifting to on super tuesday. the warmer start this weekend maybe the warmest all
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right now on eyewitness news this morning. police in edgewater using actual results to watch children on their way to school. what they know about a man who approached a boy on his bike. >> excuse me, excuse me, after all there is a democrats tangling in miami. the issues in the debate and what -- 6 am, thursday, march 10. >>we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. deneige broom following thursday morning commute, hopefully it is, compared to yesterday. >> certified meteorologist brian shields and severe weather center 9 getting warmer. >> today could be the warmest day so far this year. we may be seeing that a lot as we go over the next couple months. downtown orlando, watching


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