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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 6am  ABC  March 11, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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right now on eyewitness news this morning. daytona police investigating a fiery crash involving a motorcycle and car. we are asking officers went back to it. >> we needed this kind of the debate. we need this kind of tone. >> republican presidential candidates get personal attacks to a minimum in that debate in miami. major issues discussed ahead of florida's big primary. everyone on their best behavior including this morning, so far. >> good morning, 6 am, friday, march 11. >>we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. deneige broom watching the roads let's get started with certified meteorologist brian shields . not a bad start. >> great start to the day. warm and a good weekend and by sunday we could see some storms popping up.
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70s greeting us this morning, 64 degrees daytona beach, deland sensible, ponce inlet and volusia county, seminole, orange, low 60s and 64 osceola county toward kissimmee 66 lake county and 70 toward cocoa beach. warmer in brevard. scattered clouds, patchy fog this morning. has up along the st. johns river basin, patchy fog but the planet today, look how warm we get, deland, 82 at noon and we get mid-80s this afternoon. it is going to be a warm one and a great-looking day. mid 70s by the time we hit 6:00. coming up, we will take a look at why we have been so dry and i will show you the storm system that will be working in weekend. 6:01 am. last hour we had huge problems on i 4 let's see how we are deneige. >> a lot better. i 4 eastbound, fairbanks, one
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there was a crash earlier that had all lanes shut down but you have most of the lanes reopened so you are looking good and even with the link blocked we don't have major delays going to the area. we have a crash in daytona beach, tomoko farms road at international speedway boulevard, one plane is blocked an alternate. move over. working to find out how a motorcyclist is recovering after a wreck that pinned the motorcycle under a car.. >> unbelievable video of a fiery crash on nova road, daytona beach in your international speedway boulevard where eyewitness news this morning. janai norman joins us live. a lot of motorcycle enthusiasts are in town that. >>. >> reporter: that's because by quick goes to the weekend in daytona beach. when we get a chance we will ask police whether that crash that happened here earlier this morning involves a biker in town for the event. the video we got over night shows you how bad the crash was. you can see a red car parked on top of the motorcycle pinned underneath it.
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see how badly both the motorcycle and car was damaged from fire and we are hearing the rider was airlifted to ormc. waiting on a call back from police and we will ask whether the motorcycle rider was burned and how it happened. we will keep you updated on air and our wftv mobile apps. in volusia county, janai norman, eyewitness news this morning. seminole county fire officials a two people suffered minor burns in a house fire. firefighters say they arrived to find flames coming from the roof of the home on boyer street south of state road 434 last night. officials say by the person who was hurt was taken to the hospital in the county fire investigators working to figure out what started it. apopka police need your help finding a missing teenage boys look at him. this is 16-year-old armando van dyke last game wednesday afternoon riding a scooter from piedmont park blvd. near obt, high-quality.
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shirt, black shorts and police say he was on his way to the finish in but never made it. school. if you see him, call police. clinton and bernie sanders made the final pitch to florida voters before next tuesday's primary, the gop put contenders took the tram with stakes at the highest. angela jacobs continues political coverage. this route between the simple. we have seen personal attacks lead the way past debate but candidate stucoo issues last night in miami. no orange cancel small hands. >> don't worry about it little marko. >> reporter: and no name- calling at last night's most civil gop debate. >> do not talk over one another. >> reporter: and they did not. >> so far, i cannot believe how civil it has been. >> reporter: on the cusp of crucial primaries in florida and ohio, the republican presidential candidates focused more on the economy and policy issues like social security.
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my power not to touch social security to be the way it is. >> reporter: they argued entitlement reform and immigration. >> we clearly have to control people just talking and. >> reporter: and how to handle the violence in the middle east. >> we need to do whatever is necessary to utterly defeat isis. >> reporter: trump was put on the spot again over recent violence at his campaign events. >> no. >> reporter: the question, is he encouraging it. >> i hope not. >> reporter: the front runner conviction. >> i hope whoever gets the most delegates should we heard senator. ted cruz will be holding a town hall in orlando this morning . he will be joined by former gop opponent carly fiorina who is now endorsing him at faith assembly of god church at 10 am. doors open and 9:00. we posted a link for tickets on our web links section at . back to you. donald trump may be getting an endorsement from another former rival in the republican presidential race today, abc
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neurosurgeon ben carson plans to endorse trump this morning palm beach. trump previously won the endorsement of new jersey governor. chris christie. democratic candidate bernie sanders spoke to about 4000 people during a campaign stop in osceola county yesterday. poll numbers show him with a double-digit loss going into the florida primaries. some say he lacks a diverse support group. hillary clinton is more into it with immigration and women's issues. senator. sandy says that fact did not hurt him in michigan and says it will not hurt him here. >> the same thing is going to happen in almost every state that we compete you start off way behind. >> senator. sanders also spoke about giving the mother's more paid leave after giving birth and he also asked voters to stand together united quoting abraham lincoln lanes gettysburg address and he tells them not to let the donald trump's of the world to buy them. remember, poor results and for the top headlines for florida's primary on tuesday, head to our website and click on
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funeral services for former first lady nancy reagan will be held today. she died of congestive heart failure on sunday. former president george w. bush is expected to attend the funeral and his wife laura along with other first ladies including michelle obama, rosalyn carter, hillary clinton are expected to attend. the former first lady will be buried next to former president reagan at his presidential library in california. today state lawmakers are expected to vote on a more than $82 million budget proposal and then send it on to governor. rick scott. we told you earlier this week state lawmakers reached a deal on the state budget. lawmakers agree to use the money to fund projects including eight for the disabled, as most controversial bonuses for teachers who scored well on their college admissions test. a man accused of taking pictures of young girls start at a busy orlando public store is free on bond. >> what you have to say to parents which >> scott had nothing to say to
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orange county jail last night. police say he put his boat and a basket and recorded the girls last month at the public store on meeting place in baldwin park. they say a shopper caught him doing it and told officers that we are working to find out if there are any more victims. covering orange county, in a few hours a jury will continue to liberating in the trial of two people accused of being involved in a major jurors deliberated until almost 11 at last night. arrested more than two dozen people who saved 33 starting an injured dogs and 2014 when they busted the operation. yesterday to codefendants told jurors very different stories. >> i walked up and i tried to buy some weed. >> had you bought there before? >> i went and bought me in that area before. >> i am really coming to the conclusion of a lot of things that were going on in my house that i didn't know -- aware of. >> the jury just to liberating 8:30 this morning and we will let you know they reach a verdict at noon. firefighters are continuing
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bay neighborhood after brush fires in two days. fire crews were to contain a 5 acre fire near quintin avenue and w. berry st. that is about 3 miles from the pacifier they were fighting on wednesday that damaged 4 homes. the fire marshal is tried to figure out what caused the fire's. if you're looking to take up hi-fi excited this weekend, the 39th annual tyco warbird county. >> check this out, skywitness 9 caught up with the b-29 super fortress, not keeping up but taking a practice run yesterday afternoon. this is only the b-29 in existence that is still flying. this plane and dozens of others will be flying at the annual airshow in the space coast regional airport today through sunday. back eyewitnesses cool but not that that's. 6:10 am we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. . >> we are tracking another nice day across central florida and that's been the pattern , all action off to the west,
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in control and everything is zooming around with the rain and storms into the west but this is the same system that will impact us by sunday with a chance for afternoon storms. again, sunday. dry today part cloudy, warm 79 degrees in flagler beach in beverly beach sumner county, by the mall, akamai, 86. 86 a winter springs, sanford lake mary heathrow in the mid- 80s and another 11 champions gate television intercession city, campbell, kissimmee temperatures well into the 80s for today. coming up, we will look at those storms that will affect the weekend and some temperature changes ahead. i will see you in main weather. 6:10 am. skywitness 9 over i 4 eastbound and winter park where we had the crash blocking all eastbound lanes that you can see only one lane eastbound is blocked at this point and nothing major delays as we do not have many people on the roads yet but keep this in mind, i 4 eastbound, fairbanks, you have one lane blocked.
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daytona beach we have this crash to multiform kind of international speedway boulevard, too late in this area are blocked no need for an alternate but keep in mind you will have some slight delays to a volusia county man says he is fed up with what he is calling nuisance neighbors. >> i feel like i'm getting no help. it is like we're on our own. >> coming up the sunny posted to make sure everyone knows the crimes that he claims are going on next-door. >> new sites are bringing more travelers to orlando ahead, y officials say it is easy to convince them to come to the city beautiful.
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if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages,
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goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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good morning 6:14 am i'm nancy alvarez. look at the shop. looks like a postcard as the sun comes up over downtown orlando. beautiful morning, 63 degrees and we will let you know what to expect for the rest of the day and the weekend. go check weather and traffic every ten minutes. a georgia mother accused of concealing the death of her two- year-old daughter and taking off to florida with the other three children is in the marion county jail. clarion garrison was denied bond when she faced a judge yesterday. police in georgia issued an amber alert after garrison took off with her children. i contacted marion county deputies who showed up to garrison's relatives home and arrested her pick the three children were taken into state custody. orange county deputies and working to find out who called in a bomb threat to daytona beach courthouse and forced it to be evacuated. eyewitness news was there as debbie served -- search the center with bomb sniffing dogs yesterday. nothing was found in the state attorney says cases that could happen was off yesterday will have to be revisited. no word on if any of the cases were serious.
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county landfill are considering testing the air quality inside of people's arms after neighbors say the gas responsible for the smell of getting trapped in houses. women tell you about the large amounts of hydrogen sulfide gas coming from the landfall. yesterday we learned neighbors believe the gas is collecting inside homes and not leaving. a new draft of the landfills out-of-control plan calls for outdoor testing only. >> i have been looking forward for some complete solutions, not half-baked solutions. >> the plan also allows the length of to continue taking so- called human waste biosolids which contributed to the problem in the first place and it calls for any drop-off of those materials to happen before 3 pm. the landfill says to get some more time to cover it up. residents were fighting a new belief high school in west orange county say they gave up their fight because it was just time to do so. on wednesday, we told you the neighbors dropped all the lawsuits. yesterday the attorney tells eyewitness news the chances of
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construction seemed to slim. the district started construction in january and continued it while the proposed high school was still in legal limbo. timber creek high school parents say they are worried the computers were infected by a virus because they followed instructions in a school newsletter. a newsletter sent to parents about bright future scholarships contained a link to a website that could infect computers with a virus just by visiting the site. in orange county, school district spokesperson says a missing word in the link is what caused the problem. a $1 million grant from florida's department of economic opportunity will help the veterans memorial ctr., brevard county to expand unacceptable at a two-story military museum, a revamped military library, and benefits -- facilities for disabled american veterans support program and to work a larger memorial plaza. this one, more than 100 soldiers are waking up at home in florida after completing a torn afghanistan. but look at these great
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to daytona beach, nine month of limited the 100 265 artillery went to afghanistan. the mission was to deploy are truly and border protection. welcome home to the heroes. >> beautiful start. >> the sunrise. >> it's perfect. >> awesome. >> don't show us. >> downtown orlando, lake eola, gorgeous. fair weather clouds and a beautiful sunrise. enjoy, 63 degrees winds out of the east at 5 miles an hour. could start with temperatures, 60s and 70s and if you 70s and brevard county, most of us in the low to mid 60s. waterford lakes, alafaya trail, temperatures in the 60s and azalea park toward ucf, winds
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today and not as windy overall as yesterday. another southerly southeasterly flow will keep us warm. spots of patchy fog along the same job that st johns river, we have fog around use caution, not widespread. scattered clouds where we are to the west is where storm system is, that will move closer by sunday, sunday is the day to watch the weekend for a chance of showers and storms. through the day, rainbow elementary, 81 and noon, and this afternoon, mid-80s this evening dropping into the 70s. future track looking great, working outdoors, no big issues rolling through the timeframe, by 1:00, scattered fair weather clouds in the forecast and excellent into the evening hours. as we hit our saturday mainly dry tomorrow, saturday but by sunday, we was he the front approaching and you see by the percent chance of scattered
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go through the weekend. beaches watch out for rip currents not just today but also into the weekend forecast. seas 3 to 4 feet, water 60s. for today 86, partly cloudy a warm day looking at temperatures, 87 in the cloud. near 80 along the coast. tonight, 50s and 60s around a nice night, patchy fog developing and tomorrow, great saturday mix of sun and clouds straight chance of a shower otherwise mainly dry on saturday. five-day forecast where the weekend is always in view. time change with it, spring ahead one hour saturday night and sunday 50 percent chance of showers and storms. right on track, no cool air behind it babies continue -- 80s continued monday to tuesday. daytona beach, blocking lanes tomoko farms road at international speedway
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alternate but keep in mind to move over for troopers and deputies on scene. i 4 camera, commute is looking better here and winter park, we have an eastbound lane of i 4 blocked off at fairbanks comes -- traffic making it through. we could see delays built. police looking for a gunman who shot a man outside an orlando nightclub. but the victim said happened moments before he was shot in both legs. daytona police investigating a fiery crash between a car and motorcycle. we are asking them what led to it to
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6:24 am orange county storage facility facing $100,000 in code enforcement fines is finally cleaned up the property. the owner of the lake fairview ministorage facility was done -- notified by department of environmental edition contamination is cleaned up. we told you dep found contamination and soil surrounding the property in september and they believe it came from unlicensed business
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orlando tourism is getting a big boost from middle eastern travelers and realtors say they are seeing an increase in residents. some realtors are marketing their properties in orlando as offering expedited visas to foreign investors who think $500,000 into the u. s. emirates airlines started quite rightly from dubai to orlando late last year and has brought in 16,000 people per month. not just from india for the middle east of course but what we have found as far as numbers from emirates is a lot coming from other parts of asia. >> the expedited visa is a congressional program designed to encourage foreign investors to sink money into the u. s. if you plan a trip to disney world it could cost more. in an email survey the theme park is asking guest that they would pay a $15 resort fee during their stay at one of their resorts. disney officials say it is just a survey and there are no plans to add the additional cost. it would cover magic vans, fast
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right now are free. and brevard county, a new city hall is coming to cape canaveral to construction starts by the end of the month and the structure will be five times the size of the existing city hall. leaders say they plan to build the new building next to the existing building. the project will cost about 4.3 $4.3 million and should be open by the end of april by the end of april 2017. polk county deputies say a special needs student walked 30 miles home after his bus driver forgot he was on the bus. >> the response deputies say the student got from the driver left alone.. >> reporter: asking police about a fiery crash overnight in daytona beach. we will show you the damage and break down what we know so far. dry, tracking a big warm-up for today. plus when the storm system to the west will impact us.
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start this morning and it's friday. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. for us. >> that's all you need to have a nice day. check of the forecast. beautiful day. take a look at this double wow. daytona beach that's how we roll on a friday, gorgeous outside. again, a lot of sunshine around, 64 winds out of the south at 5 miles an hour, sign up in a couple minutes officially sunset at its 31. 60s, 70s around and a pocket of 70s and brevard county osceola, orange, seminole county is in the 60s and mid-sixties volusia county from sams no. 3 deland and de leon springs. mount dora, eustis, the villages, leesburg lady lake in the 60s. 60 one ocala marion county. scattered clouds making for a gorgeous sunrise and staying dry today. here's the outlook winter park will jump up to 81 degrees by
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in the afternoon. we will have mid-80s around. nice and warm this evening and by 6:00 plenty of sunshine in temperatures start to drop into the 70s. coming up we will have the orlando city forecast for this evening and we will go city by city with temperatures and i mentioned the chance for storms by sunday. we will go over the weekend forecast and timeout some stories. 631. an update now on i 4 with deneige. >> looking better than 30 minutes ago. i 4 eastbound, fairbanks, a lane blocked off within the last five minutes. i watched that we open the lanes on i 4 eastbound at fairbanks. looking good. a major issue because of a crash this morning but now you are looking at typical morning jacket daytona beach a crash filled tomoko farms road, international speedway boulevard . two lanes are blocked, you can get through keep in mind and make sure you move over for all of the law enforcement officers unseen. nova road daytona beach is
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between a car and motorcycle. specifically the video, eyewitness news is morning janai norman is live where it happened here international speedway boulevard. it is unclear what led to the crash. >> reporter: police wrapped up the investigation here in the last few hours but you have to see the video without overnight of the crash. in the video you can see both cars were badly damaged by fire and one of the video clips you can see the car bomb is the color red button the rest of the video is hard to do because of how bad the fire damage was the cameras captured what effect the motorcyclist pinned underneath the car leaving us to believe -- to ask police how he's doing. they have not release details but we are asking the writer may have been lifted from here to ormc. we are continuing to make calls to daytona beach police to get information asking about how the crash happened and whether anyone involved with guided when we know more will update you hear -- was cited and we will let you know more.
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we sat beside a man in his hospital bed as he told us that she was celebrating his birthday tuesday night and mrs. nightclub on pine street when he saw an audit have been not long after i started shooting. i was -- eyewitness showing us how he fell when he was shot he endorses but missed. >> a lot of shots and it was kind of -- i would like to consider it is ineffective because you are doing all of this, i woke up this morning. >> he woke up this morning. so far, orlando police have not made any arrests and as you can imagine rylander was very emotional during the interview and had a message for the shooter. watch the entire interview now on click on the video tab. covering polk county this
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attendants are facing negligent child abuse charges after deputies say they forgot a special needs student on the school bus forcing him to climb out and hitchhike 30 miles home twice in one week. this is video from inside the bus the first time it happened. the driver, 51-year-old gail brown and bus attendant gwendolyn simmons get off and close the doors after dropping off the other students. 15 minutes later, the 13-year- old who had fallen asleep wakes up and when he realizes he's alone, he craps -- cracks open a window& you can see the boys forced open the doors to start the 30 mile trek home. the judge says the next day the boy tried to tell one of the women they forgot him but he -- he did not believe him. >> are you kidding me? do you hear what i said?
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twice in one week the same kid and he is darned tired of having to hitchhike home. >> there is an alarm system on the bus and the drivers are supposed to turn it on after -- off after the check. they admitted to having a student deactivate the system and did not check the bus for students before leaving. 15-year-old twin brother is recovering this morning after a driver ran them both over as a boat across the street on their bikes that it happened yesterday afternoon when 2 pickup truck turned out of merritt island high school. they say she panicked and hit the gas running over the boys. they were both airlifted to be okay. helmets. the driver was cited for failing to yield. no word about a court date to decide whether a family dog will be put down by -- after declaring the dog dangers for biting a neighbor. jaspers owners say the victim
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dog's enclosure. 24 dogs were declared dangerous in orange county last year and none put down. we would check with the investigators in orange county today to ask him how a man who was shot and -- shocked and fell is doing. witnesses say he was not wearing a harness or hardhat but in a bucket truck. he was shot went a strip of casing he was trying to move around the sign hit nearby wiring. a brevard county fire -- father accused of kidnapping michigan says it has no intention of bringing the back. deputies believe patrick scott junior is taking his two-year- old daughter paris and four- year-old son patrick to texas. they were last seen when their mother drop them off with scott yesterday morning the dropping of gold 2015 ford fusion with texas license plate. edgewater place want you to look at the sketch they say the menu see tried to abduct a nine- year-old boy on his way to school this week. the boy told police the man came up to him and asked him if he wanted to come over to his house.
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overweight male between 5 feet to a five date black hair, long black ot. police have increased patrols near both elementary schools. a daytona beach man has had it with the neighbors so calling them out with a sign. he has the mug shot on display with words like hookers, drug dealers, scumbags. police say they have been to the complex on braddock avenue nearly 50 times over the last few months. they rated the place with the dea in january arresting 13. one residence says ever since management took over, everything went downhill and he says police are not doing enough. >> when -- we're not going to arrest them for disorderly conduct but for us it doesn't matter, harass him as much as they harass us. >> police are not -- keeping an eye on the apartments that the owner plans to clean up the property. washington dc a statue of a confederate general representing florida will soon be replaced. the statue of gen.
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standing there for more than 90 years. two statues represent each state at the national statuary hall. governor. rick scott signed a bill thursday to replace the statue. the committee would suggest three, floridians as one possible replacement. there are 58 cases of zika in florida including two and osceola county, two cases reported yesterday and miami- dade, broward county step earlier this week in the state health officials announced the first sexually transmitted case in the state and polk county. all of the other patients were infected by traveling and we will monitor the update to let you know of any more cases on eyewitness news at 4:00. local organization now working to prevent the spread of these and other affected areas one but located in orlando standing the first shipment of blood donations to help those in need in places like puerto rico, countries affected by the virus. cdc has ordered those places to stop collecting blood for transfusions out of fear donors may be affected.
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basketball coach >> the season ended last night and so did coach donnie jones's career with the tea. ucf announced the head men's coach has been fired after the knights lost in the championship game against related he's been with dcf for six years and the team has had two disappointing seasons. university officials say the team is not been reaching expectations. 6:38 am. we check weather and traffic . >>certified meteorologist brian shields in severe weather center 9 with the warm-up. >> looking good this evening for the orlando city match at 7:00 at the citrus bowl. kickoff at 7:00 and any evening plans are great. temperatures around 80 and drop into the 70s by the time we hit 9:00. awesome evening on the way. it will be dry. marion county, warm, ocala, anthony temperatures around 87 degrees. orange county, colonial town, hunter's creek, lake nona, back to winter garden, ocoee, oakland, 86, 87 possible and
6:40 am
low 80s monitoring the fire threat as we go throughout the day. coming up, the weekend intensive storms on sunday. i will show it to you with future track. 6:39 am deneige. >> all issues on i 4 have cleared out. typical delays pulling up live traffic tracker, daytona beach we have a crash, performs road, international speedway boulevard with one lane blocked. no need for an alternate. the crash lake mary, lake markham road, a crash. does not seem to block the commute. keep an eye for everyone orange blossom trail, osceola parkway, a crash not blocking any portion of the drive in the city. seminole county could be the first and central florida to ban future bear hunts. >> why they say last year's heart had no impact on the bear population. no fireworks, name-calling,
6:41 am
the gop debate in miami and why some call it a strong backer senator. marco it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms.
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6:43 am. one day after hillary clinton and bernie sanders made the final pitch of florida voters before next tuesday's primary, the gop contenders took their turn down in miami and the stakes are at their highest. >>wftv angela jacobs continues coverage for us. this may have been the critical debate to this point. >> reporter: there is so much riding on it but super tuesday around the corner, five states holding primaries and 1100 delegates up for grabs. using the state to miami to tackle key issues to voters in ohio and florida, and much more civil affair began with trade talk and immigration. >> we lock our doors at night
6:45 am
needs to be able to as well. >> reporter: front runner donald trump was asked about his recent statement saying islam hates us. >> did you mean by 1.6 billion muslims? >> i mean a lot of them. i mean a lot of them. >> reporter: florida senator. marco rubio displayed his foreign-policy expertise an advantage analyst say he has over the rest of the gop field. he used it to make this uppercase against trumped. >> i know a lot of people find the things he said the purely because he says things in perspective it that presidents cannot say anything they want. it has consequences. here and around the well. >> reporter: senator. ted cruz says trumps words do not match his actions. >> if you have a candidate who has been funding liberal democrats and funding the washington establishment, it is very height to imagine how suddenly this candidate is going to take on washington. >> reporter: after the debate, rubio said he is done with personal trump attacks and said he regrets the actions and will never go back into the gutter again because it conflicts with
6:46 am
back to you. >> ted cruz visit with voters in orlando on his trail. crews will attend a town hall meeting bringing his opponent carly feet -- former opponent carly fiorina who is now endorsed him it starts at 10 am, doors open at 9 am and you will need a ticket to get into the event. where posted a link for tickets under our web links section of marco rubio will also make a stop in central florida days before florida's presidential primary. rubio will visit the villages sunday to try to convince voters that he should get their vote. he will be at the rohan back ctr., christine michael 3 pm and doors open at 2:00 and you must rsvp if you want to attend. clinton appear in tampa to try to get votes. she hosted a get out and vote rally she spoke about having a possible high-speed rail system that will connect have and a lot of her daughter chelsea
6:47 am
florida to rally for her mom. the event will be held at the hilton orlando hotel plaza blvd., lake bonavista, or 40 5 pm. the results and headlines for primaries on tuesday, head to the website and click on the elections have. city leaders in sanford want to regulate public art that covers the buildings and properties in the area. artist from around the area have been creating works of art on everything from factory walls to residential fences. city staff embers of working with the public art commissioned to create an ordinance and some are not a fan of the paintings but some residents say they add culture. >> to beautify something you have to destroy and make something new. you can refurbish it and make it just as beautiful when it was original. >> the ordinance is actually excited to last a few months and we will let you know when art. 6:47 am we check weather . >> beautiful, awesome, great start to friday. >> a good weekend. of storms.
6:48 am
we will break that down. there is a picture daytona beach, i just put that on instagram, facebook, or twitter. i'm awesome like that. looking at this morning. 64, winds of the south at 5 miles an hour and there are temperatures, 60s, 70s around. 64 in the villages and people start, shorts, short sleeves throughout the day. one of those days. warm like yesterday and we will keep an eye out for five threads the winds of the southeast, breezy today. not quite as windy as yesterday but a breeze and patchy fog and we have seen them along the st. johns and disability has not been too bad. scattered, high clouds around and that's why the sunrise is nice. showers, storms to the west and that is the next system that sunday. today, ocala, 80 at noon and then we will settle in the mid- 80s inland and a little bit cooler along the coast. this is 10 am, future track,
6:49 am
on the way staying dry. and he plans on doors, through the evening, recess time, if a teacher it will be great to get teachers -- kids out into the afternoon and evening. saturday, looking ahead, we will have a good-looking day tomorrow. cannot rule out a stray chance of a shower, dry saturday and by sunday, as the system approaches, you can see in the afternoon on sunday, 50 percent chance of showers and storms. the beaches watch out for rip currents today, through the weekend, seas 3 to 4 feet water temperatures in the 60s but today, 86 partly cloudy and we have one day and you see numbers inland and made is not a couple of her 80s along the coast upper 70s and low 80s along the coast. nice night, 50s, 60s and patchy fog developing late and then this is our saturday forecast for saturday, good-looking day, sun and clouds, stray chance of a shower but most of us are dry.
6:50 am
of the events going on this weekend. we have forecast including one for the airshow in brevard county. five-day forecast where the weekend is always in view. there is the 83 tomorrow and sunday, that is the day we will watch for showers, scattered storms, favoring the afternoon and this time of year by the way, no big cool down insight. was a system zips out on monday, monday was the clearing skies but we stay in the 80s monday and tuesday. highs running in the low to mid 80s. 6:50 am traffic tracker with deneige. >> the only crash with partial road block's daytona beach to international speedway boulevard, you can get through the area but keep in mind they are still on scene. pulling up i 4 camera, we had an issue on i 4 earlier this point but right now it is pretty smooth sailing. this is i 4 maitland, traffic heading toward the orlando area directions. light friday morning commute at
6:51 am
vanessa? lawmakers are trying to fight a growing drug abuse the country. how a bill passed by the u.s. responders. a motorcycle ended up pinned underneath a car here in daytona beach overnight. coming up, what dispatchers are telling us about the fiery crash. kissimmee man claims his car's dashboard is literally melting. it's a huge safety issue.
6:52 am
the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today.
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6:54 am
we are asking police what led up to a fiery crash. we are live on nova road where it happened. no problems for traffic right impressive. >> reporter: you can see behind me traffic is moving just fine. its open right here near international speedway boulevard war the wreck happened almost six hours ago. i spoke to dispatchers who said the call came in around 1:15 about a crash involving a car and a motorcycle. our cameras caught the aftermath where you can see
6:55 am
the motorcycle was pinned underneath. we are working to find out how the motorcyclist is doing. reporting live. eyewitness news this morning. leaders are looksinging in -- looking into a push that ban bear hunts. officials aren't saying if they will respect local bans. only three of the bears killed last year were in the county the ban came after several people spoke out this week. >> bears have lost over 80% their habitat and have done nothing to merit being killed. we have to work to protect them. >> ten years old. county leaders hope the new trash ordinance is enough to stop bear human conflicts. discussions about managing them. office.
6:56 am
light for a bill aimed to fight a growing drug crisis. it. it would allow programs to stop heroin abuse and would give reversal drugs. it doesn't fund the programs though. >> it's time to get serious and call it what it is, the public health crisis. >> republicans blocked an attempt to attach $600 million in emergency funding to the bill. more are becoming victims of identity theft. complaints increased nearly 40% from 2014 to 2015. the ftc said many of those complaints were for stolen tax returns. we have tools to help victims on
6:57 am
they are recalling corona extra 12 and 18 packs. some bottles maicon taken -- may have small pieces of glass. you can go to the westbound links section to find a list of the affected codes. check your beer. nasa officials are calling for help to fund projects in two deep space missions. on thursday the administrator presented the budget request to a senate committee. >> nasa is closer to sending people to mars than at any point in our history. this budget will keep us moving forward. >> nasa plans a test flight of the orion in 2018. they are working toward an early launch date of a crude launch in 2023. one day after we told you a health initiative had lost state funding two lawmakers trying to put money back in.
6:58 am
lives in a food desert, neighborhoods with little to no easy southern california ease to -- access to grocery stores. the state wants five million to bring more businesses in. the money was stripped from the bill but lawmakers working to get $500,000 put back in. it's hard to believe there are so many area that are a food desert but they are there. >> they have orange soda but no oranges as the saying goes. hundreds of elementary school students in orange county are lending a helping hand to feed those in need. >> students will team up with feeding children everywhere. they plan to package and box 35,000 meals for families all throughout the community. over the last few months students raised $9,000 to buy the meals. they held a mini golf event and made and sold bracelets. wow. >> very cool. >> that's impressive.
6:59 am
traffic every ten minutes. >> great sun rides. sunrise. this picture from cory. i put it on twitter and facebook. you can see some of my information at the top of the screen. beautiful port saint john. it doesn't get much better. it'll be a great day on the way a lot of sun. partly cloudy. 86 degrees looking great for orlando city. then for the weekend the pick of the weekend, 83. mainly dry. then on sunday we will see about a 50% chance of showers and storms but no cooldown. it'll stay 80s into next week. we don't have many issues on the roads, a pretty smooth friday drive but we have this crash at international speedway. you have one lane blocked there and then in lake mary, also a crash but it's not blocking any lanes.
7:00 am
dashboard is melting. coming up we investigate why the automaker hasn't made the repairs they promised. >> your news coverage continues now on tv27. good morning, america. donald trump lines up another big endorsement from a former rival as republicans ditch the personal insults at last night's debate. >> i cannot believe how civil it's been up here. >> marco rubio and ted cruz still focused on the front-runner. >> the president can't just say anything he wants. >> we are pledging our support to you. >> trump faces new questions about growing violence at his rallies. >> when they see what's going on in this country they have anger that's unbelievable. >> states of emergency. deadly floods drown the south.


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