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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 5am  ABC  March 16, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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>> it does continue and should note on "good morning america" this morning, john kasich and donald trump, live. >> and that's what's making news in america this morning. >> have a great wednesday, everybody. right now on eyewitness news this morning primary results from overnight pointing changes house. marco rubio fails to win florida. while it's not god's plan that i be president in 2016 or maybe ever. >> this is another super tuesday for our campaign. >> what the big wins will mean for front hillary clinton and donald trump. >> firefighters on alert in
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fire destroyed a mention. good morning. 5 am wednesday good morning. 5 am wednesday, march 16. >>we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. deneige broom following the wednesday morning commute let's get started with certified meteorologist brian shields . how today and we will do it again. >> near 90 again for today. the heat is on we had changes through the end of the week and today we will hit 89 and we hit 90 degrees yesterday well above average. average high 78. looking at temperatures this morning. the 60s and 70s and a very warm start 66 de leon springs, deland, lake catherine and lyft. sanford, casselberry altamonte springs 68, 68 orlando. patchy fog around and it has been dropping off, hunter's creek and lake nona and a drop- off invisibility toward melbourne. deneige and i will keep an eye on the cameras for the possibility of fog.
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next few hours low clouds touching the ground soon. college park 79 at noon, 84 at 2:00 and temperatures around 87 at 4:00 city by city with temperatures and how close we get to record highs and into a chance of rain returning. 501 check of the drive with deneige. >> spots with construction at i 4 at ivanhoe . blocking a left- hand lane. you will have to move over to the right for one hour or so. kissimmee, a crash u. s. 190 -- 192, 4 winds blvd., troopers have been there since 1:00 or 2:00 because of a fatal crash partial roadblock give them space to investigate. presidential candidates claiming new november -- momentum while others go home.
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biggest price than yesterday's primary donald trump won by a large margin forcing senator. marco rubio to suspend the campaign. john kasich and ted cruz turner fortin. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders by 30 points. >> angela jacobs watching the results for tonight and even though the field is narrowing no candidates secured enough delegates to win the actual nomination. >> what everyone wants to know on both sides what does it mean for the party's going had and could it lead to a possible contested convention for the republicans side yet she -- >> you have been waiting for the right moment. now is the time for big wins for hillary clinton with florida, ohio, north carolina and childhood state of illinois, she leads again sanders.
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big night with a commanding wins this home state one hoped- for seeking a contested convention. >> going to cleveland to secure the republican nomination. >> in florida the other home state win, never came. trounced by trump, senator. marco rubio quickly dropped out. >> after tonight it is clear while we are on the right side, this year, we will not be on the winning side. >> only john kasich, ted cruz and republican front-runner remain. though any kind of party unity seems a longer wait. >> we have to bring our party together. we have to bring it together. >> and if it comes to a contested convention, republican rules only allow nominees to appoint at least for states to be considered an right now only trump and cruz qualify. in the next half hour marco rubio's decision, more on that to drop out. has those trickle in,
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delegate count stands in both races, ohio governor. john kasich has an estimated 138 delegates as for the other were republican candidates front runner donald trump estimated 631 delegates, ted cruz, 401, marco rubio, 168. a total of 1237 delegates are needed for the republican nomination. on the democratic side, hillary clinton estimated 1105 delegates, bernie sanders, 787. 2383 needed for the democratic nomination. top election official could -- says that could be a record turnout for the primary. and complete number show more than 2.3 million republicans democrats voted tuesday. and 2008 a total of 4.2 million voters voted in both primaries
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election ran relatively smoothly despite minor issues. orange county was one place that had problems, multiple precincts ran out of ballots. election officials say it started with the data glitch which mixed up numbers on the ballots order forms and send fewer ballots to orange county polling places they needed many morning. 52 precincts across orange county ran out of ballots in . -- endpoints. one worker showed up, many voters left because they said they did not have time to wait. >> how do we run out of ballots? to me it does not make sense. >> i like to speak my voice and i felt like i was being left out. >> orange county supervisor of elections tells us he's not sure who is responsible for the mixup but they are looking into it. elections officials were also hand delivering absentee ballots to anyone who missed the chance to vote because of the mixup and officials asked governor. scott to extend poll hours but he denied it and call shortly before 7 pm. the marion county voters approved a 1 percent sales tax for four years to fund public safety capital needs and road projects for the county.
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january 1. some voters want to the polls in orlando met by group pushing for new ballot measure for the 2016 general election. a group called eight is enough wants to put a limit on the number of consecutive years orlando city officials are able to serve. they spent yesterday collecting signatures and if they get 15,000, supervisor of elections will have to put it on the ballot. >> if they cannot get it done after 8 years they should find another job but we want to open it up to everybody. that is what the mass -- democracy is about. >> members of the city should fall in line with orange county which is term limits. many voters we talked to thought term limits were already in place. >> our coverage of last night's primary continues on our website day you can see full speeches from candidates and all results including which counties voted for which candidate. firefighters are keeping a close eye on hotspots at a mansion where a massive fire
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>> eyewitness news at 11:00 we took you to the pumpkin center mansion in cocoa beach. it burned. janai norman continues live coverage. fire chief says some parts are still burning. >> reporter: the fire started around 7:30 last night and a firefighter tells us they were still hotspots smoldering now and he says that this cottage is the only thing not damaged on the property. we have learned this morning that 10,000 ft.2 11 bedroom mansion is leveled. last night there were multiple agencies here and dozens of firefighters battling the flames. the property surrounded by trees and the flames were so high you can see them over the trees. the fire chief told us he was getting calls from other cities in brevard county because that is how far the flames could be seen. we also spoke with neighbors who watched the unbelievable fire from the beach who were stunned at what they were saying that -- what they were seeing.
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like it in my life. >> that amber's were huge coming off of the fire. thank god it was offshore winds because if it was on shore, who knows what would've happened to the houses back here, who knows. >> lading -- later we will see state fire marshal's to look into what caused the fire. in the next half hour i will break down what we learned about the iconic property and the fire that brought it to the ground. in brevard county, janai norman, eyewitness news this morning. overnight orlando police say to go home invaders robbed a man at gunpoint before stealing his car and killing his dog as they were taking off. park at cambridge apartments, conway road around midnight. investigators say the victim suffered minor injuries to his head from being pistol whipped during the robbery. police say the suspect's shot the dog before taking off at in the victim's car. that is a 2004 silver mercedes
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tag, 479mse. working to track down the car is aspects. 5:09 am we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. get over to brian on the warm up we keep experiencing. >> track how close we get to record highs. we tied one of 89 yesterday daytona beach but orlando today, 89 and the record 94. that was back in 1920. that should be safe for another year. daytona beach 86, melbourne 86. 4 degrees away from the record high. today hot like yesterday, 86 ormond beach, deland, 87, 86 pearson, sunshine on the dry side so we will watch for the 55 throughout the day. lake county, mount dora, lake dora, 88 degrees and steamy weather back to orange county, close to 90 lake buena vista, independence could touch about 90. 88 toward winter park.
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will see patchy fog developing and an update on the fog this morning and we will see a storm system approach on friday and it will impact the weekend. i will show you the chance ahead. 5:10 am deneige. >> take the turnpike northbound through clermont, you have some police activity northbound before state road 50 blocking one lane. move over for them. a crash in christmas, also at reported. troopers say it is not blocking any port of the commute but some time. give them room. probably. us 1, i-95, ormond beach. roadblock. president obama's repair -- preparing for his trip to cuba, how the first presidential visit to the communist nation and almost one century could
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>> of popular running trail is missing dozens of trees this morning. and orlando city commissioners says workers made a big mistake when cutting down the trees. >> friends and family remember a teenager murdered outside of his house.
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good morning., nancy alvarez, 5:14 am wednesday morning, 68 degrees right now. we have a full check of weather and traffic every 10 minutes. >> i need glasses. >> orange county deputies are looking for the person who shot and killed a 15-year-old over the weekend. >> this is emotional. antoine davis his family remembered him during a vigil at spark lake. the lake is less than 1 mile away from where his body was found on the sidewalk and ocoee. the teams and says it is time for the killer to confess. >> you have the nerve to take his life, you need to have the nerve to come forward and take responsibility for what you did. >> deputies say davis have problems with other kids in the neighborhood and they told us
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this case but they have not made an arrest florida highway patrol now says the man who is believed to be a police impersonator in clermont is actually estate trooper. fhp says the trooper is more than a 25 year veteran who was in full uniform driving a marked fhp cruiser. the agency also says that averaging at the claremont police to clear up exactly what happened. >> state troopers say alcohol may have caused a deadly wrong way crash on i 4 near sam lake road that also shut down the road for hours but we showed you this terrible wreck as it was breaking yesterday on eyewitness news this morning and investigators say 44-year- old fernando clemente's license was already suspended at the time of the crash because of a drug charge in unpaid fines for troopers say he came out of nowhere and hit and killed a man while driving east and westbound lanes. clemente also died. >> at the time your brain reacts to have seconds to react and that's not enough time.
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bottle of liquor in clemente's car and fabrice family says he leaves behind a wife and child. we are waiting to hear back from orange county fire rescue about a child who went to the hospital after being in over chlorinated pool. skywitness 9 school over the pool over island bay drive yesterday that fire-rescue tells us five kids were vomiting and choking. the pool has been closed while the apartment complex maintenance staff looks into it. when we get an update on how the children are doing will bring it to the newscast. ucf is one step closer to breaking ground on the new multimillion dollar downtown orlando campus for governor. rick scott plans to improve $20 million in funding when he new budget. students will study digital media and other things there. revolutionizing the area. >> it will be a game changer. not only from students went neighborhoods and the great well.
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step is to put out bids to select a construction company and ucf leaders expect to break down -- break ground next year have a campus up and running by the fall of 2018. >> another skyline changer for the city of orlando. speaking of skylights, we are going to see a lot of sun today. >> a lot of sun, fog in this warm day, 90 in spots, once down insight. looking downtown orlando over lake lucerne, 60 degrees, winds of the southwest at five. start like yesterday but more in the way of fog. 60s and 70s with us this morning. titusville, 68 melbourne. shorts, short sleeves no doubt for today. winds are light and they will pull out of the west and that will keep us very warm today but calm winds in spots and you has developed and watching melbourne, palm bay, grant- valkaria around some of the fog you caution extra time for your
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a lot of low clouds around but once we lose that, we will have 20 of sunshine in the forecast with 79 at noon, palm bay, 83 by 2:00. mid-80s this afternoon along the coast and close to 90 inland. low cloud cover with us the next three hours and on the dry side today and we're looking good. a blip or two of green but dry and tonight, and tomorrow morning, looking at more fog rolling in a better chance of a storm on thursday. we could see one or two showers and storms popping up waiting until friday for the better chance of rain. beaches in the 80s with the air temperatures in water temperatures, 60s and 70s and seas running at a 1 to 2 feet. and going over temperatures with you, 88 degrees in separate, 87 leesburg, in the villages for clermont today, upper 80s on the board. tonight, more patchy fog developing and a lot like this morning, we will be in the 60s and some of that fog could be fit i tomorrow morning. rain chance 20 percent, not as
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many of the settling in the mid- 80s and another very warm day and we could see a pop-up shower or storm on thursday. five-day forecast, where the weekend is always in view. tomorrow saint patrick's day. and into friday we was the 40 percent chance of scattered showers and storms and up to 50 percent chance on saturday as we have a front arriving dropping down temperatures by sunday we will be in the mid- 70s and even low 70s by the time we hit monday. 5:20 am. traffic tracker with deneige. >> troopers on scene of two fatal crashes in the area, one in osceola county, us 1 90s -- u. s. 1924 was blvd. partial roadblock. christmas, state road 50, partial roadblock while they investigate the crashes. i 4 camera, central florida pkwy., eastbound lanes you have one plane locked from construction. -- one lane blocked from construction.
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are problems or if they pick them up late. researchers, students from ucf ready for admission into deep space. the final destination for an experiment blasting off next week. >> primary results coming in, coming up, what is next for florida senator. marco rubio after he fails to win the primary in his own state. >> everything has become a distraction. video of drivers passing a stopped school bus is causing
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5:24 am. a man recorded several drivers in orange county passing a stopped school bus and now deputies say they are willing to keep a closer eye on the bus stops. look at this video from the corner of a loma and foresight. several drivers are passing by the stopped bus. that is a violation went up to $265. >> with distractions and mobile phones and everything else going on they are doing more than they should be instead of drawing of paying -- driving and paying attention. >> deputies will patrol without warning as for the
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because it does not show license place. city commissioner upset after trees were cut down when they should not have been. betty shin-soo choo so what is coming down trees she says is a public and private partnership and they should not have been able to cut them down but the city says they were given permission. >> the staff messed up a decision-makers someone who wants to design and someone who cares about the sense of place like this, this should not have happen and and we will make sure does not happen again. >> treat tremors say the trees be cut down. researchers at ucf will finally be able to experiment. spread project team has been working on experiments examining the properties of soil found on asteroids, comets and the moon. five experiments testing hellfire reacts in space to the
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ucf experiment jointing -- next tuesday. watch it live on channel 9 and bipartisan cocoa beach watching for hotspots overnight after $4 million mansion goes up in flames. after a loss, florida senator. marco rubio wasted no time calling it quits . coming up what he says now about the race. record highs and tracking a front and when we will see rain and storms.
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5:30 am. alive look of cocoa beach where investigators arrived this morning looking for a cause and a giant mansion fire. people could see those planes
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check weather and traffic every ten minutes. roads. >> let's begin with brian and a check of summer. >> it is technically winter still. not spring yet. >> [laughter]. >> mostly sunny. temperatures around 89 degrees and one this morning, 60s and 70s and 69 degrees kissimmee celebration. working our way to the villages, 76 -- 70's, 67 daytona beach, pockets of fog watching i-95, so the brevard county, we will keep an eye on brevard, fires the last few days but we need to see how smoke tries to mix with fog and another drop-off in visibility closer to daytona beach. the fog has been shifting this morning either way lots of low clouds at once we lose that another very warm day, 83 by


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