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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 5am  ABC  March 18, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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>> and that's what's making news in america this morning. >> "good morning america" coming up later. have a great weekend. a neighborhood fighting back. how the police arrested more man a dozen drug dealers. good afternoon. the time is 5:00 a.m. on this friday, march 18th. weather and traffic every ten minutes. let's get started with brian shields. we have some changes coming.
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front coming in tomorrow. big changes coming in this weekend. 65 in date nah daytona. lake mary 65, 67 in clermont. and mid-60s across osceola county. and we have a lot of extra clouds this morning. we may get a sprinkle popping up in flagler in marion counties this morning. and through the day, have the umbrella in case just like yesterday. a few showers and storms will pop up this afternoon. 81 at noon and mostly cloudy and mid-80s this afternoon and a 30% chance of a shower or storm in the evening hours. the rain chances are different depending on where you are and we'll get into saturday's front and a big cooldown on the way.
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drive with friday morning. we have a couple spots of construction. you have some lanes blocked off. make sure that you give the construction crews a little bit of extra room. and i-4 westbound, you have one left-hand lane blocked off. and we were talking about the ramp closure, we'll break that down coming down in the next five minutes. if you normally take the 408 westbound ramp from orange avenue, you'll need another route. more than a dozen drug suspects are off the streets and will face a judge this morning. last night orange county deputies hauled them off to the orange county jail and that is where angela jacobs is live. some residents help bust them.
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should know more about how that happened. but whatever the tip was that launched this, we know it came from residents that said they had enough and whose complaints launched this investigation. feeling too unsafe to drive by this home in apopka, it all came to a head last night when they helped the police clean up the neighborhood. only were there among onlookers as two juveniles were placed in the back of a deputy patrol car. we blurred their faces because of their ages. investigators tell us that the accused of two 15 people arrested on felony weapon and drug charges. all the suspects were busted because the neighbors refused to be to be part of a tradition of silence. every neighbor we spoke to told us this we were relevied to see
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sweep. and we still don't know the entire roster of suspects that are jailed here. but we'll keep a look at that jail docket all morning. and we'll ask if there will be more arrests ahead. live in orange county, eyewitness news. city hall will open the doors to donors that want to help the family of a teen that died in a house fire. trevor ross died wednesday night in the home. he was feet from the front door but he could not escape. accepting donations today if you would like to help. you can find more information on governor scott approved a new $82 billion budget. the governor also very today more than $256 million in spending. this year's vetoes are half of
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and the budget approval means that ucf will get the $20 million it needs for a downtown orlando campus. the new campus is expected to hold more than 7,000 students and set to be finished by the fall of 2018. this morning in the race for the white house, federal investigators are looking into a possible cyber attack on republican front unher donald trump it appears even the billionaire's family has been targeted. >> reporter: it's been a steady stream of attacks against donald trump and his family. a suspicious package came to the new new york city home of his son eric. private information including social security number, cell phone and address.
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the gop front-runner predicteds riots would happen if he does not get the nomination. >> i think that is unacceptable. >> reporter: he's not running for the presidency of the wwe. he's running for president of the united states. and this kind of language is an outrage. there's word ted cruz may soon get an endorsement from former rifle marco rival marco rubio. hillary clinton won missouri. and president obama told a group of donors it will soon time for bernie sanders campaign to end and the democrats to unite behind clinton.
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is not an endorsement. the next consist is in arizona, idaho and utah. we'll keep an eye out of developments out of north korea. we told you that north korea test fired two medium range ballistic missiles. and the defense experts say that the missiles are not a threat to the u.s. you have to take a few detours if you want to get out of downtown orlando to 408. they closed down 408 westbound. here's a live look at its replacement and the ramp is a few blocks way from the old one at division avenue and it will stay closed for the next three years. and remember. we have you covered during this six year long i-4 ultimate project. to see more about this detour and other projects, go to and click traffic tab
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the teenager accused of trying to kill and orange county deputy will be in court today. the state attorney's office charged the 15-year-old as an adult with attempted murder. he hit sergeant marcy pierce with a car. she is still recovering from her injuries. a man hit a man and his horse with his truck. the woman was injured and the horse died. and todd faces up to 35 years in prison. and we'll let you know what happens in those court cases on eyewitness news at noon. concerned veterans for america will hold a meeting tonight. last night we told you that at a town hall meeting they discussed va meetings in in
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waiting lists and held up veterans' access to care. the meeting starts at 6:00. you'll soon no longer see killer whale shows like this one at seaworld. they announced they will stop the orca breeding. we spoke to a local economist that said seaworld's downward trend did not match up with other hospitality companies in florida. >> it is never easy to fundamentally change the brand. but that is not the only thing they have. >> seaworld is donating $50 million for animal rescue operations. when the current orcas die, they will not be replaced. brian shields is in severe weather center 9. decent start but we have changes. we'll have a few more
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i want you prepared. have the umbrella. by the afternoon, we'll see about a 30% chance of showers and storms and plenty of clouds too and in the 80s. one of the reasons. yesterday we had the better chance rain in flagler and volusia and we will again today. and you'll see a few showers back through seminole county into the 80s and longwood and sable point and winter springs in the mid-80s and in the mid- 80s in brevard county and we'll see a stronger risk of rip currents and mostly cloudy and isolated storms today and the highs around 87 and the front arrives tomorrow and we'll tracking storms for part of the weekend and a big time cool down moving n. we have a couple of crashes out there with a couple road blocks. they should get this one out of
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keep that in mind. and in deland at oak clair avenue, you also have a partial road block at that crash. and i'll let you know if they need to shut everything down. and we're getting a look at jail videos of a womb accused of -- woman accused of abandoning her baby known as baby willow. a school fight caught on cell phone video. and it is not the first time. and we're asking the school leaders are doing to stop the attacks on campus.
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we have found out that a nurse you professor of nursing had his home raid the. >> it happened in november, according to police report and
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hospital to teach them how to administer drugs and we reached out to the college to see what his status s with them and we have not heard back. the millionaire whose conviction of killing his wife jail. last month, the judge granted him a new trial on the grounds of ineffective council. and his attorneys asked he be freed while he waits for a new trial. the judge denied that request yesterday. >> he would return for a new trial. and the defense attorneys said they will ask to reconsider bond and the prosecutors are appealing the new trial. four new cases of zika virus have been concerned.
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brevard county -- cases are in brevard county. and the state department of health, 66 cases still have symptoms. world health organization said that an ebola flareup is now over. it comes 42 days after the last confirmed case that a person tested positive for the second time. it killed 11,000 people. cocoa beach firefighters are trying to determine what caused a massive fire. the punch pumpkin patch was being renovated and then it caught fire from the new owner. a rotting tree fell on this man's car. he has permanent injuries.
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$1.2 million in damages. next week construction crews could start working on the first phase of the new south terminal at orlando international airport. and this is what it will look like. and the greater aviation authority signed off on the $2 billion project on wednesday. aviation officials said they were encouraged by the rise and the number of passengers coming through the airport. the trances that they used to to and from the terminals are being upgraded. the current one have been in use for 35 years. eric peterson will be worn in during monday's city council meeting. he was a retired lieutenant from the orlando police department. and the previous police resigned last december following complaints from several officers. starting next month all volusia county deputies will
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the commissioners voted unanimously to spend 2 and a half million dollars on 225 body cameras. they will use for crimes in progress, arrests and crashes and foot pursuits. daytona beach officers already use them. and volusia county deputies and beach safety officers are making sure that alcohol stays off county beaches. law enforcement officers arrested 130 people this week for alcohol-related offenses. and the deputies and beach officers are enforce a zero tolerance policy for booze on the beach and making sure that minors are not drinking t is sprinkle break -- it is spring break. we're going to see some scattered storms. orlando. we're at 65. a warm start and short sleeves.
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you run into a couple storms today. 60s and 70s and 750s cross parts of volusia county and 67 in clermont and 65 as we get into kissimmee and they will pull again out of the south. and we'll keep an eye out for a little patchy fog. and a couple sprinkles possible and most of the rain north of florida. but it shows the moisture that is in the atmosphere. so orange county, ridgewood elementary, 82 by noon. but we'll see about a 30% chance of storms popping up. so here's future track this is midday into the afternoon. you see a little green on the map. so a 30% chance of a passing shower or storm. and we cannot rule out an isolated shower. and we'll watch out for a front moving in. and you see the scattered showers and storms. but a 50% chance of showers and storms on our saturday.
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beaches, a change today and through the weekend, we'll see a stronger risk of rip currents and the seas elevated three to four feet. let's go over the temperatures in the forecast today. it means isolated and 86 today and 87 in orlando and 86 in st. cloud. but plenty of clouds and mostly cloudy skies with the numbers running in the 80s. and tonight an isolated shower and mostly cloudy again and mild tonight and the temperatures in 60s, around 67 and tomorrow scattered showers and storms. and 50% chance and have your free weather app with you. i'll be at the winter park sidewalk art festival tomorrow. check out for the latest on that and the rest of the five gay forecast with the weekend in -- five-day forecast, with the weekend in view, 73 on sunday. gorgeous monday and tuesday and the lows in the 40s and the
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highs in the low to mid-70s monday and tuesday. we're at 5:20. this is a live look at the brand-new 408 westbound ramp that they opened this morning. this is division avenue because they just shut down the 408 ramp from orange avenue. from orange avenue, you can turn right on anderson street and that will take you to division avenue and turn left and that ramp will be off to the right-hand side. and south street, take that to division and you would make the left-hand turn on division and get to that ramp that is still on the right-hand side there. we'll be monitoring that all morning. citrus growers now looking at a new crop and now beer lovers could enjoy a new crop in florida. a neighborhood riddled with crime and we told about you a
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parents and people are sick of the fights. at this school. we told but violence incidents on campus. and we told you last month about another fight at mateland middle. and one mother told us that her 7th grade daughter committed suicide after being bullied. and another parent said that he is thinking about pulling his son out of school. the former ceo of a nonprofit is suing the suddenly let go. and we spoke to the attorney
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and he said that the only detail that she got from the organization involved an anonymous complaint from an employee that she had been mean to them. >> we have a single mom who has an income and it is cut off. and we've given them time to pay. they've refused to do that. >> wick's attorney said that the suit could cost harbor house in $200,000 for wic and his legal fees. eden developers are hoping that someone can come to a 100,000-acre land. the city wants a museum built there. and now the leaders are leaning towards residential and commercial property. a 13-year-old tried to bring i rifle and ammunition to school and coming up how his
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>> reporter: 15 drug and weapon suspects are behind bars and how neighbors in apopka came together to get them locked up. we'll show you when we could see a couple showers and storms today and a better
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daytona beach near some of the 70s this morning. and we have some rain to the north of us if you're traveling up in jacksonville. and watch out for the wet roads


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