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tv   Eyewitness News 4  ABC  March 18, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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home near fifth street in apopka after a month-long investigation. a loaded 12 adults and two juveniles into the back of patrol cars. the neighbors complained that they had had enough with the suspected drug activity going on. >> this is not only drug activity but it affects everyone's quality-of-life. people going in and out and the traffic and the people. paula owns the home and she was among those arrested. we learned new that a gun and street-level drugs were taken into evidence from the home which is across the street from the church. the captain. said in a sense it was somewhat organized. >> the level and everything -- those are the issues under investigation and we will continue to look at this and try to look in to the levels of connections they had. >> deputies told us they are
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connected to the drug house. >> reporting live channel9 eyewitness news. >> breaking in orange county detectives have a major update on the shooting that killed a 15-year-old boy in apopka. this is the news conference with sheriff is expected to speak at any moment. >> antoine davis was shot and killed while walking on the sidewalk last friday -- we will get an update. earlier this week we asked investigators if it was gang- related and at this point if we had a gang problem. >> we will bring you updates and let you know as soon as the sheriff against speaking. >> more breaking news out of orange county -- a man is in surgery after been shot in the deputies say an argument between a couple led to a man shooting at his girlfriend in the magnolia court apartments
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the gunfire hit an innocent bystander who was installing a security fence. >> investigators say they have one person in custody now we are waiting to hear from the sheriff's office to get more affirmation on the story. >> breaking international news -- after months of searching a worldwide manhunt for the mastermind behind the paris attacks has come to an end. the ringleader salah abdeslam was captured live in brussels. it was a violent takedown. >> the most wanted man in the world was captured this afternoon in belgium. >> this is extremely significant. >> salah abdeslam was wounded and is now in the custody of belgian authorities after the rate of a neighborhood in brussels -- this was culminating a international manhunt. they say he is responsible for the november 13 terrorist attacks in paris which killed 150 people. >> intelligence officials have been working with french and belgian officials since
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>> we learned salah abdeslam was tracked to the neighborhood earlier in the week after fingerprints were discovered in a department. prosecutors say he escaped the raid happening blocks away from his childhood home. >> he has probably been in the community for a number of weeks. >> it has taken the authorities this long to figure out exactly which location. >> the takedown was violent -- bullets were fired during the raid. the capture was a victory against isis and a strong message to those who commit acts of terror. >> this sends a message to all extremist groups that the law enforcement intelligence community will continue to look for you until they find you. >> abc news new york. >> federal persecutors told us since november with a 100 house conducted. this arrest is the biggest and
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>> changing gears -- we are in the final stretch of winter. again it feels like summer out there. >> george, another day in the 80s. >> yes, the 11th day in the 80s -- one more day and then big changes. a few isolated showers -- marion county -- some rain pushing in. the first thing here -- is not lightning. at least not right now but the shower will pass the bank in the next 5-10 minutes. >> will head for eureka in the next 20 minutes. a shower heading toward marion county. that's about it for the rain for now. a few more isolated showers are developing over the next two hours -- a bigger batch of rain is off to the west. the front that was in this weekend -- just ahead i will time out the return of the widespread rain and how it will impact saturday. >> firefighters have been
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a rash of brushfires. many in residential neighborhoods. last week we showed you the flames that damaged homes. melanie hold found out there have been more than 100 brush set fires since january. >> fire officials are looking for some patterns here. >> the vast majority of the fires -- the cause is undetermined. like this fire off of quentin avenue here in palm bay. >> under these conditions even the careless flick of a cigarette can start a brush fire. >> since the damaged for homes last week fire officials have been keeping a close eye on potential trouble spots throughout the city and they have been asking residents to secure their own property while removing brush and limbs that are too close to their homes. the fire threat is real and
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to an undeveloped area for 3 separate fires which are being called suspicious p >> wade smith told me firefighters were back in his neighborhood in response to a flareup from one of last week's >> where the old fire was last week a couple of days ago came back up -- we are keeping an >> the fire department responded quickly. >> these are the hotspots. >> he and others are hoping for rain and in the meantime fire rescue has been coordinating its efforts with four straight officials as well as palm bay police investigating and fighting these fires. >> live in brevard county melanie holds eyewitness news. >> meanwhile firefighters are working to determine what sparked the fire that destroyed this landmark -- we saw this at the pumpkin center on fire tuesday night. this was the former home of usa today founder al newhart and it was being renovated by its new owner. >> donations are pouring in
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county family who lost a son and a home. >> trevor ross was killed when the family's home went up in flames wednesday night. council chambers at mineola city hall has been open for people to donate to the family. the city manager said people have been showing love and support even giving when they don't have much themselves. >> we had someone come in yesterday and he came to us and asked if he could donate cash and we said yes to can. he opened his wallet and every dollar he had he took it out and handed it over. >> they still need close and shoes for the mother and father in teenage boys. you can find more information about what they need and where you can take these items. it's on the website. >> accused of hitting a deputy with a car and taking off is now charged as an adult. last month investigators say he
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with a stolen car when she tried to arrest him on burglary charges. she is still recovering but she said she plans to be back at work when she feels she is ready. >> the suspect will remain in vail -- in jail on nobody >> this afternoon we are leading the effort to fast- track advice been -- vaccine for the zika virus bring the total to 67 in florida. today the senator talked to us about his new legislation that helps to develop a vaccine before the virus gets into the local mosquito population. >> it's something that is on the radar. >> physique up radar just received a new case out of south florida. past the judge a station introduced by bill nelson and it would add to the tropical disease program -- here's how it works -- when a company develops a treatment for one of the diseases on the list it receives a voucher to fast track the process to another drug of its choice. once awarded a fast track
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time it takes for the fda to approve another drug they are developing content to six months or be sold to another drugmaker. >> one of these expedited processes has been sold from one drug company to another for as much as $125 million. >> for us in florida a vaccine is even more significant. three of the last four cases in central florida came from haiti which puts a target on the caribbean. >> haiti is not far away from the dominican which is another source and that's not far from puerto rico. >> so beware. >> an appropriate warning for central florida since we have so many residents with family in puerto rico and travel back and forth. >> there is a house of representatives version of the bill they are looking at next week. then it has to the president's death. remember you can find out everything you need to know about zika virus on the website
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zika virus. >> florida decides who should be elected president -- they are trying to bring down donald trump -- they are alleging what they have for a social security number and cell phone number. the group call him a fascist and he is joining a group of conservatives hoping to stop trump. >> they are willing to fight him because he doesn't share our values. >> publican troops are targeting trump with a new way of negative ads -- spending has increased 900% since iowa caucuses. >> seminole county mother admitted to shooting and killing her daughter -- coming up why her attorney said the judge had no choice but to hand down a life sentence even though the woman was mentally ill. >> a group of activists is determined to prevent another
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be added to the endangered species list. we were in court when the sky was slapped with a five-year sentence for plowing into a woman and her horse with his truck. >> we were very lucky that he only had -- that he only hit one person.
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staying on top of breaking news in orange county with detectives say they have a major update in the shooting death of 18-year-old antoine davis from apopka death the news conference about to start and the service expected to speak. teenager was shot and killed while walking on the sidewalk us friday -- a news crew is in the room and we will bring you updates as soon as the sheriff begins to speak.
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will spend five years in prison after hitting a woman and her investigators say the super todd go into a group of horseback riders. channel9 steve barrett spoked to the victims family. >> what did she tell you? >> they said they are satisfied with the sentence. christopher todd was taken out of court cuffed and shackled headed for prison just before noon today. he was sentenced to five years in prison -- half the time they were asking for. the defense attorney tried to argue that he should only get probation. no prison time at all. he pleaded no contest earlier this year to charges that he rammed his truck into a group of horseback riders in february after a exchange about the way he was driving. one of the horses was hit and killed and the writer was injured. after the sentence the woman who cared for the worst who died tells me what she thinks.
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can't bring back what happened at night or change it. it happened. i'm hopeful that he is truthful and being remorseful. and that he will take this is a valuable lesson. >> todd was ordered to pay restitution of $7500 for medical bills and to compensate the owner of the horse. live in volusia county steve. eyewitness news. >> a zoo in charge of the world's work is -- quercus -->> reproduction is an animal rights and stopping it is against the well-being of any species however since the world owns the whales he said they will comply. >> the most experienced space traveler -- williams and two cosmonauts will blast off today
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during a six month expedition the total days in space will climb to 534 -- this is two kelly. the rocket is expected to lift >> today's weather has the beaches packed and authorities are making sure that alcohol stays off the sand and water. >> let's look at the daytona beach towercam. this time. earlier we found out law enforcement officers arrested more than 134 alcohol-related offenses. remember, no booze at the beach. >> take a look -- this gator was to blame for keeping students from getting home from class -- yesterday students had to stay inside after they could come and wrangled the gator. school officials say they spotted it walking across the
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it want to see more video head to facebook and we will have it there for you. >> vanessa can't stop staring at that screen. >> better to see it on video been in real life. >> the weather outside -- better to see in real life. beautiful day despite the cloud cover -- these live shots always look good. it's 850. without the cloud cover it would be hotter. in the last 23 days -- more than three weeks -- we've had less than 1/10 inch of rain in orlando. people are excited about chance for rain tomorrow and sunday. it will be scattered -- not everyone will have a downpour but there's a good chance for a little rain peace. right now isolated showers -- over toward reddick and macintosh and northern marion county the lightning yet but if you isolated showers are
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of the next to of moisture -- several waves of energy tracking over florida over the next 36 hours. now through sunday morning we will have unsettled weather and a chance for rain. >> this evening the rain is isolated -- the highest chance county and flagler. >> we drop into the 70s in all locations by 8 pm and by 11 pm 60s in the northern zone. another warm night for winter.>> by morning we are talking about mid-60s and isolated showers. tomorrow is important day because that will be the day that the rain will impact your plans. 4 am saturday -- a few isolated showers but not a lot of rain in the morning. by 2 pm rain at the beach -- all the way to flagler beach. this is 4 pm -- scattered rain developing.
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lighting was also be an issue you'll have to watch for late tomorrow afternoon into the evening in downtown orlando. the second half of the afternoon in the evening has the biggest rain chance. heads up -- tee times have been pushed forward because of the rain chance in the afternoon. you can see information on the event -- another warm day tomorrow -- mid-to upper 80s in many locations. beaches low to mid 80s. taking at the main chance for rain late in the afternoon and into the evening. here is the five day forecast with the weekend and you -- look at the changes -- the rain chance saturday is 50%. sunday 76 -- cooler and drying out -- 10 cooler yet -- monday, tuesday, wednesday the first few days of spring dropping into the 40s by tuesday morning. showing you how strong tomorrow's thunderstorms will get. >> new research reveals some
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children to steal your tax dollars -- kids are being coached to steal social security benefits -->> a green light for the states first bear hunt in decades. the move some activists are taking to make sure there is not another hunt this year. all-new at 5:00 -- a fight among teenagers and then the adults joined in.
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new self a group of activists wants the government to give federal protection to the florida like their following the first state's first bear hunt in many years. they told julie salamone why the bears need to be on the endangered species list. >> they are asking them to protect the black there. they gave a petition to federal officials yesterday state officials with swc removed the black bear from the states threatened species list. we talked on skype with jacqueline lopez the director
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individuals behind the petition. >> right now there is no state protection for the bears and this could be asking the federal government pursuant to the endangered species act which is been successful at saving species from distinction. >> a spokesperson told me in florida the west indian manatee and the florida panther are federally protected meaning that you cannot injure or kill them or do anything that impacts their ability to reproduce or survive. those behind the petition argue that bears the federal protection because we had the first hunt last year a more than two decades and more than 300 were killed. bears were also killed on roads because they are a nuisance. >> add to that the loss of habitat. >> officials have 90 days to respond to the petition and study if bears need federal protection. >> julie salomone eyewitness news.
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received the petition and they have no comment at this time. >> orlando is expected to be packed for the arnold palmer invitational. >> how much this helps the local economy and the children in need. >> rick scott plans to fight for millions in tax cuts but he just signed a budget without many of them. what the budget does include and how it is making history. this mother agree to a life sentence for shooting and
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this is channel9 eyewitness news at 4 -- coverage you can count on. >> this other admitted she gunned down her own daughter will now spend the rest of her life in prison.>> i know for me defense perspective we did everything we could for her. >> her attorney said the judge had no choice but to hand down a life sentence even though the
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>> she pleaded guilty and today she accepted her fate. >> this is in spite of mental illness -- angela jacobs talks with the defense attorney about this unusual outcome. >> in a 12 minute proceeding she pleaded guilty to the 2014 shooting death of her daughter at their home. >> under florida law she requested the death penalty and rejected a plea deal and the the judge with only one option -- sentencing her to life in prison. >> this is a sad and tragic day -- the final chapter in the story. >> her defense attorney made sure the record reflected his client's decision was against his advice. >> everyone in the courtroom and everyone involved in this case, i believe, does it is not
4:31 pm
>> and ordered mental evaluation found her confident enough -- competent enough to enter the plea but her attorney called attention to the fact that she was ruled mentally ill at the time of the crime and he said she still is. >> outside her plea we heard her make a statement -->> he told her he cannot make that decision. her defense said wherever she is sent won't bring this story justice. >> unfortunately, she will be florida. she will never receive the mental health treatment that she desperately needs. >> in seminole county angela jacobs eyewitness news. >> her defense attorney told us the blame lies with her mental illness and the gun laws that firearm. >> staying on top of several breaking stories -- right now major development. investigators say they have in
4:32 pm
old in apopka -- the sheriff is expected to take the podium any moment now. and one davis was shot and killed while walking on the sidewalk last friday -- neighbors told us they wouldn't be surprised if the shooting was gang-related. investigators have not made that connection. we are in the room and we will bring you the details as soon as the sheriff takes the podium also breaking investigators say an argument between couple led to an innocent bystander getting shot -- puppies tell us the victim was installing a fence at the magnolia court apartments north of kennedy boulevard. he was hit -- he was rushed to the hospital and he is in surgery. investigators say the crews these stories talking with residents to get the reactions. live reports coming up on the news that 5.
4:33 pm
lives of 2 people in an airport near tampa -- safety officials are sifting through the wreckage to understand how. >> the airport is still shut down because the crash. the aftermath was reported on camera -- suffer we know a twin engine cessna 310 was heading for pensacola when it crashed today. officials say the two people on board died and we don't know who they are and how it happened. the faa and the national transportation safety board will take up this investigation. >> the orlando police arrested a suspect yesterday -- he is still in jail -- he crashed his car on the 408 ramp near kirkland wrote and when an officer ordered him to stop he took off. police arrested him and they are working to track down the suspect from yesterday's shooting near rolly street and ivy lane. the expectant -- the victim is expected to be okay -- the police hope a new billboard will help them solve a murder
4:34 pm
april police found the body in an abandoned home on kingston avenue. investigators say the woman had been arrested before on drug related charges. next week daytona beach will unveil a billboard with her picture in hopes someone comes forward with tips. >> we are now hearing from a fire breather who caught fire -- the video is wild -- 50-year- old ricky charles -- a performance went terribly wrong -- at the high school yesterday. the man is visibly upset and injured to -- he blames a new oil he was using. >> it's like being burned alive -- at the audience is watching. >> it happened so fast. i think god for that. >> we are told the powder from the fire extinguisher caused
4:35 pm
-- breathing problems for students. >> it's hard to look at those injuries. it could have been so much worse. >> now that the governor signed the budget people have had time to take a look at how the state is spending money. >> government watchdog groups are supportive of what they saw -- the budget includes money for roads and cultural projects and healthcare and law enforcement programs. a lot of the tax cuts they lobbied for didn't make the cut. scott you don't more than $256 million in spending. >> you can't have government without following the budgetary process that is fair to everyone. >> this budget is the largest in florida's history. >> meanwhile a proposal to crack down on people using electronic skimmers to steal credit card information was one of 14 bills sent to the governor this morning. the proposal would increase penalties for people holding
4:36 pm
would require gas station owners to use additional security measures since last year when 190 skimmers have been found. >> the arnold palmer invitational continues and they weekend. >> the annual stop in orlando is great for the local economy and the arnold pommel children's hospital. >> no tiger woods but that has not heard the crowd -- five of the top eight golfers will be teeing it up this weekend and that has the attendance at the. >> last year a more than 130,000 spectators. the tournament officials said they are on pace to surpass that this year. there are so many people showing up the impact of this event is $20 million for central florida. more importantly for mr. palmer the tournament has generated tens of billions of dollars for the hospital for children and the many palmer hospital for women and babies.
4:37 pm
the the primary than a fish area of this event and will be a cornerstone always of this tournament as well as arnie's army charitable foundation which we launched this week. >> if you plan to come out double check the tee times -- they have changed to to impending weather. >> christian brewery eyewitness news. >> jared fogle is facing a lawsuit filed on behalf of a minor secretly recorded for child porn videos. he has paid restitution that they can still sue him -- he was sentenced to 50 years in prison after his conviction of possessing child porn and participate in sex with prostitutes. >> looking at the moments after the deadly terror attack in san bernardino -- sheriff's doctors testified about how
4:38 pm
they learned last december. the suspect shot and killed 14 people and wounded 22 others. >> investigators say they had contact with isis recruiters. >> new, and american captured by kurdish forces is speaking out. this is not the typical story of who they recruited. >> in fact, he wasn't on the radar. for the first time we are hearing about the jury that people take to join isis and how the 26-year-old named he got roped into it. >> i wasn't taking straight. on the way there i regretted it. >> he spoke up for the first time to kurdish television interview. the authorities accused him of fighting for isis but the young american point in virginia tells a different story.
4:39 pm
-- >> when we learned about the religions of the man that taught us these things about the religion. >> he was picked up by kurdish forces in iraq on monday. he was found with his virginia driver's license where he was born and raised in went to college. he said he left last december and made his way through europe to syria and iraq -- to his girlfriend's hometown. >> we went to a house and a lot of foreigners were there and they had to give their ids and passports. >> he said there were no other americans at the group transfers houses frequently. i didn't really support their ideology and that's when i decided i needed to escape. >> outside the home in virginia earlier this week his father aggressively told reporters his
4:40 pm
>> they said living in this place was horrific and those that controlled the city to represent islam -- there is no word yet on when he will be brought back to the us. >> monday altamont pass springs mayor will unveil the new app featuring ride sharing. the groundbreaking for the ship with uber created a pilot project to determine the impact it will have on traffic and transportation in the city. the leaders want to reduce congestion and boost ridership. >> today was a big training day for volunteers hoping to the citrus bowl with struggling families on easter sunday. >> the volunteers gather today for training sessions and organizers are inviting people who live in motels and cars and to this event which offers things like a job fair, legal services, free haircuts, food, clothing, and an easter service. >> we wanted to make a
4:41 pm
of these individuals can have a day of celebration. >> the buses will be provided for free to the people that want to come -- organizers say the volunteers are prepared to serve as many as 25,000 showing up. >> the airlines say the government should butt out and lawmakers say they must make flying passenger friendly. >> coming up a mandatory refund that senators are considering. >> with the next disturbance off to the west next were an isolated showers possible this evening. and the timing of more scattered rain tomorrow. >> parents around the country are teaching their kids to steal according to
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where deputies announced that two people have been arrested in the connection of a death of a teenager in ocoee. here's the life news covers -- it started as a drug deal and 17-year-old michael anderson shot and killed and one davis and the suspects grow from was also arrested -- we will bring you any updates. >> this afternoon a federal audit shows more parents are coaching the kids to fake disabilities. state of florida was one of four refused -- reviewed by investigators -- pop, these families are getting away with a lot of money. >> yes, in some cases tens of thousands of dollars. field offices are not liking potential fraud cases are doing periodic reviews to see if children qualify for benefits. leaves the door wide open for fraud -- it upsets the parents of children who do have
4:46 pm
legitimate help. >> thank you for. >> 12-year-old aiden is autistic and his mother credits weekly speech and behavioral therapy for helping aiden thrive. >> she is upset about a recent inspector general audit and found social security administration approved an unknown number of disability payments for children who were not disabled. >> one man got $77,000 per year claiming his abilities for all 8 of his kids. >> not all have disabilities. the report said caseworkers believe some parents withheld dedication or told a child not to speak or coached a child to act out to get cash benefits. >> make sure these payments are going to people that need them -- not people abusing the system. >> one woman named for her niece could not read or write or account however the child's school reported the child was not a special education student. the payments ended.
4:47 pm
may not ever talk, who may not ever have access to services because someone is lying. >> in response to the audit government said it is committed to combating this type of fraud and congress has not even the agency enough money to complete the timely reviews. george? >> a new bill moving through congress aims to get you more refunds when your flight doesn't happen as planned. that happens often. the transformation committee included a bill that includes mandatory refund for baggage fees and luggage delays as well as refunds for priority boarding, seat selection other premium options of the services not provided it would require airlines to notify families if they joining seats are not available. airline industry advocates say the federal government is too involved in their business. >> passengers on an american airlines flight got a scare
4:48 pm
>> out of nowhere -- >> the flight was headed from probably to new york when it was struck by lightning and made an emergency landing at jfk -- you can see burn marks from the lightning. nobody was hurt but some of the passengers say they feared for their lives. >> there was a flash of light and a big explosion. the plane dipped about 100 feet. >> i've never had this kind of experience. it's the first time for me. >> experts say it is relatively common for lightning to hit planes. they say gets are designed to sustain the shock so it doesn't penetrate the interior of the plane. >> i would rather not test that out. >> yes. >> hotter than the surface of the sun and the planes are designed to withstand that -- amazing. >> another amazing thing is daytona beach -- check it out
4:49 pm
people when you put the time lack into motion -- it looks like spring break. >> ready for the weekend. >> it's crazy out there -- heads up -- while we are looking at a high risk for rip currents this weekend be careful headed to the beaches -- swim your life guards -- temperatures in the 60s -- it will be a warm day tomorrow -- 76 right now for daytona beach and in the 70s and cocoa beach and new smyrna and pop" we are much warmer -- 85 in orlando. this is the 11th straight day in the 80s. we get one more tomorrow and then a cold front arrives in time for the first day of spring. >> ironic. on the doppler this is the front -- the cooler air cooled by the ocean temperatures in the 60s moving inland and keeping the beach communities a little cooler. maybe a shower here -- the lightning at this point. 15 minutes. the main wave of energy is the first of three the cross
4:50 pm
pushing through -- an isolated shower will be possible tonight -- you can see it near daytona beach and northeast overland to but not a lot of rain tonight. most people will actually stay dry well through dinnertime. overnight an isolated shower but many people will stay dry with a higher rain chance tomorrow. we keep the slight chance for rain in the forecast downtown -- like kono and orlando and tomorrow is another warm day -- everybody will hit the 80s -- upper 80s -- st. cloud, claremont, and 85 in orlando. mainly dry -- storms late in the day especially afternoon and evening and highest chance for rain late afternoon and evening around five-9 pm. with isolated thunderstorms they get going people have to watch for lightning, gusty wind, maybe even small hail -- more in the next half hour. here's the forecast -- the weekend in view -- the rain chance tomorrow at the percent late day and evening and a 30% chance for sunday morning
4:51 pm
colder monday through wednesday -- tuesday morning down in the 40s. in the next half hour time this out hour by hour. >> thank you, george. hundreds of organization to help you register to vote. after this week's primary we got a lot of calls from people who had trouble voting because of the registration. at 5 but to look out for -- letting other groups register for you. >> also new -- new video from the night when a man hit a pedestrian during a drunken drive through downtown orlando -- how investigators say he landed back high bars. >> and three new fire stations are expected to improve response times for people living in east orange county.
4:52 pm
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the personal information stolen last year. consumer advisor clark howard explains what is at risk if you are one of the victims. >> i him here in the consumer action center where you can get advice for issues about your wallet. one thing we received calls about here is about people stealing your identity. now the irs is in on the act. hackers broke into the irs system and now the irs things somewhere around 700,000 people's personal information is in the hand of hackers. about what they have -- social security number, everything about you, your address, where you work, all of that. so, you need to be aware of -- no matter where you turn -- your information to be arrest. you got to protect yourself. the most important step you can take is something known as credit freeze. even if a criminal has your personal information and your
4:56 pm
shut them down cold. >> the process is easy online -- some states have it free -- the maximum you can pay to freeze your file is $30. look at my credit -- credit freeze died at clark howard >> clark howard helps the action nine unit look out for consumers -- he has posted consumer resources and other information at talk -- clark >> the orange county sheriff's office has named a suspect in teenager. how they found the suspect and we the deputies are looking into whether the victim was attending school before he was killed. we charges expected in a liquid aid the fight worse. >> investigators tell us a major drug bust yesterday is
4:57 pm
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two arrests in the murder of an orange county teenager. deputies arrested a teenaged couple. >> the victim antoine davis was found shot in the head over the weekend. deputies say michael anderson is the person who pulled the trigger. he was arrested hiding out in woods. his girlfriend led them to anderson, charged with accessory after the murder. >> we know this won't bring antoine back, but we hope this will bring a measure of comfort to his family as they prepare for his funeral. mike manzoni will have more later on.
5:00 pm
because he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. investigators say the victim was installing a fence at the magnolia court apartment s. a man was trying to shoal his girlfriend but missed. he is in custody. viewers sent us this video of a brawl near leesburg high school that could have children and adults facing charges . >> reporter: everything sort of escalated on social media. and while it's obviously not good that children were involved, adults showed up out here knowing a fight was gonna break


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