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tv   Eyewitness News 5  ABC  March 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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because he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. investigators say the victim was installing a fence at the magnolia court apartment s. a man was trying to shoal his girlfriend but missed. he is in custody. viewers sent us this video of a brawl near leesburg high school that could have children and adults facing charges . >> reporter: everything sort of escalated on social media. and while it's obviously not good that children were involved, adults showed up out here knowing a fight was gonna break
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she citizen when they got here, they joined the fight. >> reporter: outside leesburg high school wednesday afternoon, a fight between two girls exploded into an all-out brawl, some appearing to egg it on, some trying to break it up, and others jumping in. >> they were kicking her, stomping her, kicked her in the face. >> reporter: summer says her 16-year-old niece was part of the original fight and ended up at the bottom of the pile. what bothers here is it appears adults got involved. she said adult family members of the other girl showed up instead of stopping it and joined in. >> they weren't breaking it up. they basically held her down. she was in a ball. >> reporter: police stepped up
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the last two days . one adult and four juveniles will face charges. she is speaking out because the trash talk has spilled into social media and she doesn't want it to escalate into more violence. >> we have to let society know that this stuff is going on and it has to stop. >> and this whole thing started on campus because her niece gave another girl a hug and it made that girl's girlfriend jealous so they decided to meet to hash it out. still on top of breaking international news tonight in belgium where authorities say they have captured the master mind of last year's terrorist attacks in paris.
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basically all extremist groups that the law enforcement intelligence community will continue to look for you until they find you. >> authorities say they captured him alive in brussels. they found him following a raid at an apartment there. earlier this week, they found evidence at another location nearby including his fingerprints. we've learned the names of the 13 people arrested during a drug sweep last night at an apopka home . >> reporter: the sheriff's office is not only look for four other people connected with that drug house, they're looking at cleaning up other areas close to
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for years neighbors stood silent as this home became a hotspot for alleged drug activity. neighbors told us it got so bad, they had to say something. 11 adults and two 17 year-olds were arrested during the raid. >> it's not what you want in any neighborhood. and this team of investigators were able to attack it and have a successful effort last night. >> reporter: the sheriff's office tells us they found a gun and various amounts of street level drugs inside the home. they also have numerous recorded buys as well. cleaning up this house is just the beginning. >> in addition to making an additional investigative effort into any other narcotics activities in that area. >> and most of those arrested have their first appearance
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. so far this year firefighters in palm bay have responded to more than 100 wildfires and they know not all of those are occurring naturally naturally. >> there's something going on. i can't explain how there can be that many. >> you'll hear how palm bay fire rescue is upgrading its response. the 75-year-old who caused a crash that killed a father and his baby will have to stay off the roads for at least a year . today a judge suspended her license for one year and fined her $1,000. the judge is said she was not negligent or reckless.
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obama will visit cuba, the first u.s. president to do so since 1928. >> reporter: an american president in cuba of the it's been almost 90 years. when president obama steps off the plane in havana, it will be a new day for u.s. relations. thursday brought the first direct u.s. mail delivered between the countries in 50 years, including this letter, president obama to a 76-year-old cuban woman. heel be meeting with dissidents and human rights activists, and raul castro. >> better respect for human rights, and visit with people who have been victimized. >> reporter: the trade embargo
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as republicans are in control of progress. >> the castro regime has been guilty of countless abuses. >> reporter: congressman mullen is going as a member of the delegation . they'll be there until tuesday. >> the president will also attend a state dinner and a baseball game. deputies just announced two arrests in the murder of a
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>> reporter: the sheriff told me they were closing in on a suspect. we just got a name and a face. he is 17-year-old michael anderson. police tell us they arrested him and his girlfriend, lindsey shirley this morning. investigators arrested shirley and she led them to anderson. they say he was hiding in the woods in north orange blossom trail. investigators found 15-year-old antoine davis's body on a sidewalk early sunday morning. they say anderson shot him in the head. they now say that davis, the victim, was there to buy marijuana from the suspect. i am going through the news conference that just happened with the sheriff. and i'll have another update for you in just
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what the sheriff told us about the suspect's past and what his relationship was with the victim. the name of a deputy shot in a car has been released. he pulled over to tell a bystander to call 911 because he had been shot but he died at the hospital. the lake county sheriff is retiring and withdrawing his candidacy for his third term at sheriff. he just filed last month to seek reelection. in a recent e-mail, he is now retiring from law enforcement.
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were hurt this morning or what caused a crash that shut down part of i95 in volusia county. the vehicle rolled over blocking some of the southbound lanes near 92 and daytona beach. this man has been sentenced to prison time for a hit and run how friends of the victim reacted to today's sentence. explosive growth fuelling more emergency calls in which areas are set to get some relief. and a house fire took a local family's son along with everything they own. >> years ago i had my house burn down. >> the effort by complete
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trevor was killed when his home went up in flames wednesday night. >> tuesday officials designated a part of city hall for people to donate to the family. >> reporter: the city has opened up council chambers for people to come this and donate. and the city manager is not surprised that in less than 24 hours, so many people have shown up. mark didn't know trevor ross. he doesn't know the family that's coping with losing their 17-year-old and their home. but
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>> years ago had my house burn down, and i was surprised at the outpouring from complete strangers. >> reporter: this video was captured by a neighbor. fire destroyed the home and killed ross whose body was found near the door, unable to make it out. >> our residents are a family. and we're gonna rally around them. >> reporter: city manager mark johnson says he knew minniola was a tight-knit community before this tragedy, and now he has proof. >> we also had people offer a room in their house or a company offer professional counseling services. >> reporter: the family still needs clothing and shoes. the
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to get the family a house, which means they'll soon need furniture too. a page is dedicated to the young man they called their angel. >> council chambers will be open tomorrow from 8:00 to 5:00 for people to donate. >> we posted items needed online., click on web links. the victim of a vehicle theft used gps technology to help police recover his stolen pickup trucks. today those tracking devices installed in the trucks helped police track them down.
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priests turning themselves in this morning after investigators say they did nothing to stop more than 80 children from being sexually abused . a central florida man is fed up with receiving text messages from the restaurant polo tropical. he claimed the restaurant has violated the telephone consumer protection act by using an automated system to send text messages. he claims he never provided his number to the restaurant. you have all weekend to enjoy winter park. we stopped by to see some of the artwork. if you couldn't make it today, it'll be open again tomorrow
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tomorrow night. and sunday the festival closes at 5:00 pm. >> great weather for all the folks out there. >> dodging a few raindrops . most of the event will be rain free. looks like it's gonna rain, but there's only a slight chance. 84 in orlando, cooler temperatures in ocala, 79 in titusville. cocoa beach 77. daytona beach 74 . and looking at a few waves of rain moving out of this mess between now and sunday morning. between now and sunday morning, one or two
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unsettled weather in the forecast. after that, things are going to cool down. we do have 40s in the forecast. tonight in orlando, thornton park, lake davis, just a slight chance for a shower. then in the upper 60s. the chance for isolated rain, palm coast, daytona beach, any areas north and east of downtown orlando. by morning, most of us will start the day dry. and tomorrow another warm day, upper 80s in winter park for the sidewalk art festival . best chance for rain late into the afternoon into the evening.
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hour by hour, not much rain in the morning. by 2:00, a few showers there on the beach zones. then 5:00, scattered rain here, isolated downpour possible. these will then push offshore. sunday morning, that front that i pointed out earlier, a wave of rain, scattered again in the morning on sunday. and behind this front, we cool down. a strong thunderstorm may be possible tomorrow. highest threats will be lightning. maybe an isolated 40 miles per hour wind gust. download our free weather app. you can track any rain as it develop s. please watch that risk for rip currents if you are going to the beaches.
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most of the winter park sidewalk art festival will be rain-free. mainly toward the end of the day tomorrow and sunday morning. you can see details on that event on and then the cooler temperatures, monday morning. 49 just in time for the first day of spring . why state laws give strangers the authority to change your voter registration. and a lawsuit between harbor house and the former ceo . >> reporter: three new fire stations in the works for this
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three new fire stations for east orange county are expected
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more may be needed. >> reporter: the county has not chosen the exact locations yet. one of these new stations is expected to go not far from ucf. away. orange county says increasing roads and traffic is making it tougher for crews to respond to emergencies. >> the traffic is really bad, especially on university when the college lets in. >> reporter: joe lives near one of the proposed stations. >> knowing that you're secure and there's some fire department that can be this a few minutes. >> reporter: the mayor has called for $18 million to build the new stations expected to be in eastern orange county. response times are generally higher than the norm. >> it's huge. when you're calling, you expect them to get there. >> reporter: the number of
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the county grows. >> makes me feel safe. like they can respond quicker. >> reporter: and the fire department didn't have anyone available to go on camera. they'll likely have to hire more people. the report recommends the stations be built in the next four years. sthoot county says deciding a location will denned on where they're needed the most. >> a man who was just doing his job is fighting for his life. what deputies just told us about the shooting that sent a stray bullet into that man. >> and another ramp closure happening this weekend. how to get around this mess. and this man was convicted in a hit and
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local man who killed a h christopher todd drove his truck into a gro up of people on horseback after they confronted him about his driving. >> now he's headed to prison for five years. prosecutors wanted him to get more prison time. >> reporter: they wanted him to get twice as much time here. i did talk to friends of the victims in this case and the woman who was caring for that horse that was killed. they say they are satisfied with the prison time. today christopher todd was sentenced to five years in prison for running down a horse and required last february in his truck. it happened after a verbal altercation over todd's driving, and is those involved admitting using a racial slur. but todd's attorney said he never even heard it. >> it was really blown out of


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