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tv   Eyewitness News 530  ABC  March 18, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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local man who killed a h christopher todd drove his truck into a gro up of people on horseback after they confronted him about his driving. >> now he's headed to prison for five years. prosecutors wanted him to get more prison time. >> reporter: they wanted him to get twice as much time here. i did talk to friends of the victims in this case and the woman who was caring for that horse that was killed. they say they are satisfied with the prison time. today christopher todd was sentenced to five years in prison for running down a horse and required last february in his truck. it happened after a verbal altercation over todd's driving, and is those involved admitting using a racial slur. but todd's attorney said he never even heard it. >> it was really blown out of
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off the 911. and christopher todd today said he never heard it. >> reporter: todd's attorney said he was remorseful and argued because his client has no violent past, he should not be incarcerated. the judge is found middle ground with the 5-year sentence. >> it's beyond dollars and cents. >> reporter: technically todd got three 5-year sentences. they will all run concurrently. deputies have a man in custody they believe fired a gun at his girlfriend but hit an innocent bystander. the victim
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building a fence when he was shot. the victim is in serious condition right now. >> reporter: the sheriff's office said he's not doing well at this point. and he was working at the time. putting up a fence where you see those black poles. next to it is a playground attached to a small school. no kids were outside at the time. and the suspect is now in custody. >> reporter: neighbors living off forest city road are used to hearing gunshots. today a bullet struck an innocent person. >> cops were all lined up here. caution tape was up, and we heard about a shooting. >> reporter: a man and woman were arguing.
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the girl, missed, and struck a man working on a fence. neighbors tell me there are neighborhood. >> it could have been me that got shot. kid. anybody. shot. >> reporter: deputies were at hours. the white towel marks where the man was shot. it was just feet away from a school. one neighbor put up cameras to try to stop bad things from happening. >> heartbreaking. he was putting up a fence for a school, for kids to be able to play . >> reporter: that victim's name has not been released. he is in his 30s, rushed to the hospital, he is in surgery. but he is not
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donald trump plans to host a town hall meeting tonight in salt lake city. his first public appearance since anonymous declared war on the republican frontrunner. vanessa, that hack makes it difficult for trump to even respond. >> reporter: trump usually fights his critics on twitter. since anonymous hacked his personal information, the billionaire has been unusually silent on the subject. the hacker group anonymous is best known for its support of occupy wall street and wiki he cans. >> donald trump has set his ambitions on the white house, in order to promote fascism and xenophobia. >> reporter: it has his cellphone and address. the campaign put out a statement. but on twitter, he focused on ted cruz. on the other side of the aisle, bernie sanders is
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>> we have a path toward victory that goes right through idaho. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: he claims he represents the future of the nation. >> we have received more votes from people under 30 that hillary clinton and donald trump combined. >> reporter: the obama administration is continuing to deny reports that the president was urging democrats to unite behind hillary clinton. in a white house briefing, the press secretary was careful to mention both democrats when expressing support. >> gratified that we've seen clinton and sanders acknowledge that the chief judge garland is qualified. >> reporter: sanders has said he's 100% behind the nomination, he also said if he wins the election he would want to appoint someone more progressive. the u.s. government is trying to get back an american
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he was born and raised and went to college in virginia in. an interview with a kurdish television station, he said he was only following his girlfriend. he left america in december, travelled to europe to syria and to his girlfriend's hometown in iraq where he learned about isis. >> i didn't really support their ideology. and that's at that point when i decided i needed to escape. >> he escaped earlier this week and surrendered to kurdish forces. the kurds are america's allies. he says he made a mistake and regrets his decision. a mother accused of shooting her 17-year-old daughter in 2014 will spend the rest of her life in prison. she accepted that sentence against her attorney's advice. he was
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sentence that would allow her to get the mental health treatment he says she needs. >> i do believe that under unique circumstances as the judge called it, this was a one in a million case. the judge should have a level of discretion to not sentence someone like her to life in prison. >> she asked the judge to send her to prison in hernando county but the judge is said he couldn't make that call. we could find out next week if hulk hogan will be awarded $1 million in a lawsuit. they'll decide if the media site gawker was in the wrong for posting a sex tape of hogan without his consent.
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will have to plan extra time for a detour. >> reporter: all this weekend, ramps will be shut down for i-4 construction. here is the detour. a lot of right-hand turns. you can go ahead and continue taking. make that right onto wi more. and once you get to hope road, you can make another right, come around again, that will bring you to mateland boulevard westbound. you will need this until monday morning at 6:00 am. we have you covered during
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go to wshgsz -- a car fire put a snarl in lunch hour traffic today. this car caught fire near winter park. the person inside was able to get out safely. it's not clear how that fire started. the coast guard is searching for a boater who disappeared nearly a week ago in florida. on friday, that boat with 11 people on board hit a rock jetty only ten people were rescued. researchers now face schools in florida and other southern states have been slower to get healthy options into cafeterias. researchers found the availability of healthy options at schools has increased since 2007. and while students out west are more likely to find a salad bar, the same can't be
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>> the changes to school lunch over time have really made a dramatic difference in the quality and the healthiness of the items that kids can eat at school. >> the lunch association is in talks with congress about putting more money toward healthy lunch programs. someone has been arrested in a teenager's murder. finding out more about the 17-year-old suspect who deputies say shot and killed a 15-year-old boy. >> and carb camera caught a drunken ride through downtown orlando that injured a pedestrian. >> 9 investigates the state law that allows strangers to make changes to your voter registration. >> after our 11th straight day in the 80s, tracking our next cold front.
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healthcare stocks helped wall street close up for a fifth week in a row. the dow jones rose 121. >> the nasdaq jumped 20. a state law allows strangers to make changes to your voter registration. >> a woman says her vote was denied because somebody else changed her party affiliation. >> reporter: this is the long list of groups and videos who can take this voter registration and turn it in for you right here.
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off stacy harris from voting tuesday. >> it's frustrating because i know that i did not change my party affiliation. >> reporter: we don't know how she changed from a registered republican to no party affiliation. she never turned this in for herself. a third party did it. the league of women voters collects these for voters and has to register with the state. there are about 1,000 organizations that can help you register to vote. some have political ties. >> you know if it's a republican organization or a democratic organization, and they're asking you to register to vote, they're probably >> reporter: the league of nonpartisan. >> we really think it should be automatic. that anybody who's
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registrant, gets some sort of training. >> reporter: but this this document is thul that's required. the only department policing all of these 1,000 groups and organizations is the department of elections in tallahassee. if you think someone has altered your registration, you need to report it to them. >> we've asked the department of elections for the complaints filed against those organizations. an epidemic lawmakers say is taking tax payers for a ride. an investigation found some parents are coaching their kids to fake disabilities. the audit also found the social security administration approved an unknown number of disability payments for kids who weren't disabled. in one case a man received $77,000 claiming disability for all eight of his children.
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who might not ever talk, who might not ever have access to services because someone is lying. >> the government says it's committed to combating this type of fraud. lifeguard try-outs being held tomorrow. newly hired lifeguards would work through october. be at the rocklidge high school tomorrow at 7:00. we'll be watching the rip current risks. also a few showers and thunderstorms possible this weekend as well. and even though it is spring break weekend for many, a lot of us are looking for some rain. in orlando more than three weeks,
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a beautiful shot here. daytona beach. an isolated shower possible this evening. right now, dry in most of volusia county. 74 in daytona beach. we're dry in central florida with the exception of a few isolated showers here. you can see them try to develop in the heat. they're in marion and far northern lake county. as they push off to the east, there is a chance for a stray shower here. most people will stay dry this evening. this slug of moisture, this rain, ahead of our next cold front we'll track between now and sunday morning.
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possible, but scattered . seminole, volusia, only 30%. in orlando, downtown, highest chance for rain will be late afternoon into the evening. the arnold palmer invitational, tee times have been shifted earlier in the morning. most of the day will be fine tomorrow. and spring breakers, daytona beach, watching that rain chance midday, afternoon and evening. this is a look at rainfall totals throughout the entire weekend. a few scattered showers tomorrow afternoon and evening. one more wave on sunday morning. and then we'll clear out. some locations here, just a few hundredths of an inch. other
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inch of rain. here's your 5-day. saturday is the warm day this weekend. high 85, rain chance 50% late afternoon and evening. the front passes sunday morning. cooler in the afternoon. a 30% chance for morning rain. behind that front, monday, tuesday, and wednesday we're gonna cool down. 50 on monday morning, 49 tuesday morning. and then we'll begin to warm back up through next week. weather looks quite nice next week. who parents say happened when they tried to warn school officials about fights. and a legal battle between the harbor house and its former ceo.
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less than three months all in
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the man accused of running over a pedestrian driving drunk through downtown orlando and back in jail. he jumped bail and stopped showing up in court. field sutton has a look at the crash and the chase. >> reporter: an illegal left turn got the driver of this honda pulled over one night in november.
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pulled over for long. this deputy watched as the car sped off, realizing a chase would be dangerous. but the driver wasn't too worried. they watched him speed through this intersection then hit a young man and nearly tear off his leg. the cops spotted him on jyp and instead of pulling over, he hit triple digit speeds trying to get away. when they finally got him stopped -- >> step away from the car! >> reporter: they got him in cuffs and in the back of a patrol car pretty quick. officers were worried there might be an accomplice in the trunk. instead it was just 25-year-old ernesto beltran. too drunk to follow directions for the breathalyzer. and last week,
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the mexican actress who tracked down el chapo is breaking her silence. she told abc news she set up a meeting making a movie about him. while they were alone, she says she was terrified because she wanted to acknowledge the victims of organized crime. >> and i thought if he gets mad, if he -- i don't know what i'm gonna do. if i say it, this might be my last words. >> three months after their meeting, mexican authorities blasted through this hyde out, recapturing the drug lord . a special 2020 starts tonight. a 17-year-old murdered
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what we learned about the other crimes he's accused of. >> and she used to be one of the most vocal supporters for domestic violence survivors. now she's suing the agency that helps them. >> and parents keep calling us with violent fights recorded on camera at orange county schools. >> they need to intervene. >> we're asking what the
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a 17-year-old boy now stands accused of gunning down an even younger boy and leaving him to die in the road. >> teenagers playing dangerous games here. >> why this suspect was so well known by deputies. you first heard about michael anderson's arrest at 4:00. >> we've been working to find out more. mike manzoni spoke with investigators. and he's only 17 but the suspect is no stranger to deputies. >> reporter: they gave us this copy of a mugshot from a previous arrest. deputies arrested him and his girlfriend today. straight to some video we just got in the past five minutes. eyewitness news was the only one there when investigators brought michael
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sheriff's office where they were questioning him. they arrested shirley this morning and she led them to anderson, hiding in the trail. she faces a charge of tampering with evidence. anderson faces a second degree murder charge. investigators found davis's body on a west sunday morning. they now tell us that dave was there to buy marijuana from the suspect when something went wrong. investigators say the suspect has a history with law enforcement. >> the most recent arrest was in january by the orange county aggravated battery. so he does have some arrests, priors. >> we know this won't bring antoine back. but we hope this news will bring a measure of


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