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tv   Eyewitness News 11  ABC  March 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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the same day a family buries their teenager, police arrest his alleged killer. >> we know this won't bring antwan back, but we help this news will bring a measure of comfort to his family. a teenage couple is in jail now charged in connection with that 15-year-old boy smarter. >> orange county deputies arrested the pair this afternoon. this all comes on the same night as the victims funeral. mike manzoni is outside orange county sheriff's office and did some digging and found out one of the suspects was even to even supposed to be outside when the shooting happened. >> reporter: that is because 17-year-old michael anderson was under court order the community supervision until his 19th birthday.
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sheriff's office say he faces a second-degree murder charge that could send him to prison for years. eyewitness news was the only crew there when orange county deputies took murder suspect michael anderson to jail late this afternoon. investigators say anderson shot 15-year-old antoine davis in the head when davis met anderson to buy some marijuana on this sidewalk early sunday morning. >> we know this won't bring antwan back, but we hope this news will bring a measure of comfort to his family. >> reporter: deputies first arrested anderson's girlfriend, lindsay surely, this morning and charged her with being an accessory after the fact and tampering with evidence in the case. investigators say she led them to anderson who deputies say
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suspects criminal past? >> he has been arrested on >> reporter: records we dug up show at least half a dozen anderson's rap sheet shows several felony charges for burglary, grand theft and records show a court put him under community supervision until he turned 19. that means anderson wasn't even supposed to be outside unless he was at school or work. i also asked investigators if they plan to charge anderson in this case as an adult. they tell me that is up to the state attorney's office. breaking news overseas where a boeing 737 passenger jet crash at an airport in southern russia, killing all 55 people on board. the country's emergency center says the fly dubai flight was coming from you by to russia. no word yet on what caused the crash. the state fire marshal is investigating a boat fire in
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firefighters were called to the vinita causeway tonight. right now it is not clear how the fire started. police are trying to find the people involved in a big fight near leesburg high school. this brawl happened earlier this week as school was letting out. since then several videos have been posted on social media. the family members of one teen involved in the fight told us adults even showed up and join in the fight. instead of trying to stop it. >> you have grown women who outweigh her by 100 pounds kicking her in the face. it is hard to watch. >> police say after reviewing the video at least four juveniles and one adult will likely face charges. they also stepped up patrols around the school fight. back another school fight caught in camera is forcing orange county school administrators to add extra security when spring breaks in because of this by between two students in the school yard.
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different orange county school says the same problem is happening at their child's school. here is video of students fighting @ la carte middle. paris has her son has been attacked several times in other fights at the school. now several other parents say they're having trouble getting answers and school leaders about what is being done to stop this fights. >> even when you make it clear to them that you're not satisfied with the school's response, they didn't respond back to me. that is not right. >> after we showed you this video of the fight school administrators told us they were quote, monitoring minor discipline issues at the school. we have posted video of those fights online. go to f -- to and click on the video tab . tonight the ob a mother who admits to murdering her teenage daughter will spend the rest of her life in prison. today judge handed down a life sentence to this woman picture pled guilty to the 2014 shooting death of her 17-year-
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her attorney says she is mentally ill and will not get the help she needs nine bars. >> there are two culprits here that we haven't discussed. the first certainly beyond her control, that is her mental illness. >> tonight firefighters in palm bay want to know what is behind a recent rise in brushfires. palm bay fire rescue has responded to more than 100 calls since january. some of those fires are considered suspicious. while firefighters know those fires didn't occur naturally, they on purpose. living there. >> nobody keeps the lots trimmed or anything. it is pretty easy if something lights on fire and it is that close your house it is difficult to keep it back. >> palm bay fire rescue has and forestry officials to fires. firefighters are working
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massive fire that destroyed a cocoa beach landmark. we first told you about the pumpkin center fire on tuesday night. the mansion was the former home of usa today founder al neuharth and was in the process of being renovated by a new owner. florida fish and wildlife is investigating a fish kill along the banana river off merritt island. if you are sent us this video. about 100 dead fish lined the shore in the water. lord of fish and wildlife believes this huge kill was likely caused by a brown tie, when algae sweeps through the river. a terrorist captured following a dramatic rate in belgium. what is most shocking is the alleged mastermind behind appears that does paris terror attack was taken alive after a shootout with police. we have been monitoring these major developments overseas. >> reporter: right now is just
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are still tracking deponents. france and the present are calling for immediate extradition so salah abdeslam can face trial. he was found with three members of a family that sheltered him along with another suspect, all who are now in custody. gunshots rang out as what teams move into this brussels neighborhood. one of the most wanted man in the world, salah abdeslam is me -- is believed to be the man in the hooded sweatshirt. you can see him limping from a gunshot wound to the leg. they forced him into a car. the 26-year-old was the only survivor of the group of terrorists who carried out the highly coordinated deadly paris attack that claimed 130 lives. a french citizen raged involved -- rates in belgium, he rented the car that drove the suicide bombers to a soccer stadium. a match between germany and france was underway at the time
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blast. he was tracked to this neighborhood earlier this week after fingerprints were left in an apartment. community for a number of weeks or you months. it has taken the authorities this long to figure out exactly which location. with belgian authorities conducting more than 100 raids arresting more than 58 people. today's raid signals a victory against isis anderson's a everywhere. >> law enforcement and intelligence communities will continue to look for you until they find you. >> this all went down in molen., and impoverished brussels suburb that has a reputation as a hot board -- hotbed for jihad is in. there was a new case of florida today, bringing the total number of cases to 67 in the legislation could make developing a vaccine easier. bill nelson cosponsored the legislation which gives drug companies incentives to develop a drug to battle zika.
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list of diseases that can be added to a program which would allow companies to get their vaccines approved faster. you can find everything you need to know about zika on our website, head to and click on the news tab and then click zika virus . a joyride on the left -- on a lifeguard jet ski has landed two spring breakers in jail. the jet ski attendant was having some mechanical issues and beached the jet ski. minutes later spring breakers took off on that watercraft. police followed them along the shoreline until the thieves brought the ski back to shore where they were cuffed. tonight lake county community come together to win the hand to a family who lost their teenage son and also lost their house in a massive fire on wednesday. 17-year-old trevor ross was killed when the home went up in flames. council chambers at city hall have been open for people to donate to the family.
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what they need and where you can take the summit county deputies are searching for the driver who hurt one of their own. investigators say the deputy pulled over a man earlier today . the deputy tried to unlock the door when the guy refused to get out of the car. the driver then grabbed his arm and the deputy jerked back which shattered the window and the driver took off. the deputy has some minor cuts. supporters of harbor house are wondering if a lawsuit from the former ceo slowdown fundraising during a crucial time for the organization. the court is being asked to pay after an employee was fired earlier this year. at the same time harbor house is building a new facility named for john morgan. the man accused of driving his truck into a group of people on horses spend the next five years in jail. we told you last year when volusia county deputies say 22- year-old christopher todd killed a horse and injured a writer when he drove into them. todd said he did it because someone in the group yelled a
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taws lawyers argued he should have gotten probation. a man who just became a new dad, shot while on the job. tonight we talk to the man who shot him as he was taken to jail. the next storm system is getting closer. as it approaches i'm counting down for the next rain on saturday and a big drop and
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a man who became a father just four days ago is fighting for his life tonight after he was accidentally shot a working on offense as an apartment complex expect a beaty said happened when a man started shooting and his girlfriend during an argument. a stray bullet hit the innocent man working across the parking lot. kimberly eaton spoke to the man who deputies say pulled the trigger. he has a message for the victim. >> reporter: deputies tell me that victim is gravely wounded. tonight he is in the hospital and his accused shooter is here in orange county jail. before deputies booked ward i asked him if he has any remorse for shooting an innocent man. >> i feel sorry for the victim i shot. >> reporter: you have anything
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>> i'm sorry. >> reporter: what about his newborn child? >> i'm sorry. >> reporter: to kill ward is accused of attempted murder orange county deputies say pulled a gun on his girlfriend during a fight outside magnolia court, apartments. when he fired he hit an innocent bystander. the worker fixing a fence on the other side of the parking lot. >> care about him deeply. >> reporter: tonight the owner of the fence company told eyewitness news the victim and his brother were working together when he was hit by the stray bullet. >> we were here working today and this essay to five. >> reporter: ryan says the victim is in the hospital in critical condition with his family and four-day-old baby by his side. deputies tell me the bullet hits him in the torso. >> i just want him to be okay. >> reporter: the shooter is in jail. the search of his rap sheet
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with a history of gun crimes. >> this was just so uncalled for. so dangerous.>> reporter: we will continue to check on the victims condition. i did ask his employer tonight if the family needs any support from this community. he said all they are looking for is prayers. reporting live from orange county. >> a few hours ago a major orlando ramp was shut down as part of the i-4 expansion. for the entire the weekend the ramp will be closed for the construction project. yesterday we told you in crews shut down the ramp from orange avenue to borrow weight westbound for the next three years. luckily, this ramp will reopen monday morning at 6 am. a group of animal activists federal public officials to federally protect florida black bears. more than a dozen groups are behind a petition now sent to us asian wildlife services stating they want the bear to be protected because bears are killed on highways and also by wildlife officers when their newest -- when they are nuisance.
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in florida's first bear hunt in more than two decades. >> last year was a particularly deadly year for the bear. we lost about 169 to vehicle collisions, over 300 to the first sanctioned hunt in over 20 years. >> federal white bluff officials say they have 90 days to respond to this petition. they will review it and all of the available data on bears. day one of the runway country music festival has wrapped up. we flew over osceola heritage park earlier as the crews set up the stage and seating. the concert put on by our sister radio station k 92.3 features two stages with performances from a list of country stars. the festival. up again tomorrow at 11 am. a lot of folks headed out there. we need some good weather. there is a chance for rain. we also need some rain. a lot of people don't want the rain to impact their plans, it won't
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you just may have to take a temporary break. >> that is good. >> 80s for the 11th straight day in orlando. 80s. one more day in the 80s and then a cold front arrives. this cold front will bring the temperatures back to the 40s. it will be a few days, but you will feel that again. it is almost hard to believe. it feels like a foreign concept. downtown, a beautiful shot here. 75 with cloud cover but very few locations actually had any rain tonight. some of those locations around flagler county, daytona beach with a little light rain. going further to the west, ocala, marion county, rainbow springs, if you -- a few showers pushing in from the west. a larger widespread rain just off the coast, the gulf coast. with is moving east we will keep isolated rain in the
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we have to wait for this front. we have to wait for this front to pass florida until we can take the unsettled weather out of the forecast. rain is possible tomorrow morning, afternoon and sunday morning and then things will dry out and cool down. overnight and isolated shower come especially northwest of orlando. marion, sumter and lake counties. temperatures down to the mid- 60s by morning. future tracker showing a dry morning but we will watch the western zones. we will let you know on channel 9 where you could see a few straight showers toward the afternoon. and isolated downpour will be possible but maybe even some lighting. this is what i want you to be aware of, if lighting develops in the vicinity of where you are take cover. let the storms pass. be safe. on sunday morning a few isolated showers as well. the front is passing and we will dry up. here is a forecast in orlando.
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and into the afternoon. a higher rain chance for the afternoon hours in orlando. down towards belle isle. bay hill also arnold palmer invitational, the tee times have been bumped earlier in the morning for this big golf match. we have a high chance of rain in the afternoon there as well. 85 in orlando. 87 in sanford. kissimmee 87. 85 leesburg. mid-80s up and down the beaches. another warm day with scattered rain. i will watch things closely in the afternoon. if we get any lightning storms or even an isolated strong thunderstorm with wind at 40 miles an hour for small hail we will let you know on her twitter feed and on our facebook page. here is a five day forecast. winter park sidewalk art festival ongoing tomorrow. dodging a few raindrops with rain chances at 50%. details on that on icy
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76 sunday afternoon. by monday morning 50. tuesday morning 49. with problems and complaints before a local fire department is now changing the way response to emergency calls. tonight the new plan to have in place to get to emergencies quicker. we are getting ready for monday morning. tomorrow on eyewitness news this morning as a front continues to move away we will track a chilly start to the
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a european zoo in charge of some of the worlds arcus says it doesn't agree with the animals breeding. told you yesterday when sea world made that decision. the park which is located in spain says reproduction is an animal right and stopping it is species. however, since sea world is the they're willing to comply . tonight three new fire stations are coming to eastern orange county. missioners have selected the company to begin designing the project. the mayor is calling for $18 million to fund the additional locations which have not all been picked yet. one is expected to go to the intersection of dean and winter near ucf. the report found responders are spending more time traveling to calls because of growth and traffic. >> the one second can make a difference. you hear stories about that all of the time on the news and on
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just two minutes earlier it would've made a difference. >> the news stations -- the new stations are expected to be finished -- finished in the next four years. hulk hogan has won his lawsuit against the website gawker. the jury came to a decision after less than six hours after they begin celebration. the media site was found to be in the wrong are posted a 2012 sex tape of hogan without his consent. it was never conclusively determined during the trial who leaked the video to the media. orlando city striker kyle lehrman has an affinity for the big apple. it is not the pizza or the statue of liberty or times square, it is the goals. the lines visited new york city twice last year and where and came home with six of them. tonight we're in and lines are back in the big city. orlando city at yankee stadium to face nyc fc. in seven minutes guess who?
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heading home is their goal of the season. that ties him for the league lead. let's go to the 32nd minute. they're looking for him again. this time it comes out to kevin mulino. mulino the shot deflected just over the bar. orlando city up 1-0 at half. in the second half opportunity galore for new york. denied by joe bad day. 15 minutes later mendoza in his shot off the post. orlando city hangs on for the we -- for the 1-0 win. make sure to check out orlando city insider tomorrow night attendant 35 on central florida's tb 27. tiger woods absence was not hurting attendance numbers at the arnold palmer invitational officials told me they are expecting more than 130,000 to make it out to bay hill throughout the weekend.
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for all of those in attendance on friday. the par 4/9, his fat -- his last hole of the day, finishes and style. 35 foot birdie putt goes, 13 underpar. henrik stenson will not let him run away with it. this we've had five birdies on the back nine. he is two back of the lead. >> i felt like this was coming. i just had to be patient with myself. it is through the second round, have to be more patient tomorrow because i heard we have some wet weather coming in. that should bring in some wind and those are trying days. >> is go to the amway center. magic hosting the cavaliers tonight. second-quarter kairi irving slips it through to lebron and he knows what to do with it. and the third victrola depo was on fire. a career-high 45 for depo. magic up by two. that wasn't enough.
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frye, varies the triple that it would have been nice if you did that when he was here. 14 fort frye. cleveland squeaks one out 109- 103. a great one tomorrow night in the mba 20 -- san antonio versus golden state. tipoff is in the adak 30 right here on tamon nine. >> the solar bears are expecting a huge crowd for the game tomorrow night. orlando hoping to break the record of 9500 which they set on opening night a few years back. bears are right in the thick of
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(vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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temperatures in the 70s most of the night. 4:30 am we still have not dipped into the 60s. into the upper 60s just before sunrise. we will watch the radar. an isolated showers possible in the morning. more likely in the afternoon. rain chances tomorrow at 50%. another round of showers possible sunday morning. tune in tomorrow starting bright and early at 5:00 for your life coverage of the major stories from overnight . thanks for watching eyewitness news on this friday night. i hope you have a great weekend.
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