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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning Saturday 600am  ABC  March 19, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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. right now, on eyewitness news this morning, a teenager accused of killing another teenager is now in jail. but his girlfriend and alleged accomplice is free on bond. how deputies say they finally caught the couple. and authorities are now working to bring the accused master mound of the paris terrorist attacks back to france. the dramatic raid with police just before he was caught. it is saturday march 19th, i'm darlene jones. it's 6:00 on the do the. we'll have more on the top story in just a minute. first here is a live look over
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is tracking some heavier rain. >> it is falling apart and is not the last of the rain we're going to see. on early doppler 9 hd, with you still see a few showers left over in volusia county but they're moving out for sure and we're going to continue to see a couple showers as we head into the morning add we move into the rest of the day. taking a look a little bit further towards the west. we've got a couple showers out of the villages area and we just got a little bit of shower action around bay lake into clermont and citrus ridge and we've got the big arnold palmer tournament in bay hill. temperatures are very mild, 60s and 70s, of much cooler air into the region as this cold front moves through tomorrow and we're going to be looking at some very cool, but at least dry weather starting on monday so that 50% rain chance for both today and
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will be scattered so i'm time lineuping it in the next "60 minutes." a teenager girl charged in connection with a 15-year-old's murder is free on bond and her boyfriend who orange county deputies pulled the trigger is in juvenile jail waiting to see a judge. eyewitness this morning's julie salomone is live at the orange county jail, and deputies say she led authorities to her boyfriend. >> reporter: deputies believe the girlfriend was not there during the shooting but she was in close contact with the suspect after the murder and that suspect is now here at the juvenile detention center. >> eyewitness was the only crew there when orange county deputies took murder suspect michael anderson to jail late friday afternoon and investigators say anderson shot 15-year-old antoine davis in the head, when davis met anderson to buy some marijuana on a sidewalk
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>> we know this won't bring antwoine back, but we hope this will bring a measure of comfort to his family. >> deputies said they first arrested anderson's girlfriend, 18-year-old lindsey shirley friday morning and charged her with being an accessory after the fact and tampering with evidence in the case. investigators say she led them to anderson who deputies found hiding in the woods. records we dug up show anderson has been arrested at least a year. anderson's criminal past shows several felony charges for burglary, grand theft, and aggravated battery. and the sheriff told us it will be up to the state attorney's office whether they file charges as a juvenile or adult. julie salomone eyewitness this morning. the man orange county deputies say shot a new father
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girlfriend at the magnolia court apartments yesterday and pulled out a gun. the bullets middled her and hit a man who was working on a fence. >> i just want them to be okay. we don't care about anything else. >> ward is facing an attempted murder charge. the owner told us the victim is in a local hospital but is now in critical condition. the accused mastermind of the deadly paris attacks could return to france. french judges could file the proper paperwork as early as this weekend. cluck siebers, to n was caught during at dramatic raid in belgium. >> reporter: explosions, and gunfire ripped through brussels street heavily armed swat teams 0ing in on europe's publiceny in number one. salah abdelslam dragged out of
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car wounded. >> he was arrested by the federal police. >> he was the only survivor of the group of terrorists who carried out the highly coordinated paris attack that claimed 130 lives. a french citizen raised in belgium. he rented the car that drove a team of suicide bombers to a cafe next to the soccer stadium. he also dropped off more isis gunmen at the bataclan theater where an american rock band was performing. then, he disappeared until four months later, abc's alex martin reporting this from brussels. >> he was riding out in his own neighborhood captured just yards from his family's home. >> president obama congratulated the prime minister. >> intelligence officials have
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and belgium officials. since november, want capture is seen as a victory against isis, abc news, new york. >> the president of france called for immediate extradition so the suspect can face trial. new from overnight russian officials say the pilot tried to land a boeing 737 jet before it crashed. the flight was heading to dubai. there is no word on what caused that crash. tomorrow will be committee first sitting president to visit cuba in 90 years. the presidents will celebrate his decision to work towards normalizing relationships with cuba. their daughters and family will spend two days in cuba and are expected to have dinner with castro, and president obama will give a speech that will be cast
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and a vaccine for the zika virus made be made much faster. the measure puts the virus on a list of diseases that would allow companies to get vaccines approved faster. florida u.s. senator senator bill nelson cosponsored the bill that would give those company incentives. >> you could get quite a few drug companies working on this, all of which could come up with different solutions for the buyers. >> the first company that developed a drug to fight a different disease that was on the list sold their fundings for $125 million. remember you can find identity everything you need to know about the zika virus, just head to west, and click on the zika virus. leesburg police are working on a fight near leesburg high school. this you see her captured the fight. several other videos have been
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the aunt of one of the teenagers involved told us adults showed up and joined in, instead of trying to stop it. >> you've got grown women who outweigh her 100 pounds, kicking her if the face. i mean, it's hard to watch. >> it certainly is. four juveniles and one adult will likely face charges and they also put more officers at the school to prevent another fight from happening. orange county school administrators say more security will be added to a middle school when students return from spring break. it all stems from this fight at maitland middle school. a parent told us the same is happening at lockhart. this is video from a fight at that school. the parents said her son has been attacked several times and other parents say they're having trouble getting answers from school leaders about what's being done to stop the fights. >> even when you make it clear you're not satisfied with the
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respond back to me, and that's not right administrators say they are monitoring minor discipline issues. deputies are trying to track down the driver who hurt a deputy on lake mary boulevard yesterday. the driver grabbed his arm, the deputy you pulled back his arm and shattered the arm and deputy has minor cuts. drivers who take i-4 in maitlandville to plan for a detour. this weekend the ramp will be closed as part of the i-4 ultimate project account. the ramp will reopen monday morning at 6:00, yesterday we told you crews also shut down the ramp from orange avenue to 408 westbound for the next three years. the international space station has three new crew astronaut.
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and two reductionian cosmonauts cosmonauts -- russian cosmonauts. williams will hold the american record for the most days in space with 534 days over the course of three missions. 6:09. our meteorologist marina jurica is in severe weather center nine. a few sprinkles this morning? >> we have some light showers heading out. we're going to see a pretty dry rest of the morning but then in the afternoon we'll see showers and storms develop again so not a great beach but not only because of the weather and of course kicking off spring break i'm sure people are still going to head there so we want to make sure we get this high risk of rip current threat out to you because you want to make sure you're swimming near that station as that high risk of rips will be getting warmer upper 60s to low 70s with air temps in the 80s today and 70s tomorrow. from west to east, you folks will start out cloudy. any time after 2:00 is it fair game to see some showers and a
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in sanford and the i-4 corridor will be looking at showers from noon to four and better chance of storms after 4:00 and melbourne we'll see some showers and storms start to develop. just be prepared. not everyone will see it at the same time so have the umbrella ready to go. this morning the orlando city soccer club is celebrating its first win of the season. the lions were in new york taking on new york at yankees stadium. orlando city held on to win 1-0, lerin is tied for the league lead in goals. now for even more on orlando city and the orlando pride, make sure to check out orlando city insider tonight at 10:35 on wrd q, central florida's tv 27. the florida film commission says state lawmakers set out a
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what decision was will cost florida especially the local schools. and harbor house is in a legal
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. good morning, i'm mjs imagine mnl. -- meteorologist marina jurica. make sure you're prepared. looking at the early warning doppler 9 we're seeing a few left-over showers from some heavy rain that was moving through at about 4:00 this morning. we're seeing light rain into portions of the county.
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offshore from new smyrna beach and heading i understand land we've still got a few isolated showers left over from lake kathryn into umatilla and seeing some of those into polk county all due to a cold front that's to the west pushing showers and thunderstorms into our direction. right now, the bulk of the storms are staying in the panhandle and we will see the best dynamics for rain in the north, and the unsettled weather will stay with us until the front kicks through tomorrow. it's going to be a couple days off and on rain and storms. we're all in the 60s expect for cocoa beach, at 73, so it's a mild start to the day today. looking at futuretrack 9, hour-by-hour, as we push this forward, we are going to see a dryer morning and by noon we'll start to see some showers and thunderstorms develop out to our west as we head into that 4:00 time frame. we'll be looking at showers and thunderstorms in the region and then we'll see scattered storms as we head into this evening into sunday.
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tomorrow, and as it does so it will bring in a little bit more action when it comes to some rain and storms before it clears. along the coast today we'll being looking at a high rip court risk both today and tomorrow. the beaches are going to be very crowded both only not this weekend and next week. please make sure you swim near a lifeguard station. 81 in melbourne, 81 in cocoa, 84 in titusville, 79 in new smyrna beach, 82 in daytona beach, 80 in ormond and 78 in flagler. and boating conditions look pretty good, 3 to 4 feet with a moderate chop intracostal and choppy day tomorrow. scattered rain and storms tonight, 65, looking at that five-day forecast with your weekend always in view, once the front finally pushes through, we're going to be looking at some much better, but cooler weather into the weekend. darlene. some harbor house supporters are wondering if the lawsuit
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carol wick, the former ceo, was fired this year and the could cost $200,000. harbor house is in the middle of building a new facility named for attorney john morgan who has donated $1 million to the nonprofit. >> if the perception by the money is, it can dry up. >> morgan also said this could end up like a divorce, where no one wins. the mayors of orange and orlando are both involved with harbor house, and teresa jacobs says he's confident the agency will get past this. a man who drove his truck into horseback will spend five years in prison. 22-year-old christopher todd drove his truck into the group after an argument with the riders. one of the houses was killed.
6:19 am
racial sure before it happened. prosecutors -- slur before it happened. the owner is satisfied with the sentence. >> i believe in second chances. we can't bring back what happened that night, or change it. >> todd will also have to pay $7,500 worth of medical bills and compensation for the owner of the horse. hulk hogan just got $115 million from the web site gawker less than six hours after beginning deliberations. the web site posted a sex tape in 2012 without his consent. the trial never determined though who leaked the video. and killer whales at seaworld is warning again the decision to top them from breathing. spain says reproduction is an animal right and say stopping it is against the life psyche and
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species, but since they own the comply. more than 2,000 people earned their income through the film industry, and tax incentives expired and the pool of money to lure in floridians will be gone by the summer. jamie holmes found out where >> reporter: orlando is literally booming in the 90s when the old city hall was blown up for lethal woman three, now the explosion of what was once hollywood for film has all but imploded. last week's florida program to offer tax breaks from hollywood to shoot in orlando was not approved by the legislature. john lucks runs idea, that worked on dolphin tale movies and he says without that break, it's never come. >> it's never been about the a list celebrities, it's about the people who live here, and have
6:21 am
>> according to the florida film $650 million. orlando lost out on movies like 99 homes, which is an entire movie about the foreclosure crisis in orlando. orleans. the majority of orlando's film talent was being paed up and headed 400 miles -- packed up and headed 400 miles to georgia. they made $6 billion from films. ant man, captain america, civil were shot there. >> businesses are going to go wanted. >> luck says there are 30 schools that get tax incentives but graduates don't stay here. >> our tax paying dollars are going to colleges and universities to help these students get educated only to
6:22 am
their diploma and move up to georgia so we're educating the workforce of georgia right now. >> jamie holmes eyewitness this morning. >> critics claim the weather and no income tax should be enough go to a local family lost their son and everything they own in a house fire. next, the help the family is now getting from strangers.
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. in lake county, communities
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family who lost their son. trevor ross, who was killed when the home caught fire in mineola. city hall has been open for donations and used for the families to donate. >> we've had a lot of love come out and everyone's trying to surround them, and have given a lot, other times and money and items. >> the family still needs clothing and shoes for the mother, father and two teenage boys. you can find more information about what they need and where you can take those items on two men in brevard county are facing felony charges after local business owner used a gps twice to help police find them. cocoa police say two pick ups
6:27 am
business on industry road, quipped with gps trackers, who tracked down richards off state road 524 and 995. a police dog led them to the second suspect. a 17-year-old accused of killing another teenager is in jill. next why the suspect shouldn't have been outside in the first place. >> and i'm tracking a few showers on early warning doppler 9 for saturday morning but that's just the start of the rain chances. i'll breaking it all down in the next 30 minutes so stick around .
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. new from overnight one of the teenagers orange county deputies say was involved in a 15-year-old's murder is out of jail and the other suspect is expected to face a judge today. good morning, it is saturday march 19th, time now is 6:30. let's get you outside with a live look over downtown orlando this morning. our meteorologist marina jurica is in severe weather center nine. rain moving in, in fact i think they changed the tee times for
6:31 am
and out of polk into osceola county, here in about 20ments in whittier as it moves into far north. the heavier rainfall are very isolated from volusia into marion county. we're seeing some isolated showers out there and we'll be seeing storms develop into the day. in ocala you'll see a cloudy start and any time after noon you'll start to see some thunderstorms develop. any time after noon we'll see a chance of showers start to move in, but hold off until six. in new smyrna beach we'll be looking at a cloudy start and those stormy chances moving in by 2 p.m. an 18-year-old charged in connection with a 15-year-old is out of jail on bond and her boyfriend is accused of pulling the trigger. eyewitness this morning's julie salomone is live at the orange county juvenile jail on bumbee. he wasn't supposed to be outside when the shooting happened.
6:32 am
supervision set of the shooting which means he's not supposed to go anywhere besides school and work. eyewitness was there as deputies took michael anderson to jail late friday afternoon. he's accused of shooting 15-year-old antwoine davis in the head and leaving him on a sidewalk in ocoee, of the davis met anderson to buy some marijuana. deputies said they first arrested anderson's girlfriend, 18-year-old lindsey shirley friday morning and charged her with being an accessory after the fact and tampering with evidence in the case. investigators said she led them to anderson who deputies found hiding in the woods. >> we know this won't bring antoine back, but we hopefully bring a measure of comfort to his family as they pre fare for his funeral. >> court records show anderson was supposed to be only at
6:33 am
put under community supervision until he was 19. records we show say he was arrested at least half a know dozen times and had several charges for burglary, grand theft and aggravated battery. >> reporter: and the sheriff's office told us it will be up to the state attorney's office to decide whether or not to charge anderson as a juvenile or an adult. reporting live in orange county, julie salomone own this morning. two men accused of taking a joyride on a daytona beach to face a judge. a few minutes later, dovy and gentry hopped on and sped off along with it. police followed them along the shoreline until they took that back to shore.
6:34 am
crew in brevard near the pi need a causeway. and a father was shot working in an apartment complex, when a man started shooting during an argument at his girlfriend. kimberly eaten spoke to the suspect with a message for the independent victim. >> do you have going to say to his family? yes, i'm sorry. >> what about to his child? >> i'm sorry. >> reporter: the 21-year-old is accused of his murder and he pulled a gun on his girlfriend during a fight outside magnolia court apartments but when he fired he hit an innocent bystander, a worker fixing a parking lot. >> we care about people, and you never think about that. >> the owner of the fence company told eyewitness and his brother they were working
6:35 am
>> that was the won't that saved his life. >> the victim is in the hospital in critical condition with his family and four-day old baby by his side. deputies tell me the bullet hit him in the torso. >> i just want him to be okay. >> as for the shooters he's in jail. he was a convicted felon with a history of gun crimes. >> this was just so uncalled for. >> kimberly eaten eyewitness this morning. we'll check on the victim's condition throughout the day. the suspect, ward, is scheduled to face a judge today. we'll let you know if he's granted bond on eyewitness news at noon. palm bay firefighters are trying to figure out why there has been an increase in brush fire there is. firefighters responded to more than 100 calls and can't say whether anyone intentionally set the fires. >> it's pretty easy if something
6:36 am
close to your house, it's kind of difficult to keep it back. >> palm bay fire rescue is working with police and forestry officials to coordinate the response to the fires. meanwhile, firefighters are still trying to figure out what started a massive fire that destroyed a cocoa beach landmark. take a look at this fire. we told you about the pumpkin it was the former home of usa the process of being renovated >> investigators say last month 15-year-old john carlos ortiz intentionally hit sergeant marcie pierce and took off. she was trying to arrest him on burglary charges. pierce is recovering but plans to return from work, ortiz is being held on no bovend. lake county sheriff gary borders is retiring and will not seek reelection. he's been with the lake office
6:37 am
next january. he's served the community for more than 36 years, a great career. some government watch dogs are throwing their support behind the new state budget including money for roads, cultural project, and law enforcement programs. $2 billion in tax cuts governor rick scott lobbied for is not in the budget but he also vetoed more than $256 million in spending. gas station owners could soon be required to approve security for customers. lawmakers want to crack down on credit card skimmers and was sent to the governor yesterday, and will increase penalties with fake credit cards. and parents around the country are teaching their kids to steal your tax dollars, and
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. time now is 6:40. some traffic already on i-4. our meteorologist, marina jurica, is in severe weather center weather center nine. >> we are going to be looking at some showers and thunderstorms developing with a strong cold front but yesterday was our 11th day in the row in the 80s. we'll be looking at one more day
6:41 am
moves through tomorrow, and that is going to be bringing our temperatures down pretty significantly. >> we're going to be tracking showers and storms and hour-by-hour we'll be looking at a chance of showers and thunderstorms in the early afternoon and the best chance of storms holding off until 5 p.m. in apopka, same time frame between noon and 4:00 and better chance of storms into 6:00. in daytona beach, we'll be looking at a cloudy start and chance for storms any time after 2:00. darlene? the u.s. inspector general says parents are telling their children to fake disabilities and it's costing taxpayers money. a recent audit found an unknown number of disability parents who were not disabled. in one case a man got $77,000 for his children. only some of them are disassembled. >> some of them may never talk
6:42 am
because someone is lying. >> government officials say they're going to crack down on this type of fraud. congress has not given the agency enough money to complete timely reviews. it's been two years since the start of major renovations at fashion square mall in orlando, but the property still looks like this. we asked why construction is still at a stand until. and former apopka city
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
the former city of apopka administrator is collecting two pensions. anderson will receive about $10,000 a month. nine investigates asked the mayor while the city asked for something the state has banned. richard anderson is asking for
6:46 am
40 years after the city of apopka earned most of that with the fire department and as the city administrator. he's the only former employee collecting two pensions totaling $9,700 a month. we asked the mayor how the city can afford to do it. pensions are obligations of the funds not the city's budget. >> we checked with some other major cities throughout florida, in theory, orlando police and fire employees could collect a second pension. in jacksonville and tampa, it's not allowed at all. and in 2010, the state of florida also stopped retired employees from a second pension. >> the state of florida doesn't allow its employees do this, why should it be allowed in this city? >> i think it's a one of a kind situation and as apopka goes forward and grows and becomes a bigger city i don't think we'll seeing some like this happen again.
6:47 am
$22,000 a month to work as the city's consultant and lobbyist. it was a last minute deal just as he retired in 2014, and credits a potential downtown development deal that's still being worked out. but required monthly reports nine investigates first showed you in january, are vague and state records show it did not register until a lobbyist until this year. >> if you haven't asked him to lobby anything on the state level should you be paying him thousands? >> he's a contract that we negotiated, and where each of us are trying to live up to our respective side of the contract. >> so you're stuck? >> contract is the contract. >> they're stuck. richard anderson will collect both pensions until he dies. one pension will drop a few hundred dollars when he reaches social security age.
6:48 am
check of $70,000 since he had delayed filing for his second pension. a central florida man is fed up with poll tropical. he filed a lawsuit saying they've violated the telephone consumer protection act and never provided a phone number, and hasn't even eaten there since 2009. governor rick scott says the 13th year in a row, the highest private sector job growth, announced more jobs were added than any other state, at 2.2% in florida, it's at 3.7%. it's spring break for a lot of students and orlando international airport expects to become the busiest airport in all of the country. if you have a flight in the next few weeks it's recommended you arrive two hours before your flight. air traffic is expected to be up
6:49 am
time last year. and country music nans are already here in -- fans are already here in central florida. day two kicks off in just a few hours, and we flow over osceola park in kissimmee as crews set up. the concert that has two stages from a long list of stars like kenny chesney, and thomas rhett. i know someone in the building who is in love with kenny. >> michelle stephens. >> she's going to be excited for that and i hope that later on this evening we can get more isolated action. we have so many things going on this weekend and i know weather is going to be a big contributing factor, so i'm trying to give you as many dry holes as possible, but we have a huge cold front that is brewing in the panhandle right now, and create something issues for us. our early morning doppler 9 hd was an hour and a half ago we
6:50 am
moderate rainfall, and now we're seeing a little bit of isolated action, in mainly in polk, and osceola county. there's whole lot of rain moving out ahead of it and that's not even the actual front. we're not going to see that front push through until tomorrow. a lot of unsettled weather through the next 48 hours. only 73 in cocoa beach, 68 downtown, 64 in ocala 66 in daytona beach, it is warm outside, but it is not going to stay warm. looking at the futuretrack 9 hour-by-hour, that's when we start to see those showers and thunderstorms approach. this is noon, and then we're going to start to see some more widespread action around the two clock to 5:00 time frame, and it becomes a little bit more isolated as we head into the evening, but evening overnight into sunday morning we could see somite laced storms. front doesn't approach until 2:00 tomorrow. as that front pushes through we'll see some scattered showers and thunderstorms as we head into tomorrow, as well. they're very scattered. that's what we need to hold on to.
6:51 am
you might not so it which would be great. hour-by-hour in downtown orlando we'll see clouds increase as we head into the morning and we'll start to see some showers and thunderstorms build in the afternoon, as we are still reach the low to mud 80s, and then as we head into that 4:00, 5:00 time frame, things will start to taper and into the evening, it will be isolated. we've got a 40% chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms. we're talking low to mid-60s. it is going to be another mild night tonight, but the five-day forecast with your weekend always in view, showing that once we get into sunday night, that cold air really punches in, and then we'll be looking at highs in the 70s and lows even in the upper 40s. this might be the last shot at some cooler air so enjoy it. head over to a lot of great weekend events. i'll be out there with brian shields, so hope to see you there, darlene. two years after a major renovation project was announced for fashion square mall in
6:52 am
looks like this. a mess. so eyewitness this morning anchor nenz nenz tracked down nancy alvarez found out what happened next. >> reporter: we're facing the bez yesterday mall and this is what shoppers dry by and see. it's still a construction site, but there's no work happening. the developer told me the work has stopped for now, but plans are still moving forward. >> charles and anne are regulars at orlando's fashion square mall and they've seen a lot of changes. >> it used to be the premier mall in the neighborhood. >> now they're met by this, a construction site in limbo and big plans announced two years ago on hold. >> we don't understand why it's taking so so long. >> we took their questions to u.p. development, the company behind the plans to transform the 44-year-old mall and bring a seven story hotel to this space. >> what may appear like an abandoned construction site is not?
6:53 am
>> reporter: it could be another six months to a year and says there's uncertainty over macy's and sear's, and can't move forward until they know what's going to happen. >> our mall site is very inner connected and organic and the pieces have to be planned together. >> $20 million in improvements, store relocations and the improvement of this dick's sporting goods and the company insists it's still committed to the mall, but the wait for the finished product is far from over. nancy alvarez, eyewitness this morning. >> we put in calls to see if macy's has any plans to move from the fashion square property. we're waiting to here back. >> here is a live look at the amway center this morning. coming up, our meteorologist, imagine will have another check of our weekend weather. and remember, you can interact with marina and me.
6:54 am
some of you already have bright and early this morning. here's a look at what's happening around central florida and the weeks ahead. for a complete list go to
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6:56 am
>> volunteers will be back at the citrus bowl today for training to help homeless families and veterans on easter sunday. volunteers had their first training session yesterday.
6:57 am
who live in motels, cars and camp to attend the event. there will be a job fair, legal services, haircut, clothing and an easter service. >> we wanted to make a gathering point of celebration so that these individuals as they're transported from osceola, orange county can have a day of service. >> transportation will be provided. organizers say the volunteers are prepared to serve as many as 2500 people. fish and rescue are looking for more lifeguards. they are looking to fill 25 spots. anyone hired will work through october and earn $9.84 per hour. you must be 16 and you have to have strong swimming skills of course. coming up in the next hour of eyewitness news this morning -- a teenager was arrested accused of shooting and killing county. coming up, i will tell you why
6:58 am
suspect's girlfriend. we have unsettled weather moving in for the weekend. i am timelining that rain that
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>> this is eyewitness news this morning, coverage you can count on. >> right now on eyewitness news this morning, this teenager accused of killing another teenager is now in jail. but his girlfriend, an alleged accomplice, is free on bond. how deputies say they caught the couple. authorities are now working to bring the accused mastermind of the paris terrorist attacks back to france. caught. it is saturday, march 19th. i'm daralene jones. first here is a live look outside over downtown orlando this morning as the sun


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