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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 19, 2016 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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. some good 'ole boys doing a good deed get dirty when they -- see the swap odyssey to save some uncooperative creatures. >> a skateboarder is flying like the wind. >> and he's moving and grooving. >> the moment he hits a heck of a bump in the road. a daredevil combines sailing with kite surfing at a height of -- >> 280 feet. that's 25 stories high, guys. >> the spectacular stunt all done in a suit.
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so -- you know what i'm saying? >> that prankster joins a parental planning class. [ burping sound ] >> i think she just burped. >> that was me. >> what has other students doing some serious second-guessing. >> oh! >> how do you like these on craigslist? when there's been epic flooding in hernando, mississippi, and you are a creature stuck outside in the swamp, who do you call when you need help? a southerner. because they're some of the friendliest people you would ever want to meet! >> one positive sum right here. there's another one in the woods right here. try to go save him too. >> let's just say that frankie, joe rescued three possums and an armadillo. they're out there because there has been flooding and they want to rescue any creatures they find. >> ooh. look out. >> that's the first of several falls for joe. >> oh, man.
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>> yes. >> or are they shopping for dinner? >> no, they rescued these possum, you guys. >> i hope he's okay. >> you're trying to intimidate me, sweetheart. >> see him run away from possum right there. >> they're sweet. >> they spot another one. >> there's a possum and an armadillo armadillo, i believe. >> it's time to stop for a commercial break, because you to need a sponsor. >> we would like to take this time to thank bella's if you're watching. thank you. once again, joe in the water going after it. >> good news for joe. possums don't move quick. >> i see him! >> the armadillo is a bit of a problem. >> he's like a possum hunter, isn't he? awesome possum. >> they don't agree. >> you're not even near the possum. >> my skin is crawling.
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where is it? >> playing possum. >> be quick about it. >> the armadillo is in the water. what's going to happen? >> whoa! >> it ran -- that's what the armadillo thinks about this rescue attempt. >> go get him. >> i think we're going to need to rescue him. >> finally, there's a team change. >> dude, you stay with the boat. come on back here, i'll go get him. >> this just oozes southern love and humor all through it. wonderful rescue. they said they rescued all three possums and arm billo. although the armadillo capture wasn't caught on video. you never know what's lurking around the corner. we'll start first in russia. this fella on his skateboard, a little kick push. the 23-year-old skateboarder has his friend recording. he's in the car following him. and he is moving. and grooving. comes around the corner and --
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>> oh, wow! >> -- >> well, okay. >> and looks fine. >> what do you expect? you're long boarding on an open road. you don't think there's going to be traffic? >> yeah, and he went around kind of a blind corner, as well. >> and swung wide, too. it doesn't matter what you're on, skateboard, motorcycle, happen. >> the guy in the car gets out. meanwhile, the skateboarder you can hear moaning. he was wearing a helmet, so it's going to be okay. did have some scrapes and bruises and a concussion but it could have been a lot worse. all right. let's hit the road in new zealand. this motor vehiclist motorcyclist is taking in the view when he spots a tourist and -- >> the tourist driving on the wrong side of the road. >> and luckily, the person driving the car saw the motorcyclist. this could have been tragic. >> it's easy to happen. because there are some really
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you know if you just get hypnotized in the middle of nowhere, haven't seen anybody for half an hour, and you're like oh, wait, other side, sorry. >> guilty. >> guilty. >> i don't drive in england any more. >> i did that in japan. >> can't take you guys anywhere. [ bleep ]. >> if you have parents, you imagine your kid as an 80-year-old. kind of weird to think about, right? well, black don't crack, so they'll look like this. >> the guys put this video together and they take two really young kids, a boy and a girl, and they do their makeup to make them look like they're 80 years old. >> we're excited and it should be fun. >> they start the process forming in the creases and the saggy cheeks, the saggy eyes. the bags under the eyes. the dark circles. >> the years of mortgage payments. >> yes. >> car payments. tuition. >> second divorce. >> what's really interesting is they're not adding, like, prosthetic things.
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there is no plastic put on there and glued and then painted over. >> yeah, it's just all shading and conturing, right? >> it is. when they get their wigs put on, they do make their eyebrows look like they're gray along with the the wigs. now they have to see themselves. >> oh, that is weird. >> i see like me in the future. >> that's crazy. i want to see parents' reactions. >> what do you think your mom will do when she sees you? >> i don't know, she might freak out. >> yeah, because your baby. you don't want to see your baby as an old man. >> oh, i don't know if i like it. >> i knew she was going to cry. i knew it. >> i think i'm going to cry. >> why do you think you want to cry? >> because i don't think i'll ever see her at this age. >> everything is emotional between a mom and child. >> i know! >> i don't know what i think of you old. i just want to hug him. >> i just find it amazing that i do get to see it.
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>> the good thing is, granny still has most of her teeth. >> so there's a rumor swirling around hollywood, they might be looking for a new james bond. which means they're probably looking for someone around my age, ethnicity, my nationality. i can't think of anybody. as competent as i may have felt, i've got to be honest, i've got nothing against this guy. this is alex thompson, he's got a swanky car, a beautiful bond girl. he's got the amazing suit, and, watch. you guys may remember, back in the day, he had done two incredible stunts. he's back to complete the trilogy with the greatest of them all. the skywalk. this is his -- his boat, he is kite surfing behind it. they throw out a trail line behind. he manages to grab on to the line and you see as he attaches it behind his back. and then -- >> wait, where is he going?
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why are you going up? >> he flies up. using that kite to a height of 280 feet. that's 25 stories high, guys. when he reaches -- >> release the line. >> now he's just straight up in control as he pair rachutes himself back down before the epic finale. prepare yourselves. it's amazing! >> i really did not think he was going to land like that. >> there is no way in heck i that could happen. >> of so is hollywood calling or is he just an international man of mystery and he's going to go on living like this? >> this is just how he lives his life. he likes to push the extreme. alex thompson, the next james bond. she's got a surprise for her hubby. >> yes.
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he is so excited. >> see the gift that brought him to tears. >> are you crying? come here, honey. >> and this view has got one heck of a challenge ahead of him. >> today i'm going to go and meet a sock. >> see how he whips it up to attempts to get it down. e take one is back at olive garden because there's nothing like a great meal with the family except maybe another great meal with the family buy one take one choose one delicious entr\e at our place and another for yours starting at $12.99 may all your tomorrow's be as delicious as today olive garden look like this. feel like this. look like this. feel like this. with dreamwalk insoles, turn shoes that can be a pain into comfortable ones. their soft cushioning support means you can look like this.
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closed captioning provided by: eir budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the
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whatever. dash cam from a vehicle in new zealand being driven by someone with a very short temper. >> oh, my god! >> this lady is so mad that those cyclists are on the road. >> how dare they riding their vehicles on the place where vehicles should be! >> legally. >> they're not supposed to be four-wide, blocking the whole lane. >> i will tell you why it looked like they were maybe two cyclists next to each other. they move and change their position so, yeah. and this lady loses it! [ screaming ] >> what are we supposed to do right now! >> heavy, heavy, heavy. >> at one point, she goes up to more than 60 kilometers per hour. so they're going pretty fast.
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be? >> what the [ bleep ] is wrong with you? i'm going to run you over. >> right about here, that car finds a way to get around them. now it's just this lady and the cyclists. [ bleep ] [ screaming ] >> she apparently did speak after this video started getting attention online and said that outside of the car she was really nice. >> i don't believe that. >> i'll never [ bleep ]. >> one man is excited, one man says you'll be excited in a couple days. start with this guy. >> look at his face. he is so excited. like -- ronald mcdonald. >> he is happy. >> what a super sweet moment. and i'm glad that was his reaction. >> what the -- >> no. >> are you serious? >> yes, i am.
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>> this dad, a little more stoic. >> surprise! >> okay. whoa. >> yeah, but he did just walk in, probably a long day at work. >> you got me pregnant. >> think about it. when you first walk in the door, you're not really connecting dots. and when you do, you're like -- hold up. >> we're having either a boy or a girl. look at the -- look at your little surprise right there. >> like, he's excited. but deep, deep, deep, deep down under until he processes this information and then he can bring the excitement out. >> you are so right, christian. and he does explain to the baby why he reacts like this. >> i'm in shock. it's going to take me a while for me to process the afgs it processes slow. >> and i have to say, i think a lot of men are probably like this dude. >> if you're like me, you're going to process information
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during football season, i told you guys, i don't get. i'm a sore winner, i'm a sore loser. this guy is proof as to why i don't bet. >> today i'm going to go and eat a sock. >> yep, that's right. he's going to eat a sock. because he posted on twitter if the renegades beat tsm, i'll eat a sock. >> i'm a man of my word. i'm going to go ahead and eat a sock. >> is it you -- >> he's gotten clever with it. >> that seems like a pretty good amount of sock meat. >> he's going to chop it up and add garlic, olive oil and mushrooms. >> he's making it italian. >> it doesn't matter. the thing has been all over your sweaty, stinky foot. >> credit to him for going through with it. >> think about the elastic, though, in that sock.
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the toxins burning out of that. >> that stuff doesn't cook down. >> no, that's why you grate some cheese on top. >> i think it's going to taste just fine. the texture -- >> avoid chewing too much and just swallow. >> he's halfway through the plate. >> look at this. some new -- >> no, not so fast. >> you can't actually chew it. you just have to swallow it like it's a pill or gum or something. and you can't let it clump up into your mouth because it turns into this gigantic mess that's difficult to deal with. >> i wonder if it's going to give him the runs. teeth. old ride. >> this thing hasn't run in 12 years. >> see what happens when it's time to start her up. >> come on! dude takes his girlfriend diving in the sea of cortez. >> this is a very successful trip.
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promotional consideration provided by: reduces bumps 72 percent. gold bond. ultimate lotion. ultimate skin. jelly belly jelly beans. the original gourmet jelly bean in fifty true-to-life flavors, like toasted marshmallow. get real. get jelly belly. look at this old bucket of rust. >> you see bucket of rust. i have a friend who collects these and restores them and they are good as new. >> this is an old mercedes 407-d. >> how do you revive that thing? it's like falling apart. >> in the 17-minute-long video, the mechanics begin to give a little tlc. let's start with some fuel. then they put a new battery in it. look, a red light on the dash. after that, they open up the
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that gas through the lines. he is sucking the gas through the fuel lines. and now it's time to start her up. >> no way. >> 12 years. [ engine turning over ] >> come on! >> it cranks and it cranks for a long time. then get out the heat gun to try and breathe some warm air into this old engine. not yet. still not working. but with a little persistentence and some know-how. >> oh, wow, they got it to go. >> i wish these mechanics lived in my hometown. over to kentucky, where some folks in a school were looking out the window and noticed the garbage man start doing a little slide in getting the garbage truck to drift. >> hey, he's got to have a little fun at work. it looks like the roads are nobody will get hurt. >> i like to think that the guy went into this empty high school
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to make sure he knew what would happen if the truck started to slide. >> right. you might recognize one of our editors, he and his girl page went to cabo when they captured some amazing images under water. when they hit the sea of cortez cortez -- >> ooh. >> all kinds of different fish. in fact, even encounters a puffer fish. >> ooh. >> look at that red one. >> as far as diving goes, i must say, this is a very successful trip. because there's a lot to see. [ whistling ] >> the big ones by far my favorite shot. look at this, right next to that rock. >> woo! >> curling up right there. >> they're not going to bother you.
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giant sea snake. >> the eel decided i'm going to swim away and mind my own business. and check this out, swimming next to those rocks. >> look at alex go. our little aquaman. this is off the coast of florida where these kayakers were out there fishing. >> that is a fish. >> of it's a really big fish. >> you mean the hammerhead? >> are well, i guess the fish is kind of in a blind spot. >> you can't really see it. >> can't see anything there. >> yeah, because the eyes are on the side. and he's like, i smell it, i know it's here. it's close. i'm right on its tail. >> this one is going to fight a lot harder.
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just $70 a month for a year with autopay. only from centurylink. call and switch today. . you come back tomorrow. safety is our priority. what will happen, you'll feel better. this is 40 feet better balloon. look at how big it is. >> so the crazy russian actor is
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overfill the balloon to the point of eruption. >> it's crazy. whoa, look how big it is. it's awesome. you know what, i'm going to put it on a high speed. because it's supposed to be 40 feet. >> fires it up to high speed. >> run, crazy hacker, run! farther! >> i need a better -- >> the balloon inflates to the point of ka-boom. >> woo! >> awesome. >> here's what it looks like in slo-mo. >> wow. look at that thing! that is strangely beautiful. >> that was insane. this is a giant balloon. check this out. this is crazy. when you're pregnant, you shouldn't drink tequila. fortunately for these guys taking a parenting class, they're going to get some tequila. they're going to work with someone who needs some help and compassion right now. >> this is teqwila, our adopting mother. you're assisting her today.
2:57 pm
>> i'm going to need some tequila after dealing with teqwila. >> why don't we start with burden of proving burping the baby. why don't we start with you? burping ] >> i think she just burped. >> now it's time to change the diaper but it's actually really soiled. >> some powder. >> powder is great to keep them nice and dry. >> that i do know, because i use baby powder on my crotch. >> the saddest part about this, these guys probably do need some training and they will never set foot in class again after this. >> ever! >> i do have a device here which simulates breastfeeding. >> okay. you go with daddy right now, okay? be good. >> teqwila! >> why don't we get michael to help you with this. >> oh! >> since you're an adoptive mother, you don't get that birthing experience a natural mother would get and we think it's really important for you to experience. >> yes. >> he makes it clear that
2:58 pm
deliver the baby. it's going to be an adoption. >> i'm pushing as hard as i can! >> yes, i have. >> oh, my goodness. >> there it is. >> isn't it gorgeous? >> in the end, they have a nice little family with a baby. >> and those guys will forever be publicized. >> we're going to make a great family. thanks for joining us today. we'll see you on the next ramos.
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the following is a presentation of espn on abc. now on the "world of x games." for the first time ever, athletes from around the world converged on oslo, norway. for four days of intense x games competition. a youth movement swept through the region. as athletes like chloe kim, raise their sports to unprecedented levels. >> what is happening? >> wow! >> chloe kim putting one up for the ages. >> holy licorice. >> ten gold medals were awarded.


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