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tv   Eyewitness News 6  ABC  March 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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we begin with the woe and rhiny forecast -- wet and rainy forecast. if you've been outside today, you've seen the downpours, lightning too. this is a look at the slow downtown drive on i-4 as drivers have used this slow pace since it all started around 5:00 am. parts of central florida saw 2 inches of rain. george, you are still tracking a few isolated showers. >> yes, after a very wet afternoon, this large shield of rain hit just about everybody in central florida. now the showers
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county. very light. and this is the vicinity where we had the most rain today. we are still tracking a front. everything will pass between now and tomorrow, which means i'm gonna time out a few more showers for your sunday, just ahead. a developing story in apopka where investigators got calls that somebody was shot. mike manzoni is live outside that house where it all happened. and investigators have escorted several people out of this house in the past couple of hours. >> reporter: right. and investigators came out here just before 1:00 this afternoon. right now, all they'll say is that the joint homicide investigations unit is working this case.
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if anyone is in fact dead. we were there when they brought out several adults and children around 4:00. some were wearing pajamas, but police didn't have they off. investigators have part of this roadblocked off. i've also asked when we might know more. we just got a briefing from one of the investigators. he this point. something or should have something more on this case, more details by tonight at 10:00 10:00. >> we will continue to follow 11:00. and you can get the latest updates by downloading our free news app.
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killing another teen faced a judge today for the first time since he was arrested. he appeared in court this morning. he shot 15-year-old antoine davis in the head last weekend. the judge is has a strong warning for the teen. >> reporter: the 17-year-old accused of shooting and killing another teenager appeared before a judge. the judge told michael anderson he will likely be charged and tried as an adult. >> reporter: eyewitness news was there as anderson was arrested yesterday. the victim, antoine davis met anderson to buy some marijuana on a sidewalk last weekend. the sheriff's office said anderson shot davis in the head and killed him. aerndz son's girlfriend --
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arrested for being an accessory after the fact and tampering with evidence. investigators said she led them to anderson who deputies found hiding in the woods. a judge told anderson he will spend 21 days in the the attorney's office will decide soon if he will be charged as a jufb in my opinion or an adult for davis's death. i tried talking with the suspect's father. he didn't say anything but broke down in tears. death. i tried talking with the suspect's father. he didn't say anything but broke down in tears. >> as for the suspect's girlfriend, she has bonded of jail. human remains found in a swampy area near ocala. the skull and bones belong to jeffrey keith. he was last seen
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on april 4th. two men arrested for stealing a volusia county lifecomrd's get -- lifeguard's jet ski. did you have and he gentry took the jet ski when the lifeguard left it behind. they both bonded out of jail this morning. a man at a bond hearing for an attempted murder charge tried telling the judge the case is still under investigation and that he's there for something else. >> i was just here for a domestic violence charge, not this. i never got charged with this. i came here with domestic violence. >> ward was denied bond on two counts of attempted murder. deputies say he tried shooting his girlfriend yesterday at the magnolia court apartments. bullets missed but hit a man who
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he is in critical condition. the republican race for the white house is getting red-hot in. three days, the remaining candidates will face off in the arizona and utah primaries. mainstream republicans are determined to make the race an uphill battle for donald trump, many are throwing their full support behind ted cruz. >> i think we get to the convention, it's over. i don't think is there gonna be much. >> reporter: as trump tightens his grip on the nomination, republicans are making a last ditch attempt to take him down. >> there are only two candidates that have any plausible path to winning the republican nomination. donald trump or me. >> reporter: many republicans are turning to ted cruz as their best hope to block trump. and now mitt romney says he will vote for cruz in the utah primary next week, saying he's the only one who can deny trump the delegates to win the nomination, forcing a contest the convention. trump fired back on twitter.
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>> reporter: in utah, he went a step further. >> are you sure he's a mormon? are we sure? he choked. it was so sad. >> reporter: this comes as trump is under attack from a barrage of takedown ads. $63 million and counting now spent on ads like this one. >> trump: the worst kind of politician. >> despite the efforts to stop donald trump, the latest arizona and utah polls predict that he will beat cruz and kasich. leesburg police are still looking for the people involved in a fight near leesburg high school. this person captured the fight that happened earlier this week. since then, several other videos have been poechtded on social media -- posted on sober media. police say it doesn't take long to catch the suspects
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wells fargo atm. the victim was trying to make a deposit last night at the bank on north grove street. the two suspects put a gun on the victim's head, demanded money and drove off. they were able to pull over the suspects. two children were also in the getaway car. orlando police are looking for a shooter who's on the run after opening fire in an apartment complex this morning . >> reporter: i'm still working to get an update on his condition. meanwhile police are looking for the shooter, and the car witnesses say he got away in. >> reporter: this apartment building was taped off this morning. a pair of shoes left laying on this second floor landing, the only evidence
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that man's door hung wide-open as police waited for crime scene investigators to comb through the evidence. >> we just keeps to himself. he didn't say nothing to nobody. he's never bothered anyone. >> reporter: the neighbor was scared on talk on camera, but after four years living in what she used to call a quiet apartment complex, she is and you haved is that someone -- she is and you haved that someone would fire off a gun in her front yard. >> broad daylight, and kids were out playing. i don't understand why anybody would come in broad daylight to shoot anybody. >> reporter: police are looking for a man who's driving a burgundy chevrolet impala . >> high needs to be caught. >> reporter: and tonight i am
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police believe this was a random act of violence or that the victim may have somehow been targeted. field sutton, channel 9 eyewitness news. more law enforcement agencies are adding body cameras volusia county deputies and port orange police will start wearing them next month. both unanimously approved the cameras earlier this week. a lake in altamonte springs is open after it was closed because of a sewage spill. it was coming from the nearby royal arms condominiums on orange drive. public works says the program was resolved and the lake is safe for fishing and swimming. one of the most wanted men in the world is facing charges. how the four-month manhunt ended with a suspected terrorist in jail. and the effort by complete
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lake county get back on their feet after this deadly house fire. >> one round of rain down. now a cold front to go. i'll time out how this front will bring a few more showers wendy hates dirty lawn furniture. that' s why she uses scotts
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it cleans all of wendy' s lawn furniture without damaging any of wendy' s lawn. scotts. it'
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the lake county manager closed the minniola city hall where they were satisfying donations for the family who lost a son in this fire. he was killed wednesday night. >> officials designated a part of the city hall for people to donate to the family. this video was captured by a neighbor. ross's body was found near the door. he was unable to make it out. we watched as others dropped by to leave blankets and money.
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but i'm sure they could use some help. >> we have a very close-knit community. and when someone is hurting, we all come together . >> a clairemont resident has offered them a place to stay. the cop suspect in the deadly paris terror attacks is facing charges one day after being captured following a shootout with belgian police. he was released from the hospital this morning and charged with participation in a terrorist murder. he has been on the run for 126 days. authorities say he is the lone surviving terrorist in those november attacks that killed 130 people. four other people were taken into custody after a raid. >> there will be information
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that follow. >> we will refuse the extradition to france. >> investigators believe he drove the car to drop off the team of suicide bombers that targeted a soccer stadium but authorities believe instead of detonating his own suicide vest, he fled back to belgium. president obama is preparing for his historic trip to cuba. this is the first time in 90 years that a sitting president will visit that island. he'll arrive tomorrow . president obama will also give a speech that will air live on cuban tv. if you trying to get on i-4, you're gonna have to use another route. the ramp will be closed this weekend, part of the i-4 ultimate project.
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reopen monday morning at 6:00 . council says people who are not using either attraction are spaces. prices may range from $2 an hour to $20 for the entire day. spring break is in full swing now for millions across the country. and many are if you're heading to the airport, give yourself plenty of time. orlando is expected to become
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>> events were on hold for a little bit, but most of the rain has ended for the evening. a large shield of rain pushing across this afternoon, as much as 2 inches of rain. parts of brevard county, across the metro, less than a quarter inch. this is marion county, and now we have a few more isolated ocala, behind this bar here. but fellow ship, early bird, mt. olive, a few showers possible. lakeland, southern osceola county, we'll watch this move east as well toward oscola county. a large -- osceola county. a large pool of rain over the gulf, drifting over central florida. and the front passes tomorrow. it's not until then that we can take rain out of the forecast. for this evening, a lot of neighborhoods will stay dry. we can't rule out
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isolated though three bedtime -- through bedtime. 5:00 to 9:00 am, we'll time out any rain for the first part of your sunday. but there's not a lot of it. some people miss out, some people get some rain, and it will come and go quickly. behind that front, very cool air. we'll return to the 40s in a few nights. we're cloudy, daytona beach, holly hill, 73 degrees, 70s all across central florida from deland, cocoa beach, even palm coast. tonight in orlando, we drop into the 60s. many of you know the runaway country music festival is ongoing. i have a chance for a brief passing shower, but the worst is behind us for that festival as far as rain.
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and tomorrow, a rain chance at about 40% for a passing shower. highs only in the upper 70s after we've been so warm the past two days. this will feel nice. only cooler behind it. here's your 5-day forecast. tomorrow the winter park sidewalk art festival, the spring collectibles and crafts show, i'll be there to say hello. we'll be watching a few passing showers. look at the school air that facilities.
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remember the tee times moved up to play through the worst of the weather.
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3rd round, 2-shot lead over stenson. he closed from off of this. judges the speed perfectly. the aussie is your leader. there are three players lurking just two back. stenson, chapel, and maris. the ncaa tournament, miami taking on wichita state this afternoon. angel rodriguez jumped all over the shockers. couple minutes later, rodriguez, another steal! he had 16 points in the 1st half. 7 of 7 from the field. miami up by 13 at the break. in the 2nd, here comes wichita state, he cuts the lead to 3. ron baker gives the shockers their first lead of the game. head coach greg marshall,
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check out this delivery from rodriguez. up top to sheldon mcclelland. miami back in front, and they would stay there! rodriguez leads the way with 28. miami headed to the sweet 16 for the second time in four years. a wild, wild west showdown tonight. san antonio, golden state. a combined 120 and 16 this year. tip-off at 8:30. orlando city picked up their first win last night. the lions shut out nyc and got another goal from kyle lairin. he is tied for the mls lead. aloaks morgan and the pride got their first test of the preseason this afternoon, facing eastern florida state college. the offense looked to be in midseason form!
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edmonds, 3-0 pride, just getting started. morgan had a hat trick in the 1st half. orlando wins 8-0. ocb taking on the titans men's team. they couldn't find the back of the net! early on -- they don't want that one back. in the 2nd half, tony roca, nice turn, but a nicer save from the keeper. scoreless. donnelley breaks the gridlock, off the post and in. 1-0 the final. for more on the city and the pride, check out orlando city insider tonight at 10:35 on central florida's tv 27. as for the wig club, lions off for the next 15 days. they return to action april 3rd.
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welcome to "world news tonight." protesters trying to stop donald trump in his tracks. taking to the streets in arizona, blocking the main road to a trump rally. the massive delays, the arrests and the rallying cry from phoenix to new york. >> while donald trump doubles down tonight. the passenger jet plunging to the ground, killing everyone onboard. a fireball lighting up the sky, was the pilot disoriented? details from the investigation coming in right now. the winter storm crashing spring break. from heavy rain to freezing


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