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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  ABC  March 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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a 16-year-old has just been arrested on charges of killing a girl. what we've learned about the victim. >> and tracking a cold front and a big cool-down that wil
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breaking in orange county, after watching investigators comb this crime scene for evidence for hours, they've just told us they've arrested a 16-year-old for the murder of a 15-year-old girl. what else we've just learned about her death. we spent the past ten hours trying to get updates about what started as a shooting
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police have told us they're investigating the murder of a teenager. since 6:00, mike manzoni has been speaking with investigators about what brought them to the home around 1:00 this afternoon. >> reporter: what led to this murder? investigators will not give us the name of the suspect because they're still trying to get in touch with the suspect's family when investigators brought several adults and children out afternoon. wearing pajamas. handcuffs. they got into a earlier tonight we also saw investigators pick up what
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the backyard and put into an evidence bag. investigators still tonight have part of this roadblocked off. we'll stay in touch with investigators and have the latest for you tomorrow at 5:00 am. after a soggy saturday with more than 2 inch was rain in some spots, the rain has cleared out. but more rain is in the forecast for tomorrow. so let's get over to george waldenberger tonight. >> it rain forward four hours in orlando. you can see that slug of rain track right over florida this afternoon. now we're dry. and the rainfall, this is it. just a tenth of an inch in orlando. palm bay, southern brevard county, 20 times that. over two inches of rain in parts of brevard county. off to the west, there are some showers approaching. we'll keep
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forecast overnight th morning. then tomorrow this big cold front passes. with the passing front, i'm updating futuretrack to show you a few more showers tomorrow. the minneola city manager wrapped up taking donations today for the family who lost a officials dez neighborhooded a part of -- designated a part of the city hall for people to donate. we watched as others dropped by to leave blankets and money. >> we have had a lot of love come out for this family. and everyone is trying to surround and have given a lot. >> a clairemont resident has offered two rooms in the home for the family to stay because they had to leave their hotel room today because it was booned for the weekend -- booked for the weekend.
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orlando condominium that. started last night. a planter caught fire on a resident's balcony. the fire did not spread inside. following more breaking news in orange county where in the last ten minutes we just learned a victim has died from injuries in a shooting we told you about earlier today. it happened around 10:00 this morning. investigators say jonathan bell was killed. and field sutton found out the whole thing unfolded in front of children playing on a playground. >> reporter: neighbors told me they've always been comfortable letting their children play outside. tonight they're worried about a gunman on the loose who was bold enough to open fire right in front of them. >> kids are out playing. it was kids out here. i don't understand why anybody would come over here in broad daylight or anything to shoot anybody. >> reporter: that neighbor was scared to go on camera.
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told me she didn't understand how the man across the parking lot ended up in the hospital. >> he'd just come out and smoke his cigarette and go back in the house. every child out here seen the police doing cpr. >> reporter: we spotted his shoes laying outside the door where he was shot. witnesses describe the shooter's car as being a burgundy chevrolet impala with dark tinted windows. >> he needs to be caught. >> opd believes the shooting was a homicide and not a random act. we were there today as the judge is ordered the 17-year-old accused of killing a 15-year-old to stay in jail for 21 more
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deputies say he shot 15-year-old antoine davis in the head last weekend . a judge told anderson he could go to prison for the rest of his life. >> how old are you? >> 17. >> we searched anderson's criminal history. it shows several felony charges including burglary, grand theft, and aggravated battery. as for the suspect's girlfriend, she has bonded out of jail. authorities have identified human remains found in a swampy area near ocala. the sheriff's office says keith was last seen march 30th and reported missing on april 4th.
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the bones on march 7th along shirt. tonight pushback against donald trump getting louder and in arizona, protestors blocked the phoenix. anti-trump protestors took to the streets too. mary bruce has more on the growing resistance and what the frontrunner has to say about it all. >> reporter: tonight tensions rising across the country as trump faces new roadblocks. [ chanting ] >> reporter: protestors outside phoenix blocking the main highway to a trump rally, demonstrators lining up using their own cars to stop traffic. gridlock for miles. three arrested. those cars eventually towed out of the way. sheriff
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>> they think they're going to intimidate you. and the next president of the united states. not gonna happen. >> reporter: in new york, thousands taking to the streets outside trump tower clashing with the frontrunner's supporters. this as the republican establishment tries to block trump's road to the nomination. >> the establishment, they don't know what they're doing. they have no clue. >> reporter: top republicans including mitt romney now throwing their support behind ted cruz as their last hope to deny trump the delegates to take the nomination. >> we need to come together. >> reporter: in response, trump is taking aim at romney. >> this guy is a loser! >> reporter: and questioning his faith. >> you sure he's a mormon? >> reporter: cruz is punching back. >> it is disgraceful to call into question the faith of another. >> reporter: trumping is hurling new insults at an old foe, megan kelly, tweeting his supporters to boycott her show,
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fox fired back saying "trump's obsession with kelly is beneath candidate." >> mary bruce reporting. the warning that travellers are at risk of contracting zika on cuba comes one day before president obama headings to cuba. his visit will be the first trip to cuba by a sitting u.s. president in nearly 90 years . five new cases in the last two days. on thursday there was another new case in brevard county. all cases were contracted outside the country except for one sexually transmitted case. and you can find out
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about zika at a 21-year-old charged with two counts of attempted murder tried telling the judge that he, meaning the judge, had it all wrong. when the judge told ward he would not be granted bond, he tried to correct the judge by saying he wasn't in court for an attempted murder charge. >> there's only one count, and it is not two counts. and i was here for a domestic violence charge. not this. this charge was under investigation. i never got charged with this. >> deputies say ward tried to shoot his girlfriend during an argument yesterday at the magnolia court apartments on forest city road. theyt bullets hit a man working on a fence. he is in critical condition. a lake in altamonte springs was reopened after it was closed because of a sewage spill. sewage was leaking into the lake
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nearby royal arms condominiums on orange drive. public works says the problem has been resolved. they say the lake is safe again for fishing and swimming. construction at cranes roost park in seminole county is moving along as scheduled. construction on uptown boulevard is scheduled to get underway. the road will be limited to residents of the loft apartment complex. some of the boardwalk at the park also reopened. these two men were arrested for stealing a lifeguard's jet ski, and they are out on bond tonight. james did you have and heand -- duffey and andrew gentry said they took it when the lifeguard thereof behind because of mechanical issues. it's a unique battle against cancer, held right here in central florida. >> a friend of mine named ben
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>> the push to raise awareness for children fighting cancer. and a four-month manhunt for a suspected terrorist is over. >> and here comes our next front. with it, the coolest air
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spent the day questioning the only surviving terrorist from the paris attacks last year. they hope he can provide key and any ties to isis. >> reporter: one of the most wanted men in the world charged with terrorist murder and participating in a terrorist abdeslam was that's him in the sweatshirt being dragged into custody. the so called eighth attacker from november's massacre limping along after police shot him in the leg. he was released from the hospital and into police custody. >> i can tell you that she cooperating with the belgian justice. and we will refuse the extradition to france. >> reporter: the 26-year-old has been on the run for 126 days. the lone surviving
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killed 130 people. investigators believe that he drove the car to drop off the team of isis suicide bombers that targeted the soccer stadium. authorities believe instead of detonating his own suicide vest, he fled back to belgium. for four months, there was a massive man hunt. and in the end, abdeslam was found here in this building just a few hundred yards away from his family's home. >> reporter: after a shootout at this house, his fingerprints were found inside . the raid ended with five in custody. the french prime minister says abdeslam cannot fight the extradition process. french and belgian prosecutors are working on a different kind of exchange which would allow belgium to give the suspect to france without government interference.
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done yet. a jury agreed that gawker should pay him $115 million for posting a sex tape of him without his consent. on monday the jury will return to court to award punitive damages. and even when the jury is dinner, there will bea -- done, there will be appeals. three state employees are suing because they say mold, poor air quality, and even feces in several government agency buildings have gotten them sick. park meters may be added to two attractions in daytona beach. the council is discussing the possibility of adding meters to the parking lot at sun splash spark and sun blow pier. people who are using neither attractions are taking advantage
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prices may range from $2 an hour to $20 a day. downtown orlando held a parade to celebrate diversity and community. today marked the second annual together parade. the nonprofit called downtown credo and commissioner regina it serves as a reminder of the experience of diversity and community and to build on that, local children worked together in a float building challenge. >> anytime we can get some competition, they get super excited. so it's a fun challenge, build a float in two hours. what really makes it exciting is they might beat their friends. >> the tour used in the parade today. commissioners judge issed each float and decided on a winner. if you need to get on i-4 in maitland, expect dieters. the ramp to westbound will be closed all weekend because of construction on the i-4 ultimate
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dozens came out this afternoon for the annual head orlando. volunteers shaved their heads to raise money for children's cancer research. it all happened at johnny's fillin' personal. >> aen from of mine named benjamin, he died in 2008. died of cancer. and that's when we started doing this. so i always shave my head in memory of him. >> they were hoping to raise a good amount of money this afternoon. and george, a lot of things going on today and all through the weekend. and the rain has been causing little problems for some of them. >> there were some temporary rain delays today. in orlando, it rained for four hours straight.
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bay, we had well over 2 inches. so the rainfall depended on your neighborhood. that's normal though. for this evening, dry for the most part. a few light showers starting to pop up near osceola county. and farther west into polk and the bay area here, these will be pushing th overnight. so a few more passing overnight showers ahead of this front. both will pass tomorrow. behind the front, that's where we're talking about the coldest air we have had in three weeks. one night, we'll dip into the 40s. that would be monday night. first you have to get the front to pass. for tonight, a few passing showers. and by tomorrow morning, 5:00 am, it's possible that some of us will be waking up to at least a little rain. then here comes the front. it passes in the afternoon. and the rest of the rain clears in the afternoon as well. we'll have a slight chance for a stray shower afternoon as well.
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rain tomorrow. not as widespread as today. and even smaller amounts than what we saw today again. many people had less than a tenth of an inch of rain today, despite the high totals in brevard county. 66 in deland. sanford at 68. and right morning we'll all be in the 60s. a broad range of 60s. and watching that chance for rain hour by hour in orlando, downtown, even toward bay hill, arnold palmer invitational, a few passing showers. if there is any rain there, it should come and go quickly. cocoa beach, up the right, catalina aisles, in the 70s. and again passing rain will be possible morning and afternoon. and these hour by hour forecasts, you can see them right from your neighborhood. upper 70s from leesburg, kissimmee, celebration, downtown orlando and winter park.
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then the morning temperatures, by monday morning we dip to 50 behind the front. tuesday morning 47. how do you like that! it'll warm back up toward the end of next week. and one more thing, daytona beach, spring break for a lot of people. water temperatures cool, the air temperature cool tomorrow in the 70s. watch out for rip currents! the weekend always in view. a lot going on tomorrow, including the winter park sidewalk art festival and the mt. dora spring collectibles and craft show.
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shaping up to be a great finish in the arnold palmer invitational. >> three of the top ten golfers in contention. jason day enter issed the 3rd round with a 2-shot lead. let's go to 18. if you're gonna wear pants like that, you better golf pretty good! and he did today! that goes in, to get him to 13 under. the eagle gets to 15 under. he did give 2 shots back, 13 under par. here's jason day from off the back of the green. look at the touch. perfect. the aussie
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he'll enter the final round at 15 under par. solar bears set a new attendance record. more than 11,000 showed up to see orlando. and the bears put on a show for phantoms, 6-3! the orlando pride's preseason opener, if it's a sign of what's to come, the folks at citrus bowl are gonna need to alex morgan and the pride wrapping up their first week of training with a friendly against eastern florida state college. 3-nothing barely a minute later, another ball served in. sarah hagen, right there for edwards again. orlando. just a few minutes after that, another pretty ball this time it is the header. into the back of the net.
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the pride win it 8-0. >> i'm excited to finally have our first game behind us, and looking forward to the next preseason matches, and just seeing how much we grow. we definitely have a lot more to reach. it was a good fit for us. >> this is a brand-new team. a brand-new group of players playing together. so anytime we can get out and get a competitive game, it's always valuable. ocb taking on the titans men's team. and they could have used some of that offense from the ladies. early on, not good. in the 2nd half, tony rocky arc nice turn, but even better save. 0-0 game. donnelley of the titans breaks through, 1-0 the final. not exactly the result they were looking for.
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nobody ever wants to lose. but you sometimes get easily side tracked by results. and it can cloud your thoughts after a game. but i thought our performance was really good. 2nd half especially. >> they open the regular season next saturday against hammerheads. the mwell, s club, lions have the next two weeks off before the timbers come calling on april 3rd. the hurricanes look to avoid the madness of avo: when account lead craig wilson books at avo: he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. avo: so he knows exactly when he can settle in and practice his big pitch. avo: and when craig gets his pitch down pat, do you know what he becomes? client: great proposal! let's
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the 13 upsets in round 1 of the tournament tide a record. if you picked michigan state to win it all like i did, throw it away. better luck next year. as for today's action, miami taking on wichita state. angel rodriguez, all over the shockers in the 1st half. 3 steals, 16 points on 7 of 7 shooting. miami up by 13 at the half. the 2nd, here comes wichita state, shaq morris takes it away, and get out of the away! cuts the canes' lead to 3. ron baker would give the shockers their first of the game. greg marshall loves that. angel always seemed to have the answer. rodriguez had 28 points
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miami takes down wichita state. and they are onto the sweet 16.
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