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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning Sunday 500am  ABC  March 20, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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? new york, thousands of protesters chanting outside of the trump tower. >> he literally represents the worst part of america. >> the front runner predicks he
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>> you know the expression, to be the future of the republican party, you have to go through trump, right? >> reporter: ted cruz is trying to put the brakes on the trump band wagon now that the republican establish innocent is backing him. . on the democratic side, bernie sanders dismissing any talk of the democrats unites behind hillary clinton. >> some of the law in states of california, new york state, washington state, they have not yet cast a vote. >> the vermont continuing his campaign in phoenix saturday night. elizabeth her, abc news, new york. >> >> hillary clinton is making a last-minute push to win arizona. former president clinton is
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the former secretary of state has a rally there tomorrow. >> >> a u.s. marine, several others killed by isis forces in northern iraq u.s. officials say isis fighters fired two rockets onto a base where american troops are advising and training the iraqi military. this is the second time an american has been killed since the u.s. reentered the country in late 2014. >> >> the primary suspect in last year's terrorist attacks is fighting his return to france he was captured by belgian police friday. prosecutors said he had plans to blow himself up at the french arena and he backed out at the last-minute. >> he has been charged with the november 13th paris attacks
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investigators are trying to determine whether technical issues, human error or severe weather took down the plane that crashed during landing yesterday, all 62 people onboard were killed. >> >> a man who was shot at an apartment complex has died. we first told you about it yesterday at noon. neighbors told us the gunman was gold enough to open fire in front of children playing on a nearby playground. one mother was scared to go on camera, but she said she is worried the man was an innocent victim. >> he never bothers anyone. >> reporter: orlando police officers say the shooter is still on the loose. they are looking for a burgundy chevrolet impala with tinted windows.
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reward for any information related to an arrest. family, friends and an entire community rallied around a family that lost someone in a deadly house fire. this video shows the fire that destroyed the home and killed 17-year-old trevor ross. his body was found near the doorway. for some reason, he was unable to make it out. we watched as others dropped by to leave blankets and money at city hall. >> we have had a lot of love come out for the family. everyone is trying to surround them and have given a lot. >> the family had to leave their hotel yesterday because
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but a resident stepped up and offered them two home rooms in their home. >> >> drivers that take i5 and mateland will be able to go back to their normal route. we told you the ramp to i4 will be closed all weekend. the ramp will reopen tomorrow morning at 6:00, as a reminder, the ramp from orange avenue to quarterly westbound was also shut down and that won't reopen for the next three years. >> >> if you plan to head to the volusia beach, you may want to swim near the lifeguard tower. crowds were smalling at the beaches yesterday because of the weather, all of the rain we saw. rescue officials still had to rescue nine people. several spring breakers were arrested for alcohol and traffic related incidents.
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major incidents at the beaches. >> we are looking at a great start to our day, today, it is a bit rainy and cloudy, but we are going to see big changes that look fantastic for our second day of spring. morning showers and as we head into the afternoon, we'll get slow clearing, sees at three to four feet. but we continue to see a high risk again today and a small craft advisory through today and tomorrow. that has to do with the fact that a cold front is moving through. that always makes the seas choppier. afternoon, clearing, sunshine back in here with a high of 77. morning showers and isolated thunderstorm and after 2:00, we'll be looking at the sunshine returning and a high of 77 as well. titusville will be looking at a chance for scattered showers
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good morning, i'm meteorologist marina jurica. hope you are having a great start to your sunday. we are seeing some showers. as a cold front approaches from the north, we'll be looking at big changes over the next 24 hours. looking at early warning doppler radar, we can see a lot of widespread shower activity. we'll see it until 11:00 or 12:00. off an on, showers, as well as an isolated storm.
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rainfall heading out of seminole county. south of edgewater. you can see through northern brevard county and pretty much along the i4 corridor toward the east. we are seeing light showers as we head up towards the north. sumter, lake county. heading into leesberg. and claremont seeing some showers and down south into portions of osceola and southern brevard, we have some rain. the cold front is tower north. as that slowly but surely makes its way towards the south, it will push all of the rain towards the south with it. clearing, later this afternoon, but it will take
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clearing skies, much cooler weather. this is 7:00 in the morning. widespread rainfall into our 9:00 time frame and it's very isolated until 11:00 and we can see coastal showers or an isolated storm pop up. >> >> downtown orlando, hour by hour, we'll see the clouds clear, eventually by mid-day. we'll start to get more sunshine at 73 degrees. topping out at 78 before the cold front moves through and we'll be looking at much cooler weather on our five-day forecast with your weekend always in view, showing 40% rain chance mainly for this morning, 68 and lots of sunshine for monday waking up to 47 on tuesday if you like the cooler weather, enjoy the start of the week.
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>> a particularly deadly year for bears. we lost 169 to vehicle collisions. we lost 300 to the first in over 020 years. >> federal wildlife officials say they have 90 days to respond to the petition. they will review it and >> >> this week, several judges will hear legal arguments in a legal battle concerning core reason brown. she says the map -- the map, stretching across parts of north florida and was redrawn after the florida supreme court
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she an osceola county man claimed a major call audiology assocites at toe lender kept draining his bank account long after his loan was paid off. now, he cannot even get a title for a van he owes. the new car lender has a
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action >> >> reporter: he claims, they owe him at least $1,000 and he can't even get the title to a car he now owns outright. >> they are not giving me an answer of how i should obtain my title. >> no answers. >> consumer usas a big lender for local new car legal dealers when customers have credit issues. since last year, action 9 tried to help 10 other consumers that complained they if not credit their accounts for payments made. lee dawkins showed us statement where he paid back more than $22,000 but still owed $20,000 on a $21,000 loan. >> into my third year, i'm not even close. >> >> reporter: they have more
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bbb, but it is rated a plus because it responds. since our investigation began, that i was accused in this lawsuit of illegal repossessions against men and women in the service. it settled the complaint, agreeing to pay more than $9 million to consumers hurt by the practice and change its repo follow siss. they reviewed all of the consumer complaints we sent and many were resolved. the company said they are reviewing les hill's account. >> i'm not get lag i'm asking for. >> reporter: it's been feel a year since a woman was found murdered near a daytona beach home. police are still trying to find her killer, what officers are trying to do to get new leads in the case. >>
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eustis police say it didn't take them long to catch four suspects accused of robbing a man at a wells fargo atm. the victim was trying to make a deposit when two of the suspects put a gun to his head, demanded money and took off. when police caught the suspects, they say two childreny in their vehicle. seminole county residents
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roost park. construction along uptown boulevard is expected to start. park officials say improvements at the park are happening on schedule. earlier this week, some of the new board walks there reopened. >> >> you can, once again, fish and swim in an altamont springs lake that was recently shut down because of a spill there the lake closed down last weekend because sewerage was leaking into the lake. it was coming from the nearby royal arms condos on orange drive. public works officials say the problem has been resolve and the lake is now safe. >> >> hulk hogan will be back in court with regard to his battle with gawker media tomorrow, the jury will return to court to award punitive damages, however, there weather be appeals in this case. the trial never conclusively
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>> we continue to follow breaking news this morning. orange county deputies say three men were shot and one man killed outside of a gentlemen's club. what we learned about investigators about the moments before the gunfire. >> >> i'm tracking rain and big changes. making it feel like we are going back into winter instead of springing into spring. >> first, here are is list of ideas of on to spend your time
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$399 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. breaking right now, orange county deputies believe several motorcycle groups may be involved in a shooting that killed one man and sent two others to a local hospital. >> good morning, it's sunday, march 20th, time is 5:30, let's get you outside to get a live look at downtown orlando. meteorologist, marina jurica is in severe weather center 9 and cooler weather is heading our way. >> that's right, we'll be warming up as we head into the middle of the week. the start of the week will be chilly. we are in the 60s this morning,
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huge nose dive to a low of 50, 47 wednesday morning and slowly creep back out mid-to upper 50s. we'll be well below until we head towards the end of the workweek. if you like the cooler temperatures, enjoy the start of the week. it may be our last time. in this morning, ocala, we'll see showers and clear up to a high of 75. we'll see a chance of morning showers in the i4 corridor a thunderstorm not out of the question. we'll see a chance for showers and thunderstorms afternoon throughout the evening until the front passes, darlene. >> >> we are following breaking news this morning. several motorcycle groups may be involved in a shooting that left one man dead and two others injured.
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on north except boulevard. >> reporter: one in stable condition, the other in critical condition. several units out here with the orange county sheriff's office. they have been out here for several hours this morning. southbound lanes of the section of semoran boulevard, open, northbound lanes closed. deputies got a call about shots fired. three victims with gunshot wounds, one pronounced dead at the scene. two others taken to orlando. all three victims at this point they are not releasing their identity, but they tell us they all are males and at least three motorcycle gang -- motorcycle groups have been involved in this fight and shooting at this point,
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so, we are going to continue to ask them about that, again, some of the traffic up here. there is a couple of roadblocks in this area. southbound lanes have reopened on this section of semoran boulevard between the 408 and colonial drive. reporting live in orange county. "eyewitness news" this morning. >> >> a 21-year-old charged with two counts of attempted murder will stay in jail on bond. ward faced a judge yesterday, friday, orange county deputies say he tried to shoot his ex- girlfriend at the magnolia court apartments. however, he missed and hit a nearby. ward told the judge the charges against him were wrong. at last check, the man that was
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>> reporter: neighbors at these apartments said they have always been comfortable letting their children play outside. >> kid are out playing. there were kids out here. i don't understand why anyone would come over here in broad daylight and shoot anybody. >> reporter: that neighbor was scared to go on camera. she didn't understand how the man in the parking lot across from him got shot. >> neighbors told "eyewitness news" things didn't look good as first responders rushed to save the man woe appeared to be >> every child, everybody had
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>> crime scene investigators spent the afternoon photographing the apartment. we found his shoes were laying outside of the door where he was shot. he needs to be caught. >> field sutton, "eyewitness news" this morning. >> >> orlando police believe the victim was targeted. crime line is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. new police chief is scheduled to be sworn in tomorrow. the retired lieutenant from the orlando police department accepted the position last week, the previous chief
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several officers who said he was overbearing and mistreated. >> >> volusia county parking meters may soon be added to two attract hundredions in daytona beach. the possibility of adding the meters to the parking lot at sun glow pier. the council said people that are not using either attraction are taking advantage of the free spaces. prices may range from $2 an hour to $20 for the day. >> >> nine cuban my grants died after 18 others were rescued off the florida boat. the my grants were dehydrated and said they had been at sea for 22 days. they were picked off by the cruise ship in southwest florida and taken to a port of
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i'm tracking a cold front
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over orlando. you see the orlando eye off in the distance, still lit up for st. patrick's day. meteorologist marina jurica is in severe weather center 9. >> >> now, we are move onto easter. officially our first day of spring, we are going to be hopping right into a much comber forecast as we head into the next 24 hours. mainly this morning. later on this afternoon. just a sprinkle or two along the coast, mainly, we'll reach the upper 70s to 80s before the cold front slams through and drops our temperatures as we head into the evening. a chance in the villages for a shower, isolated storm, but then sunshine will return this afternoon with a high of 77.
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morning and then an isolated shower as we head into the late afternoon, high of 80 there and in melbourne, we will be looking at a chance for showers an isolated storms afternoon through the evening. darlene? several new fire stations planned for east orange county. county leaders have not determined the exact locations. one will be built near dean road at ucf. a company has been hired to design the project. the mayor wants $18 million to fund it. a report from last year found emergency responders are spending more times responding traffic. >> the one second can make the difference, you hear stories about that all of the time if they would have been there two more minutes, it would have made a difference. >> new fire stations are expected to be finished over the next four years. >> >> arnold palmer invitational
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a newbill that will require for refunds for airline passengers. requiring rebounds for baggage fees if luggage is delayed six hours. the bill would also require airlines to notify family it ised a joining seats are not available. >> >> construction could start this week on the first phase of the south terminal at orlando international airport. the airport board signs off ton on the $2 billion project thursday. take a look at the rendering of what the complex should look like. the addition is needed because
5:45 am
through orlando international airport. you will want to give yourself more time traveling from orlando international airport in the next few weeks. the tsa believes oia is expected to become the busiest airport in the country because of spring break travelers, airport officials say if you have a flight, you should always arrive at least two hours early. >> >> time now, 5:45 and the weather was like a washout yesterday for everything. >> it really was. it stopped at 5:00 and we had cloudy skies the rest of the evening, it looked a lot worst than what we were waking up to morning we are still waking up to rain. showers throughout the morning and clearing slowly as the cold front makes its way through our neck of the woods this afternoon. heavier rain, right now through volusia county. we also have some showers as you head further down towards
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seminole county out of apopka and leesburg wells heading in bushnel. this will be the constant repetition of our morning. we'll be looking at showers, maybe an isolated storm off an on as we head in towards into the day. this is due to a cold front making its way through. to push through florida, we are going to be looking at a chance for showers until noon and a coastal shower left over until 6:00 or 7:00 tonight and then we'll finally clear it out of here and see clearing overnight into tomorrow morning. it will be much cooler. i'll track that for you. 60s, a nice mild start, but it will be a lot cooler as we head into tomorrow morning future track 9 hour by hour. pretty widespread rainfall as we head into 9:00 am. isolated, becoming more scattered. very isolated by 11:00. you can see resurgence along
5:47 am
with a a couple of light showers. we finally kick it out of here at midnight, rapid clearing behind it. cooler temperatures will invade and we'll look at very few 50s, left over. the bulk of us will be in the 40s for the next two mornings, 78, cold front passes, clearing skies, 50, cooler and breezy, five-day forecast with your weekend always in view. 68 degrees, tomorrow with plenty of sunshine. if you like the cooler weather, enjoy the beginning of the week because the 80s will be back by wednesday. >> >> mom tomorrow, the mayor of altamont springs will unveil the new app to show the partnership with ub eric kirschner r. the city will pay 20% of a ride that starts and ends within the city and 20% of a -- leaders juan to reduce congestion and hopefully boost
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>> more than 1,000 fans have attended the attended -- >> reporter: dramatic finishes nothing new for the arnold palmer invitational. three of the top eight golfers on the leaderboard. it looks like we are in store for another good one. jason day entered the third round with a two-shot lead. troy -- if you are going to wear pants like this, you better play well. he did. rolls it in to get to 13 under par. he would get two back on the way in. he will start today, 13 under. >> from off the back of the green, look at this. per effect chip from the aussie. he has a two-shot lead on the field. entering the final round at 15 under par. >> >> orlando pride's preseason
5:49 am
come. the folks at the citrus bowl will need to buy a lot more confetti. alex morgan and the pride wrapping up. early on, morgan with the arift plays it across to edwards. she touches it home, making it 3-0 pride. >> barely a minute later, another ball, sara can't get on the end of it, but it's sitting up there for edwards, she won't miss from there, 4-0, orlando. later in the first. this pretty ball served in, the header. she had four goals yesterday. the pride go on to win it 8-0. >> >> i'm excited to finally have our first game behind us and looking forward to the next preseason matches and seeing how much we grow. we definitely have a lot more to -- a good start for us.
5:50 am
brand-new group of players playing together. >> out in brevard county taking on the titans mens team. they couldn't find the back of the net. early on, william -- not good. then in the second half, tony roka, nice turn, even better save keeps it 0-0, a few minutes later, jj donely breaks ex the results losing the game, nobody ever wants to lose. as i have just said, sometimes, you get easily side tracked by results and it can cloud your emotions. performance really good. we moved really well. >> hoops, now, don't feel bad if your bracket is a complete mess. the 13 upsets in round one tied
5:51 am
if you picked michigan state to win it all like i did. better luck next year. >> miami taking on wichita state. angel rodriguez. three steals, 16 points in the first half, miami was up 13 at the break. comes wichita state, shaq morris. he gets the steal and don't get in the way of that man. that cuts the canes lead to three. about a minute later, ron baker will give the shockers their first lead of the gang. but, angel always had the answer, check out this delivery, rodriguez up top -- miami back in front and they would stay there. rodriguez lead the way with 28, miami headed back to the sweet 16. >> it feels great to advance to the sweet 16. honestly, the way i'm feeling,
5:52 am
more fuel than what i had and i know the team feels the same way to achieve more. >> this will be the team's second trip to the sweet 16 in the last four years. that will do it for the morning sports, have a great day. >> thanks, christian. >> >> coming up, meteorologist marina jurica will have another check of our weekend weather. >> you can interact with marina jurica and myself on twitter and facebook this morning. first, here's a look at what is happening around central florida in the weeks ahead.
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next week orange county students can get required vaccines for free. florida department of health is offering vaccines from the 22nd to the 24th. at school board headquarters. they will be offered on a first come first served basis. >> >> dozens of people shaved their heads in downtown orlando to raise money for children's cancer research. look at this, some par distants told us the event for them is personal. >> a friend of mine, benjamin, died in 2008. of cancer. that's when we started to do it
5:57 am
him. what a great cause. >> >> coming up in the next hour morning. >> one person has died after a shooting in orange county. the sheriff's office is out here still this morning and they have a section of semoran boulevard roped off around the diamond club, how the shooting two people hurt >> we are looking at a mild start to the day.
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right now on "eyewitness news" this morning, we are following breaking fews, orange county deputies say one man is dead and two others at a local hospital following gunfire outside of a gentlemen's club. the groups investigators say may be linked to the shooting. >> >> a 16-year-old arrested that is said to have killed another -- what we are learning about the victim and her death. >> >> good morning, i'm darlene jones, time is 6:00. we'll have more on our top


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