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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 5am  ABC  March 21, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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in downtown los angeles, chelsea edwards, abc 7. >> out of your mind. >> yeah, yeah. >> that sums it up. that's what making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america" and have yourself a great day. "good morning america" and have yourself a right now and accused teenage killer is in jail, friend of a 15-year-old victim -- friends of the 15-year-old victim were heartbroken. why one family member doesn't believe the shooting was accidental. making history today was obama's first full day in cuba. what that means but your time at spotting on
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-- your time is 5 am monday, march 21. what a change of pace. >> the cold front made its appearance and pushed through and you will feel the difference when you walk out the door. we have partly cloudy skies but don't worry clear skies will be with us as a system has cleared and we're looking at a cooler day today. 56 in orlando and 53 in daytona and 62 in cocoa beach and we're just starting our cool down. we are 14 degrees cooler than we were yesterday at this time in our cooler morning will start as we head into tomorrow. these loans will be kicking at 15 to 25 miles an hour and of course that will help things feel cooler so we're talking mid to upper 60s, low 60s on the coastline.
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red flag warning as we headed to the rest of the day. how do those roads look? >> not too bad but we saw some spots of construction. starting off at i-4 at the turnpike. if you continue on, getting off on kirkland, the offramp, that is closed due to construction and the on-ramp from made one boulevard to i-4 it is closed from some construction over the weekend until 6 am. i will let you know that starts to cause issues. to make a 16-year-old boys in jail accused of shooting and killing a 15-year-old girl over the weekend. >> angela jacobs is in apopka where this happens. police are not identified the
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>>reporter: they are not. those balloons at the base of the tree is where family and friends held a vigil for a 15- year-old many cannot believe is gone. mourning the loss of 16-year- old destiny, we were there as family and friends came together to share their grief over the southern -- sudden- death of a girl who many say had so much look forward to. >>reporter: it was saturday afternoon on the gun somehow went off in the apopka home, the victim was wrestling with her boyfriend at the time. police have not confirmed that account or the identity of the boy they have under arrest who is charged with murder. clarissa woodside was upset to speak on camera but we reached her on sunday. she is the victim's best friend and was in the home what happened.
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room i said what happened and he said i don't know destiny just got shot. >>reporter: -- >>reporter: questions are still being answered. friends and family shared cherished memories of a loved one whose lives was lost. we will be checking with the nearby high school this morning to see if grief counselors will be on hand for the classmates. police are not releasing a motive in the shooting. coming up we will hear what witnesses told us. we are live in apopka, angela jacobs live this morning. >> you can hear more of that interview just good to a click on the video tab. a father and son tried to save a neighbor from a port orange county home. the flames and smoke were too much. the man died and investigations
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started. neighbors grabbed a firehose to try to put out the fire yesterday. the victim had mobility issues and may not have been able to get out of the house with the fire spread.>> the rest of that house was smoking that corner was in flames. >> investigators have not released the neighbor's name. cuban president castro. what that means for a country that has been cut off from america for less than -- for half a century. >>reporter: the historic moments a us president arrives in cuba for the first time in 90 years. obama and the first lady creek staff at the recently reopened us embassy. crowds cheered as their daughters join them for a two were of havana. vintage american cars from
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the stagnant economy. the cuban government has relaxed limits on the internet cell phone and private enterprise but strict limits on free speech and political opposition are still in force. these opponents were arrested just before obama's arrival. critics say cuba is not doing with us. trump said this is a case in point. >> so obama landed in cuba and the head of cuba who was there for the pope but was not there for the president of the united states. >>reporter: obama pushing forward expecting freedom for the cuban people and he sits down today with president of growled castro. >> is an opportunity to talk about agreements and deals and to build ties between our peoples and for me to lay out
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brighter than the past. >> cuba's government plans to do away with the 10% tax on converting us dollars if the us provides access to the banking system. they are waiting for the trade embargo to be lifted before opening up the economy. the first conversation with obama will air on good morning america on channel 9 at 7 am after eyewitness news this morning. a warning about contracting the zika virus in cuba and has not been a factor in the president's travel decision. and a case was confirmed in broward county on friday in a new case in brevard county. all cases except for one transmitted sexually. we have all you need to know
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click on the news tab and then click on the zika virus. >> north korea has fired missiles into the sea. for the first time since early 2014 north korea recently condemned ongoing drills between south korea and the us military in a season as a rehearsal for invasion. some a british ships carrying enough plutonium to make dozens of atomic bombs arrived in japan today. the ships are headed to the us. their international concerns over japan's ambition to use plutonium for fuel. the plutonium will be started a government facility in south carolina. still at the man of accused of killing a man in his adult nightclub is expected to appear in court. lewis cintron shot carlos henrique kruse at the diamond club yesterday morning. started as a fight in a parking lot. other people were hurt. they are facing murder charges.
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happens in court at new. this is the second shooting we told you about new the diamond club this year. in january a man pit is he was shot in the torso. the club and drove himself to a nearby business and died at the hospital. >> state troopers to not have a description of a car involved in a deadly hit-and-run. that crash happened there intersection of courtenay parkway in alma boulevard. a man fell off of his bicycle was he tried to get on he was hit by a car. we will let you know when they release his name. drivers can now use the westbound ramp onto i-4. maitland road has been closed all weekend as part of a project. this is a live look at the area produce posted open at 6 am but cruz remains the cones around 4:40 am.
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we have a cool down. >> that's right and it is blustery and we are looking at a red flag warning so make sure that you know that a fire threat will be higher today. wind is almost trouble at the beach. very rough seas looking at a high with current risk that will continue into the beginning of the work week so this is much cooler today we're looking at low to mid 60s you want to make the lifeguard station. the water temperature is much better. so from west to east across the area a lot of sunshine today and you are starting out chilly in the upper 40s and will be the coolest area 62 x 4 eight 62 x 4 8 pm and 64 x 4 p.m. -- 62 degrees at 8 pm and 64 degrees at 4 pm.
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coverage along the coastline but very nice with a high of 62 degrees at 2 pm. we have some construction out there was some lanes blocked off starting here on i- 4 eastbound at downtown orlando you have a left lane blocked but it is not causing any issues. and we have one lane blocked you have a right-hand lane blocked off and the cones it should be picked up at 6 am. >> a year has been passed within falluja county woman has been murdered. police are drumming up the elites on her killer. start protesting their hands have some activists are trying to stop another bearhug from happening.
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good morning it is at 5:14 am. here is a a live look at plymouth massachusetts, 40 miles south of boston. you can see snow coming down on that highway. the spring snowstorm in boston.
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this but we are tracking some cooler temperatures prove we will have a full check on whether a traffic every 10 minutes. to make it driver accused in a deadly hit-and-run is expected to appear before a judge. we told you at the crash at colonial drive and peachtree road in orlando. charles macmurray drop -- died. an anonymous tip led to alvarez who they tried to pull over but he set off. alvarez is being held without bond. his to make it driver is recovering after their truck overturned in smart -- swampy waters on sunday morning. you can see how high the water filled the cabin. firefighters responded to the crash for people pulled the driver out of the truck before it sunk into the water. to make a new police chief is expected to be sworn in today. taking his oath of office today. the retired police lt. accepted the position last
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the previous chief resigned in december. several officers complained he was overbearing or mistreated employees. to my today we will get an idea of how all to mont is teaming up with uber for ride sherry. as part of a pilot program to reduce congestion the city will pay 20% of a ride the starts and ends in the city limits of 25% of a right that starts at sun rail station. more refunds if you book a flight and it is a go as planned. they approved a bill for baggage fees if luggage is this -- delayed more than six hours and a refund in priority boarding and it would make families notify families the for joining us suits are not available. today repairs only south terminal the kennedy international airport.
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through. the airport saw 39 million passengers last year and is on track to seek 41 million issue. >> if you booked a flight from orlando the next few weeks email and to give yourself more time. they are the busiest airport in the nation because spring break is coming to central florida. in a traffic will be up to 13% compared to last a great story beaches are expected to be faxed this week for spring break. >> red flags expected to be out today because of strong rip currents. they rescued 19 people yesterday and there were a lot of alcohol violations. 5:17 am pay spring breakers better grab a jacket. finally a cold front arrived. it was the first day of spring but we backtrack into winter today and tomorrow and we are
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if you are to get out to do some voting pretty we'll be rough. clearing skies behind the front. we will be completely clear the next 60 minutes. a few clouds along the coast. high pressure has taken over. we seek a cold front to south florida. cooler and clearing conditions along the high pressure areas. over the next 48 hours are going to fix that and look for warm weather by wednesday. 48 is there a cool spot in ocala. our cold will come tomorrow but for the last 17 degrees we will see if 60 degrees temperature drop. 25 miles an hour is making it feel cooler. we will see 15 to 25 mile an hour winds throughout the entire day. it will be blustery and that's
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coast as well. it will be cooler and sunny with wins and clear skies but calm winds. featured track nine showing those clouds clearing nicely. by 8 am everyone will be in the clear and coastal counties by the action. our by our position to the 9 pm hour we will remove to the 50s and sit -- 60s by new. made to appear 60s ciliary are closer. in orange county where getting lots of sunshine the 65 in apopka and peppermill. we will see temperatures of 65 and 67 downtown and 66 in
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if you like this whether you want to enjoy the next few days because we are looking at the 80s returned by wednesday. gusty winds but they will calm down tonight it will be clear and cool as we dip into the 40s area wide. your weekend always in view. the chance of land is increasing as we head into our easter weekend. we were looking at a friend system making an appearance as week. hadley roads look? we have some debris reported on i-4 west bound before you get to 44. so they keep did so they can completely clear it out. it we have some construction on 417 southbound locking one lane of pulling up our camera to downtown orlando this is right at south street, you have a
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they should be picky of the cones in the next 30 minutes or so. >> emergency calls in orange county, more than ever before. the area that set to get some help. a teenager is in jail. we are working to find more about the bag and what will happen when school begins today.
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animal activists are fighting for florida black bears to be federally protected. more than a dozen groups are behind a petition that comes after last year's bearhug that was the first in 20 years. more than 300 were killed. the bears need federal protection because they are killed on highways and when they are considered a nuisance. people who live in areas where bears are need to educate themselves. >> hunting does nothing to remove the nuisance bears. it does not reduce that pressure.
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securing fax. >> wildlife officials have 90 days to respond the petition. in three months time, more than 40 pythons have been captured but have been a huge problem. one of the snakes weighed 140 pounds and was 16 feet long. as the largest male python ever documented in florida if the trackers on some of the snakes say researchers can see were there living to catch other snakes. us rep. brown says a reader also district map draws -- the new map stretches across part of north florida, was drawn that the state maps were unconstitutional. and that woman is asking for
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shows a donation of $2500 and not 26. >> drivers in seminole county will have to find another way around. they will start work on uptown boulevard with the road opening to people living in the loft apartment complex pay park officials say improvements are living -- moving along as scheduled. showing compassion when a local family needed it most. >> how one man went above and be a family who helps their son a family who lost their son of a house fire. i'm tracking 30s and 40s over the next few hours. i'll let you know that coverage
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plenty of heat in the cars this morning. watch? come on. >> i did it. i have not ashamed. we're going to get cooler as we head into the next 24 hours. before we get the 80s back. don't worry you want to enjoy the next few days but if you like heat, it will be back on wednesday. a cold front push through yesterday in our skies are clearing and you can see the outline very nicely. we will be completely clear by 8 am. temperatures right now 56 in orlando and 62 in cocoa beach and 48 in ocala. winds are kicking up at 15 to 25 miles an hour and it feels cooler. it will be a chilly one


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