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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 6am  ABC  March 21, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> one family member does not believe the shooting was an accident. making history today is obama's first day in cuba and what the visit could mean for both countries. good morning it is 6 am on monday, march 21. stackable check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. let's get started with weather. what a shocking about this when you step outside. >> the weekend was warm and muggy in a strong cold front pushed through. it feels like winter but it will be short-lived. satellite radar showing clearing skies behind the front. it took his sweet time to pass through our region and is in south florida. we are going to see plenty of sunshine by eight plenty of sunshine by 8 pm.
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counties is that air continues to push south. 62 cocoa beach of 53 orlando. in a 160 temperature change i will let you know when we're temperatures -- have a temperatures colliculus. right now with speeds of the northwest and we will continue to see blustery winds and feels cooler votives knocking off of our temperature and that will be the case. we're warming up into the& super upper degree 60. still at have a big problem in volusia county on i-4 westbound. all lanes or shutdown. if you plan on leaving daytona beach, let's switch over to the live traffic tracker. this is been like this for the last 30 minutes. one of the alternates could be
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boulevard and take the south to westbound i-4. all lanes or shutdown right now and foolish county. student this morning a 16-year- old boys and joe accused of shooting and killing a 15-year- old girl of the weekend. >> angela jacobs is in apopka this happen. police are not identifying the suspect. 1039 -- >>reporter: pretty good see what we found this morning. balloons around the tree pretty side of the vigil. friends and family held that last life of the 15-year-old. many can't believe she's gone. mourning the death of 15-year- old destiny, we were there is family and friends came together last bite to share their grief over the side jeff
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look forward to. police told us it was saturday afternoon when the gun went off and witnesses said the victim was wrestling our play fighting with her boyfriend. she has not confirmed that a counter this identity of the 16-year-old boy under arrest charged with murder. the mother -- the victim's best friend was in the homeland happened. >> i ran to the room he was running out and i said what happened? and he said i don't know, destiny just got shot. >> answers are still coming but loved ones cherished memories of a bright young life, lost. >> along with the identity of
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releasing any details of a mode of yet. coming up with we'll tell you what witnesses and victims family had to say. >> you can hear more of that interview on a father and his sons tried to save their neighbor from a fire but the smoke and flames were too much. a man inside the house died in the fire marshal is investigating how it started. stephen fox and his sons grabbed a garden house to put out the flames of the house. soon the students regularly issues ahead not been able to get out of the house when the fire spread. >>
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the president joan and its. what brings them to the country that has been cut off for more than half a century. apopka a story first moment a us president arrives in cuba for the first time in 90 years. obama and first lady great staff at the recently reopened us embassy. crowds cheer as their daughters join them for a tour of old havana. vintage american cars signed in the stagnant economy. the cuban government has relaxed limits on the internet, cell phone of private enterprise but they have strict limits on free speech and political opposition is still in force. these opponents are arrested hours before his arrival. critics say he is not doing
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trial -- drops that this is case in point. >> obama landed in cuba and the head of cuba was there for the pope but he was not there for the president of the united states. apopka obama pushing forward expected to discuss a freedom when he substantially with castro. >> is a historic opportunity to forge the agreements. to build ties between our people and for me to lay out my vision for a feature that is brighter than our past. >> obama meets with cuban business owners today. more historic defense calmly. some of the cuban government plans to do away with a penalty on converting us dollars if us provides access to the global banking system.
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embargo to be lifted before significantly opening its economy. still at the first presentation since happening in cuba will happen this morning. >> the notice about contracting the zika virus in cuba has not been a factor in the presence travel decision. there are 67 cases of zika in florida. friday at broward county and all of the cases have been contacted outside of the country suffer one that was transmitted sexually. we have all you need to now online. click on the news tab and click on the zika virus. north korea has fired short- range missiles into the sea, three days of reports after they fired a medium-range missile into the sea since the
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they can then ongoing drills and this man accused of killing a man in adults nightclub is expected to appear in court. this fight started in the parking lot with two other people heard. new. >> this is the second shooting we have told you about near the diamond club this year. january hemant told deputies he was shot in the torso. he drove himself to a nearby business and died of a hospital. semi-state troopers don't have a description of the car involved in a deadly hit-and- run. that crash happened at courtney parkway and all mobile viper demand fell off his bicycle and
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hit by a car. drivers can interstate. it was closed so we can as part of the alternate project. here is a live look at that area that is. at 6 am the crew started moving the scones before 5 am. >> we will check your weather and traffic every 10 minutes, let's go check on winter. that's what it feels like. >> luckily we picked up some much-needed rain. it was just bad timing that because of the blustery wednesday, seeing a flag warning from 10 am to 7 pm and of course it rakes have a tour coastline. we have a small graph eyes -- advisory. we will continue to see the
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very rough intercoastal waters. water temperature improving. it's going to be a chilly spring break day as we headed to the coast with the low to mid 60s and the wind will make it feel colder. we will see plenty of sunshine that will warm up after the 40s high as 64 at 4 pm and 55, 50 5 pm. 62 from -- heading to the coach we will see mostly cloudy skies and we are going to be much cooler than yesterday by 15 degrees. nobody leaving daytona beach should take i-4. westbound lanes are shutdown before you would get to state road 44. we're seeing a three or 4 mile backup. so go ahead and pull the live traffic tracker pretty good take us 92 as your alternate and
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road to get you back to state road 44. all of those lanes are shutdown. some of the effect crash early partial roadblock causing some trails. >> a volusia county woman has been murdered a year ago. what police want to do for new leaves for her killer. >> a group of activists trying to stop another perhaps from
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know you can save today
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good morning i am nancy alvarez.
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situation westbound on i-4. if you live in volusia county, always are closed. all liens are closed. will keep an eye out working on some alternate routes. the driver accused in a deadly hit-and-run is expected to appear before a judge. we told you about that crash the quarter of colonial drive and peachtree road this month. charles macmurray died. anonymous to let them over to alvarez. he is wanting to be addressed. mr. market driver is recovered after the germans workshop on county road 561. he could see how high the water filled the cabin. firefighters responded and people nearby house pulled the
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the water. eric patterson is said to take his oath of office of the city council office. the retired police officer accepted the position last week. the previous chief resigned in december. officers had complained he was overbearing and mistreated employees. we will get a better idea of how cooper is -- how uber is going to give you a discount. as part of a pilot program to reduce congestion and boost ridership. the city will pay 20% of a ride the starts and ends within city limits and is treated as senate committee approved a bill to require refunds for things like baggage fees of luggage is delayed more than six hours and travelers would get a refund if priority boarding and sees
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it would make airlines and notify families of seats are available. >> workers going to extend the south terminal three or four. the leaders is needed because more people are traveling through our airport. they saw 39 million passengers last year. it's on track to see 41 million issue. if you put a flight from orlando for the next few weeks, you might want to give yourself extra time. this is going to be the busiest airport in the nation because spring break is coming here for central florida. it's up to be 13% for the last year. the tickets in volusia county or practice well for spring break. some of the red flags are flying again today because of the strong with current. safety officials rescued 19 people and they said there was
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grab your jackets, spring breakers. >> slip a parker over that bikini. so this will make it feel cooler but 80s by wednesday. is short-lived and mip are last for quite some time since your cooler weather, enjoyed that is not the most fantastic beach weather and we have a small craft advisory on top. satellite greater assurance clearly favorite -- theaters. it's cloudy but it had to take so long for the cold front to clear our area. but for tonight's get more cloud coverage as we head into the afternoon but high pressure has a stronghold and will hold off for the next 48 hours and all keep things cool and blustery.
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that will continue to warm us up as a method to the middle of the week. 53 orlando 52 and three have heard --i'm talking about. window 25 miles an hour discuss up to 30. is going to be pleasantry in making the highs and the temper 60s feel cooler. so as a move into monday as well clear sunny this afternoon was clear skies tonight. it will help us feel better as we head into tuesday morning. coastal clouds could start to move in. we get the offshore showers in the afternoon and evening but overall a nice next 48 hours, just cooler. upper 60s today and 70s
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our average high as 79's we will get by where supposed to be out wednesday and exceed that. so make in seminole county looks lovely. 65 in sanford 65 and argument we are looking at 67 in the woodlands. clear and cool but calm ones. was your weekend india, 80s are returning. i know that your eyes are drawn to the chance of the brain increasing. we will continue to track your easter weekend over the next few days. @a live look, in volusia county i-4 shutdown, all lanes are blocked with a 3 mile backup so if you are leaving early don't take this westbound.
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and you can take it to coupler or woodland boulevard and we have a crash in kissimmee still. orange blossom trail. this is a partial roadblock. no need for an alternative. i will keep you posted. right now all lanes blocked on i-4. more emergency calls in orange county than ever before. >> a teenager accused of shooting and killing a 15-year- old girl is in jail on saying
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animal activist fighting for florida blackberries to be dozen groups are behind a petition sent to the us fish and wildlife service after last year's bear hunt which was the first in 20 years. 300 were killed. activist said the bears need federal protection because there killed on highways and considered a nuisance. people that live in areas with
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themselves. >> hunting does nothing to reduce the pressure. the issue with the nuisance bears i was securing trash. >> wildlife officials have 90 days to respond to the petition. in three months 40 pythons have been captured at south florida have been a huge problem. one snake measured 16 feet. it is the largest male python ever adopted. they put trackers on sympathy the snakes the vacancy were there living before catching other stinks.>> on friday local congress alone spent august a redistricting plan. the redrawn map violates the voting rights act hurts her political career. this stretches across parts of
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part of the original set of maps for being unconstitutional. syndicate congresswoman is asking for help to fight her fight. he discovered a letter on her campaign website asking for donations, anywhere from $25 to 2600. semi-drivers will have to find another way around all to month springs park next week. they will start construction on uptown boulevard. improvements are moving along a schedule. some new boardwalks reopened last week. showing compassion when a local family needed it most. >> how one man went above and beyond for a family who lost their son of a house fire. an investigation and grief continues after a weekend shooting of a teenager. what witnesses told us they saw unfold and not home.
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apparently today and today only orlando. let's begin with marina jurica and this weird weather we are having. >> yeah. this is the week before easter warmer. yesterday. we'll get cooler over the next 24 hours. we'll be looking at warmer weather returning. showing the clearing line nicely. temperatures are chilly. it is 48 deland and 59 cocoa beach. we see our coolest temperatures of the day at sunrise. we have a little bit to go here. we'll be at 15 miles per hour.
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than they actually are. that's what we'll see right now. we are about 5 to 6 degrees. we are talking mid-to upper 60s. it will be short lived. i'm tracking that warm up here shortly. still a big problem on i-4 westbound. if you were getting into downtown before you get to 44 all lanes are shut down at this point. about 3 to 4-miles of traffic is at a standstill. instead take u.s. 92 to either kepler boulevard to get to state road 44 and then you can continue from there. right now all lanes are shut down before state road 44. we are hearing from
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weekend that took the life of a 15-year-old girl. >> police arrested her 15-year- old friend. police still aren't revealing a motive here. >> reporter: yeah. they are not revealing that or many details at all. it didn't take long for family who said they are not convinced this was an accident. while family and friends mourn the lost of destiny bardman. >> she was always there for me when i needed her. i did everything with her. >> reporter: police keeping many of the details of her death under wrap. a girl that claims she was in the house told eyewitness news she was in the bedroom play fighting with her boyfriend. she says the victim's boyfriend left the room and came back
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moments later he came back with a gun. >> reporter: they have not confirmed that story. they also haven'tid'ed the suspect. as grief ran high at last night's vigil some members say they have doubts the incident was an accident. they said the family didn't even know the victim was in a relationship. relationship. senseless death. >> police have charged a 16- year-old suspect who they are . eyewitness news to morning. he is the first american president in nearly 90 years to
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they spent the day as tourists in havana looking at old cars and old weathered buildings. >> to build new ties between our two peoples and for me to lay out my vision for a future that's brighter than our past. >> take a look at this. officers arrested some protesters that opposed castro. new this morning we now know the victim who was shot and killed over the weekend. police say joshua bell was shot near a playground. he later died at the hospital. crime line is offering a $1000 shooter. a cigarette caused $30,000
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garage. people are who are staying there while it is repaired. tensions are rising around trump. some one sent a second threatening letter to his sister. his son received a threatening letter last week. a protester says he was attacked while they shut down a highway to keep people from attending a trump rally. >> it had trump with the con fred rat flag super imposed on his face. the guy grabbed the sign out of my hands and sucker punched me. he then got on top of me and hit me a few more times. >> you can keep up with all of the developments by downloading our news app.
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been planning another attack. he is revealing disturbing di tails to them about -- details to them about the plans. in just the last five minutes we found out russian investigators are having trouble with the black boxes on the flight that crashed and exploded in a giant fire ball 800 feet from the runway after trying to land for a second time in strong winds. they say the black boxes were damaged to the point that experts could not immediately read the data. the sex tape scandal is not over yet. they are back in court to award
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they decided they should pay hogan $115 million for posting a sex tape. three state employees have filed lawsuits claiming they got sick. the employees claim the building has mold, poor air quality and bat feces. the state is in the process of new buildings. this november you'll be able to vote on three new amendments to the state institution. they propose property tax exemptions for those who become permanently disabled. it would give a tax break on renewable energy. it is when they property values rise.
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orange county today. a sprinkler main if broke yesterday. it was caused bay back up of wastewater. the environmental will be there to assess any hazards. a clermont man opened up their home. this is video of the fire that destroyed the house and killed ross last week. this weekend city officials collected clothing and food donations for the family. a family had to check out. the clermont man offered two rooms in his own home to stay in. that's where he is no. sea world told us the orka has been very sick with an
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they say his bloodwork has improved. he is he responsible for the death of the trainer, dawn brancho. a winter storm is expect today bring as much of 10 inches of snow. let's take you there live right now. you're looking at massachusetts. this is about 40-miles south of boston. many schools have actually canceled class for the day there. >> wow. and we are complaining. >> yeah. they are happy about that. too. >> yeah, but not any where near what they are dealing with. normal. with a cold front comes blustery winds, we'll have a
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it will continue through the middle of the week. we'll be looking at seas with winds about 15 to 25 miles per hour. pretty blustery. we'll see a nice warm-up after a chilly start in the 40s. it is 64 by 4:00. weather clouds. it is 65 at 4:00 for our high today. in palm bay we'll be looking for a little more cloud coverage, high of 63 at 4:00. how do the roads look? >> still having big problems in volusia county. if you're planning on taking i- 4 westbound do not do that. we have about a 4-mile back-up. pulling up live traffic tracker one of your best alternates
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get back on at state road 44. we have a crash at avenue a at orange blossom trail. we have been telling you all morning about president obama's historic trip to cuba. and preparing for a mission to space, ahead the special exspearment made that will be on board a rocket this week. and the plan to add fire stations.
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before mars. before space stations. before shuttles. before one small step. before rocket rides. before flat tops, freeze-dried, and flight suits. back when what went up, still had to come down. we challenged ourselves to change everything. a first person view of space awaits at the spot where our journey to the heavens began. kennedy space center visitor complex.
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the state attorney's office relayed a statement acing in part lonzi's memory should not be use today rip it apart saying we cannot prosecute cases on what we believe happened. we prosecute based on the facts that we can prove. florida fish and wildlife are searching for a boater. two men helped free another boat. rescuers say one of those men they are still searching for the other. they hope a new billboard will help track down a murder case. they found faith jenkins in an abandoned home. on wednesday it will unvail a billboard. investigators hope it will
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state funding will improve a historic site in deland. it is for the american he john orange baker post. african americans refused post. hurricane also damaged the post in 2004. people living in east up. what is expected to be built at the intersection of dean road and winder trail. county reports showed emergency responders are spending too much time because of growth and traffic. >> we have been living here now for 23 years. it's grown big time. traffic is really bad especially when the college lets out or they go in. >> asking for $18 million to fund the project. tomorrow united launch united is scheduled to lift
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>> it is part of a resupply mission. it has been loaded on temperature of the atlas 5 rocket. it is holding 8000-pounds of supplies and experiments. these pictures show researchers working on it. it will study the properties of soil. the launch window for the rocket is scheduled to open at 11:05 p.m that that says two comments could fly by earth today. these two white dots are planetary twins. that means the smaller comment on the right may have broken off the bigger one on the left. the bigger one will follow on tuesday. they will be about 2 million- miles away which makes it the closest in history. >> here is the part that troubles me about all of this.
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didn't find these comments until january 22nd. they didn't know they were out there. >> almost 2 months prep time. >> we are okay. it feels a lot cooler out there this morning. it will continue to feel cool for about the next 48 hours. if you like the cooler weather enjoy the next couple of days. the heat will be back before we know it as we are heading into our easter weekend coming up. big picture, high pressure is taking over. it is in the north side. it is giving us a blustery day today. you know the drill, the southerly wind takes over. we felt that this weekend. it will be back by wednesday. it is 48 in the villages and 49 in palm coast and 53 downtown orlando and 59 in cocoa beach. we might cool down about a
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to rebound into the rest of the day. winds are so blustery. temperatures are up to 18- degree difference. it will feel cooler. it is dropping about 5 to 6 degrees off of our temperature. we have a red flag warning from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m saving grace is that we did see a little bit of rainfall, about a trace to 3 inches across the area. we are going to see a heightened fire risk moving into the day today. by the time you're heading out for lunch around 63 degrees. it is warmer but blustery. we are talking mid-to upper 60s but plenty of sunshine as we head into the day today. in osceola county we'll be looking at a very nice day today with temperatures in the mid-60s. it is 67 in celebration. it is going to be a nice but
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even cooler tonight into tomorrow morning. we haven't seen that for about eight weeks. 42 in the villages and 45 in orlando and 54 cocoa beach. at least the winds are coming down. five day forecast showing that nice warm up but also showing an increased chance of rain as we head towards the end of the week. as we progress we'll keep you posted on those rain chances. it's 6:50. if it is a part of your drive this morning you need an alternate. all lanes westbound are shut down before you get to state road 44. pulling up live traffic tracker one of your alternates should be u.s. 92 and you can take that to get onto state road 44 to get you back onto i-4 westbound.
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at orange blossom and also right here, both with partial roadblocks. the stars will shine on the dance floor tonight. good morning america will put on her dancing shoes this morning. she will join them in the competition. it airs tonight at 8:00 right here on channel 9. exciting. well, it's a day many technology fans have been waiting for. next, the new products is expected to unveil. >> reporter: the investigation continues and a family waits for answers in the weekend shooting death of a teenager. and 9 investigates the state raw that allows changers
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it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you.
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(vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru
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love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. eyewitness news this this happened. angela, a lot of questions about the suspect and what lead up to all of this. >> reporter: there really are. while police have made an
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the details around this entire case close to the vest. we with were there as family and friends gathered this past weekend. the homicide team has taken the circumstances surrounding this shootingment while police haven't released how or why they believe it happened they charged a man in connection with his death. they have not yet released his name. angela jacobs, eyewitness news this morning. in volusia county two daytona beach tourists it. right now it is free to park there. council members say they would have to use the meters. it would range from $2 an hour to $20 for the day. nissan adding to a recall
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it is part of that recall. more than 46,000 vehicles made between june of 2014 are included in the recall. they say it could cause the engine to stop while you're driving. you'll have to repair it at our nissan dealer for free. you're paying more at the gas pump. florida gas prices have increased about 29-cents in the last 20 days. it's still almost 40-cents cheaper compared to this time last year. it is because of a growing demand for gas and higher crude oil prices. all right. tech fans will hear about apple's latest products today. officials from am will hold their spring news conference this afternoon. it is expected to be a smaller version of the iphone as well
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orange county students can get required vaccines for free starting tomorrow. they offered the vaccines from the 22nd to the 24th. you can arrive between 9:00 and 2:00. there are a limited number so you'll want to get there early. the company will now label their products that contain genetically modified ingredients. the company says it is more practical to change the label for products distributed across the entire country than to comply for the rules for just one state. it goes into effect july 1st. healthy meal option showing up across the state. schools in the southern u.s. are not as like throw have the option.
6:58 am
congress for healthy lunch programs. we are a few months away from the soccer tournament. individual match tickets go on sale tomorrow. bowl. happening now america's most famous bald eagles have their happened in washington d. c. there is a live look at that nest. the first was born friday morning. it started hatching and merged around 3:00 a.m. on sunday. >> sweet baby. look at that. >> just winging it. let's check weather and traffic every ten minutes. >> welcome to the jokes. >> they will definitely be warmer. we are looking at a cooler start to the day today.
6:59 am
through the area. we'll be looking at the 40s and 50s with blustery winds out of the northwest. our coolest night will come tonight into tomorrow morning. we'll dip down and then the warm up begins. 74 on tuesday and 80s on wednesday. increased chance of rain and, yes, over easter weekend. we'll be monitoring that very closely heading into the next couple of days. deneige here at 6:59. how is i-4 looking? >> it can shut downright now before you get to state road 44. all lanes are blocked. they have also gone ahead and shut down the ramp from i-95 so people can't get on right now. you'll need to take u.s. 92 as
7:00 am
you may not know it but a state law allows vote te rse mange changes. they investigate why it's allowed. your news coverage continues now on central florida's tv 27. take the news with you now in your car. good morning, america. spring snowstorm. as much as half a foot in the east. schools closed in boston. severe weather causing this massive waterspout. abc news exclusive. david muir goes one-on-one with president obama. his historymaking trip to cuba this morning. the first u.s. president on the island in nearly 09 years. >> change is going to happen and i think raul castro understands that. >> preparing for a meeting with the cuban leader.


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