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tv   Eyewitness News 5  ABC  March 21, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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performed cpr on the kid but it was too late. orange county deputies say the teen was the only person who was hit despite there been lots of people around 2:30 when the bullets started flying. last week 14 adults and children were arrested on central avenue, two blocks from here. deputies said there's no indication that this is drug-related. this area is known for violence. i've covered four stories here in the last few years. people voiced frustration. police say witnesses rarely come forward and despite the big crowd no one has come forward yet. >> the feeling is someone must have seen something and make some kind of id and give us more information but it's been minimal. >> reporter: you can see investigators are still out here working the scene trying to track that shooter down. we'll keep working to gather more information and update you within the next hour here. for now that's the latest reporting
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eyewitness news. >> that same area of apopka was already reeling from another deadly shooting that took the life of a 15-year-old girl in her own bedroom. the victim's 16-year-old boy is now accused of her murder at her house along sheeler hills drive on saturday. roy ramos spent the day learning more about the suspect. roy, since 4:00 we found this wasn't his first run-in with the law. >> reporter: no, in fact it was last october that that teen fail today appear in court on a case burglary. it was the incident that happened inside of this home that many who knew him are finding it very hard to believe. >> i just can't even believe it because he was just -- he seemed like a shy kid. >> maria watts was shocked to hear that the 16-year-old who lived next door to her was charged with second degree murder. quashun maisy shot and
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bargman inside her apopka home saturday afternoon. >> he was a nice kid. looked about high school age. >> according to investigators massey and a group of kids were shooting a gun before returning inside the house. in the report we obtained he left and the room and returned with a gun confirmed one of her friends. >> i said what happened he said i don't know, destiny just got shot. >> while massey retrieved the gun from another person they did too. i looked into massey's criminal history and he was watts said she would always see the teen home, which she found unusual at his age. >> what was something that was concerning to you, the fact that you saw him out and about all the time? >> reporter: i did also speak
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they did not want to talk to us on camera but told me that gun we have yet to confirm that. roy ramos, channel 9, eyewitness news. it's been a pretty chilly day out there and we're just hours away now from feeling temperatures in the 40s. so let's get right to our certified meteorologist bryan shields in severe weather center 9. bryan. >> yeah, today the first full day of spring, bob, and we're going to see some frost on the way for tonight. it is definitely going to be a cold night. we have a frost advisory up for marion county but north and west of i-4 especially. don't forget about the pets tonight or -- if you're in one of those typical hot spots. 67 in lake mary, 65 in longwood. as we swing over towards volusia county seeing some numbers in the low to mid 60s. so we're going to drop
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we'll see the temperatures in the 40s. coming up we'll track bob. >> all right. see you then bryan. breaking right now in orange county, jeff la coolage just arrived on the scene where a 20 acre brush fire is burning now much of central florida is under a fire warning right now for at least jeff, you spoke with residents about how that fire came up right to the back of their homes. >> reporter: yeah, bob, they were nervous they would have to leave their homes. take a look. this is where the edge of the fire line was and you can see how close it got. take a look another the fence here melted from that brush fire that started around 3:00. now we'll go to some video of sky witness 9. you can see how much of the field here was burned. about 20 acres is what they're saying. 90% of it is contained at this point. now, we did talk to some residents, they had some fire
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some of the hot spots. if you come back live this is where you can see some of the trees and the brush that are still smoldering here very close to where these homes are. now, they're going to remain out here, the fire crew, over night to make sure that all the hot spots are put out. reporting live in orange county, jeff la coolage, channel 9, eyewitness news. three local police officers are suspended tonight because of questions surrounding a drug bust. >> if you were watching at 4:00 you heard defense lawyers question why the officer's testimony didn't match surveillance video in this case. since then michael la party reviewed that video and what state attorney jeff ashton said about the case. michael, ashton said this was the first time he can recall a case like this since he's been in office. >> reporter: he said she's saddened by the acquisition that his officers may have given false testimony. they are now reviewing the other cases
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legal analyst said this could open the door to challenges on cases that are closed as well. >> this surveillance video showing several kissimmee police officers enter a room out the tropicana hotel. the video doesn't match what one officer testify our wrote in the police report. she said she knocked on the door and a man turned over a bag of marijuana. >> three officers were suspended with pay but it's unclear which officers are in the video. >> when you take that oath in court in front of a judge we have to rely on the fact that you really mean it. perjury in an official proceeding has to be treated seriously no matter who does it. >> the report shows officers arrested a man for allegedly possessing 29 grams of prosecutors dropped surfaced. wftv legal analyst bill sheaffer. >> you can bet every criminal
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review their cases and find out if the officers were involved as witnesses in their case and exploit it to the best of their abilities. >> officers from the street crimes unit were conducting a drug bust at the hotel at the time. now it's the officers who could face felony charges. >> reporter: this incident has prompted a criminal and internal investigation. that street crimes unit would typically look into cases involving prostitution and drugs. the unit has been suspended the remaining officers have been assigned other duties in the department. michael la party, channel 9, eyewitness news. >> now the only suspect in michelle parker's disappearance must now answer some tough questions about the day she vanished. >> parker disappeared in 2011 but today a judge ruled that dale smith, her ex-fiancee and the father of her children, be deposed in the wrongful death lawsuit filed by parker's
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they -- -- parker's mother. >> reporter: he said that he will plead the fifth but basically just answering the question who is your name. parker's family said they will go ahead with this deposition anyway. >> it's before more than 4 years since michelle parker vanished. >> i want to know where michelle is. >> she left behind three children and a lot of unanswered questions for her family. >> it's agony. it's torture every day. >> those answers evan stewart said lie with dale smith. >> i think dale needs to answer our questions. >> do you think if he didn't have anything to hide he wouldn't be pleading the fifth? >> yes. >> parker dropped a you have er -- dropped her kids off with her ex-fiancee in 2011 and have not been since seen. smith has not cooperated with police. >> smith's attorney tried to convince the judge that it's a lose/lose for smith. answers
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he will plead the faith and his lawyers will ask his testimony to be sealed and out of the public eye. >> the public takes the fifth amendment as being synonymous with guilty. that's not the constitution. so that sort of reaction is prejudice to my client. that's why i want to deposition sealed. >> he could answer the questions. >> he has the fifth amendment. that's the all purpose. this is america. >> reporter: depositions are usually a matter of public record. the attorneys have to give a good reason for the judge to seal is. as for this deposition, it has not been scheduled yet but we'll keep you posted. shannon butler, channel 9, eyewitness news. >> stewart told shannon why today's decision was so important to her. you can listen to more at and click on the video section. an orange county man who was 16 years old when he murdered a felony student more than 20
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life sentence commuted. defense arguments for jimmy bedoya will be heard in may, two weeks before his resentencing. he was arrested three years after shanna card's murder and was found guilty of stabbing her dozens of times. he's trying to benefit from a u.s. supreme court ruling ordering resentencing for all juveniles who were sentenced to life without parole. president obama sat down with cuban president raul castro toad and they put aside their deep differences to shake hands at havana's palace of the revolution. it was a moment in a economy where resistance to the u.s. has been a part of the government's national mission for nearly six decades. president obama's opponents criticized his visit to the communist island pointing to cuba's record on human rights. president obama said engagement can do more than isolation to
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>> this is a new day. [foreign language] >> we continue to have some very serious differences including democracy and human rights. >> castro urged president obama to lift more restrictions. he will give a nationally televised speech. tonight world news has a one on one interview with president obama. you can see that right here on channel 9 following eyewitness news at 6:00. this 12-year-old girl was arrested for pinching a classmate's rear end. all new at 5:00, what her family is doing now to get this cleared from her permanent record. >> we told you thousands of gallons of raw sewage leaked into this lake. >> your next uber ride could
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altamonte spring leaders hope it will encourage riders to ditch their cars more often. >> it's been much chillier today verses this weekend with some of the 80s. we will track how cold it's going to get city
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new at 5:30 she said an auto she called action 9's today ulrich who got results. you're watching channel 9 coverage you can count on.
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between it's a pilot program that discounts rides within the city limit by 20%. as deneige broom explains it's a push to get more people to ride sun rail. >> the sun rail station has had some of the lower ridership numbers of all the stops. city leaders hope by putting the convenience of uber in people's hands more people will come here. >> today mike and his family are riding sun rail for the first time just for fun. he said he will consider using uber in altamonte for one reason. >> convenience. >> that's what leaders hope drives people to get an uber ride. >> but for downtown it's not where everyone else's business centers are. >> city leaders tried to bring a flex bus to the city. that fell flat. the city budgeted $1.5 for that project. now $500,000 will go towards covering part of people's uber rides. >> anything we can do to help
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take sun rail is important and the key is convenience. >> during the 1-year pilot program anyone in altamonte can get a discounted uber ride if the trip starts and ends in the city. enter altamonte in the promo code box. >> this is set to last for a year and after that the city manager said they will assess all other transportation options and figure out what to do long deneige broom, channel 9, eyewitness news. >> sounds like a good deal. officials here in central florida are monitoring another case of zika tonight. this time in osceola county. two other cases were found in miami-dade the number of cases is to 71. nearly all of the patients became infected traveling outside florida. so far health
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infected our local mosquito population. peta is calling on sea world to move killer whales to sanctuaries. they said they will file a shareholders request to have the wheals moved to sanctuaries to be in the ocean without having total freedom. sea world said they're best off in the parks where trainers and vets can take care of them. bryan has a look at our forecast. some frost warnings? >> it was chilly today. >> it was nice. >> first full day of spring. >> that's how we do it around here. definitely on the cool side. probably our last cool down of the season. some frost on the way tomorrow morning. there's a look at downtown orlando over the performing arts center. definitely sweatshirt and jacket weather. 65 degrees now in downtown orlando. sunsets in the next hour. once the sun goes down those temperatures will drop off quickly. there's the 60s around
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65 clermont, 63 volusia county and deland. 24 impressive. degrees cooler. we topped out in the low 80s yesterday. a far cry from that today because of the wind zipping down and gusty still watching out for a few high clouds. had smoke towards avalon park with that fire. we're staying on top of that for you and we'll have another update as you hang with us. red flag warnings out for so. fire threat stays high the next couple of days as we get into that fire season some 50s later on this evening. tomorrow morning down in the 40s. it will be a jacket start to the day. tomorrow a lot of sunshine, we're going to be on the dry side, you don't need that umbrella ready but have the jacket for the morning. short sleeves by the afternoon. one of those kind of tricky days. 47 tonight, frost north and west of i-4. 46 in st. cloud, 49 titusville, clermont by the
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county. that's where we have if you're in a typical cold spot this could be our last cold night of the over all winter to early spring season. tomorrow 76 by the loop in kissimmee. winter gr garden 76, gorgeous weather tomorrow morning after the cold start. we'll spring up towards interior sections of volusia county in five day forecast with the weekend always in view up on your screen right now, by wednesday we'll we'll warm up further. mid 80s end of the week into the weekend. now, later this week we're going to see a couple of fronts approach, one front approaching thursday better chance though an action 9 investigation no driver can miss.
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claims a $40 oil change caused $9,000 in damages. how new oil filters could rip your engines. >> orange county residents are still having trouble with their trash. >> he just took it and threw it on the ground, dumped it and drove off and left it on the ground. >> new at 6:00, what one resident is begging -- why they're begging to go back to the old service. >> thousands of gallons of raw
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tonight angry residents are demanding answers about the safety of their water after dozens of thousands of gallons of raw sewage poured into their lake. they want to know what's being done to keep this from happening again. >> reporter: absolutely they do. environmental workers were out in canoes taking water samples to test. until those tests are complete like you see on the sign the county doesn't want anyone on the lake. >> it was discovered by one of the neighbors at 8:00 on sunday morning and they heard a giant
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lake. >> that rushing river was raw sewage flowing from a pumping station that failed and created the huge wash out with thousands of gallons of dirty water. a doctor's office sitting dangerously close to the giant hole was closed down and deemed unsafe. in quiet lake rose. >> after we saw what happened yesterday we had people that were already on the lake, turned lake. >> homeowner john conley collected this sample of the water that smells even worse than it looks. some residents said they stopped using their wells until county environmental workers can determine the level of contamination in the lake and in the ground. they also want assurances this won't happen again. >> more importantly we're hoping that the county goes back and says we have corrective measures to do, we need to have a second containment barrier
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it's so close to the canal so this won't happen again in future years. >> reporter: of course the immediate question is how contaminated is this water. the county told me today that they expect to start getting the test results back tomorrow afternoon. we'll let you know what happens. reporting live in orange county, steve barrett, channel 9, eyewitness news. city officials have began work on a major water line improvement project near downtown clermont. the nearly $4 million project will replace 4 and a half miles of old water pipes along the west side of highway 27. environment services officials say residents shouldn't see much of a change in their water service while the work is being done. it should be finished in a year. orange county has seen a shocking increase in the number of rape cases in the past two weeks. what victims advocates told us you can do to make sure it doesn't happen to your loved ones. >> the confrontation on camera that's changing how republican presidential front runner donald trump will meet with supporters.
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was just joking with a classmate but it resulted in a battery charge. >> i didn't know it would go this far.
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channel 9 eyewitness news continues right now at 5:30. >> a middle school student admitted he wasn't hurt when this 12-year-old pinched him. >> she ain't hurting the kid. it's not like she beat him up or attacked him or anything. >> but she was still arrested for it. the steps her family is taking to have a battery charge remove from her record. >> since we broke this story at 4:00 a lot of you have read it on and are talking about it on our facebook page. >> a 12-year-old middle schooler is facing battery charges for pinching a girl on her father told carla ray he's working to get it he's afraid they were going to ask for it to be more severe. >> reporter: yeah. instead a prosecutor won't even see this


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