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tv   Eyewitness News 530  ABC  March 21, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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channel 9 eyewitness news continues right now at 5:30. >> a middle school student admitted he wasn't hurt when this 12-year-old pinched him. >> she ain't hurting the kid. it's not like she beat him up or attacked him or anything. >> but she was still arrested for it. the steps her family is taking to have a battery charge remove from her record. >> since we broke this story at 4:00 a lot of you have read it on and are talking about it on our facebook page. >> a 12-year-old middle schooler is facing battery charges for pinching a girl on her father told carla ray he's working to get it he's afraid they were going to ask for it to be more severe. >> reporter: yeah. instead a prosecutor won't even see this
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young girl came here this afternoon to enroll here into a sort of diversion program today. once she completes that program still a very scary situation over what she said was a joke. >> what started with a pinch inside milwee middle school today. >> i didn't know it would go this far. >> she was suspended for socially unacceptable behavior after she admitted to pinching a boy on the behind on the way to class. >> i don't know the kid. >> his mother want ed ed to press charges leading to her arrest for battery. a charge her father worried could escalate. >> they were like she could be charged with a sex crime. >> in hopes of avoiding upgraded charges and a drawn out court process brianna will take classes and do community services as part of a 90-day
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>> if i don't do it, i might be known as a sex offender when i'm 18. it would message up my world. >> the kids have no history of problems and the boy didn't want to prosecute saying he didn't have not my injuries. >> don't touch no one. >> this girl and her mehrdad said for a pinch this punishment she's facing now is bad enough. >> you know, she didn't hurt the kid. it's not like she beat him up or attacked him or anything. it's just bs to go this far. >> reporter: now, again, the sheriff's office wants to stress that they consulted with the state attorney's office and the family and they decided that this program is the best course of action instead of criminal prosecution in this case. once she completes that program this will be removed from her record. again, we wanted to speak to the mother of the boy, the victim in this case, but her information is protected from public record so we cannot reach out to her. reporting live in seminole county, carla ray, channel 9, eyewitness news.
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happening in orange county. firefighters are working to put out a boat fire. sky witness 9 is over that scene along county road 13 in bithlow. firefighters just arrived and flames. these are pictures from sky witness 9. look at those flames pouring off of this boat. it appears it's near a home and may have caught surrounding trees on fire. we will continue to stay on top of this and have an update if this fire spreads. this is a live look behind a neighborhood in avalon park where a brush fire burned up to the backs of homes. the scene is along wild cameron boulevard. 20 acres burned. a reporter is on the scene talking with homeowners and will have another update for you. it looks like it scorched the fencing. an update coming up at 6:00. at this hour state troopers still haven't found a hit and run driver who hit and kill add
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it happened on the courtney parkway along melanie holt spoke to troopers and the they need the public's help to track down a suspect. >> reporter: there are some witnesses that saw the driver of a pick up leave the scene on steven terry. he was homeless and had a camp near by and was heading back there. s it's unfathomable to me that that. there's no saying that it would have made a difference if they stayed. now we'll never know. >> rhonda terry's brother-in-law was killed by a hit and run driver shortly after he fell from his bicycle last night on courtney parkway near spruce avenue on merritt island. >> troopers have steven terry's bike now as well as pieces of the pick up truck that struck him. >> we have some vehicle parts we're looking at.
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at either a gmc sonoma or chevrolet s-10 pick up. right now the range of vehicles is wide open. >> you wouldn't want your family member left to die. you should do the right thing for your soul and come forward. >> troopers told me before the driver left the scene he or she may not have even been at fault but a conviction for leaving the scene of a crash carries a minimum of 4 years in prison. >> we do urge the person who took off to turn themselves in. save us a lot of problems because we will find you. >> reporter: i'm told the pick up that was involved in this crash likely has front end damage as well as damage to its undercarriage. live on merritt island, melanie holt, channel 9, eyewitness news. the driver accused in a deadly hit and run in orange county has been denied bail. we told you about the crash at colonial drive and peachtree road in orlando earlier this month where charles mcmurray
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yesterday a tip led troopers to this guy antonio alvarez. he sped off and hit mcmurray. he's being held without bond. republican front runner donald trump is making his first appearances in washington dc in hopes of getting some establishment support. before making a speech he met with form er former and current republican lawmakers. several rabbis are expected to walk out. one said he will stay and listen. >> we should be respectful no matter how disrespectful a person who might be on the stage can be. we don't believe that we should sink down to their level. >> despite trump's attempts to gain jewish support when he was asked about continued financial sport for israel he still would not commit. the other presidential candidates are also in washington dc today on the eve of another primary show down. all but one of the remaining
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policy conference focusing on the israel and american vote. investigator reporting christopher heath joins us now. acquisitions about violence at his rallies also. >> reporter: the trump campaign has responded to a series of violent rallies saying security will increase. he was in orlando. you can see several protesters being removed in ucf. one of his staff members came under fire after he was caught on video, we have it highlighted, grabbing a protester by the collar. now his opponents are using these incidents against him. >> thank you so much. >> democratic front runner hillary clinton was the first candidate to address the american israel public affairs committee using part of her time to address the republican front runner for his comments on israel and palestine. >> we need steady hands, not a president who said he's neutral on monday, pro-israel on tuesday and who knows what on wednesday.
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clinton took aim at trump who said he wants to be neutral when dealing with israel and the palestinians. >> she doesn't know anything about my policy. >> trump responded with a news conference before addressing the jewish lobby. earlier trump met with gop lawmakers to improve his relationship with leader. violence continues to create controversy. >> these are professional agitators. they block the road and use foul language. these are not good people. >> senator ted cruz's campaign released robocalls in utah and arizona of mitt romney. >> this is a time for republicans to unite behind ted. he's the only republican that can defeat donald trump. >> reporter: the latest poll numbers show trump ahead in arizona which is a winner take all primary. ted cruz the expected to do well in utah.
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in orange county has victim advocates issuing a warning. there's been a high number of alerts in the last two weeks. they believe it's tied to spring break. >> as spring break gets into full swing across central florida a warning from the victim's service center. >> look out for one another, be aware e of your surrounding. and alarming number of sexual assaults. >> last year at the same time we saw over 16 cases is unprecedented for us. >> all involve college or high school aged victims and all involve drugs and alcohol. >> in most of the cases victims met their attackers in bars and the assaulting happened in a
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>> just because you had a couple of drinks doesn't mean that it was anybody's right to sexual assault you. >> we recently reported on a new training program called operation bar tab orlando police ucf and the victim service's center teamed up with bars to recognize someone is a victim they said during spring break that training is more valuable. >> they prey on the weak and vulnerable. also look out for your friends. watch one another, see who is dropping what? somebody's drink. pay attention and be aware. >> in orange county, nancy alvarez, channel 9, eyewitness news. >> if you need help you can find more information on our website, and click on the web links button on the right-hand side of your screen. at this hour a composite sketch still has not led police to a stranger who tried to lure
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>> new for 6:00, the actions police are taking to protect residents until they make an arrest. >> gas prices are soaring across central florida. we found out how high they're expected to go. >> and action 9 investigating a local woman's claims that a $40 oil change caused $9,000 worth of damages. >> next, did this shop use the wrong part and who pays. >> i'm tracking some frost on
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a local deputy losing his cool and his badge after flashing a gun at another driver. we're working to uncover what happened and if he could face charges. >> tonight at 6:00 on channel 9
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can count on. on orange county woman blames an oil change stop for a $9,000 mistake. >> repair experts said that shop used the wrong oil filter and that wrecked her engine. todd ulrich found some can be destructive and tracked down corporate managers. >> lisa platter heard the diagnosis, her kia's engine died from oil starvation. >> no oil. it just sprayed out and all of it came out. >> it haptd week s happened weeks after she paid $40 for an oil change at this valvoline instant oil location. service techs at a kia dealership said that shop made a big mistake replacing the oil filter. >> it was the wrong size and the wrong filter for my type of vehicle. >> the shop had used this filter on the right. it has different threads than the kia
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there's a technical service bulletin warning against using that filter in many kia vehicles. the smaller filter could trigger engine failure. >> if that comes loose it dumps all the oil out. >> lisa send her evidence to them. she called her after they declined to pay a $9,000 repair bill. >> i'm disgusted with them. >> she claims the wrong oil filter was installed and wrecked the engine. >> that isn't correct. >> later corporate own er er ashlyn, inc said the fran chaise chise did nothing wrong but there was confusing information on their website and now they would pay her full repair bill and rental car. something she had not heard before. >> i will not let go until they do what is right. >> now she thinks they did.
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me its tech used to oil filter as instructed. repair experts say some after market filters can trigger problems so ask the technician when you are changing your oil. >> good work todd. thanks. have you ever got ten the wrong oil filter on your car? join the conversation too going on right on right now at imagine living in an rats. >> that's what one orange county woman said she's dealing with right now. michelle mccloud showed us these photos of dead rat. her facet doesn't work and a leak in the ceiling ranked her brand new bed set. we found documents that show orlando code enforcement found 30 violations within the past 6 months. >> air-conditioning has not worked in 30 days. it got all
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$1,500. >> mike tracked down the complex owner and he said he would have the problems fixed within a week. we'll be following up. a united laufrnl alliance rocket is scheduled -- laufrnl alliance rocket is scheduled to lift off tomorrow at 11:05 to the international space station. students at ucf built one of the experiments to study soil. you can watch live right here on eyewitness news and on a team of experts at ucf is working on a new high-tech way to help children with heart problems. they're working on creating 3d printed hearts that can be used by pediatric surgeons for practice. the idea is to give surgeons something as
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possible even creating some models with specific funding. now they're working to get funding to make workable models. >> that's incredible stuff. here's a man with a hear how nice. >> good stuff. let's get you outside right now at downtown orlando. looking awesome. a lot of sunshine around. volume building on i-4. that not so awesome. just have a jacket. 65 now our last little round of winter on this first full day of spring. winds out of the north at 7 miles per hour. so the temperatures running in those 60s for most of us. 65 degrees in clermont, 64 as we get towards the villages, 61 palm coast. once that sun goes down in the next hour it's going to be chilly. winds gusty at 35. that's one of the reasons we're watching out for the fire threat conditions.
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out more smoke. we'll be monitoring the fires going on. use some caution. for tonight in the 50s to start, then dropping off into the 40s by tomorrow morning. this is to settle. we are going to be on the colder side by tomorrow morning. tomorrow itself a beautiful day on theeek when we see our next chance of rain by about thursday we'll start to see some scattered showers popping up in the forecast. so 47 tonight, turning chilly. look at the numbers. 38 in ocala, 46 in st. cloud, 49 in titusville. again, tonight don't forget about the pets and it's a night to protect the plants. we have a couple of cold spots in brevard and osceola. best chance of patchy frost north and west of i-4. you can see some frost when you wake up tomorrow morning. tomorrow in the afternoon it's going to be one of those split day a gorgeous day on the way. brevard county 73 in melbourne, 73 in cocoa beach, merritt
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city, titusville temperatures in the mid 70s. a huge change by the afternoon. daytona beach shores and daytona beach about 72, 71 ormond beach, flagler beach in the low 70s. five day forecast with the weekend always in view, if you like the chill get out there tonight because it's going to go away in a hurry by wednesday. 81 and then mid 80s late week into the weekend. as i mentioned we'll see one system approach thursday into friday, about 30% chance of rain. by the weekend we're going to see a bigger system give us a 50% chance of scattered showers and storms. marsha. we're on top of two breaks stories for 6:00, new information about the teenager shot and killed in apopka. >> we're monitoring this 20 acre brush fire burning dangerously close to homes. >> a deputy accused of pulling a gun in an alleged case of road rage. >> he pointed right towards my face. >> the consequences he's already facing tonight. >> this teen said she was
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what police are going to make
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next time you fill up with gas it's going to cost you more money. gas prices that was below $2 a gallon are now spiking. angela jacobs checked with aaa and found out prices are not expected to drop any time soon. >> if you're noticing higher gas prices when you fill up get used to it. you could be paying up to $0.50 more over the next two months. >> it's a combination of spring travel and rising oil price that is have gas prices across central florida and the state
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regular unleaded or already over. >> a $0.28 jump is one hoe moe -- one motorist can't notice. >> my car used to take $25 and now it's taking $30 and i have a little honda. that's a lot of money. >> some drivers said it's not that big of a shock for them since prices have already been low this year. >> you have to do what i have to do. >> this motorist drives 70 miles a day round trip for work. this week that's costing him $40 more. >> it was nice when it was lower but, you know, it is what it is. >> you got to go to work. >> yeah. >> other s already have their own way to save. >> i usually take the bus and when i get off the bus i walk to work. that's the smart thing to do for me.
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is lower than when it was $0.40 more. in orlando angela jacobs, channel 9, eyewitness news. >> now we made it easier to find the best gas prices in your area. just go to and look for pump patrol under the traffic tab. dancing with the stars is fewer than three hours from kicking off season 22. >> the 12 celebrities this season include three pro football players, a grammy award winning singer and a network news meteorologist who just had a baby. there are some other changes too. the judges at the table hough is back and goodman is back. it premiers tonight at 8:00 and followed by a new episode of castle and then eyewitness news at 11:00. we're staying on top of breaking news for eyewitness news at 6:00. >> where firefighters are still battling brush fire that burned dangerously close to homes in orange county. >> plus, the consequences for an orange county deputy accused in an alleged case of road rage.
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a brush fire burned right up to the backs of some homes in east orange county. 20 acres later it is still burning as firefighters scrambled to contain it. at this hour residents are keeping a close eye on that blaze. >> this is burning in the avalon park area. if you were watching at 5:00 you saw just how close the fire got to the home. since then jeff o coolage you spoke to one of the families. he said they were moments from packing up and running from it.
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very scared. the most they've been s cared about a brush fire that happened here in the past. there are some hot spots. just take a look here. one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, about nine feet from the backyard of the homes here is where the fire actually stopped. if we go to sky witness 9 you can see just how much the fire over ran this grassy area here. about 20 acres burned. now they have been able to contain about 95% of the brush fire. luckily they're still what caused it. i talked to several of the homeowners here. put out. >> about 500 yards away we could see the smoke and the flames. the wind was sort of blowing to the south out of the north. so it looked like it was going to go towards one of our neighbors and all the sudden wind changed and the flames are


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