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tv   Eyewitness News 6  ABC  March 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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very scared. the most they've been s cared about a brush fire that happened here in the past. there are some hot spots. just take a look here. one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, about nine feet from the backyard of the homes here is where the fire actually stopped. if we go to sky witness 9 you can see just how much the fire over ran this grassy area here. about 20 acres burned. now they have been able to contain about 95% of the brush fire. luckily they're still what caused it. i talked to several of the homeowners here. put out. >> about 500 yards away we could see the smoke and the flames. the wind was sort of blowing to the south out of the north. so it looked like it was going to go towards one of our neighbors and all the sudden wind changed and the flames are
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>> reporter: the firefighters from orange county are going to remain here on scene to make sure that all of these hot spots are put out. for now reporting live in orange county, jeff o coolage, channel 9, eyewitness news. much of central florida will remain under a fire weather warning for another hour. the extremely dry conditions came with a cool down that's making if you ing -- for a chilly evening. >> some areas will get into the 40s tonight. meteorologist bryan shields is tracking those temperatures in severe weather center 9. bryan, that cool won't stick around for long. >> it's not going to last too long. it's been dry and windy. that's why we have that high er fire threat. now the temperatures now a lot of 60s around. 65 in orlando, deland at 63. a huge difference from yesterday, about 15 to 20 degrees cooler. tonight will be our coldest night this week. by
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up who needs to protect the plants and where we're going to see frost by day brake. >> see you again shortly. new this morning rngs an , an hour dc deputy has been tripped of his gun and badge because he's accused of pulling that gun on another driver in the case of road rage. >> the victim said he was trying to get home. kathy belich is live. did he know the over driver was a deputy when he called 911? >> no. -- >> reporter: no. rich valentine left orange county but closer to home in traffic in clermont he said the off duty deputy went off on him and eventually pointed a gun at him. >> alleged victim richard valentine said he was trying to cross over highway 50 to florida avenue. we found heavy traffic here today. valentine said off duty deputy joseph alalla was
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started honking and gesturing. valentine said the deputy tailgated him for about a mile and at one point as they were side by side he said he pulled a gun on him. he wanted us to hide his face. >> i was scared. i had no idea what he was plans to do. >> he said he was angry as a concealed permit weapon. >> i couldn't let him get away with it. i needed to find outside who this guy was. >> the deputy told police he was the one being tailgated and said he feared for his life so he merely showed his sheriff's office service weapon but did not point it. the deputy said he drove to this racetrack so the other driver would not follow him home. valentine said he followed him there while on the phone with 911. he said he got out and saw the uniform and
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>> reporter: now, the report said deputy alla was in full uniform but his jacket was patches. clermont police said they sent the case to the state last week and prosecutors will against the deputy. reporting live in ocoee in orange county, kathy belich, channel 9, eyewitness news. we're still waiting to hear if three kisz mee -- kissimmee charge -- police officers will face charges for lying in court. the body camera video didn't show what they said happened in the report. jeff ashton said he was disappointed. >> i was sad. if this is true and everyone is presumed innocent it's very, very disturbing.
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suspended the officers with pay. it's sparked criminal and internal investigations. ashton's officer is reviewing open cases that involve those three officers. we're following breaking news in apopka where we're trying to find out the name of a teenager killed in a crowded field. >> the sheriff is continuing to call on ministers, leaders, persons who may have witnessed this crime to come forward. >> the 16 or 17-year-old was next to this church and playground when someone opened fire spraying bullets. someone tried to perform cpr on the teen but he was pronounced dead at florida hospital apopka. despite a crowd of 30 to 40 people detectives say no witnesses have come forward. a second deadly shooting in apopka this weekend involved a teen victim and teen suspect. investigators say 16-year-old quashun massey killed destiny bargman inside her bedroom at her home saturday. police say
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from someone else in the house and was playing with it that's when bargman was shot. neighbors who knew the suspect was shocked to hear what happened. >> i just couldn't even believe it. he was just -- he seemed kind of like a shy kid. >> massey was charged with burglary last year. he was not armed in that case. at this hour we're asking police what they're doing to calm fears in a daytona neighborhood where a 14-year-old girl was approached by a stranger. police say the girl was walking along hill crest drive near clyde morris boulevard when the man in this stretch drove up in a blue jaguar. blaine tolison is live. >> reporter: we saw kids walking together in groups. there are a lot of kids in this community so police want to know more about this possible attempted abduction.
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never happened before so i was terrified that's why i screamed. >> this is the sketch of the man that the 14-year-old described to daytona beach police. she said he approached her in a blue jaguar and started demands. >> he was telling me to tell me where he was going. >> she said her reaction was to scream which she believes kept her from being abducted. her friends heard the call for help. >> she went to my house to talk to my mom and get my little sister and screamed my name so i went down there to see what happens. she said someone tried to lure her. >> stewart and her friends refuse to go anywhere alone. they said this is the first time they have not felt safe. daytona beach police are canvassing the area to track this man down.
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will and that's what the victim's gut feeling of what transpired. >> reporter: detectives said they're reaching out to their source ins the community. there's been no sign. blaine tolison, channel 9, eyewitness news. new at 6:00, police in altamonte springs need your help tonight to track down the men robberies. there's a sketch of one of the suspects. police say he and another man approached their victims this morning as vehicles. we're working to get the exact locations of those robberies. police say there were at least four of them they're investigating and anyone with information is asked to call police. the only suspect in michelle parker's disappearance must answer some tough questions. today a judge ruled parker's ex-fiancee dale smith will be depose in the wrongful death lawsuit filed by parker's mother. she's been missing since 2011.
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said that he will sit for that deposition but won't be answers those questions. >> it's obvious because of the position that my client finds himself in. the only proven course would be to take the fifth amendment. he has no obligation to answer questions by a police officer or prosecutor, a private lawyer. >> next a judge will address the fight to see her grandchildren. after that smith will be deposed. right now president obama is finishing up a historic day in cuba. many cubans are happy about obama's call to help struggling private businesses there by ending the trade embargo for good. both obama and cuban president raurl castro answered questions today during a news conference. many cubans were surprised to see him answering questions on human rights and political prisoners. you can see an exclusive interview with president obama on world news tonight with david
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eyewitness news at 6:00. angry residents in orange county are demanding answers about the safety of their water. a doctor's office sitting dangerously close to the raw sewage spill was closed down and deemed unsafe. environmental workers have taken samples of the lake water but the results are not expected until tomorrow. until those results are in residents are being asked to stay away from the lake. a man accused in a deadly shooting outside an adult nightclub will stay behind bars for now. this morning lewis sintron buzz de -- was denied bond. investigators safe it all start started as a fight in the parking lot. deputies say there's been several fights and drug calls at that club in the past year. brand new this hour, 3 months into orange county's brand new automatic ah toe mate ed -- brand new automatic trash
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>> he took it and dumped it on the ground. >> how bad the fish kill is near the indian river lagoon. what scientists think is causing it.
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county's new automated trash service residents are still dealing with problems. we told you about everything from missed pick ups to waste being thrown back into people's yards. jeanine reyes just spoke to one resident who was forced to take plaint. >> this homeowner said in the 13 years he's lived here he's never had trouble with his trash until now. he said if he fills haulers will take that trash and
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>> he took it and threw it on the ground, dumped it and drove off. >> david showwalter said he watched his trash hauler fcc leave more of a mess that they're hired to pick up. he took pictures of this disregarded in the street. >> he came back and left it there. >> he complained to the county. >> getting less service. >> okay. >> over all i'm get tingless service than what i was getting before. >> the county said because his trash filled more than this bin the hauler did not have to pick it up. even so they sent a crew to come back and get it later. this is not the first complaint we've heard about haulers leaving behind a mess. earlier this month we caught fcc workers tossing a flower pot back into the yard. that's not allowed. today the county met to dis cuss the fines.
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find out how much they have to pay tomorrow. >> he said he spent two hours complaining next week and feeling the next service and $35 in savings each year is just not worth it. >> i'm only getting one trash can and they're dumping my trash on the ground. it doesn't make a lot of sense. i'd rather pay the $35 extra a year and get the same service as before. >> solid waste did bring in extra trash but said if you're actually filling these trash bins and you are still recycling they will bring you an extra reporting channel 9, eyewitness news. >> now those fines are as low complaints. money goes into a fund for the collection program. florida fish and wildlife is fielding dozens of calls about wait until you see all of these fish. look at that.
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team of biologists to collect water simples. they believe the fish kills may be related to the brown algae blooms as the algae decomposes it may be robbing the water and fix of oxygen. the county is collecting samples to determine what is killing the fish. >> there's about 12 species of fish. they're all just -- they're just everywhere. >> so is the smell. we're told the county is de discussing some clean up options. lake county taxpayers will have to spend $150,000 on a legal bill because of a lawsuit with a construction company. the company hired a tallahassee law firm to represent it against cemex. the company is suing to build a sand mine in the middle of wellness way. last year the county blocked the plans saying that area is supposed to be for high-tech healthcare jobs.
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investing $2.8 in lake county to advance job training and to that money be go to build the lake county center for advanced manufacturing at the lake technical college in eustis. the center will provide training in computerized machining, it's expected to be complete next spring. in week coastline park in sanford will officially reopen after more than a million dollars worth of renovations. that include surfacing and new paint for the playground. there's a second pavilion installed. the park officially reopens this friday. you can now get discounted uber rides at altamonte springs. today city leaders and uber launched a 1-year pilot program to give people discounted rides. the city will cover a portion of anyone's uber rides if they stay in city limits. the ride to and get a 25% discount.
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else in the city gets a 20% discount. city leaders hope the extra incentive will push more folks to ride sun rail. >> to see how it can benefit our residents and how it can benefit our business community and sun rail. >> the city has budgeted a half million dollars to cover the cost. to get the discount enter altamonte in the promo code box. an update on breaking news in orange county. firefighters are still keeping a close eye on brush fire in the avalon park area. it burned up to the back of homes there. these are live pictures from the scene. there's still smoldering going on there. dry conditions are expected to keep crews busy. >> while the weather is beautiful it's not helping. >> right. you were showing scenes of the fence earlier and how close it got to the homes. incredible stuff. gorgeous outside but we have to watch for the fire threat. because of the clear skies we
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morning. we'll get into that in just a second. who else could see some frost. beautiful looking outside in daytona beach. a few more folks there wearing jeans and a swirt shirt. 61, winds out of the northeast at 10 miles per hour. bundle up florida style. temperatures in the 50s and 60s 63 deland, 65 waterford lakes and orlando. we're watching the fire threat. some high clouds. we saw those around, fair weather clouds. we had some smoke on our radar towards avalon park earlier. no rain in the out look, at least in the short term. clear skies tonight. by tomorrow morning we're going to wake up to 40s in orlando. it could be our last chill of the season. tonight clear sky, tomorrow morning same deal. through the day looking gorgeous. by tomorrow afternoon
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so 70s in the afternoon at the beaches tomorrow. seas elevated 3 to 4 feet. watch out for a strong risk of rip currents. for tonight turning chilly, frost again north and west. we'll get into that. look at the numbers. take a look at your screen. a couple 30s, near 44 in cocoa beach. daytona beach 44, sanford midway by the zoo 45. orlando in the 40s for tonight. best chance of frost north and west, marion, sumter, lake, volusia. if you're in one of those typical cold spots protect the plants. tomorrow itself by the afternoon a totally different story when i see you tomorrow. 74 in deland, a milder finish to our tuesday. five day forecast with the weekend always in view, 80s return as soon as wednesday. then thursday and friday a front approaches, about a 30% chance
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the weekend gives us a better chance of rain saturday and sunday. about a 50% chance of showers and storms with highs in the mid 80s. >> thank you bryan. we're staying on top of breaking news in apopka where a teenager was killed. >> the trouble detectives are that shooter. that's tonight at
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welcome back. before the season magic head coach scott skiles said his goal was to finish the year with a winning record. the magic can still do that if they win all of their final 13 games, which mean it's probably time to start thinking
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lost another close game last night in toronto and will play nick vuchiviclvuc will miss the game with a join injury. judging by the comments toll. >> it's straining. i'm not going to say that we are used to it but we probably dropped 20 games that year just like that. yeah, it's a shame, man. >> right now the magic have the 10th worse record in the league. if it stays that way they will only have a 1.1% of getting the first pick in the draft. soccer orlando city is off for two weeks because of the march window but four of their players won't get much rest. they were all called up by their home countries to play if the
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19-year-old tommy redding is with team usa playing in the dallas cup this week. >> thank you, joe. thank you for watch ing ing channel 9 eyewitness news at 6:00.
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tonight, a special edition of "world news tonight" from cuba. the president making history here, proclaiming the united states and cuba are no longer enemies. standing side by side with raul castro. the extraordinary moment. castro taking questions from reporters. pressed on human rights. and the uncomfortable moment with president obama. and right after, my exclusive interview with the president. we asked, what was said inside that room with raul castro. trust president castro? do you believe that he truly wants change here? we also asked the president about criticism back home and the arrest of disdepartments


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