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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 5am  ABC  March 22, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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american officials will be monitoring what's going on, as well. there are a large number of flights that ome to the united states from the european union and obviously they will be wanting to evaluate whether there's any security we are following to big breaking stories right now on eyewitness news this morning, deputy say two gunmen broke in a home near the ucf campus. the search to find them. "breaking news" as you have been watching, from overseas, the deadly explosions in a brussels airport that situation they're in belgium is changing and evolving by the minute, we are going to stay updated on that and keep you posted as well throw the morning.
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on this tuesday, march 22. we checked weather and traffic every 10 minutes. let's get over to meteorologist, brenda jargons and severe weather center nine. >> holy temperatures, it is really cold out there. grab that jacket you are going to need it this morning. we are looking at clear skies and calm her winds. otherwise these 30s and 40s would feel like 20s and 30s. remember, we see our coldest temperatures at sunrise, we still have a couple more hours of cooling to go. on top of the 20 degrees cooler we were yesterday, we added an additional 14 degrees of a cooldown as we head into this morning. it is a lot cooler out there, but the good news is the winds have died down, we are going to be warming things up nicely into the mid- 70s inland and upper 60s almost 70s across the coastline. i am tracking a better day at the beach, and a warm-up for the rest of the week coming up. how do those roads look? no major issues across any
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point. we do still have some construction eastbound. you do have one lane blocked off there. you can see that area moving the traffic over to the left side there. you do have one lane blocked off for about a 1 mile stretch along i for eastown -- i-4 eastbound. we have other construction for 17 cell phone right at the turnpike, also one lane blocked not causing any issues. let's get you to our "breaking news" this morning in belgium, where police say one person is dead following two explosions at an airport a in brussels. >> airport party say -- airport authorities say the explosions caused several injuries. airport officials say all flights have been canceled, some are being diverted. witnesses say it looked like a war zone. >> i walk through a mess, lot of stuff, glass, metals, smoke, water dripping from the ceiling. we had to walk through puddles, and we were --
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the explosions come days after authorities arrested the prime suspect in the deadly paris terrorist attacks, salah abdeslam. we will keep monitoring the story to bring you updates throughout the morning both on air and at wftv. com. more "breaking news" , this time in seminole county, deputies are looking for two suspects in an armed home invasion near the ucf campus. >> that break-in happened at the tollway apartments here that is where eyewitness news this morning's angela jacobs is on the scene. investigators say they have some leads? >>reporter:they do, but right now they are not saying exactly have wrapped up their it now shifts to try to find these armed suspects. it was just after 1 a.m. this ucf area apartment complex say two men kicked in their door, and rushed into the portofino point. investigation after deputies
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made off with an unknown amount of electronics taken from the home. we are told no one was injured, in what's being considered an armed home invasion as investigators were to find out how these men got away. so far, we have not been given a clear description of the suspects, or any possible vehicle involved if there was one. this complex is not gated, and not affiliated with the university, but it is an area where many ucf students live. investigators are combing, hoping to get the suspects under arrest. again, initial reports, we are learning that no one was injured, but again no arrests either. we will continue to stay in touch with investigators all throughout the morning and bring you those updates on the search for the suspects. we are live, in seminole county, angela jacobs, eyewitness news this morning right now, the gun man who opened fire into a crowd in apopka is on the loose. >> this was "breaking news" on monday as we found out this 18-
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eyewitness news this morning janai norman's live at the sheriff's office this morning. >>reporter:18-year-old drake bryant try to get away, but cannot. this morning, deputies are searching for the gun man. drake bryant girlfriend told eyewitness news this morning [ crying ] she showed us pictures, and her phone, taken just days before she says someone pointed a gun at the teenager and pulled the trigger for times per -- 4 times. a crowd of about 30 people took off trying fire. brian's girlfriend asked only was just steps behind bryant when he fell near a playground about half a block chemistry. >> i was with him. >> yes. >>reporter:we will keep you updated on the progress as deputy shoot -- search for the shooter. coming up, we are talking with more witnesses about the area
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and sharing their pleas for change. reporting live in orange county, janine norman -- janai norman, eyewitness news this morning. investigation underway with the orange county swat team raided a suspected drug house. investigators say a tip led them to this home on garwood drive. detectives say they found money, guns, and 15 pounds of marijuana worth more than $45,000. seminole county deputies are searching for a missing 12- year-old, they say may be without her medication, and her cell phone. deputies are looking for jaden ramirez, she was last seen at her home in unincorporated lake mary yesterday. we posted jaden's picture on our facebook page and it's getting a lot of attention. or than 2500 people have shared it, you can share that post as well, just go to facebook. c om/wftv
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of cubans in a nationally televised speech today. he met with cuban president castro yesterday and spoke in a joint news conference. they discuss business opportunities, and the likelihood of ending the embargo. resident obama says there is still more work to do. >> we will continue to have some very serious differences, including our democracy and human rights. president castro and i have had very frank and candid conversations on the subject's >> in our next half hour, we are putting together a lineup of what's on the president's agenda after his speech. meanwhile, the presidential candidates are gearing up for another round of primaries today. all of the candidates, except senator bernie sanders spoke at the american israel public affairs convention last night. donald trump spoke there accusing president obama, the former secretary of state, hillary clinton of having weak support for his rail. hillary clinton did not wait long before firing back at t rump. >> we need steady hands, not a president who says he is neutral on monday, pro- israel on tuesday, and who knows
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everything is negotiable. >> both parties will have primaries in arizona, and utah today. voters in idaho will be choosing their pick from the democratic side. republicans will also hold a primary in american samoa. we will have results on eyewitness news this morning at 10 p.m. and heir pick from the democratic side. republicans will also hold a primary in american samoa. we will have results on eyewitness news this morning at 10 p.m. and trying to news app. orange county's mayor will discuss central florida's heroin epidemic in washington, dc. us lawmakers are holding a hearing about the issue, a national oversight committee will discuss what they can do about the growing problem in central florida and across the country. mayor teresa jacobs will talk about her recent work with the heroine task force. >> i think you have to stop the drugs flowing in, first and foremost, but you've also got to help those that have addictions overcome them. >> we will let you know what happens at the meeting starting on eyewitness news this morning
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orange county fire crews are keeping an eye out for flareups in avalon park following a brush fire their. >> those planes got so close to homes they actually melted fences. 20acres burned just off wild tamron boulevard yesterday afternoon. no homes were damaged. >> we were out the door, as a matter of fact, with a few belongings thinking that we might not be staying the night here. >> fire investigators are still looking into the cause the town of windemere will hold a candlelight memorial service tonight to mark the second anniversary since an officer was killed in the line of duty. investigators say to two teenagers, who had run away from home, killed officer robert jurgen while he questioned them in 2014. they then kill themselves. that vigil is at 7 o'clock, in front of the windemere police department. it's hard to believe it's been two years already coming up on 5:10, which i weather and traffic every 10 minutes., we are getting a flashback to winter weather this morning, brief though. we do have a frost advisory in effect through marion county.
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there is you folks are in the -- mid to low 30s. the rest of us are in the 40s. we will see our coolest temperatures at sunrise, so we still have a few more hours of cooling. it will be a chilly *-asterisk but improving conditions along the coastline. 68-72degrees with lots of sunshine. sees at about three-4 feet, intercoastal light chop and a low rip current risk. that's a huge improvement from the last three days. cool along the coast, but much better than yesterday. from west-east in ocala, after a very cold start and that frost advisory until 9 a.m. you will get into the 50s by 10 o'clock with a beautiful high of 73 degrees at four. in sanford at the i-4 corridor 72 degrees by 2 a.m. -- 2 p.m., and in titusville looking at 63 by 10 o'clock and 71 for your hi. deneige out of the roads likely mac. starting off, right along
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trail, you can see right there off to the side they do still have that right hand lane blocked. not causing any major issues with the traffic flow that area. live traffic tracker we do have the spot in volusia county as well i-95 northbound after state road 44, one lane blocked there as well. also not causing any issues, something does pop up i will let you know that 12-year-old says she was just playing a game. why deputies say they had no choice but to arrest her for pinching a classmate trouble with trash in orange county. the penalties some trash haulers will face for leaving garbage behind. i'm scared, what do i do >> some fast thinking, what a teenager to to scare a teenager away when she says he tried to get her into his car. we are continuing to monitor that "breaking news",
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time now 5:14, we are still following this "breaking news" out of brussels, at least 13 people have been killed in an explosion at the airport, and subway stations. here is a live look there for you. at least one person was killed, into explosions, went through
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airport in brussels. you can see the windows blown out there at the airport. several people were injured in the expulsion in the metro. we are monitoring what is happening, we will have updates for you throughout the morning. daytona beach police are looking for the man who tried to lure a 14-year-old girl into his car. take a look at this computer- generated sketch of the man. we spoke to the teenager, who said she was walking alone, friday night, when the man went up to her. he demanded she come closer and asked her what she was going. she says she stood there frozen with fear. >> finally, i just was just like okay, scream >> she says she screamed and the man drove off in a blue jaguar. you can help police by sharing the sketch, just go to to. the man accused in a deadly shooting outside of an adult nightclub is waking up until this morning. a judge denied bond for louis citroen on monday.
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in the parking lot of the diamond club on sunday morning. they say it started as a fight, deputies say there have been a lot of fights and drug calls in that club at the last year. and -- allegations that in orange county debbie pulled a gun on a driver in a road wage incident. on highway 50 and florida avenue in claremont earlier this month. richard did not want to show his face, but told us that deputy joseph tailgated him for about 1 mile. he says he called 911 after he had pulled his gun, he has been stripped of his gun and badge. state prosecutors will decide now if he faces any charges a new case of zika virus has been confirmed in central florida. in osceola county. two other -- 2 cases were found in data broward counties, that now brings in total number of cases in florida, 271. early all of those patients got the virus from traveling outside of the country. health officials do not think the virus is in our local the state is investing $2.8 million in like county to attract businesses and improve
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on the grant to a technical college in eustis. the center will train people on computerized machining, welding and fabrication. it should be complete next spring. a sanford park that has been given more than $1 million facelift is excited to reopen this week. the coastline park ribbon- cutting will happen on friday, that park now has a new second pavilion, renovated tennis courts, restrooms and a fountain there. the playground, will have a fence in safety features right there as well disney is looking into what caused a small fire on afloat during a festival of the lion king show at animal kingdom. this video on social media moments after the fire started yesterday afternoon. you can see a lot of smoke, out of the theater there. disney says no one was hurt. we are counting down to the next rocket launch from cape it should blastoff tonight as
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a cigna spacecraft has been loaded on top of that atlas five, it's carrying caring about 7500 pounds of supplies and experiments. the launch window opens tonight at 11:05, if it happens you can catch it live on eyewitness news at 11 and on the winds, we were saying, that could have impacted the launch up at a much gone? shall not they are, which is great on multiple levels, we would be fit -- be feeling cooler temperatures out there this morning. now the winds are about five- 10. let's take a look at our satellite and radar, all of our clouds are off the coast, we are nice and clear. the clearing skies and calm her winds, a touch of fog out there this morning. otherwise, things are going to be very pretty as we rebound from a morning of very chilly temperatures. we have calm her winds, high pressure is still to our west area because of that we are going to be looking at a cooler
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rebound as we head into the next 48 hours. we are still looking at a frost advisory for marion county until 9 a.m. we are seeing a little bit of patchy frost as you guys are in the mid to low 30s. temperatures, right now, 37 ocala, 41 deland, 47 palm coast, 48 titus coast as well as downtown kissimmee. we are probably going to knock at least three-4 degrees off what we are actually seeing right now at sunrise. i-4 corridor and west it is calm . it's a big difference from yesterday topping the still not at school this morning. temperatures rebounding this morning, sunny and comfortable this afternoon. a milder night tonight, still cool but we are going to be back in the 50s. tracking a few offshore showers, southern brevard county could get a little more clout coverage as we headed head into the late afternoon, early evening. you're staying nice and dry, and much more sunshine today than yesterday. as we had our by our downtown
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degrees with more sunshine, milder temperatures as we get into the 70s this afternoon. we did not make it into the 70s yesterday, 75 for our hike today, and then temperatures cooling to about 50s by tonight. 75, sunny and milder, 56 tonight we will still have clear skies that with an easterly wind tonight in a southeasterly wind tomorrow we will start to see the big warm- up on a five day forecast with your weekend always in view. '80s returning by wednesday, and you can see the mid 80s by thursday and friday but then we are introducing a transfer a few showers and a better chance for rain over our easter weekend. we will monitor that very closely for you, because i know everyone has a lot of outdoor plants deneige how are the roads? not too bad, but pulling up this camera right here, i-4 westbound the offramp at conroy we have a very big pole in the way, off to the side you can see some of these cones walk in the slaying off because we do have a disabled vehicle. traffic is having to move over to the left.
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construction for 17 southbound at the turnpike, you have one line block there and that of volusia county i-95 northbound after state row 44 also one line block the family of a missing mom, michelle parker, has been looking for answers for more than four years now after she disappeared. >> is agony. total torture every day. >> the questions a judge says must be answered now by the only suspect, in her case. we continue to follow "breaking news", police say more than one dozen people are dead now following several explosions in belgium. we are following the situation as authorities work to figure out exactly what happened there. orange county is seeing an alarming rise in rape cases in
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we should know today how much three trash haulers will have to pay up for problems with trash pickup across orange county. neighbors say that trash haulers miss pickups, they leave message behind and they cause damage. they even say if there trash bins are too full, workers of the excess onto the street. solid waste department says it will find three haulers. the county is looking at fines as well.
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>> and they are going to find them, they are going to have less to do with they are doing now. it's all going to roll downhill >> as we reported, new trash service started in orange county three months ago. we will start -- check with orange county environmental workers to find out the result of water samples from lake rose. thousands of gallons of raw sewage poured into the lake because of a failed lift station. and nearby doctors office on good homes road how to close because a bad of badwater. for now, neighbors are being asked to stay away from the lake. altamonte springs police need your help finding some armed robbers. this is a sketch of one of the suspects the police say he and another man approached people as they were getting out of their cars, early monday morning, and demanded their stuff. here's the catch, police are not saying exactly where these robberies happen, but they are investigating at least for c ases. spring break season is in full swing right here in
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advocates -- advocates are wanting everyone to be careful. in the past 10 days there have been 16 sexual assault cases just in orange county. they say one reason for the spike could be spring break and st. patrick's day. they say all of the cases involved drugs or alcohol. >> they go out, and they find the young, vulnerable, those that are intoxicated, those that are not intoxicated but they want to drug. they go out and find these individuals in the prey on them. >> there is a hotline you can call for help to find that number just go to, click on the web links button on the right-hand side of the screen three police officers suspended, and accused of lying in court. >> coming up, the surveillance video the public defender's office says did not match one officer's testimony. i am angela jacobs near ucf where investigators continue to search this morning for two armed home invasion suspects. we will tell you what they know right now i am tracking the 30s and 40s, this morning, i will let you know when a big warm-up is on the way.
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we continue to follow breaking international news out of belgium. at least 13 people are dead following two explosions in an airport in brussels. >> here's what we know so far, airport authorities say the passengers were led to a tarmac, for their safety. we are hearing about 2 explosions at the airport, and another one at a metro station. they also say the explosions caused several injuries are you all flights have been canceled, some are being diverted. the airport there in belgium tweeted out a phone number where families can call if they have any questions of people they may have known there at the airport. witnesses say they were not sure what was going on. >> i don't know. >> we were close enough that i


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