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tv   Eyewitness News Noon  ABC  March 22, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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the thoughts and prayers of the american people are with the people of belgium. >> for the second time inures than six months all eyes are on europe this time three explosions in belgium claimed at least 34 lives and injured hundreds more in what leaders are calling another round of terror attacks at least three americans were injured in the attack all three are missionaries from utah. and in just the past 40 minutes isis claimed responsibility for the attacks. >> right now the city of brussels which is the capitol of belgium is on lockdown. shopping centers, schools have been close two nuclear you power plants are closed but only essential personnel and as abc explains, officials aren't sure if it's over yet. >> reporter: the first set of
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airport just after 8:00 a.m. at the height of rush hour. witnesses described those terrifying moments. >> everybody scared. >> calling it a terrorists attack the belgium prosecutors saying at least one of those suicide bomber. almost an hour later, another powerful blast at the subway station close to the headquarters of the european union and western embassy. >> you heard a loud blast and more panic set in. >> commuters shocked streaming out of the station. first responders buried the wounded on stretchers you can see the extent of the explosion. their clothes ripped. the world reacting from president obama. >> we will do whatever is necessary to support our friend and allie belgium in bring responsible.
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>> it was europe that it was aimed at but the whole world is concerned. the attacks striking in heart of brussels just day after that dramatic raid on friday. bomber. the interior minister warning his arrest would activate others to carry out revenge today. the terror threat level raised to its highest level meaning the threat of another attack is serious and imminent. >> we're also learning more about the types of injuries people suffered. belgium tv is reporting one of the bombs detonated at the airport contained nails. they are dealing with fractures and deep cuts caused by flying glass and nails. abc news, london. >> because of these attacks security has been stepped up at airports and train stations around the world including right here in central florida. channel 9 steve barrett continues our team coverage and is live at orlando
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are stepping up security but not saying exactly how. >> reporter: no, they aren't but you can see some of what they're doing really in some of the crowded areas like what you're looking at here. you can't turn around without seeing a tsa agent, police officer or police dog scanning the area. right now with spring break vacationers flooding into vent florida orlando international is one of the busiest airports in united states. this morning i reached out to airport officials. they told me they have no things from washington, but that they don't really wait for that to happen. they've already increased the security presence here. many blue shirted tsa agents that you're accustomed to seeing behind security unsecured areas. of course that is where the terrorists attack in belgium this morning some travelers didn't even know about the attacks until we told them about them but they said they were not surprised and they
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believe there's much that can stop a random attack. >> it's always a possibility that the bad person is going to do something bad and unfortuntely, us innocent bystanders is going to be the ones that suffer. >> now when i was talking to the spokesperson for orlando international airport today she told me they were going to issue some sort of a security statement this afternoon. they said we shouldn't expect that it's going to contain a lot of details about what they're doing and that is to be expected when they keep their security procedures under rap. reporting live at orlando international airport,, steve barrett. most of the flights between central florida and belgium have layovers elsewhere but we found one non-stop flight between sanford and belgium set hour. channel 9 shannon butler is live at the orlando sanford international airport.
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the same time the explosions happened. >> reporter: yeah, it bag one of the only flights to leave terrorists attack. you could see here it is expected to land just after noon today, just before 1:00. again one of the only flights coming into central florida. again from brussels that direct flight passengers are getting ready to come through those doors here at customs and then security says they will shuffle them right across the street here. we are told that the people on that flight rhiannon ally wear of what has happened in belgium this morning and again, happening just after they took off, they say they are trying to get that plane here on the ground in sanford, knowing that folks on that plane are eager to talk to loved ones, eager to figure out exactly what has happened in their country. we don't know just how much those folks know but of course they are being updated not only by the pilot but also social media. within the hour.
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latest from the people who are on that plane and their reaction about what has happened in belgium today. for now live in sanford, witness news. we just found out that the closed through wednesday. we'll stay on top of this afternoon. for updates in between newscasts go to and make sure you tune in for the latest on eye witness news at 4:00. our return to winter is ending temperatures are going to be back in the 80s by tomorrow. certified meteorologist is tracking the latest from severe weather center 9. rusty? >> hope you got that hot cocoa in today marty. it was gorgeous. we had lows in the 30s but the sunshine doing its work this time of the year. orlando. let's recap our morning low, 14 degrees below normal in orlando this morning we hit 43 normal low is 57 but look at the 30s including palm coast 37, ocala 36, where we had widespread
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marion, sumter and lake counties. nice rebound at lunch time but still cooler than average 66 in sanford, clermont 65, orlando now back up to 68 degrees. winds are lighter today good news for the brush fire threat but still, with the low humidity that is an issue as we go through the day. the winds are beginning to swing more out of the northeast and it's yet to pull in a cloud out there. it is absolutely fantastic. normally we should be at 79 in orlando. we won't get there, 71 melbourne, 74 in ocala daytona beach staying in the upper 60s coastline. we will be talking about the warming trend and better chance marty? rusty you can always track the warm um and our rain an overturned truck forced shutdown. orlando police certainty us thick picture. the ramp is closed right now.
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no word on when it's going to reopen. hurt. breaking this noon we just spoke with an orange county detective in the past 15 minutes who told us they have identified a few persons of interest in the killing of an orange county teenager. >> 18-year-old drey boy aunt died in a shooting yesterday along 15th street in apopka. today deputies are going door to door handing out fliers and locking for witnesses. the victims friends say they believe bryant was targeted after ongoing problems in the we will continue to follow developments in the case and pass along information to you just as soon as we get it. this afternoon seminole county investigators are looking for two men wanted in ucf. deputies told us before 1:00 two men kicked in the door of a unit at the apartment complex and that's near the trail. deputies say at least one of the crooks had a gun and took off with electronics, nobody was hurt. today orange county mayor
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heroin epidemic. the congressman held a national oversight committee hearing this morning. the lawmakers gathered to discuss the growing problem here and across the country. last year, in orange county 84 people died from heroin overdoses that was a 600% increase from just 2011. >> despite central florida's strong economy and our extraordinary quality of life, heroin has absolutely exploded. >> at the hearing mayor jacobs said the counties heroin task force has a list of recommendations including bond increases for trafficking. as well as media and social media campaigns, warning about life saving drugs. today during the visit to orlando governor rick scott reiterated his support for gop trump. why he says trump is the most qualified person to handle international crisis. the reason the fbi may be dropping its demand of apple to
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and as we head into easter weekend rain chances will be back on the board. i'll let you know how that will
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why shop anywhere else? fill your basket with walmart's every day low prices and get big savings. start shopping with walmart's every day low prices today. and see what you could save. today president obama addressed the people of cuba during a televised speech in the country after addressing the attack in brussels the president said it's time to
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outdated burden on the cuban people. abc's marcie gonzalez has more on the presidents speech and how the world is reacting. >> reporter: president obama in havana making history here again, giving a nationally televised speech to the cuban people first addressing the terror attacks in brussels. >> the thoughts and prayers of the american people are with the people of belgium and we stand in solidarity with them and condemning these outrageous attacks against innocent people. >> then focusing on the change he hopes renewed relations between the u.s. and cuba could bring to this nation, pointing to the progress already being made, the internet slowly becoming available and the doors gradually opening to here. >> i have come here to bury the and the americas. i have come here to extend the people. >> the president also meeting with politicals here today many who were in prison just for
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regime, a symbolic gesture after president castro falsely denied during a news conference yesterday this country is prisoners. >> give me a name or names. >> after yesterdays historic meeting between the two leaders castro hosting the first family at a state dinner, and today, a bit of baseball diplomacy. president obama taking in a game between the tampa bay rays and the cuban national team. >> the common bond between the two countries is baseball. >> the terror attacks in brussels is not expected to impact president obama's schedule. after that baseball game he and the first family plan to leave here and travel to argentina. marcie gonzalez, abc news, cuba. another voting day is here it's known as western tuesday. a new number shows donald trump and hillary clinton are still the top choices. the cnn poll found 47% of republicans say they would most likely see trump win the nomination while clinton still
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democratic side with 51%. today republicans will vote in arizona's primary and utah's caucus while the democrats square off in those two states plus a caucus in idaho. all the presidential candidates are reacting to what happened in brussels, gop front runner including donald trump who said he warned about attacks like these. >> trump supporter governor rick scott said trump is the candidate who can handle international crisis like these. channel 9 angela jacobs caught up with governor scott in orlando and scott talked a lot about the presidential race >> reporter: he did, marty. those are the questions that we had for him and he didn't hesitate to take the opportunity to reemphasize this support for donald trump, whether it comes to jobs the republican party or terrorism. >> a little over a year after attending its groundbreaking we went along as governor rick scott returned to tour the opening of its state-of-the-art operations and celebrate the more than 100 jobs this car communication product plant is
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later, scott began his remarks with a moment of silence for in belgium. he also took the opportunity to republican candidate donald trump when i asked him if trump is the one to lead this country through a possible attack. >> are uconn any dent in his ability to handle similar >> absolutely. he's an individual that has business. he clearly understands that we've got to keep our country safe. it's very very very important to all of us. if you think about it, your family for a second what do you want? you want a job and your kids to get a great education and live in a safe community so we can do a lot at the state level and with the support of legislature we do that here. we have great local law enforcement but we have to have the federal government doing right thing with regard to our borders and things like that. >> we also asked scott if he was anticipating fielding any consideration from vice president from any of the potential nominees but he told me right now he is busy running florida.
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jacobs, channel 9 eye witness news. gop candidate ted cruz said the u.s. is at war with radical islam and its president obama refuses to acknowledge it. meanwhile hillary clinton said the nation must intensify its work with its allies to prevent terrorism. tonight the town of windermere will hold a candlelight memorial verse to honor an officer killed in the line of duty. its been two years since two teenagers killed officer robert german while he questioned them. they then killed themselves. tonights vigil is at 7:00 in front of the windermere police department. we're just hours away from the next rocket lunch at cape canaveral air force station. a united launch rocket will take a spacecraft up to the space station carrying almost 7500 pounds of supplies and experiments including some made by ucf students . the launch window opens at 11:05 tonight and if it happens you can watch it live on eye witness news at 11 and i'll catch a replay tomorrow morning, a little past my bed time.
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winter is over now, ha? >> a brief respit from spring and now here comes the warmer weather again ladies and even cooler afternoon is not stopping our spring breakers. >> look at that. >> the beaches packed and as you mentioned if you live up north, it's like august. >> exactly. >> billings, montana in the house? >> feeling just fine. >> iron mountain michigan? >> yes. >> way up there like by international falls so 65 degrees what it is, 66 in daytona, that's august for them. so it is packed and it is sunny and it's beautiful outside and the good news is the rip current risk is on the lower side for today for the first time in about a week so all good news there. it's just tolerating a little chill in the air but here is the good news if you're watching us and you're a spring breaker the farther along we go through this week, the warmer it will get. this is the coolest day for us here a lot of mid and upper 60s with that sunshine including 66 in titusville, orlando 68 and we bottom off all the way down to 43 this morning and that was
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winds started light out of the northwest and they are swinging out of the north east as expected little bit of a breeze along the coastline but most inland areas winds are less than 10 miles an hour and skies are absolutely clear just a few thin high clouds off of our east coast with the reason why a very dominant area of high pressure locked over the northern gulf state so we're on the east side of that that's why we have the northerly flow, as this high slides off to the east it will continue to lighten the winds but eventually late in the day along the coastline they have an easterly breeze and by tomorrow the winds swing more out of the southeast and that starts to provide warmer air. but highs today would not be surprised if our northern coastal areas stay in the 60s including daytona at 69, palm coast 67, brevard county lower 70s and inland looking at anywhere from 71-75. the normal high in orlando is 79 so we're staying below that despite the fact that we had a beautiful afternoon. the humidity is virtually not existing a great feel to the
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golf at apopka area 73 and pepper mill and richmond heights in the orange county area 74 the high. brevard county today titusville, great outdoors looking good again a nice cool start but lots of sunshine and high coming up to 71. so still a chill in the air, i'd recommend jackets if you have an evening planned but not as cold. ocala got down to 36 this morning, again, east wind and a touch of cloud coverage overnight should limit the opportunity to get as cold but still chilly for the kids at the bus stop. here it is on future track just want you to note where the easterly breeze there could be clouds thickening up along coastal areas brevard and volusia counties that stream inland as we go through wednesday, still a lot of sunshine for places like clermont through the day. you can see almost a line of clouds being drug in with that easterly breeze so a few more clouds and a warmer forecast for your wednesday, as we get up to 80 degrees but it doesn't stop there 86 on thursday, 84 on friday, to wrap up the work
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end of the work week and into this holiday weekend it does start to turn wetter future track showing you rain on friday looks like a good chance for showers and storms saturday and sunday itself for easter it does look lick we'll have some scattered showers, i'll continue to refine the forecast as we go through the week but it doesn't look like a wash out but there will be some rain each and every day thursday, right on through easter. so there is the five day forecast with the weekend always in view. how about the warmth staying in the 80s between tomorrow and easter itself. you look at the rain chances, 60% on saturday and home fully those easter egg hunts will be dry but it looks like rain will vanessa? a local woman blames an oil change shop for a $9,000 mistake. the mistake she says it made and what happened when todd ulrich confronted company managers for answers. the interesting excuse an
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an investigation is under way this afternoon after the a suspected drug house. we first told you about the raid last night and it was 10. investigators say a tip lead drive. nobody was inside. detectives found money, guns worth more than $45,000. local victim advocates are warning everyone to be careful during spring break and just the past 10 days there have been 16 sexual assault cases just in orange county. they say one reason for the spike could be spring break and st. patricks day. they also say all of the cases involve drugs or alcohol. >> they go out and they find the young, the vulnerable, those that are intoxicated, those that aren't intoxicated that they want to drug, they go out and find individuals and prey on them. >> there's a hot line for help to find that number go to, click on the web links button on the right side of the screen.
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your help finding a driver accused of hitting a bicyclist and leaving him for dead on the side of the road. they say the 54 year old steven terry was riding his bike along courtney parkway in merit island when he fell and was hit by a pick up truck. he later died. they say the driver may not have been at fault if he just hadn't left the scene. >> it's unthinkable to me that they left him in the road like that. there's no saying that it would have made a difference if they know. >> troopers say the truck may have been a gmc sonomaxe or chevrolet s10 with likely has damage to its front end. the state attorneys office is reviewing cases involving three kissimmee police officers who may have lied in court. officers have been suspended with pay. the public defenders office says the testimony of at lost one of the officers and a police report and a drug arrest did not match which was
12:26 pm
it's in clear which officers are in the video. >> criminal defense attorneys are going to look at cases they've had and if there's a conviction and these officers testified and their testimony was critical you can bet they're going to collaterally attack that earlier conviction. >> the case has sparked both a criminal and internal investigation. prosecutors dropped the marijuana charges against those they arrested and the officers could face felony charges. the suspect in a local mothers disappearance may soon have to answer questions about the day she disappeared. yesterday, a judge ruled michelle parker's ex-fiancee dale smith will be deposed in the wrongful death suit filed by her mother. 2011. smith's attorney says his client will sit for the deposition but will plead the fifth and not answer any questions. parker's mother says she will go ahead with it anyway. >> i'm hoping that in the case
12:27 pm
cliche that the right thing will happen and that maybe one day, the truth will come out and we'll be able to find michelle. >> smith is living in orlando with his and parkers twins and parkers mother is still fighting to see. a hearing on that will come in the next few weeks. a man in marion county saw a sign. >> but it landed him in jail. the 38 year old keith belcher is facing criminal charges after deputy saskatchewan he stole several street signs to sell for scrap metal. deputies found him with several signs in the bed of his pick up truck. he reportedly told police on his way to jail that he did a stupid thing and he should have known better. it is the fight between the fbi and apple over unlocking a terrorists phone over. why the fbi is now doing a major about-face. and we're staying on top of breaking international news of terror attacks in brussels, belgium next how u.s. officials
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we're staying on top of the latest developments out of belgium and we learned a third bomb was found at the brussels airport. at least 34 people were child in two attacks in belgium's capitol more than 200 others injured this morning. the attack started with two explosions at the brussels airport around 8:00 local time which is right in the heart of morning rush hour. this video from cnn, you could see hundreds of frightened passengers running for cover following that first blast. just an hour later an explosion of a metro train just miles from the airport, online isis has claimed responsibility for these fatal attacks. european union leaders are pledging to tackle the
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a sentiment echoed by president leaders. horrific. one minute people are going about their day and the next minute, people are running for their lives. this is a terrorists attack in the heart of europe. as our countries have always done, we must confront this threat together. we must defend democracy and defeat terror. our prayers are with brussels as is our solidarity. >> security has been stepped up at travel hubs around the world including right here in central however u.s. officials say there is no evidence of an imminent threat to the united states. there's a big development this afternoon in the fbi's battle with apple to unlock the bernardino terror shooting. a hearing on the whole thing investigators may have found a way to crack the code without apple's help.
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saying it might not need a judge to force apple to help crack into a terrorists iphone. an outside party demonstrated to the fbi this past weekend a possible method for unlocking the phone, the doj writes. we must first test this method to insure it doesn't destroy the data on the phone but we remain cautiously optimistic. just hours earlier, apple's tim cook on stage to launch the companies new smaller iphone se used his biggest sales pitch to fight. >> we need to decide as a nation how much power the government should have over our data and over our privacy. >> at issue whether apple will be ordered to help the government break into an iphone used by san bernardino shooter. the fbi had wanted apple to disable the phone security features but apple claims doing so would force them to rewrite
12:33 pm
system and make every iphone more vulnerable to hackers. the police chief at the heart of the case tells abc news he isn't sure the phone contains any useful evidence. >> it's possible there may not be anything on there. we just simply don't know. >> abc news, california. it's starting to warm up this afternoon after the day got off to a chilly start. certified meteorologist is weather center 9. >> it was certainly heavier jacket weather we had 30s out there but the sun doing its job and it is in full force on this tuesday afternoon. there's a live look outside as we look up to the north east across lake eola and northern orange county, 68 in downtown, 66 deltona a bit of a breeze here or there but generally less than 10 miles an hour and let me get you not rest of orange county and say good afternoon to our friends torts water ford lakes 68 and the apopka area 67, altamonte 64 towards longwood and lake mary 68 and then in volusia county
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it's a little cooler there the mid 60s to deland, orange city daytona beach. skies are clear out there in the satellite and radar composite but again with a northerly breeze and chilly start to the day we will not get back to above average as matter of fact we stay well below average, high today in the metro just 75 degrees but a nice afternoon ahead. come on back i am tracking changes including when highs will be nearly 10 degrees above average and what looks to be a wet holiday weekend ahead. thousands of dead fish are floating in the indian river lagoon and state biologists are working to find out why. from titusville to melbourne florida fish and wildlife is receiving calls about fish kills. the agency is collecting samples. people who live in the area say its never been this bad. there are so many dead fish the air stinks. >> there's catfish, trout, i've seen mullet, every kind of fish you could think of. there's about 12 species of fish.
12:35 pm
thinks the fish kills may be related to recent algae bloom. for the past few days scientists have been monitoring a brown tide there. peta isishing sea world to make even more changes. the group wants receive world to move its killer whales to see sanctuaries after the park announced last week it will end its orca breeding program. next year it will file a shareholders request to have the whales moved to sanctuaries where they can be in the ocean without having total freedom. sea world says the whales are the post offer in the parks where trainers can take care of them. disney is looking into what caused a small fire on a float during the fettle it value of lion king show. take a look a viewer sent us this picture moments after the fire started yesterday afternoon. you can see a lot of smoke and people trying to quickly get out of the theatre there. disney says nobody was hurt. the family of a 12 year old girl is fighting to have a battery charge removed from her record after deputies arrested the rear end.
12:36 pm
don't take it seriously, but i don't get why he should. >> she admitted to pinching the boy. the middle school suspended her and the boy says he wasn't hurt but his mother wanted to press charges. they enrolled evans in a diversion program to remove the charge from her record but her father is still concerned. >> she pinched a boys butt and she says it's a game they played in school and the girls are doing it so i don't know what's going to happen. >> we tried to speak to the boys mother but because she is a jail nurse, her contact information is not public record. more children across the state will be eligible for low cost health insurance starting this summer. an additional 17,000 children will be added totidem anded carolina program. state lawmakers were able to work the expansion into the state budget because the federal government agreed to pay 97% of the cost. the state legislature also removed the five year waiting period for families to sign up.
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democratic presidential front runner hillary clinton says she has ideas to improve the affordable care act. in an interview with anderson cooper clinton said she would allow undocumented immigrants to buy health care if elected president. >> if someone can afford to pay
12:40 pm
exchanges that were set up under the affordable care act, i support that. >> clinton also took aim at rebubbaly can front runner donald trump accusing him of insighting violence at his rallies. she says someone who engages in to be president. if you're taking multiple prescription drugs, supplements and over-the-counter medicine let them know. a new study shows 15% of people that combine drugs should not be taken together nearly one in seven people combines medicine in a way that could be dangerous. doctors say you should tell them all about prescription pills over the counter medicines and dietary supplements at each visit. craft has created a new recipe for its famous macaroni and cheese eliminating all of and flavors. but nobody has really noticed. the company says more than 50 million boxes of the new recipe have sold the mac and cheese contains a combination of paprika to maintain its yellow hugh. >> love that stuff.
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>> it's a staple. you probably heard that doing the same exercise routine over and over again eventually stops working out your muscles. >> now scientists say the same is true for your brain. experts say expanding your horizons and trying new work outs can help your brain grow and develop. they say it works the part of your brain that computes and processes information and makes your brains neurons communicate faster. experts say you can start slowly by trying a new exercise or work out class and trying to master that. i need to do that. more than 80,000 honey bees were finally forced out of a gated community in lakeland. why they were forced to leave after an entire year of just hanging out. and action 9 investigates a local womans claims that a $40 oil change caused 9,000 dollars in damages. the beaches are packed today and why not? sunshine is out there it's a great day but coming up, i'll let you know when we'll all
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12:44 pm
an orange county woman blames an oil change shop for 9,000 dollars mistake. >> repair experts told her the shop used the wrong filter and that wrecked her engine. action 9 found new oil filters can be destructive and he tracked down corporate manager for answers and results. >> reporter: lisa planter heard the diagnosis. her kia's engine died from oil starvation. >> no oil just sprayed out and all of it eventually came out. >> it happened weeks after lisa paid $40 for an oil change at location. service tech said a kia dealership told less that shop made a big mistake replacing the oil filter. >> it was the wrong size and the wrong filter for my type of vehicle. >> the shop had used this filter on the right. it has different threads than the kia-made filter on the left. there's a technical service
12:45 pm
vehicles. a smaller filter could trigger engine failure. >> if that filter comes loose or dislodged, it very rapidly dumps all of the oil out. valvoline. she called us after the shop declined to pay a $9,000 repair bill. >> i am really disgusted with them. >> on east colonial drive, she claims the wrong oil filter was installed and it wrecked the engine. later corporate owner ashland inc told me its franchise did nothing wrong with but there had been confusing information on its repair website for techs and now ashland would pay lisa's full repair bill and rental car. something she had not heard before. >> i will not let go until they do what's right. >> todd ulrich, channel 9 eye witness news.
12:46 pm
told us that its tech used the oil filter as instructed. repair experts say some after market filters can trigger problems so ask the technician changing your oil. more than 80,000 bees in lakeland are getting an eviction notice. >> the honey bees have been causing a stir in the grasslands gated community. local bee keepers who were called out to remove them say the bees may have been there as long as two years. people who live in the area wanted the bees gone but wildlife control didn't want to kill them. >> we have to have bees. they pollinate all kinds of things. without bees we've got trouble. >> bee keepers vacuum the bees into a box and took apart the hive. the bees will be brought to an epiary. >> how do you get into that line of work, bee keeper? >> somebody has to do it. >> that's good stuff. that's good stuff. >> i'll be here all week literally. >> i know. so get ready for more. how about one last shot of winter coming in this morning ladies?
12:47 pm
>> very nice. a log going last night. >> did you? good for you. >> listen this is the great thing about late march. you get that cold morning but warm up nicely in the afternoon. look at these morning lows we got down into the low 30s in marion, northern lick and sumter counties with frost and winds even orlando today started off at 43 degrees, 14 degrees below average at the last time we'll be talking about below average temperatures here as we head through the week. we're back into the mid and upper 60s right now despite the fact there's plenty of sunshine but i've got to tell you something it is a beautiful afternoon ahead you've seen the shop from daytona look at these dew points in the 20s. it means the air is bone dry, there is no humidity even out on the coastline, the dew point in orlando is 39 and of course one problem with that is the fire threat. luckily the winds aren't nearly as strong as past couple of days but again with this bone dry air the tender vegitation gets going and you'll have to deal with the possibility of
12:48 pm
not assett estraighted as what it was yesterday. high pressure locked over the northern gulf coast state so keeps this wind northerly flow through today but starting late today into tomorrow the winds swing out of the east and southeast and will start to see the dew points rise so today quite comfortable with the highest due point in the lower 40s back into the low 50s tomorrow but still on the comfortable side in orlando so no real humidity moving back in although the temperatures will begin to climb quite quickly. highs today along the coastline how about upper 60s in flagler and volusia counties, low 70s in brevard county inland lee to mid 70s normal high in orlando is 79 so we're staying below that today, and up in seminole county sanford towards midway, the airport 73 and longwood, our friends 73 as well, and volusia county for today again staying cool up there towards daytona beach 69 inland today 72. tonight still jacket weather but not as cold, for those kids who are not on spring break this week make sure they have
12:49 pm
morning and it will be chilly and some northern areas to slip back into the 40s but no concerns for any frost as temperatures won't be getting into the 30s. here is future track showing extra cloud coverage along the coastline as winds swing more east to southeast so cooler along the coastline relatively speaking compared to inland locations for wednesday but everyone warms up tomorrow and then we turn on the heat but we also crank in the moisture so starting late thursday, especially friday, saturday into the easter sunday itself it will start to turn wet, not a wash out, i'll continue to tweek this forecast but an ample chance for showers and storms as a frontal boundary stalls out over the area so unfortuntely, that provides a good chance for rain so there is that five day forecast for the weekend always in view. the 80s between tomorrow and easter and then you'll look at that rain chance 60% on saturday right now, have to dodge showers on easter itself a 50% chance of rain then. marty? rusty and we are staying on top of breaking developments
12:50 pm
in just the past few minutes investigators released this possible bombers. this picture was taken just before the explosions at the brussels airport in belgium. you can see these three men were pushing carts through the airport. no other details have yet been released and we're going to continue to monitor this breaking news and bring you any updates throughout the afternoon. he's a defensive end who put his football skills to use off the field. what he did on a job interview when a robber stormed in a
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
here is a look at the stories we're working on for eye witness news today at 4:00
12:53 pm
about the latest on the deadly terror attacks in brussels three explosions in belgium child at least 34 people and injured hundreds more in what leaders are calling another round of terror attacks. we'll have the latest on the terrifying attacks today at 4:00. also today the attacks in europe have local airports on high alert. we noticed increased security at orlando international as a direct result of the attacks. today at 4:00 we're asking officials at oia if they expect delays because of increased security. a teenager trying to ace a job interview stopped a robbery in progress. >> devon washington was waiting for a job interview at the fast food restaurant in new orleans when a cashier started screaming and a man tried to grab money out of the dollar of the cash register but it took no time at all for this 18-year- old to jump in and help. >> i was thinking like it could be my mom, it could be anybodies mom so like you know you've got to protect them. >> i don't know who could mess with him. washington plays high school football as a defensive end and he held down the suspected
12:54 pm
after the man was arrested the teen walked out of the restaurant as a hero and a new co-workers should feel very >> yes. >> stocks are mixed on wall street. here is a look at the numbers so far we'll have closing figures on channel 9 eye
12:55 pm
12:56 pm
warm up on the way.
12:57 pm
severe weather center 9. >> pretty quick warm up. ladies i'd still recommend jackets for tomorrow morning still upper 40s low to mid 50s but then in the afternoon quite toasty. 80 tomorrow up to 86 thursday, we will see some wetter weather move in for the holiday weekend and it's going to be sticking around thursday through easter itself a pretty wet weekend ahead hopefully those easter egg hunts will be dry but it's something people very close eye on as we get closer to saturday and sunday. vanessa marty? thank you for watching channel 9 eye witness news at noon.
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