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tv   Eyewitness News 6  ABC  March 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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more than 30 people were killed. can and another 180 hurt. we have a team of anchors and reporters work on this major story, one crew just spoke to in sanford. while another crew at oia saw visible signs of heightened and martie salt has been monitoring this new information coming in straight from belgium, new this hour, martie, police there are now reaching out to the public for more help. >>reporter: yes, they are, martha, investigators are asking anyone who may have recorded images in the subway to hand over the pictures and videos. authorities already released this impaj of 3 men, they believe planned the attack. investigators think two of them died in suicide bombings, but the third, seen here in the white jacket on the right hand side, got away. now, officers hope images from the chaos can help move their investigation forward. we know that dozens of people were killed, hundreds more injured, of those hurt, there were at least 9 americans, including these three, mormon
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>> we will do whatever is necessary to support our friend and ally belgium, and in bringing to justice those who responsible. this is a reminder that the world must unite. >>reporter: countries around the world are showing their support for belgium. in france, the eiffel tower was lit with the belgium flag colors. black, yellow and red. here at home, president barack obama has ordered all american flags this the u.s. to be flown at half-staff through saturday. as the sign of respect and solidarity. bob. >> a nonstop flight from brussels was greeted by a fleet of police and security personnel today as it landed in sanford. it was wasn't even allowed to approach the terminal. the plane left brussels about the same time as today's explosions there. channel 9's shannon butler has been at the airport all day. for many of the passengers the magnitude is sinking in. >>reporter: there are a lot of tears for passengers today, they
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as soon as they touched down here in the u.s.. until now. flight 218 carrying 289 here. they took three hours before dozens of passengers finally made it through customs. the plane left at 7:04 a.m., an hour before the blast went off. passengers told us they had no idea what happened until they touched down and the plane was met by the police. >> everyone's phones starting going off, people were talking and in french and american, trying to figure out what's going on. and then they just told us, you know, there was a situation, we're going to take time for security, just be patient. and then the cars and the vans started pulling up and everyone is kind of had the idea something was wrong. >>reporter: it wasn't until word
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had learned they were under attack. this was one of the longest flights ever and she wasn't even on it. she k traed the flight here -- tracked the flight here for hours, wondering if her family was on the plane or in the rubble, then, the phone rang. >> they had no idea, what was going on. the flight actually landed and when i finally got to talk o her, she said, why are you crying, and i said, well, a lot has happened since you guys were in the air. >>reporter: the plane was eventually towed back here to the gate, the passengers all got off the plane. their bags were checked and rechecked by dogs, looking for explosives. more than half of those people got back on the plane. they are now headed to miami. this plane will turn around and go back to belgium. later tonight. we are live in sanford, shannon
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following the terror attack, central florida congressman allen grayson said not every security. >> we couldn't have people pass through metal deteshths as they leave their homes in the morning, if we're going to be a free society, we're going to have places like that that are not as secure as other places. >> florida senator marco rubio also releasing a statement, after the attacks, he called for the u.s. and europe to unite. to dismantle terrorism for good. over at orlando o international airport, we notice a visible change in the amount of security officers, nearly everywhere you looked, there were tsa workers orp orlando police officers. orlando's airport is one of the business zest in the country because of -- busiest in the country because of spring break travel. they didn't know about the terrorist attacks yet or the increase in security at u.s. airports. >> it could happen anywhere, at any time. that's just a part of life. and the cruelty that is going on
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i think that we are doing the best that we can. >> orlando o airport officials say they've increased the security and very visible ways and behind is scenes measures that the public cannot see. there was one incident on a jet blue fright, the pilot called for law enforcement to help him deal with a male passenger who was extremely disruptive. orlando police and kuss ps agents respond -- customs agents responded. you can count on eyewitness news for the latest updates on the attacks in brussels. we'll have them for you tonight 11:00. newscasts on using the #brussels. and you can catch a special one-hour edition of world news tonight with david muir with in-depth coverage of the brussels attacks at 6:30. one orange county leader told us plain clothes officers
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the news comes a day after an 18-year-old was shot and killed, marking the third deadly shooting in apopka. within the past week can a half. channel 9 is in apopka right now, and mike, that commissioner told you it will take much more than law enforcement to stop all of the violence. >>reporter: yeah, martha, he told me the answer is pretty simple. people need to stop withholding information from investigators. yesterday's shooting left 18-year-old bryant dead, just two dayss earlier, orange county deputies say this 16-year-old boy shot and killed his girlfriend, 15-year-old destiny bardman and a week before that, deputies a woman shot and killed her boyfriend, all of these shootings happened in apopka. >> the end of the day, the adult is the responsible one here. >>reporter: i talked with orange county commissioner brian nelson, he told me that the county recently put an extra plain clothed officer on the streets in apopka, to try to deter crime.
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kind of impact do you think they're having, are they working? >> what it goes down to is we need more involvement from the community, we immediate the people to come out and say, hey, i saw this, it looks suspicious. >>reporter: but that's exactly what investigators say many people in this neighborhood won't do, and they say it's making it tough to solve this murder. investigators say they have names of a few persons of interest but say they don't have enough evidence at this point to call any of them suspects. >> all of the eye, they're seeing things that we don't see. if they can help us solve these crimes or prevent the crimes, even better yet. >>reporter: and investigators want any information, even if it's anonymous, that's why they passed out this flier today to anyone in the neighborhood who would take one. we'll stay in touch with the investigators to see if they got any leads from this. and of course, if they did, we'll let you know. for now, live in apopka, in
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orange county fire crews don't know what caused a brush fire that n avalon park that got close to several homes, we showed you the images of the fire yesterday afternoon. fire crews say the flames got so close, they melted some fences. we're told 20 acres burn, but no homes r were damaged. we're now waiting for the results of another round of tests this week, to see if a toxic lake has cleared up. the couple of hours ago, orange county's viert l crew revealed -- environment l crew revealed the water in lake rose is contaminated. a pumping statement failed. the county says all it can do now is wait for mother nature to clear the contamination t. next round of test results come on friday. new this hour, after waiting weeks for answers to our questions, 9 investigated discovered how much three trash haulers will be fined for leaving behind trash and damage in orange county yards. since january, we have reported
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to the trash system. we now know that for service from february 19th to the 25th, advanced disposal services racked up $2600 in fines. waste proservices, were fined $4,000 and fcc was fined the most, at more than $19,000. fcc is a newcomer to the wooes business, other haulers have protested fcc's contract saying the spain based company underbid the job, in a story march third, fcc representative says his company had the most customers, and the most improvement since service started. today, orange county mayor teresa jacobs -- john mikeca, the chair of the national oversight committee had a hearing on the issue, he said heroin is the leading cause of accidental deaths, in the nation, and mayor jacobs talked about the task force created in orange county to stop the drug. >> we recommend bond increases
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media and social media campaigns, warning about the deadly nature of heroin. >> in a t six months, the heroin task force has been active, 370 arrests. no new cases of zika virus at least in florida. but researchers at university of central florida are working on a faster way to identify infected mosquitoes. their new test uses a red wick with an a dor that attracts mosquitoes to a cage like this. they drink from a wick and they turn red if their safe. but because of nano particles, an infected mosquito turns blue. >> the particles recognize that, change from a red color to a blue color. >> right now, it takes days for researcherers to test mosquitoes to see if they're infected with disease like zika virus, or west nile virus. but this test, identifies insects right away.
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working with mosquito control officials in about a year. 9 investigated uncovered an audit that shows that leaders may have violated a federal law when they randomly drug tested workers. >> in is an audit of your department and making serious allegations that there were hipaa violations. this woman is accused in a brutal attack. how a paperwork mistake may help her get out of jail. a warmup is on, how much
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0001 9 investigates whether seminole county leaders violated federal law when they drug tested an entire department without notice. >> the results of the tests were announced right in front of other employees, with a total disregard for privacy laws.
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manager about the allegations, which prompted an auditment. >>reporter: we started asking seminole county leaders about their random drug tests back in february, when we were tipped off that an entire department was tested, randomly. and now, even after this report was published, accusing the county of violating hipaa laws, they still won't answer your questions. >> we now know around 70 solid waste management employees were called here to this central transfer station or near the landfill and randomly drug tested near the end of february. according to a complaint, employees were able to hear the results of the tests. one employee even stating they had to disclose a medical condition, in front of colleagues. with no regards to hipaa laws. >> according to the audit, and the county's own poll circumstances if there's a reasonable suspicion of drug use two supervisors have to fill out
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>>reporter: we went to get an explanation. she told us that the reasonable suspicion policy didn't reply because the county received a credible report about problems in the division. the county argued on paper that lab techs confirmed that all tests were within hipaa guidelines. >> which deals with the personnel issues, so i'm not discussing it with the media. i'm sorry, that you made the trip down here, but. but i --. >>reporter: you have nothing to say -- some of the tests came back positive. >> there is a lot of back and forth between the clerk's sxaufs the county managers office. we posted the entire document online, o you can read it yourself. in seminole county, channel 9, eyewitness news. county leaders did tell us they tried to work with the
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what do you think? you can join the conversation right now at the woman accused of beating an elderly apopka man to steal pain pills could end up leaving the orange county jail, the state missed a deadline to file a formal statement of charges against tosh sha mullins, that tied the judge's hands when she released mullins under three meantime, family members say ronald hollingsworth is still recovering from the attack. tonight, we learned that the teenage girl hit by a car has died from injuries related to that crash. 16-year-old victoria catch was walking along canoe creek. that crash is still under investigation. but no charges are pending against the driver. and last week, we told you the teen's death convinced neighbors to push for better sidewalks and
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>> march 12th, they died when their plane went down in an empty field. other pilots heard a radio call from someone claiming to have lost an engine around the time of the accident. agents are still investigatingful. a 9 million dollar improvement plan along sunrail's 32 mile long corridor is underway. sunrail officials say they're replacing rails, resurfacing tracks and upgrading pedestrian and railroads crossings. the deberry station in volusia county to orange county. crews are, woing when the train d working when the trains are not running. they expect to finish in august of 2017. tomorrow morning, brevard county will coordinate a fish kill cleanup, right now, many thousands of dead fish are littering the canals and shorelines along the indian river lagoon. an algae bloom may have led to low levels of oxygen in the water, and that's what killed the fish. water tests are still being done.
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whole life. and i've never, ever seen, a fish kill like this one, ever. >> this latest fish kill has impacted several varieties of fish. proposals that would have loued florida floridians to openly carry guns died during this legislative session, but soon the court will debate the issue. the supreme court -- coming up in june, the supreme court will hear arguments in a case that stems back to 2012. back then, dale norman was arrested for openly carrying a gun in a holster, norman challenged his arrest, saying it violated his right to bear arms. an appeals court disagreed, though, norman then appealed to the supreme court. right now, officials with the united launch alliance are getting ready to launch to the international space station, we showed you the pictures of the things going on board.
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blast off from the cape canaveral will 7500 pounds of supplies and experiments. if the launch happens, you'll see it live during eyewitness news at 11:00. of course, the weather has to be right in order for it to go up. >> and the weather was right today, so awesome today. we're going to see that hanging on tomorrow. we're going to track the next storm system on the way. in daytona beach, a few folks out there, enjoying the evening. 67 degrees. winds out of the east at 13. not as windy as yesterday f that's good, we're still dry. lower today. but 60s and 70s for this evening, still have a light zakt with you, 24 hour temperature change, you'll see the numbers 5-10 degrees warmer. we're looking great outside. clear skies again for tonight. a lot of sun, still in the forecast for tomorrow. 61 by 10:00. mount dora, lake dora, waking up to 50s around a bit of a chill
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future track, through tonight and tomorrow, clouds along the coast. southeasterly flow. you can see a little bit of green, that will be staying offshore. we will be try for tomorrow. beach forecast, in the 70s tomorrow. a moderate risk of rip current. seas down, better shape at 2-3 feet, water still cool for folks like me, running in the 60s and 70s. around. you can see the ub ins tonight, 40s. tomorrow, a picture-perfect day, again, a couple of fair weather clouds, the numbers in the 70s can and 80s tomorrow, a lot of us in the low 80s along the coast, flagler, volusia, brevard county, in the 70s. the five-day forecast with your weekend always in view, great tomorrow, but by thursday, we're going to see a little bit more moisture around. we'll spark off afternoon storms, again, not a washout, but a hot day, 87 with the 40% chance of afternoon showers, and storms. a 30% chance on friday and then
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that, still several days away, a 50% chance of scattered showers and were stos, and lu the weekend, including easter, it about looks to be on the warm side with highs running in the mid 80s. bob. mighty nice. thanks, brian. we just got a copy of an orange county sheriff's report that shows it took deputy thes 30 minutes to respond to this home that had be riddled with bullets. >> the suspects are still on the run. now, that's tonight on eyewitness news at 10:00 on tv
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welcome back, the nfl is possibly coming to orlando but only for practice the. reportedly working on a deal to hold a joint practice here in august. our sister station in jacksonville says nothing is official yet, but both teams are interested, and are just waiting for the nfl to approve the deal. the joint practice could be held at ucf, or possibly in celebration. in baseball, now, history made in cuba today, tampa bay rays playing the national team.
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president barack obama in the stands. james cranks the 2-run home run to right, rays wuld go on to win 4-1. the first time they have played in cuba since the baltimore orioles in 1999. in potential soccer deals, orlando city comes closer to adding julio, the 34-year-old known as the beast is currently not on contract, he played with ka ka in south pal lo. treated at him saying welcome to orlando. but nothing is official yet. >> we spoke to julio, we spoke about what we can do down the road. and he's very, very keen to come. we spoke about trying to bring somebody in to give him kyle a rest now and again. >> on the pride side, called up by team usa, they will play in two friendlys against columbia, april 6th and 10th and pride
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preseason match against the florida gators. bob, martha.
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tonight, a special edition of "world news tonight." the deadly terror attacks in brussels. at the airport. >> stay down. >> and in the subway. the americans caught in the middle of it all. three deadly explosions rocketing the city. tonight, isis reportedly claiming responsibility. dozens killed. more than 200 hurt. this image leading to an urgent manhunt at this hour. what authorities have spotted in the surveillance photo. passengers escaping the subway in the dark and smoke. i talk with the american man who pried the door open. >> it was a nightmare. >> and the virginia woman who hid behind the counter at the airport with the ticketing agent. while here at home tonight, images from the subway in new


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