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tv   Eyewitness News 11  ABC  March 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. announcer: this is channel 9 eyewitness at 11:00, coverage you can count on. panic at the airport and subway, after three explosions rocked brussels. and tonight, there's relief from central florida families whose loved ones were on the last moments before the attack. >> we're just glad to be home. tonight the u.s. state department is warning americans to exercise vigilance of course in public places after this morning's attacks in brussels. >> isis claimed responsibility for the bombings that killed at least 34 people and injured many more. here's what we know. the attacks were carried out during the morning rush hour. two explosions at brussels
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station, both done by suicide bombers. one blew himself outside for tickets passengered and near the airline check in -- passengers and near the airline counters, and among the injuries were three americans waiting for their flight. investigators believe this man attacks. >> they say he made sure the two suicide bombers went through with it and police found a bomb they say he left at the airport but it never exploded. >> and just minutes before the death and destruction inside that airport, a nonstop flight central florida. >> the nearly 300 passengers had no clue what they just escaped until after they got here at the orlando sanford international airport where they were greeted and airport security. you can imagine their surprise? roy ramos is live now and roy you were there as passengers got together with their loved ones again after hours of really not safe? >> reporter: yeah, jorge it was real emotional.
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flight to make it the to u.s. from brussels that left right before those terror attacks. emotional reunions filled the airport as friends and families held their loved ones whose flight just landed from brussels where chaos was unfolding. >> we were there hours before the bomb went off. >> with the walter and his wife boarded the flight just after 8 clock this morning, moments later airport officials said two bombs went off, and another in the city went off. passengers outside flight 217 had no idea of the islamic state terror attacks until they landed. >> she called me and she was really upset and she's like do you know, and i'm like no we don't know anything. >> we found out from the news in belgium. >> reporter: walter described
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them sat on the tarmac separated for close to three hours after being met by a caravan of law enforcement. >> i think it was because most of the people were in shock as we were. >> after hearing more than 30 people lost their lives if and hundreds of others were injured, the family now raised in belgium, u.s. citizens now say they've happy to be safe. >> you just don't think until afterwards how close you could have been, so it was very scary. >> reporter: and that flight has since departed and headed to miami. we're told it will head to southeast belgium because brussels international airports going to be closed until wednesday. eyewitness. we posted the raw interviews with those passengers. you can watch them in their entire on our web site, and following today's attacks in brussels one of our crews spent all day at oi, where we noticed officers. nearly everywhere there were tsa officers.
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busiest in the country because of spring break. airport officials say in addition to extra officers there are also new security measures taking place that people can't see. >>'s new tonight president obama is ordering all american flags across the country to be flown at half staff to honor the victims in today's terror attacks, saying, his prayers are with everyone, and condolences on these acts of evil. meanwhile, people who lived in brussels gathered the a central square to pay tribute and people expressed their grieve and solidarity by leaving messages and candles at a site. and we just got this picture of the orlando eye lit up in the colors of the belgium flag in a show of solidarity, and support to the country. and of course you can count on eyewitness news for the late of the updates on the attacks in brussels. we'll have more tomorrow on
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beginning at 5 a.m. and you can get updates on, and on social media using the hashtag #brussels. 9 investigates whether seminole county leaders violated federal law when they drug tested an entire department without notice. we found out about 70 solid waste management employees were randomly drug tested last month according to a complaint made to the comptroller's office and employees in surrounding areas were able to hear the results of the test. count manager wouldn't answer questions about the audit on camera. >> we're not asking any personnel questions; we're asking about the audit itself. >> which deals with the personnel issue, so i'm not discussing it with the media. i'm sorry you made the trip down here. >> the county manager later told us she received a credible report about drug use in the division, and the county argued on paper lab techs confirmed all testing was consistent with hipaa guidelines. and we're minutes away from
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where the final county down is under way at the cape canaveral air force station. the alliance rocket is taking the cignus spacecraft. supplies are counting down, let's listen in. >> always an exciting time seconds before launch. there it is. seven thousand7,000 pounds. >> here we go. food and flies are also goingand supplies are going up made by ucf students. these experiments are in the sigma spacecraft right now. perfect weather for this launch tonight, as our meteorologist brian shields monitoring the situation said there was going to be no problem and it's a clear night. you can be seeing this from your backyard. >> watching this from cocoa beach, from brevard county, incredible. the 60 second launch, is going to carry supplies 7,000 pounds,
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some stuff and 250 experiments and as it goes through the clouds so far a safe launch and that's exactly what we like to report. >> it will spend two months docked at the i s.s., and will be arriving on saturday. again 7,500 pounds of food, supplies, experiments all heading to the iss. >> and we posted a full video on after of course you watch eyewitness at 11:00. >> of course. 9 investigates discovered how much three trash companies were fined for leaving behind trash and damage in orange county yards. we've reported numerous times about the county's new trash system. tonight we now know from february 19th to the 25th, advanced disposal services racked up $2,600 in fines. waste pro was fined $4,000, fcc was fined the most at more than $19,000. crews will be testing water in a local lake after raw sewage
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it could be weeks before water is safe. yesterday a pumping station failed sending thousands of gallons of contaminated water. water safety came back above standards and there's no way to treat the contamination, they just have to let nature take its course. and orange county investigators are still searching for leads on the gunmen, but they say witnesses just aren't talking. someone shot and kill canned 18-year-old bryant yesterday afternoon near 13th street and old apopka road. investigators say they have a few persons of interest but no suspects. we talked with a man who said he saw the victim's body, but has no plans to speak with detectives. >> i could liked out the window and i seen the car on one end of the street and about another ten on the other end so i went down, and got on the ground. >> today investigators passed
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this is the second fatal shooting of a teenager in apopka since last weekend. 16-year-old massy was playing with a gun when he shot and killed his girlfriend, 15-year-old destiny. police say he got the weapon from someone else, in his home and it went off. massy is charged with second-degree murder. right now the search continues for a man dabtd police say may have tried to lure -- daytona beach police may have tried to lure a girl on hillcrest drive. the girl asked where she was going then told her to come closer. police say the man was driving a blue jaguar they say has been seen in the area before. tonight seminole county deputies are still searching for two gunmen accused of forcing their way into an army just after midnight and robbing the guy inside. it happened right across the street from the ucf campus at the tivoli apartments.
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armed with a pistol went through an unlocked door and demanded money. the suspect got away with about $100 in cash and also took a laptop. at this hour, deputies in seminole county are searching for a 12-year-old girl. i may recognize her. 12-year-old jaden was last seen at her house on lake mary sunday. when she went to check on her, she found a note saying she had run away. she's believed to be without her medication, as well as her cell phone. the woman accused of beating an elderly apopka man to steal his pain pills could be leaving the jail. the state missed a deadline to file a formal statement of charges against tasha mullins. our legal analyst said that tied the judge's hand when is she released mullins under three drug charges with a much lower bond. state attorney's office says filing of information in the case will now have to wait a narcotics testing being done by fdle.
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battling the zika virus here in florida. yesterday, health officials confirmed four new cases, one of those in osceola county. four of the people infected in florida are pregnant women. nearly all of those patients got it it traveling outside the country. and local deputies admit priority was put elsewhere after a gunman was reported a barrage of bullets into a home. what else deputies say caused a 30-minute delay. >> i'm tracking a big warm up, plus when we'll see showers and storms.
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. an orange county family had to take cover before deputies responded to their help. two weeks ago we showed you those bullet holes, the damage from 22 shots. kimberly eton did some digging and found out it took 30 minutes to respond. you asked deputies why they didn't respond immediately. >> reporter:.
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during one of their -- flew during one of their busiest hours, but it isn't until the bottom of the report deputies got on scene 30 minutes later. >> two weeks after a terrifying crime there are still evidence markers on an orange county home. >> he let off about, i don't know, 13 shots or better, and they just shot up the house and ran off. >> lingering too for the family who lives inside is the concern for how long it took deputies to answer their calls for help. on march 5th, someone fired 22 shots at their house. many of those hitting the garage door but intended for another target, a teenager who lives inside. his brother asked not to be shown on camera when he spoke to us after the gunfire. >> he just came out of nowhere, and just started shooting. >> released only to eyewitness today, a report from the orange county sheriff's office shows
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before deputies got there. >> we have limited amount of resources and we try to make sure we get those resources where they're needed. >> captain anglo nieves says that night resources needed to go into protecting some of their own. minutes before the reports of shots fired in moss park, deputies believed they were taking fire across town outside a restaurant on west colonial. >> there were a number of delays because there were a number of multiple calls going on at the same time. >> the first priority of back up, 25 miles from the family waiting inside their bullet riddled home. >> and that family told me tonight that their concern is deputies may have missed their chance to catch the gunmen. we're told that person is still wanted. >> reporter: reporting live in orange county, kimberly eton, american eyewitness. theresa jacobs is having a busy week. on friday she's set to deliver
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today she was on capitol hill telling congress what the county sedoing to stop the heroine epi-- county is doing to stop the heroine epidemic, but she says the drug is still making the rounds. >> despite central florida's strong economy, and our extraordinary quality of life, heroine has absolutely exploded. >> since the task force was created six months ago, deputies have been able to make 370 arrests. as the number of zika cases up, researchers are working on a way to protect your family. there's eye new test that uses a red wick that attracts mosquitoes to a cage, and they drink said wick and turn red. but because of nanoparticles in the wick, an infected mosquito will not turn red, but blue. >> we can help respond more quickly to any potential disease
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>> smart people doing good things. >> clearly. >> right now it takes days for researchers to test mosquitos to see if they're infected with diseases like zika, or degngue fever, but this test identifies the infected mosquitoes right away. you've been given a nice refreshing forecast, and now things are heating back up just like you like it, jorge. >> yes. >> finally some in decent weather. >> and the people who enjoy warmth. >> yeah, all about you, yeah. we're used to that around here. >> stop that. we'll get you outside in downtown orlando over lake eola. a beautiful night. it is nice and we do have that warm up on the way. 62, winds out of the east at five miles per hour. sunset was at 7:38 and it will be just before 7:30 for tomorrow. the numbers in the 50s and the 60s. a little bit chill net northern zones again, not as cold as this morning. we have been having 30s around in some spots and see some of the low 50s around.
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60s but we're going to heat up. average high, 79. we'll be at 81 still gorgeous for wednesday as we head into thursday. a few of us pushing 90 degrees and some mid-80s on the way by friday and it looks like the mid-80s will hold into the easter weekend. winds are light, but a little bit of southerly component and the south wind will warm us up plus we'll have a lot of sun in the forecast. no big system dropping in yet. by the time we see thursday we'll see a chance of showers and storms popping up. tomorrow, altamonte springs, 76 by noon, 80 degrees by cranes roost into the afternoon, towards forest city. so we're looking good through the day, seeing a little bit green. this is by 1:00 tomorrow. showers though are going to stay offshore, just some fair weather clouds tomorrow. by the time we hit thursday, kind of treat it like a summertime day start, but then you see some of the showers afternoon and storms that will be returning to the forecast and some of that holds through the weekend. beaches, if you're on spring break, 70 the in the air, water
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seas 2 to 3 feet and we'll see a moderate risk of rip currents. clear skies, 53, narcoossee, boggy creek, and anywhere from lake nona and hunters creek in the mid-50s. a couple 40s around ocala and anthony, we'll be at about 47 degrees. then for tomorrow, what a day on the way, 70s and 80s. again just a touch cooler along the coast. we'll be mainly in the mid 70s, cocoa beach, and lotus at about 87, 81, clermont, and groveland, 82 in leesburg. lots of changes ahead, here's your five-day forecast with your weekend always in view, again thursday, it's no wash up, but we'll see a 40% chance of the popup storms in the afternoon by friday, about a 30% chance of a shower, then into the weekend, we're going to see a front approach, still warm, mid-80s, with a chance of scattered showers and storms. they will favor the afternoon, both saturday and sunday, get a
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help spark off some of the showers and storms and the overnight lows staying mild, but comfortable in the mid-60s by the end of the week. jorge? >> bryan tonight questions remain about what led up to thousands of fish just like this being killed. ahead what people can do to help cutdown on this major problem. >> and we're getting ready for wednesday morning, i'm rusty mccranie, tomorrow morning on eyewitness news this morning, tracking a warm up, and a better chance of rain as we head towards easter.
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a man shot by a stray bullet remains in intensive care. in the past 12 months deputies have been called out nearly 120 times. neighbors we spoke to say they say police at the complex all the time. >> do you see law enforcement here often? >> every night. >> every night? >> yeah, sometimes i come home and they're parked right there in the parking lot. >> residents told us the property manager who owns magnolia court owned the troubled tymber skan apartments. tomorrow morning, brevard county officials are meeting to figure out how to get rid of thousands of rotting fish just like this in the indian river lagoon. it's a problem. initial findings noticed the probable element generated by
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nutrients. as the bloom decomposed, the county believes dissolved oxygen levels killed the fish. >> it's a human problem, a government problem, a. >> and a sad problem. many are hoping it will serve as a wake-up call of the overall health of the lagoon. and thousands of high paying jobs in osceola county, the governor approved money for the sensa project taking shape near highway 192. the facility is expected to become a hub for advanced manufacturing and the governor vetoed the funding last year and is expected to help lure companies to the site. the facility is expected to be finished by next year. work on sunrail's $9 million improvement plan is expected to be finished by the summer of 2017. crews are replacing rails, resurfacing tracks and upgrading pedestrian and railroad crossings. the refurbishment is going on to the sand lake station in orange county. announcer: this is your 11:00 sports presented by lexus of orlando.
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break, but not exactly kicking back. the team is still practicing every day and the front office appears to be close to signing yet another international star. 34-year-old forward julio bautista is not currently under contract and according to rumors is close to signing with team purple. the brazilian nicknamed the beast is good friends with kaka, and was on the brazilian national team. he tweeted to julio saying welcome to orlando, but nothing's official. >> we spoke to julio and what we can do down the road and he's very keen to come. we spoke about trying to bring somebody in to give kyle a rest or if he was able to get in. >> as for the pride, the ladies traveled to gainesville, beat up on the gators 5 to 1. captain alex morgan had two goals bringing her pre season tally to six, but she left the
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head coach tom sermonte said it was not serious. goal keeper ashland harris will neat part of the season to play for team usa, for two friendlies against columbia. the relationship between cuba and the united states is evolving. baseball helps offer a moment for both countries to enjoy their favorite past time. history made in cube a the tampa bay rays playing the cuba national team, the top of the fourth, president obama in the stands, james loney cranks the two-run home run to right, rays would win 4 to 1, it's the first time a major league team has played since the orioles did it back in 1999. college baseball, tenth ranked florida state hosting ucf. top of the second, luke hamblin says go away ball, lead-off home run gives the knights a 21 lead,
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seminole normals rally, part of a five run inning for fsu, and logan will pop this up to left, and gauge west will bobble it and bear hands the rebound. fsu goes on to win 7 to 2. they'll play again tomorrow at 4 p.m. as for the nfl, the bucs and jaguars are planning meet in orlando for a join practice in august. according to our sister station in jacksonville. the teams are waiting for the nfl to approve that deal and one know you can deposit checks right from your phone.
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gorgeous for tonight, wake up weather, sunrise 7:25. it is going to be a little bit cool, but warming quickly by the time we hit 9:00 we'll have temperatures in the 60s, right near 80 for a high. great day on the way. hope you have a great night, martha. >> thanks bryan, you, too. be sure to watch eyewitness news at 5:00, weather and traffic every ten minutes. >> thank you for watching. we'll hope you join us tomorrow right here. announcer: see breaking news happening, the eyewitness team wants to know, just tweet us at @wftv, drop us a line on
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