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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 5am  ABC  March 23, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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humanity that emerged and sense of chaos to me shows these types of things don't defeat the human spirit. >> hard to believe 24 hours later. that's what's making news in america this morning, everyone. breaking right now on eyewitness news this morning. investigators in brussels say they are learning new information about a man they say carried out the terror attack that killed at least 34 people. after the second explosion, so many people panicked, so many people cried. >> what leaders in central florida are doing now to tighten our security. final results from three primaries and caucuses and what vote totals mean for the race for the white house. a lot to get to. good morning, 5 am wednesday, march 23.
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traffic every 10 minutes. deneige broom watching the morning commute. let's get started with meteorologist brandon jerrica. >> this morning it is crisp. throughout the day a southeasterly winds is driving temperatures up. we will not be as crystal-clear in the sunshine today and we will be looking at mostly sunny skies overall. coastal counties could be looking at more cloud cover than yesterday. we're warming up after a cold start, 45 ocala, 48 deland, 52 sanford, 54 in orlando and 59 in melbourne. winds at the big key issue. we will see southeasterly winds throughout the afternoon and that is only at 5- 10 miles an hour and it is enough to drive temperatures back into the 80s today. especially for our inland counties. along the coast will be in the mid to upper 70s. we are warming of the next chance of rain is right around the corner. i'm tracking that coming up in a few minutes. deneige how do the roads look at 5:01. >> i 4 looks better.
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those out. i noticed within the last few minutes they cleared out the cones that were eastbound at preston street locking off a lane so you are flowing nicely through downtown orlando from winter park really wherever you hop on i 4, in both directions look good. we have a big issue in brevard county i-95, there is a crash shut down i-95 southbound. you will have to exit at pineda causeway from there, get over to u. s. 1 to get to eue gallie blvd., that can put you back onto i-95 southbound. looking at a couple of other alternates for you in the melbourne area, we do know there have been some road work wickham road impacting alternates. when i'm able to get the information i will update you. breaking news on the terror attacks in brussels. >> here is the latest for you. a belgian broadcaster says it has identified two of the people responsible for the attack that killed at least 34 people.
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ibrahim el-bakraoui they were known to police for past crimes but for nothing related to terrorism. meanwhile an international manhunt is now underway for the menu see here on your screen, the guy on the right, authorities fear more attacks could happen with easter just around the corner. unfortunately there are probably more cells in belgium may be cells that were kept separate intentionally from this unit, cells that the personnel did not even know about. the state -- may still be out there. >> state department issued a travel alert for america's head into your. eyewitness news is morning janai norman live at the islamic center of orlando this morning. she says there's an event planned behavior to address yesterday's attacks. >> reporter: it is scheduled to start at 11:00 this morning. a group released a statement saying in part, these heinous attacks on the innocent people
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disturbing and unjustifiable. islamic center orlando one of the two local groups we're hearing from this morning for the other is the american we spoke with executive director and he talked about when he first learned about the attacks of brussels yesterday. he explained it was not long release condemning the attacks, feeling the need to once again defend his religion and that is because attacks like this often lead to talk of more hatred and violence. >> to be honest with you our first -- i said god, do not let it be muslims and unfortunately when i saw the statement by isis released it -- releasing was also the other was more graphic pictures, it was very disheartening and very painful to be honest with you. >> for the next half hour we are taking a close look at the fears here at home that the attacks in brussels have reignited it. live in orange county, janai
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morning. . >> nearly 300 passengers on a nonstop flight to central florida from brussels had no idea what they had just escaped. orlando sanford international airport, passages reunited with loved ones after hours of not knowing if they were safe. airport officials told us this was the only flight to make it to the u. s. before the attack. we spoke with one of the passengers who says their daughter called them right when they banded. >> went over there to pick up grandma so we are happy to be here, beat together and be safe -- be together and be safe. >> passengers sat on the tarmac for close to three hours after they were met by law enforcement. the plane has flown onto miami before going to sell these belgium. i posted the relative ease with the passengers. watch them in their entirety on count on eyewitness news to
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brussels get updates between newscast on and social media using #brussels. following breaking news in brevard county this morning, southbound lanes are closed on i-95 after two semi trucks crashed in melbourne. they collided near the tiny the exit, i-95 southbound lanes are shut down near the site of the crash as crews respond to the scene. we have a reporter on the way i will show you live pictures just as soon as the crew gets there. new this morning from president obama is now in argentina today to show the u. s. and argentina are on better terms. this is the first state visit by u. s. president there since 1997. president obama is set to meet with the president of argentina who plans to hold a town hall with young argentinians. results poured in overnight in the race for the white house senator. bernie sanders claimed the victory over two states, sanders won the presidential caucuses and i know in your topic hillary clinton patted her delegate lead after she won arizona. 75 delegates and the biggest prize of the night in the
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on the republican side, senator ted cruz two win in utah. donald trump will go all of arizona city delegates. experts say capitalized on his anti-immigration stance and a position that has been popular among gop voters in the state. ohio governor. john kasich did not campaign in arizona. the woman accused of bashing and other lake apopka man in the head could end up walking out of jail. investigators say the -- montage among those -- she beat the man for pain pills. mullins only faces three of five charges and her bond is much lower. >> they may have to set trial and face charges but they can be free for $1100. to me that is the same. >> state attorney's office will have to wait until fdla finishes a narcotics test before any filing can be done. supplies and experiments international space station and
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>> 4-3-2-1 mission and lift off of the atlas five rocket with cygnus with supplies for the crew, experiments for the science. >> atlas five rocket lift off from the canaveral air force station in perfect condition last night. cygnus spacecraft on top will deliver a 3-d printer to help make repairs to the international space station. they put them off now. an experiment to study meter soil on board bill by students and researchers out at ucf. smack ultimately that's what we're trying to do is meet the commitment to nasa and make sure cargoes flowing so they can do the critical research station. >> here's the neat part two, leaves rss ma, large-scale fire will be set on board, and a contained box but it will see
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isn't that right? 5:10 am. we check weather and traffic . that. >> no fire for you. >> a beautiful night for favorite. heading into the day, we are going to be looking at a breed -- pity decent beach day. weather coverage along the coast and inman 68-72 degrees. water temperatures going to be well. seas 3 to 4 feet, moderate chop today and reps will be -- are watch for them especially during spring break. swim near the lifeguard station. west east, starting sunday this morning but we will get the more clouds rolling and as we partly cloudy tonight and 4:00. southeasterly tran01's willingness up as we move into the day.
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74 at lunch, 79 format. titusville with a cloudy start but then we get more sunshine will again by the afternoon, 74 at noon and 75 the high at 4:00. moderate rips today. 5:10 am. >> issue in i-95 as nancy mentioned, we have a crew on the way to the scene by right now i-95, southbound is closed at pineda causeway. exit there and then take us 1 to eue gallie blvd. and that can get you back onto i-95 southbound, wickham road is partially closed because of some road work so take us 1 as the alternate and not wickham road. i 4 camera, 434, heading towards orlando and this is stored volusia county, you have cones blocking off one lane but it looks crews are about to pick them up. more on the terror attacks
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florida did to help ease the fears of a very frightened little boy. how ucf researchers are using colors and giant mosquito models in the battle against zika virus.
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jamie holmes 5:13 am. alive look over downtown orlando, cool but not cold and that will begin to start of the warm up that we -- that we've been waiting for the rain for the weekend and we will let you know when that is coming in in a few moments. we showed you damage to an orange county family's home it. now we found out the family had to take cover for half an hour before deputies got there. the first told about the shooting at them mosque parker homes two weeks ago. the family says they believe deputies could have gotten there faster but the sheriff's office blamed the delay on call volume and another call across town where someone fired shots at deputies. >> they were a number of delays in responding because they were multiple emergency calls going on at the same time. >> the family tells us off- camera the concern is deputies may have missed the chance to catch the gunmen.
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before -- by the time 911 walls -- 911 call came in george martin is to prison after being convicted of selling domains dealing hundreds of thousands from banks including florida. brian silvestri personally recruited women as part of a check-cashing ring. he will spend the next three years in prison. 9 investigates asked the seminole county manager if any federal laws were violated one of the apartment received a random drug tests without notice. 70 receiving the drug test last month. a complaint shows employees in the area heard the results of the test and we went to the county manager to ask about the audible she would not answer questions on camera. >> i do not discuss personal matters with the media. >> but this is an audit of the department and it is making serious allegations there were hippa violations. >> county leaders say lab techs
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consistent with hipaa guidelines the mayor delivering the address friday, teresa jacobs spoke on capital -- capitol hill to tell congress about what the county is doing to stop the heroin academic -- academic and central florida. and recommendations going into the test forced to fight the problem. the task force was created six months ago is up at deputies have made 370 arrests. a mother of a four-year-old boy who shot her while riding in her truck may face charges but investigators say jamie guilt put a loaded 45 caliber handgun under the front seat but it's late into the backseat. they say the boy unbuckled himself from his booster seat, picked up the gun, five through the front seat, shooting his mom in the back. she could face a misdemeanor charge of allowing a child access to a firearm which could cost up to six months jail. a man who was putting up a fence outside his condo is now recovering after he was shot by
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we told you the bullet hit brian mortenson at the magnolia eyewitness news cover that in the last year deputies have nearly 120 times. neighbors say it is not uncommon to see plays. government agency in charge of protecting the environment and tax dollars apparently by printing a store documents no one reads it in and out of the inspector general found the epa's warehouse is full of sitting there for years. investigators say part of the problem is the agency's guidelines for printing are more than 20 years old. the epa recycled 8 million items and plan to make the warehouse small. thousands of high-paying jobs, to osceola county thanks to stay funny. governor. scott approved $15 million for the sensor project being built near highway 192 and expected to become a hub for advanced manufacturing and transport companies to five. it is set to be finished by next year. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes.
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change to warmer temperatures. >> it is cool and yesterday was cold. warming trend continues for the southeasterly winds and 80s making a big comeback into the day. grab cooler clothes as will issue shades. you only the. more cloud coverage along the coast and we will see clouds rolling in later this afternoon across the area and that is setting ourselves up for the next chance of rain which holds off until tomorrow but i will detail that for you in a minute. big picture, high-pressure slowly moving out of the way and will start to get some unsettled summerlike weather as we head into the afternoon's starting tomorrow. southeasterly winds will warm today. deland, 52 sanford, 51 clermont and 54 downtown so we are seeing temperatures that are warm significantly over the last 24 hours.
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and up to 9 degrees warmer heading toward the north. warmer pattern will continue as we head into the rest of the week. mostly sunny to start temperatures rebounding and we will look at a few more clouds rolling and in the afternoon and evening but it's going to be a mild night as we rebound into the 60s by thursday morning. hour by hour, showing coastal clouds moving in and fair weather clouds action heading into the afternoon and in the i 4 corridor moving west and then as we head into tomorrow, the coastal counties could start to see showers as early as 2:00 for 3:00 and later in the evening we will see thunderstorms in the southern counties. it will not be area wide and scattered that as we head through friday, saturday and sunday rain chances increase. tomorrow the warmest day, 87. and we know for highs back down into the mid 80s but the average high for this time of year is 79. we are exceeding that starting today. it is going to be quite a warm stretch.
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cloudy a milder and five-day forecast where the weekend is always in view. showing that the mid-80s will rule but that has a lot to do with the fact that the sum -- thunderstorm chances up to 50 percent starting friday to easter weekend and i know a lot about outdoor activities planned for saturday and sunday so we will monitor the system as it gets closer to keep you updated. 5:20 am. >> i-95 southbound is still closed at pineda causeway pit you will have to exit and you can get over to s1 to get to eue gallie blvd. and that can put you to i-95 southbound and we are sending a crew to the scene of the crash. we have something clearing out on 408, we had construction blocking the eastbound lane of 408 at westmoreland. looks like they picked up the coast. eastbound, westbound looking good along 408. fishkill caused a smelly mess a brevard county what officials are doing to try to clean up all the dead, rotting
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>> manhunt underway for the people responsible for the deadly terror attack in brussels. coming up, what security officials are doing to fight back against the risk of a copycat attack at home.
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tomorrow crews will test water into a local late at the raw sewage poured into it over the weekend that it could take weeks before it's safe. we told you a pumping station sent thousands of gallons of contaminated water into lake roads good tuesday, water samples tested-contamination above the state safety standard. neighbors have been told to stay out of the water and crew say they will have to let nature run its course to get rid of the contamination. 9 investigates found out three trash companies racked up hefty fines for leaving behind trash and damaging orange county arts. to the county started the new system, we told you about a lot of problems. advanced disposal services will have to pay $2600 in fines, waste pro find $4000.
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than 19,000. 4 new zika cases that popped up across florida including one in osceola county. 71 people in florida are battling zika, 4 are pregnant and officials say nearly all of the patients got the virus while traveling outside the country. health officials do not think the virus is our local mosquito population. researchers at the university of central florida working to find ways to protect your family against zika. a new test will determine which mosquitoes are actually infected. it uses a red whick emitting an odor that attracts mosquitoes. they drank from it and turned red. metal part it is -- nanoparticles affect mosquitoes. >> they will know where they take action and when they do not take action and it will streamline efforts and we can help respond more quickly. >> researchers are planning to begin working with mosquito
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you were out there yesterday that we can see red and blue mosquitoes flying around? >> they set up cages. when they go out and see if there's anything with dengue fever, they set up cages but all the mosquitoes have to die and then sent to the lab. they count the mosquitoes in figure out if they are infected this way they find out right away. good news for you. >> amazing. >> ucf does it again. 5:26 am. breaking news, a big mess on a morning. >> coming up we are likely the cleanup that has shut down traffic for hours. southeasterly flow kicking over the next 48 hours. details on how warm we will get
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(vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. 5:30 am. as we take a life because downtown orlando where it is cool but not that cold that smacked you in the face yesterday when you walk out the
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is that just me? sorry. >> someone north dakota is laughing. >> floridian right here. i was cold. >> we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. deneige broom watching the roads. >> a little, big mess. >> we will start with marino. -- marina. we see a southeasterly winds. -- a cool start but not chilly. grab your jacket this morning you definitely will not needed later. 40s and 50s now and we will see more cloud coverage in the southern and coastal counties today but ocala, plenty of sunshine throughout the day. 73 at noon, 80 degrees for the high at 4:00. college park and i 4 corridor we will look at partly cloudy


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