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tv   WFXR News First at Ten  FOX  January 31, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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found saturday along route 89. investigators trying to find evidence that will answer how a 13-year-old girl died.sot: "to think about a little thirteen year old girl being hurt by someone my age is mindboggling."tonight students at virginia tech react-- to the news that their classmates have been charged with the girls murder and abduction.and stumping for trump.sot: i believe donald trump is uniquely qualified"... "and i am proud to be endorsing him" the leader of liberty university is in iowa-- on the campaign trail for donald trump as iowa voters prepare of caucus. tomorrow. developing news tonight-police spent the day searching a pond on virginia tech's campus ... and plan to
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in connection to the murder and abduction of 13-year-old nichole lovell.investigators say--within the last 5 days-- they've received more than 300 leads. police arrested a second virginia tech student in connection to lovell's death. natalie keepers is accused of helping david eisenhauer dispose of her body.eisenhauer was arrested yesterday-- and is charged with felony abduction and first degree murder.they are both behind bars tonight. police say eisenhauer knew nicole lovell before her disappearance, and believe he used their relationship to abduct and kill her.the burning questions tonight- how she died and what motivated the killing?we have live team coverage from blacksburg tonight- wfxr's bill wadell spoke to students at virginia tech who are reacting to two of their classmates arrest.but we start with solina lewis-- who is live at a lake on campus. solina police spend several hours out there today. any word on what they are looking for? becky travell,police say this
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over-- divers for the virginia state police spent all day searching for evidence in this pond behind me here on virginia tech's campus. they said they do know what they're looking for but can't share information yet. 00-07 "19 year old natalie marie keepers has been charged with improper disposal of a body and misdemeanor accessory after the fact, she is being held in montgomery county jail without bond"keepers is the second vt student to be charged in connection with the abduction and murder of 13 year old nicole lovell..."we have determined eisenhauer and nicole knew each other prior to her disappearance and he used that to his advantage to abduct and the kill her. keepers helped eisenhauer dispose of nicole's body found saturday along route 89 just inside north carolina in surry county"news of keepers alleged involvement spread like wildfire throughout campus, leaving students who lived in her dorm, stunned...and afraid to go on of her dorm mates, said natalie seemed normal, but added the two weren't close friends..."i didn't know her personality so
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capable of but it was shocking to see that someone from vt could be capable of doing something so awful to such a beautiful young life"divers from vsp spent hours combing through, by hand, the muddy bottom of a pond located near campus...and while the search for evidence is just beginning...the search for nicole has come to a tragic end... divers wrapped up today's search at around 430 when the temperature started to drop but said they didnt find anything yet and will be back out here in blacksburg, solina lewis wfxr
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thank you solina. police were able to quickly make arrests in this recap- nichole lovell was first reported missing from her home last wednesday in the lantern ridge area.her body was found yesterday-- in surry county north carolinia-- near the virginia line. that's when police arrested virginia tech student david police arrested another virginia tech student, natalie keepers in connection to lovell's death. the two suspects are engineering students at tech. that second arrest - sending shockwaves across campus - again tonight.w-f-x-r's bill wadell continues our live team coverage - bill - many students - say this simply does not make sense. becky, engineering - is a pretty selective program here at tech. these students - are good at solving complex problems. many we talked with today say - they're upset - and they can't make any sense of this tragedy.
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00:46 - 00:52molly simon "i felt safe before, but to think about a little thirteen year old girl being hurt by someone my age is mindboggling." speculation is swirling outside lee hall - it's where many freshman engineering students live - including natalie keepers.bhaejot michera "i just cannot seem to find anything about this happening. i'm just genuienly very confused and just very shocked."fellow engineering students say - they're anxious for answers - and heartbroken for the family - of nicole lovell. molly simon "i actually didn't know about it and then people in the halls were like, did you get the email from president sands. then i started reading it and my stomach dropped. it's crazy. i can't believe something liek that could happen especially by someone our age."chris lattaman ""they pick some of the best people in this country. it just seems so strange that two of them would be doing something like this."amid the emotions and confusion - some students are upset - at their classmates - accused of ending a young girl's life. chris lattaman "they're not representative of the engineers this school. the
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other students are so much better than that." virginia tech's president wrote an open community letter yesterday - reassuring students - and saying there are counselors available. tech has not released any new information - after that second student was arrested today. live in blacksburg, bill wadell, wfxr news. thank you bill. tomorrow grief counselors will be available for students at nichole lovell's school. nichole was a student at blacksburg middle school. according to the school's website, parents can call ahead if they are concerned about their child.they also have tips about how to talk to children about traumatic events. and as blacksburg police continue to follow up on the hundreds of leads in this case, they're still looiking for more information.if you have any information on the
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nichole lovell, or information about the two suspects - the number for the police department is on your screen now, that's 5-4-0-- 9- 6-1--1-1-5-0. and we will keep you updated on air- and on our website virginia first dot com with the latest developments of this case. virginia's attorney general is delaying changes to conceal and carry guns laws.the changes were to take effect tomorrow-- but has been pushed back until march first.last month attorney general mark herring announced that virginia will no longer will recognize concealed handgun permits from 25 states because those permits insufficient under virginia law. stephanos on the market recently announced that it was shutting its doors for good-- but last night they reopened for a private party. roanoke city police were called to the restaurant after a man was hit in the arm with a beer bottle during a fight over him dancing with a girl. police say the man left the party with only minor injuries.
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the building last night but when we visited the restaurant today, much of it had been ripped away. in pittsylvania county- state police are investigating a deadly crash that killed a lynchburg happened at 10-30 last night on route 40. officials say cameron long was driving when his car crossed the center line, ran off the road, lost control and overturned.police say long died at the scene.state police say alcohol and speed are *not factors in the crash. an update to a police chase in alleghany county.andrew arnold-- from white sulfur springs, west virginia man turned himself in.arnold allegdly drove off during an attempted traffic stop - around 12 thirty yesterday morning- on route 3-11 - near the state border. investigators say at one point - the driver fled into west virginia - then made a u turn to come back into virginia-- and crashed. arnold is charged with attempting to elude police, reckless driving and driving without a license. in vinton- several homes and businesses are without power-- after a driver crashed into a
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tonight---south pollard street is still closed down--from virginia avenue to cleveland avenue. vinton police say a driver lost control-- and hit a utility pole.when the pole came crashing down--- one of the transformers hit the ground and cracked open. a haz-mat crew was called in to cleaned up the chemicals. some people may be without power until the pole is replaced. but officers say they're not sure when that will happen. the driver was not hurt. in danville- fire officials say an extension cord is to blame for a fire inside a storage building.the fire department responded to that fire on 135 ruben court just before 4-30 this morning.they said the building was engulfed in flames. crews were able to get it under control just before 5 a-m.the building was a total loss. no one was hurt. around the commonwealth-some 4 legged memebers of the norfolk police department can do thier jobs with a more protection tonight---thanks to
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personality. specialists came in friday to fit the k-9 officers for bullet proof for the vests came from a donation made by anchor anderson cooper- and money raised by "spikes k-9 fund". the department lost one of their police dogs earlier this month after a suspect shot him. the dog didn't have any protection- and may have survived with a vest. people enjoyed wine from all over the world today at the taubman museum of art's international wine festival. the event featured more than 30 wines from countries like chile and argentina. they also enjoyed food and a live band. this is the third year the museum has held the festival and organizers said there each year the selection gets better and continues to offer something for everyone. for poeople who are just beginning with wine you have the opportunity to taste different wines in one location that isnt really common not really easy to do but we also have wine with great depth and great character so it supplies, meets the needs for people that are into really
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from the wine festival will go toward the upkeep of the taubman museum -- to ensure that it continues to be free to the public. coming up at 10:30-and that reminded me so much of my father. my father was outspoken...on the campaign trail- less than 24 hours before the iowa caususes.what jerry falwell junior is saying about donald trump tonight. and compared to last week- the weather was pretty nice.coming up next-how people were taking advatange of this beautiful
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.overnight...most ly cloudy. not as cool with lows in the lower40s.
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with gusts up to 30 mph. .monday...cloudy with a 50 percent chance of showers. highs inthe upper 50s. southwest winds around 10 mph with gusts up to25 mph..monday night...cloudy. a chance of showers...mainly in the evening. lows in the lower 40s. light and variable winds. chanceof rain 40 percent. .tuesday...mostly cloudy with a 20 percent chance of light rain.cooler with highs in the mid 40s. light and variable winds...becoming southeast around 10 mph in the afternoon..tuesday night...cloudy. a chance of light rain or drizzle in the evening...then rain likely after midnight. near steady
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southeast winds 10 to 15 mph. gustsup to 30 mph after midnight. chance of rain 70 percent..wednesday...rain in the morning...then showers likely in theafternoon. not as cool with highs in the upper 50s. chance ofrain near 100 percent..wednesday night...mostly cloudy in the evening...then becomingpartly cloudy. lows in the mid 30s. .thursday and thursday night...partly cloudy. highs in the mid40s. lows in the lower 30s..friday and friday night...mostly clear. highs in the lower 40s.lows in the mid 20s..saturday...mostly sunny. highs in the lower 40s. .saturday night...mostly cloudy. lows in the upper 20s. .sunday...mostly sunny. highs
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this weekend's weather made many people trade in their snow plows for shorts. in just a week's time the weather has changed dramatically. w-f-x-r's charlie cooper shows us how some people are enjoying the spring like weather. 25-29 this is great it's like black diamond in the middle of roanoke. from black diamond slopes-- to black ice-- to black pavement all in a week's time. last week one of the most significant snow storms had people hiding indoors--i just went home early and watched some netflix.and now. it feels like the first day of spring. outdoor enthusiasts like jordan turner enjoys the unpredictable weather. it's one of his favorite things about living in get a little bit of everything
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getting a little bit of everything within two weeks of time so it's nice. but being able to go for a jog with his pup or bike riding by the river comes at a cost.the snow men are gone at this point, no more snow ball more snow ball fights but 40 degrees up from last week means he at least gets to swap his snow shovel for shorts. in roanoke, charlie cooper wfxr news. around this time last week temperatures were in the 20s and today the high was in the 60s. coming up-farmers are now renting out their own equipment- to other farmers. why the move is helping their bottom line- in tonight's ag
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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wheat and other commodity prices are not good right now.... giving area farmers yet another obstacle to, in an effort to help farmers with their pricey overhead.... many are leasing or borrowing equipment.matt mccullock from our sister station k-f-d-x in texas- looked into how much it could help.
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combines. tilling plows and baler's are big, pricey farming machinery.... "it's expensive. very expensive."but a necessity..... especially when every dollar and every cent matters"in agriculture, timeliness is very, very important. planning at the correct time, harvesting at the right time." "if you're broke down and you don't have the equipment then you've got to find some way to get it done." and that's exactly what many farmers have done.rather than letting equipment sit--- and losing money-- they're renting it out to other farmers.... for a fee."a lot of these equipments, you've got to put so many acres, so many bales, pounds, whatever it is, through it to justify owning it." 16;47;34peirce calls this custom hire. 16;47;48 "a lot of this equipment we have isn't unique just to our area. it could be used all over the state, all over the country." 16;47;54 another route farmers can take to better make ends meet is leasing the equipment themselves.... rather than buying.heath hodges/sales, quality implement co.16;24;10 "it's not a whole lot different than a finance type contract because the fact that you're still making payments just like you would a finance payment. the only difference is that at the end there's a larger residual just like on a car." 16;24;25heath hodges/sales, quality implement co.16;26;18 "when you see a change in business and how things are changing you've got to adapt to it." 16;26;2516;26;31 "and it's really taken off, it's done really well. it fits in good for the customer side and for the dealer side." 16;26;39 dwayne peirce/farmer16;49;11 "what's nice about the lease is that you can walk away. no credit is hurt. once the duration has matured on the lease, you send it back and everyone's happy." 16;49;21 16;49;29 "on custom hire, a lot of times, the numbers when it's all said and done are real close to the same." 16;49;37for an industry that thrives on change, farmers are finding alternatives to keep those dollars planted in their
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farmers are saving a little more because of the falling gas prices. the money saved on gassing up equipment, as well as
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right to their profit margin. the budweiser clydesdale family just got a little bigger.the company just introduced mac- a male foal born in missouri.he's the first clydesdale born in 2016 to join anheuser-busch's herd of more than 160.the company has used draft horses in its marketing since 19-33. the originial budweiser clydesdale were a family gift to celebrate the end of prohibition.when mac is old enough- he will train to join the clydesdale team! he's got the perfect clydesdale color that we want for our hitches, which is bay in color, dark mane and tail, white face and four white legs. so there isn't any reason in the world why mac shouldn't make one of our clydesdale hitches in another four years."mac will continue to live at warm springs ranch, where he was
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candidates are out on the campaign trail ahead of the iowa caucus.coming up-the special guest the republican frontrunner is taking along. and sesame street is stepping in to help military families. coming up-how they're teaming up with other organizations- to make the transition to civilian life, a little easier. there are many sides to basketball star an fashion icon russell westbrook. and with coverage in the middle of anywhere from u.s. cellular, he can find some new ones. like, farmer. russell's brussels. russell speaking. paleontologist. hashtag t-rex. park ranger. where am i? and t.v. spokesperson. that's my line. i got it. with u.s. cellular, you can do all the things you like, from the middle of anywhere.
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donald trump is uniquely qualified"... "and i am proud to be endorsing him" wfxr news is your local election headquarters- and tonight- jerry falwell junior- president of liberty university- is on the campaign trail with donald trump. and with under 24 hours to go before the caucusing starts in iowa- candidates are making their voices heard.joel waldman is in des moines with the very latest on the road to
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:10-:20 :21-33 :34-42 :50-1:02 1:13-1:25 as campaign volunteers go door-to-door.. the candidates spent sunday going network-to- network...trying to convince everyone that it's their opponent who should be biting their nails.trump says: no, i don't have to win it and right now you and are are sitting in new hampshire and as you know i have a very substantial lead in new hampshire, but i think it would be really good to win, iowa, i would like to win iowa. rubio says: i think we're going to do the best we can, i think ted is still the front runner, i mean he has ten thousand volunteers every endorsement in iowa he wanted he got a huge army of people, he's go an historic ground game, his campaign has been predicting victory now for weeks.cruz says: we're in statistical dead heat for first place. if you would've told me ten months ago we would've been where we are now, we would have been thrilled with it. right now this is all about turnout." on the democratic side... clinton has a slight lead over sanders in the latest poll... but that lead is within the margin of error: sanders abc: "if working people and low income people and young people come out to vote in significant numbers tomorrow night we're going to win this thing and pull off one of the great political upsets in recent history." hillary clinton says the ruling that some of the e-mails on her now- famous private server may have been top secret.. coming right before the iowa caucus seems to be politically charged: clinton says i am going to leave that to others who are quite experienced in the ways of washington to comment on i just have to point out that the timing and some of the leaks that have lead up to it are concerning." in des moines
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caucusing starts in iowa tomorrow night at seven p-m local time. sesame street is launching a new inititative- to help military kids and their families cope with life transitions.military families are constantly re--adjusting into civilian life- and the transition can be tough for both parents and children. sesame street is now providing resources to support families through the milestones. the new initiative will help comfort families in the midst of a life changing move..
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video, this wonderful activity book that could be a journal as their children are making the transition and making it into an adventure.all of these resources will be available through different organizations that services both the transition military family and veterans.the materials are also on sesame street's website. who says - you're too old to dab?coming up - we'll hear from why this panthers super
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.overnight...most ly cloudy. not as cool with lows in the lower40s. southwest winds around 10 mph with gusts up to 30 mph. .monday...cloudy with a 50 percent chance of showers. highs inthe upper 50s.
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with gusts up to 25 mph..monday night...cloudy. a chance of showers...mainly in theevening. lows in the lower 40s. light and variable winds. chance of rain 40 percent..tuesday...mostly cloudy with a 20 percent chance of light rain.cooler with highs in the mid 40s.
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becoming southeast around mph in the afternoon..tuesday night...cloudy. a chance of light rain or drizzle in the evening...then rain likely after midnight. near steady temperature in the mid 40s. southeast winds 10 to 15 mph. gustsup to 30 mph after midnight. chance of rain 70 percent..wednesday...rain in the morning...then showers likely in theafternoon. not as cool with highs in the upper 50s. chance ofrain near 100 percent..wednesday night...mostly cloudy in the evening...then becomingpartly cloudy. lows in the mid 30s. .thursday and thursday night...partly cloudy. highs
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lower 30s..friday and friday night...mostly clear. highs in the lower 40s.lows in the mid 20s..saturday...mostly sunny. highs in the lower 40s. .saturday night...mostly cloudy. lows in the upper 20s. .sunday...mostly sunny. highs
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one of the oldest living carolinas panthers fans - is getting ready to cheer her team on during the superbowl. mary ward says - her great grandson turned her into a fan. the 95-year old fell in love with the team and that pose made famous by cam newton.
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is who i cater too. cam and that davis. he's a good player and he's a good sportsman."ward says she most likely will watch the big game with family and may wear that jersey for the occasion. both virginia tech men's and women's basketball teams were on the road today for tough acc games. coming up on the other side of the break we roll to pittsburgh and tallahasse for hokies hoops highlights against the panthers and seminoles. a week from tonight is
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carolina panthers and denver broncos. we will have live reports all next week on the golden anniversary of the game
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since getting off to a 4-1 start in acc play, the virginia tech
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against tough opponets. the hokies are back in action on back to back sunday nights taking on the pitt panthers in pittsburgh. that's where we are heading to the steel city.pitt is 12-2 at home this season...1st half.... pitt up 3...jamel artis finds sheldon jeter for a dunk... jeter finished with 13 points in the 1st half...pitt up 5... later in the 1st... hokies down 3... seth allen hits a triple...perfect 5 for 5 from downtown game tied at 23... ...allen led all scores with 28 2nd half... pitt up 11...james robinson with the great pass to ryan luther for the reverse lay up... the hokies fall to the panthers tonight 90-71. tech returns to action tuesday night at 8 with a game at syracuse. you can see the game right here on wfxr. dennis wolfe and the women of tech where in tallahasse taking on florida state. the hokies were down 18 in the 3rd.....chanette hicks drives hoop and harm she led tech with 10 points.fsu-maria conday.....triple 39-20 seminolesvt-sidney cook
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fsu-shakayla thomas scores she led fsu with 22 points. vt-samantha hill triple.... it wasn't enough as the hokies fall to fsu 68-50. tech chanette hicks set the programs record for steals in a season by a freshman. virginia tech's next game is a home date at the cassell with georgia tech thursday night at 7. we are not done talking about hoops, coming up kevaney martin profiles one of the best long range shooters in history. stick and stay for the story
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the 40th annual big orange wrestling classic wrapped up the two day tournament at william byrd high school yesterday. this event was pushed to this weekend because of last weekends snowy weather. in the end, the christiansburg blue demons defended their title to win. congratulations to all the wrestlers in the tournament. when you think of great 3 point shooters in college
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further than blacksburg native doug day. keveney martin reports on how the sharpshooter is giving back to his hometown. 01-0540-45 doug day is best known for his accuracy behind the arc. although the local shapr shooting legend is years removed from his playing days at radford university, he still spends most of his time on the hardwood, but now as a coach for his alma mater blacksburg high school...on december ninth radofrd university honored the number 20 jeresey that was worn by the 6'1'' sharp shooting guard doug day ru from 1989-93 making him the first men's basketball player and just the third student athlete ever to be honored in the rafters at the dedmon center.doug day "it was always a goal and dream of mine to play college backetball and i worked really hard to try to achieve that of the biggest things that kept me here close to home was that radford was a great universtiy, but also it gave my family the chance to come see me play each and every game."day grew up just up the road in the blacksburg virgnia. attending blacksburg high school. today, doug still
10:39 pm
pride, but now instead of as a player he is the bruins head boys basketball coachto raise a family and to be part of a family here. its a great community that loves its athletics and sports they rally around sports team and just a dream come true to play
10:40 pm
here as well.during doug's was best known for his sharp shooting at graduation from ru his 401 three-pointers made was the most in ncaa division 1 history...the been broken several times of local shooters - and jj redick - but who win if a game of horse? that would be a time your a competitor and you would say you are going to it would be kind of intersting to his prime right now so i don't much as jj does, but i would on me kevaney martin reporting...great job on the lets check out some of doug days biggest milestones:his 401 threes made set an ncaa d1 record at the time of his graduationhis 2,027 points scored is still the radford all time scoring recordhe is also a member of both the radford and big south hall of fames it is ferrell's follies time....before john carroll brings in the mild weather to melt all the snow away, i thought we should share some more video of cool kids having fun in the snow. we are all kids at heart and this was fun for this little guy. i am sure he can't wait for the next snow fall. that is ferrell's follies for this
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coming up-a rare tiger cub makes its public debut!why zoo
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addition to miami zoo made his public debut this weekend this sumatran tiger cub was born back in november at the zoo. after getting shots and getting stronger- he was introduced into his new habitat the cub spent some time eating and playing before being taken out of the habitat.zoo officials say the cub won't live in the exhibit just yet- but needs to be introduced to it.sumatran tigers are a highly endangered species
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come on, carl, step on it. drive on the sidewalk if you have to. hey, i'm your partner-- i will get us there. but you should have just used the bathroom at abe's. i like going at my mom's house. she's at work, and it's quiet. plus, i grew up with that toilet. we know each other's secrets. easy, easy! stay with me, buddy. we're almost there. carl, i'm not gonna make it. hey, d-don't you let go on me, man! don't you let go on me! (siren wailing) (toilet flushes) (screams) mom, what are you doing home? i live here. what the hell are you doing? i came to borrow your better homes & gardens. what do you think? so you're the one who's been goldilocks-ing around my house while i've been at work. you know, if you're gonna nap in somebody's bed, you need to make it when you're done. i tried. you know i can't get the corners as tight as you.
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