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tv   WFXR News Good Day Virginia 8  FOX  February 1, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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historic night for this country. >> putting virginia first. you are watching wfxr news good day virginia in high definition. >> anchor: thank you for joining us here on good day virginia. after 8:00 monday february 1. i am kyle benjamin. >> anchor: and i am january keaton. start out with emotional weekend in new river valley as investigators investigate what happened to nicole lovell. >> anchor: dive teams spent time searching a pond at virginia tech and pick up the search again this morning looking for evidence in connection to her murder and abduction. two virginia tech students arrested in connection with the death. david eisenhower of columbia maryland is charged with felony abduction and first degree murder. he had a helper that helped to dispose of the body. >> anchor: nicole's disappearance is a story we have been closely following since last week.
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from home wednesday in lantern ridge area of blacksburg. body found saturday in surry county north carolina. justify over the virginia state line. >> and two people in custody this morning, david eisenhower and natalie keepers engineering students at virginia tech. classmates resupset and disgusted by the allegations. against two students. >> i felt safe before. but to think about, you know, 13-year-old girl hurt by someone my age is mind boggling. >> they are not representative of the engineers of this school. engineers here, and all the other students are so much better than that. >> anchor: virginia tech president sands wrote a community letter saturday reassuring students and saying the school will have counselors available for anyone than wants to talk. >> anchor: reaction to the discovery of the body along route 89 in surry county has surprised residents there. you can imagine. amber roberts reports. >> reporter: family and friends are devastated about the death of 13-year-old nicole
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the small siri community where her remains were found is in shock. >> as far as how i felt? devastated. very saddened. i cannot imagine. i have three daughters. i cannot imagine. >> reporter: at the restaurant and country store miles down from where investigators found the young girl's body. news spread quick. >> we saw the officers going by. we move then there was something had to be bad. for all the officer that is we saw. >> reporter: on saturday investigators found lovell's body in this general area. near the curve along route 89. teenager last seen wednesday at home in blacksburg, virginia. two people have been arrested in connection to her death. and 18-year-old david eisenhower is accused of abducting the girl and killing her. and investigators say aye senhour and young girl previously knew each other. 19-year-old natalie keepers has been arrested. she is accused of helping to hide the body.
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and both are in jail with no bond. >> anchor: students at blacksburg middle school where nicole attended will head back to class this morning. grief counselors are available for students. according to school websites parents can call ahead if they are concerned about their child. and they have tips about how to talk to children about traumatic events. >> anchor: well since lovell's disappearance wednesday blacksburg police received 300 leads but still looking for more information. if you know anything about the disappearance and death of nicole lovell or have any information on the two suspects call blacksburg police department and number at the bottom of the screen. 540 -- that number is on our website virginia and we will have latest on this case and any new developments that come in through the day there on our website. and on the wfxr news facebook page. >> anchor: 8:04. more trouble for roanoke restaurant. announced it would shut the doors for good. but reopened over the weekend
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now during that party roanoke police were called after a man was hit in the arm with a beer bottle during a fight. crime tape placed around the building saturday. taken down sunday. police say the man left the party with minor injuries. no word on if any charges were filed. >> and hot bowl of soup can make a huge difference in the life of a senior citizen. especially when programs that they depend on like meals on wheels cannot make the delivery. >> anchor: this week the local office on aging is holding annual soup for seniors collection drive. we have the story this morning with paris. >> reporter: local office on aging is partnering with aarp to collect 42,000 cans of soup. and joining us from there is brian jax. thank you for joining us. tell us about why it is so important for us to have the soup drive. >> sure. often times it is easy for us to go forget neighbor that is maybe are homebound. relying on caregivers. neighbors. family. for their regular meals.
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able to team up with local office on aging. to provide some emergency food supplies. such that if individuals are unable to deliver meals. to homebound seniors. that they have something to eat for a few days. especially in sentence of a snow storm like we just saw. an exciting day kicking off meals on wheels campaign, which will run monday through friday. we will collecting it at various sites throughout town. main location is at the church of st. peter and st. paul. and which is located off peter street road. >> anchor: tells about what you want to collect. not just soup. >> we appreciate chunky soups that are healthy. and we would collect tuna fish. peanut butter. canned fruits and vegetables. we just appreciate when neighbors come out. turnout. and city said we care. so we are excited that aarp can be part of this this year. >> last year you guys collected
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now you just want 42,000. enough to, maybe, have 8 pounds of food for each senior in your program. >> yes. again, whatever food that gets donated we will all collected and packed up and shared with folks in need. local office on aging does a great job throughout the year of helping to provide resources for caregivers. and meeting the needs of underserved seniors. >>anchor: well, guys there it is again. collecting canned soups. canned vegetables and fruits. also low sodium crackers and peanut butter and canned meats as tuna. mr. jax said earlier. send it on main donation site church of st. peter and st. paul. and i am be in c bank locations and vista eye center and local office on aging central office in roanoke. go over to jason with the weather. >> weather: thank you. if you are heading out to work.
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maybe need sunglasses. some folks need umbrellas. spotty showers. with a jacket. it is only 40 degrees for most of us. we have some temperatures, in the 50s around the region. and we will be heading back there. so with a cold front approaching, take that umbrella with you to work. your morning commute may not impacted but afternoon one might be. extra time always helpful on monday morning. but not really necessary this morning. not worried p any of the black ice or anything like that. as temperatures are all above freezing. dry this morning. afternoon showers as we head on through the star city this afternoon. with temperatures near 60. same story for lynch burg. afternoon showers as clouds thicken up with front approaching. details in the full forecast in just a couple of minutes. kyle. >> anchor: thank you jason. after months of hearing from the candidates. voters in iowa have their say tonight in first big event of the political season. >> anchor: preview of the iowa caucus when good day virginia continues.
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with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, the delicious taste of nutella takes pancakes to a whole new level. nutella - spread the happy! >> putting virginia first in lexington, south side, and smith mountain lake. and new river valley. this is wfxr news good day virginia in high definition. >>anchor: well, if you have watched our newscast for any length of time. you know we are dedicated here on good day virginia to finding homes for pets. who, you know, need a home. and one way though to make sure there are not too many strays
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sure your pets are spay and neutered. mountain view wants to make sure everyone can afford pets being spay and neutering. and you have a new campaign. here to tell us about it is corey. this campaign has a bit of the a catchy name. >> it does. we just got done with snowmageddon and now beat the heat. >> anchor: there you go. think about that. >> beat the heat. female cats. when your female cat meows constantly and loves anybody and everything that stands still she is in heat. so we have to make sure she is fixd before she goes into heat. >> anchor: female cat can turnout a number of kittens. >> she can have kittens three times a year. so you figure even if she only has four kittens three times a year. that's a dozen cats. if you were not expecting those kittens you have to on find homes. vet care. it can become costly. so make sure female cats are fixed so that does not happen.
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advantage of your special? >> everyone. we have two clinic. clinic on peter streak. and clinic in christiansburg on main street. anyone and everyone that wants to take advantage of this can. call the clinic eight of 55 hip snip. so to both clinics. tell us where you want an appointment. and we will set you up. especially in roanoke city. roanoke has a free roaming pet population so target those residents to get them in. but anybody and everybody is available to take care of this. >> anchor: of course this special is for low cost spaying of the cat. twenty dollars. >> $20. normal cat spay is 58. which is about a third of the cost of a full service vet. but this $20 special from a grant from petsmart charities. they want to make sure we can control the pet population. >> anchor: all anyone has to do is make an appointment and call that number. i am sure they can find online. >> online.
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send a smoke signal we will fix your cat. >> anchor: any way you can to help out the pet population in roanoke. corey thank you for being with us this morning. we will have information, of course, on our website, virginia frustrated with your overactive bladder medicine not working? can't handle the side effects? botox treats symptoms of leaking, going too often, and the strong sudden need to go. ask your urologist if botox can help calm your bladder and reduce your daily leakage episodes. the effects of botox may spread hours to weeks after injection, causing serious symptoms. alert your doctor right away as difficulty swallowing, speaking, breathing, eye problems, loss of bladder control or muscle weakness can be a sign of a life-threatening condition. don't take botox if you can't empty your bladder on your own or have a urinary tract infection, or uti. side effects may include allergic reactions, injection site pain, fatigue, uti, painful urination and difficulty emptying your bladder.
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muscle or nerve conditions, medications including botulinum toxins, antiplatelets and blood thinners, may increase the risk of serious side effects.
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>> your pinpoint weather with jason caterina. >> weather: quarter after 8:00 on monday morning. february 1. thanks for joining us here on good day virginia. i am meteorologist jason caterina. live look out in blacksburg right now. we have a mix of clouds and blue sky. looking nice out there for us. now, we will find some rain showers moving in later in the day. but, out there, enjoying sunshine this morning.
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around the region with temperatures in the 30s. everybody else in the 40s at this point. now as we go through the week we will wind up near 60 today. but showers moving in will cutoff some of the heating for portions of the western viewing area. showers do move east. as we head into the afternoon. our week will be front loaded with showers. second half of the week is quiet. and temperatures, going to be a roller coaster through the first half of the week. and leveling outgoing into the second half. near 60 today in wake of a cold front. will drop down to 40s for tomorrow. and we will jump back up to 60s in advance of a cold front on wednesday. and after that cold front we are back down to 40s as we go through the rest of the week. so blacksburg cool spot 35 degrees. 48 in hot springs. 46 in lynchburg. 45 in martinsville. and galax. and 51 in bloomfield. and wider look at the temperatures. pick out cold front clearly out there.
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between green and blues. that's the cold front making the way in our direction. it will bring in slightly cooler air tomorrow. and then we will recycle warm air heading into the day on our wednesday. before we cool off the rest of the week. so couple of spotty showers out there right now. we are having a lot of trouble moving east. you can see low pressure riding along the front. with a bit more in the way of rain showers. we will see them moving in through the morning into the afternoon. and as that front continues to press east. cooler air in the wake of that as winds shift west-northwest. and we drop our temperatures heading into tomorrow. so there is the batch of energy right there. heading toward noon time o future cast. you can see it make the way east. expecting showers heading through later morning. into the afternoon hours. 5:00. most of the action heading east at that point. still few lingering showers out there for the drive. plenty of clouds. going through the evening and overnight into tuesday. and notice everything starting
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that will be a warm front making the way through. with a chance for a couple of spotty showers heading later in the day on tuesday. here comes next cold front. more impressive looking cold front makes the way to the east. knocking on the door by wednesday morning. moving through during the day wednesday. coming through heating time. we can see, again, heavier showers along this. maybe few rumbles of thunder. watch that through the next couple of days there. we go. clearing out in the wake of that. and cooling down for rest of the week. temperatures near 60 degrees. within a degree either side of roanoke valley this afternoon with some showers making the way in. same story heading into central virginia. temperatures around 60. and into the low 60s as we head through the afternoon and then through seven-day forecast, cooler. and heading into tomorrow. for groundhog day. warming up quickly wednesday. and leveling out and clearing out as we go through the rest of the week. >> anchor: we should see if we
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tomorrow. >> anchor: classy. >> anchor: groundhog. >> anchor: a lot of shadows in here. >> anchor: yes. but we have light for day. head over to our website virginia for latest news, weather and sports. that's virginia >> anchor: wfxr news is your local election headquarters. presidential candidates made last minute pitch to iowa voters. now up to iowans to decide their favorite candidate tonight. >> anchor: iowa caucus is not always about barometer for deciding who is the nominee. 2012 santorum won in iowa and did not get the nomination. carolyn shively breaks it down from des moines. >> reporter: this race so tight on both sides. iowa is still anyone's game. republicans and democrats are fighting for the future of the political parties in hawkeye state. with campaign down to the wire. donald trump does not seem to
8:20 am
>> people respect the fact that i skipped the debate because i was not treated right. >> reporter: there is one candidate though. republicans are set on defeating. >> we will win the general election and beat hillary clinton. >> reporter: clinton thinks she is the best candidate to beat g.o.p. >> on republican side, you hear the same. and particularly when it comes to the economy. this is one of the biggest dividing lines between me and the republicans. >> reporter: but it starts to look like vermont senator bernie sanders could take iowa away from hillary clinton. >> poll done by des moines register, eight months ago, had us 41 points behind. we have come a long way in eight months. >> reporter: analysts say sanders win in iowa could be a huge setback for clinton campaign. >> maybe the fire wall hillary clinton claims to have would hold but i would not bet anything i own on that if bernie sanders wins first two states. >> reporter: after today focus
8:21 am
their primary eight days away n des moines, caroline shively, fox news. >>well, coming up. it is me everybody. i forgot about coming up reveal they do. you remember these. virginia gentlemen. they sang their face off last hour. absolutely beautiful. and we have a suggestion for you men that might want to swoon and serenade your ladies on valentine's day. they will be back and show us what they do best. it is amazing. do not miss it. up it's just a cough. if you could see your cough, you'd see just how far it can spread. robitussin dm max soothes your throat and delivers fast, powerful cough relief.
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day is almost >> putting virginia first had floyd and hearse and henry county.
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virginia in high definition. >> anchor: all right everybody. welcome back to good day virginia. 8:24 here on monday morning. february 1. we all know what happens in february. valentine's day. well if you are looking for a unique way to say "i love you" these four men in tuxedos are not just dressing like this for me. they are first first gentlemen. a capella chorus and they are amazing. first ask you a couple of questions. how did you get-together as a group? how did it happen. >> we started in 1999. and we just -- grew from there. we had a lot of people calling in. when we first organized the singing valentine. and it has been a tradition every year. we have a lot of people to call us back three, four times. one year after the other. so we do about 80 to 90 of these a year. >> anchor: you have put up with each other for 17 years now? [laughter] >> we have some that just came
8:24 am
>> anchor: okay so some new ones. i thought you had the baby face of the group. when people think of a singing telegram think of someone with a bell hop outfit or dressed as sign sore showing up at the job and singing. you can you are like a singing telegram but octle pella for love. what do people get when they hire you. or rent you. do you rent people. >> hire us. >> anchor: what do they get. >> rent people is illegal. >> we present a rose, real rose. we present a card with the husband's message on t or the wife's message. depends on how it is done. and we sing two love songs. and it is amazing when you go to a place of work, where the lady is there. and they see you coming in with these outfits. they know something is up. there will be as many as, sometimes, 50 people or more to watch you sing to that one girl.
8:25 am
experience. >> anchor: i bet there are sleeks and "oh, my gosh" going on. such a great feeling. so i know you will take us to break. you sang so beautifully last time. i will let you do your thing. enough talk infrom me. getting some singing from virginia gentlemen.
8:26 am
. . >> anchor: i am going to wipe the tear. that was absolutely beautiful. wow! you guys sound amazing. i cannot even -- if i wanted to rent you. as i say. how do i find you? what do i do? >> you would call me. i take orders.
8:27 am
and we write down the information that is needed. your address. phone number. you know we are the -- where the wife works. and we set it up with a quartet and time they want it to be sung. and within 30 minutes block of time to 45 minute block of time. so we can make the calls on time. >> anchor: busy time of year for you. february. valentine's day month. >> we will sing these friday, saturday, sunday. which is valentine's day. sunday. >> anchor: that's when you can expect to have it happen if you want to hire them for a loved one. sing a song for you guys. absolutely hire them. as you heard they are fabulous. all the information on how to get in touch with them is on our website virginia thank you again gentlemen for
8:28 am
break with beautiful sin them?we are going to let you guys take us to break with a sample of what you can hear! a cold front enters the region today...sliding south to the north >> weather: just after 8:30. we are watching a batch of showers making the way toward the region. we will find them moving later in the morning into the afternoon hours. so if you are headed out for awhile take the umbrella. you will need it as day progresses. you will need a jacket too. chilly in spots. but still in the 50s for lexington. danville, bloomfield, and still 38 in blacksburg. down to 39 in lewisburg. and 49 here in roanoke. 46 though in lynchburg. through the day today. temperatures climbing well into 50s and low to mid 60s in spots, depends on where you are at. we will have showers moving through. and cooler week overall. all the details in the full forecast coming up in a couple of minutes. good day virginia returns right now.
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are watching wfxr news good day virginia in high definition. >> anchor: thanks for joining us here on good day virginia. just past 8:30 to start off monday. it is first day of february. and i am kyle benjamin. >> anchor: and i am january keaton. we start this half hour with what is going on in roanoke. new trial begins in murder of waynesboro police reserve captain kevin quick. six alleged gang members accused of killing quick back in 2014. federal judge in charlottesville declared a mistrial after defendant shared a list of personal information about potential jurors. the trial is expected to last about a month. and in pennsylvania county. stay police are investigating a deadly crash that led to the death of a man from lynchburg. that crash happened around 10:30 saturday night on route 40. officers say cameron long crossed the center line ran off the road. lost control of the car. and overturned. and police say long died at the scene. and state police though do not
8:30 am
factors in this crash. man is in jail in central virginia after leading deputies on a five county chase. 53-year-old michael davis refused to pull over after louisa deputies tried to scout a traffic stop. deputies followed him to albemarle and orange and green counties before using a spike strip to stop the chase. that chase damaged two sheriff department cars. davis faces laundry list of charges including d.u.i., felony alludeing and attempting to kill a law enforcement officer. and we have update for you on a murder-suicide investigation in eastern virginia. family members say 26-year-old cameron duly struggled with mental illness. family believes forced move from grandmother's home in chesapeake might have triggered that shooting last week. police say duly killed six people. his grandmother, parents and brother and sister before he killed himself. and there was a vigil over the
8:31 am
and wfxr news is your local election headquarters and iowans head to caucus sites across the state tonight as candidates wrap up the weekend. >> anchor: presidential campaign that delivered many surprises with may deliver few more later this week. setting tone for rest of the primary season. reid breaks it down for us. >> reporter: presidential candidates made one last big push in iowa ahead of the first real contest of 2016. bringing out the family. >> hi iowa. >> reporter: and the fame. >> try one more time to get trump. let's call donald duck to meet and debate. >> reporter: front ruiners donald trump and ted cruz taking shots at each other in sunday talk shows. >> ted cruz cruz is a liar. i am so against obamacare. >> donald engages in insults because he cannot defend his record. >> reporter: bloomberg poll
8:32 am
ahead of cruz but with others in single digits scooping up supporters could be vital. same poll showed hillary clinton with three-point lead over sanders. but if martin o'malley supporters cannot bring together 15 percent of the vote at any caucus site clinton and sanders camp will fight for those votes to push themselves over the top. >> for those of you thinking about it, weighing options. i hope i can persuade you. >> poll shows trump five cruz... other g-o-p contenders in single digits, other candidates' be vital.showed hillary clinton with a three point lead sanders......but if martin supporters can't bring together the vote at any given caucus ...the clinton and sanders for those votes to push the top. presidential candidate "for those of you still thinking weighing your options, i hope i will be able to persuade you."on both sides, it's a battle between enthusiasm......and infrastructure....and sanders non-establishment ...while clinton and cruz organized campaigns on the reid binion reporting. most teenage girls do not most teenage >> anchor: kicking off monday and february.
8:33 am
you can see we have a mix of clear skies. few clouds out there. clouds will move in. thicken. and rain showers will develop. also in the 30s is lewisburg this morning. although we were in 40s to start the day. 48 in galax. 50s lexington. bloomfield. danville. right at 40 degrees roanoke. mountain lake 50s. and as we look at the satellite and radar. you can see showers gathering just in the border of the viewing area, about to make the way n we will expect them heading into the afternoon around the star city. with temperatures up near 60 degrees for a high today. some afternoon showers around lynchburg as well. temperatures should make it to low 60s. we will be cooler tomorrow. warmer again wednesday. and much cooler the rest of the week. all the details in the full forecast coming up in just a couple of minutes. kyle? >> anchor: thank you. most teenage girls do not have any issue finding something to do on saturday night.
8:34 am
up their night on the town to help out others. >> anchor: next on good day virginia. we will see how their sacrifice will comfort children in a needy time.
8:35 am
stay with us. new this >> putting virginia first had campbell county, nelson county and new river valley. this is wfxr news good day virginia in high definition. >> anchor: new this morning.
8:36 am
virginia to contract the mosquito-borne zika virus is student at william and mary. student contracted the virus traveling in central america over winter break. that student poses no risk to others on campus. and zika virus is now affecting international events. >> anchor: olympic organizers in rio are having to prepare for health risks. wfxr correspondent kelly wright has more from washington. >> reporter: zika outbreak is now taking center stage w olympic preparation still underway in rio brazil. test event for summer games was supposed to be a time to get excited for the events ahead. but the virus is stealing the thunder. with questions over health safety. >> actions are being taken with special vehicles, and with informing the community. this is what has been done so
8:37 am
way until the games so we are safe. >> reporter: south american country hit hard with more than a million cases of the virus. zika carnival in rio on sunday helps to inform many about the dangers. pregnant women face the greatest risk. if they contract the disease. but health officials say that should not scare away others from traveling to brazil to see the olympics. >> it is very important for pregnant women to understand that this is a difficult moment. but i don't see why the rest of the people from all over the world cannot come to brazil. >> reporter: other latin american countries are trying to combat zika. since mosquitoes spread the virus. nicaragua pushes clean up campaign to remove trash and standing water. >> objective is to eliminate breeding places for zika. to avoid epidemic and keep the neighborhood clean and healthy. >> reporter: international olympic committee assures the games will still go on.
8:38 am
participants to protect themselves, against the mosquito bites n washington, kelly wright. fox news. >> anchor: new bill in front of the general assembly in richmond could make it easier for students at the common wealth to transfer colleges and still get their education. now the bill would require all public colleges and universities to have the same number of credit hour requirements for bachelors degree. this would require the same number of credit night time hours an associate's degree at community colleges. the bill is in front of committee on education right now in richmond. >> weather: coming up. we have a beautiful start to the day. but take the umbrella. we will have showers around as we head into the afternoon.
8:39 am
minutes >> weather: nice way to start monday. sunshine out there in spots. as we look out in blacksburg. it looks nice but we have rain showers coming as day progresses. so take umbrella with you when you walk out the door n blacksburg today. starting out in 30s. temperatures warming up quickly for us into the mid 50s by the time all is said and done. cooling back down to 30s heading through overnight. but above the freezing mark. so melting will continue for us. we will not have to worry about black ice tomorrow morning. same story heading into roanoke at 40 degrees right now. and as we go through the day today. temperatures will rise into the 50s to near 60 degrees as we head into mid afternoon hours. cooling off only into 40s through overnight.
8:40 am
liberty campus in lynchburg, 46 degrees. breeze out of the south-southwest. we will see it shifting to west and northwest as we head to later afternoon with a cold front making the way on by. all dry as far as the snow is concerned. all melted over the weekend on liberty campus a side from shade spots. but interesting shot on friday with a bunch of snow. and 50 and be 60 plus degree temperatures over the weekend. and it melted everything away. temperatures into the 60s today. in lynchburg as well. and as we go through the week. we will have showers around. moving to the east as we go into the afternoon. they are pooling up out there just off the western fringe of the viewing area right now. our week is front loaded with showers. second half quiet. temperatures the roller coaster next several days. leading to a quiet and nice looking weekend. right now temperatures in the 30s, 40s and 50s around the region. and again we will be bouncing into the 50s and low-and-mid 60s in spots heading into the afternoon.
8:41 am
you can see definitive line there between green and blues moving in our direction that moves in slightly cooler air tomorrow. and rebound in advance of the next cold front heading into the day on wednesday. you can see showers again pooling up out there for us. just waiting. making the way in into the afternoon. and as this area of low pressure rides along the front off to the west. and high pressure builds in. and wake of that. brings in cooler air. and watch more potent cold front coming in on wednesday. so rain moves through. as we head from morning to afternoon. by early evening, it is out of here. watch what happens though. high pressure off to the north. and west. and as we do get into return flow. all of this starts to rebound and shift the direction heading into the day on wednesday. tuesday morning all is quiet for us. chance there for a couple of spotty showers and patchy drizzle. with that flow coming in out of the east. wedge in place.
8:42 am
shower activity tuesday. that will increase as flow increases and there you go. potent cold front makes the way through the day on wednesday. maybe showers and thunderstorms. maybe thunderstorms embedded with showers we will watch this getting closer. temperatures around roanoke valley upper 50s and low 60s for highs today. with showers coming in. heading into the afternoon. and we will cool off that -- cold front cools us off heading into tuesday. with temperatures in the 40s for groundhog. and back to 60s quickly wednesday. and back quickly again into the 40s for the rest of the week. >> anchor: hang on. it will be a bumpy ride. >> weather: that's right. >> anchor: thank you. you can get the latest news, weather and sports online all the time. go over to as your desk at home a cluttered mess? like many of us piled high with junk mail, bills. spare computer hard drive. old coffee. things like that. but you can get it strainted
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here to get us organized in 60 seconds. >> hi, i am deb, with organized in 60 seconds tip of the day. while keeping bills and taxes and other paperwork is important to have them to reference when you need them. sometimes holding on to them for too long can cause paper clutter. here are tips to help avoid the problem. go through paperwork and toss anything over seven years old. unless you own a business or saving medical records no need to hold onto them longer. another tip is online banking. perfect because it prevents paper clutter from entering your home. try to open your mail near the gash age and discard anything you do not need. remember to shred anything that contains personal information. tassthat's my tip for today. for more information on products we feature go to our website organized in 60 we are making your life easier 60 seconds at a time. >> anchor: all right.
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today's furry friend. odd term. anyway this is isabella. and she is something i have never heard of. platt hound mix. this is woman is not a platt hound mix. jessica. brought isabella. because she is up for adoption. and absolutely fabulous. what can you tell us about her. >> we actually call her izzy. she is two years old. she is very motivated by food. she is a hound of course so nose constantly to ground. sniffing away. she is a great dog. she loves other dogs. she is kind of scared of cats. >> anchor: scared of cats. she loves kids. she would be a great dog for a big family. big noisy family. she does not care about any of that. fit right in with the noise. >> anchor: you can tell. she has a bundle of energy. you can feel it coming off her. you said she would be good with children.
8:45 am
she is kind of a goofy and high energy. so she would be great. >> anchor: two years old so young and will stick around for a long time. >> she is in good health. came to us skinny but we are working on adding some weight on her. but it is hard when they are always running. which she always is. so good for a runner too. >> anchor: i have a runner as well. how did you acquire izzy. what is the back story. >> came from our local pound. we go over there occasionly and get dogs. and she was one of the dogs that we thought that she was so cute we wanted to have over at our facility. i mean, she is really sweet. >> anchor: i have never seen quite the markings. i wish the lights were brighter on her. brendle face and brendle legs and black body. >> that's what platt hounds look like. not exactly that. definitely has a mix. we will never know exactly. but doesn't matter. >> anchor: how can people get
8:46 am
to adopt her. i hope they will. she is fabulous. >> downtown 415 campbell. 543-44-8724. every day. >> anchor: thank you isabella.
8:47 am
some girls in a church in greensboro >> anchor: some girls from a church in greensboro want to make it less intimidating for children to interact with police. >> anchor: donated dozens of teddy bears that go to children in need. amber roberts reports. >> reporter: there are so many things these young girls could have been doing on their saturday night.
8:48 am
spending time and money for a good cause. >> it is fortunate show people we care. >> reporter: these are some of the youth members with oak ridge united methodist church. on this girls night out they are standing out these bears. >> i like that i learn that giving back to the community can be fun. if you do it in the right way. and have the right people around you. >> reporter: each girl spent their money buying and creating a build a bear. and gave them to greensboro police department. >> really big part of the church is give back to the community. so one of my favorite parts of the church. >> reporter: department will donate bears to kids that they interact with while on the job. and kids that are less fortunate or children that go through a traumatic event. these girls know someone in need will take good care of these bears. >> it felt g i love him.
8:49 am
and i am hope they love him for life. >> reporter: churn church youth minister hopes the girls impact the community daily. >> service and outreach and caring and loving their community. becomes a part of their every day life. fox eight news. >> anchor: great story, great to see kids doing something out of their comfort zone to help others. >> anchor: great bunch of kids there. no tablets or screens at all. just giving from their heart. >> anchor: helping out kids. we can expect rain later. >> weather: scattered showers, take the umbrella if you are heading out. >> anchor: very good. that's it. we are done. no more news.
8:50 am
morning. every wonder what nature vavaey is made of? that's what we're made of. no artificial colors. no artificial flavors. no artificial sweeteners.
8:51 am
forgettable maury original. >> lakita lost over 300 pounds. she's about to lose her husband. >> i'm out. i'm leaving. >> unless a paternity zblultresult. >> if i knew what i know now i would have never married him. >> -- proves he's the father of the child. this family members are all routing him on because of the paternity question surrounding this little girl. and this man is about to lose parts of his wheelchair all because of paternity test results. an do you remember denise.
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